GE :: Volume #13

#1211: Extremely!

After Omniscient Old Man restores the reason slightly, Ning Fan looked for Omniscient Old Man to chat, asks that suppressed the Ant Lord matter. 全知老人稍微恢复理智后,宁凡又找全知老人聊了一回,问了问镇压蚁主的事情。 Why Omniscient Old Man could not recall to mind greatly initially suppressed Ant Lord, may about suppressing the Ant Lord technique, he remembered very clearly. 全知老人不大记得起当初为何镇压蚁主了,可关于镇压蚁主的手法,他还是记得很清楚的。 This is suppression method that Yin-Yang Sect hands down, suppression is actually not Ant Lord Mortal Body and Inextinguishable Soul, but is Ant Lord 【Existence】! 这是两仪宗传下的镇压手段,镇压的其实不是蚁主肉身不灭魂,而是蚁主【存在】 Suppresses Ant Lord exist(ence), similarly needs to use not weak exist(ence), because this is the Yin-Yang Sect method, therefore involves Yin-Yang Two Layer Seal. 镇压蚁主存在,同样需要用到不弱的存在,又因这是两仪宗的手段,故而涉及阴阳两重封印 Light Ant Clan's male ant Quasi-Saint, suppresses Ant Lord Yang World exist(ence) Yang Seal. 光蚁族的雄蚁准圣,是镇压蚁主阳世存在阳封印 Light Ant Clan's female ant Quasi-Saint, then suppresses Ant Lord Yin World exist(ence) Yin Seal. 光蚁族的雌蚁准圣,则是镇压蚁主阴世存在阴封印 suppress the existence...” 镇压存在么…” Ning Fan shakes the head, indicated that he can only understand, the thing of deep place slightly is unable to understand. Very obviously, this suppression method, is not the 2nd step thing, but is the 3rd step even 4th step thing. 宁凡摇摇头,表示他只能略微听懂一点,更深处的东西则无法理解。很显然,这种镇压手段,已经不是第二步的东西了,而是第三步甚至第四步的东西。 Yeah, little friend Ning, what good did you make Old Man say your? You killed Light Ant Clan to fuse Quasi-Saint also on forget it/that's all, unexpectedly has also killed Corpse Slave King this and other important Yang Seal ; Old Man cloths in this place Four Great Yin Seal, was seized two people by you, cultivation base all destroyed. Fortunately, your also without/has not starts to Yin Mu and Hua Zhao, once otherwise Ant Lord exist(ence) escapes, Old Man must spend a time to suppress her. Must know that this suppresses Saint, she revolts, Old Man does not fear, but do your Zi Dou Imaginary Dream World Yin people fear? Has not listened to a few words, Gods and Immortal Fights, Mortals Suffers. Waited for Old Man to suppress this lowly maid, Hehe, perhaps your Zi Dou Imaginary Dream World had also been affected irrelevant broken smash into pieces...” “哎,宁小友啊,你让老夫说你什么好?你杀了一个光蚁族融合准圣也就罢了,居然还杀了尸奴王这等重要阳封老夫布在此地的四大阴封,更是被你擒去两人,修为全毁。幸运的是,你还没有阴母花曌下手,否则一旦蚁主存在逃脱,老夫可是要费一番功夫才能重新镇压她的。要知道这可是镇压圣人,她反抗起来,老夫是不惧,可你们紫斗幻梦界的阴民们惧不惧?没听过一句话吗,神仙打架,凡人遭殃。等老夫重新镇压了这贱婢,嘿嘿,恐怕你们紫斗幻梦界也已经被波及得支离破碎了…” Ning Fan smiles awkwardly. 宁凡尴尬一笑。 His without/has not starts to Yin Mu and Hua Zhao luckily, otherwise his possibly becoming Zi Dou Imaginary Dream World extinguishes the criminal... 幸好他没有真的对阴母花曌下手,否则他可能会成为紫斗幻梦界的灭界罪人… But you have destroyed many Yin Yang Seal, enabling the Seal prestige to weaken. Right now, Old Man must train new Yang Seal and seals Yin. Your harvested cultivation Quasi-Saint is happy, kills Quasi-Saint to be relaxed, but you know that Old Man trains Quasi-Saint, needs to cost the big energy and time? little friend Ning, you act charitably, do not injure this flock of small ants again? Is to a Old Man face can?” “可你到底还是毁了不少阳封阴封,使得封印威能削弱了很多。这下子,老夫又得培养新的阳封和阴封了。你采补一个准圣痛快,杀一个准圣轻松,可你知道老夫培养一个准圣,需要耗费多大的精力和时间吗?宁小友啊,你行行好吧,不要再伤害这群小蚂蚁了,好吗?算是给老夫一个面子可不可以?” „... Good.” “…好。” You are not the good deed have not done, unexpectedly moved out Ant Lord Dao Mountain, Old Man had been worrying that did not have the place to process that Dao Mountain, this act good, good! In Ant Lord Loose Soul as for your Sea of Consciousness... Yeah, can only endure patiently 12 first temporarily, waits for Old Man to equal, studies the new method, then tries whether to remove her. Before then, you not must try the method randomly, avoid Ant Lord Loose Soul has not extinguished kills, instead destroyed your Sea of Consciousness.” “不过你也不是一点好事没做,居然搬走了蚁主道山,老夫正愁没地方处理那道山,此举甚好,甚好!