GE :: Volume #13

#1213: I really am not the good person...

Light Clan and general Northern Heaven cultivation clan is different, this clan cultivator surname , the name before, the clansman name mostly gets up to make some light and such and such light. 光族与一般的北天修真族不同,此族修士姓在后,名在前,族人姓名大多起做某光、某某光。 This Light Clan Quasi-Saint then in the name of Shentu Guang. 这名光族准圣便是以申屠光为名。 When the Zi Dou Immortal Domain age, Shentu Guang also calculates but actually known character, is young also before having entered under the Zi Dou place Immortal Emperor, 800 sequence. The years are what a pity heartless, his immortality already exhausted, nowadays, can only barely manage to maintain a feeble existence in Heavens Evading Coffin, shape with disabled person. 紫斗仙域的年代,申屠光倒也算小有名气的人物,年轻时也入过紫斗座下仙帝八百的序列。可惜岁月无情,他的仙寿早已耗尽,现如今,只能在避天棺中苟延残喘,形同废人。 This person of stature skinny short and small, just like a thin monkey, on the long gown of ray of light knitting, is glittering ancient ape Worshiping Sun Pattern. He of undistinguished appearance, because of the qi and blood failure, the aura appears Death Qi heavy, only has both eyes to be fiery, look just like solar sparkle, is indistinct, has Distant Fire to burn in the eye. 此人身材干瘦矮小,宛如一个瘦猴,光芒编织的长袍上,闪烁着古猿拜日的图案。他其貌不扬,又因气血衰竭,气息显得死气沉沉,却唯有双目炯炯有神,眼神犹如太阳般闪耀,隐约间,更有离火在眼中燃烧。 With instance of this person of gaze connection, Ning Fan both eyes had the burningly painful feeling. This person turns over to extremely arrogantly extremely arrogantly, is somewhat the skill. 与此人目光交汇的瞬间,宁凡双目有了灼痛之感。此人狂妄归狂妄,到底也是有几分本事的。 Is Ancestor Shentu! His old man take action!” “是申屠老祖!他老人出手了!” As Shentu Guang comes to this place, Light Clan clan land resounds the intermittent cheers immediately, innumerable cultivator kneel down to bow politely toward Shentu Guang. 随着申屠光现身此地,光族族地顿时响起阵阵欢呼声,无数修士朝着申屠光顶礼叩拜。 The Light Clan giants of have several ten Yellow Turban Force Warrior appearance, are lifting Little Shan (small mountain) giant six corner long hammers with joint forces, walked strenuously. 有数十名黄巾力士打扮的光族巨人,合力抬着一柄小山般巨大的六棱长锤,吃力走了出来。 That long hammer is extremely broken, does not know that experienced many years, the miraculous glow loses very seriously, blood rust that but above covers entirely, still gave people the feeling of Evil Qi soaring to the heavens, impressively is Innate Mid-Grade Magical Treasure. 那长锤太过残破,已不知经历了多少岁月,灵光损失十分严重,但其上布满的血锈,仍旧给人煞气冲天之感,赫然是一件先天中品法宝 Asked Ancestor to forgive, I and others consumed 300,000 year of years, is still unable to restore Smashing Immortal Hammer thoroughly, can only restore this valuable 60% prestige energies reluctantly.” Numerous Yellow Turban Force Warrior apologized. “请老祖恕罪,我等耗费三十万载岁月,仍旧无法彻底修复碎仙锤,只能勉强恢复此宝六成威能。”众黄巾力士请罪道。 Might as well! 60% prestige energies, enough coped with End of Law Quasi-Saint!” Shentu Guang self-important say/way. “无妨!六成威能,足够对付末法准圣了!”申屠光老气横秋道。 His one step treads, the whole body the ray of light writings, change to hundred zhang (333 m) Eternal True Body in ray of light immediately, holds that Smashing Immortal Hammer in the hand, subsequently welcomed Ning Fan to pound! 一步踏出,周身顿时光芒大作,于光芒之中化作百丈万古真身,将那碎仙锤持在手中,继而迎着宁凡砸了下去! This Smashing Immortal Hammer 30 Cultivation Star weights, a hammer pounds to fall, trim Starry Sky in fierce shake/shock! It is difficult to imagine Shentu Guang that qi and blood dries up, unexpectedly the also strength brandishes the so heavy pointed weapons, even if this person qi and blood dries up, is not weak in Immortal Stone first-level Quasi-Saint! 碎仙锤足足有30颗修真星的重量,一锤砸落,整片星空都在剧烈震动!很难想象气血枯竭的申屠光,居然还有力气挥舞如此沉重的兵刃,此人纵然气血枯竭,也绝不弱于仙石一级的准圣 Strikes facing this person of brute force, the Ning Fan choice dodges, but the issue is, his get out of the way Shentu Guang giant hammer has struck obviously, why actually does not know, was flown by the numerous bang! 面对此人蛮力一击,宁凡选择闪避,可问题是,他明明闪开了申屠光巨锤一击,却不知为何,还是被重重轰飞了! Similar to by 30 invisible Cultivation Star simultaneously in the bang, that destructive power, hits the defense of smash into pieces Ning Fan directly! 如同被30颗无形修真星同时轰中,那种破坏力,直接撞碎了宁凡的防御! Has not held under the True Body premise, Ning Fan Mortal Body was hit to explode directly! In a twinkling, entire Light Clan is cheers! 未开真身的前提下,宁凡的‘肉身’直接就被打爆了!霎时间,整个光族全都是欢声! Was too strong! Ancestor Shentu only used to strike unexpectedly, extinguished kills has invaded Quasi-Saint!” “太强了!