GDC :: Volume #7 踏破乾坤拿日月

#1296: The blood is mad dry fierce Yang An certainly

Void beside this fights to fight continues one day later fully, the Fire Mane monster ancestor gradually feels exhaustedly, the crazy color in his eye retreats several points slightly, under observes, is actually surprised, unknowingly, oneself vitality passed unexpectedly most probably. 虚空之外这场斗战整整持续有一天之后,火鬃妖祖渐感疲惫,他眼目之中的疯狂之色稍稍退去几分,一察之下,却是大吃一惊,不知不觉中,自己气血竟已流逝去了大半。 At present his surface strength can still maintain, even even more is strong under the divine ability support, but inside is deficit is enormous. 眼下他表面战力仍能保持,甚至在神通支持之下还还越发强势,但内里却是亏损极大。 He is somewhat puzzled, if presses common sense, a oneself abundant vitality, even if fights the last several months also to support with the person, now damages to fold such rapidness, can only be the opposite rival has planned. 他有些不解,若按常理,自己一身充沛气血,哪怕与人斗上数月也能支持下去,现下损折如此之快,只能是中了对面敌手算计。 A chest drum, in Zhushan Origin Essence is crosses into, for a while the vitality flows rapidly, rumbling has the sound, compensates once again owes empty. 把胸膛一鼓,朱山之中精元又是渡入进来,一时气血奔流,轰轰有声,再度补满亏虚。 He also carefully paid attention, quick immediately to detect, oneself vitality, once the exsomatize, then in being quietly to be attracted to absorb by the opposite party, is unable to return again, immediately startled and anger, the voice drinks crazily, simultaneously swings the shoulder, left-hand side that head becomes compares suddenly greatly, is one bites to obsession. 只是他也小心留意了起来,很快便就察觉到,自己气血一旦离体,便会在悄无声息之中被对方吸摄了去,无法再返还过来,顿时又惊又怒,发声狂喝,同时一摇肩膀,左首那只头颅陡然变得比巨大,冲着魔相就是一口咬下。 Zhang Yan look at him to come, the vision dodges slightly, actually does not avoid, has the divine will to direct, coming to push the boat along, the demon the upper part changes to a haze immediately, breaks in toward in along his throat. 张衍看他过来,目光微微一闪,却是不去躲避,起神意一引,来个顺水推舟,魔相上半身立时化作道道烟气,沿着其喉咙就往里冲入进去。 The Fire Mane ghost ancestor just swallowed the haze, suddenly feels the body to be uncomfortable, probably must be melted general, does not know well, an arm comes up to grasp, tears off this head, but feared that was blotted Blood Qi by Zhang Yan, therefore carried in the hand. 火鬃鬼祖刚把烟气吞下,顿觉身躯难受无比,好像要被化开一般,知道不好,一只手臂上去一抓,将这只头颅扯下,只是怕被张衍血气吸去,故是拎在了手中。 That air/Qi smoke still kept drilling into toward, it may be said that seizes every opportunity, such gets down, seems soon, may occupy him from top to bottom, unavoidablily, also has cut that half body, but one leaves with his Main Body, then dissolves for innumerable Blood Qi, Wu Yan braves to leave from immediately. Suddenly will swallow cleanly. 那股气烟仍往里不停钻入进来,可谓无孔不入,这么下去,好似用不了多久,就可把他浑身上下都是占据了,不得已之下,又将那半边身躯斩了下来,可一与他正身相离,便化散为无数血气,那乌烟立刻自内冒了出了。眨眼间将之吞得一干二净。 The Fire Mane ghost ancestor looks angry, may unable to think that swings the body, the body head that just now breaks again grew. 火鬃鬼祖看得恼怒不已,可偏偏又无法可想,把身躯一摇,方才断去的肢体头颅又再长了出来。 In order to exempt the vitality was seized again, made one ghost think the technique in secret, once so the body broke, immediately is another variable, may melt three people at most, this act, although also consumed many Blood Qi. But always feels better to be absorbed by the opposite party. 