HDC :: Volume #7 Blue Sky (苍空)

#321: The feeling said a day of permanence

Zhang Yu sees this time sound, then lifts the head looks, then after seeing that precious lotus emits, this place by the superposition crevice of fill, once again is gradually supported. 张御见得此番动静,便抬首望去,便见那宝莲放出之后,此间原本已然被逐渐填补的叠合空隙,又一次被撑了起来。 Above precious lotus gives birth to the innumerable silk thread unceasing gassed threads at this time, if the water drop lets fall, profound light deep Yi, immortal sound vast. Under this spirit glow shines, constant again solid, causes this place not to the displacement, because that five shining I appear to promote the change, as if stopped. 宝莲之上此时生出无数丝缕不绝的光丝,若滴水般垂落而下,玄光湛溢,仙音洋洋。在此灵芒照耀之下,恒定再固,使得此间不至偏移,而因为那五名映照之我出现所推动起来变化,似乎又都顿止了下来。 But he not, therefore the sudden change circumstance vacillates, body aura is still spirited. 可是他并不因此突变情势而动摇,身上气意依旧昂扬。 This precious lotus to substitute origin emptiness lives, but was previously compelled by the situation, for can invade to extinguish them smoothly, has to give up substitution, only to seize the origin emptiness temporary authority. 这株宝莲本是为替代元空而生,只是此前受形势所迫,为能顺利侵灭他们,不得不放弃替代之用,只为窃夺元空一时之权柄。 Until the present, it gives up this for a while the authority, only for can haunch constantly in this, the constant pressure changes, even if prevented origin emptiness temporarily the spatial transformation, defended stubbornly this place in constant, but then, that person did not have the escape route. 及至现在,其又放弃这一时权柄,只为能够在此撑起恒定,定压变化,纵然暂时阻止了元空之空的蜕变,将此间重新固守在了恒常之中,可如此一来,其人也就没有退路了。 In his pupil divine light flashes, it seems like that this was the preparation fought to the death with him here, but, this was also just right for his intent! 他眸中神光闪动,看来这位是准备在这里与他决一死战了,不过,这也正合他意! origin oneness daoist by lotus suppress the change, had not actually terminated the action, its body gives birth to five phantom simultaneously, is original precelestial five grandness aura concentrates exactly, appear visibly five shining I goes toward him respectively, and aura will hit with the latter shortly in one. 元一道人这边以道莲定压住了变化,却还没有终止举动,其身上又是同时生出五道虚影,恰是原来先天五太气意所凝,分别朝着他所化显出来的五个映照之我而去,并在顷刻间与后者之气意撞在了一起。 This is because precious lotus vertical is suppresses this side to be, may shine upon me to want also , the change remains, must therefore aim by aura of precelestial five grandness respectively, can coordinate the constant say/way to force him to restrain toward, until loses thoroughly changes certainly. 这是因为宝莲纵是镇压此方所在,可映照之我只要还在,变化仍是存在,故需以先天五太气意分别针对,才能配合恒常之道强迫其往内收敛,直至彻底失绝变化。 Zhang Yu can see, to here, origin oneness daoist can be used to maintain itself besides highest qi, when also exhausted the complete method. 张御可以看出,到了这里,元一道人除了至上之气能够用来维护自身之外,当也是用尽了全部的手段了。 This choice actually also as he expected, with him and daoists forcing step by step, this is also flinching step by step, but releases with to recall the aspect the beforehand accumulation unceasingly. 这个选择其实也在他预料之中,随着他与众道一步步的逼迫,这位也是一步步的退缩,只是将之前的积累不断释放出来用以挽回局面。 However so long as that constant dao technique also, so long as can win this war, that all may win. 不过只要那恒常道法还在,只要能够赢下此战,那一切都可赢了回来。 However has the place to be different eventually. 但是终究是有地方不同的。 