GE :: Volume #13

#1212: Primal Chaos gives birth to Yin and Yang!

When the body all protects oneself the limit to relieve completely, this moment Ning Fan, felt the unprecedented great strength, felt intense ill. 当身体所有自我保护限制全部解除,这一刻的宁凡,感到了前所未有的强大,也感到了强烈不适。 The strength upper limit, the Divine Sense upper limit and Magic Force speed of flow upper limit in this moment, rose suddenly completely several times! 力量上限、神念上限、法力流速上限在这一刻,全部暴涨了十几倍! The appearance blue vein rises suddenly, causes Ning Fan at first sight, some were rogue! 面目青筋暴涨,使得宁凡乍看之下,有些过于凶恶了! The heart of Ancient God, beats at breath 67 times frequencies fiercely, as if will momentarily explode general! 古神的心脏,以一息67次的频率剧烈跳动,仿佛随时都会爆开一般! The blood in within the body, under the Yin-Yang Qi influence, has become the bursting a dike rivers and streams, dashed in the blood vessel, lost the control! 体内的血液,在阴阳二气影响下,成了决堤的江河,在血管里冲撞,失去了控制! Senior lifts younger generation within the body protection limit, uses is it possible that is these Yin-Yang Qi? The younger generation never knows Yin-Yang Qi also to be possible so to use unexpectedly...” Ning Fan surprised said. 前辈解除晚辈体内保护限制,用的莫非是这些阴阳二气?晚辈竟从来不知阴阳二气还可这般使用…”宁凡意外道 The matter that Hehe, you do not know are many. What kind, how limits the feeling of fully opened?” Omniscient Old Man smiles to ask. 嘿嘿,你不知道的事情还多着呢。怎样,限制全开的感觉如何?”全知老人笑问道。 Is very strong! My cultivation base without/has not any change, but the strength actually rises the limit that nowadays cultivation base has been able to stimulate.” “很强!我的修为没有任何改变的,但实力却上升到了现如今修为可以激发的极限。” Did not ask that your become stronger or not, that matter, Old Man can judge with the eye, how could not to know that your aura rose suddenly the what kind of degree. Old Man asked that is the side effect of your body is whether intense.” “不是问你变强与否,那种事情,老夫用眼睛就能判断出来,岂能不知你气息暴涨到了何等程度。老夫问的,是你身体的副作用是否强烈。” Fortunately.” “还好吧。” Ning Fan felt that at this moment, looks like unceasing air-blowing bring up/rear ball, his Divine Spirit Mortal Body intensity is extremely high, therefore bring up/rear ball can hold more air/Qi, but is insufficient to be exploded by the brace easily. 宁凡感觉此刻的自己,就像是一个不断鼓气的鞠球,他神灵肉身强度极高,故而鞠球可以容纳更多的气,而不至于被轻易撑爆。 Saw that Earthman?” “看到那个土人了吗?” Yellow Earth Giant of Omniscient Old Man suddenly finger/refers of remote place. 全知老人忽而一指遥远处的一个黄土巨人 The Ning Fan at this moment place, is Omniscient Old Man refining somewhere Treasure Space, this world specifically is used in cultivation trying to incur, in finds at everywhere million zhang (3.33 m) high Yellow Earth Giant. 宁凡此刻所处的地方,是全知老人炼制的某处界宝空间,此界专门用于修炼试招,界内随处可见百万丈之高的黄土巨人 These Yellow Earth Giant are not the living creature, appearance is similar to the clay figure, the function is similar to the target. That loess is not Mortal thing, but is named hard armor clay Real World immortal materials. This hard armor clay degree of hardness wonderful high exceptionally, but cannot flow Magic Force because of the material quality, therefore cannot be used in treasure refinement, building up puppet, Real World cultivator often takes this hard armor clay pile of loess clay figurines, uses as the cultivation target. 这些黄土巨人不是活物,形貌类似于泥像,功用类似于标靶。那黄土不是凡物,而是一种名为硬甲泥真界仙料。这种硬甲泥硬度奇高异常,但因材质不能流动法力,故而不能用于炼器、炼傀,真界修士时常拿这种硬甲泥堆黄土泥人,作为修炼标靶来使用。 Saw.” Ning Fan replied. “看到了。”宁凡答道。 This Earthman makes by hard armor clay, although is lifeless, its firm is actually well-known Real World \; Because of hard armor clay unique fusion nature, Earthman that piles is huge, its Earthman defense also even more is then hard. million zhang (3.33 m) great Earthman, almost may meet Quasi-Saint Divine Ability hardly, but sends does not damage. And you try, by your present strength, possibly fist bang broken million zhang (3.33 m) Earthman.” Omniscient Old Man said. “此土人是以硬甲泥制成,虽无生命,其坚固却闻名真界\;更因硬甲泥特有的聚变性质,堆出的土人越是巨大,其土人防御便也愈发坚硬。百万丈之巨的土人,几乎可硬接准圣神通而毫发不损了。你且试试,以你如今实力,可能一拳轰碎百万土人。”全知老人道。 Can achieve? Ning Fan is indefinite, after all he is first time makes body limit fully opened, under this condition, his body can erupt many strengths, he is not clear. 能做到吗?宁凡也不确定,毕竟他还是第一次令身体极限全开,这种状态下,他的身体能爆发出多少力量,他自己也不清楚。 Cross Halo, opens! 十字光环,开! Eternal True Body, opens! 万古真身,开! Ning Fan changes to the body of Golden Flame, changes to golden rainbow to flush away toward that Yellow Earth Giant together, then a fist falls. 宁凡化作金焰之身,化作一道金虹朝那黄土巨人冲去,而后一拳落。 This fist without/has not uses any Divine Ability, even if so, fist strength that erupts, was still several times of past fist strength! 这一拳没有使用任何神通,饶是如此,爆发出的拳力,仍是以往拳力的十几倍! This ordinary fist, was almost equal to Ancient Demon Mountain Breaking Strike that usually made! 这普普通通的一拳,几乎相当于平时打出的古魔破山击了! So astonishing fights with the fists on Yellow Earth Giant, actually only hits the giant fiercely to sway, after the moment, the giant sways to stop, its body surface without/has not was made the least bit trace by Ning Fan unexpectedly. 如此惊人的一拳打在黄土巨人身上,却只打得巨人剧烈摇晃,片刻后,巨人摇晃停止,其体表竟没有宁凡打出半点痕迹。 On the contrary after is the fist of Ning Fan by this giant damage reflection, shakes smash into pieces fingers/tiger mouth, palm blood directing current. 反倒是宁凡的拳头被这巨人反震之后,震碎了虎口,掌心鲜血直流。 