GDC :: Volume #7 踏破乾坤拿日月

#1293: The ancestor worship Saint calls the hot long neck hair again

The jiong hibernation of insects hears to cancel moon/month of monster ancestor to ask favor the upper boundary, was actually micro may not observe wrinkled under the eyebrow, has considered a while again, said: Does not know that cancels moon/month of ancestor Saint to realize in place deep pool that place the rival altogether is several?” 炅蛰听得勾月妖祖要自己求情上界,却是微不可察地皱了下眉,再考虑了一会儿,才道:“不知勾月祖圣在地渊那处察觉到得敌手共是几位?” Cancels moon/month of ancestor Saint to return saying: Is only one, but strength is highly regarded.” 勾月祖圣回道:“只是一个,但实力不可小觑。” The jiong hibernation of insects looking pensive, got down he also one after another to ask many questions, perhaps has not completed the matter of day of ghost department asking, cancelled moon/month of monster Saint appears has the patience actually extremely, all matters of asking in detail replied. 炅蛰若有所思,下来他又接连问了许多疑问,或许是未曾完成天鬼部拜托之事,勾月妖圣倒是显得极有耐心,所有问到之事都是详细回答了。 The jiong hibernation of insects said: „ Since this matter can not make, that then please cancel moon/month of ancestor Saint to wait for some date and time in a northern day of cold deep pool. „ 炅蛰道:“既然此事不得做成,那便请勾月祖圣在北天寒渊等候些许时日了。“ Cancels moon/month of monster Saint saying: Such as you have the arrangement, that then needed to be quicker, I formerly the action of nosing, although was the secret, but outside cultivator seemed to be for serveral days many not measured the method, erratically has alarmed its, if late, perhaps the circumstance will change.” 勾月妖圣道:“如你还有安排,那便需快些了,我先前查探之举虽是隐秘,但这些天外修士似有许多莫测手段,不定已是惊动了其等,若是晚了,或许情势就会有所变化。” The jiong hibernation of insects said: Many thanks cancels moon/month of ancestor Saint to raise.” He, said: Your clan and tribe humanities king has put.” 炅蛰道:“多谢勾月祖圣提点。”他顿了顿,又道:“贵部族人本王已是放了出来了。” Cancels moon/month of monster Saint to be somewhat accidental, said: You actually did not fear that I do disobey?” 勾月妖圣有些意外,道:“你却不怕我违诺么?” The jiong hibernation of insects said calmly: Cancels moon/month of ancestor Saint , if not prefer, which in the world also did have to force your excellency? Coerces by the clan audiences, book is the bad plan, presently is a king needs help from the person, not , if broader more and level.” 炅蛰从容言道:“勾月祖圣若是不情愿,世上又有哪一位可逼迫得了尊驾呢?以族众相要挟,本就是下策,现是本王有求于人,不若坦荡一些。” Cancelled moon/month of monster Saint to visit him, said spookily: Uncle white posterity, no matter you are the hypocrisy, intends to plan, I lead your this favour.” After saying, her form disappeared from that profound column. 勾月妖圣看了看他,幽幽言道:“伯白后人,不管你是虚情假意,还是有意算计,我领你这个人情。”说完之后,她身影就从那玄柱之上消失了。 The jiong hibernation of insects takes back the vision, actually sees nearby that Guo Daoren flashing eyes, resembles to include an unprecedented sharpness, he knits the brows, actually does not pay attention , the inspiration that if not for his own vitality mixes is not enough to revolve this profound column, this person understands the ingenious technique. Some uses, already killed this person. 炅蛰收回目光,却见一旁那郭道人目光炯炯,似含有一股前所未有的锐利,他一皱眉,却不去理睬,若不是他自身气血搅动起来的灵机不足以运转这根玄柱,此人又懂得许多机巧之术。还有一些用处,早就将此人杀死了。 Turned around the Daoist temple, after taking a seat, actually pondered. 转身回了宫观,落座之后,却是沉思起来。 