至于你识海中的蚁主散魂…哎,只能先暂时忍耐12了,等老夫合计合计,研究出新的手段,再试试能否除掉她。在此之前,你莫要乱试方法,省得蚁主散魂没灭杀,反而把你自己的识海破坏了。” Un.” “嗯。” Is related to the Imaginary Dream World life or death, Ning Fan has to give up the plan of harvested cultivation Yin Mu and Hua Zhao. 事关幻梦界存亡,宁凡不得不放弃采补阴母花曌的打算。 Naturally, cannot harvested cultivation, not represent cannot handle affairs, after clarifying suppresses Ant Lord bottom line, in Ning Fan heart also on without/has not worry. 当然,不能采补,不代表不能行事,弄清楚镇压蚁主底线以后,宁凡心中也就没有了顾虑。 That night, he well has punished Yin Mu and Hua Zhao, and while convenient gave two females to plant Peon Buddhist Relic. Even if without/has not harvested cultivation, obtained two Quasi-Saint Primordial Yin after all, Magic Force that the Ning Fan previous time rises suddenly is thorough, even also little has striven. 当夜,他就好好惩罚了阴母花曌一顿,并顺带给二女种下了子舍利。就算没有采补,毕竟还是得到了两名准圣元阴,宁凡前番暴涨的法力彻底稳固,甚至还有了少许精进。 Ning Fan has returned Light Ant Clan Hua Huo and Hong Lian two females, gives Omniscient Old Man to train. Hence, Light Ant Clan's four being in power females, were controlled by Peon Buddhist Relic completely, is unable to give birth to the heart of injuring to Ning Fan again. 宁凡又把花火红莲二女放回了光蚁族,交给全知老人重新培养。至此,光蚁族的四名掌权女子,全部被子舍利操控,再也无法对宁凡生出加害之心了。 After several days dates. 数日后。 With the help of Real World virtue, Slime Monster curse has relieved successfully, relieves the process specifically, Ning Fan without/has not sees with one's own eyes. Afterward, when Slime Monster Splitting Heavens Jade Book gives back to him, above virtue reduced the 600 point. What is strange, has relieved curse obviously, Slime Monster was still maintaining the Niba (mud) body, did not know intentionally. 真界功德的帮助下,软泥怪诅咒成功解除了,具体解除过程,宁凡没有亲眼看到。事后,软泥怪开天玉册还给他时,上面的功德减少了六百点。古怪的是,明明解除了诅咒,软泥怪仍旧保持着泥巴身,也不知是不是故意为之。 On Splitting Heavens Jade Book, still left over 11800 virtue. 开天玉册上,尚余一万一千八百功德 Also after 10 days. 十日后。 Ancestor Lei Ze swallows completely Ning Fan collection Immemorial Yin Wind, the injury healing at the same time, Magic Force has striven the 100 tribulation! 雷泽老祖吞尽宁凡搜集的太古阴风,伤势痊愈的同时,法力更是精进了一百劫! He goes out of the wind cone finally, Ning Fan also returns the wind cone. 他终于走出风袋,宁凡也将风袋还回。 Brother Ning, you are really my lucky star! I this time flushed small bottleneck, later very long 1st Stage time will again not have been fettered by bottleneck, will welcome the new cultivation base rise. Hahaha! The brother does not know how really should thank you.” “宁老弟,你真是我的福星啊!我此番冲开了小瓶颈,之后很长一段时间都不会再被瓶颈束缚了,将会迎来新的修为上升期。哈哈哈!老哥真不知该如何谢你了。” Ancestor Lei Ze did not have thanks Ning Fan with enough time well, saw Ning Fan Omniscient Old Man. 雷泽老祖还没来得及好好感谢宁凡,就看到了宁凡身旁的全知老人 Then... 而后… In gaze that Ning Fan is perplexed, Ancestor Lei Ze rubbed the eyes first, then weeps, has knelt toward Omniscient Old Man directly, layer on layer/heavily has knocked several knocks. 宁凡不明所以的目光中,雷泽老祖先是揉了揉眼,而后喜极而泣,直接朝全知老人跪了下去,重重磕了好几个响头。 Crane Uncle Master? Really is you? In the past you were missing mystically, we were worried about you well! Originally you have not died, has not died! Yin-Yang Sect Honorary Disciple Lei Ze, has seen Crane Uncle Master!” Actually originally, Ancestor Lei Ze once was received by Yin-Yang Sect Nangong (Southern Palace) Divine Master is Honorary Disciple. Nangong (Southern Palace) Divine Master and Omniscient person of the same generation, Lei Ze called this Uncle-Master reasonably but actually. 鹤师伯?真的是你?当年你神秘失踪,我们都好担心你!原来你没死,没死!两仪宗记名弟子雷泽,见过鹤师伯!”却原来,雷泽老祖曾被两仪宗南宫神师收为记名弟子南宫神师全知平辈,雷泽叫这声师伯倒也合理。 