GDC :: Volume #7 踏破乾坤拿日月

#1295: The scarlet fire burns the day completely to return dust

Cancelled moon/month of monster ancestor to arrive outside the deep pool, just must be downward good, saw a Divine Beast empty shade of-and-a-half turtle half snakes to reappear. 勾月妖祖到了地渊之外,方才要往下行,就见一头半龟半蛇的神兽虚影浮现出来。 She frowned, stopped footsteps. 她一蹙眉,停下了脚步。 Just now to guard against the Fire Mane ghost ancestor discovers itself, instead annoys to trouble, when she observes leaves really far, but saw that the Black Tortoise virtual image was shattered, this thinks its, even if has not died, works as the wound to be heavy, then get down, person the inside room sweeps away, calculates that has completed the commission of day ghost unit. But at this moment looks like, guards of deep pool, the aura does not see slightly the decline, obviously the strength still saves. 方才为防备火鬃鬼祖发现自己,反而惹来麻烦,她观战时离得甚远,只是见到玄武虚象破碎,本以为其即便未死,也当伤重,那么自己下去,将里间之人一扫而空,也算完成了天鬼部的嘱托。但此刻看来,镇守地渊的这一位,气息不见有丝毫衰落,显然战力犹存。 She is looking at front great array, immediately be hesitant gets up, this barrier is unable to break including the Fire Mane ghost ancestors, in addition front this, that very much this does not have the opportunity, moreover that big master is really also awe-inspiring. 她望着前方大阵,顿时犹豫起来,此层屏障连火鬃鬼祖都无法打破,再加上面前这一位,那很本没有机会,而且那一只大手主人也是着实使人畏惧。 Then in this time, she suddenly feels beyond the day to have sharp glow light distantly to assign itself, so long as if when proceeding to tread one step, will fall, is surprised, a clear and bright sound resounds in the mind, „before you, some date and time have come here, looked that you have not begun, in the present puts your, this moment retreat also with enough time, not must from harming.” 便在此时,她忽感天外有一股锋锐芒光遥遥指定自己,似乎只要在往前踏去一步,就会落了下来,正惊疑时,一个清朗声音在脑海之中响起,“你前些时日来过此处,看你未曾动手,今朝放你一回,此刻退去还来得及,莫要自误。” Cancelled moon/month of monster Zu to sigh one, retreated silently, hung in in Tian that round crescent moon is also hidden goes in the clouds, the entire world replied the daytime once again. 勾月妖祖叹了一声,默默退走,挂于天中的那一轮弯月也是隐去云中,整个天地再度回复成了白昼。 Black Tortoise sees him to leave, the form is slowly is also pale, vanishes does not see. 玄武见他离开,身影也是缓缓淡去,消失不见。 Cancels the moon/month, although walks, the spirit gate five honorable people had not relaxed, still strictly adheres to a gate. 勾月虽走,灵门五位真人仍是不曾放松,仍是谨守住阵门。 Yuwen Hongyang said solemnly: My spirit gate after front axle honorable person walks, in the gate had nothing Mortal Transcendence cultivator to assume personal command, even if stopped over in mountain sea, may dare to bully to visit including the demons and monsters, but must depend on him to send the honorable person to guard, this grade of condition necessity changed.” 宇文洪阳沉声道:“我灵门自前梁真人走后,门中就无有了凡蜕修士坐镇,纵然在山海界中落脚,可连妖魔鬼怪都敢欺上门来,还要倚仗他派真人护守,这等境况必要改换。” He wields the sleeve to open a door, sends to Xue Dingyuan to locate jade slip, Xue Sect Master, in my six schools. At this moment is highest by your cultivation base, this is my Underworld Spring Sect all previous dynasties flying upwards honorable person broken boundary beforehand pen states the attainment, then borrows with your view.” 他挥袖开得阵门,将一枚玉简送去薛定缘处,“薛掌门,我六派之中。此刻以你修为最高,此是我冥泉宗历代飞升真人破境之前的笔述心得,便借与你一观。” Xue Dingyuan has not put out a hand to take, but hits to bow, said: Xue only fears defeated/carrying to hold.” 