GLCR :: Volume #5

#452: Flying upwards

, Renews the samsara great misfortune main latest chapter most quickly! ,最快更新轮回大劫主最新章节! When the midsummer, the rainstorm rests initially. 时值盛夏,暴雨初歇。 Above the under green leaf of lush green, lets fall the pearl common waterdrop. 青翠欲滴的绿叶之上,垂落下珍珠一般的水滴。 In the forests the alley made noise suddenly, a motorcade drove slowly, broke this peace. 林间小路突然喧嚣,一支车队缓缓驶来,打破了这片宁静。 Dozens profound clothes vigor attires and waists conduct the arm the knight of long blade, the guard around several horse-drawn vehicles, each temples stick out high, obviously is the experts who on Jianghu have several. 数十名玄衣劲装、腰挎长刀的骑士,护卫在数辆马车周围,他们每一个太阳穴高高隆起,显然都是江湖上有数的好手。 Ka! 咔哒! Central carriage wheel suddenly one crooked, falls in a water hole, making the carriage shake. 最中心的马车车轮突然一歪,落在一个水坑之中,令马车一震。 ! 啪! This carriage is extremely as if heavy, the sudden condition, making the steed that the front pulled a cart send out sorrow Ti. 这马车似乎极重,突然出现的状况,令前方拉车的骏马发出哀啼。 Moreover, the car axle splits, the wheel flew. 不仅如此,车轴裂开,车轮飞了出去。 The compartment tumbles in the place, made inside thing rolled. 车厢翻滚在地,令里面的‘东西’滚了出来。 That is a giant iron cage! 那是一只巨大的铁笼! In iron cage, is one brown...... great cocoon?! 在铁笼之中,则是一只褐色的……巨蛹?! „It is not good!” “不好!” Stops!” “停下!” Fast restore!” “速速修复!” The front several horse-drawn vehicles stop, a youngster supports by the arm a beard and hair all white old man to get out, comes to inspect. 前面几辆马车停下,一名少年搀扶着一位须发皆白的老者下车,前来检视。 Old man named ginger Yuhe, is hard Wuguo royal doctor, holds his youngster named Jiang Tao, is his grandson. 老者名为姜玉河,乃是辛武国御史大夫,扶着他的少年名为姜淘,是他的孙子。 „Is this that cocoon person?” “这就是那个‘蛹人’么?” Jiang Tao as if also the first time is saw this great cocoon, the eye shines: I finally saw true, living was strange.” 姜淘似乎也是第一次见到这个巨蛹,不由眼睛发亮:“我终于见到真正的、活着的怪异了。” Master changed/easy, fixes the carriage, quickly starts off, this thing must deliver to the kings before the queen mother birthday feast, makes no mistake.” Jiang Yuhe said. “易师父,修好马车,赶快上路,此物务必在太后寿宴之前送到王都,不容有失。”姜玉河道。 Asked the Sir to feel relieved!” “请大人放心!” A middle-aged blade guest replied with a smile. 一名中年刀客笑着答道。 His eyebrow such as the blade truncates, the facial features are firm and resolute, is strong winds blade easy limitless, in Jianghu martial arts circle, there is famous, a strong winds blown sand knife skill, the successive defeats 18 martial arts circle experts, divided several strangeness livingly, hears martial Guo. 他眉如刀削,面容坚毅,正是‘狂风刀’易无极,在江湖武林之中,也有鼎鼎大名,一手狂风飞沙刀法,曾经连败一十八位武林好手,更曾经活生生劈死过数头怪异,名闻辛武国。 Therefore although receives the royal doctor Jiang Yuhe invitation, actually non- servant, but more similar guest official. 因此虽然受到御史大夫姜玉河的聘请,却非仆人,而更加类似客卿。 Other guards go forward, repair the carriage. 其它护卫上前,修理马车。 Young Jiang Tao outside the iron cage, the eye shines, has the sound, quite a while is not willing to walk: This is the cocoon person of Andong county hearsay! I heard when...... this strange just appeared, is the crazy old man's appearance, the wrinkle is deep, seems like has over a hundred years old, acts like a madman......, however, each after a period of time, will form the cocoon, this cocoon is hard, the sword water and fire difficult wound, after to breaking out of their cocoons, the cocoon person seems like young ten years old, regardless of before will have what injury also to recover all, was only the crazy......” 少年姜淘却在铁笼之外,眼睛发亮,啧啧有声,半天不愿走:“这就是安东郡传闻的蛹人啊!