HDC :: Volume #7 Blue Sky (苍空)

#320: Reflects oneself to illuminate various daoists

After Supreme I appear, then trod in dao talisman, because only had by this department, can for a long time save, along with its this place decided that the back had to sprinkle to illuminate together brightly, resembling saved to all with does not save is declares. 至高之我出现之后,便踏动了一枚道箓之中,因为唯有以此相系,方能久存,随其此间立定,背后就有一道光明洒照出来,似向一切存与不存皆是宣示自我。 Zhang Yu after successful such projected body, without ending the aura revolution of oneself, because the light is only shining I enough has not promoted the variable. 张御在成功化出此等映身之后,没有结束自己气意运转,因为光只是一个映照之我还不足够推动变数。 But then, is evil god self! 而接下来,便乃是邪神之我 So-called evil god, actually situated in chaos and positive sequence, and takes both sides profound principles as the food, but accumulated becomes the thing, meantime however is partial to chaos, from time to time is partial to the positive sequence, resembles, if Chaos Tide, is similar thing, but works as such matter toward Grand Dao climb, and pursues by this upwardly, that was the say/way of evil god. 所谓“邪神”,实则是介于混沌与正序之中,并以双方之玄机为食粮而蕴成之物,其时而偏向混沌,时而偏向正序,似若浊潮,便是类似之物,而当此等物事往大道攀附,并以此向上追逐,那便是邪神之道了。 Actually, he is willing to call it easy god the say/way. 其实,他更愿意称之为“易神”之道。 Regarding this field of endeavor, he had understood in the long-time contact, initially evil god self, once shone to his front on own initiative, this means that by inherent foundation that he has, can easily be on this way. 对于此道,他是在长久接触中已然十分了解了,当初邪神之我,曾是一度主动映照到他的面前,这意味着以他自身所具备的固有根底,就能轻易走上此途。 Furthermore the exchange with Daoist Firmament Awareness, made him have the thorough understanding of this field of endeavor, therefore inspired this shining me is quite easy. 再则与觉霄道人的交流,更是让他对此道有了深入理解,所以引动这一个映照之我是较为容易的。 Therefore carves his thought one revolution, then saw the whole body from one group of ignorant internal qi to be walked by daoist that the smog covered together, his two pupils were red, the whole body was hidden in in Anqi, the robe sleeve danced in the air like the smoke, even if deep dark muddy, but actually intent went high far, unfathomable and difficult to understand. 故此刻他意念一转,便见一道浑身被烟雾笼罩的道人从一团浑噩气机之中走了出来,其两眸赤红,浑身隐没于暗气之中,袍袖飞舞如烟,纵然深沉暗浊,可却意高去远,莫测难明 The appearance, various machines seemed fell into the confusion, and by one type treacherous confused, but did not lose the aesthetic sense the way presented. But aura dao skill, it with may endure to Daoist Gao compares. 其一出现,诸机好似陷入了混淆,并以一种诡谲错乱但又不失美感的方式呈现了出来。而无论是气意道行,其都是与至高道人可堪一比。 After this easy god I to reveal the body, similarly coincides with dao talisman, at once back round of chaotic light shines. 这“易神之我”显身之后,同样与一枚道箓相合,旋即背后有一轮浑光照耀出来。 After this body decides, Zhang Yu continues to promote downward, but those who follow closely the above two is pure spirit I! 此身立定之后,张御继续往下推动,而紧随上述两者的乃是“纯灵之我”! The say/way of pure spirit has existed there, because this field of endeavor is heaven and earth instead, far-end that although can arrive by heaven and earth, this can also go together. 纯灵之道一直存在于那里,因为此道乃是天地之反,虽以天地之正所能去到的远端,此一道亦能去到。 But pure spirit is pure, actually not to pure. 纯灵虽纯,却非至纯。 In his opinion, regardless pro and con relative, the principle of real and unreal corresponding this grade of surface, what penetration all wipes spirituality. 在他看来,抛开正反相对,虚实相应这等表面之理,贯通其中所有的乃是一抹灵性 Regardless of this spirituality the matter saves with does not save, regardless of being substantive and illusory, exists there. When spirituality is partial to in within/inner, the toe-, only saves itself, is pure spirit, is so-called heaven and earth instead ; When pure spirit tends to outside, the expansion, contacts myriad transformations outward, that is the solid body, is positive of heaven and earth. 