为免再次气血被夺,暗中使了一个“鬼觉”之术,如此一旦肢体断下,立刻可变作另外一个自己,至多可化出三人,此举虽也消耗不少血气。但总好过被对方摄去。 So frequents each other, fights after for quite a while again, the Fire Mane monster ancestor sees oneself vitality to be even more scarce, that Zhushan is inferior to originally one-third, still insufficiently supported him to fight war one day, in the heart sprouted has evaded reading of drawing back. 这般你来我往,又再斗有半天之后,火鬃妖祖见自己气血愈发稀少,那朱山已是不及原先1,尚不够支撑他斗战一日的,心中就萌发了避退之念。 On this day outside cultivator this Yuan-Hun is thick, the technique of divine ability was also, Old Ancestor I exhausted before Zhushan feared that is unable to win him, and this time retreated first, next time will find the opportunity again and that's the end. „ “这天外修士元浑厚,神通之术也是了得,老祖我在朱山用尽之前怕无法胜他,此回且先退去吧,下次再找机会就是了。“ He aware this time has belittled the match. If one prepare sufficiently, or brings a Zhushan again in the body, perhaps the result will then differ from. 他自觉此次还是小觑了对手。自己若是准备充足,或是再多带一座朱山在身,或许结局便会有所不同了。 Is good because of this time his direct impact Northern Heaven Cold Depths. It seems like rash, but the regulations also think the escape route, before coming out, once took away ten thousand Era Viewing Tower from Startling Heaven Mountain. 好在此回他直冲北天寒渊。看似莽撞,但实则是也想好了退路的,出来之前,曾自惊穹山拿走了万座世鉴塔 In the past beyond cultivator to the Mountains and Seas Realm day, had guard magical treasure, a Heavenly Ghost Tribe people fought with its, even if the strength were close, was very difficult to defeat. Non- is the person on together, breaks magical treasure, or exhausts its magic power, can vanquish finally. 当年来至山海界的天外修士,多有护身法宝,天鬼部族中人与其等交手,纵然实力相近,也很难击败。非要数人齐上,打破法宝,或是耗尽其法力,才能最终降伏。 In order to restrain its, the Heavenly Ghost Tribe sacrifice offers the upper boundary, resulted in this Era Viewing Tower to refine the law , after this treasure built, not only may be used to protect oneself to maintain life. Also can be used to attack the wound enemy, after this, beyond the day cultivator preponderant was immediately nothing left. 为了克制其等,天鬼部族祭献上界,得了这世鉴塔炼造之法,此宝筑成之后,不但可用来护身保命。也能用来攻伐伤敌,从此之后,天外修士所具优势便就荡然无存了。 He has this tower on own initiative in hand, may depart safely, even if must draw back. Also must look for an appropriate occasion. 他自觉有此塔在手,可安然离去,不过即便要退。也要找个合适时机。 Also is several double-hour passes, in he one does not give a thought to the consumption under attacks crazily. Peeps a good opportunity finally, making two Clone rush on own initiative, but oneself slightly withdrew, opens mouth spits, the blood light liked the bolt of white silk to depart together, above had more than ten thousand Era Viewing Tower to jump, after during was void, changes to a miraculous glow, gathered round him to circle spins the link, during that revolving changes, had the custom, resembled to defer to some mysterious truth, bound retreats in the Mountains and Seas Realm direction around him. 又是数个时辰过去,在他一番不顾消耗的狂攻之下。终是窥到一个良机,令两个分身主动冲上,而自己则是稍稍后撤,张嘴一吐,一道血光有如匹练飞出,其上有万余座世鉴塔跳跃出来,到了虚空之中后,化作道道灵光,围着他绕旋飞环,那旋转变动之间,自有规矩,似依照着某种玄妙道理,裹绕着他往山海界方向退去。 So long as in Startling Heaven Mountain, has then calculated that escaped the dangerous situation, in King City also has million Era Viewing Tower, several Zhushan, not only enough he restores Origin Energy, and does not fear the opposite party to pursue. 