GLCR :: Volume #5

#453: The moth changes

, Renews the samsara great misfortune main latest chapter most quickly! ,最快更新轮回大劫主最新章节! Big Luo seven levels of breakthroughs...... are restrain oneself all......’ ‘大罗七级的突破……是收摄自身一切……’ ‚Am I at the breakthrough greatly Luo seven levels of conditions?’ ‘我正处于突破大罗七级的状态?’ Probably...... this timeI, the incarnation myriad, the world the wanderer explores before has experienced? This as if also has other First Layer intention. ’ ‘大概……此时的‘我’,正化身万千,于之前经历过的世界中闯荡探索?这似乎还有另外一层用意。’ The Fang Xian eye is fiery, shines deep: Wears down crazily! The Nicola crazy will, was also divided many shares, joins in me this together...... must extinguish unceasingly kills It, extinguishes kills crazily...... waits for me to break through like this, can restore the reason?’ 方仙眼睛炯炯有神,湛然发亮:‘消磨疯狂!尼古拉亚的疯狂意志,同样被分割很多份,跟我一起投身于此……要不断灭杀祂,灭杀疯狂……这样等我突破,就可以恢复理智?’ ‚It is not wonderful...... my present condition to be unsatisfactory, the strength did not say that...... the key is the easy crazy...... or...... the most time metropolis/can crazy!’ ‘不妙啊……我现在状态不佳,实力不说……关键是容易疯癫……或者说……大半时间都会疯癫!’ Before was also as if seized, can regardJane|treasure beast to give old lady birthday greetings? If the temple and Blue Essence Palace eats the excrement? Unexpectedly made the secular dynasty stand in the head? ’ ‘之前还似乎被捉住,要当成‘珍兽’送给一个老太婆贺寿?如是寺与青元宫吃屎的么?居然让世俗王朝站在头上了?’ Wants initially, his series martial arts circle, to compel to close off a mountain area to close door honestly mostly. 想当初,他一统武林,逼得正派大多封山闭门。 It is not Fang Xian does not want to be ruthless, but kills radically unceasingly, which correct path big faction, without fire seed plan? How many true line ambushes outside, guard against mishap? 并不是方仙不想赶尽杀绝,而是根本杀不绝,哪个正道大派,没有火种计划?几支真传潜伏在外,以防不测的? Really must begin strongly, conquers by killing the world inevitably, the continuous war, does not know that must die many people, dozens years suppress do not kill cleanly. 真要强硬动手,必然是血洗天下,连绵大战,不知道要死多少人,数十年都剿杀不干净。 Fang Xian does not mind stamps out the source of trouble conveniently, the enemy but who to not care about, draws in the chaotic war the world, the troubled dozens over a hundred years, the deep hatred is continuous after that he does not take, therefore retained the correct path entrance. 方仙不介意顺手斩草除根,但为了根本不在乎的敌人,将天下拖入乱战,纷扰数十上百年,此后血仇连绵,他所不取,因此保留了正道山门。 In fact is a meaning, has scruples mutually! 实际上就是一个意思,互相顾忌! After all, Fang Xian did not fear, but always some relatives and friends and so on, fear assassination. 毕竟,方仙自己不怕,但总有一些亲朋好友之类,害怕刺杀。 The entrance there, the supreme headquarters cannot escape, when the correct path at least when he is prosperous, does not dare to act unreasonably, otherwise can be inescapable the monk unable to be inescapable the temple. 山门在那里,大本营跑不了,正道至少在他鼎盛之时,就不敢乱来,否则跑得了和尚跑不了庙。 Facts showed, in his Dominating All Under Heaven that time, the correct path influence was very indeed clever, wants to pick up a bargain finally, was killed to become extinct. 事实证明,在他雄霸天下的那段时间,正道势力的确十分乖巧,也就最后想捡个便宜,又被杀了个绝种。 Is that vitality damages severely probably, making accumulation talent elite expert completely lose with great difficulty, this declines, finally was in power by the mortal royal government? 大概就是那一次元气大伤,令好不容易积累的天才精英高手尽丧,这才没落下来,最后被凡人朝廷掌权? That Golden Wind Drizzle Pavilion? 金风细雨楼呢? Massive recollections, appear suddenly, making Fang Xian somewhat crazy. 大量的回忆,蓦然浮现出来,令方仙有些痴了。 In his mind, is crazy is exaggerating unceasingly, is corroding the sane defense line. 他的脑海内,疯狂正在不断渲染,侵蚀着理智的防线。 