HDC :: Volume #7 Blue Sky (苍空)

#324: Acquires fame finger/refers of dao skill

Military chief manager sees above the jade this time, only then a form appears there, under the heart slightly feels the surprise, the facial expression is also slightly austere, holds a ritual to great jade, said: Has seen director.” 首执见到玉璧之上此回只有一位身影出现在那里,心下略感诧异,神情也是微肃,对着大玉璧执有一礼,道:“见过执摄。” paused, word: director order I and others had received, only to hold safely, is solid this to ask to director again.” 顿了下,又言:“执摄法谕我等已然收到,只为持稳妥,固来此再向执摄请问。” Zhang Yu nodded, the upper layer battle is really unpredictable, Profound Court lacks the method of judgment regarding the matter of upper layer, but comes this place to ask, will only have true Celestial Xia director to respond, so can confirm through the arrangement that passing will suppose, this will be very safe approach. 张御点了点头,上层争斗委实难以预料,玄廷对于上层之事更是缺少判断的手段,而来此间相问,唯有真正天夏执摄才会有所回应,这般就能通过过往设下的布置加以确认了,这是十分稳妥的做法。 He said: upper layer of Origin Xia is for precelestial five grandness, was this five people haunched struggle of dao, at the present these five destruction, other mighty figure have been coerced to go in the past, now also by the solid bunch, then has the change, there are me with numerous director constant pressure these people, to not creating disaster. chief manager safely then.” 他道:“元夏上层乃为先天五太,也是此五人撑起了道争,而今这五位已然覆灭,余下大能以往不过被裹挟而去,如今亦遭固束,便有异动,也有我与一众执摄定压此辈,不至为患。首执安心即可。” Military chief manager arrived here, must feel relieved, he is consults saying: Does not know that director does have what looking after regarding the matter of lower layer?” 首执到这里,才得放心,他又是请教道:“不知执摄对于下层之事有何关照?” Zhang Yu said: Initially Profound Court stood, the high and low separation, directors points out by all means asks, but the matter of lower layer has Profound Court to hold as acting appointment. Since many years, chief manager and Court Managers have processed appropriately, nowadays one such as the old example can.” 张御道:“当初玄廷立成,上下分隔,诸位执摄只管指道问道,而下层之事自有玄廷署理。多年以来,首执诸位廷执处理得当,现如今一如旧例便可。” Military chief manager complies, raised the head later, said: Does not know that director can have the word of pointing out?” 首执应下,随后抬起头,道:“不知执摄可有指道之言么?” Zhang Yu slightly makes the thinking, said: How the say/way of upper layer should walk I to have a feature, at the appointed time will search from the truth agrees with my Celestial Xia's dao, if said that needs the institute emphatical matter, that then in many world territory all my Celestial Xia's dao thought that opens.” 张御略作思索,道:“上层之道该如何行走我已有所眉目,届时自会从道理上寻觅更为契合我天夏之道,若说需有所着重之事,那便是在所开辟的诸多世域全我天夏之道念。” Military chief manager asked seriously: Wu remembered.” 首执郑重问道:“武某记下了。” Zhang Yu also said: Celestial Xia's dao thought, although for at the present positive, but in the world does not have the myriad worlds/ages invariable principle, if some day the say/way of foreword of also insufficient Mending Heaven person Celestial Xia, that is also when the shed abandons, but detailed record gets down, waits the later generation to think reference.” 张御又言:“天夏之道念虽为而今之正,可世上从无万世不变之理,若是有朝一日天夏之序亦不足补天人之道,那也是当舍则舍,可详细载录下来,留待后人以为参鉴。” Whenever new rule and order replace has rule and order old time, that must process frigid leather kill may not, is similar to that of ancient Xia being shattered to have Divine Xia, after Divine Xia is shattered, must have Celestial Xia. 每当一个新的规序替代旧有规序的时候,那非得经过一场惨烈革杀不可,就如同古夏破灭之久才得有神夏,神夏破灭之后才得有天夏 But Celestial Xia of present can new student/life, actually in being shattered above Origin Xia body. 而如今之天夏得以新生,却是在破灭了的元夏身躯之上了。 Therefore this so, the biggest resistance often came from the character who the past dominated the upper layer authority, matter that but present Celestial Xia is different, their these mighty figure pointed out forwards, can be better to transfer the Celestial Xia direction, wrapped rule and order to be able as for this good far, can only say that is at present suitable, from now on matter, will have them to compromise with more successors. 