GSOH :: Volume #4

#330: The situation is bad

The Southern Territory Fire Continent situation is not very optimistic. 南域火洲的局势很不乐观。 This is Li Xuanzong after attaining to hold up day of Monster Saint to the conclusion that his material draws. 这是李玄宗在拿到擎天妖圣给他的资料后得出的结论。 Properly speaking moves mountain Monster Saint eight times is Dao Unification to the powerhouse, the head of Seven Great Monster Saints, the Southern Territory Fire Continent Monster Race leader, he should be keeps promises in the middle of Southern Territory Fire Continent Monster Race is right. 按理来说搬山妖圣乃是合道八次的至强者,七大妖圣之首,南域火洲妖族领袖,他在南域火洲妖族当中应该是说一不二才对。 But in fact this moves mountain Monster Saint is actually and unpopular, most Monster Race are quite unexpectedly discontented with him. 但实际上这位搬山妖圣却是并不得人心,大部分妖族竟然对他颇为不满。 Moving mountain Monster Saint said oneself work is indecisive, but looks like in Li Xuanzong, he is actually this/should ruthless time is not ruthless, is extremely benevolent, finally actually used mistakenly the opposite party. 搬山妖圣说自己做事是优柔寡断,但在李玄宗看来,他却是该狠的时候不狠,太过仁慈,结果却用错了对方。 Moved the mountain Monster Saint main body is not the antiquity god beast moves the oreopithecus, was only the common apes and monkeys small monster. 搬山妖圣的本体并不是什么上古神兽搬山猿,只是寻常的猿猴小妖而已。 Therefore he then saw in Monster Race since childhood brutal side. 所以他从小便看到了妖族中残酷的一面。 Slaughtered mutually eats the person then not saying that most Monster Race to slaughter simply seeks pleasure, this was not Monster Race, but was the evil spirit. 互相杀戮吃人便不说了,大部分妖族简直就以杀戮取乐,这根本就不是妖族,而是妖魔。 Afterward he obtained the inheritance that mixed under a day of Great Sage Monster Saint, also saw the antiquity Monster Race appearance, therefore then changed all these encouraging, making Monster Race from the chaos ignorant, only knows the evil spirit that slaughtered pulled together to do something, reappears the antiquity Monster Race honor. 后来他得到了混天大圣麾下妖圣的传承,同样也是看到了上古妖族的模样,所以便励志改变这一切,让妖族从混沌懵懂,只知道杀戮的妖魔重新拧成一股绳,重现上古妖族荣光。 Pitifully the idea is only good, but moves the operation of mountain Monster Saint is actually some mistakes, he neglected the Monster Race natural disposition. 只可惜想法是好的,但搬山妖圣的操作却是有些失误,他忽略了妖族的本性。 Most Monster Race are actually not inborn savage, but there is existence of spirit wisdom, pursuing the benefit is actually the instinct, slaughters to compete for the benefit mutually is the instinct. 大部分的妖族其实并不是天生凶残的,但有了灵智的存在,追逐利益却是天性,互相厮杀争夺利益更是天性。 But moves mountain Monster Saint actually to restrain by force this instinct. 而搬山妖圣却是在强压这种天性。 For example nine spirit Monster Saint, he was then occupying a great lake past, the surroundings unmanned energy enemy, communication member Barbarian Race is as for Monster Race, may enter his belly much. 比如九灵妖圣,昔日他便是盘踞着一座大湖,周围无人能敌,来往的修士蛮族乃至于妖族,不少可都进了他的肚子。 That time moving mountain Monster Saint optional finger then can be run over and die nine spirit Monster Saint, finally he actually chose the suppression opposite party, actually did not kill him, instead wanted to suppress his natural disposition to make him repent. 那时候的搬山妖圣随意一根手指便能够碾死九灵妖圣,结果他却选择了镇压对方,却不杀他,反而想要压制他的本性让他悔改。 After all moves mountain Monster Saint is wants Monster Race no longer to massacre mutually, if he with slaughtering the method suppresses these Monster Race, oneself were like them? 毕竟搬山妖圣是想要妖族不再互相残杀,他若是用杀戮手段来镇压这些妖族,自己岂不是跟他们一样了? Therefore his type only suppresses actually does not injure and method of opposite party life can make part be sincerely convinced, but majority is actually only the oral administration, for example nine spirit Monster Saint. 所以他这种只镇压却不伤及对方性命的手段能让一部分心服口服,但大部分却只是口服而已,就比如九灵妖圣 But in the middle of entire Southern Territory Fire Continent Monster Race, was moved the mountain Monster Saint so suppression Monster Race is may be many as for the influence. 