GDC :: Volume #7 踏破乾坤拿日月

#1292: Gully quarry stone natural moat hindrance

all Bu sees the advantage on, draws back with the danger, if this time some certain stealthy lowly one stir up in the back again, goes on a punitive expedition against Northern Heaven or has twists and turns again.” “诸部见利则上,遇危则退,此回若是再有某些鬼祟小人在背后煽动,征伐北天或再有所波折。” Gui Zhe will worry saying that under several Elder are also terrified one startled, they formerly are thinking how to dispatch person Northern Heaven Cold Depths again, but actually has not been thinking in various will go wrong once more, but a reminder, just now consciousness this matter to be not be ignored at this moment, they know the one breath to raise not to be easy, but must release is very simple. 炅蛰将自己顾虑说了出来,底下几名长老也是悚然一惊,他们先前只是想着如何再遣人北天寒渊,倒未想着诸部之中会再次出了乱子,但此刻得一提醒,方才意识此事不可小视,他们都知一口气提上来不容易,但要泄去却十分简单。 Even if all Bu is unable to disobey the upper boundary imperial order blatantly, but once idles to flinch with this excuse, wants to agitate again, be formerly more difficult than ten times of hundred times. 诸部纵然无法公然违逆上界诏令,可一旦以此为借口懈怠退缩,再想鼓动起来,要比先前困难十倍百倍。 The Gui Zhe look is deep, said: At present must find out means to recall the momentum, it seems like formerly that discussed to change changes.” 炅蛰眼神深沉,道:“眼下需想出一个办法挽回声势了,看来先前那计议要变上一变了。” Sui Qingjian startled [say / way]: On king wants to ask that to act?” 燧青兼惊道:“王上想要请那一位出面么?” Gui Zhe said: Although so makes some suspicions of using a talented person in an insignificant position, but only has me also to exceed, only then makes all Bu feel at ease.” 炅蛰道:“虽是如此做有些大材小用之嫌,但唯有我也胜过一场,方可让诸部心安。” Various Elder are lowers the head to ponder that here advantages are not truly good to act bashful. 长老都是低头细想起来,这里间利弊确实不好拿捏。 Gui Zhe waved, said: Draws back.” 炅蛰挥了挥手,道:“诸位都退下吧。” Audiences Elder bows a ritual, diverged. 一众长老躬身一礼,都是散去了。 Gui Zhe stands up from the place, he comes to bringing up the rear, before has the profound column that ten encircle greatly decides, under the column sits cross-legged to sit one to look stunned, the head ties tall Ji Taoist devotee, but the body on tap has [gold/metal] chains, why cannot see concrete cultivation base. 炅蛰自座上站起,他来至殿后,在一根大有十围的玄柱之前立定,柱下盘膝坐有一名神情木然,头结高髻的道人,只是身上栓有一条条金链,看不出具体修为为何。 He said: Guo True Monarch, this King must direct this Baozhu, needed you to strive.” 他道:“郭真君,本王要使唤此宝柱,需你出力了。” That Taoist devotee looks at his one eyes, then slowly puts out a hand, builds toward that profound column above, that shaft sends out light brilliance immediately. 道人看他一眼,便缓缓伸出手来,往那玄柱之上一搭,那柱身顿时发出淡淡光华来。 Crosses for a long time, in the column has one to wear the pale blue hempen garments, the female virtual image of sent barefoot reveals that she resembles somewhat disgruntledly. Said: Ba Bai posterity, what also there is to seek me?” 过得许久,柱中有一名身着月白麻衣,被发跣足的女子虚象显露出来,她似有些不悦。言道:“伯白后人,又有何事寻我?” Gui Zhe said: Gou Yue Ancestor Saint, formerly matter changed, this King needed your excellency to make another incident, so long as has made, my Heavenly Ghost Tribe may all return to the people of your subordinate.” 炅蛰道:“勾月祖圣,先前之事有变,本王需得尊驾去做另一事,只要做成了,我天鬼部族可将贵方部下之民悉数放归。” Female silent moment, said: ” What? ” 那女子默然片刻,才道:”何事?” Gui Zhe said: For serveral days outside cultivator occupied seized the deep pool, resided in the Heavenly Ghost clansman in that place also completely to be enslaved, this King needed Gou Yue Ancestor Saint to eliminate some person entirely Jie.” 