灵性不论物事存与不存,不论到底实质与虚幻,都是存在于那里。当灵性偏向于内,向内收敛,只存自身,便是纯灵,正是所谓的天地之反;而当纯灵趋向于外,向外扩张,接触万化,那便是实躯,为天地之正。 So long as holds this to wipe spirituality, can grasp the correct path, from this to upper extreme. 所以只要抓住这一抹灵性,就能拿住正道,由此去往上端。 When straightens out this machine, he all sorts on say/way of pure spirit intent about himself, or all sorts hinders to revolve is not excludes the subjunction, the return to original state original, and follows the machine to be upward. 在理顺此机的时候,他将纯灵之道上的种种不合自身所意,或是种种妨碍运转都是剔除增补,还原本来,并循机向上。 In this flash, he promoted the achievement of this field of endeavor with the wonderful B daoist suitable situation, or both walked is completely the entirely different two roads, although took pure spirit as the beginning, but the destination was completely different. 在这一瞬间,他将此道之成就推动到了与妙乙道人相当的地步,或者说,两者走的完全乃是截然不同的两条路,虽以纯灵为始,可去处完全不同。 However has not stopped to this, he by his deep dao skill and understanding of dao technique , to continue to promote upward, and touched that to be possible for the peak that he achieved. 然而到此还未停下,他以自身的深厚道行和对道法的理解,继续往上推动,并触及到了那个可为他达到的顶端。 Void in spiritual light for the first time presently, pure spirit I or said that is spirituality I came from. 虚空之中灵光乍现,纯灵之我或说是“灵性之我”自里现身而出。 His body spiritual light or empty or solid, silk threads light shadow spirit thread, flows the color to overflow numerously, gorgeous exceptionally, its form wipes the shadow light, similarly fused one with dao talisman, and with Supreme I, easy god I with being listed in one. 身上灵光或虚或实,丝丝缕缕的光影灵丝,流彩纷溢,华美异常,其之身影似自是一抹影光,同样是与一枚道箓融合到了一处,并与“至高之我”,“易神之我”同列于一处。 At this time, Zhang Yu also discovered, always obtaining enlightenment I, he regarding the understanding of Grand Dao is also even more profound. 在这个时候,张御也是发现,每多一个得道之我,他对于大道的理解也是愈发深刻。 Originally aura stays for one point in high and vast is the danger, if unable to save to decide, possibly loses here, is unable to return again, however always a change, each achievement, always an understanding of dao technique, then felt that can probably last some times in this. 本来气意高渺之中多停留一分都是危险,要是无从存定自我,可能失落在此,再也无从归来,然而每多一个变化,每成就一个自我,每多一个道法的理解,便感觉能在此能多得存续些许时候。 That is because this shine I exist am not pointless, acquisitions of more truth, are also promoting to go to toward the high place him imperceptibly. 那是因为这映照之我本身存在并非是没有意义的,更多的道理的获得,无形中也在把他往更高处推动而去。 Learns about these, he knows that this road is correct, therefore he has not stopped , to continue to promote aura, but gets down again, is...... chaos self! 得悉这些,他知道这条路是正确的,故他没有停下,继续推动气意,而再下来,乃是……混沌之我 Until now, each dao technique needs he in aura clear walks, this is an extremely important part, but other say/way without doubt are the say/way of positive sequence, only has wants the say/way of line now is takes chaos as saying that takes the change as to say. 迄今为止,每一门道法都需要他在气意之内真真切切的走一遍,这是极为重要的一环,而其余之道无疑是正序之道,唯有现下所欲行之道乃是以混沌为道,以变化本身为道。 Present chaos cultivator, resembles such as Li Fuyuan and Daoist Wan, even if used the Grand Chaos strength, but he believes that still for Grand Chaos ruler, and is very difficult to change this position, because of this reason, these two must occupy origin emptiness, at times contends with the change to invade, to maintain itself lasting. 如今的混沌修士,似如李复缘万道人,纵然利用了大混沌的力量,可他认为,仍是为大混沌主宰,并且很难改变这个位置,也是因为这个缘故,这两人必须占据元空,时时抗衡变易侵染,以维系自身之存续。 One, is such as Huo Heng and True Surplus this resides temporarily for sustenance chaos by the Grand Chaos will, chaos resides temporarily compared with chaos cultivator walks in Chaos Dao, and occupied a undying and inextinguishable advantage, thorough that but they invest compared with chaos cultivator, if said that chaos cultivator also has looking of leap outside, they almost did not have this possibility. 