In order to avoid their unceasing closing on , formed of present from this, with their gradual settlement, various daoists was given to push aside by their two people, may say that this side origin emptiness in the air was only left over constant with changing this two dao technique. 为了避免他们的不断进逼,也是由此形成了眼下之局面,随着他们二人的逐渐沉陷,诸道被他们两个人都给排挤了出去,可说这方元空之空中只剩下了恒常与变化这两个道法 Even if this is spatial of origin emptiness, here also under Grand Dao, pure constant, was pure the change? 哪怕这是元空之空,这里亦是在大道之下,纯粹了恒常,又何尝不是纯粹了变化? But here only then they, only then they exist, therefore the fighting result between their two people, will decide final dao for whom obtained. 而这里只有他们二人,也只有他们存在,所以他们两个人之间的斗战结果,也将决定终道为谁所得。 When then this condition has, enough he initiated struggle of dao to origin oneness daoist! 那么当这条件具备,足够他对元一道人发起道争了! This looks to move unnecessarily, resembling is struggle of dao exists or not, the winner loser will not as if change for this reason, but existence of struggle of dao, this can actually be peeped and on an opportunity from this, once enters struggle of dao passively, integrated in the opposite party own rhythm, facilitates him to cause the last subsequent hand. 这看去多此一举,似是无论道争存在与否,赢家输家似乎都不会为此而改变,可道争的存在,这却能由此得到窥及上道的机会,并且一旦被动进入道争,也是将对方纳入了自身的节奏中,方便他使动最后一个后手。 As for origin oneness daoist whether will accept, just like previously Origin Oneness Heavenly Palace initiated to various daoists asked that invited to it, this was asked to splitting of say/way, to carefully examining of say/way, if this does not dare to meet, or decline, then even if was only hesitation slightly, might create to the vacillation of dao technique. 至于元一道人是否会接受,正如此前元一天宫诸道发起问对之请,这是对道之剖问,对道之审视,若是连此都不敢接,或是回绝,那么哪怕只是稍微的迟疑,都有可能造成对道法的动摇。 You do not dare to believe oneself dao technique oneself, do you depend on what can exceed the opponent? Let alone meets at present with does not meet seems like also resembles has not distinguished. 你连自己都不敢信自己道法,你又凭何能胜过对手?更别说眼下接与不接看起来也似没有区别。 A Zhang Yu intent has transferred, then reading of transmission struggle of dao in the past, later is staring at origin oneness daoist, waits for him to make the resolution. 张御一意转过,便将道争之念传递过去,随后凝视着元一道人,等其做出决断。 Does not leave his expects, origin oneness daoist has not hesitated, immediately received struggle of dao only to invite. 不出他之所料,元一道人没有丝毫迟疑,立时接下了道争只请。 Because that person saves to believe own dao, does not think one will lose. Then did not say on the field all sorts, after their fighting, the change of heavenly fate has not stopped, now has soon arrived at the upper limit, if were not quicker finished, even if the constant say/way won, did not have possibly to climb final dao, under this kind of situation, how also possibly to reject? 因为其人存信自身之道,并不认为自身会输。便不言场上种种,自他们斗战之后,天数的变化并没有停下,如今已经快要到达上限了,若是不快些结束,就算恒常之道赢了,也无可能攀去终道,在这等情况之下,又如何可能拒绝? Since this already responds/complies, then the by last war theory decides the victory and defeat! 既然这位已然答应下来,那么就以最后一战论定胜负! Five big shine I am can tow by high and vast, can say appears every people, highest boundary that after represents he to go to this boundary, at present can present. 五大映照之我乃是以高渺之能牵引而成,可以说每一人出现,都是代表了他自身去到此境后目前所能呈现出来的最高境界 But sealed off five shining me although, actually dao talisman exists there, has not integrated any shines, his change had not ended. 可尽管被封堵了五个映照之我,却还有一个道箓存在于那里,并未纳入任何映照,他的变化也未曾结束。 But he this last shining body, left the body of profound techniques. 而他将这最后一个映照之身,留给了的玄法之身。 