Formerly decided the idea to be frustrated one after another, if did not seek the solution, sole dependence various useful, if wants has nothing the possibility within ten several years to a northern day of cold deep pool, even therefore delayed for dozens over a hundred years not to be strange, such delayed with it. That might as well stakes everything on a single throw of the dice. 先前定计接连遭挫,若是不寻求解决之道,单单依靠诸部听用,要想在十数载之内去往北天寒渊已是无有可能,甚至因此耽搁数十上百年也不奇怪,与其这么拖延下去。那还不如孤注一掷。 He exhorts about the aide saying: Goes to invite flint azure Elder.” 他嘱咐左右侍从道:“去把燧青长老请来。” After the little while, the flint azure and catches up in a hurry, sees the jiong hibernation of insects to sit above the throne, resembles is thinking deeply anything, then approaches, small sound track: On king?” 半刻之后,燧青兼匆匆赶来,见炅蛰独自一人坐于王座之上,似在深思什么,便走近一些,小声道:“王上?” The jiong hibernation of insects is on the rise, looks at flint azure, sinking sound track: Flint azure Elder, I want to awaken a ghost ancestor again, offers to present the sacrificial offering to suffice?” 炅蛰一抬头,看着燧青兼,沉声道:“燧青长老,我欲再唤醒一位鬼祖,献奉祭品可够么?” Under flint azure and heart is somewhat surprised. Returns saying: On king, what left?” 燧青兼心下有些吃惊。回道:“王上,出得何事了?” The jiong hibernation of insects said: I have underestimated beyond these days cultivator, has not thought that it already had the protection. Cancels moon/month of monster ancestor this to go to idle work, but is not has not had a harvest, at least also has verified many situations, in that deep pool only person of guard, if again the ancestor Saint and check moon/month of monster ancestor collaborates, or may make this matter.” 炅蛰道:“我还是低估了那些天外修士,未想其早就有防备。勾月妖祖此去无功,不过也不是未有一丝收获,至少也探明了不少情形,那地渊之中仅有一人看守,若是再有一位祖圣与勾月妖祖联手,或可做成此事。” The flint azure and has pondered over, said: Sacrificial offering is actually enough, does not know when on the king can use?” 燧青兼琢磨了一下,道:“祭品倒是足够,不知王上何时要用?” The jiong hibernation of insects said: Quicker is quicker. You prepare slightly, this king latest afternoon leaves immediately.” 炅蛰道:“越快越快。你稍作准备,本王最迟过午便就动身。” The flint azure and asked again: „ Actually does not know that which ancestor Saint on the king can awaken? „ 燧青兼再问道:“却不知王上要唤醒哪一位祖圣?“ The jiong hibernation of insects said: Shanyang ancestor, hot long neck hair ancestor Saint how?” 炅蛰道:“山阳氏之祖,火鬃祖圣如何?” The flint azure and is actually the surface presently the hesitant color. 燧青兼却是面现犹豫之色。 The jiong hibernation of insects asked: What words flint azure did Elder have to say?” 炅蛰问道:“燧青长老可是有什么话要说?” The flint azure and coughed, body Fu Di, said: „ This hot long neck hair ancestor Saint hears hot tempered, craves greatness and success, if awakens, at the appointed time wants me to take orders in him. Actually is that listens or does not listen? „ 燧青兼咳了一声,把身伏低,道:“这位火鬃祖圣听闻性格暴躁,又好大喜功,若是唤醒过来,到时要我听命于他。那究竟是听还是不听呢?“ The jiong hibernation of insects said: Because of so, this king just must please this position come out, in the Shanyang Clan was enslaved the incident, if were known by this, wants to come not to be aloof. As for wanting me takes orders in him, that wants me to subjugate along with him beyond at most together the day cultivator. This actually wishes for earnestly, this Wang Dao must have a look. Under this monster ancestor threatens, some all Bu many people dare to oppose.” 炅蛰道:“正是因为如此,本王方才要请得此位出来,山阳氏族中被人奴役一事若被这一位知晓,想来不会无动于衷。至于要我听命于他,那至多只是要我随他一同征讨天外修士。这却求之不得,本王倒要看看。在这位妖祖威吓之下,诸部到底有多少人敢于反对。” So long as this time has made, could not allow all Buzai to flinch, if beyond after the day cultivator ate time owed greatly, on own initiative attacks, that was best. 