只要到了惊穹山中,便算脱了险境,那王城之中还有百万世鉴塔,还有几座朱山,不但足够他恢复元气,且也不惧对方追来。 After Zhang Yan that two Clone is scatters, looks up, sees the Fire Mane monster ancestor to draw back by far, in the eye brilliance dodges, has caused one toward it Eyes Rectifying Sun-Moon the technique. 张衍将那两个分身都是打散之后,抬头望去,见火鬃妖祖已是远远退开,目中光华一闪,却是朝其使了一个“目匡日月”之术。 The Fire Mane monster ancestor was absorbed by the technique of this divine ability, first flushes certainly the personal appearance, 火鬃妖祖被这神通之术摄中,前冲身形顿被一定, Zhang Yan is drives to transport demon to rush at this moment, a fist asks the price with no intention of buying toward his back above. 张衍此刻已是驱运魔相冲上,一拳朝着他背脊之上打落下来。 The Fire Mane monster ancestor hand one, the whole body vitality rolling gushes out hastily, seeps into Era Viewing Tower, this tower he urges, the surface sets up the scarlet glow to flash, back and forth revolving rapidly fast suddenly quick several fold, was raids the strength total inspiration to melt unexpectedly, afterward danced in the air outward, has hit toward the Zhang Yan place. 火鬃妖祖连忙把手一张,浑身气血滚滚涌出,渗透入世鉴塔内,此塔得得他一催,表面立赤芒闪动,来回飞转之速骤然快了数倍,竟是袭来之力全数吸入化解了去,随后往外飞舞,往张衍处撞了过来。 Zhang Yan withdraws slightly, sees is attacking uselessly, immediately changed the tactical rules, that demon outside the body black smoke malevolent aura changed chains, screwed on the lock toward that Era Viewing Tower, wanted to restrict it, but fell on that tower above, actually seemed encounters the greatest resistance, was all repelled to shake. As soon as he selects the eyebrow, has sized up several carefully, shows a faint smile unconsciously. 张衍稍稍后撤,见正攻无用,就立刻改换了战法,那魔相身外乌烟煞气变化出了一条条锁链,往那世鉴塔上扣锁,想要将其拘束住了,只是一落在那塔身之上面,却好似遇到莫大阻力,俱被排斥震开。他一挑眉,又仔细打量了几眼,不觉微微一笑。 Reason that this thing can achieve this point, that is because of ten thousand pagoda unified wholes, moves , then entirely Dong, is just like that innumerable filament to close up, may concentrate into is extremely tenacious, but independent took, actually may pull apart easily, must cope with this thing, only need harass its revolution, will decompose, is not difficult to break. 此物之所以能做到这一点,那是因为万座宝塔浑然一体,一动则俱动,好比那无数细丝合拢,就可凝成为极是坚韧的一股,但单独一根拿了出来,却可轻易扯断,要对付此物,只需扰其运转,将之化分开来,就不难破去。 If manages the person of this thing is Nine Continents cultivator, must achieve so the goal is very not easy, but the Fire Mane monster ancestor does not understand mysteriously, but pours into the vitality after unceasingly, all changes are Era Viewing Tower oneself are completed, driving the imperial method to lose the roughness, the surface it seems like defend are watertight, under the regulations has too many flaws. 若操持此物之人乃是九洲修士,要达成这般目的恐怕很是不易,但火鬃妖祖根本不懂其中奥妙,只是在后不断灌入气血,所有变化都是世鉴塔自身完成,驱御手段失之粗糙,表面看来守得滴水不漏,实则底下有太多破绽。 What is most essential, this Era Viewing Tower oneself not intent of insight. 最为关键的是,这世鉴塔自身无有识意。 If Nine Continents magical tool, did not say True Artifact, is the class of Profound Artifact, because oneself early of insight intent, if valuable main taking a rash step, or is unable to respond for a while promptly that it may also have a strain spontaneously, but not intent of insight, that is the dying thing, the might size of can displaying, all looked at the valuable main skill. 