此所以如此,其中最大阻力往往来自于过去把持上层权柄的人物,但如今的天夏有所不同的事,他们这些大能指道向前,可以更好调转天夏的方向,至于此套规序能行多远,只能说目前还算适合,过后之事,自有他们与更多后来人去调和了。 It looks like in Zhang Yu, so long as Celestial Xia everyone has path to result in climbs, will then certainly have mighty figure to appear, paves more way, lower layer therefore obtains the opportunity of seek the dao, under both benefit, can have been continuously facilitating Celestial Xia to higher layer, but wants this field of endeavor to be unceasing, then has been able to march forward. 张御看来,只要天夏人人都有道途可得攀登,那么一定会有更多大能出现,开辟出更多道路,下层则因此获得更多寻道之机,两者补益之下,就能不断推动天夏去往更上层,而只要此道不绝,那么就一直可以这么行进下去。 Military chief manager a solemn expression ritual, said at this time: Wu obeys the edict, will transmit Profound Court this word, considers learned in Court Managers.” 首执此时肃容一礼,道:“武某遵谕,会将此言传递玄廷,告于诸位廷执得悉。” Zhang Yu nods, the general orientation may direct by them, how to walk specifically, how to promote and compromise the interior, how to process relations between mystical strength and people, this was Profound Court and even the Celestial Xia various continents and constellations matter. 张御颔首,大方向可由他们来指引,具体怎么走,怎么推动和调和内部,怎么处理好神异力量与生民之间的关系,这就都是玄廷乃至天夏各洲宿的事了。 Therefore after saying these, his form then gradually disperses peacefully from great jade, until does not see thoroughly. 故在说完这些之后,他身影便从大玉璧上逐渐澹散下去,直至彻底不见。 Military chief manager solemn expression is polite to see off, when results in heaven of sound qi light jade completely to vanish, he also from here revolutions, returned to the place of Pure Dome Boat center, he said: Ming Zhou.” 首执肃容执礼相送,待得玉璧之上玄声气光完全消失,他也是从这里转了出来,回到清穹之舟中枢之地,他道:“明周。” The ray flashes, Daoist Ming Zhou appeared in the one side, said respectfully: „Does chief manager have what instruction?” 光芒一闪,明周道人出现在了一旁,恭敬道:“首执有何吩咐?” Military chief manager searches the hand to plan to melt a magical talisman, strokes to Daoist Ming Zhou, said: On the upper layer situation has resulted in the brief record, you go to the Court Managers place this rune/symbol Chuan.” 首执探手拟化出一道法符,拂至明周道人跟前,道:“上层情形上面已得简略记述,你将此符传去各位廷执处。” Daoist Ming Zhou received, after a ritual, then transfers not to see. 明周道人接过,一礼之后,便转去不见。 The youth, various Court Manager received this message. Court Manager Righteous Purity is discussing dao technique with junior brother Cen Zhuan, after this book looks, his stood up, looks out distant sky. 少时,各廷执都是收到了此封传书正清廷执正与师弟岑传谈论道法,将此书看过后,他站了起来,遥望远空 Daoist Cen looks at his back, said: senior brother, what are you looking at?” 岑道人看着他背影,道:“师兄,你在看什么?” Court Manager Righteous Purity tranquil say/way: Origin Xia has turned round, world does not have the rival.” 正清廷执平静道:“元夏已覆,世间已无敌手。” Daoist Cen is startled, he also stands up, said: senior brother preparation to higher boundary?” 岑道人一怔,他也是站起,道:“师兄准备去往上境了么?” Court Manager Righteous Purity has not replied this to ask, is only the undulating say/way: My Celestial Xia , if no foreign enemy, then in must live chaotically, when looked that directors may have the arrangement, if no, then may by me, but for it.” 正清廷执没有回答此问,只是澹澹道:“我天夏若无外敌,则内必生乱,待看诸位执摄可有安排,若无,则可由我而为之。” Daoist Cen is first startled, then thinks, laughingly says: senior brother, if has this intent, little brother from, when follows, but Cen thinks, above thinks has the arrangement.” 岑道人先是吃惊,再是想了想,失笑道:“师兄若有此意,那小弟自当跟随,只是岑某以为,上面想必是有安排的。” Court Manager Righteous Purity has not spoken, but static looks at front mist surges. 正清廷执没有说话,只是静静看着前方云气涌动。 Another side, Court Manager Feng was passed on lu, could not avoid the state of mind to surge, he walked several steps, this passed on intent to go by Teaching Heaven Dao Chapter to the Daoist Mo place, and exchanged this matter. 另一边,风廷执得是得了传箓,免不了心绪激荡,他走了几步,这才以训天道章传意去到墨道人处,并交流了此事。 He said: My Celestial Xia sets up the base about 500 years, finally must become the older generation unfinished task, since then, my Celestial Xia's dao side is the correct path, reading of side for my Celestial Xia to be in!” 