At the same time, who is your Crane Uncle Master! Do not climb relationship randomly, Old Man does not recognize any Yin-Yang Sect three meter sects! Does not recognize any Lei Ze rain Ze!” A Omniscient Old Man face shuts out to say. “一边去,谁是你鹤师伯!别乱攀关系,老夫不认得什么两仪宗三仪宗!更不认得什么雷泽雨泽!”全知老人一脸嫌弃道。 Crane Uncle Master, you forgot! The past years was you teaches me to hear Senior Sister underclothes underwear! You are my obligation person! The important experience that these fight side-by-side together, can it be your old man all forgot!” Ancestor Lei Ze hates bitterly to say. 鹤师伯,你忘了吗!当年还是你教我去闻师姐亵衣亵裤的!你是我的大恩人啊!那些一起并肩作战的重要经历,难道老人家全都忘了吗!”雷泽老祖痛心疾首道。 underclothes... underwear...” Omniscient Old Man gaze sparkled, he resembled, has remembered anything... 亵衣亵裤…”全知老人目光闪了闪,他好像,想起了点什么… also also, your old man also brings Martial Nephew to visit prostitute... Goes to the joy red chamber to drink Dao discussion, if not for if Crane Uncle Master, Martial Nephew still does not understand, on the female has so many mysteries unexpectedly...” 还有还有,您老人家还带师侄去嫖…去怡红楼喝酒论道,倘若不是鹤师伯,师侄至今也不会明白,女子身上竟有如此多的奥秘…” Joy red chamber... Females... Mystery...” Omniscient Old Man seemed has remembered anything, a tip of the nose heat, flowed off two lines of nosebleeds suddenly. “怡红楼…女子的…奥秘…”全知老人好似想起了什么,鼻头一热,忽然流下两行鼻血。 He seemed soon truly remembers these past events. 他好似快要真正想起那些往事了。 But finally, incomplete Sea of Consciousness keeps him from memories having these. 但最终,残缺的识海使得他无法回忆起那些。 Old Man... Does not recognize you.” Omniscient sighed. 老夫…不认得你。”全知叹了口气。 so that's how it is, Crane Uncle Master Sea of Consciousness to present, no wonder has been unexpectedly able broken... Does not remember...” 原来如此,鹤师伯识海竟已残破至斯,难怪会…不记得…” Old Man, although does not remember you, but you, since shouted that I Uncle-Master, that then cannot be symmetric with this Brother little friend Ning, must shout Little Martial Uncle.” 老夫虽然不记得你,不过你既然喊我一声师伯,那便也不能和这位宁小友兄弟相称了,要喊小师叔。” „Did Uh, shout him Martial Uncle? This, this is unreasonable, after he is only my Yin-Yang Sect innumerable generation Incense Fire Successor, how could Martial Nephew shouts him Martial Uncle, that missed the generation! He shouted Martial Nephew Martial Ancestor also almost...” ,喊他师叔?这,这不合理啊,他只是我两仪宗无数代以后的香火传人,师侄岂能喊他师叔,那岂不是差辈了!他喊师侄师祖还差不多…” Wants you to shout that you shouted, waste that talkative! The order of Uncle-Master you do not listen!” A Omniscient face board, Lei Ze routinely submitted. “要你喊你就喊,废那么多话师伯的命令你也不听了是吗!”全知脸一板,雷泽习惯性地就屈服了。 Uncle-Master should not be air/Qi, I shouted, I shouted also inadequately! Yeah, does not recognize Martial Uncle, big matter, your whatever happens/10 million don't angry body...” 师伯你别气啊,我喊,我喊还不成吗!哎,不就是多认一个师叔吗,多大点事儿,您老千万别气坏了身体…” ... , Ning Fan is then more bewildered Martial Nephew. 就这样,宁凡莫名其妙多了一个师侄儿。 Ning Fan had underestimated influence of Omniscient Old Man to Ancestor Lei Ze, he thinks, Ancestor Lei Ze will not take seriously the Omniscient Old Man crazy spoken language. 宁凡低估了全知老人雷泽老祖的影响力,他本以为,雷泽老祖不会把全知老人疯癫言语当真。 But he made a mistake. 可他错了。 As Omniscient issues an order, Lei Ze regarded Martial Uncle to serve him unexpectedly. 随着全知一声令下,雷泽竟真的将他当成了师叔侍奉。 Ning Fan is standing, Lei Ze does not dare to sit ; Ning Fan to sit, Lei Ze stands in one side Boy takes care generally. That manner, the word must respectful, the line probably the ritual, ask elders health on rising, the lying ice warm seat to Ning Fan on the difference! 宁凡站着,雷泽就不敢坐着宁凡坐着,雷泽就站在一旁童子一般服侍。那态度,言必恭,行必礼,就差给宁凡晨昏定省、卧冰温席了! This 1 day, Ning Fan was speaking the idle talk with Bei Xiaoman, Lei Ze this fellow is running. 一日,宁凡正在和北小蛮说着闲话,雷泽这家伙又跑来了。 