No! fingers/tiger mouth breaks, is great strength damage reflection so is not only simple, if casual damage reflection will injure and oneself, Ning Fan made Ancient Demon Mountain Breaking successive strike(s) in the past, decides does not know that suffered many heavy injury. 不!虎口震碎,不仅仅是巨力反震那么简单,倘若随随便便反震就会伤及自身,宁凡以往打出古魔破山连击,定已不知遭受多少次重创了。 This is not damage reflection, this is... backlash! 这不是反震,这是…反噬 This backlash is not external brings, but was the Ning Fan body had the damage! His ordinary fist, the prestige can endure compared with usual Ancient Demon Mountain Breaking Strike, so large scale strength promoting, naturally needs to pay the price, that price, is Extremity Force that the body cannot withstand to erupt at this moment, had the wound of backlash! 反噬不是外在带来的,而是宁凡身体内部有了损伤!他平平常常一拳,威能堪比平时的古魔破山击,如此大幅度的实力提升,自然需要付出代价,那代价,便是身体承受不住此刻爆发出的极力,有了反噬之伤! The significance that this indeed cultivator within the body exist(ence) protects oneself to limit is at! 正是修士体内存在自我保护限制的意义所在! Lifts the limit is wound enemy 1000, damages the 800 behavior, is one type by the method that the life fights tooth and nail! 解除限制是一种伤敌一千、自损八百的行为,是一种以命搏命的手段! „It is not right! It is not right! Your this fist still had scruples, cannot help but kept the strength. The limit of your body opened, psychological limit actually also without/has not opens! You are injured in the fear! Although Old Man makes you keep the strength, may not make you not make an effort completely, you just this fist, can it be was your fully! Old Man can help your body limit, but the restriction of innermost feelings, actually needs you to release. In the middle of your life, may have any time not to defeat, cannot lose, cannot lower the head!” Omniscient Old Man asked with a frown. “不对!不对!你这一拳仍旧有所顾忌,不由自主留了力。你身体的限制打开了,心理的限制却还没有打开!你是在害怕受伤吗!老夫虽说让你有所留力,可却没让你完全不用力,你刚刚这一拳,难道就是你的全力吗!老夫可以帮你身体限制,但内心的制约,却需要你自己释放。你一生当中,可有什么时刻不可败,不可输,不可低头!”全知老人皱眉问道 Has...” “有…” May have any archenemy, must kill! May have any person, hope with the life protection!” “可有什么大敌,非杀不可!可有什么人,愿拿性命守护!” Has...” “有…” memories you smallest and weakest and most desperate that moment, this Yellow Earth Giant, regards that to make your desperate archenemy, the bang kills fully!” 回忆你最弱小、最绝望的那一刻,将这黄土巨人,当成那名令你绝望的大敌,全力轰杀!” But Senior also made younger generation receive the strength a moment ago...” “可前辈刚才还让晚辈收力…” Hurry up! Has killed Hong Jun! He is cancelling the finger to me, has killed him!” Omniscient was also insane, is pointing at distant place that Yellow Earth Giant, will compel Ning Fan the bang to kill. “快点!杀了鸿钧!他在对我勾手指,杀了他!”全知又疯了,指着远处那尊黄土巨人,强令宁凡将之轰杀。 Ai... 哎… Facing trivial Yellow Earth Giant, Ning Fan a little cannot really be insane, for does not make Omniscient continue to go crazy, he decides to satisfy the Omniscient desire, the bang breaks to pieces that Yellow Earth Giant. 面对区区一个黄土巨人,宁凡实在有点疯不起来,不过为了不让全知继续发疯,他决定满足全知的愿望,轰碎那黄土巨人 Close your eyes, deeply takes a breath, when opens again, in the Ning Fan eye a heartlessness, looks at that Earthman, such as looks at the archenemy. 闭上眼,深吸一口气,再睁开时,宁凡眼中一片无情,看那土人,如看大敌。 Then, he fights with the fists once again to Yellow Earth Giant, this time uses is not the ordinary fist strength, but is... Ancient Demon Mountain Breaking Strike! 而后,他再度一拳打向黄土巨人,这一次用的不是普通拳力,而是…古魔破山击 Under this moment limiting condition, his ordinary fist was then equal to past Ancient Demon Mountain Breaking Strike \; Uses Ancient Demon Mountain Breaking Strike, the prestige energy is terrifying, was almost equal to past 800 successive strike(s)! 此刻极限状态下,他普通一拳便相当于以往的古魔破山击\;使用古魔破山击,威能自是更加恐怖,几乎相当于以往的八百连击了! The fist strength opens, among Heaven and Earth Demon Mountain shadow transformation, then, Shan Beng (mountain collapse)! 拳力一开,天地魔山虚影幻化而出,而后,山崩 That is not ordinary Shan Beng (mountain collapse), but is volcano eruption from inside to outside! 那不是普通的山崩,而是火山自内而外的喷发! Bang! 轰! Ning Fan this fist, has made the little spider web shape fissure on Yellow Earth Giant finally. 宁凡这一拳,终于在黄土巨人身上打出了少许蛛网形状的裂痕。 This strikes to make an effort excessively fiercely, the backlash nature previous strikes is heavier, Ning Fan entire fist bone smashed into pieces! 这一击用力过猛,反噬自然比前一击更重,宁凡整个拳骨都粉碎了 To prevent Omniscient Senior goes crazy, this price also was too rather big...” The Ning Fan forced smile, was planning that by the self-recovery method treatment fist bone, Omniscient Old Man actually first one step take action, treated for him. “就算是为了阻止全知前辈发疯,这代价未免也太大了…”宁凡苦笑,正打算以自愈手段治疗拳骨,全知老人却先一步出手,替他治疗了。 Four Forms present! Fourth Water Immortal step forward!” 四象现!水仙丁出列!” As in the Omniscient Old Man mouth mumbled, its whole body had the massive Yin-Yang Qi fluctuation immediately. 随着全知老人口中念念有词,其周身顿时有了大量的阴阳二气浮动。 That Yin-Yang Qi rises from time to time, from time to time drops, finally, Yin-Yang Qi transformation left the endless lake sea, Omniscient Old Man has trod the lake sea to stand, this moment he, the appearance suddenly changed under the Yin-Yang Qi influence, unexpectedly turned into 6 or 7-year-old Boy. 阴阳二气时而上升,时而下降,最终,阴阳二气幻化出了无尽湖海,全知老人踏湖海而立,这一刻的他,外貌在阴阳二气影响下陡然一变,竟变成一个六七岁的童子 That Boy is gripping child hair bun, appearance and Omniscient Old Man looks like very much, simply looks like the Omniscient Old Man diminished version and young version. 童子扎着童髻,外貌和全知老人很像,简直就像是全知老人的缩小版、年轻版。 