若是九洲法器,不说真器,就是玄器之流,因为自身早有识意,假使宝主失策,或是一时无法及时反应过来,其也可自发有所应变,而无有识意,那便是死物,所能发挥出来的威力大小,全看宝主本事了。 His divine will urges, splits up myriad black ghost chains again, this, is actually simultaneously entangles toward each Era Viewing Tower on, these air lock surfaces look general, but inside is actually entirely different, has to really have empty, had has supply just, once Era Viewing Tower transported to that potential abundant location, by supple empty will welcome, once the potential were weak, that will pester immediately, keeping it from throwing away, quick had many Era Viewing Tower to be locked to grasp. 他神意一催,再是分化出万千道乌煞锁链,此一回,却是同时往每一座世鉴塔上缠去,这些气锁表面看去一般,但内里却是截然不同,有实有虚,有柔有刚,世鉴塔一旦转运至那势盛所在,就会以柔虚相迎,而一旦势弱,那立刻会纠缠上去,使之无法甩脱,很快就有不少世鉴塔被锁拿住了。 This thing book by the quantity win, the quantity are less, then the prestige can be smaller, was covered along with towers, gradually lost the original effectiveness 此物本就是靠数量取胜,数量越少,则威能越小,随着一座座塔身被扣住,就逐渐失了原来效用 The Fire Mane ghost ancestor has not thought completely will have this result, but he is extremely according to the circumstances quick, seeing Era Viewing Tower is unable to protect itself again, immediately branches out Clone to control, proceeds to meet the approaching enemy Zhang Yan, oneself , then the Mountains and Seas Realm direction retreats, 火鬃鬼祖完全没有想到会有这番结果,但他见机极快,见世鉴塔无法再护住自己,立刻分出一具分身来驾驭,往前迎击张衍,自己则山海界方向退去, Zhang Yan has used several breath, strikes to disperse after that Clone calmly, pursued, 张衍用了几个呼吸,从容将那分身击散之后,就追了上去, The Fire Mane ghost ancestor flees, retreats fighting, is continuous Clone dozens times to prevent Zhang Yan, along with the time lapse, has been close to sky over Mountains and Seas Realm gradually. 火鬃鬼祖一路遁逃,且战且退,前后连续化出分身数十次阻挡张衍,随着时间推移,已是渐渐挨近了山海界上空。 However this short distance, actually resembles the natural moat unable to overstep generally. 然而这短短一段距离,却似天堑一般无法逾越。 At this moment on him that Zhushan has exhausted, Blood Qi is also not much left, he understands that today were inescapable. 此刻他身上那座朱山已是用尽,血气也是所剩无几,他已是明白,今日自己是无法逃脱了。 But in this final moment, he has also revealed the maneating true colors, shouts wildly high tone, will save only a vitality to push from the body, made one fire positive fully divine ability, at this moment when he still at „a Yuan fierceness under the technique, this can compared at first big several fold has continued, in the day good such as to explode one **** the date, endless flaminged the light to send out unscrupulously outward. 而在这最后关头,他也是露出了凶悍本色,狂叫一声,将仅存一点气血自躯体之内挤了出来,全力使了一个“火阳”神通,此刻他尚在“元烈”之术下,此法威能比最初之时大了数倍不止,天中好如爆开了一****日,无尽炽光肆无忌惮地向外散发。 Zhang Yan knew him is last-ditch struggle, a magic power revolution, trod instantly broken void, drew back the far place, but the demon already moistened that ray, was being melted unceasingly, under his magic power divine will support, diverged fresh, enough after moment, that scarlet light thoroughly did not see. 张衍知他是最后挣扎了,法力一转,霎时踏破虚空,退至极远之处,只是魔相已然沾得那光芒,正被不断消融,在他法力神意支撑之下,散去又生,足足有一刻之后,那赤光才彻底不见。 At this time he flew to escape, saw the Fire Mane monster ancestor's in last drop of vitality because of the body also to exhaust, at this moment turned into a big statue, is fluttering in void. 