Disciple Lei Ze, has the matter to ask for instructions Little Martial Uncle!” Visits, Ancestor Lei Ze had the trend of worshipping on bended knees unexpectedly, is this must give Ning Fan line of big rituals? Does this return exceptional? “弟子雷泽,有事请示小师叔!”一上门,雷泽老祖居然就有了跪拜的趋势,这是要给宁凡行大礼?这还了得 Ning Fan Spirit Tea has nearly spurted, Bei Xiaoman at the same time is also startled shock. 宁凡险些一口灵茶喷了出来,一边的北小蛮也是惊得合不拢嘴 Stone Soldier Grandpa just recovered, but also needs to recuperate. She was busy looking after Stone Soldier Grandpa recently, to are not many, this moment one sees Lei Ze that Ning Fan and Lei Ze the matter knows to kneel unexpectedly Ning Fan, has renovated three views directly. 石兵爷爷才刚刚复原,还需要休养。她最近忙着照顾石兵爷爷,对宁凡雷泽的事情知道的不多,此刻一见雷泽居然要跪宁凡,直接刷新了三观。 She has thought, Ning Fan is only small Void Refinement cultivator ; Ancestor Lei Ze? That is one of the Four Oceans Sect Three Great Quasi-Saint, in Northern Heaven, is supreme exist(ence). 她一直以为,宁凡只是一个小小炼虚修士雷泽老祖呢?那可是四溟宗三大准圣之一,在北天,已是至高无上的存在了。 Solemn Four Oceans Sect Quasi-Saint, kept on proclaiming unexpectedly shouts Ning Fan Little Martial Uncle, met on the line worshipping on bended knees big ritual, she was is not having a dream... 堂堂四溟宗准圣,居然口口声声喊宁凡小师叔,更是一见面就行跪拜大礼,她不是在做梦吧… Bei Xiaoman has pinched face silly, inconceivable! Unexpectedly is a little sore, unexpectedly does not have a dream! 北小蛮傻乎乎地掐了掐脸,不可思议!居然有点疼,居然不是做梦! Do not play dumb, Lei Ze Senior this is joking with me...” In the Ning Fan sleeve a finger/refers, freeze Lei Ze, Lei Ze then could not kneel. “别犯傻了,雷泽前辈这是在和我开玩笑呢…”宁凡袖中一指,定住雷泽,雷泽便怎么也跪不下去了。 Cracks a joke? What joke must play, will make Quasi-Saint worship on bended knees a Void Refinement junior? 开玩笑?要开什么样的玩笑,才会让一个准圣跪拜一个炼虚小辈? This saying common talented person will not believe. 这话一般人才不会信。 But Bei Xiaoman believed! After all the woman in love, intelligence quotient will often reduce the negative value, believes in firmly to the words that admiring the man spoke... 北小蛮信了!毕竟恋爱中的女人,智商往往会降低到负值,对心仪男子所说的话深信不疑… „... Some matters said the matter, do not kneel.” Helpless Ning Fan said. “…有事说事,别跪来跪去的。”宁凡无奈道。 Yes! Little Martial Uncle, Northern Heaven Sect Grand Competition nears, Martial Nephew as Four Oceans Sect Quasi-Saint, needs to attend Great Competition Second Round, temporarily cannot take care side your old man, asking Little Martial Uncle to approve.” Ancestor Lei Ze respectful say/way. “是!小师叔,北天宗门大比在即,师侄身为四溟宗准圣,需要出席大比第二轮,暂时就不能服侍在您老人家身边了,请小师叔恩准。”雷泽老祖恭敬道。 Senior, Omniscient Senior acted like a madman I to have a headache, again do not add to the chaos. don't called me Martial Uncle again, I could not listen...” The Ning Fan headache said. 前辈,有一个全知前辈疯疯癫癫我已经十分头疼了,你就别再添乱了。莫再叫我师叔,我听不惯…”宁凡头疼道。 Little Martial Uncle! You are an elder, how can call me Senior in turn! Doesn't this fold ghost Martial Nephew? You must call Martial Nephew, or called my name to be also good directly!” 小师叔!你是长辈,怎能反过来叫我前辈!这不是折煞师侄吗?你要叫师侄,或者直接叫我的名字也行!” That, Lei Ze Fellow Daoist...” “那,雷泽道友…” Cannot call Fellow Daoist! My Yin-Yang Sect sect rule is stern, you are Martial Uncle, should play one's part respectfully, strictly adheres to the sect rule! This rank, can not absolutely randomly!” “不可以叫道友!我两仪宗门规森严,你是师叔,更应恪尽本分,谨守门规!这辈分,万万乱不得!” Already chaotic? I am Black Demon School Successor, after was how many generations young disciples Yin-Yang Sect passes on did not know, your old man was the elder? Is actually bent on having to call me Martial Uncle in turn... 已经乱了好吗?我是黑魔派传人,是两仪宗传了不知多少代以后的小小弟子,您老人家才是长辈好吗?却偏要反过来叫我师叔 Ok, called you Lei Ze well...” Ning Fan was disinclined to struggle again. “算了,还是叫你雷泽好了…”宁凡懒得再争了。 Martial Uncle on Martial Uncle, is not he who suffers a loss in any case... 