The only different place is, when Omniscient Old Man is senile, is only Nascent Soul cultivator, after turned into Boy, cultivation base is unexpectedly profound to Ning Fan cannot see the depth! 唯一不同的地方是,全知老人老态龙钟时,只是一介元婴修士,变成童子以后,修为竟高深到宁凡看不出深浅! Saint!” 圣人!” Ning Fan complexion changes, although he cannot see the Omniscient Boy depth, but actually sensation, the Omniscient Boy aura absolutely in most flourishing Ant Lord even more massive compared with Dreamland, be vaster! 宁凡面色一变,他虽说看不出童子全知的深浅,但却感知的出,童子全知的气息绝对要比梦境中的全盛蚁主更庞大,更浩瀚! Is stronger than Saint, how could it not be Saint! 圣人更强,岂非圣人乎! Has made a mistake, Old Man to say again one time, Old Man is not Saint, is only small Nascent Soul. But Old Man and general Nascent Soul cultivator is different, Old Man has cultivated 44 Samsaras Nascent Soul Stage fully, ancient since, never who treats in Nascent Soul Stage is longer than Old Man. If not so, does not dare to claim without justification is Eternal Nascent Soul First Person.” Omniscient Boy answered. “错了,老夫再说一次,老夫不是圣人,只是一介小小元婴。只不过老夫和一般的元婴修士不同,老夫整整修了四十四纪轮回元婴期,亘古至今,从未有谁在元婴期待得比老夫久。若非如此,也不敢妄称是亘古元婴第一人了。”童子全知解释道。 44, are only less than 43 one... 四十四,只比四十三少一呢… Hears this word suddenly, Ning Fan first reaction does not shock Omniscient Old Man profound cultivation base unexpectedly, unexpectedly is paying attention to certain common places. 骤闻此言,宁凡第一反应居然不是震惊全知老人的高深修为,居然是在关注某些不起眼的地方。 If were the average person said that 44, he will not care, this digit was extremely common, does not have any great idea. 倘若是普通人说一声四十四,他不会在意,这数字太过寻常,没什么好主意的。 May, the body of Omniscient have his Karma, then, Ning Fan looks at Omniscient 44 Samsaras, seemed initially saw that a Black Demon School 42 volcano was the same. 可偏偏,全知的身上有他的因果,如此一来,宁凡全知四十四纪轮回,就好似当初看到黑魔派四十二座火山一样。 He seemed has clear(ly) of when good luck comes the wits are sharpened to become aware, but that clear(ly) became aware, he appeared to understand but not really understand, is unable to say in the spoken language. 他好似有了福至心灵的明悟,只是那种明悟,他似懂非懂,更无法用言语说出。 When he, remembered past first time to go to the Fierce Wasteland spell of good or bad fortune. He remembers when he just arrived at Fierce Wasteland, Fierce Wasteland has 42 Territories, Fierce Wasteland Heavenly Dao Spirit Black Demon, similarly and Karma is grave. 他更恍惚间,想起了当年第一次前往蛮荒时的际遇。他记得他刚到蛮荒时,蛮荒四十二域,蛮荒天道灵黑魔,同样和自己因果深重。 Then he deeply does not think why Fierce Wasteland exactly is 42 Fierce Territories. 当时的他不会深想,为何蛮荒恰好是四十二个蛮域 But he will think 1st stratum now, 42, 43, 44, in this close digit, as if has Karma exist(ence)... 可如今他就会多想一层了,四十二,四十三,四十四,这相近的数字之中,似乎都有因果存在 Thereupon, sees Karma Ning Fan, has been distracted magnificently, Omniscient Old Man then also said any words, his without/has not hears clearly unexpectedly. 于是乎,看到因果宁凡,华丽地走神了,以至于全知老人接下来又说了什么话,他居然没有听清。 „... little friend Ning! The words that Old Man just spoke did you hear without/has not? If heard, responded to?” Omniscient Boy discontented say/way. “…宁小友老夫刚刚说的话你听到了没有?若是听到了,给个反应好吗?”童子全知不满道。 Excuse me, invited Senior to say again one time.” “不好意思,请前辈再说一次。” Old Man just said, the shape of Old Man this Narcissus is good at treating extremely, so long as among Heaven and Earth Yin-Yang Qi is unceasing, Old Man can guarantee your Undying/not dead! Therefore do not fear Hong Jun, kills Hong Jun this guy, hits the bone fracture, hits the disabled person! Some Old Man treat to you in the rear area! You fear a bird, fears to the crane the ball!” 老夫刚刚说,老夫这具水仙之象极其擅长治疗,只要天地阴阳二气不绝,老夫就能保你不死!所以不要怕鸿钧,打死鸿钧这厮,打骨折,打残废!有老夫在后方给你治疗!你怕个鸟,怕给鹤球!” Actually sees, Omniscient Boy Finger Secret Art pinches, Yin-Yang Qi between Heaven and Earth changes to Starlight to sprinkle immediately. 却见,童子全知指诀一掐,天地间的阴阳二气顿时化作星光洒落。 Resembles Star Technique, not Star Technique. Only what Ning Fan knows, after this Yin-Yang Qi sprinkles, fist bone split second that he crushes convalesced unexpectedly! 星术,又不似星术宁凡唯一知道的是,这阴阳二气洒落之后,他粉碎的拳骨竟一瞬间痊愈了! The Ning Fan itself thinks that Celestial Emperor Black Star Technique was very fierce, but this Omniscient Boy Yin-Yang Qi Healing Technique completely is not as if weak in Celestial Emperor! 宁凡本以为天帝黑星术已经十分厉害了,但这童子全知阴阳二气治疗术似乎完全不弱于天帝 Some Omniscient Boy treat in the one side, Ning Fan naturally does not need to be worried again backlash was injured. He has made many Ancient Demon Mountain Breaking Strike, the body of Yellow Earth Giant, the fissure are getting more and more, the spider web is getting more and more dense. 童子全知在一旁治疗,宁凡自然不必再担心反噬受伤了。他打出了更多的古魔破山击,黄土巨人的身上,裂痕越来越多,蛛网越来越密。 Ancient Demon Mountain Breaking Strike successive strike(s) are more, the prestige can be stronger, but because this moment Ning Fan strength does not limit, that backlash is also a fist is naturally heavier than a fist. 古魔破山击连击越多,威能越强,但由于此刻宁凡力量毫无限制,那反噬自然也是一拳比一拳重。 When 1000 successive strike(s), Ning Fan each fist leaves, will destroy an arm! 一千连击时,宁凡每一拳出,都会毁去一条手臂! When 3000 successive strike(s), backlash of each fist will make him lose the half body! 三千连击时,每一拳的反噬都会让他失去半边躯体! When 6000 successive strike(s), each fist can make his Mortal Body entire destruction, only remains Nascent Divinity to muddle through life ignobly! 