而整个南域火洲妖族当中,被搬山妖圣这般镇压的妖族乃至于势力可不少。 Under moving the mountain Monster Saint custom, in their surface clever obedient, in fact is actually restraining by force discontentedly, has the enmity. 在搬山妖圣的规矩之下,他们表面上乖巧听话,实际上却是强压着不满,心怀怨怼。 But after Heavenly Fire Congress just finished, although nine spirit Monster Saint have not attained to mix the heavenly palace, but the opposite party actually is also starts to start, the preparation captures Southern Territory Fire Continent thoroughly. 而就在天火大会刚刚结束之后,虽然九灵妖圣没有拿到混天宫,不过对方却也是开始发动,准备彻底夺取南域火洲 Therefore he emits to move the news that mountain Monster Saint will die outward, immediately caused in an uproar of entire Southern Territory Fire Continent Monster Race. 所以他对外放出搬山妖圣将死的消息,顿时引起了整个南域火洲妖族的哗然。 Most starts a few Monster Race cave mansions dare to stand nine spirit Monster Saint rebel, but saw that moves mountain Monster Saint not to present disciplinary punishment nine spirit Monster Saint, the numerous monsters then responded, moved mountain Monster Saint should really to have problems. 最开始的时候少数几个妖族洞府敢站在九灵妖圣这边作乱,但看到搬山妖圣还没有出现惩戒九灵妖圣,众妖这才反应过来,搬山妖圣应该是真的出问题了。 After that entire Southern Territory Fire Continent then became one group thoroughly randomly. 从那之后,整个南域火洲便彻底乱成了一团。 Some choices turn to nine spirit Monster Saint, some thought that has not moved mountain Monster Saint to mind others' business, that can release for flight self-, therefore handles affairs unscrupulously, simply is the bad people running wild. 有些选择投靠九灵妖圣,有些却觉得没有搬山妖圣多管闲事,那就可以放飞自我了,所以行事更加的肆无忌惮,简直就是群魔乱舞。 The Southern Territory Fire Continent situation of this situation simply can be said as bad incomparable, Li Xuanzong even somewhat regretted to receive this assignment. 这种情况的南域火洲局势简直可以说是糟糕无比,李玄宗甚至都有些后悔接下这趟差事了。 Held up day of Monster Saint to look at Li Xuanzong to study the half-day material, could not bear ask: I said Li young friend, actually do you prepare how to do?” 擎天妖圣看着李玄宗研究了半天资料,忍不住问道:“我说李小友,你究竟准备怎么做?” Li Xuanzong puts down the material saying: I prepare to close up in advance.” 李玄宗放下资料道:“我准备先行闭关。” Closes up? At this time you must close up!?” “闭关?这种时候你还要闭关!?” Li Xuanzong nods saying: „ I the Barbarian Race old ancestor make a move to change magically the mortal body, obtained the application method of mixing the heavenly palace, needs to close up attacked the Heaven and Man boundary some time. 李玄宗点了点头道:“我得蛮族老祖出手点化肉身,又得到了混天宫的使用方法,需要闭关一段时间了来冲击天人境。 Foreign words, but also please hold up day of Monster Saint to condemn nine spirit Monster Saint again, said its ungratefully, savage tyrannical, must by scourge and other words. ” 对外的话,还请擎天妖圣让人再次谴责九灵妖圣,说其忘恩负义,凶残暴虐,必遭天谴等话。” Holds up some day of Monster Saint discontented say/way: Condemnation? Is the condemnation useful? You think that nine spirit that fellows by the conscience pain that you do condemn? Simply laughable!” 擎天妖圣有些不满道:“谴责?谴责有什么用?你认为九灵那家伙会被你谴责的良心痛吗?简直可笑!” Saw that Li Xuanzong must close up at this time, and action is so careless, holding up day of Monster Saint was also somewhat discontented. 看到李玄宗这种时候还要闭关,并且举动如此草率,擎天妖圣也是有些不满了。 However he to moving mountain Monster Saint is loyal and devoted, moves mountain Monster Saint, since makes him listen to Li Xuanzong, he must comply. 不过他对搬山妖圣忠心耿耿,搬山妖圣既然让他听李玄宗的,他也只得照做了。 After holding up day of Monster Saint walks, three pure gold toad kings quietly walk saying: „ I said Li Xuanzong, your boy consistent thoughts method is numerous, but this time feared that must turn over. 等到擎天妖圣走后,三足金蟾王悄悄的走过来道:“我说李玄宗,你小子一贯心思手段众多,但这次怕是要翻车啊。 Actually Southern Territory Fire Continent here situation had you had confidence? How I see that felt some are far-fetched? ” 南域火洲这边的情况你究竟有没有把握?