他道:“我天夏立基近五百载,终于得成先辈未竟之业,自此之后,我天夏之道方为正道,我天夏之念方为正念!” Daoist Mo is also filled with emotion, in the past he has focused on true techniques profound techniques struggles, but now looks like, as the upper layer battle branches out the result, these have been the dispensable matters. 墨道人亦是感慨万千,以往他一直着眼于真法玄法之争上,而现在看来,随着上层争斗分出结果,这些早已是可有可无之事了。 He thinks, resembles talked to oneself, resembles to doubt to ask: Only my Celestial Xia from now on moves toward where?” 他想了想,似是自语,又似疑问道:“只我天夏今后又当走向何处呢?” Court Manager Feng said with a smile: „Is Grand Dao before, what trouble roadless? Also what does Huan not struggle? Thinks this matter with it, might as well well operation good immediately.” 风廷执笑道:“大道在前,何患无路?又何患无争?与其想此事,还不如好好经营好当下。” The Daoist Mo nod said: Yes, in the broadness of that Grand Dao, this game of chess just now one does not begin.” 墨道人点头道:“是啊,于那大道之广阔,此一局棋也不方才有一落子而已。” After the half a month, Eastern Court Administrative Continent, the creation workshop is. 半月之后,东庭府洲,造物工坊所在。 An Zhizhi as the person of here host, obtains the news that administrative continent there sent, he was shaking the book to Yao Li, during is jubilant also has one to yearn, said excitedly: junior sister Yao Li, although does not know how my Celestial Xia these mighty figure win this war, but here has certainly teacher to strive!” 安知之身为这里主持之人,也是得到了府洲那里送来的消息,他对着瑶璃晃了晃来书,兴高采烈之中又带着一丝向往,激动道:“瑶璃师妹,虽然不知道我天夏那些大能是如何赢下这一战的,可这里一定是有老师在出力!” Yao Li said: Yao Li also thought that is so.” 瑶璃道:“瑶璃也觉得是如此。” Right.” “对吧。” Stands to read the correspondence in nearby Wei Shan, said with amazement: young man, did above allow us to build upper layer creation?” 立在一旁的卫山看罢书函,惊讶道:“小郎,上面允许我们打造上层造物了?” An Zhizhi nods, said: Right, this matter.” 安知之点头,道:“对,还有此事。” This together arrival also the good news, that was Profound Court limits and restricts regarding way of creations many have relieved, this also means that from now, so long as the condition permitted, then each region Heavenly Secrets Institution can build upper layer creation. 这回一同到来的还有一个好消息,那就是玄廷对于造物一道的诸多限碍已经解除了,这也就意味着,从此以后,只要条件允许,那么各地天机院可以打造上层造物 But this wants Jade Capital and various continents and constellations Profound Mansion permission document beforehand, once upper layer creation builds achieves success, usually may be bound by each region Profound Leader, if there is a war, that power of dispatching all belongs to Profound Court. 只不过这事先要玉京各洲宿玄府允书,上层造物一旦打造功成,平日可受各地玄首约束,若有战起,那调遣之权一律归于玄廷 Naturally this is only on the whole, the concrete thin cases, in brief, after this, way of creations has also been possible compound to be together symmetric with cultivation in name. 当然这只是大体上的,具体的还有一条条细例,总之,从此之后,造物一道名义上已是可与修炼一道并列相称了。 Yao Li said: senior brother has hoped for this matter in the past, but Yao Li looks at senior brother, resembling is not so joyful?” Wei Shan also feels the doubts in side. 瑶璃道:“师兄以往一直期盼此事,只是瑶璃师兄,似并不那么欣喜?”卫山在旁也是觉得疑惑。 An Zhizhi hey, he turned around to go out of the garden, sits above the stair before gate, the looks at distant place magnificent sunset glow, said: I wholeheartedly want to show that in the past oneself can build upper layer creation, but thinks, although this road is not necessarily wrong, but is actually not only.” 安知之嘿了一声,他转身走出了庭院,在门前的台阶之上一坐,看着远处瑰丽晚霞,道:“我以往一心只是想证明自己能打造出上层造物,可是想想,这条路虽未必错,但却不是唯一。” He sighed: way of creations promotes that regarding the livelihood of the people convenience is obvious, if there are enough many accumulations, then can promote naturally upwardly this field of endeavor, in the past I also worried.” He has several points to sob: Let alone the war has finished, then built, goes to fight with who?” 他叹道:“造物一道对于民生便利提升那是显而易见的,若有足够多的积累,那么自然而然可以将此道推动向上,以往我也是太着急了。”他带着几分唏嘘道:“何况大战已毕,便是打造了出来,又去与何人争锋呢?” Yao Li earnestly says: But such as senior brother this, can promote the upward person creation, perhaps many years not necessarily, this should be the matter of senior brother behavior, Celestial Xia must have the senior brother skill.” 