我听说……此怪异刚出现之时,是疯癫老头的模样,皱纹深深,看起来似乎有着上百岁,疯疯癫癫……然而,每过一段时间,就会结成蛹,此蛹坚硬无比,刀剑水火难伤,破茧而出之后,蛹人看起来就年轻十岁,之前不论有什么伤势也会尽数复原,只是还是疯癫……” Ginger little really Bo Wenguang records.” “姜少果然博闻广记。” changed/easy Wuji is holding the blade, arrives at side: „The old person I have seen, truly is a lunatic......, but the pupation, can each time young ten years old, really enviable...... I and other lives, like the fly wasp morning dew, disappears, he is actually similar to the boat sailing against the current, the good fortune is unreliable, one to in this...... because just seems the energy of feeling rejuvenated, these highly placed people go after like ducks to him, finally my old gentleman exceeds......, if him as the birthday present of queen mother birthday, the queen mother must the compassion be happy!” 易无极抱着刀,走到旁边:“那老人我见过,确实是个疯子……但每次化蛹,都能年轻十岁,实在令人羡慕……我等人生,如同蚍蜉朝露,转瞬即逝,他却如同逆水行舟,造化玄奇,一至于斯……正因为似有返老还童之能,那些达官贵人才对他趋之若鹜,最后还是咱家老爷子技高一筹……若将他作为太后大寿的寿礼,太后必慈心大悦!” „Does Master changed/easy...... hear you to cut strangely?” “易师父……听闻你砍过怪异?” Jiang Tao asked curiously: „Are they difficult to kill?” 姜淘好奇地问道:“它们难杀么?” Did not say......” “不好说……” changed/easy Wuji as if thinks of anything, the facial skin twitches: You also know that...... our hard Wuguo only had Martial Way, no strange Magical Powers...... but several hundred years ago, the world changes, our whole nation flies upwards unexpectedly, merges into the Shushan fairyland, henceforth martial artist is the low grade, only has immortal cultivation is the correct path......, but the Shushan fairyland hearsay once had/left a peerless ominous demon, destroyed this world samsara unexpectedly, henceforth world non- peace, monster ghost fresh, some strange thing, are generally called strange! Must really meet the flesh class, that did not have the words saying that with true qi and sword, can always spell...... perhaps, but these true demons and monsters, acted on true cultivation.” 易无极似乎想到什么,脸皮抽搐:“你也知道……咱们辛武国原本只有武道,没有什么怪异神通……但数百年前,天地大变,我们居然举国飞升,并入蜀山仙境,从此武者都是下乘,唯有修仙才是正道……但蜀山仙境传闻曾经出了一位绝世凶魔,竟然打碎了这世间轮回,从此世间不靖,妖鬼多生,更有许多稀奇古怪之物,统称为‘怪异’!要真的遇到血肉类的,那没话说,凭着真气与刀剑,总能一拼……但那些真正的妖魔鬼怪,恐怕就得修真者出手了。” Although hard Wuguo merged into the Shushan fairyland, but the fairyland is too big, hard Wuguo is too small, exchanges not many. 辛武国虽然并入了蜀山仙境,但仙境太大,辛武国太小,交流不多。 Even if has cultivates virtue in order to become an immortal cultivation technique to spread, only in uppermost layer. 哪怕有着一些修仙功法传入,也只在最上层。 Washes regarding the youngster ginger, true cultivation legend. 对于少年姜淘而言,修真者还是传说。 Actually I know that the young master you have wanted to learn the military from me, but the master some considered early all-around, this sweet braves the infamy, must offer the cocoon person, wants to ask an immortal way for the young master.” “其实我知道少爷你一直想跟我学武,但老爷早有通盘考虑,这次甘冒骂名,也要献上蛹人,就是想为少爷求一个仙途啊。” At this point, even if easy limitless, envies. 说到这里,哪怕是易无极,也不由羡慕。 Practices martial arts, how the comparing favorably with governing sword cultivates virtue in order to become an immortal, is the immortal free? 练武,怎么比得上御剑修仙,长生逍遥? Actually...... I once listened such as am the cloudy profound Grandmaster in temple preach, he said that the buddhist gate has 108,000 universes, in 7200 thousand world, 36 side infinite universe...... my hard Wuguo is only the universe, the Shushan fairyland is thousand world, because just lineage succeeds one another, can when the day changes fly upwards the fusion......, but magic arts martial arts, has the similarity, for example...... such as is a temple Dragon-Tiger Great Might Vajra Unbreakable Magical Powers, as well as Blue Essence Palace Flying Sword Technique, somewhat the magecraft embryonic form, not necessarily cannot practice successfully magic power!” “其实……我曾听如是寺的昙玄大师讲经,他说梵门有十万八千小千世界,七千二百中千世界,三十六方大千世界……我辛武国原本只是小千世界,蜀山仙境则是中千世界,正因为一脉相承,才能在天变之时飞升融合……而道法武功,颇有相似之处,比如……如是寺的‘龙虎大力金刚不坏神通’,以及青元宫的‘御剑术’,就有几分法术雏形,未必不能修成法力!” Jiang Tao replied. 