我怎么看着感觉有些不靠谱呢?” Li Xuanzong said lightly: Calm, had had confidence, must first do knows, after I close up finished, say goodbye the result.” 李玄宗淡淡道:“淡定,有没有把握,先要做了才知道,等我闭关结束之后再见分晓。” After saying, Li Xuanzong then natural abandoned a room person to run to close up. 说完之后,李玄宗便潇洒的扔下一屋子人跑去闭关了。 Annoying of Southern Territory Fire Continent one line of Li Xuanzong got down many troubles, now blocked such a mammoth task. 南域火洲一行李玄宗的惹下了不少的麻烦,如今来拦上了这么一个艰巨的任务。 While annoying to trouble the harvest of Li Xuanzong is also big. 但是在惹上麻烦的同时李玄宗的收获也是不小的。 Quenchings Primordial Spirit in the middle of the fairyism, achieves completely, and by the Barbarian Race old ancestor with the essence and blood succinct body, the present Li Xuanzong mortal body was even endured compared with existence of Heaven and Man uniting boundary. 在仙气当中淬炼元神,达到圆满,而又被蛮族老祖用精血洗练身躯,现在的李玄宗肉身甚至堪比天人合一境界的存在了。 If runs into that dove gal again, Li Xuanzong even dares to shake with it with the mortal body hardly. 若是再遇到那鸠摩罗伽的话,李玄宗甚至敢用肉身跟其硬撼。 At this time mortal body Primordial Spirit double complete, Li Xuanzong has been able to consider to attack the Heaven and Man uniting boundary. 此时肉身元神双圆满,李玄宗已经可以考虑冲击天人合一境界了。 However before attacking the Heaven and Man boundary, Li Xuanzong must carefully study that to mix the heavenly palace. 不过在冲击天人境之前,李玄宗还要仔细研究一下那混天宫。 Moved mountain Monster Saint to give the Li Xuanzong control to mix the heavenly palace Secret Art, as Li Xuanzong tied seal according to Secret Art, the strength of his Primordial Spirit gradually penetrated in Profound Laws Ring, entered mixed in the middle of the heavenly palace. 搬山妖圣给了李玄宗操控混天宫的秘法,随着李玄宗按照秘法结印,他的一丝元神之力逐渐深入了玄法戒内,进入了混天宫当中。 Vanished the mixing heavenly palace center that does not see to appear in the Li Xuanzong mind, as Li Xuanzong read flashes through, his whole person appeared again, in that mixed in the heavenly palace. 原本消失不见的混天宫中枢却是出现在了李玄宗的脑海当中,随着李玄宗一念闪过,他整个人再次出现在了那混天宫内。 Simultaneously Li Xuanzong is also cautious with mixing the heavenly palace is communicating with Primordial Spirit. 同时李玄宗也是小心翼翼的用元神跟混天宫沟通着。 Moved mountain Monster Saint saying that mixing the heavenly palace was intelligent existence, was one living cave mansion, therefore was not Li Xuanzong captures mixed the heavenly palace, but mixed the heavenly palace to choose Li Xuanzong. 搬山妖圣说过,混天宫是有灵性的存在,是一座活着的洞府,所以不是李玄宗夺得了混天宫,而是混天宫选择了李玄宗 However as the communication ended, on the face of Li Xuanzong actually revealed a depressed color. 不过随着沟通结束,李玄宗的脸上却是露出了一丝郁闷之色。 Big that like that function he who this mixes the heavenly palace has not imagined, because this mixes the heavenly palace to be broken at present. 这混天宫的作用并没有他想象的那般大,因为眼前这混天宫是残破的。 Perhaps cannot look from outside, but permeates with Li Xuanzong Primordial Spirit at this time entire mixes the heavenly palace, he can the clear feeling, entire mix the heavenly palace to be tattered, formation of key place also everywhere is the fissure. 或许从外边看不出来,但此时随着李玄宗元神渗入整个混天宫,他能够清晰的感觉出来,整座混天宫都是破破烂烂的,关键部位的阵法也到处都是裂痕。 Drops from the paradise, mixing the heavenly palace can guarantee oneself have not dispersed the rack is not then easy, the serious famine mystical place that after all the fragment throws. 从仙界跌落,混天宫能够保证自己没散架子便已经算是不容易了,毕竟碎片都扔的大荒秘境哪都是。 Ten thousand years passed, mixes the heavenly palace also to absorb enough spiritual energy in the serious famine mystical place, the intelligence was sober, but wanted to restore to peak condition is actually also by far insufficient. 万年的时间过去,混天宫也只是在大荒秘境当中吸收了足够的灵气,灵性重新清醒,但想要恢复到巅峰状态却是还远远不够。 In which key point lies in the fairyism. 其中的关键点就在于仙气。
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