GDC :: Volume #9

#2099: If the spirit is not spatial

Tian Kun sees Ran Xiushu to run away, following a Internal Qi escaping revolutions, in the wink of an eye, arrives above a plain, is overlooked by the high place, obviously the distant place has a roughly 1 million people of city. 田坤冉秀书遁去,也是循着气机一个遁转,瞬息之间,就来到一处平原之上,由高处俯视下去,可见远处有一座约莫1000000人的都邑。 But their, is the broad flat land of city outskirts, by a rapids urgent shallow river, the have several ten magnificent and expensive horse-drawn vehicles stay here, on carriage is laying down the wool blanket brocade, has the tent pole, firewood pile of fire devils erects there, the doubtful world of mortals honored person comes out the going for a walk picnic. 而他们正下方,乃是城都郊野的一处宽阔平地,一条湍流甚急的浅河旁,有数十辆华贵马车停留在此,车驾上铺设着毛毯锦缎,另有帐篷支架,柴堆火盘架设在那里,疑似凡间贵人出来踏青郊游。 At this time the white beard old man, in the hand holds with handle magic sword, there drilling swordsmanship, a sword move, is extremely having the methodicalness, 此时有一个白须老者,手中持拿一柄法剑,正在那里演练剑法,一剑一招,都是极有章法, About 20 attire bright children are looking there earnestly, in the hand also has the singlestick to imitate, but the class of servant slave bodyguard by far avoids, does not dare to approach. 大约20来个衣着鲜亮的孩童正在那里认真看着,手中还持有木剑效仿,而仆奴侍卫之流则是远远避开,不敢靠近。 Ran Xiushu thought aloud: This way, perhaps some same sect the action of game.” 冉秀书自言自语道:“这路数,唔,许是某位同门的游戏之举。” This old man obviously is only a mortal. However actually steps to the sensibility of swordsmanship own limits, and has Immortal Family Atmosphere faintly, and is somewhat similar to the Lacking Purity Sect way. 这老者明明只是一个凡人。但是对剑法的感悟却远迈自身所限,且隐隐有一股仙家气象,且与少清派的路数有几分相似。 In Lacking Purity Sect actually also has magic sword transporting to cause it law, even similar magical treasure also has many, but usually so the person unusually arrives at excellent Realm. 少清派中其实亦是有法剑运使之法的,甚至类似法宝也有不少,只不过通常这般人少有到得上乘境界的。 Tian Kun waited and saw the past at this time, discovered that this old man soars to the heavens spiritedly, rises into Vault of Heaven not to peep the institute of knowledge remotely, although its Divine Soul / Mind is, the words and deeds are also the incomparable nature, may in fact actually be a being a go-between puppet, its life experience and even the personality liked ahead of time to be arranged, oneself and are unable to pass the moment half step. 田坤这时观望过去,发现这老者神气冲天,渺渺升入天穹不可窥知之所,其神魂虽属自身,言行举止也是无比自然,可实际上却是一个牵线木偶,其一生经历乃至性情喜好都是被人提前安排好了的,自己并无法逾矩半步。 Simply speaking, it probably is a board game piece, can only handle affairs under the custom that the chessgame permits, but will never be aloof to the checkerboard beside, is unknown. 简单来说,其就好像是一枚棋子,只能在棋局允许的规矩之下行事,但永远不可能超脱到棋盘之外,偏还自己不得而知。 His thick glance, sees many similar Internal Qi, has in the distant place, actually does not understand why on boundary cultivator must so do. 他粗粗一览,就见有不少类似气机,在远处还有更多,却不明白此间上境修士为何要如此做。 Ran Xiushu has also discovered this point, is only he is somewhat strange, if because according to the Lacking Purity Sect style, that will be will not focus in these mortals completely, therefore this boundary solely will not be the place of all previous High Lord Ascend so is perhaps simple. 