只要此次做成了,就容不得诸部再有所退缩了,若是天外修士吃次大亏后,主动来袭来,那是最好。 The flint azure and stated opinion: On king, must ask the ancestor Saint to come out to spar, why that not also one and awakens several other, that stratagem which ensures success also yes many thanks, at present our department gathers to offer a sacrifice to the thing of offering , was will enough.” 燧青兼建言道:“王上,既要请祖圣出来斗法,那为何不把其余几位也一并唤醒呢,那胜算也是多谢,眼下我部所蓄祭献之物,也是堪堪足够了。” The jiong hibernation of insects shakes the head saying: Must awaken my day ghost clan and tribe all ancestor Saints, only if to life and death moment, at present obviously also not at that time,” 炅蛰摇头道:“要唤醒我天鬼部族所有祖圣,那除非是到了生死存亡的关头,眼下显然还不到那个时候,” He is very clear, reason that several ghost ancestor sinks the dormancy, that is to store up the strength, is good to break beyond the day, now the total awakens, will possibly provoke its, another, beyond day many components of imperial order also not necessarily in these eyes. 他十分清楚,那几位鬼祖之所以沉眠,那是为了蓄积实力,好破去天外,现下全数唤醒,很可能会惹恼其等,再一个,天外诏令在这几位眼中也未必有多少分量。 The flint azure and thinks that bows saying: „ And is willing to obey on the king to tell. „ 燧青兼想了想,躬身道:“兼愿听从王上吩咐。“ The jiong hibernation of insects said: You prepare.” 炅蛰道:“你去准备吧。” When half double-hour, the flint azure and then leads several Elder, bringing the sacrificial offering to leave the startled arched mountain together, has used two day distance, came before deeply did not see the bottom the day pit tunnel, here hot long neck hair monster ancestor sinks the place of dormancy. 半个时辰之时,燧青兼便率领数名长老,带着祭品一同出了惊穹山,用了两日路程,就来至一处深不见底的天坑地洞之前,此处正是火鬃妖祖沉眠之地。 From cancelling moon/month of monster ancestor is different, here has soars to the heavens together invades the place the vitality barrier horizontally in the outside, they arrived at beyond several li (0.5km), was trigged by a greatest pressure on the sleep, is unable to proceed to approach again. 与勾月妖祖不同,这里有一道冲天侵地的气血屏障横在外间,他们到了数里之外,就觉被一股莫大压力制住,根本无法再往前靠近。 The jiong hibernation of insects put out a hand at this time, took a jade, above this stone has a wisp of vitality that the hot long neck hair monster ancestor left behind past, only has by this thing, may continue to go forward toward. 炅蛰这时一伸手,把一枚玉石拿了出来,此石之上有火鬃妖祖昔日所留下的一缕气血,也唯有凭借此物,才可继续往里前进。 Holds up this stone, to front in a flash, that vitality barrier immediately is becoming such as the mist is ordinary, slowly toward two dissipations, 举起此石,对着前方只是一晃,那气血屏障便就变得如薄雾一般,缓缓往两处消散, He said one: „ Along with this Wang to come! „ Immediately the drum results in the vitality, among breaks. 他道一声:“随本王来!“当即鼓得气血,冲入其内。 Various Elder all know, not looked that this vitality draws back, may be only the flash matter, the ancient capital does not dare to stay in this excessively for a long time, the magical powers, breaks in toward , before that pitted, exhibits the sacrificial offering immediately methodically, does not give a thought to these evil spirit to whin to neigh, all killed cutting. 诸部长老皆是知晓,莫看这气血退开,可不过只是一瞬间事,故都不敢在此停留过久,一个个起得神通,往里冲入,待到了那坑穴之前,便就有条不紊地将祭品摆开,不顾这些妖魔哀嚎嘶叫,俱是将之斩杀了。 Billowing rank muddy warm-blooded forms the rivers, opens to flow very much into underground, but a day later, on the sacrificial offering had more than ten batch, did not see below has any sound. 滚滚腥浊热血汇成河流,很开流淌入地下,但是一天下来,祭品上了有十余批,仍是不见下方有什么动静。 