GSOH :: Volume #4

#331: Heaven and Man boundary

Mixes day of Miyamoto to mix the cave mansion of day of Great Sage, that naturally refining up at the world of mortals sacrifice. 混天宫本是混天大圣的洞府,那自然就是在下界祭炼而成的。 But after flying upwards, went to the paradise, does not know that mixed a day of Great Sage mixing the heavenly palace in the paradise added any at sixes and sevens thing, caused to mix the heavenly palace overall attribute to change, needs to restore with the fairyism. 但飞升之后去了仙界,也不知道混天大圣又在仙界给混天宫加了什么乱七八糟的东西,导致混天宫整体属性都已经改变了,需要用仙气来修复。 But where is the issue the world of mortals comes so many fairyism? Only can have various materials to replace to restore with massive spiritual energies, therefore that is astronomical figures. 但问题是下界哪来那么多仙气?只能用大量的灵气还有各种材料来代替修复了,所以那将是一个天文数字。 Now mixes the heavenly palace to feed back to the Li Xuanzong information is very simple. 现在混天宫反馈给李玄宗的信息很简单。 That is the father peak indeed hangs very much, the attack and defense occupies a storage thing body, is home travel necessary Magical Treasure, looked that who is not pleasing to the eyes, direct suppression. 那就是老子巅峰时期的确很吊,攻防居住储物一体,乃是居家旅行必备法宝,看谁不顺眼,直接镇压。 But is now disabled, most can only work as a storage thing Magical Treasure use. 但现在已经残废了,最多就只能当一个储物法宝使用。 Moreover mixes fairyism Li Xuanzong in heavenly palace unable to use not only, but also needs massively mixes the heavenly palace to be good with the spiritual energy and material restore. 而且混天宫内的仙气李玄宗不光不能动用,还需要大量用灵气和材料修复混天宫才行。 Therefore abandoned the half-day vigor, Li Xuanzong was only equivalent ultra-large storage thing Magical Treasure. 所以废了半天劲,李玄宗只相当于得到了一件超大型的储物法宝 This discovery makes Li Xuanzong feel losing money that suddenly own this transaction seemingly makes. 这一发现让李玄宗忽然感觉自己这笔交易貌似做的亏本了。 However at this moment mixes in the heavenly palace a spiritual energy to tremble, suddenly has a thing to fall. 不过就在这时混天宫内一阵灵气震颤,却是忽然有个东西掉了下来。 That thing seems like an iron slab, but actually seems like the cloud, loose, carefully looked, inside actually seems like the embodiment universe to be the same, very gods and ghosts. 那东西好像是个铁块,但却又好像是云彩,松松散散的,仔细一看,里面却好像是内蕴乾坤一般,十分神异。 At this time mixed in the heavenly palace to transmit a news, was very simple, this gives the gift of Li Xuanzong this new host. 这时混天宫内传来了一个讯息,很简单,这是送给李玄宗这个新主人的礼物。 Received the gift then not to complain, helped it collect the spiritual energy material to repair itself honestly to be good. 收了礼物便别抱怨了,老老实实帮它收集灵气材料修复自身就好了。 Takes up that thing, is feeling transmitted the strength, Li Xuanzong stayed. 拿起那东西,感受着其中传来了力量,李玄宗不禁呆了呆。 Because this thing unexpectedly is a day of attribute material! When is the world of mortals flying upwards paradise, the space fissure curled up the clouds, gathered fragment that the innumerable paradise and world of mortals aura formed! 因为这东西竟然是天属性的材料!是下界飞升仙界时,空间裂痕卷起了云朵,汇聚了无数仙界和下界气息所形成的碎片! The octupole octopole executed immortal sword latter half Li Xuanzong to take, but he has not actually gone to the sacrifice to refine slowly, was not because does not think, because did not have the material. 八极诛仙剑阵的后半部李玄宗已经拿到手了,但他却是迟迟都没有去祭炼,不是因为不想,而是因为没有材料。 The world wind and thunder, this four material each types compared with the upper half harsh. 天地风雷,这种四种材料每一种都要比上半部更加的苛刻。 Especially on that day the attribute material, was heard something never heard of before simply, what material Oh in can bring? Is it possible that really can hold a hole to cast the sword the day? 特别是那天属性的材料,简直就是闻所未闻嘛,天哪里会带什么材料?莫非真要把天捅出来一个窟窿去铸剑? However at present looks this thing actually perfect meets the requirement of day of attribute material. 