冉秀书也是发现了这一点,只是他有些奇怪,因为若是按照少清派的行事风格,那是绝然不会把心思放在这些凡人身上的,所以这处地界恐怕不单单是历代上真飞升之地那么简单。 These mortal Former Past and Coming Future in fact are behind Great Expert weaves, therefore cannot see any useful thing, but these manner, since implication cultivates, that has actually left behind some clues. 这些凡人过去未来实际上是背后大能所编织,所以也看不出什么有用东西来,不过那些神气既然牵连上修,那却是留下了些许线索了。 Ran Xiushu simply then follows these Internal Qi to go, quick had then found a gate in this side world, without demur, walked toward. 冉秀书干脆便循着这些气机而去,很快便在这方天地之中找到了一处界门,二话不说,就往里走了进去。 Tian Kun also treated urges him to investigate first, sees that also has to follow afterward, but he also knows, some Lacking Purity Sect cultivator have excellent Sense to bad risk omen of danger, perhaps is Ran Xiushu this grade of person? 田坤本来还待劝他先探查一番,见状也只好随后跟上,不过他也知晓,少清派一些修士对凶险危兆有着过人感应,或许冉秀书就是这等人? After they in the past that place gate, sees here scenery to meander, mountain Seqing spreads, multi-colored sunlight Yingxiu, front short mountain, builds Daoist Temple, under observes the gate resess to cover, Dao Child rolls up there. 两人过去那处界门后,见这里风光迤逦,山色青涂,霞光映秀,面前一座矮山,筑有一处道观,观门龛罩之下,有一个道童蜷缩在那里。 Ran Xiushu walked, said: You, but here guard boy?” 冉秀书走了上去,道:“你可是这里看守童儿?” That Dao Child has wiped the eye, rolling crawled, the straight ritual, said: Two Immortal Elder Greetings, young child precisely here guard.” 道童抹了抹眼,一骨碌爬了起来,端端正正一礼,道:“两位仙长有礼,小童正是这里看守。” Ran Xiushu said: Where is this? Does this view call what Ming?” 冉秀书道:“这是何地?此观又唤何名?” Dao Child said: Here is rhinocero Yueshan Pu Huang observes.” At this time he turned around, puts out a hand a finger, said: Two Immortal Elder, my observed Temple Lord to come.” 道童道:“这里是犀月山蒲皇观。”这时他一转身,伸手一指,道:“两位仙长,敝观观主来了。” The Ran Xiushu two people just now come on some detect(ed) people, this moment one looks, saw daoist of straw sandals cotton garment to walk, that person came up a ritual, said: Two High Lord Greetings, do not know that two from where, what can have a need for lesser Dao?” 冉秀书二人方才就察觉有人过来,此刻一望,就见一个芒鞋布衣的道人走了出来,其人上来一礼,道:“两位上真有礼了,不知两位自何处来,可有什么用得着小道的?” Ran Xiushu has the interest: „? Is it possible that your here such as I and others so does the person of dealings have many?” 冉秀书颇有兴致道:“哦?莫非贵方这里如我等这般往来之人有不少?” That Temple Lord ambiguous [say / way]: Many, are not many.” 观主模棱两可道:“不少,却也不多。” Ran Xiushu said: I and other books to visit the senior arrive at this, you can other in boundary have transporting to cause flying sword High Lord Great Expert?” 冉秀书道:“我等本是为访问前辈到此,你等这处地界之中可有运使飞剑上真大能么?” That Temple Lord vision has glittered, immediately shows a smiling face, said: Two were to say resided in Sword Immortal in celestial mountain?” 观主目光闪烁了一下,随即露出一丝笑容,道:“两位是说原本居于仙山之中的剑仙吧?” Ran Xiushu is astonished saying: Originally? Is it possible that already not in?” 冉秀书讶道:“原本?莫非已是不在了么?” That Temple Lord dangling vision, said: lesser Dao knows not many, but before hearing the number thousand years, occupies sleeps audiences Sword Immortal in celestial mountain is to search Exceeding Law, has donated our generation here boundary, afterward then went to other world through a two gateway, but has not come back.” 