师叔师叔吧,反正吃亏的不是他… That Martial Uncle whether to approve Martial Nephew to depart temporarily?” “那师叔可否恩准师侄暂时离去?” „... Approves, you depart in a big hurry.” “…恩准,你快快离去吧。” Many thanks Martial Uncle! Right, does Martial Uncle want to go to Great Competition Second Round to join in the fun?” “多谢师叔!对了,师叔想不想去大比第二轮凑凑热闹?” I as if cannot go, when I represent Black Demon School participates in First Round/Wheel Great Competition, offends too many Northern Heaven to be superstitious, has violated the Great Competition rule, according to the custom, Black Demon School as if will be cancelled participates in the qualifications of Second Round...” “我似乎去不了吧,在我代表黑魔派参加第一轮大比时,触犯了太多北天天条,更违反了大比规则,按规矩,黑魔派似乎会被取消参加第二轮的资格…” Deprives the qualifications? Who dares! You are my Lei Ze Little Martial Uncle, who dares to deprive your qualifications, Martial Nephew chops his whole families! If Little Martial Uncle wants to participate in Second Round, when the time comes naturally can comes, at the appointed time, Martial Nephew will be the Black Demon School preparation most high rank seat, will welcome Little Martial Uncle your honorable self!” “取消资格?谁敢!你是我雷泽小师叔,谁敢取消你资格,师侄剁他满门!小师叔若想参加第二轮,到时候自然可以前来,届时,师侄会为黑魔派准备最上等的席位,恭迎小师叔大驾!” this time, was one's turn Bei Xiaoman to be happy. 这一次,轮到北小蛮高兴了。 Little Fanfan, do you also want to participate in Northern Heaven Great Competition? Which school do you represent to participate? Black Net faction? Black wooden faction? My without/has not hears clearly.” 小凡凡,你也要参加北天大比?你代表哪一派参加?黑罗派?还是黑木派?我没有听清。” „... Is Black Demon School.” Ning Fan smiled, he knows that Bei Xiaoman does not clarify his family background, after all Bei Xiaoman a while ago, clarified his real name. “…是黑魔派。”宁凡笑了笑,他就知道北小蛮弄不清楚他的出身,毕竟北小蛮还是前段时间,才弄清楚他的真实名字。 Black Demon School? A little familiar-sounding, seems not the big faction... Ok, that is unimportant. Little Fanfan, Second Round time, you come, when my Chess Soldier Is good?” 黑魔派?有点耳熟,似乎不是什么大派啊…算了,那不重要。小凡凡,第二轮的时候,你来当我的【棋兵】好不好?” Chess Soldier? What is that?” 棋兵?那是什么?” „Don't you know Chess Soldier unexpectedly? You do not care to our Northern Heaven Sect Grand Competition.” Sees Ning Fan to be bewildered, Bei Xiaoman had the superiority feeling in intelligence quotient immediately, explained the Northern Heaven Sect Grand Competition Second Round rule to Ning Fan. “你居然不知道棋兵?你对我们北天宗门大比真的不关心呢。”见宁凡一脸茫然,北小蛮顿时有了智商上的优越感,给宁凡解释起北天宗门大比第二轮规则。 Fights differently with First Round/Wheel area, participates in Second Round all Northern Heaven Sect, needs by the Chess Soldier status, in Lost World Palace cultivator, to look for a person, as own Chess Lord. 第一轮区域战不同,参与第二轮的所有北天宗门,都需要以棋兵的身份,在遗世宫修士里面,寻找一个人,作为自己的棋主 Northern Heaven Sect Grand Competition also called the war of Three Palaces, started from Second Round, was Lost World Palace North Palace, Nangong (Southern Palace) and civil war between West Palace this Three Palaces. 北天宗门大比又叫三宫之战,从第二轮开始,就是遗世宫北宫南宫西宫三宫之间的内战了。 All participates in Northern Heaven Great Competition Sect, will be Lost World Palace Chess Soldier nothing more, the Lost World Palace Three Palaces disciple will choose respective Chess Soldier, assists to compete for the Second Round position... 所有参加北天大比宗门,都是遗世宫棋兵而已,遗世宫三宫弟子会从中挑选各自棋兵,来辅助自己争夺第二轮的名次… Cannot understand.” A Ning Fan regarding these tedious rule point also without/has not interest understanding. “听不懂。”宁凡对于这些繁琐的规则一点也没有兴趣了解。 He to participating in the Second Round Great Competition interest is not big. 他对参加第二轮大比兴趣不大。 Cannot understand to consider as finished, in any case you and your Black Demon School Sect Leader discussed that Second Round time, came, when my Chess Soldier. Although your Black Demon School is not formidable Sect, who called you and I have a leg? Looks in your face, I will also protect your!” Originally Bei Xiaoman wants to receive Ning Fan is Chess Soldier, was worried that Ning Fan cultivation base is too low, suffers a loss injured in Second Round, therefore wants to use own relationship to protect Ning Fan in Second Round in secret. “听不懂算了,反正你和你们黑魔派掌门商量一下,第二轮的时候,来当我的棋兵。