Do not fear that...... the cocoon person is a lunatic, holds him.” “不要怕……蛹人就是个疯子,上去抓住他。” changed/easy Wuji shouts one, grasps the iron chain, must go forward. 易无极大喊一声,手持铁链,就要上前。 Lunatic? Hehe......” “疯子?呵呵……” The Fang Xian opens the mouth, sneers low and deep, thinks at this time, if plays one set of White Tiger Seven Kills evil art to come out, these people can scare to death at the scene? 方仙开口,低沉冷笑,心想此时自己要是耍一套白虎七杀邪功出来,这些人会不会当场吓死? Considered as finished...... this world as if to merge into the Shushan world, hehe...... my two world may be Fang Xian this name that used, if the Shushan sword faction still , can definitely get suspicious......’ ‘不过还是算了吧……这个世界似乎并入了蜀山世界,呵呵……我两个世界可都是用的方仙这个名字啊,如果蜀山剑派还在的话,肯定会起疑心的……’ „Will you...... you speak?” “你……你原来会说话?” changed/easy Wuji opens the mouth. 易无极张大嘴巴。 For all that but the guards have not slowed down to act, iron chains fly, circle to Fang Xian. 虽然如此,但护卫们并未放缓行动,一道道铁链飞起,圈向方仙 Fang Xian puts out a hand to grasp, fishes the iron chain in the hand, originally implication incomparable strength, poisonous snake flood dragon common jet black iron chain, to his hand, with cotton thread generally soft clever. 方仙伸手一抓,就将铁链捞在手里,原本蕴含无匹劲力,毒蛇蛟龙一般的漆黑铁链,到了他的手里,就跟棉线一般松软乖巧。 He then entrains, as if there is supernatural power of superhuman strength, other guards screamed one, was pulled to fly in abundance, the form was scattered about. 他接着一拽,似乎有九牛二虎之神力,其他护卫尖叫一声,纷纷被扯飞起来,身影七零八落。 A Fang Xian vision revolution, fell on the ginger washed the body, walked. 方仙目光一转,落在了姜淘身上,走了过去。 What do you want to make?” “你想做什么?” changed/easy Wuji bellows, draws a sword the sheath, launches the strong winds blown sand knife skill. 易无极大吼一声,拔刀出鞘,施展开狂风飞沙刀法。 He has dozens years of attainments above this knife skill, reach a high degree of proficiency, places in Jianghu martial arts circle, may be called a grandmaster! 他于这一手刀法之上已经有数十年造诣,炉火纯青,放在江湖武林中,堪称一声宗师! His blade differentiation, appears three blade blade light. 他一刀分化,现出三刀刀光。 The blade light washes this little young master to encircle the ginger together lives, another two sweep across, just like the Yin-Yang grinding pan, the fresh breeze is rogue, threw toward Fang Xian. 一道刀光将姜淘这个小少爷圈住,另外两道左右席卷,宛若阴阳磨盘,劲风凶恶,向着方仙扑了过来。 Seemingly...... cannot use too many strengths, otherwise the crazy speed changes quick......’ ‘貌似……不能动用太多力量,否则疯狂的速度会变快……’ Felt own body, Fang Xian was sighing at heart silently, directed. 感受着自己的身体,方仙心里默默叹息了一声,一指点出。 His is not a fingering, but is the swordsmanship! 他这并非指法,而是剑法! A sword pricks the blade light/only, easy limitless to feel the fearful change immediately. 一剑刺入刀光之中,易无极顿时就感受到了可怕的变化。 Opposite party finger/refers, seemingly averagely not wonderful, happen to the place of own knife skill flaw, has to transform castoffs into delicaties the profound might, directly according to above own back of the blade. 对方这一指,看似平平无奇,却正好点在了自己的刀法破绽之处,有着化腐朽为神奇的玄妙威力,直接按在了自己的刀背之上。 Moreover, felt easily limitless wells up vigorously, the treasured sword in hand lets go to depart unexpectedly. 不仅如此,易无极感觉一股大力涌来,手中的宝刀竟然脱手飞出。 As a blade guest, the blade in hand is own arm is common, this is not the possible matter, but happened. 作为一名刀客,手中的刀就是自己的胳膊一般,这是万万不可能发生的事情,但偏偏就是这么发生了。 Suddenly, he mourns in one's heart simply, if dies, cannot think of other things again. 一时间,他简直心丧若死,再也想不到其它事情。 You...... do not come.” “你……你不要过来。” Jiang Tao noticed that a cocoon person move defeats easily limitless, walks toward oneself, immediately is pale. 姜淘看到蛹人一招击败易无极,向自己走过来,顿时脸色苍白。 