profound techniques is lies in the numerous law, non- is others law, here has his oneself, has others, therefore this does not depend on him to complete. 玄法乃在于众法,非是他人一人之法,这里既有他自己,亦有他人,所以这并不是靠他一个人能够完成的。 Under his heart calls, supporting heaven and earth that two his oneself can see, does not see two sides throughout light screen separation, half muddy sinking is difficult to be bright, half of bright light remote photos. 他心下一唤,两道只有他自己能够看到的撑天拄地,不见始终的光幕分立两边,一半浑沉难明,一半明光遥照。 At the same time, section of Yi Teaching Heaven also appears, above this, first is Six Seals of the Grand Dao appears, is downward, is one after another appears by him and even cultivators create dao seal, as if in the flash, the innumerable stars was lightened gradually, and by to shone broadly, formed enormous and powerful radiant silver river! 同一时刻,训天之章亦是随之浮现而出,在此之上,先是大道六印显现出来,而后再是往下,则是一枚枚由他乃至众修立造道印浮现而出,仿佛在一瞬间,无数星辰被逐次点亮,并由微至广亮了起来,形成了一道浩浩荡荡的璀璨银河 Since here reposed his dao-climbing the will faith, reposed Celestial Xia numerous profound cultivator hoping of progress. However so, was still was narrowly, profound techniques was only the step of dao-climbing, but high dao path far more than together? His intention, only hope the world all living things is all correct to seek, being correct to climb! 这里寄托了他攀道一路以来的意志信念,亦是寄托了天夏玄修的上进之愿。不过只是如此,仍是失之于狭隘,玄法只是攀道之阶,而上道之路又何止一道?他之心念,唯愿天下众生皆是有道可寻,有道可攀! Along with his intent transmits, this wish no longer limits in Teaching Heaven Dao Chapter, was goes to Profound and Chaotic Heaven, this time, in a Celestial Xia side to mighty figure superior cultivator, to this world people, saw spanned various heaven, spanned hangs in Profound and Chaotic Cicada that passing has not seen above the vault! 随他此意传递出去,这一股意愿不再是局限于训天道章之中,亦是去到了玄浑天中,这一时刻,天夏一方上至大能上修,下至凡尘生民,都是看到了一只跨越诸天,横亘于过往未见的玄浑蝉悬于穹顶之上! Meanwhile, they were also feel a boundless vast thought transmission to come, this thought exerted oneself completely spiritedly, since reading of infinite keeping forging ahead, as if had declared Celestial Xia to stand to all living things, reform changes, reading of high and low same desire. 与此同时,他们也是感受到了一股磅礴浩大意念传递而来,这一股意念满是昂扬奋发,无限进取之念,仿佛向众生昭示了天夏立成以来,维新维变,上下同欲之念。 This is Celestial Xia dao thought, is the Celestial Xia line the sustenance, but regardless of higher boundary cultivator, or the Celestial Xia people, all saves this heart, all saves this will, even if there is the small flaw different thinks, is also difficult to shake the mighty current of situation! 这是天夏道念,是天夏一路行来之寄托,而无论上境修士,亦或是天夏子民,皆存此心,皆存此志,纵有小瑕异思,亦难撼大势之洪流! Yinluo Superior Continent is, in deep valley building, Tao Dingfu is feeling in that thought the say/way of passing on, the will of proclaiming, in chest has a spirit surging surges, several must overflow, he holds long sword, goes out of building fearlessly, in the looks at vast star space that only star cicada, the speaker song said that The Grand Dao, Profound and Chaotic, bears the universe......” 尹洛上洲所在,幽谷庐舍之内,桃定符感受着那意念之中所传之道,所宣之志,胸中有一股意气激荡翻腾,几要溢出,他操起长剑,昂然走出庐舍,看着浩瀚星宇上那只星蝉,扬声颂道,“大道玄浑乾坤载……” This spreads, spreads over the hills, the shake continent land, subsequently goes with the galloping rivers and streams far-transfer, whereabouts Celestial Xia each corner. 这一声传出,传遍群山,震荡洲陆,继而又随着奔腾江河远传而去,去向了天夏每一处角落。 