薛定缘并未伸手去拿,而是打个稽首,道:“薛某只恐有负所托。” Yuwen Hongyang said: Xue Sect Master does everything possible and that's the end, the potential of my spirit gate differs from the past, when abandons sectarianism, which real Human Cultivator to become Yuantai in the future will have, this Jane Jieke takes away a view.” 宇文洪阳道:“薛掌门尽力而为就是了,我灵门之势不同以往,当摒弃门户之见,日后有哪一位真人修成元胎,此简皆可拿去一观。” Other three people are the facial expression move slightly. This grade of secret book is precious, has not thought that Yuwen Hongyang is willing to take unexpectedly came out to let the person to watch, so the heart breadth of spirit unusual person may seriously. 其余三人都是神情微动。这等密册何等珍贵,未想宇文洪阳竟然肯拿了出来任人观看,这般心胸气魄当真少有人可及。 The Wen Qing shape thinks that said: In mountain sea everywhere bad risk, my spirit gate must occupy this stretch of boundary, has nothing the Mortal Transcendence honorable person to guard is not indeed steady, Yuwen Sect Master also for my spirit gate tentative plan, Xue Sect Master, you, if the achievement, to presenting has the advantage. Then do not decline.” 温青象想了想,言道:“山海界中遍地凶险,我灵门要占住这片地界,无有凡蜕真人镇守的确不稳,宇文掌门也是为我灵门设想,薛掌门,你若成就,对在座诸位都有好处。便不要推辞了。” Xue Dingyuan considers, nodded, received that jade slip. 薛定缘考虑一下,点了点头,将那玉简收了起来。 mountain Haijie air/Qi bonds beside. The Fire Mane ghost ancestor sees himself to be pinched, in other people hold, and takes away toward the void deep place, deeply feels to be insulted, roars, shakes the vitality, the body also gradually inflates, becomes more and more is huge, wants to support the big hand. 山海界气障之外。火鬃鬼祖见自己被捏在他人掌中,并往虚空深处带去,深感受辱,怒吼一声,震荡气血,身躯也逐渐膨胀起来,变得越来越是庞大,想要将大手支撑开来。 This act is to consume the vitality. However he before the departure western spatial inaccessible remote area, he walked a chapter of startled arched mountain specially, moved out has put Zhushan in Miyag, this mountain was together incomparably huge blood medicine, was beyond cultivator the life sacrifice with several days offers the upper boundary, obtained a sacrifice to refine the monster ancestor Blood Qi method. 此举甚是耗损气血。不过他在离开西空绝域之前,他特意走了一回惊穹山,搬走了摆在宫城之内的朱山,此山是一块无比庞大的血药,乃是用数位天外修士的性命祭献上界,求得一门祭炼妖祖血气的法门。 Initially several ghost ancestor joint efforts, were almost seize the sinking dormancy monster ancestors of west spatial inaccessible remote area, then use this law sacrifice refine several Zhushan. He this time carried one in the body, waits, if the monster ancestor supplements the vitality for oneself continuously, when can display most flourishing unscrupulously strength. 当初数位鬼祖合力,几乎把西空绝域的沉眠妖祖都是捉来,而后利用此法祭炼出了数座朱山。他此回携了一座在身,等若有一位妖祖源源不断为自己补充气血,便可无所顾忌的发挥出全盛之时的实力。 May make the matter of Fire Mane ghost ancestor being startled occur, although he body is greatly long, but that big hand is also when production costs rise , prices rise too. Changes to change along with him unexpectedly, looked before has nothing any distinction. It seems how regardless of he struggles, is unable to escape, 可令火鬃鬼祖吃惊之事发生了,他虽身躯大长,可那大手也是水涨船高。竟随他变化而变化,看去与之前无有任何分别。好似无论他如何挣扎,都无法脱了出去, Therefore again drank one, the body has been assigned away from the capital makes a debut a scarlet glow, this was fire is positive the technique, after the day ghost is in the legend the uncle was white, is wielding of big date, this divine ability, but the boiling rivers and streams, the split earth, the flesh and blood, could not resist the enemy, however this technique according to above that big hand, is actually not able the accomplishment. 