虽然你们黑魔派不是什么强大门派,可谁叫你和我有一腿呢?看在你的面子上,我也会保护你们的!”原来北小蛮想收宁凡棋兵,是担心宁凡修为太低,在第二轮吃亏受伤,故而才想利用自己的关系第二轮暗中保护宁凡 Ning Fan does not know whether to laugh or cry, he discovered that Bei Xiaoman was getting deeper and deeper to his misunderstanding, actually Black Demon School current Sect Leader, is I.” 宁凡哭笑不得,他发现北小蛮对他的误会越来越深了,“其实黑魔派的现任掌门,就是我。” what! Black Demon School unexpectedly as weak as this degree, must invite Void Refinement cultivator, when Sect Leader?” Bei Xiaoman was startled, then, maternal love was in flood, closely grips the hand of Ning Fan, do not fear, you are my Chess Soldier, is my man, I must guarantee you, then is these Crossing Truth and Shedded Void great expert/power cannot injure your half finger/refers!” 什么!黑魔派居然弱到这种程度了,要请一个炼虚修士掌门?”北小蛮吃了一惊,而后,更加母爱泛滥了,紧紧握住宁凡的手,“不过不要怕,你是我的棋兵,是我的男人,我要保你,则便是那些渡真舍空大能也不能伤你半指!” Crossing Truth? Shedded Void? great expert/power? 渡真舍空大能 „... Actually I am fiercer than many Quasi-Saint.” Helpless Ning Fan answered. “…其实我比很多准圣都厉害。”宁凡无奈解释道。 I know, I understand! Your bed last time truly world without rival, but you must know, cultivation slaughters does not dally with the woman, Second Round dangerous, far exceed you imagines... May regardless of dangerous, I protect your! After all you... Then fierce... I may not hate you to have the matter...” Bei Xiaoman blushes to say. “我知道,我懂!你的床上功夫确实天下无敌,可你要知道,修真厮杀可不是玩女人,第二轮凶险,远超你想象…可无论多么凶险,我都会保护你的!毕竟你…那么厉害…我可舍不得你有事…”北小蛮脸红道。 „...” Ok, Ning Fan does not want to explain again, the fact will show that he is more formidable than general Quasi-Saint, is not only the bed last time. “…”算了,宁凡不想再解释了,事实会证明他比一般准圣强大的,不仅仅是床上功夫。 Ning Fan to participating in the Second Round Great Competition not anything interest, but if he can becoming Bei Xiaoman Chess Soldier, play some boosts to Bei Xiaoman, then this Great Competition, he did not mind that continues to participate. 宁凡本来对参加第二轮大比没什么兴趣,可倘若他会成为北小蛮棋兵,对北小蛮起到一些助力,则这场大比,他不介意继续参加下去的。 Even if his Chess Soldier is any gadget has not made clear... 即便他连棋兵是什么玩意儿都没搞清楚… ... Second Round Sect Grand Competition also will start several months, Ning Fan does not need early to go to Lost World Palace to participate in Great Competition, Ancestor Lei Ze actually needs to walk one step first, actually supervises the preparatory work before Great Competition. 第二轮宗门大比还有数月才会开始,宁凡不必那么早前往遗世宫参加大比,雷泽老祖却需要先走一步,却督促大比前的准备工作。 Bei Xiaoman needs to walk one step similarly first, after all she is somewhat special in the Northern Heaven status, the regarding this Sect Grand Competition significance is very similarly special, must arrive ahead of time. 北小蛮同样需要先走一步,毕竟她在北天的身份有些特殊,对于这场宗门大比的意义同样十分特殊,必须提前到场。 Her such for a long time also without/has not was rescued Light Ancestral Abyss by Ancestor Lei Ze, Lost World Palace should one group be chaotic, she was the time and Ancestor Lei Ze returns to Lost World Palace first one. 她这么久还没有雷泽老祖救出光祖地渊,遗世宫应该已经一团乱了,她是时候和雷泽老祖先回遗世宫一趟了。 Little Fanfan, you must protect itself good, I wait/etc. you came in Lost World Palace.” Until finally, Bei Xiaoman was still worried that the Ning Fan security, is afraid a Ning Fan person to keep Light Ancestral Abyss to have the danger. 小凡凡,你要保护好自己,我在遗世宫等你来。”直到最后,北小蛮还在担心宁凡的安全,害怕宁凡一个人留在光祖地渊会有危险。 May only have her Stone Soldier Grandpa, these Stone Soldier Puppet that as well as she brings know, Ning Fan was actually strong to the what kind of crazed degree! 