六千连击时,每一拳都会令他肉身整个毁灭,只剩元神苟存! When 9000 successive strike(s), each fist can make his Nascent Divinity dissipation most! 九千连击时,每一拳都会令他元神消散大半! Under the limiting condition with the person showdown, was too dangerous! If not for there is Omniscient Boy Nitian (heaven defying) Healing Technique to assist in the one side, Ning Fan cannot project on 9000 successive strike(s), he will possibly hit 200 successive strike(s) unable to withstand injury to accumulate, backlash died! 极限状态下和人对决,太危险了!若不是有童子全知逆天治疗术在一旁辅助,宁凡根本打不到九千连击,他可能打个一二百连击就会承受不住伤势累积,反噬身亡! When Ning Fan makes 9000 successive strike(s), at this moment was shocked by the fist strength including him! 宁凡打出九千连击时,连他自己都被此刻的拳力震撼了! This is what kind of Destroy the Heavens and Exterminate the Earth strikes! 这是何等毁天灭地的一击! This is the prestige energy that many Second Level Quasi-Saint cannot make! 这是很多二阶准圣都打不出的威能! Hard such as million zhang (3.33 m) Yellow Earth Giant, this fought with the fists to explode by Ning Fan finally. 硬如百万黄土巨人,也终于被宁凡这一拳打爆了。 Sees that Omniscient Boy has a good laugh, good seems real saw that Ning Fan killed Hong Jun to be ordinary, after may laugh, gaze duplicate belonged to at a loss, traces child hair bun on head, some do not understand oneself were just smiling anything. 见状,童子全知仰天大笑,好似真的看到宁凡击毙了鸿钧一般,可大笑之后,目光复又归于茫然,摸摸脑袋上的童髻,有些不明白自己刚刚在笑什么。 Subsequently notes by Yellow Earth Giant that Ning Fan destroys, is surprised, you were insane! In good condition, why you must fight tooth and nail with trivial Earthman! Old Man did not say that makes you receive you to hit! Can destroy the attack of Earthman, should have what kind of terrifying backlash, if you by backlash collapsed and destroyed, how could it not be died directly treat unjustly!” 继而注意到被宁凡打碎的黄土巨人,大吃一惊,“你疯了吗!好端端的,你为何要和区区一个土人搏命!老夫不是说让你收着你打吗!能打碎土人的攻击,该有何等恐怖反噬啊,倘若你直接被反噬崩灭,岂非死得冤枉!” „...” Ning Fan had nothing to say in reply, obviously was you compelled me to destroy Earthman, why your each time memory one chaotic, must ask me to be a scapegoat, did we have a grudge? “…”宁凡无言以对,明明是你逼着我打碎土人的好吗,为何你每次记忆一乱,都要找我背锅,我们有仇? Said why I obviously melted including Four Forms, my least bit did not remember unexpectedly...” Omniscient Boy vacant say/way. “说起来,我为何连四象都显化出来了,我竟半点也不记得了…”童子全知茫然道。 „I see extremely, Senior said successively twice Four Forms, what this is Four Forms?” Ning Fan has relieved Eternal True Body and Cross Halo, returning to side Omniscient Boy to ask. “极我已经理解了,前辈先后说了两次四象,这四象又是何物?”宁凡解除了万古真身十字光环,回到童子全知身边问道。 Four Forms is... Four Forms is anything is coming, does not remember...” The Omniscient memory is not really reasonable. 四象是…四象是什么来着,不记得了…”全知的记性果然不靠谱。 After is vacant, Omniscient shouts and wrangles to say suddenly, wait a minute/etc.! Hold on a minute! Accommodates Old Man slowly! You just said that what! you destroy in Earthman this short time, then what that comprehends extremely Old Man said? Then incense stick?” 一阵茫然后,全知忽然大呼小叫道,“等等!且慢!容老夫缓缓!你刚刚说什么!你打碎土人这短短时间内,便领悟了老夫所说的极为何物?这才一炷香不到吧?” Yes.” “是。” You, and said, what the side in Old Man mouth is! Old Man in the past from hearing arrived at understanding extremely extremely, but has cost the 500 years time, even if so, had been called as natural talent Nitian (heaven defying) by Yin-Yang Sect up and down. If you can a incense stick comprehension extremely, how could it not be natural talent surpass Old Man a lot of times really? This is impossible!” “你且说说,老夫口中的极是何物!老夫当年从听说极到理解极,可是耗费了五百年的时间,饶是如此,已经被两仪宗上下称作资质逆天了。你若真能一炷香领悟极,岂非资质超出老夫千百倍?这不可能!” Ning Fan did not answer, only showed a faint smile, and referred to like the sword, in lake sea level that Omniscient changed, wrote down two great characters, the ripple opens, the character actually existed forever does not vanish. 宁凡也不作答,只微微一笑,并指如剑,在全知变化出的湖海水面,写下两个巨字,波纹开,字却长存不消失。 Primal Chaos 太极 Nothingness gives birth to Primal Chaos, Primal Chaos gives birth to Yin and Yang, Yin and Yang gives birth to Four Forms. This true words, often appear in cultivation Ancient Book. 无极生太极,太极生两仪,两仪生四象。这一句真言,时常在修真典籍中出现。 Omniscient Old Man transits the discipling from the Yin-Yang faction, kept on proclaiming to mention the character, mentioned Four Forms, Ning Fan naturally can with Primal Chaos, limitless and other Dao Law concept relations in one. 全知老人师承两仪派,口口声声提到极字,又提到四象,宁凡自然会和太极、无极等道法概念联系在了一起。 This actually not his perception astonishing, is really under the Omniscient Old Man crazy condition, the prompt that gives were too many. 这倒不是他悟性有多惊人,实在是全知老人疯癫状态下,给出的提示太多了。 Formerly Ning Fan saw in Ancient Book, what regarding Primal Chaos, limitless was, similarly felt obscure, but today, he as if somewhat understands. 从前宁凡看到典籍中的这一句,对于太极、无极是何物,同样感到费解,但今日,他似乎有些懂了。 Primal Chaos, refers to the true pinnacle of the cultivation! 太极,指的是修真者的极致 Limitless, Primal Chaos is the pinnacle! 无极,则是太极的极致 But limitless above duplicate limitless, therefore the road of cultivation will not forever have the limit, does not have the end. 而无极之上复无极也,故修真之路永无极限,更无尽头。 If some people cultivated the limitless end, made to have the beginning limitless, had finally, then that person also had the looking disdainfully world Saint strength mostly, but Sword Finger 4th step Inverse Saint Starting Heaven. 倘若真有人修出了无极的尽头,令无极有了始,有了终,则那人多半也有了睥睨天下圣人的实力,可剑指第四步逆圣开天了。 