炅蛰道:“那些天外修士占夺了地渊,原先居于那处的天鬼族人也尽被奴役,本王勾月祖圣将此些人俱皆杀灭。” The female said: Then doesn't your Heavenly Ghost clansman remain?” 那女子道:“便你天鬼族人也是不留么?” Gui Zhe said calmly: „The prestige of Ancestral Saint getting rid. this King also knows, your excellency feared that could not keep the hand, so, that does not need to demand.” 炅蛰平静言道:“祖圣出手之威。本王亦是知晓,尊驾怕是根本留不了手,既如此,那也不必强求了。” The female has not spoken again, but the form was actually one pale. 那女子没有再说话,只是身影却是一下淡去了。 Gui Zhe knew the opposite party this is complied, when will depart, that was called Guo True Monarch Taoist devotee opened the mouth to say suddenly: Beyond day does cultivator come this? Can make the jiong white king you so dread, even does not hesitate to have the monster ancestor, wants to be comes person divine ability not to be small.” 炅蛰知对方这是答应了,正要离去时,那被称作“郭真君”的道人忽然开口道:“天外修士来此?能让炅白王你如此忌惮,甚至不惜请出妖祖,想是来人神通不小。” Gui Zhe halting footsteps, replied: That must call Guo True Monarch to be disappointed. Although the future similarly is cultivator, is different from your whence, for ten thousand years. Does this grade of character also see little?” 炅蛰站住脚步,回道:“那要叫郭真君失望了。来者虽同样是修士,却与你来处不同,万余年来。这等人物还见得少么?” Who would have thought that Taoist devotee hear of his words, not only has not seen disappointedly, the vision that lacked any spark of life has actually shone, said: Comes from elsewhere? If the rival is easy to mop up, wants to come jiong Bai King not to spare a glance to go, being disinclined fee lips and tongue, actually refute me at present, sees in Bai Wangxin to think sufficiently. Not necessarily such as on the mouth said like that has the energy.” 哪知那道人听他一言,非但未见失望,原本毫无生气的目光却是亮了起来,道:“自别处而来?若是敌手容易扫灭,想来炅白王会不屑一顾而去,懒得费此唇舌,眼下却来驳我,足以见白王心中所想。未必如嘴上说得那般有底气。” Gui Zhe said lightly: „ These people are somewhat different, how could but my has Heavenly Ghost defeated? „ After saying, he turns around immediately the line, but after exiting ten steps, the back actually hears the sound of laughing, his personal appearance slightly one slow, immediately steps out to depart. 炅蛰淡淡道:“那些人是有些不同,但我天鬼何曾败过?“说完之后,他当即转身而行,只是出去十来步后,背后却是传来哈哈大笑之声,他身形微微一慢,随即又加快脚步离去。 The Northern Heaven Cold Depths west place, drops two escape light extremely. Actually is Wen Qingxiang and Dong Jinzi two people, 北天寒渊极西之地,落下两道遁光。却是温青象东槿子二人, The deep pool was close to Western Void Faraway Lands, because of knowing Heavenly Ghost must hit, by Spirit Gate preparation here lay out array restrictive seal, to baffle Heavenly Ghost Tribe to this. 地渊所在本就挨近西空绝域,因知天鬼必会打了过来,是以灵门准备在这里布下阵法禁制,以阻遏天鬼部族到此。 Wen Qingxiang looks to the front. Said: Hears between two continents to have the natural moat impediment, it seems like it was this place.” 温青象看向前方。道:“听闻两洲之间有天堑阻隔,看来就是此地了。” Two people see to see. Is a vast cracks in the earth opening, precisely because of having here, in Mountains and Seas Realm the life can be four boundary four territories place Lu Fen. 二人入目所见。乃是一处一望无边的地裂豁口,也正是因有此处,山海界中生灵才得以把地陆分作了四疆四域。 Here is ordinary with Heavenly Ghost King City Startling Heaven Mountain, similarly has also covered entirely the strength of chaotic magnetism, if no Xiong Gold, the common evil spirit different races are certainly difficult to fly acorss. 