HDC :: Volume #7 Blue Sky (苍空)

#323: The numerous intent receives the destiny

Various people must hear that Zhang Yu here has the law of solution, regarding this believes extremely, regardless of a Golden Court side is original origin oneness daoist jurisdiction mighty figure, is so. 诸人得闻张御这里有解决之法,对此都是极为信服,无论金庭一方还是原来的元一道人治下大能,俱是如此。 Front leads daoists formal response struggle of dao, then defeats origin oneness daoist, destruction precelestial five grandness, even if not propose this now possibly cultivation above domination various person, depending on past artificial is, the prestige does not have to hope to attain. 面前这位带领众道正面回应道争,进而战败元一道人,覆灭先天五太,哪怕不提这位如今可能凌驾诸人之上的功行,光凭过去的所做作为,威望也是无可企及。 But from belonging to Golden Court here mighty figure knows, this is always with a clear goal, never the vapor, since said that then has certainly confidence. 而从属于金庭这边的大能更是知道,这位从来都是有的放矢,从不夸言,既然这么说了,那么一定是有把握的。 The matter of heavenly fate has the whereabouts, but the people at this time were still looks at Zhang Yu, this is waits for the latter to distribute the custom of present. 天数之事已有着落,可众人这时仍是看着张御,这是等着后者重新排布如今之规矩。 In the past the custom in origin emptiness was altogether stands by Golden Court and Origin Oneness Heavenly Palace, but in reality everyone knows was still primarily Origin Oneness Heavenly Palace governing, was only for struggle of dao, therefore maintained outwardly on attractiveness. 过去元空之中的规矩乃是由金庭元一天宫共立,但实际上谁都知道仍是以元一天宫为主御,只是为了道争,所以维持明面上的好看。 But now, original five origin sage do not remain, Origin Oneness Heavenly Palace destroys, but Golden Court, Grand Plainness and Meng Can two people also eluted original aura, it can be said that the past both to withered away from dao technique in name, therefore is needs again stands. But all mighty figure natural believing, consider to respect Pure Profound Dao Palace, is considered draws up this foreword by Zhang Yu. 而现在,原来的五位元圣一个不剩,元一天宫就此覆亡,而金庭这边,太素蒙蚕二人也是洗脱了原先的气意,可以说是过去的两者从道法到名义上都是消亡了,故是需得重立。而所有大能理所当然的认为,下来当是尊奉清玄道宫,当是由张御来拟定此序。 Zhang Yu has not been making this matter anxiously, but looks to one side, there is from belonging to Origin Oneness Heavenly Palace various daoists, these people first need under processing. 张御没有急着做出此事,而是看向一边,那里是原来从属于元一天宫诸道,这些人需得先处理下。 Under these people in Origin Oneness Heavenly Palace promotes to fight with them, in this no doubt has the dao technique acted bashful reason, but in reality they do not want to revolt against Origin Oneness Heavenly Palace. 此辈元一天宫推动之下与他们交手,此中固然有道法被拿捏的缘由,可实际上他们自身也不怎么想反抗元一天宫 This is not strange, the person who these are willing to revolt against had been suppressed by five origin sage, remains the person has this wish has thrown to Golden Court came, will not wait till the present, finally is left over, the itself/Ben was most does not want to send to revolt against these. 这也不奇怪,那些愿意反抗的人早就被五位元圣打压下去了,留下来之人有此意愿的早就投到金庭这边来了,也不会等到如今,最后剩下的,本就是最不想发反抗那些了。 Although these mighty figure the giving up truce, is not willing to be finally Origin Oneness Heavenly Palace strives again, has not made to them many troublesome, is understands what has to be done, but has not stood this side Golden Court, therefore in the final analysis, their status as before are remnant of hostile side. 这些大能虽然最后罢手停战,不愿意再为元一天宫出力,没有给他们制造更多麻烦,算是识时务,可也没有就此站到金庭这一边,所以说到底,他们的身份依旧是敌对一方的余孽 Even if has boosted to them, but also out of goal of self-preservation, therefore he will not be lenient toward these people, such does is willing shed actually all regarding these, fights to the end together unfair of person of same belief with him. 纵然对他们有所助力,可也是出于自保的目的,所以他是不会宽赦此辈的,那样做就是对于那些甘愿舍却一切,与他一同奋战到底的同道的不公。 Other Origin Oneness Heavenly Palace mighty figure stand at this moment silently there, is waiting for Golden Court that side judging. 元一天宫余下大能此刻默然站立在那里,等待着金庭那边的宣判。 Actually their also slightly feeling rejoiced, even if one's own side has not stood this side Golden Court, has not brought many to trouble to Golden Court, instead lent a hand in secret much, such result could enable Golden Court to be forgiving slightly. 