申屠老祖竟只用了一击,就灭杀了入侵准圣!” This with my Light Clan for enemy fate!” “这就是与我光族为敌的下场!” This other families Quasi-Saint, only then this strength, dares to say the boastful talk unexpectedly, must snatch my Light Clan treasure, is really laughable!” “这外族准圣只有这点实力,居然还敢口出狂言,要抢我光族宝物,真是可笑!” by no means is all Light Clan cultivator is cheering, some people are puzzled. 并不是所有光族修士都在欢呼,也有人感到困惑。 Was too strange, does Quasi-Saint have is so good to kill? Even if Ancestor Shentu is very strong, is insufficient to annihilate to kill the opposite party to...” “太奇怪了,准圣有这么好杀吗?就算申屠老祖很强,也不至于将对方一击灭杀才对…” Shentu Guang old eyes narrows the eyes, he does not certainly think that Ning Fan is so easy to kill. After he saw Ning Fan explodes Mortal Body changes to everywhere wood fragments, facial expression slightly one startled, understood! 申屠光老眼一眯,他当然不会认为宁凡这么容易就能杀死。当他看到宁凡爆开的‘肉身’化作漫天木屑后,神情微微一惊,明白了! Unexpectedly is Wood Clone! Clone when this person uses, my unexpectedly without/has not least bit discovery! Is it possible that does this person have Wood Title or Wood Wielding unexpectedly? Otherwise Old Man will not be decidedly able to realize his Clone aura!” “居然是木之分身!此人何时使用的分身,我竟没有半点发现!莫非此人竟身怀木封号或者木掌位?否则老夫断然不会察觉不到他的分身气息!” Actually sees! Among Heaven and Earth shatter wood fragments must condense suddenly, shortly, Ning Fan body reconstruct, fluttered about from wood fragments. 却见!天地间破碎的木屑忽得凝聚,顷刻间,宁凡躯体重塑,从木屑纷飞中走了出来。 Naturally, that seems like body reconstruct, in fact, Ning Fan True Body basic without/has not has broken, naturally was also far from reconstruct. 当然,那只是看上去像是躯体重塑,事实上,宁凡真身根本没有破碎过,自然也就谈不上重塑了。 When giant hammer the instance, Ning Fan changed the Wood Monster Clone body in the body surface, the whole person has hidden in the body, counter-balanced the attack of enemy by the Clone body. 巨锤袭来的瞬间,宁凡在体表变化出了木妖分身的躯壳,整个人藏身于躯壳之内,以分身躯壳来抵消敌人的攻击。 Wood Monster Clone can also such use unexpectedly! 木妖分身居然还能这么用! This is also battle technique that Ning Fan pondered over recently, has Divinity Spark of Wood, are not many develops the methods of some wood, really some waste. 这也是宁凡最近才琢磨出来的战斗技巧,身怀木之神格,却不多开发些木之手段,实在有些浪费。 Cannot think that your Wood Element attainments are unexpectedly high to so the degree, it seems like before Old Man, some looked down on you, End of Law Quasi-Saint truly good and evil intermingled, but you absolutely were outstanding person. What a pity your match is Old Man! When resembles your this grade of degree Title and Wielding Quasi-Saint, Old Man most flourishing also has defeated some, although now the strength drops, will defeat you difficultly still not! You to the past and present Quasi-Saint strength disparity, know nothing radically!” Although Shentu Guang surprised in the Ning Fan Wood Element method, actually obstinate argumentative say/way. “想不到你的木行造诣竟高到如此程度,看来老夫之前有些太小瞧你了,末法准圣确实良莠不齐,但你绝对是其中的佼佼者。可惜你的对手是老夫!似你这等程度的封号掌位准圣,老夫全盛之时也击败过一些,如今虽然实力减退,败你仍旧不会有多困难!你对古今准圣的实力差距,根本一无所知!”申屠光虽然惊讶于宁凡木行手段,却还是嘴硬道。 What knowing nothing is you are right, I am not Quasi-Saint, is only Immortal King.” Ning Fan shakes the head to say. “一无所知的是你才对,我不是准圣,只是一介仙王。”宁凡摇头道。 When his without/has not strength, he will camouflage profound cultivation base intentionally, deters enemy. 当他没有实力时,他会故意伪装高深修为,来威慑敌人。 When he has the strength, he did not mind that exposed real Realm, without/has not makes the camouflage necessary again. 当他拥有实力时,他不介意暴露真实境界,没有必要再作伪装。 What? Are you Immortal King? 17,000 Tribulation Magic Force Immortal King!” Shentu Guang finally complexion big change. “什么?你是仙王一万七千劫法力仙王!”申屠光终于面色大变 Magic Force purity impractical End of Law Quasi-Saint, even if cultivates Wielding, is not enough to make him extremely change countenance! 一个法力纯度虚浮的末法准圣,纵然修出掌位,也不足以令他太过动容! But 17,000 Tribulation Magic Force Immortal King, really somewhat was scary! When Immortal King can cultivate/repair 17,000 Tribulation Magic Force, if this has become Quasi-Saint, should be what kind of Expert! When End of Law Era left this grade of evildoer/monstrous! 但一个一万七千劫法力仙王,就真的有些吓人了!