You......” Fang Xian referred to him: Clothes took off/escaped!” “你……”方仙指了指他:“衣服脱了!” „?!” “啊?!” The ginger washes the complexion one white, suddenly appears many terrible ideas. 姜淘脸色一白,蓦然浮现出诸多可怕的想法。 Was silly? I help you!” “傻了?我帮你!” Fang Xian goes forward one step, holds Jiang Tao, probably is raising a chicken young, peels off the coat neatly and quickly, puts on to oneself, finally awkwardness that avoided strolling accompanied by pet bird against the wind. 方仙上前一步,抓住姜淘,好像提着一头小鸡仔,三下五除二剥下外套,给自己穿上,总算避免了迎风遛鸟的尴尬。 Your excellency a moment ago was that move, what swordsmanship?” changed/easy Wuji recovers, asked dull. “阁下刚才那一招,是什么剑法?”易无极回过神来,呆呆问道。 I have not thought the name, might as well be called moth to change sword......” “我还没想好名字,不如就叫做‘蛾变剑’吧……” Fang Xian smiled saying with a smile: Insect pig is base and low, myriad suffer, a dynasty pupation, broken cocoon to become E, hovers for nine days...... to change sword for moth!” 方仙笑了笑道:“虫豕卑微,万千折磨,一朝化蛹,破茧成蛾,翱翔九天……是为‘蛾变剑’!” Good swordsmanship, good literary talent......” “好剑法,好文采……” At this time, heard an old sound. 这时候,又听得一个苍老的声音。 The old men from the carriage, are looking at this, salutes saying: Old man ginger Yuhe, is your excellency...... really strange?” 老者从马车上下来,望着这一幕,不由行礼道:“老夫姜玉河,阁下……真的是怪异?” Sees with one's own eyes the opposite party to come out from the insect cocoon, no one will think that a handsome few Toshiro of front this brocade clothes, can be a strangeness! 要不是亲眼看到对方从虫蛹里出来,谁都不会觉得面前这个一身锦衣的翩翩少年郎,会是一头怪异! Big of the world, every possible strange thing, how can the manpower be broken to the world?” “世界之大,无奇不有,人力又怎能穷极呢?” Fang Xian shows a faint smile, without the acknowledgment had not denied: „Does old man...... you prepare to send to me to that old lady works as the birthday present?” 方仙微微一笑,没有承认也没有否认:“老头……你准备将我送去给那个老太婆当寿礼?” Why does not know, staring at this youngster was long, ginger Yuhe thought suddenly somewhat has a dizzy spell. 不知道为什么,盯着这个少年久了,姜玉河蓦然觉得有些头晕目眩。 Even, so long as transfers the enlarging ones vision eyeball, will forget that the face of this youngster, seemed stares at a character to look for a long time, forgot the concrete meaning, felt incomparably strange general. 甚至,只要挪移开眼睛,就会忘记这个少年的脸庞,好似盯着一个字看久了,就忘记了具体意思,觉得无比陌生一般。 He smells the feeling of danger suddenly, understands that under the superficial appearance of this youngster, indeed is hiding evilly to the ominous thing. 他蓦然嗅到危险的感觉,明白在这个少年的皮相之下,的确隐藏着至邪至凶之物。 „Before obsolete......, truly has this idea...... if, but knows that your excellency has the intelligence, so will not be inevitably direct, but will seek circuitously......” “老朽……之前确实有着此种想法……但若知道尊驾有着神智,必然不会如此直接,而是会迂回求取……” Jiang Yuhe replied seriously. 姜玉河郑重回答。 Un...... you also calculate that honest...... this world, through the ages, how many heroes kings, don't think the immortal?” “嗯……你还算坦诚……这个天下,古往今来,多少豪杰君王,不想长生呢?” Fang Xian laughs, queen mother that old lady, 80% do not have the immortal cultivation aptitude , can only seek in the dishonest ways. 方仙哈哈一笑,太后那个老太婆,八成是没有修仙资质的,也就只能求取于歪门邪道了。 However, the opposite party as if wields hard Wuguo power, can use actually. 不过,对方似乎执掌辛武国大权,倒是可以利用一下。 He thinks saying: Here has one set moth to change heart law, does not need the immortal cultivation aptitude, the average person may also the cultivate immortal...... after all, before which tenia pig pupation, is not ugly incomparable, can't withstand base and low?” 他想了想道:“我这里有一套‘飞蛾变’心法,不需修仙资质,普通人也可修炼长生……毕竟,哪条虫豕化蛹之前不是丑陋无比,卑微不堪呢?”
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