其实他们也是略感庆幸,己方纵然没有站到金庭这一边,可没给金庭带来多少麻烦,反而是暗中帮衬了不少,这样的结果或许能使得金庭稍加留情。 Zhang Yu has not immediately said this oneself wish, but will exchange with the surrounding person of same belief, this to these other mighty figure, was saying: thou and others are for Origin Oneness Heavenly Palace control, finally in any case, also has not defeated the war at the present, when was punished.” 张御并没有立刻说此自己的意愿,而是将与周围同道交流了一下,这才对着那些余下大能,道:“汝等乃为元一天宫驱驭,最后亦不曾反正,而今败战,当受责罚。” At this point, his paused, said slowly: „The meaning of my Golden Court, if from now on does not see the say/way of later generations to make up five numbers, then you and others can not ask right, cannot with seek the dao, thou and others be willing to take this to sentence?” 说到这里,他顿了顿,缓缓道:“我金庭之意,今后若不见后进之道补足五位之数,则你等不得问对,不得与求道,汝等可是愿服此判?” Here various mighty figure looked at several mutually, discovered that this assigns a penalty ingeniously, if they can not ask right, then dao skill can not progress, but makes up the numbers of five mighty figure , is not extremely easy. 这里诸大能相互看了几眼,发现这个判罚巧妙,若是他们不得问对,则道行不得长进,而补足五位大能之数,也是极不容易。 By the present, in origin emptiness the mighty figure number is difficult to increase extremely, getting down achievement works as will be getting more and more difficult, perhaps this matter is unable to be completed forever. May ponder, if they are willing to promote dao technique on own initiative, and takes care of lower layer, then could speed up this advancement. 到了如今,元空之中大能的数目已极是难增,下来成就当会越来越难,或许此事永远无法完成。可细想一下,若是他们愿意主动去推动道法,并且看顾下层,那么说不定可以加快这个进程。 To be honest, this result is good, some of them have completed by the Zhang Yu one breath plan in total by entering turbid darkness. Therefore is everyone is holds a ritual to Zhang Yu, all said: I and others am willing to take this to sentence.” 说实话,这个结果已然非常不错了,他们之中有些人已然做好了被张御一口气全数逐入浑黯之中的打算了。故是所有人皆是对着张御执有一礼,俱是道:“我等愿服此判。” Zhang Yu slight nod, to Golden Court various humanity: „The matter of heavenly fate, waits a minute to work as some confession, fellow daoists may advance the rotation.” 张御微微点头,对着金庭诸人道:“天数之事,稍候当有交代,诸位同道可先行回转。” various people is all compliant, to is bowing a ritual, various is the retreat. 诸人无不遵命,对着躬身一礼,各是退去。 this time fighting, they have the harvest extremely, especially in the resistance of origin oneness daoist during, shines upon dao technique to ask mutually right, is enables they fundamental dao technique also to have the progress greatly, this moment fighting finished, happen to goes back to tidy up slowly. Consolidated harvest. 这一回斗战,他们也是极有收获,特别是在与元一道人的对抗之中,映照道法相互问对,也是使得他们自身根本道法也大有长进,此刻斗战结束,正好回去慢慢收拾。巩固收获。 Zhang Yu returned to Pure Profound Dao Palace, first is passes on an intent to Profound Court, is sitting in meditation gets down, aura falls, then starts to ask to Grand Chaos. 张御则是回到了清玄道宫之内,先是传一意去往玄廷,再是定坐下来,气意一落,便即开始问对大混沌 this time asked that to was entirely different from the past, various past obscure unclear truth, but presently under a view, is actually grasped the vein by him clearly. 这一次问对与以往截然不同,各种以往晦涩不明的道理,而现一观之下,却是被他清晰把握住了脉络。 And he, so long as thinks, chaos self that then can just now shine upon also invests, and helps one another oneself to ask right. 并且他只要认为可以,那么可以将方才映照出来的混沌之我亦是投入其中,并相助自身问对。 Previously these shine I had shortly, after defeated origin oneness daoist, these six shining I, become his incarnation, he can transport/fortune to melt momentarily, was only shine the energy, his main body also had, therefore does not need to move unnecessarily at this moment. 此前那些映照之我只是短暂存有,然而在把元一道人击败之后,这六个映照之我,都是成为了他之化身,他随时都可以运化了出来,只是映照之所能,他正身也同样是具备,故而此刻不必多此一举。 In the past asked to chaos, heavenly fate reduced slightly, is hidden in asking of numerous mighty figure to, seemed common. 以往问对混沌之下,天数只是稍微削减,隐没在一众大能的问对之下,显得不那么起眼。 However now, he one asks to, heavenly fate was very obvious one to reduce layer upon layer, and his also one type along this can toward on the feeling of path. 