Perhaps Yin-Yang Sect quarrying a mountain Founder Yin-Yang Saint can achieve this matter, perhaps cannot, Ning Fan not see Yin-Yang Saint, he cannot determine this matter, is disinclined to inquire this secret. 或许两仪宗的开山祖师两仪圣能做到此事,或许不能,宁凡没见过两仪圣,他不能确定此事,也懒得打听这秘闻。 You understood unexpectedly, understood really...” Omniscient is greatly disappointed. Ning Fan an incense stick of time, achieves the matter that his 500 years has achieved, he first time suspected since birth were oneself a little stupid. “你竟懂了,真的懂了…”全知大受打击。宁凡一炷香时间,做到了他五百年才做到的事情,他有生以来第一次怀疑自己是不是有点蠢了。 No, actually I do not understand...” “不,其实我不太懂…” little friend Ning, you did not want modestly, the without/has not necessity cared about the Old Man's feeling. Old Man knows, you are more intelligent than Old Man, the head is easier-to-use than Old Man, therefore Master will take seriously you to surpass me in the past, yeah...” Omniscient Old Man also spoke nonsense in broken Broken Will, said that forgot, waited saying that big bunch of words, he does not even remember oneself have said anything. 宁小友,你就不要谦虚了,没有必要顾忌老夫的感受。老夫知道,你比老夫聪明,脑袋比老夫好使,所以师父当年才会重视你超过我,哎…”全知老人又在碎碎念说胡话了,说一点,忘一点,等说完了一大堆话,他甚至不记得自己说过些什么。 We just... Where chatted. wait a minute/etc.! Hold on a minute! Accommodates Old Man slowly! You hit smash into pieces Earthman unexpectedly! You must be so insane, must such go all out, this is only one time cultivation, is not Life and Death wrestles! You must compel Old Man to be worried about you! You must die your backlash!” “我们刚刚…聊到哪里了。等等!且慢!容老夫缓缓!你居然打碎了土人!你要不要这么疯,要不要这么拼命,这只是一次修炼,不是生死相搏!你非得逼老夫担心你是吗!你非得把自己反噬死是吗!” „...” Ning Fan was silent, really he and Omniscient Old Man are unable to chat happily. “…”宁凡沉默了,果然他和全知老人无法愉快聊天。 Was right, you just asked that Old Man what is Four Forms? To know really?” The topic returned subtly regularly, the unevenness is big. “对了,你刚刚问老夫什么是四象?真想知道?”话题微妙地回到了正规,跳跃性好大。 Yes.” “是。” You have heard such a few words, Nothingness gives birth to Primal Chaos, Primal Chaos gives birth to Yin and Yang, Yin and Yang gives birth to Four Forms...” “你听说过这么一句话吗,无极生太极,太极生两仪,两仪生四象…” Has listened.” “听过。” Well, who has written this Primal Chaos two characters in the water surface, the handwriting is quite ugly! Writes gnaws with the dog crawling crane is the same!” “咦,谁在水面写了这太极二字,字迹好丑!写得跟狗爬鹤啃的一样!” „...” “…” „Speaking of Primal Chaos, must say Yin-Yang, so-called Primal Chaos, indeed Old Man wanted to teach your thing, Old Man lifted all your body limits before, enabling you to achieve the limiting condition, this was extremely right, but actually by far was not Primal Chaos. Primal Chaos has two directions Birth and Death, non- Yin-Yang well distributed cannot be called as Primal Chaos, Life exists within Destruction, Destruction exists within Life, that's the way to cultivation pinnacle. You just realized that is Primal Chaos Life Boundary that Yin-Yang Qi urges, is pure Life Boundary, without/has not any Death Boundary limits. Then, Old Man will make you realize Death Boundary.” Quite mysterious, the topic came back. “说到太极,就得说一说两仪,所谓的太极,正是老夫想要教给你的东西,老夫之前解除你所有身体限制,使你达到了极限状态,这是极没错,但却远远不是太极太极有生灭两种方向,非阴阳调和不可称作太极,生中有灭,灭中有生,方为修之极致。你刚刚体会的,是阴阳二气催出的太极生境,是纯粹的生境,没有任何灭境限制。接下来,老夫会让你体会灭境。”好神奇,话题又回来了。 Omniscient Boy commanded, the whole body also had up and down fluctuates Yin-Yang Qi greatly. 童子全知一声喝令,周身上下又有大把阴阳二气浮动了。 Four Forms present! Second Fire Demon step forward!” 四象现!火魔乙出列!” Under the influence of Yin-Yang Qi, the Omniscient Boy appearance had the change, the surrounding terrain also had the change. 阴阳二气的影响下,童子全知的外貌有了改变,周围地形也有了改变。 The lake sea vanishes, turned into Sea of Fire, Omniscient Boy changes to middle-aged cultivator, stands erect in Sea of Fire. 湖海消失,变成火海,童子全知化作一个中年修士,屹立于火海中。 The middle-aged Omniscient whole body is condensed by Flame, complete is fire person \; His appearance still and Omniscient was similar, cultivation base same heaven shaking, to the feeling of Ning Fan Saint. 中年全知周身由火焰凝聚,完完全全是一个火人\;他的外貌仍旧和全知相似,修为同样惊天,给宁凡一种圣人之感。 But, Omniscient claimed oneself are not Saint, is only Nascent Soul, considered that this person of memory is confused, Ning Fan really unable to believe Nascent Soul can cultivate/repair is fiercer than Saint. 但偏偏,全知声称自己不是圣人,只是元婴,考虑到此人记忆错乱,宁凡实在无法相信一个元婴能修得比圣人更厉害。 You, who are! Old Man, who is!” Omniscient was more insane, who this time he forgot Ning Fan is, even forgot is in itself. “你,是谁!老夫,是谁!”全知更疯了,这一回他忘了宁凡是谁,甚至忘了自己是谁。 „...” Ning Fan was incapable really tsukkomi/ridicule. “…”宁凡真的无力吐槽了。 Hehe, Old Man and you crack a joke. Actually Old Man recognizes you, you are Old Man Junior Brother.” 嘿嘿,老夫和你开个玩笑。其实老夫认得你,你是老夫师弟。” „...” Cracks a joke Uh, your old man has the leisurely mood. “…”开玩笑,您老人家真有闲心。 You are Old Man Junior Brother, Old Man are Han... Is Han what coming? Does not consider as finished importantly, we then chatted Primal Chaos Death Boundary. You are still not able to enter Primal Chaos Life and Death Boundary independently, therefore Old Man will be the same with before , helping your helping hand, making you enter to the Death Boundary condition forcefully. Death Boundary is very good to understand, is the Life Boundary reverse side. Life Boundary may make your potential stimulate completely, Death Boundary is opposite, will make your strength all return to the nihility...” “你是老夫师弟,老夫是韩…韩什么来着?