HDC :: Volume #7 Blue Sky (苍空)

#322: Holds Yuan principle profound principles

Zhang Yu looks at origin oneness daoist aura dissolves thoroughly, the luminous spot submerges in the nihility, but behind that person holds the constant say/way also to be cut completely broken. 张御看着元一道人气意彻底化散,光点没入虚无之中,而其人背后所执恒常之道亦是被完全斩破。 dao technique is unable to lean to destroy, but the constant say/way can actually change. Because cover Yazhu some constant had not been built up about truly, some are only the say/way of precelestial five grandness altogether presenting, as precelestial five grandness was cut, the respective dispersion disappears to fall, this field of endeavor from did not exist. 道法是无从倾毁的,但是恒常之道却是能为之改变的。因为盖压诸有的恒常并没有被真正炼合出来,有的只是先天五太共奉之道,随着先天五太被斩开,各自分散消落,此道自也是不复存在了。 Because again this time struggle of dao is he wins, therefore changes as before above constant, this field of endeavor then results in again , was not possible this momentum. Perhaps such high and low will have a relapse in the future, but by that time, again is the battle is, this also conforms to the principle of change, the say/way of change. 再因为此回道争乃是他胜,所以变化依旧是在恒常之上,此道便是再得出来,也无可能起此声势了。或许此等上下之列未来会有所反复,可到那时候,再是争斗便是,这也符合变化之理,变化之道。 But at this moment, that wisp of killed constant sword sound still during the shake, its sound just like Song of Cicadas, seems the shedding a shell new student/life, indicates that old some all have shed, the new change will soon arrive. 而此时此刻,那一缕斩杀恒常剑音仍在震荡之中,其声犹如蝉鸣,好似蜕壳新生,预示着旧有的一切已然蜕去,新的变化即将到来。 His start/open Shengyin: Directs idling various intent, duplicate treads a day of step permanently ; Old muddy bright new student/life, celestial/heaven and man this same row!” 他不禁启声吟道:“引空载诸意,覆恒踏天阶;旧浊焕新生,天人此同列!” Then when recitation, he sees at present suddenly the a bright light photo came, to fall oneself body, in that dao technique stretched ahead by the endless change, toward essential climb. 便在吟诵之时,他眼前忽然看到了一道明光照来,落到了自己身上,在那其中,道法以无尽的变化向前延伸,向着道的本质攀附 He can feel, so long as oneself toward this light/only the direction treads, can go to a level higher from this. 他能感觉到,自己似只要往此光所来的方向踏去,就能由此去到更上一层 This is because he just initiated struggle of dao to origin oneness daoist, and directs the evil ways to make up said, defeated constant of opposite party by own dao, this also means, he won this struggle of dao, then he also obtained from this above the whereabouts, and selected the final dao opportunity. 这是因为他方才元一道人发起了道争,并且引下道补上道,以自身之道战胜了对方之恒常,这也就意味着,他赢下了这场道争,那么他也获得了由此去向上方,并且摘取终道的机会。 However he does not think that is anything final dao, final dao is some constant Dauth's cognition, is said that in his here that endless, is the line, treads a on altitude, behind also has path to wait for him to inquire about. 不过他并不认为那是什么“终道”,终道是恒常之道特有的认知,在他这里那是道去无尽的,便是行去,也只是踏去一个更上的高度,后面还有更多道途等着他去探寻。 At present he also has the matter to do , when is not treads. 只是眼下他还有事要做,还不是踏去之时。 Along with this one read, that bright light then retreated gradually. But even so, his body aura is still therefore raised a point, becoming is indistinct unpredictable, seemed away from that to be close. 随此一念而过,那一道明光便是渐渐退去了。可即便如此,他身上气意也是因此拔高了一分,变得更是飘渺难测,似乎距离那等所在更为接近了。 He waits that ray to dissipate from the front, at present considers from this place goes out, handles the following matter. 他待那光芒从面前消散,目前当是从此间出去,处理后续之事了。 But in origin emptiness, roots out origin oneness daoist that moment in Zhang Yu, numerous position mighty figure have also induced, and saw constant aura from this shatter, they held all sort of treasure to extricate from this, they realized anything immediately, but has not dared to confirm truly. 而在元空之中,在张御斩除元一道人的那一刻,众位大能也都有所感应,并且看到了恒常之气意由此破散,他们所持诸般宝器由此解脱了出来,他们顿时意识到了什么,只是还不敢真正确认。 