仙王之时就能修出一万七千劫法力,这要是成了准圣,又该是何等强者末法时代何时出了这等妖孽 Was good, your excellency skill I have probed, then, I wanted earnest kick the sect!” “好了,阁下的本事我已经试探出来了,接下来,我要认真踢宗了!” A short round confrontation, Ning Fan has tried the Shentu Guang depth. In the Smashing Immortal Hammer Magical Treasure surface of this person is a hammer treasure, ray of light that regulations hammer sends out, is its attack is . To avoid this hammer to attack, not easy ; to be hit by this hammer extremely casually, is the serious attack of 30 stars. Only one Smashing Immortal Hammer on difficult to handle, Shentu Guang as Quasi-Saint, decides however other also methods. Ning Fan ponders, if not use the card in a hand, wants to defeat this person, feared that must struggle hard one. 短暂的一回合交锋,宁凡已经试出了申屠光的深浅。此人的碎仙锤法宝表面上是一件锤宝,实则此锤散发的光芒,都是它的攻击所在。想要躲开此锤攻击,极其不易被此锤随便打一下,都是30颗星辰的沉重打击。只一个碎仙锤不易对付了,申屠光身为准圣,定然还有其他手段。宁凡自忖,若不使用底牌,想要战胜此人,怕是要苦战一番的。 That use card in a hand was good! 那就使用底牌好了! He comes kick the sect, what wants is fights a battle to force a quick decision, but is not rubs gently with the enemy slowly! 他是来踢宗的,要的是速战速决,而不是慢慢和敌人磨蹭! The Yin-Yang Sect kick the sect tradition is anything, Ning Fan did not understand, but he remembers Black Demon School kick the sect tradition, before all previous Black Demon kick the sect, must pound the entrances of three opposite party first, shakes own power and prestige! 两仪宗踢宗传统是什么,宁凡不了解,可他记得黑魔派踢宗传统,历代黑魔踢宗之前,都要先砸三下对方的山门,抖一抖自己的威风! Ning Fan seemed and returned to the Seven Plums City wind and snow, returned to Rain World, when returned to the youngster, when first time and Old Demon kick the sect scene. 恍惚间,宁凡好似又回到了七梅城的风雪中,回到了雨界,回到了少年时,第一次老魔踢宗时的场景。 His corners of the mouth bring back wipe the warm happy expression, matter that may make, is not warm! 他的嘴角勾起一抹温暖的笑意,可做出的事情,一点也不温暖! He, offered a sacrifice to Ant Lord Dao Mountain directly, has pounded toward Shentu Guang ruthlessly! 他,直接祭出了蚁主道山,朝着申屠光狠狠砸了下来! relax, I only pound three, many one does not pound.” 放心,我只砸三下,多一下也不砸。” Ning Fan words without/has not unnecessary mood, but listens in the Shentu Guang ear, is actually no different than huge sarcasm! 宁凡的话语没有多余的情绪,但听在申屠光耳中,却无异于天大讽刺 Only pounds three, many one does not pound! This is thought that three moves can the second fall Old Man! Really is an extremely arrogant junior, had Old Man in the past the style!” “只砸三下,多一下也不砸!这是觉得三招就能秒掉老夫啊!呵,真是个狂妄的小辈,有老夫当年风范呐!” Shentu Guang broke out into laughter caused by anger! 申屠光怒极反笑 Always only then his extremely arrogant share, when was one's turn others to stand before him unexpectedly is crazy! 从来只有他狂妄的份,什么时候竟轮到别人站在他面前狂了! Is manages boy Nitian (heaven defying) Immortal King, manages boy in the future is future Immeasurable! 管这小子是不是逆天仙王,管这小子日后是不是前途无量 Old Man must pinch this child all futures today! 老夫今日就要掐了此子所有前途! Heaven and Earth's Rays of Light, Obey My Command! transform my hammer, smash this mountain into pieces!” 天地光芒,听我号令化入吾锤,砸碎此山!” This Shentu Guang quite exceptional, although non- true Light Wielding, but also reluctantly touched the Light Wielding threshold, can gather Heaven and Earth's Rays of Light by the strength of some Wielding unexpectedly, making the Smashing Immortal Hammer prestige be able to enter greatly! 申屠光好生了得,虽非真正的光掌位,但也勉强摸到了光掌位的门槛,竟能以些许掌位之力聚集天地光芒,令碎仙锤威能大进! This moment Smashing Immortal Hammer, seemed to be heavier, had almost the 40 stars destructive power! 这一刻的碎仙锤,仿佛更加沉重了,几乎有了四十颗星辰的破坏力! Shentu Guang True Body holds the hammer, a long and loud cry, shoots up to the sky, welcomed Ant Lord Dao Mountain is being layer on layer/heavily a hammer! 申屠光真身持锤,一声长啸,冲天而起,迎着蚁主道山就是重重一锤! His True Body is so great! 他的真身如此伟岸! ray of light of his whole body is so dazzling! 他周身的光芒如此耀眼! His Quasi-Saint aura heaven shaking moves! 他的准圣气息惊天动地! His clansman is harboring respect gaze, looks up to him! 他的族人正怀着崇敬的目光,仰望他! He, wants smash this mountain into pieces! 他,要砸碎此山 He, must teach Ning Fan to cultivate the behavior! 他,要教宁凡做人! He, wants... Aiyu I go, wait a minute/etc., Old Man's hammer how smash into pieces! 他,要…哎呦我去,等等,老夫的锤子怎么碎了 Shentu Guang complexion in great surprise, his 40 Star Weight Smashing Immortal Hammer, pounds on mountain peak that in Ning Fan offers a sacrifice, smashing unexpectedly is not the Ning Fan mountain, the smashing unexpectedly is his Smashing Immortal Hammer! 申屠光面色大惊,他四十星重量碎仙锤,砸在宁凡祭出的山峰上,粉碎的居然不是宁凡的山,粉碎的居然是他的碎仙锤 Smashing Immortal Hammer, smash into pieces! 碎仙锤,碎了 Even if this hammer is broken, is insufficient to be so easy to crush is right, that is Innate Mid-Grade Magical Treasure! It is not Smashing Immortal Hammer is too crisp, but is the Ning Fan mountain peak is too hard! Too heavy! 