After a little while, above the empty wilderness has the echo to shake unexpectedly, will seem trillion people to shout loudly simultaneously, „...... the Celestial City that broke millions of clouds to arrive!” 少顷,空荡原野之上中竟是有回声震荡而起,似有亿万人同声高呼,“……天城百万裂云来!” Eastern Court Administrative Continent, in the hillock bamboo house, in Tao Sheng has the feeling to stir up the light of sighing to appear, he sets out suddenly, takes pen in hand, starts to write the character, in the mouth the partner recites: The glorious divine light illuminates man and the firmament......” 东庭府洲,小丘竹楼之中,陶生目中有感慨激叹之光显现,他霍然起身,提笔而起,落笔成字,口中伴吟道:“赫赫神光耀汉霄……” Under a book, outside enormous and powerful echo following coming: „...... The splendorous Xia built a grandiose stage!” 一笔书下,外间浩荡回声继来:“……煌煌夏彩筑华台!” Bingyun Superior Continent, Ying Zhuan stands above hanging high stage, listens attentively to above land to hear the intermittent sound, in his surface tranquil, however outside the body the overalls actually fly upwards for a while, he looks up to that star cicada, is start/open sound discussed: The scorching sun wants to evaporate the blue sea into emptiness......”, but under the mountains rivers and mountains as if are also voicing together: „...... Since the early morning the Eastern dawn is too white!” 并云上洲,英颛立在悬空高台之上,倾听着地陆之上传来阵阵响声,他面上平静,然而身外罩衣却是一时飞扬起来,他抬头看向那星蝉,亦是启声念道:“骄阳欲赤蒸青海……”而底下山川河岳亦仿佛是在一同发声:“……晨起东方晓太白!” Entire Celestial Xia inner territory, thirteen continents, four great administrative continents, 28 night/lodge, is farther and even 30 six external world, every has the Celestial Xia people , all approves reading of Celestial Xia, all gushes out the sound of praise, if boils if raises. 整个天夏域内,一十三洲,四大府洲,二十八部宿,更远乃至三十六外世,凡有天夏生民所在,举凡认同天夏之念,皆是涌出颂声,若沸若扬。 In An State Heavenly Secrets Workshop, An Zhizhi hears the sound of mountainous cry tsunami to transmit from afar, excited, shouts loudly greatly: The present fate of humanity's heritage is dreary......” 安州天机工坊之内,安知之听着山呼海啸的声音远远传来,激动不已,亦是高声大喊道:“今承人道运苍黄……” But he discovered, the oneself sound almost submerges repeatedly, in that reverberates such as in wave of sound , to continue he, the entire Celestial Xia life seems sending out to shout. 而他发现,自己的声音几乎淹没在那反复回荡的如浪如潮的声响之中,不止他,整个天夏生灵仿佛都在发出呼喊。 At first these sounds various vary, scatter disorderly, as read aloud repeatedly, this sound more and more was neat, finally gathered to resound through various Yuzhu the day together the reading aloud sound, and echo was repeatedly unceasing: 起初这些声息各是不一,散落凌乱,然而随着反复念诵,这声音越来越是齐整,最后汇聚成一道响彻诸宇诸天的诵声,并反复回响不绝: Said, recently with trading source app read to pursue, traded the source switch over, reading aloud the timbre were many, www.huanyuanapp.com Android apple may.】 【讲真,最近一直用换源app看书追更,换源切换,朗读音色多,www.huanyuanapp.com安卓苹果均可。】 The present fate of humanity's heritage is dreary and all the ages shall eulogize it as presperous!” 今承人道运苍黄,万世颂传称盛哉!” Since the various daoists dispute, the lower layer life always has been only a board game piece, whatever on the say/way organizes, the life of lower layer, always shakes the say/way of upper layer weak, does not have to make to resist, however the life saves, under is not high, the call of today, is move above by below, makes up entire of say/way! 诸道纷争以来,下层生灵从来只是棋子,任凭上道摆布,下层之生灵,从来无力撼动上层之道,亦无以挣抗,然而命之有存,从无高下,今日之呐喊,正是以下动上,补道之全! At the present all spirit, all faith, all entrust, all gather in together within! 