算了不重要,我们接着聊太极灭境。你尚无法自主进入太极生灭境,所以老夫会和之前一样,助你一臂之力,令你强行进入到灭境状态。灭境很好理解,就是生境的反面。生境可令你潜能全部激发,灭境则相反,会令你实力全部回归虚无…” Along with a Omniscient Old Man Divine Ability show, Yin-Yang Qi heads on, reversed Ning Fan within the body Life Boundary, transforms Death Boundary. 随着全知老人神通一展,一股阴阳二气扑面而来,将宁凡体内生境逆转,转换到了灭境 Death Boundary Ning Fan, is entirely opposite with the Life Boundary condition! 灭境宁凡,和生境的状况完全相反! The strength upper limit, the Divine Sense upper limit and Magic Force speed of flow upper limit in this moment, shrank completely extremely one are less than! 力量上限、神念上限、法力流速上限在这一刻,全部缩水到了万分之一不到! Appearance Death Qi heavy, listless, seems the 80,000 year has not slept to be the same! 面目死气沉沉,无精打采,好似八万年没睡过觉一样! Ancient God Heart dirty becomes dozens breaths beats, the Ning Fan aura becomes incomparably long, even nearly Turtle Breath! 古神心脏变得几十息跳动一下,宁凡气息变得无比悠长,甚至近乎龟息 The blood in within the body under the influence of Yin-Yang Qi, seemed solidified/coagulated generally, quickly is not mobile! 体内的血液在阴阳二气的影响下,好似凝固了一般,都快不流动了! Weak! Too weak! 弱!太弱了! Under Death Boundary, Ning Fan can feel own small and weak. Life Boundary can make him have the bang broken Yellow Earth Giant strength, Death Boundary makes him to hit including Crossing Truth cultivator small and weakly. 灭境之下,宁凡能感受到自己的弱小。生境能令他拥有轰碎黄土巨人的实力,灭境则令他弱小到连渡真修士都打不过了。 Under Death Boundary beyond example is conveniently small and weak, but Ning Fan instead thought that aspect that oneself certain are unable to realize, became more formidable. The life extinguishes, exactly when for each other reverse side, Life Boundary although he is powerful, but each fist is fights tooth and nail, in backlash \; If Death Boundary opposite situation, Could it be that... 随手灭境之下空前弱小,可宁凡反而觉得,自己某些无法察觉的方面,变得更强大了。一生一灭,恰为彼此反面,生境之时他虽说实力强大,可每一拳都是搏命、都在反噬\;灭境若是相反情况,莫非… Does not need Ning Fan to make the guess, fire person Omniscient has offered a sacrifice to Treasure Sword, towards Ning Fan has cut! 不待宁凡做出猜测,火人全知已经祭出宝剑,朝宁凡斩了下来! Innate High-Grade Treasure Sword, Yin-Yang Guardian Yang Sword! 先天上品宝剑,两仪护宗阳剑 Unexpectedly is High Grade Magical Treasure, why Omniscient Senior kills me! 居然是上品法宝,全知前辈为何杀我! wait a minute/etc., this sword did not break, when fixed? After Innate High-Grade Magical Treasure has destroyed, is so easy to restore? Whether this matter passed with this sword durably lowly related... 等等,这剑不是断了么,什么时候修好了?先天上品法宝毁了以后,这么容易修复?此事是否和此剑耐久度过低有关… The Ning Fan instinct wants to dodge the attack of Omniscient, but Omniscient only said that made him hold down the idea of dodging. 宁凡本能地想要闪避全知的攻击,可全知只说了一句,就让他按住了闪避的想法。 Believes me!” “信我!” Ning Fan believes Omniscient Old Man, that trust thorough marrow, does not know from where, even if Omniscient makes to cut to kill his movement, he still without/has not fended. 宁凡自是相信全知老人的,那种信任深入骨髓,不知从何而起,所以纵然全知做出要斩杀他的动作,他仍然没有闪避。 This is Innate Magical Treasure strikes, uses the Magical Treasure person, is the aura surpasses Ant Lord fire person Omniscient. 这是先天法宝的一击,使用法宝的人,更是气息超过蚁主火人全知 Such Sword cuts to fall, feared that the second kills Far Ancient Great Cultivator sufficiently, but is strange, this Sword cuts on Ning Fan, seemed cuts unexpectedly above black hole, all strengths by Devour(ing) generally, had been belonged to the nihility, vanished without the trace. 这样一剑斩落,怕是足以秒杀远古大修的,可古怪的是,这一剑斩在宁凡身上,竟好似斩在了黑洞之上,所有力量都被吞噬了一般,归于虚无,消失无踪。 Ning Fan unscathed! 宁凡毫发无损 His same place is motionless, meets Saint Innate High-Grade Sword hardly, unexpectedly unscathed! This anything Primal Chaos Death Boundary, unexpectedly as fierce as this grade of degree! 原地不动,硬接圣人先天上品一剑,竟然毫发无损!这什么太极灭境,竟厉害到了这等程度! The Life Boundary strength rises suddenly! 生境实力暴涨! Death Boundary Undying Eternal! 灭境不死长存 If Life exists within Destruction, Destruction exists within Life, then already may the strength rise suddenly, Undying Eternal, that is cultivates sends... Primal Chaos Life and Death Boundary! 倘若生中有灭,灭中有生,则既可实力暴涨,亦可不死长存,那便是修之极致…太极生灭境 Omniscient must pass on his, unexpectedly is... So fearful Secret Art! 全知要传他的,居然是…如此可怕的绝学 Who is! Was who has cut your Sword! I have killed him, has killed him!” Omniscient one second loses memory, was insane. “是谁!是谁斩了你一剑!我杀了他,杀了他!”全知一秒失去记忆,又疯了。 Well, little friend Ning, do you enter to Primal Chaos Death Boundary unexpectedly voluntarily? This is unreasonable, your within the body Yin-Yang Qi insufficiently achieves this matter obviously, why can unexpectedly so... Is it possible that your natural talent can't Nitian (heaven defying) to achieve this matter using Yin-Yang Qi?” Omniscient continues to play dumb. “咦,宁小友,你居然自行进入到太极灭境?这不合理啊,你体内阴阳二气明显不够做到此事,为何竟能如此…莫非你天资逆天到不利用阴阳二气也能做到此事?”全知继续犯傻。 „... Senior, is I who you cut.” “…前辈,是你斩的我。” Hahaha! little friend Ning you are like chatting, in good condition, I cut you to do, you are not my seizing father personal enemy.” Omniscient Old Man really does not remember. 哈哈哈宁小友你就是爱说笑,好端端的,我斩你作甚,你又不是我的夺父仇人。”全知老人果然不记得了。 „... Ok, Senior must pass to my thing, I see. The understanding turns over to the understanding, I am unable to step into Primal Chaos Life and Death Boundary depending on own ability eventually, Yin-Yang Qi quantity too huge of need, I wanted to cultivate this grade of quantity Yin-Yang Qi, actually does not know that needs many years.” Ning Fan sighed. “…算了,前辈要传给我的东西,我已经理解了。