可唯有她的石兵爷爷,以及她带来的那些石兵傀儡们知道,宁凡究竟强到了何等丧心病狂的程度! After Omniscient transforms, Stone Soldier is Immortal King cultivation base, in Northern Heaven, Immortal King without exception is Ancestor level existence, may stand side Ning Fan, Stone Soldier instead thought that he at this moment with the Ning Fan cultivation base disparity, compared with the past years when Rain World, was more remote... 全知改造之后,石兵已经是仙王修为了,在北天,仙王无不是老祖级存在,可站在宁凡身边,石兵却反而觉得他此刻与宁凡修为差距,比当年在雨界时,更遥远了… You now... Repaired any Realm...” Stone Soldier is filled with emotion, asks. “你如今…修到了什么境界…”石兵感慨万千,问道。 „Like you, is only Immortal King. Good, after having the new Puppet body, you are haler and heartier than past, so, in the future must protect Xiaoman well.” The Ning Fan similar feeling, smiled, racket the shoulder of Stone Soldier, encourages to say. “和你一样,只是仙王。不错,拥有新傀儡躯后,你比从前硬朗多了,既如此,日后更要好好保护小蛮了。”宁凡同样感慨,笑了笑,拍拍石兵的肩膀,勉励道。 He once had worked as Master of Stone Soldier 1st Stage time, at this moment looks at Stone Soldier to restore completely, actually also was very at heart happy, without/has not extremely expressed. 他曾当过石兵一段时间的主人,此刻看石兵恢复完整,心里其实也很高兴,却没有太过表达出来。 Heard that is you strives, made Omniscient Old Man take the trouble to me to transform the Puppet body. This graciousness, Stone Soldier always does not forget!” “听说是你从中出力,才让全知老人费力给我改造了傀儡躯。此恩,石兵永世不忘!” Hey, Stone Soldier Grandpa, this matter I have also striven! Why you only thanked Little Fanfan one!” Bei Xiaoman curled the lip. “喂,石兵爷爷,这事情我也出力了好吗!你干嘛只谢小凡凡一个!”北小蛮撇了撇嘴。 „... Moreover do not believe him, he is not Immortal King. Although he natural talent strange tall, may the skeletal age still be shallow, although in the future can achievement Immortal King, at this moment actually also be only small Void Refinement cultivator. Naturally you do not want, because he is Void Refinement looks down on his Oh, he is very strong, same level without rival that more first-level perhaps is also without rival...” Bei Xiaoman also said. “…而且你别信他,他才不是什么仙王。他虽然资质奇高,可到底骨龄尚浅,日后虽然可以成就仙王,此刻却还只是小小的炼虚修士呢。当然你也不要因为他是炼虚就小瞧他,他很强的,同级无敌的那种,越一级恐怕也是无敌…”北小蛮又道。 „... Young Lady, you have made a mistake, I do not certainly believe that he is Immortal King, because of him, were too more than Immortal King. If not for if fully realized that his manner and experience, I must suspect at this moment surely, he hid the Quasi-Saint identity when Rain World... Ok, waits for Second Round to start, Young Lady will know your this husband fiercely. entire Northern Heaven feared will be frightened...” The past events come clearly into view, is makes Stone Soldier sob. “…小姐,你错了,我当然不会相信他是仙王,因为他,比仙王强太多了。倘若不是深知他的为人与经历,我此刻定要怀疑,他在雨界时隐藏了准圣身份…算了,等第二轮开始,小姐就会知道你这夫君有多厉害。整个北天怕都会被吓到的…”往事历历在目,更是让石兵唏嘘不已。 In the past Nascent Soul cultivation base dares to seize his Ning Fan, now already becoming Northern Heaven most peak Expert, after criticism Yangtze River , before the wave pushed wave, but Ning Fan this where was the wave? Clearly was the tsunami, before do not say is pushed , the wave, submerged all lands directly. 当年元婴修为就敢擒他的宁凡,如今已成为北天顶峰强者,人言长江后浪推前浪,可宁凡这哪里是浪啊?分明是海啸,莫说是推前浪了,直接就将所有陆地淹没了。 With heaven's chosen of this child same time, is really pitiful, first is unable to raise one's head, forever will be pressed by this child in the under foot... 此子同时代的天骄,真是可悲,一世也无法出头了,永远会被此子压在脚下… ... Until Bei Xiaoman departs, Ning Fan also without/has not leaves Light Ancestral Abyss. 直到北小蛮离去,宁凡没有离开光祖地渊 He stays here, to fulfill the commitment, making Omniscient Old Man do some experiments on him. 他留在这里,是为了履行承诺,让全知老人在他身上做些实验。 Said that does the experiment, but the Ning Fan daily easy life has, really and amusement anything has not distinguished. 说是做实验,可宁凡每天的小日子过得,实在和玩乐没什么区别了。 