于是又再喝了一声,身外放出道道赤芒,此是“火阳”之术,天鬼乃是传说中伯白之后,为大日之执掌,此神通一出,可煮沸江河,干裂大地,血肉之躯,根本抵敌不住,然而此术照在那大手之上,却仍是无法建功。 He can see, is not this technique does not have an effect, but was superficial flesh and blood is just melted, under grew immediately, continue like this, only if exhausts opposite party Origin Energy blood, otherwise not any use, but he displayed is divine ability, continued, the consumption compared with big that the match came, had Zhushan in the hand, perhaps first one step will also exhaust the vitality. 他能够看见,并非此术不起作用,而是表面一层血肉刚被消融下去,底下立刻又长了出来,如此下去,除非是耗尽对方本元气血,否则并无什么用处,可他施展得乃是神通,持续下去,消耗远比对手来的大,就是有朱山在手,恐怕也会先一步用尽气血。 He is also ruthless spicy, sees this act to be useless, transports the vitality darkly, the shoulder body blasts open immediately, above grows two hands, tears off a head maliciously, holds up high, then outward throws, the place of neck neck fracture has the flesh and blood to wriggle, has the body again to grow quickly. 他也是狠辣,见此举无用,暗运气血,肩膀皮肉顿时炸裂,其上又长出两只手来,狠狠将自己一颗头颅扯下,高高举起,而后朝外一扔,颈脖断口之处有血肉蠕动,有身躯很快又再长出。 The body of then by the big hand being grasped firmly, actually changed to bloody water, then the intention gathers to his newborn body. 而那被大手攥住的身躯,却是化作了一股血水,然后意图向他新生身躯之上汇聚。 May in this time, above that big hand the black flame emit suddenly, is only gently one group, does not remain these Blood Qi one drops, the total embezzles. 可在此时,那大手之上忽有一股乌焰冒出,只是轻轻一拨,就将那些血气一滴不剩,全数吞没。 Fire Mane Monster King looks in the eye, the fierce face twitched slightly under. 火鬃妖王瞧在眼里,狰狞脸庞微微抽搐了下。 Builds the ghost ancestor behind, each drop of vitality is critical incomparable, but one this has been short of this many, waits, if his own half, if accumulated refining routinely, that 4,000-5,000 years cannot repair, if not for there is a Zhushan in the hand, perhaps at this moment can only choose to withdraw. 修成鬼祖之身后,每一滴气血都是紧要无比,而一下这少了这许多,等若是他自身半数,要是按部就班蕴炼,那四五千年也修不回来,若不是有朱山在手,恐怕此刻只能选择退避了。 At this time he gains ground looks, sees that big master finally, actually sees a young Taoist devotee big sleeve to be floating, stands erect in void, but in its behind, is actually a huge incomparable demon, but along with its form gradually being hidden, that blurred one group of demons is also becomes clear. 此时他抬头一望,终是见得那大手主人,却见一名年轻道人大袖飘飘,卓立在虚空之中,而在其背后,却是一尊庞大无比的魔相,只是随着其身影渐渐隐没其中,那原本模糊一团的魔相也是变得清晰起来。 But is very strange, he thinks obviously one look is clear, but during the knowledge recalls, how actually to take down that demon the appearance, seems the previous quarter recognizes, so long as has turned around, puts behind it. 但很是古怪,他明明认为自己看得已是很清楚,可识忆之中,却怎么记不下那魔相形貌,好似上一刻认得,但只要一转过身去,就会将之忘却。 Now is faced with an archenemy, has no time to think deeply mysteriously, shakes the vitality, the skin changed has made the black red color, dim incomparable, but formerly twined body high and low luminous not to see all. 如今大敌当前,也无暇去深思其中玄妙,把气血一震,皮肤变作了黑红之色,黯淡无比,而先前缠绕身躯上下的光亮已是尽数不见。 This is divine ability fierce Yuan. 此是神通“烈元”。 This technique, till Blood Qi exhausts, he each may display the strongest strength, moreover along with the time, the strength of divine ability will be getting bigger and bigger, until exhausts this Yuan Essence Qi thoroughly, delays for a long time, this own strength is stronger, usually did not have the rival to keep off, 此术一出,直到血气耗尽为止,他每一刻都可发挥出最强实力,而且随着时间,神通之力会越来越大,直至彻底用尽本元精气,拖延得越久,这自身实力越强,通常没有敌手能挡了下来, The Zhang Yan body hides the demon, only inspires all sort of methods by the divine will, at this time saw the opportunity, as soon as he transferred the thought that that demon deeply was attracting to the rival. 