就算此锤残破腐朽,也不至于这么容易粉碎才对,那可是先天中品法宝啊!不是碎仙锤太脆,而是宁凡的山峰太硬!太重! After Ant Lord Dao Mountain breaks Smashing Immortal Hammer, subsequently pounded on the body of Shentu Guang. 蚁主道山砸碎碎仙锤后,继而就砸在了申屠光的身上。 Shentu Guang was disorderly! 申屠光凌乱了! Shentu Guang nearly crack shouting Motherfucker! 申屠光险些破口骂娘 He had been pounded by Ant Lord Dao Mountain merely gently, crazily spurts the blood, from airborne has crashed, cockerel that distressed such as defeats! 他仅仅被蚁主道山轻轻砸了一下,就狂喷鲜血,从空中坠落了下来,狼狈如斗败的公鸡! It seems pounds him is not the mountain peak at present, but is hundred and thousand of Cultivation Star! 就好似砸他不是眼前山峰,而是成百上千颗修真星 Too was too and heavy! 太、太重了! This is any bird mountain, how again to so degree! Are hundred stars heavy? Are thousand stars heavy? No! This is not material level weight, but is a heaviness! What his mother is Dao Mountain! What his mother is Saint Dao Mountain! In this world had 2nd step cultivator to have the Saint Dao Mountain suppression method unexpectedly, cracked a joke! 这是什么鸟山,怎得重到如此程度!百星沉重?千星沉重?不!这不是物质层面的重量,而是道重!这他娘的是道山!这他娘的是圣人道山!这世上居然有第二步修士掌握了圣人道山的镇压手段,开什么玩笑! Old, Ancestor cannot block that mountain peak to strike unexpectedly!” An entire Light Clan deathly stillness, all people were startled are unable to say a word, believe smash into pieces place. “老、老祖居然挡不住那山峰一击!”整个光族一片死寂,所有人都被惊得无法言语,信仰碎了一地。 Vacation! False! Old Man does not believe this is Saint Dao Mountain! Certainly was the sensation makes a mistake!” “假的!假的!老夫不信这是圣人道山!一定是感知错了!” Crashes, Shentu Guang stands firm figure forcefully, angrily roars, condenses a 1000 zhang (3333.33 meters) light dragon ray of light between Heaven and Earth, treads the light dragon to welcome Dao Mountain on sky once again, has hit! 坠落中,申屠光强行稳住身形,怒吼一声,将天地间的光芒凝聚成一只千丈光龙,踏着光龙再度迎着天空上的道山,撞了过去! Bang! 轰! His 2nd time and Dao Mountain hit in the same place! 第二次和道山撞在一起! His 2nd time was hit by Dao Mountain spits blood, from airborne fell! 第二次被道山撞得吐血,从空中坠了下来! Unexpectedly is... Really...” “竟是…真的…” Shentu Guang despaired! 申屠光绝望了! This his mother... Really is Saint Dao Mountain! How he possibly is the Saint Dao Mountain match! 这他娘的…真的是圣人道山!他怎么可能是圣人道山的对手! Bang! 轰! Is Shentu Guang layer on layer/heavily pounds to fall the voice of ground! 申屠光重重砸落地面的声音! RUUUUUUMBLE! 轰轰轰轰轰 Is Ant Lord Dao Mountain pounds similarly in the Light Clan earth, pounds the innumerable rift valleys the entire Light Clan earth the sound! 蚁主道山同样砸在光族大地,将整个光族大地砸出无数裂谷的声音! Dao Mountain one time pounds to fall, pounds several hundred vertically and horizontally/able to move unhindered intertwining giant rift valleys Light Clan clan land! 道山一次砸落,将光族族地砸出数百道纵横交错的巨大裂谷! 2nd time pounds to fall, that rift valley quantity increased to several thousand! 第二次砸落,那裂谷数量增加到了数千道! 3rd time pounds to fall, entire Light Clan clan land shatter has become the innumerable fragment! 第三次砸落,整个光族族地破碎成了无数碎块! This is Light Clan clan land, in Earth Veins does not know that many protects Formation Mark formidable, is Northern Heaven Second Level Quasi-Saint may not destroy this clan land. But, this clan land had been pounded still tiny bits by Ning Fan! 这可是光族族地啊,地脉之中不知有多少强大守护阵纹,便是北天二阶准圣都不一定能毁灭此族地。但,这族地仍旧还是被宁凡砸了个稀碎! all of these, Shentu Guang is incapable of preventing radically, even, if not for if Ning Fan shows mercy, his oneself will be pounded the Mortal Body destruction. Must know, his Mortal Body and Nascent Divinity the oil completely lamp was already dry, cannot withstand too has damaged, if Mortal Body destroys, Nascent Divinity withering away was also sooner or later matter. 这一切,申屠光根本无力阻止,甚至于,倘若不是宁凡手下留情,就连他本人都会被砸得肉身毁灭。要知道,他的肉身元神早已油尽灯枯,经不起太多损伤了,肉身若毁,元神消亡也是迟早的事情了。 Many thanks Fellow Daoist, shows mercy... My Light Clan, admitted defeat, what Fellow Daoist wants my clan, my clan is willing to cup one hand in the other across the chest to offer...” “多谢道友,手下留情…我光族,认输了,道友想要我族何物,我族愿拱手献上…” Shentu Guang crawls from the ruins, the bitter and astringent say/way, crawls similarly from the ruins, also does Light Clan cultivator, the each and every single (person) expression is absentminded, is deeply disappointed. 申屠光从废墟之中爬出,苦涩道,同样从废墟爬出的,还有一干光族修士,一个个表情失魂落魄,深受打击。 But without/has not any Light Clan cultivator dies of affecting, obviously Ning Fan controlled Dao Mountain to pound to fall the range perfectly, similarly showed mercy. 