不过眼下看这东西却是完美的符合天属性材料的要求。 It is the debris between paradise and world of mortals, the strength of embodiment universe, the space attribute, can be embodiment of day of attribute strength manifests. 它是仙界跟下界之间的空间碎片,内蕴乾坤之力,还有空间属性,可以就是天属性力量的具象化体现。 Therefore Li Xuanzong then closes up, the first matter then must step into the Heaven and Man uniting boundary, the second matter then must offer a sacrifice to refine a day of attribute to execute the immortal sword. 所以李玄宗接下来闭关,第一件事情便是要踏入天人合一境界,第二件事情便是要祭炼天属性诛仙剑。 Heaven and Man boundary named Heaven and Man Two Divisions, in fact is actually first fuses with the world Primordial Spirit, then fuses the mortal body reverse, achieves the true Heaven and Man uniting boundary. 天人境界名为天人两分,实际上却是先将元神跟天地融合,然后再反向融合肉身,达到真正的天人合一境界。 Therefore the Heaven and Man boundary only has the division of two boundary, one is the Primordial Spirit fusion world, this is two points. 所以天人境只有两个境界之分,一个是元神融合天地,这是两分。 Last then unites, achieves itself to melt a body with the world circle thoroughly, the boundary that Heaven and Man unites. 最后一个便是合一,彻底达到自身跟天地圆融一体,天人合一的境界。 Li Xuanzong the mortal body is complete with Primordial Spirit now, now therefore he must do then coincides with the world Primordial Spirit. 李玄宗如今肉身跟元神已经圆满,所以他现在要做的便是将元神跟天地相合。 If this other person of free men is not careful then to damage Primordial Spirit, when the time comes let alone broke through, even lifelong Primordial Spirit will be damaged. 这一步其他人突破者若是一个不小心便会损伤到元神,到时候别说突破了,甚至终身元神都会受损的。 But Li Xuanzong regarding these step has the percentage hundred assurances. 李玄宗却对于这一步却是有百分百的把握。 His Primordial Spirit in the middle of mixing the fairyism of heavenly palace quenchings, although he does not know why oneself can absorb the fairyism, but itself his Primordial Spirit already with world uniting part. 他的元神是在混天宫的仙气当中淬炼而成的,虽然他不知道自己为何能够吸纳仙气,不过本身他的元神就已经跟天地相合一部分了。 At this time he is immerses oneself Primordial Spirit in directly mixing the fairyism of heavenly palace, a faint trace Primordial Spirit gold thread integrates the surrounding world, the rhythm of sensibility world rule. 此时他更是直接将自己的元神沉浸在混天宫的仙气内,一丝丝元神金线融入周围天地,感悟天地规则的律动。 This is not practicing, but is sensing, therefore has not absorbed the fairyism. 这不是在修练,只是在感悟,所以并没有吸纳仙气。 But Li Xuanzong actually can still feel, mixes the consciousness of heavenly palace to spin in the surroundings, probably is guarding against Li Xuanzong to absorb its fairyism to be the same secretly, this makes Li Xuanzong unable to bear curl the lip, a secretly thought mean spirit. 李玄宗却仍旧能够感觉出来,混天宫的意识就在周围打转着,好像是在防备着李玄宗偷偷吸纳它的仙气一般,这让李玄宗忍不住撇撇嘴,暗道一声小气。 Has not known how long, the body of Li Xuanzong that golden Primordial Spirit had vanished thoroughly does not see, the surroundings only leave behind the golden ray of twinkle star. 不知道过了多长时间,李玄宗那金色的元神之躯已经彻底消失不见,周围只留下星星点点的金色光芒。 As his god read the meeting, these gold/metal restrained instantaneously, gathers the appearance of body of Li Xuanzong originally Primordial Spirit. 随着他的神念聚会,那些金芒瞬间收敛,汇聚成李玄宗本来元神之体的模样。 The Heaven and Man boundary, has become! 天人境,已成! Grows the one breath, Li Xuanzong does not stay , to continue in mixing the heavenly palace refines his day attribute to execute the immortal sword. 长出一口气,李玄宗毫不停留,继续在混天宫内炼制着他的天属性诛仙剑。 But at this time the outside world actually has crossed for three months. 而此时外界却是已经过了三个月的时间。 In these three months held up day of Monster Saint to be simply anxious. 这三个月内擎天妖圣简直都要急死了。 First is Li Xuanzong is moved mountain Monster Saint to receive for the news of last student transmits, these Monster Race were saying that moved the mountain Monster Saint dotard, received a Human Race boy unexpectedly is a disciple. 