还有一个,就是诸如霍衡真余这等受大混沌意志为寄托的混沌寄身,混沌寄身比混沌修士混沌之道走得更远,并且占了一个不死不灭的好处,可他们比混沌修士投入的更为彻底,若说混沌修士还有跳脱之望,他们几乎就无此可能了。 But this two is not his choice, chaos self that he shines upon, is path that he is in sole possession. 而这两个都不是他的选择,他所映照的混沌之我,乃是一条他所独有的道路。 Because until now asked by Supreme strength to Grand Chaos, therefore he dares to say oneself regarding the understanding of Grand Chaos in anybody. 由于一直以来以至高之力问对大混沌,所以他敢说自己对于大混沌的了解不下于任何人。 Even Huo Heng and the others, although sending of chaos scatters can naturally the use authority, but, was so limited by oneself, actually not necessarily can understand in this principle of change. 就算霍衡等人,虽得混沌之寄撒很天然能够运使权柄,可正是如此,受自身之所限,却不见得能明了此中变化之理。 Grand Chaos can not possible Sinochem become possible, this is most essential location, often grasps this possibility, in the truth can go to the ultimate institute. 大混沌能无可能中化变可能,这是最为关键之所在,每每把握这一线可能,道理上就能去到终极之所。 However maintains the change, but cannot the ignores change, this needs him to go to promote the change on own initiative, making the change cross, then reverts again, and takes itself to use in this. 然而维持变化,但又不能放任变化,这就需要他去主动推动变化,让变化渡去,而后再度归回,并于此中取到自身之所用。 To achieve this point, except for he asked to obtaining the sensibility, the contact constant say/way inspires. Is also having origin oneness daoist several to dispute with five origin sage, he also obtained benefits. 想要做到这一点,除了他自身所问对得出的感悟,还有接触恒常之道得来启发。在与五位元圣还有元一道人几番较量下来,他也是从中获益了许多。 Actually constant its not issue, but forever often constant, and puts in this all above, that must move out of the way firmly. 其实恒定本身并无问题,但是永常之恒定,并将此置于一切之上,那就要坚决挪开了。 After defined these, under his aura revolution, in the bareness the unexpectedly chaos change gives birth, then mixes the sinking difficult view, displaces various Ji daoist form appear visibly, its shape change is unceasing, but in ten thousand one, in one but ten thousand, resembling, if the penetration is eternal, above the line in passing has not seen. 在明晰了这些之后,他气意一转之下,空无之中竟有一丝混沌变化生出,而后一个混沉难观,偏移诸机的道人身影化显出来,其之形变动不绝,于万而一,又于一而万,似若侵彻万古,行于过往未见之上。 After this chaos self falls, slightly paused, melts a body with that dao talisman. 混沌之我落下之后,稍稍一顿,才是与那一枚道箓相融一体。 This chaos self, outstanding contact all chaos cultivator, boundary that and even chaos resides temporarily, after appearing, will change all, if cannot maintain, will then swallow to seize front various body, even substituted his main body, then exterior various will have is draws in chaos. 这具混沌之我,已然超迈了往来所有混沌修士,乃至混沌寄身的境界,从出现之后,就会变易一切,若是维系不住,那么就将吞夺前面诸身,甚至将他主身替代了去,进而将外部诸有皆是拖入混沌之中。 Zhang Yu has not used highest qi to restrain, but decides with the opportunity of high and vast firmly, simultaneously he starts to transport the body of fifth not reflecting, this, is governing I! 张御没有动用至上之气去克制,而是以高渺之机牢牢定,同时他开始运化第五个未映之身,此一回,乃是“御中之我”! However at present he promotes, is not his real fundamental way, but exactly before is, with the constant say/way asked when to dao technique that infers. 不过眼下他所推动的,并非是他真正的根本之道,而恰恰是之前与恒常之道问对之时所推导出来的道法 Each shining I, am symbolizing a possibility, and solid shines. This I am under interferes with without the Grand Chaos strength pure centre-controlling strength, only has this body to exist, can the different strength integrations to one, and promotes the revolution. 每一个映照之我,都是象征着一种可能,并且实在的映照出来。此一我乃是在没有大混沌力量干涉之下的纯粹御中之力,唯有此身存在,才能将不同的力量统合到一处,并推动运转。 Because had previously deduced the evolution of this field of endeavor, therefore after his aura falls, then smooth incomparable comes out this manifestation. 由于此前已然推演出了此道之演化,所以他气意落下之后,便顺利无比的将此身显化出来。 