观主垂下目光,道:“小道对此知晓不多,只是听闻数千载前,居宿在仙山之中的一众剑仙为寻觅上法,将此处地界赠予了我辈,随后便通过一座两界门户去到了另外天地之中,只是至今也未曾回来。” Ran Xiushu does not have the color of what regret actually, asked: That does not know before these depart, may have the matter to stay behind, these eventually this are my senior, now is not only the person was not, that must seek a thing certificate, in the future Sect(s) will ask, is good to have a confession.” 冉秀书倒是没有什么遗憾之色,问道:“那不知这几位离去之前可有物事留下,这几位终究这是我前辈,现下既是人已不在,那需寻一个物件凭证,日后宗门问起,也好有个交代。” That Temple Lord said: „The This Poor Daoist cultivation date and time is not long, has not seen that several Sword Immortal, regarding this was not really clear.” 观主道:“贫道修行时日不长,并未见过那几位剑仙,对此却是不甚清楚了。” Ran Xiushu said: Might as well so, my Sect(s) seniors, even if left this place, but these dwelling place immortal cave should in the past also, Temple Lord whether to lead me and others to go a revolution?” 冉秀书道:“不如这般,我那些宗门前辈即便离了此地,可当年那些居处洞府应该还在,观主可否带我等前去一转?” That Temple Lord is very awkward, said: This grade of matter, This Poor Daoist must ask for instructions here several to cultivate.” 观主似是十分为难,道:“这等事,贫道需请示这里几位上修。” Ran Xiushu said: Unobstructive, Temple Lord goes back to ask for instructions freely, I then in such and that's the end.” 冉秀书道:“无碍,观主尽管回去请示,我便在此等着就是了。” That Temple Lord has hesitated, said: Two Immortal Elder , if not shut out Bi Guan, that might as well in this Su, lesser Dao this then goes back on to report that afterward he also greeted that Dao Child one, wanted it to suspend the spirit fruit immortal tea in view came out to entertain two people, oneself were says goodbye to depart. 观主迟疑了一下,道:“两位仙长若不嫌弃敝观,那不妨在此宿下,小道这便回去上禀,”随后他又招呼了那道童一声,要其把观中的灵果仙茶摆了出来招待二人,自己则是告辞离去。 Ran Xiushu sees Tian Kun to stand does not say a word, simply said: What view does Fellow Daoist have?” 冉秀书田坤一直站在旁边不发一言,便道:“道友有什么看法?” Tian Kun said: All takes responsibility depending on Ran Fellow Daoist.” 田坤道:“全凭冉道友作主。” He arrives today, is only as a testimony, Ran Xiushu must make anything, he will not interfere, only if met anything to involve the life and death the danger. 他今日到来,只是作为一个见证,冉秀书到底要做什么,他并不会干涉,除非是遇到了什么涉及生死的危险。 Ran Xiushu hey, he said: Also was the safe, Fellow Daoist might as well said simply own opinion.” 冉秀书嘿了一声,他道:“索性也是无事,道友不妨说说自己见解。” Tian Kun sees him to insist that hesitates, said: Fellow Daoist wanted Tian saying that Tian then said a humble opinion.” 田坤见他坚持,沉吟一下,道:“道友非要田某说,那田某便说一点浅见。” Ran Xiushu said: Please say.” 冉秀书道:“请讲。” Tian Kun said: Just now that Fellow Daoist looked that the courtesy is thorough, the regulations and others implied the repel to be vigilant the heart to me, particularly after hearing me and others inquired that several Lacking Purity seniors is so, when here has the secret facts, getting down may find the excuse to shirk invitation of Fellow Daoist, will not make me and others achieve wishes easily.” 田坤道:“方才那位道友看去礼数周到,实则对我等暗含排斥警惕之心,尤其是在听到我等打听几位少清前辈之后更是如此,这里当有隐情在内,下来或许会找借口推脱道友之请,不会让我等轻易如愿。” Ran Xiushu said with a smile: If like that my two people then from seek, the matter of this time, finally some meanings.” 