先是李玄宗被搬山妖圣收为关门弟子的消息传来,那些妖族都在说搬山妖圣老糊涂了,竟然收一个人族小子为弟子。 Afterward held up day of Monster Saint to move mountain Monster Saint and Li Xuanzong name again sends out to condemn, discussed turned into the joke directly. 后来擎天妖圣再以搬山妖圣李玄宗的名义发出谴责来,议论直接就变成了笑话。 Our Monster Race is always fastidious is the law of the jungle, when condemned that this thing has managed using? 咱们妖族向来讲究的都是弱肉强食,什么时候谴责这东西管过用? This Human Race boy should not be the brain will be sick, plays anything to condemn unexpectedly, is simply funny. 人族的小子该不会是脑子有病吧,竟然还来玩什么谴责,简直搞笑。 Therefore three months of Li Xuanzong anything have not done not only, instead moving mountain Monster Saint few reputations ruined thoroughly. 所以三个月的时间李玄宗不光什么都没有干成,反而把搬山妖圣为数不多的名声给彻底败坏了。 Now except for holding up day of Monster Saint waited for death loyal, entire Southern Territory Fire Continent few Monster Race influence is also willing to stand again moving mountain Monster Saint. 现在除了擎天妖圣等死忠,整个南域火洲再也没有几家妖族势力愿意站在搬山妖圣这边了。 Their evil spirit unscrupulous conduct, turns to nine spirit Monster Saint to change the entrance either. 他们妖魔肆无忌惮的行事,要么去投靠九灵妖圣改换门庭。 Held up day of Monster Saint under to look discontentedly has moved mountain Monster Saint, finally was actually moved mountain Monster Saint urging, making him listen to the Li Xuanzong words and that's the end. 擎天妖圣不满之下曾经去找过搬山妖圣,结果却被搬山妖圣给劝了回来,让他听李玄宗的话就是了。 Also in three months, Li Xuanzong will then go out finally, but held up the day of Monster Saint anxious eye to be red. 又过了三个月,李玄宗这才终于出关,而擎天妖圣急的眼睛都已经通红了。 The people did not have to congratulate Li Xuanzong to step into the Heaven and Man boundary with enough time, holds up day of Monster Saint hurriedly then walks, an ox head almost must go against the face of Li Xuanzong on. 众人还没来得及去恭喜李玄宗踏入天人境,擎天妖圣便急匆匆的走过去,一颗牛头几乎都要顶到李玄宗的脸上了。 This a half year, we except for by the Southern Territory Fire Continent Monster Race joke, but also anything has not made.” “这都半年了,咱们除了被南域火洲妖族笑话,可还什么都没做成了。” If changes into others so to do, Li Xuanzong definitely spurts his face. 若是换成其他人这般做,李玄宗肯定喷他一脸。 However now changes into to hold up day of Monster Saint, Li Xuanzong must explain patiently: „ Became the joke not to have nothing well. 不过现在换成擎天妖圣,李玄宗只得耐心的解释道:“成了笑话也没什么不好。 Before nine spirit Monster Saint and crack Monster Saint are still paying attention to us at least, but also is guarding against anything. 之前九灵妖圣和裂地妖圣起码还在关注着我们,还在提防着什么。 Now they have not paid attention to us thoroughly, re-focused on other places? ” 现在他们是不是已经彻底不关注我们了,把注意力转移到了其他地方?” Holds up day of Monster Saint to stare: „ Probably also seriously is this. 擎天妖圣一愣:“好像还当真是这样。 Before nine spirit crack that two fellows were still paying attention to us probably, for fear that we made what move to come, or was moves Sir mountain to make a move. 之前九灵裂地那两个家伙好像还在注意着我们,生怕我们弄出什么动静来,或者是搬山大人要出手。 But now they actually monitor our dynamic people to withdraw these, seemingly for sometime has not discovered them. 但现在他们却把那些监视着我们动态的人都撤走了,貌似已经有段时间没发现他们了。 Therefore you are actually weak in the mysterious potential in the half year, is to make the opposite party relax vigilantly? ” 所以你这半年其实是在故弄玄虚的势弱,就是让对方放松警惕?” Li Xuanzong narrows the eye saying: „ Has this reason, but the real reason is I really needs to close up, stable strength. 李玄宗眯着眼睛道:“有这个原因,但真正的原因还是我是真的需要闭关一场,稳定实力的。 Now the opposite party has also relaxed, I also broke through, should to working time. ” 现在对方也已经放松了,我也突破了,也该到做事的时候了。”
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