没有任何一个光族修士死于波及,显然宁凡完美控制了道山砸落范围,同样手下留情了。 Shentu Guang decided to admit defeat finally. His former spoken language crazy, this moment admitting defeat stance then distressed. 申屠光终于还是决定服软了。他之前言语有多狂,此刻服软姿态便有多狼狈。 Did not admit defeat good, the Light Clan main force went on an expedition in Boundary River, kept clan land was the young people, is the Light Clan future. Did not admit defeat, can it be must make enemy extinguish Light Clan in the future! 可不服软不行啊,光族的主力都在界河征战,留在族地的都是年轻人,是光族的未来。不服软,难道要让敌人灭了光族未来吗! Yeah, this child is threatening, does not know that wants to snatch any thing. Really, this child stares at good light secret scroll, or, he came to the Ancient Country Transaction Formation formation remnant volume of my clan collection...” Admitted defeat to turn over to admit defeat, thinks that in clan the treasure must be robbed by Ning Fan, Shentu Guang big feeling anxiety. “哎,此子来势汹汹,也不知是想来抢什么东西的。果然,此子是盯上了行光秘卷吧,又或者,他是冲着我族珍藏的古国交易阵阵法残卷而来…”服软归服软,一想到族中珍宝要被宁凡抢走,申屠光还是大感肉疼。 Sees Shentu Guang to admit defeat, Ning Fan also no longer began, was speaking thoughtlessly to tell to Ant Lord Dao Mountain, Ant Lord Dao Mountain flew back to Profound Yin World. 申屠光服软,宁凡也就不再动手了,对着蚁主道山随口吩咐了一句,蚁主道山就飞回玄阴界 Then he takes out material order that Omniscient Old Man gives, has a look to look at the name carefully, said, I want 100 Yin Light Stone, 100, cannot be few.” 而后他取出全知老人给的材料单,仔细看看看名目,道,“我要一百阴光石,一百颗,一颗也不能少。” Yin Light Stone this type of thing, Ning Fan is also first time heard, wants to come is Real World precious immortal materials. 阴光石这种东西,宁凡也是第一次听说,想来是真界的珍贵仙料吧。 Really, heard that Ning Fan is snatches Yin Light Stone, Shentu Guang was shocked directly, then, over the face grief and indignation, the anger refers to the Ning Fan direction, wants to scold actually the stance of reorganization not good expression! 果然,一听说宁凡是来抢阴光石的,申屠光直接愣住了,而后,满面悲愤,怒指宁凡方向,一副想骂却整理不好措辞的姿态! Sees that Ning Fan frowned, heart this is Yin Light Stone so slightly important to Light Clan inadequately? Otherwise why Shentu Guang can be mad this appearance. 见状,宁凡微微皱了眉,心道这阴光石光族如此重要不成?不然为何申屠光会气着这副模样。 You said that is you are snatches Yin Light Stone!” Shentu Guang has opened the mouth finally, the tone is resentful. “你说是你是来抢阴光石的!”申屠光终于开口了,口气愤懑无比。 Yes.” “是。” For trivial 100 Yin Light Stone, you pounded my Light Clan torn to pieces?!” Because Shentu Guang is angry, the intonation somewhat was incisive. “就为了区区一百阴光石,你就把我光族砸成了支离破碎?!”申屠光因为过于愤怒,语调都有些尖锐了。 Trivial?” “区区?” Why not you early said! Why not early to say! Early knows you to want Yin Light Stone, do not say 100, is 1000, 10,000, Old Man also gives! Also delivers! For that type of not valuable broken thing, you unexpectedly destroys clan land Earth Veins that my Light Clan consumption number world accumulation has built becomes! My clan clan land destroys the injustice, destroys is unworthy!” Shentu Guang sad say/way. “你何不早说!何不早说啊!早知你只是想要阴光石,莫说一百颗,便是一千颗,一万颗,老夫也给!也送!就为了那种不值钱的破玩意,你居然毁了我光族耗费数世累积打造而成的族地地脉!我族族地毁得冤啊,毁得不值啊!”申屠光悲道。 I beforehand explained the purpose in coming, by your excellency disposition, feared that will not cup one hand in the other across the chest to see off, your excellency made an appearance said that must directly not ask that the name captured me.” Ning Fan thinks otherwise to say. “就算我事先道明来意,以阁下的性格,怕也不会拱手相送吧,阁下一露面就说了,要直接不问姓名将我擒拿呢。”宁凡不以为然道。 This...” Shentu Guang had nothing to say in reply for a while. Truly, does not hit such, does not know fierce of Ning Fan, even if Ning Fan thinks if only a grass, he will not cup one hand in the other across the chest to see off. Why solemn can Light Clan lower the head to other people? This is matter of principle and face issue. “这…”申屠光一时无言以对。确实,不打这么一场,不知道宁凡的厉害,就算宁凡想要是只是一根草,他也不会拱手相送的。凭什么堂堂光族要向一个外人低头?这是原则问题、脸面问题。 Finally, Ning Fan obtained 100,000 many Yin Light Stone from Light Clan, returns home with a full load. 最终,宁凡光族得到了十万多颗阴光石,满载而归。 Shentu Guang gazes after Ning Fan to depart, does not arrive to the Divine Sense sensation until Ning Fan, he relaxed, believes firmly that the opposite party departed. 申屠光目送宁凡离去,直到宁凡远到神念都感知不到了,他才松了一口气,确信对方真的离去了。 wait a minute/etc., has as if forgotten an important matter. 等等,似乎忘了一件重要的事。 