姜淘答道。 Although is also this truth, but oneself tried to find out, cannot compare inheritance eventually.” “虽然也是这个道理,但自己摸索,终究比不上传承。” changed/easy Wuji sneers saying: „If the temple also after raising the sale price...... this, since White Tiger Immortal Monarch, started to decline......” 易无极冷笑道:“如是寺也是自抬身价……此宗自从白虎仙君之后,就开始没落了啊……” „Before hearing a hard Wuguo series, various country tangled warfare, the Jianghu martial arts circle heroes system tyrant world, one generation of martial arts circle are supreme, White Tiger Immortal Monarch, will be the eternity hero character, how what a pity was always hit the wind to blow...... again hero I by the rain loosely, the life will dry up, the ashes...... can this time chance in the hand, how not hold in the same old way?” Jiang Taodao: I decided that I must cultivate virtue in order to become an immortal!” “听闻辛武国一统之前,诸国混战,江湖武林豪杰制霸天下,一代武林至尊,白虎仙君,更是千古英雄人物,可惜风流总被雨打风吹去……再怎么英豪一世,寿元枯竭,照样灰灰……此时机缘在手,怎能不抓住?”姜淘道:“我决定了,我要修仙!” Un, the young master you made a wise decision, all that the master makes, for hello/you good.” Easy limitless gratified nod. “嗯,少爷你做了一个明智的决定,老爷所做的一切,都是为了你好。”易无极欣慰点头。 This way of the world is not peaceful, strange interband, if can the governing sword cultivate virtue in order to become an immortal, or permitted that insurance local peace. 这个世道不太平,怪异频出,若能御剑修仙,或许可保一方平安。 At this time, they saw the insect cocoon in iron cage to have the condition. 就在这时候,他们看到铁笼中的虫蛹出了状况。 A pair of fair exquisite arm, punctures the insect cocoon suddenly, one rips toward the two sides, seems like the 16 or 17-year-old youngster to reappear. 一双白皙细腻的手臂,蓦然刺破虫茧,往两边一撕,一名看起来只有十六七岁的少年浮现出来。 Cocoon...... cocoon person! He once again broken the cocoon.” “蛹……蛹人!他又一次破茧了。” Jiang Tao looks tarries, did not say old man, how is such as the youngster of jade? 姜淘看得呆住,不是说老头的么,怎么是个如玉的少年? He ties the cocoon nine times, young 90 years old, was about so......” “他结蛹九次,年轻了九十岁,大致就是如此了……” Easy limitless, although exclaimed in surprise, actually can also stand firm: Do not fear, he is an average person...... cannot break this iron cage!” 易无极虽然惊叹,却还能稳住:“不要怕,他就是个普通人……也打不破这铁笼!” Finishing speaking Jiang Tao noticed that youngster stretches out fairly exquisite, not a pore palm, held the iron cage, toward two sides points. 话音刚落姜淘就看到那个少年伸出白皙细腻、没有一丝毛孔的手掌,抓住了铁笼,往两边一分。 This set was known as that hundred refine the shackles that the fine steel builds, sends out calling out in grief that is unable to withstand the load instantaneously, was torn a large cave/hole. 这套号称百炼精钢打造的牢笼,瞬间发出不堪重负的悲鸣,被扯开一个大洞。 I insane 90 years?” “我疯了九十年么?” Fang Xian is looking at Sun of sky, narrowed the eye. 方仙望着天空的太阳,眯了眯眼睛。 He restores the reason, but also before the moment, therefore these people's talks also listened. 他恢复理智,还在片刻之前,因此这些人的谈话也听了一些。 This language, he can understand unexpectedly! 这一门语言,他竟然听得懂! Then such as is the temple, White Tiger Immortal Monarch and so on key terms, attracted his attention. 而后的如是寺,白虎仙君等等关键词汇,更加吸引了他的注意。 This is...... I have experienced the ancient martial world, did I come back?’ ‘这是……我经历过的古武世界,我回来了?’ Isn't breaking through the alchemist seven levels to...... me?’ ‘不对……我不是在突破方士七级么?’ He is pressing the forehead, a feeling head severe pain , seems to be crazy. 他按着额头,感觉脑袋一阵剧痛,似乎又要疯狂。
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