The side forever has the Yin Mu four ants to serve, also Slime Monster and Black Demon can, the day passes very leisurely and carefree. 身边永远有阴母四蚁伺候,还有软泥怪黑魔可以逗逗,日子过得十分悠闲。 every day has greatly Spirit Herb and pill fruit can take, these medicine fruits do not bring promoting cultivation base, instead brings to develop the body potential likely. 每天都有大把的灵药、丹果可以服食,那些药果不是拿来提升修为的,反而像是拿来开发身体潜能的。 Ning Fan can feel, his strength every day is growing, but Ancient Demon Essence actually without/has not any increases, but each 1 day will become will congeal more solid. 宁凡能感觉到,他的力量每一天都在增长,但古魔精气没有任何增多,只是每一日都会变得凝实一些。 Omniscient Senior, can I ask one, are actually you taking me to make what to test at this moment?” Ning Fan asked curiously. 全知前辈,我可不可以问一句,你此刻究竟在拿我做什么实验?”宁凡好奇问道。 Extremely!” Omniscient only used a character to reply Ning Fan. “极!”全知只用了一个字来回答宁凡 This character, hearing Ning Fan to be confused. 这一个字,听得宁凡一头雾水。 Extremely? What is that?” “极?那是什么?” Is Master's Dao! Master's Dao, is ten thousand law Primordial, stops at nothing. Has the division of Yin-Yang extremely, since birth with extinguishing two entirely different development directions. Experiment that you do at this moment, is to truly achieve Extremity Force Prepares. The muscle of mortal, forever is unable to use the limit strength, most can only use 10-20% strengths, Immortal is also so. Mortal Body is also good, Nascent Divinity is also good, Divine Sense is also good, stemming from protecting oneself, the strength forever is unable the complete explosion, will otherwise then harm oneself.” “是师父的道师父的道,是万法归元,无所不用其极。极有阴阳之分,又有生与灭两个截然不同的发展方向。你此刻做的实验,都是在为真正达到【极力】做准备。凡人的肌肉,永远也无法使用极限力量,最多只能使用一到两成的力量,仙人亦是如此。肉身也好,元神也好,神念也好,出于自我保护,力量永远无法完全爆发,否则便会损害自身。” Had immortal cultivation base to break own limit, created Secret Technique, may rise suddenly in a short time cultivation base. These Secret Technique by no means increased own cultivation base, but opened the body partial cultivation base limit, therefore these Secret Technique, will often have the side effect. This degree of limit relieves, can display 30-50% cultivation base probably.” “有仙修为了突破自身限制,创出秘术,可短时间内暴涨修为。那些秘术并不是增加了自身修为,而是打开了身体局部的修为限制,故而这些秘术,往往都会有副作用。这种程度的限制解除,大概能发挥三到五成修为。” Generally speaking, when somebody discards all self-detonation Nascent Divinity, this talented person can achieve the limit to relieve, erupts hundredth cultivation base hundred points completely, when the prestige of self-detonation often Destroy the Heavens and Exterminate the Earth, must die method that can use.” “一般而言,当某人舍弃一切自爆元神时,此人才可以完全做到限制解除,爆发出百分之百的修为,故而自爆之威往往毁天灭地,是必死时才会使用的手段。” Master's extremely, does not open the body limit to be so simple. cultivation base of body limit, is some hundredth that ; Master's Dao own hundred points, is surpasses hundredth that parts hundred points...” 师父的极,不是打开身体限制那么简单。身体限制的修为,是自身百分之百那部分师父的道,是超出百分之百的那部分…” You should feel, although these days your strength each 1 day will enhance, but should come will come, your strength rose bottleneck. This bottleneck is not anybody gives you, but is your body instinct formulates. This bottleneck is self-protection of your within the body, the experiment that Old Man then must do, is helps you lift this limit forcefully. You may probably be careful, once the limit relieves, you can hundred points hundred display own cultivation base, therefore you must the control force, once makes an effort excessively, because your body will unable to withstand strength backlash, direct self-detonation!” “你应该已经感受到了,这些日子你的力量虽然每一日都会提高,可该来的还是会来,你的力量已经上升到了一个瓶颈。这瓶颈不是任何人给你的,而是你的身体本能制定的。这瓶颈便是你体内的自我保护,老夫接下来要做的实验,就是帮你强行解除这一限制。你可要小心了,一旦限制解除,你将可以百分百发挥自身修为,所以你必须控制力量,一旦用力过度,你的身体会因为承受不住力量反噬,直接自爆的!”
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