This can control Expert that including Saint Dao Mountain extremely causes, this hits the torn to pieces person Light Clan clan land, is who... 这个连圣人道山都能驭使的绝顶强者,这个将光族族地打得支离破碎的人,是谁… Yeah, Old Man closes up is too long, does not know unexpectedly Northern Heaven left this grade of outstanding talent. Who knows, this person is who?” Shentu Guang is slightly awkward, asked to clansman. “哎,老夫闭关太久,竟不知北天出了这等人杰。有谁知道,此人是谁?”申屠光微微尴尬,向族人们问道。 Returns to the Ancestor words, I and others does not know that who this person is.” Numerous Light Clan cultivator is bewildered. “回老祖的话,我等也不知此人是谁。”众光族修士皆是一脸茫然。 Pours also several people to know Ning Fan. 倒也有几人知道宁凡 Several people have looked at Black Demon School Great Competition exactly, knows that Ning Fan is Northern Heaven Black Demon School cultivator. 有几个人恰好看过黑魔派大比,知道宁凡北天黑魔派修士 Before several people , when goes on patrol, has met Ning Fan and Ancestor Lei Ze enters Light Ancestral Abyss hand in hand. 有几个人之前巡逻时,遇到过宁凡雷泽老祖携手进入光祖地渊 Other people know Ning Fan through the posting a reward command of Water Sect issue. 另外一些人则是通过水宗发布的悬赏令知道宁凡的。 Shentu Guang reorganized various group of information, the regarding Ning Fan basic information had the understanding finally. 申屠光整理了一下各路情报,对于宁凡的基本信息终于有了了解。 Black Demon School? Ning Fan? kick the sect? Pounds the opposite party three entrances? Old Man knew! The Black Demon School status of this person conceals, this person is the Yin-Yang Sect person! No wonder, no wonder this person handles affairs so overbearingly, during snatches Yin Light Stone to destroy my clan land ; to be possible this person to be overbearing clearly also extremely has the discretion, from beginning to end has not killed my Light Clan one person, this indeed Yin-Yang Sect past attitude! This person feared that is not the End of Law junior, but is the same with Old Man, from lives through ancient times today's Yin-Yang Sect Old Monster!” 黑魔派宁凡踢宗?砸对方三下山门?老夫知道了!此人的黑魔派身份只是掩饰,此人是两仪宗的人!难怪啊,难怪此人行事如此霸道,抢个阴光石都要毁我族地可此人霸道之中分明又极有分寸,从始至终未杀我光族一人,这正是两仪宗当年的作风!此人怕也不是末法小辈,而是和老夫一样,从亘古活到今日的两仪宗老怪!” Is only, Old Man does not remember that Yin-Yang Sect becomes famous in Old Monster, are some people to call Ning Fan? Really, this name is only alias. Also or including his look to camouflage, so specially camouflages, feared that is also because this person was Old Man in the past the person of knowing well, when robbed had scruples the face, therefore has covered up, will not be wrong, deciding was so!” “只是,老夫怎么不记得两仪宗成名老怪中,有人是叫宁凡?果然,这个名字只是化名。又或者连他的相貌都是伪装,如此特意伪装一番,怕也是因为此人是老夫当年熟识之人,抢劫之时顾忌脸面,故而有所遮掩,不会错,定是如此!” another point, is actually this person what cultivation base? Although he are Immortal King, but does Immortal King have the possibility to so the degree fiercely? Really, he has lain, his radically is not Immortal king! This person vertical is not Second Level Quasi-Saint, absolutely is in First Level greatly strengthened that exist(ence)! Snort, wants to deceive Old Man, gate without/has not! Since is the Yin-Yang Sect person, shows mercy to my clan, this account can only such consider as finished. Yeah, who asked me the clan to owe Yin-Yang Saint Karma in the past, can't be ruthless to others disciples and followers? You listened, this matter stopped! No one permits to retaliate this alias Ning Fan Old Monster thing! This person can be impolite, I and others actually must have the righteousness, must always remember the Yin-Yang Saint past kindness! In the future this person will reenter Light Ancestral Abyss, you must treat by the honored guest, understood!” 还有一点,此人究竟是何修为?他虽说自己是仙王,但仙王有可能厉害到如此程度吗?果然,他又说谎了,他根本不是仙王!此人纵不是二阶准圣,也绝对是一阶之中极强的那种存在!哼,想欺骗老夫,门都没有!既然是两仪宗的人,又对我族手下留情,这笔账只能这么算了。哎,谁叫我族当年欠了两仪圣因果呢,总不能对人家的徒子徒孙赶尽杀绝吧?你们听好了,此事到此为止!谁都不准报复这个化名宁凡老怪物!此人可以无礼,我等却不可以无义,要铭记两仪圣当年的恩惠!日后此人再入光祖地渊,尔等也需以贵客来对待,明白了吗!” Shentu Guang is serious, made to Light Clan clansman. 申屠光一脸严肃,对光族族人们令道。 Not looked that the Shentu Guang words said attractively, if not but for Ning Fan Saint Dao Mountain is too fierce, can he have scruples Yin-Yang Saint some kindness not to know. 莫看申屠光话说得漂亮,可若不是宁凡圣人道山太厉害,他还会不会顾忌两仪圣的些许恩惠就不知道了。 Understood!” Light Clan clansman like chicken pecking rice incessantly nodded. Retaliates Ning Fan? They have that skill. Dislikes the life to be long? Hasn't looked at Quasi-Saint cultivation base Ancestor Shentu oppressively by a pity? “明白了!”光族族人小鸡啄米般点头不止。报复宁凡?