然而现在,他一番问对之下,天数十分明显一层层的削减了下去,并且他还有一种一路顺此便可往更上道途的感觉。 This is not the misconception, but can achieve seriously. He not along this upward, therefore still has now restrain. 这不是什么错觉,而是当真可以做到。只是他并不会沿此上行,所以现下仍是有所收敛的。 Grand Chaos is the change, but cultivator can go to Grand Dao, because existences of these changes can achieve. 大混沌乃是变化本身,而修道人能够去往大道,正是由于这些变化的存在才能做到。 Grand Chaos increased the innumerable possibilities, caused the Heavenly Dao variable to draw back from this. Therefore speaking from a different angle, this does not reduce heavenly fate actually, but asked to causing increase of change, keeps heavenly fate for a while from overtaking. 大混沌增添了无数的可能,也就导致了天道变数由此退下。所以换一个角度说,这其实并不是削减天数,而是问对导致变化的增多,才使得天数一时无从追及。 The change of Grand Chaos is unrestricted, asked to reducing, because his restraint and promoted change on some direction. If can make this change continue upwardly, and can maintain this direction, but cannot excessively interfere with Grand Chaos, then can tide over the heavenly fate crisis at present. 只是大混沌的变化是不受约束的,问对削减,正是因为他本身的约束并推动了某种方向上的变化。如果能使得这变化继续向上,并能维持住这个方向,但又不能过度干涉大混沌,那么就能将眼前天数危机渡过。 After this mentality opens, he thinks that now only needs treasure to replace him to ask to Grand Chaos, or enables many mighty figure to use this treasure, in asking to can also refining this treasure, each other under complements one another, when can achieve this matter. 这个思路打开之后,他认为现在只需要有一件宝器能够替代他问对大混沌,或者让诸多大能可以利用此宝,在问对同时也能祭炼此宝器,彼此相辅相成之下,当就能做到此事了。 in reality, after struggle of dao, his dao skill has crossed five origin sage and even origin oneness daoist, so long as he intends, immediately can refining have outstanding above treasure. It is not difficult to achieve this point. 实际上,在道争之后,他的道行已然越过五位元圣乃至元一道人了,只要他有意,立时就能祭炼出超迈其上的宝器。不难做到这一点。 But that is treasure of he, but suits his oneself, he first walks one step, can direct afterward person, but is not willing to replace daoists by own dao, then with constant say/way also no difference, instead tied various daoists to forward firmly. Therefore this time considering lets many mighty figure is participates, together refining, is so the correct direction. 可那是他自身之宝器,只是适合他自己,他先走一步,可以指引后来之人,但不愿意以自身之道取代众道,那与恒常之道也没什么区别,反而是固束了诸道向前。所以此回当是让诸多大能都是参与进来,一并祭炼,如此才是正确的方向。 His sitting in meditation a while, will then put out a hand to spread out the palm, brought the wisp of highest qi and to mixing air/Qi, under the compromising hauling of centre-controlling strength, two air/Qi circle the reciprocation, although each other resistance, but actually pursues forever mutually, not only loses much, and not unnecessary. 定坐了一会儿,便将伸手摊开掌心,拿来了一缕至上之气和至混之气,在御中之力的调和牵引之下,两气盘旋往复,尽管彼此对抗,可却永远相互追逐,既不少失,又不曾多余。 His hand turns again, then falls this internal qi type to origin emptiness and Grand Chaos, after a little while, star lotus will then reappear, then above gorgeous incomparable Profound and Chaotic Cicada will inspire the wing to depart from, circles, will sprinkle specks of star dust. 他再手一翻,便将此气机种落至元空大混沌之中,少顷,便有一只星莲浮现出来,而后一只华美无比的玄浑蝉自里振翼飞出,旋绕其上,洒下点点星屑 The mighty figures suddenly heart has a feeling, looks upward spatially, then sees one pair to launch in origin emptiness by the pair of wings of innumerable resplendent light/only constitution, obviously bright light turbid darkness paces back and forth on mutually alternately, has aura to hand down, informs various humanity: Numerous position fellow daoist may transmit aura, does by refining, when can obstruct the heavenly fate changes.” 诸位大能忽然心有所感,往上空望去,便见一对由无数灿光构成的双翼在元空之中展开,可见明光浑黯互相交替徘徊于上,同时有气意传下,告知诸人道:“众位道友可藉此传递气意,作以祭炼,当能遏阻天数迁变。” That Profound and Chaotic Cicada the pair of wings collected at this time, was sinks into star lotus unexpectedly, mighty figures aura is also following toward that place, discovered not only can see the foreword of origin emptiness from this, but can also sneak a peek at chaos indistinctly changes. 