张衍身藏魔相之中,只以神意引动诸般手段,这时见得机会,他一转念头,那魔相就对着敌手深深一吸。 The Fire Mane ghost ancestor suddenly feels the body to sink, the state of mind fluttered, resembles to fly in light of this, he was surprised, when this feeling tried dashed the world to close to be somewhat similar to him, hurried a revolution of vitality, was steady the state of mind. 火鬃鬼祖顿觉身躯一沉,神魂飘荡,似就要就此飞了出去,他大吃一惊,这感觉与他试图撞破天地关时有些相似,赶忙一转气血,却是将神魂又稳了下来。 Under the heart is startled and doubts, said: This is any divine ability, can absorb my state of mind unexpectedly, fortunately this Old Ancestor is underwent three changes the person, otherwise wants surely he plans.” 心下又惊又疑,道:“这是什么神通,竟能摄我神魂,所幸本老祖已是已历三变之人,不然定要中他算计。” In mountain Haijie the life returns to the monster ancestor's body, will try to dash the world pass/test, if not successful, then must be seriously battered, but if can restore, the strength compared with will promote one section, the state of mind also to expand, was shaken again difficultly easily. 山海界中生灵返回妖祖之身,多会试图撞破天地关,若是不成,则必受重创,可若能恢复过来,实力会比原先提升一截,神魂也会随之壮大,再难被轻易撼动。 In the day ghost clan and tribe, besides that first day ghost, is oldest by the Fire Mane ghost ancestor, in the past that day fire lowered together, beyond when the day edict talisman returns, he must see immediately with own eyes, at that time, he by luck must bestow a treasure, can in reply own Origin Energy extremely in a short time. 天鬼部族之中,除了那第一位天鬼之外,以火鬃鬼祖年岁最长,当年那一道天火降下,天外符诏首回到来之际,他便就亲眼得见,也就在那个时候,他侥幸得赐了一件宝物,可以在极短时间内回复自身元气 That bright bright monster ancestor, be only one time dashes the action that the world closes, gets down all in sinking during the dormancy restores Origin Energy. 就连那焕明妖祖,也只有一次冲撞天地关的举动,下来皆在沉眠之中恢复元气 But he actually depends this thing, three times hit the world pass/test, although is the severe wound returns every time, may benefit from this treasure, every time may reply in 2-3 thousand years, the strength is also on ratio originally one, the state of mind also becomes is firm, 可他却是仗着此物,前后有三次去撞天地关,虽回回都是重伤而回,可得益于这件宝物,每一次都可在两三千载内回复过来,实力也是比原来更上一层,神魂也变得更是坚稳, The hearsay undergoes nine times not to perish, may go to beyond the day truly, is henceforth free and unrestrained, no longer receives a side world restraint. 传闻历九次而不亡,就可真正去得天外,从此逍遥自在,不再受一方世界约束。 So long as originally he some enough waited for patiently slowly that always one day can achieve the goal, does not need to pay attention to the matter of day of ghost unit, but received beyond the day to bestow the treasure past, received Karma, he can feel, if oneself did not try, forever not unique date, by, no matter preferred or not, so long as that edict talisman lowered, once were involved, has to be. 本来他只要有足够耐心慢慢等待,总有一日能达成目的,根本不必理会天鬼部之事,可昔日受了天外赐宝,就是承了因果,他能感觉到,自己若不设法将之还了,就永无超脱之日,是以不管情愿与否,只要那符诏降下,一旦被牵扯进去,就不得不为。 After he state of mind receives, in the eye are many for several points to dread that is long the body, becomes with the opposite demon the general size, six arm, in the body the vitality gushes out, condenses axe yue hook dagger-axe and other thing, roared, outrageously rushed. 他把神魂收住后,眼中多了几分忌惮,把身躯一长,变得与对面魔相一般大小,六只手臂一张,身躯之中气血涌出,凝聚出斧钺钩戈等物,吼叫一声,就悍然冲上。 