瑶璃认真道:“可是如师兄这样,能将造物推动向上的人,或许许多年都未必有一个,这应该就是师兄所为之事,天夏还少不得师兄的本事。” An Zhizhi smiled, said: junior sister Yao Li, you spoke this saying I to like listening.” But the Yao Li words have not said that also said: Was only senior brother, this field of endeavor of creation still cannot immortality.” 安知之笑了起来,道:“瑶璃师妹,你说得这话我爱听。”可瑶璃话没有说完,又是言道:“只是师兄,造物之此道尚不能长生。” Helpless An Zhizhi said: At present god clothes outer armor, although can prolong life, may be inferior firmly cultivate the dao......” he was in high spirits, good, got down I to consider above this field of endeavor studies, the say/way of immortality......, on way of creations, who your senior brother have I feared? You favored, deciding to be able just this to build.” 安知之无奈道:“眼下神衣外甲虽能延寿,可确不如修道……”他精神振奋了起来,“不错,下来我当是在此道之上专研,长生之道……嘿,造物一道上,你师兄我又怕过何人?你看好了,定能将将此打造出来。” Auspicious Light City, Peaceful Sun Academy. 瑞光城,泰阳学宫 Since Eastern Court and Celestial Xia native place has restored to contact, there are in large numbers from Celestial Xia native place pay respects to join this, in the short dozens years, academy also after the extension, various teacher dwelling mansions also renovated. 东庭天夏本土重新恢复联络以来,有大批来自天夏本土拜入此中,短短数十年内,学宫也是几经扩建,各种师教的宅院府邸也都是翻新了许多。 But originally Zhang Yu occupies the old home, became a high and low six layers tower from 12 institute building Gaikuo, if occupies the bamboo forest garden the surroundings is includes, may can be one to occupy a land area of a big manor, this act also to thank the Zhang Yu passing meritorious achievements. 而原来张御所居之旧宅,也是从一两层院楼改扩成了一座上下六层的楼台,若把周围所占竹林花苑都是算入进来,可算得上是一处占地不小的庄园了,此举也是为谢张御过往之功业。 in reality with the dissemination of Eastern Court grand play, almost arrives at the scholar who Eastern Court studies to this revolutions, therefore here has become in Auspicious Light City very famous destination. 实际上随着东庭盛剧的传播,几乎到来东庭求学的学子都会到此转上一圈,故这里已然成了一个瑞光城内十分有名的去处了。 But in the tower inner courtyard, Zou Zheng walked from picture roll space, actually hears the distant place to have the sound of intermittent cheering to transmit, sound of the fireworks and firecracker continuously. 而在楼台内院之中,邹正从图卷空域之中走了出来,却听得远方有阵阵欢呼之声传来,还有此起彼伏的烟花爆竹之声。 He curious under arrives above the tower, sees a smoke and fire to rush to vault of heaven, explodes lightens the brilliant prospect, he took the black frame eyeglasses to scratch, said: Quite lively, Qing Shu, how was this?” 他好奇之下走到楼台之上,见得一蓬蓬烟火冲上天穹,爆闪出绚烂图景,他拿下黑框眼镜擦了下,道:“好生热闹,青曙,这是怎么了?” With walking Qing Shu said: Mr. Zou, this several days, heard that my Celestial Xia completely solved difficult of Origin Xia finally, Continent Governor permitted to lift the continent to celebrate ten days certainly up and down.” 身后跟着走过来的青曙言道:“邹先生,这有几天了,听说我天夏终于完全解决了元夏之难,洲牧准允上下举洲相庆十日。” Zou Zheng is astonished saying: „Has Origin Xia destroyed?” He puts on the eyeglasses, this should congratulate actually.” 邹正讶道:“元夏已是覆亡了么?”他将眼镜又重新戴上,“这倒是该庆贺一下。” During the speeches, he has a feeling suddenly, toward looks somewhere, then saw a tall and straight form to walk from opposite bamboo forest, arrived under the tower, simultaneously put out a hand to take off hat, upward it seems like. 说话之间,他忽有所感,往某处看去,便见一个挺拔身影从对面竹林之中走了过来,一路来到了楼台之下,同时伸手摘下了遮帽,往上看来。 Qing Shu said pleasantly surprised: Mr. Zou, is mister!” 青曙惊喜道:“邹先生,是先生!” The Zhang Yu double sleeve lifts, to a Zou Zheng ritual, was saying: Has seen the adoptive father.” 张御双袖抬起,对着邹正一礼,道:“见过义父。” Zou Zheng is also joyful, said: young man, did you come back? Do you want to handle the matter to complete?” 邹正也是欣喜,道:“小郎,你回来了?你所要做之事情可都是做好了?” The Zhang Yu nod said: Has adoptive father Lao to inquire, should for it matter, this time return, since to visit adoptive father with old friends, looks at Celestial Xia of present again.” 张御点头道:“有劳义父过问,该为之事已为,此番归来,既是为探望义父与一众故旧,也是再看一番如今之天夏。” ...... …… ...... ……
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