理解归理解,我终究无法凭自身本领踏入太极生灭境,这其中需要的阴阳二气数量庞大了,我想要修出这等数量阴阳二气,却不知需要多少年。”宁凡叹道。 Fears the crane ball! Senior Brother leads you to go to kick the sect, is this Master brings your kick the sect according to the truth, but actually Master is, yeah, could not think...” “怕个鹤球!师兄带你去踢宗,按道理是该师父带你踢宗的,可师父究竟是谁呢,哎,想不起来了…” kick the sect?” The Ning Fan state of mind shakes slightly, this simple two characters, actually roused him deeply to hide in the heart some mood. 踢宗?”宁凡神魂微微一震,这简简单单的二字,却勾动了他深藏于心的某种情绪。 Right, is kick the sect! This is my Yin-Yang Sect tradition! Walks, we leave Abyss, goes to Northern Heaven to transfer the revolutions!” “对,就是踢宗!这可是我两仪宗的传统!走,我们离开地渊,去北天转转!” But doesn't Senior have to suppress the Ant Lord matter to do? Before listening to Senior , the tone, seems unable to leave Abyss, will otherwise then cause Ant Lord awaken.” “可前辈不是有镇压蚁主的事情要做?听前辈前度口气,似乎无法离开地渊,否则便会致使蚁主苏醒。” Aiya, has not forgotten this matter carefully, can this not know what to do? Senior Brother cannot bring your kick the sect personally, that then can only send for getting you. Whom sends to go? Elephant Brother was Yang Seal important first cycle, Donkey Brother goes bad had not fixed, Carving Brother cultivation base was too weak, before Pineapple Brother, several days had been eaten by me, Puffer Fish Brother was at cultivates the poisonous critical moment, Niba (mud) daughter/girl curse just solved recently, does not hold the wall, was not suitable goes to battle... Really, Junior Brother you alone walk one. To, this list takes away, one side above Sect kicks completely! immortal materials that lists snatches completely! Few is not good! Come, lets Senior Brother in this list according to the blood fingerprint, knows that what hand imprint this is? This called to throw the Blood Oath command, if you did not kick these Sect, Senior Brother will then violate Blood Oath, self-detonation perishes! For did not make Senior Brother die, you must kick light all Sect one by one, seized completely Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasures on list...” 哎呀,不小心忘了此事,这可如何是好?师兄不能亲自带你踢宗,那便只能派人领你去了。派谁去好呢?象兄阳封重要一环,驴兄坏了还未修好,雕兄修为太弱,凤梨兄几天被我吃掉了,河豚兄正处在修毒的关键时刻,泥巴闺女最近诅咒刚解,扶不上墙,不宜出战…果然,还是师弟你一个人走一趟吧。给,这张名单拿去,上面的宗门全部踢一边!列出的仙料全部抢一遍!少一个都不行!来,让师兄在这张名单上按个血手印,知道这是什么手印吗?这叫投名血誓令,倘若你不踢完这些宗门,师兄便会违反血誓,自爆而亡!为了不让师兄死掉,你一定要挨个踢光所有宗门,夺尽名单上的天材地宝…” Ning Fan is incapable tsukkomi/ridicule! 宁凡无力吐槽 Which Senior Brother in this world has, to compel Junior Brother snatches the thing, makes the threat with own life! 这世上有哪个师兄,为了逼师弟抢东西,拿自己的性命作威胁! He has experienced various Devil, copes with various fool to have the rich experience, but is only at wit's end to Omniscient Old Man, is not does not know how to process this fool, but facing this person, he cannot suppress, many methods are not then able to use. 他见识过各种魔头,对付各种二货都有丰富经验,可唯独对全知老人无计可施,不是不知如何处理这二货,而是面对此人,他狠不起来,很多手段便也无从使用了。 Crack a joke! 开什么玩笑! He is in good condition, why wants to save a strange old man life, runs Northern Heaven Sect wantonly plunder! 他好端端的,为什么要为了保全一个陌生老头的性命,跑去北天宗门大肆劫掠 Why he must in the eve that Northern Heaven Great Competition Second Round starts, runs to offend entire Northern Heaven! 他干嘛要在北天大比第二轮开始的前夕,跑去得罪整个北天 He! Has! Sickness!! 他!有!病!吗! what! is who is taking my hand, pressed down in this list has thrown the Blood Oath seal? could it be Hong Jun! A good you despicable bald-headed thief, solemn Profound Sect first person, so plans my this grade of Nascent Soul junior unexpectedly! Friendship of the Incense Fire does not attend to unexpectedly! Hong Jun, you are Inverse Saint respect authority in vain!” 什么!是谁拿着我的手,在这份名单上按下了投名血誓印?难道是鸿钧!好你个卑鄙的贼秃,堂堂玄门第一人,竟如此算计我这等元婴小辈!竟一丝香火之谊都不顾吗!鸿钧,你枉为逆圣尊师!” „...” Ning Fan held the forehead, sigh, therefore this time was one's turn Hong Jun Founder to be a scapegoat. “…”宁凡扶了扶额头,叹息,所以这一次轮到鸿钧祖师背锅了吗。 His why a little takes pleasure in other people's misfortunes wants to smile. 他为什么有点幸灾乐祸想笑。 Junior Brother, saves me! Hong Jun wants to plan dead Senior Brother, you cannot helplessly looks at, no matter! Goes to plunder, preserves the Senior Brother life!” Omniscient tearful eyes tearful plea said. 师弟,救我!鸿钧想把师兄算计死,你总不能眼睁睁看着不管吧!去劫掠,去保全师兄的性命!”全知泪眼汪汪恳求道。 You, have won...” “你,赢了…” Ning Fan heavily sighed, received the list, figure in a flash, flies toward Abyss outside. 宁凡重重一叹,接过名单,身形一晃,朝地渊外飞去。 His orientation absolutely without/has not any issue, therefore this is his first time is a man goes through fire or water... Really awkward. 他的取向绝对没有任何问题,所以这是他第一次为一个男人赴汤蹈火么…真是令人尴尬。 Departs the Abyss instance in him, immediately has encircled on have several ten Light Clan cultivator, sees the portrait of Ning Fan look on with some warrant for arrest to happen to hold the same view, immediately the look is bad! 在他飞出地渊的瞬间,顿时就有数十名光族修士围了过来,一见宁凡相貌与某张通缉令上的画像不谋而合,顿时神色不善! Takes him! This person is the person who Water Sect must catch!” “拿下他!此人就是水宗要抓的人!” Ning Fan gaze went cold. 宁凡目光一寒 Spheres his Light Clan cultivator many female cultivator, his Speech Stealing Art opens, read some information from these female cultivator innermost feelings directly. 