Zhang Yan sees to absorb to be motionless his state of mind, knows its foundation bright compared with bright reliable, this technique difficult wound, no longer causes the harmony, under the divine will rotation, that demon the body proceeds to bend down, puts out a hand to take, outside the body malevolent aura melts the great hammer, brandishes maliciously, with it collision in one. 张衍见摄不动他神魂,知其根底比焕明牢固,此术难伤,也就不再使雍,神意转动之下,那魔相身往前俯,伸手一拿,身外煞气顿化巨锤,狠狠一抡,就与之撞在了一处。 Bang! 轰! In a twinkling, demon in hand sledgehammer smashing, black smoke four, but a Fire Mane ghost ancestor's arm also changed into the flesh and blood fragment, however he actually resembles does not think that the other five arms continue to manage the weapons, resembles crazily general, above the great body cuts again and again toward the demon. 霎时间,魔相手中大锤粉碎,乌烟四荡,而火鬃鬼祖的一支手臂也是化为了血肉碎片,然而他却似毫无所觉,余下五支手臂继续操持兵戈,状似疯狂一般,连连往魔相巨躯之上斩来。 At this time the demon another palm pats suddenly, an explosive, hits to explode the innumerable flesh and blood his head, but that headless body still in the dance begins the weapon furiously, the demon the body one layer upon layer was also ripped open, becomes tattered and torn, but malevolent aura along with extinguishing along with living, condenses unceasingly completely. 此时魔相另一掌忽然拍来,一声爆响,将他头颅打爆成无数血肉,可那无头身躯仍是在奋力舞动手中兵器,魔相身躯也是被一层层撕开,变得千疮百孔,但是煞气随灭随生,又不断凝聚完好。 Only this in a minute, the Fire Mane ghost ancestor head grew from the shoulder, but a glaring, side the half the pounded pulp, crosses again flickers, becomes complete such as beginning. 只这片刻间,火鬃鬼祖头颅又从肩膀之上长了出来,可一个晃眼,半边身边又被砸的稀烂,再过一瞬,又变得完好如初。 But demon this side, is similarly so, regardless of which side is damaged, to the next quarter, must be possible to restore. 而魔相这一边,也是同样如此,无论哪一方受创,到了下一刻,必可恢复过来。 The Fire Mane ghost ancestor saw, the body of rival dying, does not attack by surprise the divine ability function not to be big similarly, has discarded all sorts of complicated changes by him, fights hand-to-hand by the arbitrariest crude way and enemy, looked who can insist is long-time. 火鬃鬼祖已是看出,敌手也同样是不死之躯,攻袭神通作用不大,是以他舍弃了种种繁复变化,以最为蛮横粗暴的方式与敌搏战,就看谁能坚持的更为长久。 Zhang Yan has not tried to change the tactic especially, but drives the controlling demon to meet head-on calmly, at present seems like evenly matched, but Fire Mane ghost ancestor Blood Qi, once the exsomatize, body Zhou Wuyan will be absorbed by the demon, but also makes up oneself, therefore he is not anxious. 张衍特未试图改换战术,而是从容驱驭魔相迎战,眼下看似势均力敌,但火鬃鬼祖血气一旦离体,都会被魔相身周乌烟摄走,还补自身,故他丝毫不急。 At this time two side collision fierce struggles, the war is intense, sky over mountain Haijie has many excursion meteorites, the disruption stars, could not undergo both to dash at this time, broken disperses, changes to the tiny crushed stone, falls in abundance toward under. But on mountain Haijie the life face upwards to look, but does every day scarlet, scarlet such as Yin blood, dazzling incomparable, the light of Sun and Moon changes colors dimly, flies Fiery meteor such as the rain to fall, for a while several will doubt the world to collapse, leans the disaster of world to be near! 此时两方一路碰撞激斗,越战越是激烈,山海界上空有不少漂游陨石,碎裂星辰,这时也经受不住两者冲撞,一个个破散开来,化作细小碎石,纷纷往下方坠去。而山海界上生灵仰天望去,可见天作猩红,赤如殷血,刺目无比,日月之光黯淡失色,还有飞火流星如雨而坠,一时几疑天地崩坏,倾世之灾将临! ...... …… ......( Not ……(未 Ends being continued 完待续 ~^~) ~^~)
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