这里与天鬼王城惊穹山一般,同样也是布满了乱磁之力,若无匈金,寻常妖魔异类绝难飞渡过去。 However here actually float the spatial quarry stone, above lives a named full algae the vegetation, its attachment magnetic force lives, is can only the excursion cross the thing of emptying. 不过此处却有一块块浮空乱石,其上生一种名为盈藻的草木,其依附磁力而生,是此间唯一可以漂游渡空之物。 This some quarry stone big endure compared with the continent land, the small also hundred mu surrounding areas, changes according to some unique rule mutually, if some people walk on, so long as jumps to cross along this quarry stone, can arrive at the opposite. 此些乱石大者堪比洲陆,小者也有百亩方圆,依照某种独特规律相互变动,若有人在上行走,只要沿着这乱石跳渡,就能到达对面。 If Heavenly Ghost Tribe most parts want to pass through here, thus subjugates various Nine Continents factions, either to transfer the technique of moving to go to Northern Heaven Cold Depths directly, either honest from this pumice previous in the past. 天鬼部族大部要想穿过此处,从而征讨九洲各派,要么以转挪之术直接去北天寒渊,要么就老老实实从这浮石上过去。 Before this does not have nothing the evil spirit to try to destroy this thing, is only here quarry stone is innumerable, is the break falls, will erupt again from the place gully, gradually, made the action of this using on nobody. 此前也不是无有妖魔想要设法毁去此物,只是这里乱石数不胜数,便是断裂落下,也会自地壑之中再喷发上来,久而久之,也就无人做此用之举了。 Dong Jinzi tried to fly to escape, discovered that by the energy of Heavenly Cave Daoist, this magnetic force could not hinder her actually, but before consuming magic power is actually , several fold, this was also only in the place of place gully edge, if toward . The difficult coercive force not to be bigger, if such crosses two continents, perhaps her magic power exhausted did not arrive. 东槿子试了飞遁了一下,发现以洞天真人之能,这磁力倒是阻碍不了她,但是耗费法力却是之前数倍之多,这还只是在地壑边缘之处,若是往里去。难保磁力不会更大,要是就这么横穿两洲,恐怕她法力耗尽了也到不了。 Wen Qingxiang put out a hand, picks some spirit algae to come back, but succeeding in obtaining is not long, actually changed to pile of lime, diverged quickly with the wind. 温青象一伸手,摘了一些灵藻回来,只是到了手中未久,却是化作了一堆白灰,很快随风散去。 Dong Jinzi saw, Said quickly: It seems like Shanyang these evil spirit said not empty, these spirit algae can only in save to live in the magnetic force, to elsewhere, dry rotten and died.” 东槿子见了,便道:“看来山阳氏那些妖魔所言不虚,这些灵藻只能在在磁力之中存生,到了别处,就会枯烂而死。” Wen Qingxiang said: Myriad things good fortune, has fate respectively, what a pity has nothing cultivates the person of High Sky Sect cultivation technique here, when otherwise can discover mysteriously.” 温青象道:“万物造化,各有定数,可惜无有修得太昊派功法之人在此,否则当能找出其中奥妙。” His he wants to try whether to bring this spirit algae to go back the sacrifice to refine, by facilitating will attack Western Void Faraway Lands in the future, since were inadequate, that then considered as finished, then has nothing this thing, they same had many means to pass this gully. 他他本想试着能否带了些这灵藻回去祭炼,以方便将来攻打西空绝域,既然不成,那便算了,便是无有此物,他们一样有许多办法可过去这地壑。 Orderly is means that bonds to the Mountains and Seas Realm air/Qi beside, falls Western Void Faraway Lands directly, similarly is means. 按部就班是一个办法,去往山海界气障之外,直接落去西空绝域,同样是一个办法。 Dong Jinzi looked in the day to look at this time suddenly, is astonished saying: Warm honorable person, you looks at that thing, but Muddy Heavens Blue Sky?” 