玄浑蝉这时双翼一敛,竟是沉落入了一朵星莲之中,诸位大能气意也是跟随着往那处去,发现不但能由此见得元空之序,还隐隐约约能窥见混沌之变。 Under various will of the people cannot help but be startled, if falls into chaos, then inevitably contamination aura, but waits and sees immediately again, discovered under this Profound and Chaotic Cicada dances in the air, profound principles of chaos actually by different kind way immersion, tried, discovered that oneself can inquire into the principle of chaos unexpectedly from this, was precisely refining, discovered that heavenly fate changed the fruit is waits a minute to obstruct. 诸人心下不由一惊,若是落入混沌之中,那么势必污秽气意,可随即再是观望,发现在这玄浑蝉飞舞之下,混沌玄机却是以一种别样的方式沉浸其中,试了一下,发现自己居然能够由此探问混沌之理,且是祭炼了下,发现天数之变果是稍候遏阻。 Under the heart sets up the knowledge, if taking advantage of this thing, then they consider to solve difficult of heavenly fate, the state of mind inspires, their originally thought, Zhang Yu wants to solve this matter, needs some times, has not thought such quick found the method immediately, at this moment, various people is feeling a heartfelt admiration is holding a ritual to Pure Profound Dao Palace. 心下立知,若是借由此物,那么他们当是能够解决天数之难,不由心绪一振,他们本以为,张御想解决此事,也需一些时候,可没想到如此之快便就找到了方法,此时此刻,诸人无不是心悦诚服的对着清玄道宫所在执有一礼。 Celestial Xia space, above the Pure Dome sea of clouds, a Court Managers facial expression piece with deep veneration, they are waiting for the result, just now the change of Teaching Heaven Dao Chapter, making them know the war of upper layer to enter the final moment. 天夏空域,清穹云海之上,诸位廷执神情一片肃然,他们正在等待结果,方才训天道章的变动,让他们知晓上层之战已然进入了最后关头。 Their here no doubt defeated Origin Xia, but the key was still lies in upper layer, if upper layer if defeated, Origin Xia will come back, they are unable to resist. 他们这里固然战败了元夏,可关键仍是在于上层,若是上层若是败了,元夏则又会回来,他们也是无从抵挡。 For a long time later, military chief manager has a sleep/felt suddenly, raises the head to look, then sees golden talisman to flutter from void, his rises from the seat, both hands find out with deep veneration, received this symbol. His serious opens this symbol, after looking at the moment, raised the head to welcome to various Court Manager, the sinking sound said: My Celestial Xia directors defeats Origin Xia mighty figure, has won this war!” 许久之后,武首执忽有所觉,仰首看去,便见一枚金色符书从虚空之中飘荡下来,他肃然自座上站起,双手探出,将此符接过。他神情严肃的将此符打开,看有片刻后,抬头迎向诸廷执,沉声言道:“我天夏诸位执摄力挫元夏大能,已然赢下此战!” This word falls, the tight austere atmosphere was nothing left immediately, in the numerous Court Manager surface is reveals to rouse the joyful color, takes edict talisman read that military chief manager has handed down in abundance. 此言一落,原本紧肃氛围顿时荡然无存,众廷执面上俱是流露振奋欣喜之色,纷纷拿过武首执传下的符诏观读 After Court Manager Wei has looked, holds a ritual to the seat of honor, said: chief manager, this matter, when informed that my Celestial Xia high and low, making Celestial Xia all living things probably with hear.” 韦廷执看过之后,对着上座执有一礼,道:“首执,此事当昭告我天夏上下,让天夏众生得与有闻。” Military chief manager sinking sound said: Is works as so, this does not need to transmit beforehand, and waits me to see directors to say again.” 首执沉声道:“是当如此,此事先不必传递,且待我见过诸位执摄再言。” Various Court Manager understand, these involve the matter of upper layer, needs more carefully, although considered to have nothing repeatedly, but this worked obviously discretely, thinks that must confirm with directors again, was chief manager, so did and correct, therefore they were polite saying: I and others obeyed the edict.” 廷执明白,这些涉及上层之事,需得倍加小心,尽管当是无有反复了,但这位显然做事谨慎,认为需与诸位执摄再行确认,身为首执,这般做并无错,故而他们执礼道:“我等遵谕。” Military chief manager makes various people retreat, in the oneself palace leaves, enters in sea of clouds vortex, comes before great jade, to the front ritual, after a little while, above the jade has the remote immortal sound to spread, has spiritual light such as the ripple flood to move, then the huge incomparable daoist form appears. 首执让诸人退去,自己殿上离开,进入云海漩流之中,来至大玉璧之前,对着前方一礼,少顷,玉璧之上有渺渺仙音传出,有灵光如波纹泛动,便有一名巨大无比的道人身影浮现出来。 ...... …… ...... …… 99 99
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