冉秀书笑道:“若是那般,我二人便自去寻来,今回之事,总算有些意思了。” But after that Temple Lord reported the matters of two people of arrival, in the inexplicable place, several people of Spiritual Will gathered. 而就在那位观主把二人到来之事报上去后,莫名之地中,就有几人神意聚到了一处。 Has a humanity: hu High Lord, Lower Realm also had Sword Immortal to this, I early was have said that these Sword Immortal came from another place Ascend, so long as that Sect(s) did not extinguish, certainly also some people to this, how regardless at the appointed time is also to demand return this boundary, here I and others were could not occupy.” 有一人道:“葫上真,下界又有剑仙到此了,我早是说过,那些剑仙既是从他处飞升而来,那么只要宗门不灭,一定还会有人到此的,届时无论如何也是会把这处地界讨还回去的,这里我等是占不住的。” Some person of said with a sneer: Demands return? I and others place Internal Spirit completely lost, flutters for a long time, has with great difficulty this stayed place, these sword cultivator walk away, but I and other present had painstakingly planned the number thousand years, comes one person to ask for at will, where so cheap!” 有人冷笑道:“讨还回去?我等原本所在灵机尽失,飘荡许久,好不容易才有了这一界栖身所在,,那些剑修自家一走了之,而我等现在苦心经营了数千载,随意来一人就想讨回去,哪有这般便宜!” Formerly that person ridiculed: In the past these Sword Immortal methods I and others had experienced, listens to the Fellow Daoist tone, is it possible that can get rid to suppress these two inadequate personally?” 先前那人讥讽道:“当年那些剑仙的手段我等可是见识过的,听道友口气,莫非要亲自出手镇压这两位不成?” Afterward spoke humanity: Has not fought, how also to know inadequately?” 后来出言之人道:“未曾斗过,又怎知不成?” When they struggled to distinguish several, that was called the person of hu High Lord has opened the mouth finally, that person said solemnly: This time, although came two Sword Immortal, but I and others was not in the past these cultivation base faint generations, its, if worked as is the guest, I and others quite greeted, sooner delivered them to walk again is.” 待两人又争辨了几句,那被称作葫上真之人终是开口了,其人沉声道:“这次虽是来了两位剑仙,可我等也不是当年那些修为低弱之辈了,其若当自己为客,那我等就好生招呼,再早些送他们走便是。” Some people make noise to ask: If these two can keep this place?” 有人出声问道:“若是这两位非要留在此地呢?” hu High Lord said: That could not say that has to move some methods, here eventually is our generation boundary, Internal Spirit also formerly was now more prosperous, I dare to say during various days, resembles this grade of treasure trove to decide are not many, how regardless of cannot hand over to hold.” 上真道:“那说不得只好动些手段了,这里终究已是我辈地界,现下灵机又比先前兴盛许多,我敢言诸天之中,似这等宝地定也不多了,无论如何也不能交托出去。” Ran Xiushu and Tian Kun two people were only had the half day in view, their feeling had Spiritual Will to transmit. 冉秀书田坤二人在观中只是等有了半日,两人就感有一股神意传来。 Ran Xiushu and Tian Kun make the discussion slightly, will then admit, then together escapes into inexplicably, actually sees strange cultivator to stand there, that person bows a ritual to them, said: Two Fellow Daoist Greetings.” 冉秀书田坤稍作商议,便将之接纳过来,而后一同遁入莫名,却见一个陌生修士已是站在那里,其人冲着他们躬身一礼,道:“两位道友有礼。” They a ritual, Ran Xiushu had also said: How this did Fellow Daoist call?” 两人还过一礼,冉秀书道:“这位道友怎么称呼?” That cultivator actually resembles is not willing to say the name, sighed: Common name does not raise, may I ask two Fellow Daoist, can seriously be that several Sword Immortal Younger generation?” 