At this moment they all are in the heart move, looks toward one, then sees the air/Qi of origin emptiness to transfer outward, profound vast lofty form walks from inside, has almost no way to look together, as this aura subsides, just now can confirm that its saves, then its form resembles from far to near to be the same, is gradually clear. 此刻他们皆是心中一动,往一处看去,便见元空之气向外分拨,一道玄渺高远的身影自里走了出来,几乎没法望到真实,随着这位气意沉降下来,方才能够确认其之所存,而后其身影才似由远及近一般,逐渐清晰起来。 The Zhang Yu good step comes before the people, looks at the people to hope for the vision, said generously: origin oneness leans to destroy, constant has extinguished, fellow daoists, this war, is we wins!” 张御行步来至众人之前,望着众人期冀目光,慨然言道:“元一倾毁,恒常已灭,诸位同道,此战,乃我辈也!” mighty figures has a material although, may say this matter with him personally, was still rouses joyfully, later various people who could not stop, were solemn expression bow as if by prior agreement, had a ritual to his line. 诸位大能尽管已是有所料,可随着他亲口说出此事,仍是止不住的欣喜振奋起来,随后诸人不约而同之下,都是肃容躬身,对他行有一礼。 Zhang Yu lifts the sleeve, is must a ritual. 张御抬袖而起,亦是还得一礼。 In origin emptiness also has the fluctuation to give birth at this time, then sees one group of black qi spin fog to give birth, as two aura appear, Huo Heng and True Surplus two people appeared in origin emptiness again. 元空之中此时又有波动生出,便见一团黑气旋雾生出,随着两股气意出现,霍衡真余二人再一次出现在了元空之中。 Even if two people just now disappear, but did not have the constant hindrance, can come and go out origin emptiness actually freely. 两人纵然方才消失,可是没了恒常阻碍,倒是能够自如出入元空了。 Zhang Yu looks to two people, Huo Heng is also looks, as soon as he enters origin emptiness, then learns about the situation, therefore to say/way: origin oneness has tilted, then I and others stopped jointly, getting down was struggle of Grand Chaos and origin emptiness.” 张御看向二人,霍衡也是望过来,他一入元空,便已是知悉情况了,于是对着道:“元一既已倾覆,那么我等联手到此为止,下来便是大混沌元空之争了。” Zhang Yu nodded, Grand Chaos and origin emptiness have not possibly lived together in peace and harmony, each other battle will have continued, but certainly not like origin oneness constant, attempts annexing and destroying. 张御颌首,大混沌元空没可能和睦相处,彼此争斗一直会继续下去,但绝不会像元一恒常那样,妄图去将之吞灭。 This resisted, so long as limits based on this, actually regarding trace-by-trace roughly beneficial. 这等争抗只要限制在一定范围内,其实对于逐道而言大体还是有益的。 He said: Reason that no matter how, this one fights can win, has the merit of two assisting, if no two, not possibly so takes origin oneness immediately.” 他言道:“不管如何,此一战之所以能胜,也是有两位相助之功,若无二位,无可能如此便就拿下元一。” Huo Heng said: To last Grand Chaos, fellow daoist obtained the result of wish, Huo was also wanted.” 霍衡道:“只是为了存续大混沌罢了,道友得到了想要的结果,霍某亦是得了所想要的。” Zhang Yu the revolutions glanced at the light at this time, looks to Daoist True Surplus, said: I have pledged, when results in destruction origin oneness, when will help fellow daoist be separated from chaos to control.” 张御这时转过目光,看向真余道人,道:“我承诺过,待得覆灭元一,当会助道友脱离混沌辖制。” Daoist True Surplus is chaos resides temporarily now, is partial to a Grand Chaos side completely, he looked at Zhang Yu one cold, the figure hundred years were to start to abate, but Zhang Yu was only the vision tranquil looked at his one eyes, its figure actually resembled to tie firmly, the entire dissipation process also stopped from this. 真余道人现在是混沌寄身,完全是偏向大混沌一方的,他只是冷然看了张御一眼,身形百年是开始消退,但张御只是目光平静的看了他一眼,其身形却似是被固束住了,整个消散过程也是由此顿止。 People one startled, even Huo Heng is the vision is also deep, because at this moment, them had not detected completely the change of any aura dao technique, does not know how Zhang Yu achieves. 众人一惊,连霍衡也是目光深沉下来,因为此时此刻,他们完全没有察觉到任何气意道法的变化,根本不知道张御是如何做到的。 Daoist True Surplus seeing is hard to work loose, the body not restrainable start erupts to the muddy air/Qi, even if could not resist Zhang Yu, he disappears, should still draw back from origin emptiness. 真余道人见难以挣脱,身上不可抑制的开始爆发出至浑之气,即便仍是对抗不了张御,他自身散失的时候,也会从元空之中退了出去。 