东槿子这时忽然望天中望去,微讶道:“温真人,你看那物可是浑天青空么?” Wen Qingxiang upward looked at one, the piece of azure cloud float in the place above, thinks indeed with sees Muddy Heavens Blue Sky to have nothing the distinction in Cold Jade Sea Continent, he has thought that said: Hears above Western Void Faraway Lands to have in a big way rolls Muddy Heavens Blue Sky, this thing separable tangible, perhaps floats from that place.” 温青象往上看了一眼,有一片青云漂浮在上方,思的确与在寒玉海州见到得浑天青空无有分别,他思索了一下,道:“听闻西空绝域上方有大团浑天青空,此物可分可聚,或许是从那处飘来的。” Dong Jinzi said: Hears this thing in addition all day long, in I and others might as well entered searches, if, tried to refine to melt immediately to bring.” 东槿子道:“听闻此物另成天地,我等不妨入内一探,若是可以,便就设法炼化了带回去。” Wen Qingxiang considers slightly, agrees immediately. 温青象稍作考虑,便就同意下来。 They by oneself will not go, even if the body has greatest divine ability, will not intrude in the boundary that oneself has not understood carelessly, to all melt Clone, invests toward. 他们二人自不会亲身进去,哪怕身具莫大神通,也不会胡乱闯入自身不曾了解的地界中,是以俱都是化出一具分身,往里投入。 At this moment another side, the silver glow is actually comes to north by west together, above the light rainbow person of precisely that check moon/month of monster ancestor standing, this moment its whole body vitality was restrained extremely lowly, weakly to making the person is unable to detect. 此刻另一边,一道银芒却是由西向北而来,光虹之上所立之人正是那勾月妖祖,此刻其浑身气血被收敛到极低,微弱至令人无法察觉 To gully natural moat, resembling is the strength of chaotic magnetism has nothing the half minute to affect to her, jumped over the past directly, but just must arrive at Northern Heaven Cold Depths, she actually feels that Void Enlightenment Beautiful Diagram the strength of hauling, well, has frowned to transfer several. 到了地壑天堑这处,似是乱磁之力对她无有半分影响,径直越了过去,只是方才要到得北天寒渊,她却感受到那知空锦绣图的牵引之力,不禁咦了一声,蹙眉转了几圈。 However this chart is Hong about observing Sect Uplifting Treasure, Zhang Yan and Qin and mountain two Sect Master transporting caused with joint forces, was not she can ascertain, after the place was detained quite a while, still has nothing the half minute harvest, has to receive the thoughts, turned the head to depart, 不过此图乃是弘合观镇派之宝,又得张衍与秦、岳两位掌门合力运使,绝不是她一人可以窥破的,在地滞留半天之后,仍是无有半分收获,只好收了心思,转头离去, Several days later, finally before deep pool, according to the agreement, she must person all kill. 数天之后,终是到了地渊之前,按照约定,她需将此间之人俱是杀死。 If not for the regulations formerly some commitment, she very has not would rather make this matter, pities the opposite party actually, but after is the evil spirit different races to has returned the ancestor body, the vitality was unable by Outer Medicine to provide , can only raise to refine by oneself, at this time the date was actually extremely long. 实则若不是先前有过承诺,她十分不情愿来做此事,倒不是怜悯对方,而是妖魔异类到了返还祖身之后,气血已无法靠外药供养,只能靠自身养炼,这时日却是极为漫长。 Eliminates the rival possibly only to need the flash, the vitality that but from flying the escaping vault of heaven to starting divine ability, used in this period probably must makes up with dozens day and even the last hundred days, this is then good, if with lifting a physical strength of mountain moves the bricks and stones, is the action of gain does not equal the loss. 杀灭敌手可能只需一瞬间,但从飞遁天穹到发动神通,期间所用去的气血或许要用数十日乃至上百日补足回来,这便好若用抬起一座山的气力去搬动砖石,是得不偿失之举。 When she is just about downward to go, suddenly felt an inexplicable strength link protects here, immediately knows one not under own can greatly a generation of ambush in this. 只是她正要往下去时,忽感得一股莫名力量环护此处,立刻知晓有一不下于自己的大能之辈潜伏在此。 