他们有那个本事吗。嫌命长?没看准圣修为申屠老祖都被虐了个可怜? As for posting a reward command that Water Sect issues, then had been torn up by Light Clan cultivator entirely, from now on will disregard thoroughly. 至于水宗颁发的悬赏令,则通通被光族修士撕掉了,自此彻底无视。 ... I, had to challenge the Secret Clan strength...” “我,已经拥有挑战秘族的实力了么…” Outside remote Starry Sky, Ning Fan lives in the footsteps suddenly, said after a sigh. 遥远星空外,宁凡忽然顿住脚步,感叹道。 He once challenged Dark Clan, but that mentioned of pleasant to hear, his radically without/has not depending on strength of crush Dark Clan entire clan a oneself, even, he defeated Hei Sheng to be lucky. 他曾独自一人挑战暗族,但那只是说来好听,他根本没有凭一己之力碾压暗族全族,甚至,他连战胜黑绳都侥幸。 this time is different, he has defeated easily Shentu Guang, the crush the Light Clan entire clan. Good, the Light Clan Quasi-Saint main force is not at actually, but this also fully explained, present he had the qualifications that the upfront and Secret Clan spoke the last words. 这一次则不同,他轻易就击败了申屠光,碾压了光族全族。好吧,光族准圣主力其实不在,但这也足以说明,如今的他有了正面和秘族叫板的资格。 Was short toward oneself toots one's own horn! You do not depend on your strength crush Light Clan! What you use is this Palace Master Dao Mountain! Moreover your without/has not controlling causes this Palace Master Dao Mountain cultivation base radically, you used to sweet talk, cheated Dao Mountain! Coaxes her to always do as one is told to you! If not use Dao Mountain, you can also ability crush Light Clan? Basic without/has not.” In Sea of Consciousness, Ant Lord taunted unceasingly. “少往自己脸上贴金了!你根本不是凭自己实力碾压光族的!你用的是本宫道山好吗!而且你根本没有驭使本宫道山修为,你只是用花言巧语,哄骗了道山!哄得她对你惟命是从!若不用道山,你可还有本领碾压光族?根本没有。”识海中,蚁主不断挖苦道。 No, even if not use Dao Mountain, I can also crush Light Clan, my also three Saint Thunder Talisman be useless.” Ning Fan said with a smile. “不,就算不用道山,我也能碾压光族,我还有三张圣人雷符没用。”宁凡笑道。 Hateful! That Thunder Talisman is also the this Palace Master thing! Has to plant you not to use Thunder Talisman, suppressed Light Clan!” Ant Lord gas channel/angrily said. “可恶!那雷符也是本宫的东西!有种你连雷符都不用,把光族镇压了!”蚁主气道。 Any your thing my thing, including you are the Master's thing! You entered Master's Sea of Consciousness, is the Master's maid, must always remember own status!” The this time opens the mouth, is in Ning Fan Sea of Consciousness another guest, Yin Ji. “什么你的东西我的东西,连你都是主人的东西!你入了主人的识海,就是主人的婢,要铭记自己的身份!”这一次开口的,是宁凡识海中另一位客人,阴姬 Dissolute! Little Dust Immortal secure Gan said the boastful talk! this Palace Master is solemn Saint, you dared saying that I was a maid! Even if the maid, I also when only Lord Hong Jun maid!” Ant Lord no longer pays attention to Ning Fan, but ran and Yin Ji fights. “放肆!小小灰尘仙安敢口出狂言!本宫乃是堂堂圣人,你竟敢说我是婢!就算是婢,我也只当鸿钧主子的婢!”蚁主不再理会宁凡,而是跑去和阴姬掐架了。 This is the reason that she recently without/has not and Ning Fan quarrelled, she was busy fighting with Yin Ji recently, where had the time to respond Ning Fan, today is also the Heart Blood incoming tide, sarcasm Ning Fan several, unexpectedly had not said several, and Yin Ji pinched. 这就是她最近没有宁凡吵架的原因,她最近忙着和阴姬掐架呢,哪有时间搭理宁凡,今日也是心血来潮,才讽刺宁凡几句,谁料还没说几句,就又和阴姬掐上了。 Right right, I am Dust Immortal, but I am proud, I am proud. Because I am Dust Immortal that Tears Elder Brother drop of tears change magically become, you, you are only not worthy of mentioning small ant, your might as well I.” Yin Ji favorite say/way. Tears Elder Brother in her mouth, naturally was that faceless giant. “对呀没错,我就是灰尘仙,可我骄傲,我自豪。因为我是眼泪哥哥一滴泪点化而成的灰尘仙,你呢,你只是微不足道的小蚂蚁,你还不如我。”阴姬得意道。她口中的眼泪哥哥,自然是那个无脸巨人了。 Snort! I am also ant that Lord Hong Jun changes magically, I am also proud, I am also proud, this proud wins your ash a lot of times! Must know, my Master was not your Tears Elder Brother ratio results in!” Ant Lord struggles to say. “哼!我也是鸿钧主子点化的蚂蚁,我也骄傲,我也自豪,这骄傲更胜你灰渣子千百倍!要知道,我的主子可不是你眼泪哥哥比得了的!”蚁主争道。 Cannot you speak the Tears Elder Brother malicious remarks! He compared with your Lord Hong Jun strong a lot of times!” “不许你说眼泪哥哥坏话!他比你鸿钧主子强千百倍!” Cannot you speak the Master malicious remarks! He compared with your Tears Elder Brother strong 100 million time!” “不许你说主子坏话!他比你眼泪哥哥一亿倍!” You shut up!” “你闭嘴!” You should shut up!” “你才该闭嘴!” I kill you!” “我打死你!” this Palace Master and you spelled!” 本宫和你拼了!” Ning Fan silently the noise shield in Sea of Consciousness. If daily listens to these two women to fight, how he also calms the mind to handle other matters. 