这时他才又飞遁回来,见火鬃妖祖因身躯之中最后一滴气血也是耗尽,此刻已是变成了一尊高大石像,正在虚空之中飘荡。 Actually to this time, this ghost ancestor had not perished truly, if there is Heavenly Ghost Younger generation to be willing by the blood irrigation, or the sacrifice offers enough evil spirit different races, can still awaken him. 其实到了此时,这鬼祖也并未真正亡去,若有天鬼后辈肯以鲜血浇灌,或是祭献出足够妖魔异类,仍旧可以把他唤醒过来。 His vision sweeps, can see in that statue, the wisp of state of mind occupies, was only at this time, its foreign has had nothing the strength of resistance, then drove the imperial that demon to attract, has pulled that state of mind, forehead that demon slip dodged, swallowed, afterward wielded the sleeve, has shaken a smashing the Fire Mane ghost ancestor. 他目光一扫,可以看见在那石像之内,有一缕神魂盘踞,只是这时候,其对外已无有抵御之力,便驱御那魔相一吸,顿将那神魂扯了出来,眉心处那魔简一闪,就吞了进去,随后一挥袖,就将火鬃鬼祖震了个粉碎。 Even if arrives at this time, this ghost ancestor has not calculated that dies truly thoroughly, if some people gather the fragment, then not at any cost offers a sacrifice to by the blood, still had looking of coming back to life, but did not say first how in boundless void to find this liao, really lived, because of state of mind flaw, is walking corpse. 哪怕到得此时,这头鬼祖还不算是真正死透,若有人把碎片聚集起来,再不惜代价以血相祭,仍有复生之望,不过先不说如何在茫茫虚空中找到此僚,就是真个活了过来,因神魂缺失,也不过是一具行尸走肉罢了。 Zhang Yan sees already the safe, will depart, at this time, he actually discovered that had Fang Baigui to flutter, looked to be on the Fire Mane ghost ancestor the thing, bringing, this thing will start immediately, can feel that above transmitted a rich vitality, was only in the hand, thinks that the own strength of reply unexpectedly was quick several points, looked again, saw above to inscribe the character, but is incomplete, obviously was this has the damage. 张衍见已无事,正要离去,这个时候,他却发现有一方白圭飘了出来,看去应是火鬃鬼祖身上之物,便就将之拿了过来,这物一入手中,就能感到上面传来一股浓郁至极的生机,只是拿在手中,就觉自身回复之力竟是快了几分,再看了看,见上面本刻有字,不过已是残缺不全,显然是此物有所缺损。 These writing resemble but are actually Eclipse Canon, is far from Heavenly Ghost can write, or the permission discovers beyond the day the cultivator clue, after may go back, makes the examination again.” “这些文字倒似是蚀文,绝非天鬼所能写出,或许可从中找出天外修士的线索,可回去之后再做查看。” He receives this Fang Baigui, treads broken void, arrived at them formerly the place of battle, saw Era Viewing Tower to flutter four is, its robe sleeve one volume, will receive. 他把这方白圭收好,踏破虚空,来到两人先前交战之地,见一座座世鉴塔飘得四下皆是,其袍袖一卷,将之都是收了回来。 This time defeats the Fire Mane monster ancestor, actually the biggest harvest, is these Era Viewing Tower. 此回击败火鬃妖祖,其实最大收获,还是这些世鉴塔 He must Sima Quan pass on the book, must break through Startling Heaven Mountain, the biggest hindrance is these pagodas. 他得司马权传书,要攻破惊穹山,最大的阻碍就是这些宝塔。 This thing is just like Nine Continents cultivator guard great array, is used to protect Heavenly Ghost Ancestor Department Palace City, if can solve thoroughly mystery, then Heavenly Ghost King City on such as solved the strong armor in front of Nine Continents cultivator, did not have any screening to say again. 此物好比九洲修士的护身大阵,是用来护住天鬼祖部宫城的,若能解透其中的玄妙,那么天鬼王城在九洲修士面前就如解去了坚甲,再无任何遮护可言了。 ...... …… ......( Not ……(未 Ends being continued 完待续 ~^~) ~^~)
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