The flint azure and is very puzzled, gathers nearby the jiong hibernation of insects, said: On king, these sacrificial offerings, even if awakened two monster ancestors both to suffice, why the hot long neck hair ancestor Saint hasn't been able to wake up?” 燧青兼很是不解,凑到炅蛰跟前,道:“王上,这些祭品哪怕唤醒两位妖祖都是够了,为何火鬃祖圣还无法醒来?” The jiong hibernation of insects looks under, said: „It is not able to wake up, but is not willing to wake up, this ancestor Saint nothing but is these suspicion sacrificial offerings is insufficient, flint azure Elder, you this time will have the sacrificial offering to offer, if insufficient, kills several to consecrate several spirit birds and beasts that this king imprisons.” 炅蛰看着下方,道:“不是无法醒来,而是不愿醒来,这位祖圣无非是这些嫌祭品不够罢了,燧青长老,你将此回所携有祭品都是献了上去,若还不足,把本王囚禁的几头灵禽也杀得几头供奉上去。” The flint azure and receives an order according to the word, gets down the arrangement. 燧青兼依言领命,下去安排。 In will bring all sacrificial offerings is offers the later under foot the place of standing to rock suddenly, the distant place mountain range shakes, crag Beng Fengqing, after shaking several double-hour, actually sees a big stone to climb to for quite a while slowly, on the stone stands a heroic bearing to be handsome, the black hair hangs loose to the man of waist, this person of upper body ****, the shoulder wide waist is thin, the whole body muscle ballooning, looks fully is the strength, however vitality was to actually restrain the extreme, has not revealed tiny bit. 在将带来所有祭品都是献上之后脚下所立之处忽然晃动起来,远处山峦摇颤,岩崩峰倾,震有数个时辰之后,却见一块大石缓缓升至半天,石上站有一名英姿俊朗,黑发披散至腰的男子,此人上身****,肩宽腰细,浑身筋肉鼓胀,看去满是劲力,然而身上气血却是收敛到了极点,不曾露出一丝一毫。 His vision sweeps, finally falls on the jiong hibernation of insects, full is unhappy: Looks at your this appearance, apparent you are the person of jiong, the posterity of day Yin that old ghost, said that what I calls to have the old ancestor.” 他目光一扫下方,最后落在炅蛰身上,满是不喜道:“一看你这模样,便知你是炅氏之人,旦殷那老鬼的后人,说吧,把老祖我唤出来有何事。” The flint azure and has stood on own initiative, said: Roasts the ancestor Saint, and allows the villain to report thin.” 燧青兼主动站了出来,道:“炙祖圣,且容小人细禀。” He said the cause and effect in detail, stated clearly emphatically Shanyang were destroyed, the other clansmen beyond cultivator by the day were being enslaved. 他详细把前因后果说了一遍,又着重言明山阳氏已被覆亡,余下族人正被天外修士奴役。 But hot long neck hair ancestor Saint after listening, actually does not lose one's temper, instead sneers saying: You because, but roasts to be extinguished, thinks that I can revenge for them? Therefore calls the old ancestor I to come out?” 但火鬃祖圣在听完之后,却是毫不动怒,反而冷笑道:“你可是因为炙氏被灭,以为我必会为他们报仇么?所以才唤得老祖我出来么?” Roasts is Shanyang, this department took roasting as the surname, but after moving to north a day of cold deep pool, has distinguished with the day ghost clan and tribe, this in addition changed the nomen, because of its used the reason to avoid by the northern day of cold deep pool life being regarded as the foreign enemy, has tacitly approved this grade of procedure by the day ghost ancestor department, in the recent ten thousand years, called by Shanyang. 炙氏便是山阳氏,此部本是以“炙”为姓,只是迁居到了北天寒渊之后,为与天鬼部族有所区别,这才另改可族名,因其所用理由是为避免被北天寒渊生灵视作外敌,是以天鬼祖部也默认了这等做法,近万年来,都是以山阳氏称呼。 The flint azure and cannot find out this ghost ancestor's temperament, is the fear, hurries saying: Does not dare, but outside cultivator knew how things stand big magical powers for serveral days, is hard to resist with all one's strength, thinks it over, in several ancestor Saints, may only have to roast the old ancestor solvable predicament.” 