修士却似不怎么愿意说出名姓,叹道:“俗名不提也罢,敢问两位道友,可当真是那几位剑仙后辈么?” A Ran Xiushu thought revolution, has sword light to appear, although this is in Spiritual Will, not difficult to expose own method. 冉秀书意念一转,就有剑光映现,尽管这是在神意之中,可不难将自身手段展露出来。 That cultivator sees, said busily: Really is that several Sword Immortal Descendant, formerly once received a Sword Immortal kindness below, therefore the important matter informs two Fellow Daoist,” 修士一见,忙是道:“果然是那几位剑仙后人,在下先前曾受得一位剑仙恩惠,所以有一桩要事告知两位道友,” Ran Xiushu said: What?” 冉秀书道:“何事?” That cultivator said seriously: Perhaps person, must be disadvantageous to two Fellow Daoist.” 修士郑重言道:“此间之人,恐怕要对两位道友不利。” Ran Xiushu has not feared intent, instead the interest increases, said: Reason where?” 冉秀书没有丝毫惧意,反而兴趣大增,道:“理由何在?” That cultivator sighed one, said: Our generation is the outside to this person, latter gave shelter by several Sword Immortal, afterward these do not know why must exit Beyond the Heavens, gave me and others to safeguard this domain, initially when our generation also was really attentive, really looked after this is appropriate, may afterward that difference gateway voluntarily close, in our generation had several people to believe that several Sword Immortal will not come back, will therefore regard as on here for own Daoist Temple, is only present two to this, they actually two feared that this will beg going back.” 修士叹了一声,道:“我辈本是外界到此之人,后被界中几位剑仙收留下来,后来这几位不知为何要出去天外,就把这处界域交给了我等看管,初时我辈也甚是用心,把这处照拂得甚是得当,可后来那出入门户自行关闭,我辈之中有几人认为,那几位剑仙再也不会回来了,于是就将此处视作为自家道场,只是现在两位到此,他们却又两位怕将此地讨要了回去。” Ran Xiushu smiled, said: Actually must ask one, does not know that in the past that several seniors can have the thing to stay behind?” 冉秀书笑了笑,道:“却要问一句,不知当年那几位前辈可有东西留下?” That cultivator said: That several immortal cave still had restrictive seal to preserve, I and others has not gone, perhaps has the matter to fall, but the outside all by the restrictive seal pickling, two Fellow Daoist is feared unable to be close to now.” 修士道:“那几处洞府至今仍有禁制留存,我等也未曾进去过,或许有物事落下,不过现在外间俱被禁制封藏,两位道友恐无法挨近。” The Ran Xiushu nod said: Actually wanted Many Thanks Fellow Daoist to inform this matter.” 冉秀书点头道:“却要多谢道友告知此事了。” That cultivator lowered the head, said: Ashamed, Fellow Daoist did not blame me and others to be then good.” 修士低下头去,道:“惭愧,道友不责怪我等便好。” After Ran Xiushu was held responsible some words again, that person retreated immediately, he have also drawn back from Spiritual Will, afterward claps hands, says with a smile: This matter is really wonderful.” 冉秀书再是问了一些话后,那人便就退去了,他自家也是自神意之中退了出来,随后一抚掌,笑着道:“此事甚妙。” Tian Kun said puzzled: Is wonderful where?” 田坤不解道:“妙在何处?” Ran Xiushu is in high spirits saying: Thinks this is only recognizes several seniors, smalltalk, two sides dealings pays a visit again, this also is quite senseless, has not thought that is actually this kind of scene, I hope actually this generation can the strong point, so my Lacking Purity up and down lift the sword to cut down, to be how could it not be happy!” 冉秀书精神振奋道:“原本以为今次只是来认几名前辈,客套一番,两边再往来拜见,这样也颇是无趣,可没想到却是这样一番光景,我倒是希望此辈能强项到底,如此我少清上下举剑来伐,岂不痛快!” ............ ………… ............ …………
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