She had pondered over, she just now drowns oneself in the dormancy to wake up, the strength has not replied, the odds of success is not really big, then no longer here stays, but is Cold Jade Sea Continent flies, if that nobody defends imperial, can have a confession to Gui Zhe. 她思忖了一下,自己方才自沉眠中醒来,实力未复,胜算着实不大,便不再此处停留,而是寒玉海州飞去,若是那处无人守御,便可对炅蛰有个交代。 Her line escapes, was passed by the bright bright monster ancestor to sink on the way exactly the place of dormancy, here land was destroyed completely, now remaining the vast expanse of water, silently has only felt, actually reveals the surprised color. 她一路行遁,途中恰是路过焕明妖祖原先沉眠之地,这里地陆完全被打碎了,如今只剩下了一片汪洋,默默感受了一下,却是露出惊讶之色。 Big divine ability who if two are monster ancestor level fights the war, Internal Qi that but it scatters, even if millenniums ago , will not eliminate, the blood that even its flowed may make here Shui profit, the entire tribal group may be prosperous, 若是两名达到妖祖层次的大神通者斗战,只是其流散出来的气机,哪怕千年前之后都不会消去,甚至其等流淌下来的鲜血可让此处水族受益,整个族群都可为之兴盛, However has only felt the bright bright monster ancestor's vitality here, another person is to actually have nothing any trace stays behind, as if never exists general, 然而在此处只感受了焕明妖祖的气血,另一人却是无有任何痕迹留下,似乎从不存在一般, She knows beyond the day cultivator cultivation non- is the law of vitality, but the half minute aura has not preserved continually, explained that its mortal body not leaks, several to perfect boundary. 她知晓天外修士修炼的非是气血之法,但是连半分气息也未留存,说明其肉身无漏,几至完满之境。 This grade of rival, the reality is fearful. 这等敌手,实是可怕之极。 be hesitant, is decision toward a Cold Jade Sea Continent view , after is several day, arrives at beside this continent immediately, but has not been close , is actually the body trembles, looks up. 犹豫了一下,还是决定往寒玉海州一观,又是几日后,便就到得此洲之外,但还未曾挨近,却是身躯一颤,不禁抬头看去。 On that day arched, hangs a colossus, the innumerable auspicious signs were being towed from distant place one one wisp by it, swallows into the body again slowly. 在那天穹之中,悬有一头庞然大物,无数紫气正被其从远处一丝一缕牵引过来,再缓缓吞入身躯之内。 She reveals the startled color unconsciously, in her opinion, tyrannical of this thing, is hard to estimate radically, then when is most flourishing is unable the enemy to cross, when is weak at present, sighed one, has, but retreats. Comes to a bonin island continent above, washes one's hands to throw a big profound column, gets up to refer, when Gui Zhe emerges from, then said: In the deep pool has is not inferior to my big divine ability to guard, is unable to start.” 她不觉露出惊色,在她看来,此物之强横,根本难以揣度,便是自己全盛之时无法敌过,别说眼下虚弱之时,叹了一声,只得无奈退去。来至一处无人岛洲之上,抖手扔出一根高大玄柱,起指一点,待炅蛰自里浮出,便言道:“地渊之中有不亚于我的大神通者镇守,无法下手。” Gui Zhe once has thought obviously also this possibility, not how disappointed, draws back to ask the next [say / way]: That Gou Yue Ancestor Saint whether can melt hindrance between two continents?” 炅蛰显然也曾想过这个可能,并未如何失望,退而求其次道:“那勾月祖圣是否可以化解两洲之间的阻碍?” The female shakes the head saying: „The Ba Bai posterity, this your this rival is not extremely simple, did not say that above the arrangement has nothing any oversight, the strength is also immeasurably deep, I am also have a mind to be incapable, you or may seek help from the day.” 那女子摇头道:“伯白后人,此次你这敌手极不简单,不说布置之上无有任何疏漏,实力也深不可测,我亦是有心无力,你或可向天外求助。” ...... …… ......( Not ……(未 Ends being continued 完待续 ~^~) ~^~)
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