燧青兼摸不清这位鬼祖的脾气,也是害怕,慌忙道:“不敢,只是这些天外修士有数位大神通者,难以力敌,思来想去,几位祖圣之中,可唯有炙老祖可解困局。” Hot long neck hair ghost ancestor faint smile: „ You will speak actually, although the old ancestor knows under your heart to decide so does not think, but listens is comfortable, but outside cultivator left the western spatial inaccessible remote area to be really far for serveral days, has not hit, also why so worries? „ 火鬃鬼祖似笑非笑道:“你倒是会说话,老祖虽知你心下定不是如此想,但听来就是舒服,不过那些天外修士离着西空绝域甚远,又未曾真个打来,又何必如此着急?“ The jiong hibernation of insects opened the mouth to say at this time: Only falls the imperial edict because of the upper boundary, must make this matter.” 炅蛰这时开口道:“只因上界降诏,才需去做此事。” Hot long neck hair ghost ancestor disdains saying: Roasts the posterity to be useless, will be extinguished, but you and others are also incompetent, beyond the day did these ask you and others to subjugate beyond the day cultivator you and others to go immediately? The old ancestor I early then has said that this generation reveals only part of the truth, cannot deeply believe.” 火鬃鬼祖不屑言道:“炙氏后人无用,才会被人灭去,而你等也是无能,天外那些叫你等征讨天外修士你等便就去了么?老祖我早便说过,此辈藏头露尾,不可深信。” The jiong hibernation of insects said calmly: Roasts the ancestor Saint to be all-resourceful, from not needing to respect the life of upper boundary, but the later generation subjects by the Ze of upper boundary, can the prosperous ten thousand years, if not present, since, fears the disaster, therefore has to be.” 炅蛰平静言道:“炙祖圣神通广大,自无需尊奉上界之命,可后辈子民受上界之泽,得以兴盛万余载,如不奉从,恐有大难,故不得不为。” Hot long neck hair ghost ancestor looked at his several eyes, said: Your this jiong junior spoke but actually also straightforwardly, was good, since the old ancestor I awoke, should move the vitality, this then went to that place deep pool, and others cultivator that class of day besides for you extinguishes.” 火鬃鬼祖看了他几眼,道:“你这炅氏小辈说话倒也率直,也好,既然老祖我已是睡醒,也该活动活动气血,这便去那处地渊,替你等将那班天外修士除灭了。” The flint azure and urgently urgently said: „ Roasted ancestor Saint, on the king had already put that check moon/month of ancestor Saint, if two can converge, that then greatly had the stratagem which ensures success. „ 燧青兼急急言道:“炙祖圣,王上早已将那勾月祖圣放了出来,两位若是能汇合一处,那便大有胜算了。“ Hot long neck hair ghost ancestor snort|hum, said: How old ancestor I wants to do then how does, where wheel obtains your this junior to speak? Let alone the old ancestor I gets rid, never needs other people to assist!” 火鬃鬼祖哼了一声,道:“老祖我想如何做便如何做,哪里轮得到你这小辈来说话?何况老祖我出手,也从来不需他人相助!” His vertical leaps, world seemed vibrated, the blood light soared together, is leaps not to see. 他一个纵腾,天地好似震动了一下,一道血光腾空而起,已是跃去不见。 The jiong hibernation of insects also understands that regarding a monster ancestor, how it to do, at all not for bystander about, regardless of you agree also well, did not agree that not half minute use, formerly one after another was in unfavorable situation, he was compelled to offer this bad plan, he looks in the day, said: This time , if in unfavorable situation again, north subjugates a day of war, only possibly hundred years later.” 炅蛰也是明白,对于一位妖祖来说,其到底会如何做,根本不会为外人所左右,无论你同意也好,不同意也罢,并无半分用处,也是先前接连失利,他才被逼得不得不出此下策,他看去天中,言道:“此次若再失利,征讨北天之战,只可能是在百年之后了。” ...... …… ......( Not ……(未 Ends being continued 完待续 ~^~) ~^~)
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