Then is seen machine during the collision, seems one to compromise the potential of all things to take, wisp of aura gradually deducted the road of complete truth and climb from bottom to top, at once form profound vast daoist follows from the nihility, its not only moved and static, resembled there , resembled is everywhere, as various had to exist to fluctuate to fluctuate, wandered about during all matters revolved. 便见诸机碰撞之中,似有一股调和万有之势被拿动,一缕气意从下往上逐渐演绎出了全部的道理与攀附之路,旋即有一名身影玄渺道人自虚无走了出来,其既动又静,似在那里,又似无处不在,随着诸有存在而涨落起伏,徜徉在一切物事运转之中。 If said that previously came out all sort of aura, is disorderly and sets up one respectively, as governing I, and after dao talisman coincides, then immediately the control will get up, then various fate/chance extensions, centered on him, changes to the outer layer level expansion, making this side give birth orderly all sorts of changes. 若说先前出来诸般气意,乃是凌乱且各立一处的,可随着“御中之我”一出,并与道箓相合之后,便立时将之统御起来,而后诸机运转,以他为中心,变化向外层层扩张,使得这方所在生出种种有序之变。 But Zhang Yu here promoted shine my change time, Supreme incarnation to hold that sword still to aim at origin oneness daoist firmly, pointed is at to its forehead. 而在张御这里推动映照之我的变化时候,至高化身所持那一剑仍然牢牢对准着元一道人,遥指向其眉心所在。 The origin oneness daoist choice arrived here, that is because origin emptiness spatial helps the constant say/way, he in this , not only can exist forever, but can also repel Zhang Yu reverse, keeping that sword eventually from falling the chloranthus serratus body. 元一道人选择来到这里,那是因为元空之空十分有利于恒常之道,他在此非但能够长存,还能够反向排斥张御,使得那一剑终究无法落及己身。 Because only then two people sink to this place, far away from various daoists, therefore carves also only has their say/way to last in this, gets down , if no other changes, then can continue like this, until a side is unable to maintain exists forever, collapses the degeneration to extinguish. 而因为只有两人沉入此间,远离诸道,故此刻也唯有他们二人之道存续于此,下来若无其余变化,那么可以一直如此下去,直至一方无法维系长存,崩退化灭。 May with opening master moves initiates the change, under and continues to promote, then all these were also different. 可随着张御主动发起变化,并持续推动之下,那么这一切就又不同了。 This made the constant say/way receive shaking, original absolute happened stably transfers, rapidness that can only crash. 这使得恒常之道受到了撼动,原本的绝对稳固一旦出现了挪移,那只会崩塌的更快。 Not only lies in dao technique, when these changes appear, and after gradually extends, here will again not be origin emptiness will be spatial. Here superposition slit will be levelled, this grade of slit will appear in elsewhere. 还不仅在于道法本身,当这些变化出现,并逐渐延展开来后,这里就不会再是元空之空了。这里的叠合缝隙将会被抹平,这等缝隙将会出现在别处。 Although origin oneness daoist can still choose to move goes to there, is in this gaps, the constant say/way will also lose the advantage, if that sword holds this crevice, overtakes to cut broken him, then this fought also ended. 虽说元一道人仍是可以选择挪去那里,可是在这个间隙之间,恒常之道亦将失去优势,那一剑若抓住这空隙,追及上来将他斩破,那么这一战也就结束了。 He knows this principle, Zhang Yu knows similarly, the form of his looks at origin oneness daoist downward settlement, on only remains the next two roads unceasingly now outwardly. 他知晓此理,张御同样知晓,他看着元一道人不断向下沉陷的身影,现在明面上只剩了下两条路。 By some method fill crevice, spatial the appearance after another origin emptiness moves, but in the middle of premise this does not have any uncertainties. 一个就是以某种手段填补空隙,在又一个元空之空的出现后挪转过去,不过前提这当中不出现任何变数。 One, is stable constant, fights it out with him on dao technique. 还有一个,便是稳固恒常,在道法上与他一决胜负。 How to choose? 到底会如何选择? origin oneness daoist has not made him wait, revealed quickly answered the tuart, it a that say/way lotus swayed in the hand, emitted the mysterious ray once again, this chapter of this thing actually fluttered from his hand, swiftly according to performance infinite profound principles, and changed into boundless broad, the spatial brace decided this origin emptiness there! 元一道人没有让他等待下去,很快揭示了答桉,其将手中那一株道莲一摆,又一次放出玄妙光芒,这回此物却是从他手中飘了出来,倏忽间似照演出无穷玄理,并化为无边之广,将这一处元空之空生生撑定在了那里! ...... …… ...... ……
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