而今所有的意气,所有信念,所有的付托,皆是聚于一道之内! Zhang Yu has a feeling suddenly, looked the past, in back Profound and Chaotic Dao Chapters, was situated in the form above various daoists to walk, its air/Qi was difficult to state, its shape difficult view, it may be said that Profound and Chaotic I. 张御忽有所感,回望过去,背后的玄浑道章之中,有一名似立于诸道之上的身影走了出来,其气难述,其形难观,可谓之“玄浑之我”。 This Profound and Chaotic my appearance, complemented finally together the defect, along with it naturally coincides with dao talisman, six big shine I set up this place, the change regenerate now from this! 玄浑之我的出现,补全了最后一块缺失,随其与道箓自然相合,六大映照之我一齐立现在了此间,变化由此再生! But at this moment, shone upon five projected body precelestial five grandness one after another body lines to crack, melts the light to go leisurely, that supports all precious lotus and all sort of spiritual light is also defeated and dispersed in abundance the collapse. 而这一刻,原本映照五位映身先天五太一个个身行崩裂,化光逸去,那撑住一切的宝莲及诸般灵光亦纷纷溃散倒塌。 Zhang Yu is staring at origin oneness daoist, to its is treading one step, Supreme I immediately melted the light to enter in his body, but along with him continued, „in easy god I was also throw submerge, again was spirituality I and chaos self, governing I, finally that Profound and Chaotic I suspended the big sleeve, melted indistinct profound principles to melt one with him together. 张御凝视着元一道人,向其所在踏出一步,“至高之我”立时化光进入了他身躯之内,而随他继续前行,“易神之我”亦是投没入内,再接下来乃是“灵性之我”、“混沌之我”,“御中之我”,最后那“玄浑之我”一摆大袖,化一道飘渺玄机与他相融一处。 His body leans forward, arrives at front Supreme incarnation to be at slightly, in an instant will blend, then puts out a hand, grasped that to aim at origin oneness daoist sword. 他身躯微微前倾,来到前方的至高化身所在,刹那间将之融汇进来,而后伸手出去,一把拿住了那一柄指向元一道人剑器 Resembling is all sort of changes all enters together , when sword blade Zheng however shakes, accompanies the potential rushes ahead, in the heart is also emerges not to have feeling of the outrageously penetration, myriad things ten thousand Cunsi can under this sword be cut, as this sword hands over forward, punctured finally above the origin oneness daoist forehead, there burst out the ray that one group incomparably was congealed suddenly, resembled is condensing constant, made that finally resistance. 似是诸般变化皆入一道之中,剑身铮然一震,伴势冲杀之际,心中也是涌现未有一种悍然贯通之感,万物万存似都能在这一剑之下被斩开,随着这一剑向前递去,终是刺在了元一道人眉心之上,那里骤然迸发出一团无比坚凝的光芒,似是在凝聚恒常,作那最后之抵抗。 Zhang Yu visual its aura, peaceful sound said: struggle of dao has decided that when thou goes to it!” 张御目视其气意,澹声道:“道争已决,汝当去之!” origin oneness daoist was still struggling, after his word , one group of sparkle bright lights splits from his forehead swiftly, one transmits again layer upon layer, the truth broken mark of full arrange/cloth body, slowly outward diffusion. 元一道人原本还在挣扎,经他这一言,倏然一顿,一团闪耀明光从他眉心处裂开,再一层层传递出去,满布身躯的道理碎痕,缓缓向外扩散。 Zhang Yu sees this, seems does not bear, has sword light to cut, under the vibration, that leaves behind constant aura loudly tenaciously is changes to innumerable qi light to burst out finally outward, he again is shakes a sleeve, all sort of often decides, during the immeasurable constant, performs to fail not to have, only has that sword cry to linger the reverberation, for a very long time! 张御见此,似有不耐,又起剑光一斩,轰然震动之下,那顽强留下恒常气意终是化作无数气光向外迸发,他再是把袖一荡,诸般常定,无量恒数,尽落空无之中,唯有那一剑鸣萦绕回荡,久久不息! ...... …… ...... ……
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