围住他的光族修士不乏女修,他窃言术一开,直接从这些女修内心之中读取到了一些情报。 Actually originally, when he keeps Abyss silly Omniscient Old Man does the research, Water Sect Dao Child Fu Suchen unexpectedly in the entire Northern Heaven range, to him gets down has posted a reward the command! 却原来,在他傻乎乎留在地渊全知老人做研究的时候,水宗道子扶苏尘竟在整个北天范围,对他下了悬赏令! Kills a picture people, may result in Water Sect Three Commitments!】 【杀画中人,可得水宗三诺!】 Fu Suchen without/has not told outside world Ning Fan is what status, that was unimportant! 扶苏尘没有告诉外界宁凡是何身份,那不重要! His also without/has not promised that unnecessary bounty, gives Water Sect Three Commitments this bait merely, but this was more attractive than any bounty! 他也没有许诺多余的赏金,仅仅是给出水宗三诺这一诱饵,但这却已比任何赏金都要诱人了! What Water Sect does Three Commitments mean? 水宗三诺意味着什么? Non- Immortal Emperor, may Water Sect Ancestor request first, helps its achievement Emperor-rank! 仙帝者,可先水宗老祖请求,助其成就帝位 Non- Quasi-Saint, may please seek help its insights Quasi-Saint bottleneck! 准圣者,可请求助其感悟准圣瓶颈 Then is First Level Quasi-Saint, can ask to Water Sect, after all Water Sect Ancestor, is solemn Second Level Quasi-Saint, and in the middle of Second Level greatly strengthened that! 便是一阶准圣,也可以对水宗有所求,毕竟水宗老祖,可是堂堂二阶准圣,且还是二阶当中极强的那种! So long as has killed Ning Fan this and other peons, may result in Water Sect Three Commitments, so the generous recompense, having Isao is willing to encircle Ning Fan. 只要杀了宁凡这等无名小卒,就可得水宗三诺,如此重赏,自有勇夫愿意围剿宁凡 Ning Fan gaze sweeps the list that Omniscient has given, is quite skillful, Light Clan unexpectedly also in plunder! 宁凡目光扫了扫全知给出的名单,好巧啊,光族居然也在劫掠之列! If beforehand Ning Fan regarding takes by force also to conflict for no reason, at this moment then without/has not any worry! 倘若之前宁凡对于无端打劫还有所抵触,此刻便没有了任何顾虑! Why only to need others to bully me, cannot I counter-attack! 凭什么只需别人欺我,不许我反击! Light Clan annoys me in first, then must pay the price! Naturally, looks in Light Clan completely publishes and clings to tenaciously in the Boundary River share for Northern Heaven life or death Expert, Ning Fan may be forgiving to Light Clan slightly, by entire hero face \; But necessary deterrent, must have! Otherwise entire Northern Heaven everybody said that his Ning Fan was easily bullied! 光族惹我在先,则必须付出代价!当然,看在光族为了北天存亡强者尽出、死守界河的份上,宁凡可对光族稍稍留情,以全英雄颜面\;但必要的威慑,还是得有的!否则整个北天岂不是人人都道他宁凡软弱可欺了! What a pity, his say/way is subdue strength with strength, to meet the tough head-on with toughness, the opposite party wants to kill him, his by similarly bloody method retaliation! Astute in this way, seeks revenge for the slightest grievance! 可惜,他的道偏偏就是以刚克刚,以硬碰硬,对方想杀他,他就以同样血腥的手段报复!精明如斯者,睚眦必报也! this Ning treads Light Clan today, takes a thing! You had been in the way, go away!” 宁某今日踏光族,取一物!尔等挡路了,滚!” Ning Fan demonic roar, these originally plans capture his Light Clan cultivator, immediately was shaken crazily spits blood draws back, each and every single (person) Mortal Body collapses under crazy drawing back, only Nascent Divinity do not kill. 宁凡一声魔吼,那些原本打算擒拿他的光族修士,顿时被震得吐血狂退,一个个肉身更是在狂退之下崩溃,只余元神不杀。 This, has then shown mercy, if Ning Fan hopes, the prestige of this roar, can be killed by shock half Light Clan Low-Rank cultivator directly! 这,便是手下留情了,若宁凡愿,这一吼之威,直接能震死半数光族低阶修士 This is a roar of 17,000 Tribulation Magic Force! 这是一万七千劫法力的一吼! As the roar spreads, in the Light Clan territory starts the Shan Beng (mountain collapse) cracks in the earth immediately, closes up the self-torture innumerably Light Clan Old Monster breaking through the pass, complexion is furious. 随着吼声传开,光族域内顿时开始山崩地裂,无数闭关苦修的光族老怪破关而出,面色震怒。 These Old Monster natural sensations come out, the enemy is the 17,000 tribulation Quasi-Saint, but this so what! 那些老怪当然感知地出来,敌人是一万七千劫的‘准圣’,可这又如何 Solemn Secret Clan, which End of Law Quasi-Saint is casual can provoke! 堂堂秘族,是随便哪个末法准圣能够挑衅的吗! „The Dream World ants of which acting recklessly Old Man must have a look but is actually, looks my Light Clan to be troublesome!” 老夫倒要看看是哪个不知死活的梦界蝼蚁,来找我光族麻烦!” Light clan land bottom deep place, the coffin departs suddenly, subsequently thin ray of light old man from coffin. 族地底深处,忽有一尊棺材飞出,继而一个骨瘦如柴的光芒老人从棺材中走了出来。 This is Quasi-Saint of 11,000 tribulation, cultivation base, although non- Light Clan is highest, the qualifications are actually extremely old, is one lives today's exist(ence) from Zi Dou Immortal Domain. 这是一名一万一千劫的准圣,修为虽非光族最高,资历却是极老,是一个从紫斗仙域活到今日的存在 Because hides in Heavens Evading Coffin, this Light Clan Quasi-Saint is unable to go to the Boundary River battlefield, can only remain behind this clan. 由于藏身于避天棺,这名光族准圣无法前往界河战场,只能留守本族。 He thinks that so-called remaining, closes up the self-torture, cannot think in this world to have the fool really the provocative Light Clan dignity, Hehe, really acts recklessly! 他本以为所谓的留守,就是闭关苦修,想不到这世上真有傻子来挑衅光族的威严,呵呵,真是不知死活! Old Man did not ask that who you are, only asked that your, you are obediently surrender, makes Old Man project on you unable to move catches you again!” This ray of light old man arrogance to/clashes Heavenly Dao. 老夫不问你是谁,只问你一句,你是乖乖束手就擒,还是让老夫打到你不能动再抓你!”这个光芒老人傲气冲天道 He, is status high-ranking Secret Clan Quasi-Saint! 他,可是身份显贵的秘族准圣 He, is why must polite to End of Law nameless Quasi-Saint! 他,何须对一介末法无名准圣客气!
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