This act was still but useless, to muddy air/Qi, although appears unceasingly, but he is actually as before perfect is built on same place, as if anything has not changed. 可是此举仍是没有用,至浑之气虽是不断浮现出来,可他本人却是依旧是完好无损的立于原地,似乎什么都没有改变。 A moment later, Daoist True Surplus body no longer has this grade of internal qi to emit, his two pupils become limpid. He felt oneself as if by the body of neat, pure brightness between state of mind, incomparably earnest to the Zhang Yu rigid ritual, was saying: Many thanks fellow daoist helps below returns.” 片刻之后,真余道人身上不再有这等气机冒出,他两眸变得清澈起来。他感受了一下自己似乎被洗炼一空的身躯,还有神思之间的清明,无比认真的对着张御执着一礼,道:“多谢道友助在下归来。” Zhang Yu has a hand request, said: fellow daoist is not no need, not saying that then reaches an agreement early this matter, then said that fellow daoist is the we person of same belief, the merit in this war performing, governing will then not ignore.” 张御起手一托,道:“道友不必如此,不说早便说好此事,便说道友乃是我辈同道,还有此一战中所立下的功绩,御便不会置之不理。” mighty figures is astonished, can just now they also be experiences to the air/Qi of mixing, this air/Qi can with the highest qi resistance, however is the half a point function does not have in front of Zhang Yu now. 诸位大能俱是惊异,至混之气之能方才他们也是见识到了,此气可是能和至上之气对抗的,然而现在在张御面前却是半分作用也无。 this kind of method transcendence they have been able the level of cognition, likely to stand above higher level boundary, is not perhaps far from that true above. 这等手段已然超脱了他们所能认知的层次,很可能站在了更高的层境之上了,距离那真正之上道恐怕也已然不远了。 Huo Heng has just now watched critically, even True Surplus was just now changed it still to stand in the one side is motionless, finally anything had not said that but deeply looked at Zhang Yu, the body dissolves, departed from origin emptiness thoroughly. 霍衡方才一直冷眼旁观,就算是方才真余道被改变其也是立在一旁不动,最后什么也没说,只是深深望了一眼张御,身躯就此化散,从元空之中彻底离去了。 Zhang Yu has not managed him, so long as Grand Chaos, origin emptiness, resistance of both sides will not have stopped. 张御也没有管他,只要大混沌还在,元空还在,双方的对抗就不会休止。 But fighting finished, considers to receive and instruct Councillor Mu to return. He conceives a plan a revolution, then has highest qi to fall muddily dark, receives and instructs this. 斗战既是结束,当是接引穆司议归来了。他起意一转,便有至上之气落入浑暗,接引这一位。 origin oneness daoist was extinguished by him eliminates, therefore other highest qi the total had been controlled by him, but in fact, he felt that oneself does not need highest qi also to meet now, does not need to spend what strength. 元一道人被他灭除,所以余下的至上之气已然全数被他所驾驭,可事实上,他感觉自己如今不需要至上之气亦是能够将人接了出来,根本不需要花费什么力气。 And he can clearly realize, even if oneself wants to mold supreme or to the muddy air/Qi, still not the matter of what difficulty. 并且他能清楚意识到,即便自己想要塑造至上或者至浑之气,也都是不什么困难之事。 Because of this kind of method, he can go out to easily the detachment Daoist True Surplus body chaos qi, and has not injured its. 正是因为这等手段,他才能将真余道人身上混沌之气给轻易移除出去,且还不伤害其根本。 At this time with receiving and instructing, wisp of aura came out from the muddy dark place, fell into origin emptiness, the Councillor Mu form also appeared from this. 此时随着接引,一缕气意从浑暗之地出来,落入了元空之中,穆司议身影也是由此显现了出来。 He falls into origin emptiness at that moment, with the aura exchange, learned about the result of this war accurately, is to a Zhang Yu ritual, said: Many thanks fellow daoist receives and instructs Mu.” 他落入元空之中那一刻,随着气意交流,也是准确知悉了此战之结果,便是对着张御一礼,道:“多谢道友接引穆某。” Zhang Yu said: fellow daoist delimits heavenly fate, to me greatly is beneficial, latter is gives self up to enter muddily dark, this one fights is also the merit, receives and instructs fellow daoist to come back, is natural, fellow daoist does not need is so polite.” 张御道:“道友划定天数,对我大是有益,后更是舍身进入浑暗,此一战亦是功,接引道友回来,乃是理所应当,道友不必如此客气。” The Councillor Mu nod name is, he by quite discrete language gas channel/angrily said: heavenly fate, although no longer floats rises, but we, if has alarmed, will trigger the accident.” 穆司议点头称是,他又以较为谨慎的语气道:“天数虽是不再浮升,可我辈若是有所惊动,还是会引发变故的。” Zhang Yu deeply believes it so, do not watch the war to fall, heavenly fate caresses decides, but the distance crosses that line is also separation, has the fluctuation slightly, may cause everyone is difficult to ascend higher boundary. 张御深以为然,别看战事落下,天数抚定,可是距离越过那条线也就是一线之隔,稍有波动,就有可能导致所有人都是难登上境 Daoist Grand Plainness stated opinion in side: fellow daoist, deserves at this moment sets up the positive sequence again, delimiting the machine was unreliable.” 太素道人在旁建言道:“道友,此刻该当是重立正序,划定机玄了。” Zhang Yu nodded, must caress decides heavenly fate, first is to solve this problem, but makes various daoists no longer each other contend is not good, because is only mighty figure usually asks right, might promote this to change. 张御点了点,要抚定天数,首先就是要解决这个问题,只是让诸道不再彼此相争还不行,因为仅是大能平常问对,都有可能会推动此变。 To stop this matter is not obviously impossible completely, because only has to ask that to be able to pursue higher boundary, Origin Oneness Heavenly Palace, even if by destruction, but also left behind a mess. 要想完全制止此事显然不可能的,因为唯有问对才能得以追逐上境,元一天宫纵然被覆灭,可也是留下了一个烂摊子。 Naturally if origin oneness daoist the victory, everyone were arranged to chase, precelestial five grandness reopens various has, that does not need to consider that these matters, he actually has to ponder. 当然元一道人若胜,所有人都被排逐,先天五太重开诸有,那自是不必考虑这些事的,他却不得不虑。 Many mighty figure on the scene also think this possibility, hesitates does not say, is waiting for the Zhang Yu resolution, this matter is not solved, then heavy sets up the positive sequence is also an empty talk, because they are not climbing higher boundary, if there is a successor again, still also needs to face such issue. 在场诸多大能也同样是想到了这个可能,亦都是沉吟不言,等着张御决断,这个事情不解决,那么重立正序也是一句空话,因为就算是他们不在攀登上境了,若有后来人再至,也同样需要面对此等问题的。 Zhang Yu actually does not worry for this reason, because he only need ask to Grand Chaos, can reduce the variable. Means that but this does not solve the problem. This matter cannot only depend upon him to shoulder, but also needs a better more appropriate way to solve. 张御其实并不为此犯难,因为他只需去问对大混沌,就可以削减变数。但这不是解决问题的办法。此事也不能只依靠他一个人去扛,还需要有更好更妥当的方式去解决。 According to his consideration, best to have treasure, resembles say/way lotus treasure that like that such as precelestial five grandness consecrates, with reduce heavenly fate to increase. 按照他的思量,最好是能有一件宝器,似如先天五太所供奉的道莲那般的宝器,用以削减天数攀升。 However by the lower boundary situation, heavenly fate increases is in itself irresistible, will be unceasingly will be eventually upward, only if will be such as five origin sage same reopens various has, such can get it over and done actually, but this method will be he does not want to use exactly. 不过以下境的情况来看,天数攀升本身是不可阻挡的,终究是会不断向上的,除非是如五位元圣一样重开诸有,那样倒是能够一劳永逸,不过这个方法恰恰是他不想采用的。 Their this war, to continue, rather than to broken kill, if took this road, that was actually backs up. Except in addition, him felt oneself, if goes to higher boundary, can solve this matter. 他们这一战,本就为了延续,而不是为了破杀,若是走了这条路,那却是倒退回去了。除此外,他觉得自己若是去到上境,想必是能解决此事的。 Moreover he can feel, oneself becomes in light of this boundary, when that in origin emptiness considers to station in mighty figure, but perhaps mighty figure more than one, various people by the oneself ability, has means solution this matter. However the present stage, he only has first to ask that to it law is to first reduce this number, in order to avoid presents the eventuality. 而且他能感觉到,自己成就此境,那么当元空之中当是可以驻留更多大能,而大能一多,诸人凭借自己的能力,恐怕也有办法解决此事。不过现阶段,他唯有先以问对之法先是削减此数,以免出现万一。 Therefore he said to the people: Here I have calculate surely, waits a minute will arrange.” 故他对众人道:“这里我已有定算,稍候自会有所安排。” ...... …… ...... ……
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