宁凡默默将识海中的吵闹声屏蔽。倘若日日都听这两个女人掐架,他还怎么静下心做其他事情。 The words said, this is the adult is quarrelling? How a little to look like two children to be fiercer than whose father, sounds to be bored and laughable. 话说,这是成年人在吵架吗?怎么有点像两个小孩在比谁的父亲厉害,听起来无聊又可笑。 Ning Fan shakes the head, scatters the distracting thoughts, takes out the material order, looked. 宁凡摇摇头,将杂念驱散,取出材料单,看了看。 Besides Light Clan, in the material order the without/has not Quasi-Saint influence, the following material, was very again easy to start. 除了光族以外,材料单上再没有准圣势力了,接下来的材料,都十分容易入手。 Next must kick, is Sea Sand Sect, Sect Master is Six Tribulations Cultivator is Great Emperor Sea Sand, what must snatch is the Moon God Sand half jin (0.5 kg)...” “下一个要踢的,是海沙宗,宗主六劫修为的海沙大帝,要抢的是太阴神沙半斤…” ... Northern Heaven, Sea Sand Sect. 北天,海沙宗 Recently indeed Great Emperor Sea Sand greeted the Large Heavenly Tribulation day, Great Emperor Sea Sand very old was very old, cultivation base actually throughout the card in Eternal Sixth Tribulation, does not dare to enter into toward Seventh Tribulation. 近日正是海沙大帝迎接大天劫的日子,海沙大帝已经很老很老了,修为却始终卡在万古第六劫,不敢朝第七劫迈入。 Breaks through Eternal Seven Tribulations, he including 5% (incomplete) assurance also without/has not, the breakthrough, will die forcefully absolutely. 突破万古七劫,他连半成的把握也没有,强行突破,绝对会死。 But this Large Heavenly Tribulation, the Great Emperor Sea Sand same without/has not many assurance crossed, roughly only has 30% to grasp crossing tribulation to succeed, other 70%, die similarly. 可此次大天劫,海沙大帝同样没有多少把握渡过,约莫只有三成把握渡劫成功,余下的七成,同样是死。 Entire Sea Sand Sect high and low tense atmospheres, no one knows whether own Sect Master this time crossing tribulation can succeed. 整个海沙宗上下一片紧张气氛,谁都不知道自家宗主这一次渡劫能否成功。 Hidden place have several Northern Heaven Great Emperor is staring at Sea Sand Sect, if Great Emperor Sea Sand dies of Heavenly Tribulation, the Sea Sand Sect status must be able to fall 1000 zhang (3333.33 meters), falls the Immortal Emperor influence category. When the time comes, entire Northern Heaven does not know that will have many Great Emperor, carves up the piece tile not to remain Sea Sand Sect. 暗处更有数北天大帝盯着海沙宗,倘若海沙大帝死于天劫,海沙宗的地位必会一落千丈,跌出仙帝势力范畴。到时候,整个北天不知会有多少大帝,将海沙宗瓜分得片瓦不留。 Why is what! Sect Master does not pay the price, asking the person to help crossing tribulation! Such words success rate is not bigger!” At this moment, Sea Sand Sect somewhere, a Sea Sand Sect new disciple puzzled asked. “为什么!为什么宗主不付出代价,请人帮忙渡劫!那样的话成功率不是更大么!”此刻,海沙宗某处,一名海沙宗新弟子不解问道。 You is a new person, some does not know, in fact Sect Master first several Large Heavenly Tribulation somewhat could not pass, a savings already cleared, this invited the helper, crossed first several Large Heavenly Tribulation by luck. But this time, Sect Master the without/has not unnecessary treasure asked person take action to assist. The Sect Master Large Heavenly Tribulation number of times were too many, already was the End Tribulation prestige energy, without/has not enough reward, which Great Emperor met this turbid water...” Another Sea Sand disciple replied. “你是新人,有所不知,事实上宗主前几次大天劫就有些过不去了,一身积蓄早已散尽,这才请来帮手,侥幸渡过了前几次大天劫。可这一次,宗主已经没有多余宝物请人出手相助了。宗主大天劫次数太多了,早已是末劫威能,没有足够的报酬,哪个大帝会蹚这趟浑水…”另一名海沙弟子回答道。 But I heard, Good Fortune True Monarch once said that is willing to assist free of charge, why doesn't Sect Master agree? That is Good Fortune True Monarch, End of Law Era few Quasi-Saint great expert/power! Has his take action, even if End Tribulation, can cross easily.” “可我听说,福泽真君就曾放话,愿意无偿相助,宗主为何不同意呢?那可是福泽真君啊,末法时代屈指可数的准圣大能!有他出手,就算是末劫,也能轻易渡过了。” „Are you silly, the Good Fortune True Monarch words do you also dare to believe? can it be you have not heard, more than 10 million year ago , once Northern Heaven Great Emperor faced with the crossing tribulation difficult position, that person asked Good Fortune True Monarch to assist, when tribulation near actually by Good Fortune True Monarch Devour(ing) Nascent Divinity, died pitifully... Quasi-Saint dreads Karma, easily not Mortal World, if steps into Mortal World, has schemed surely, is impossible selflessly really!” “你是不是傻,福泽真君的话你也敢信?难道你没听说过,一千多万年前,也曾有一名北天大帝面临渡劫困境,那人请了福泽真君相助,劫临之时却被福泽真君吞噬元神,死得可怜…准圣畏惧因果,轻易不涉红尘,倘若踏入红尘,必定有所图谋,不可能真的无私的!” Wha, what! Good Fortune True Monarch so does not give a thought to the good faith unexpectedly! How he can so! No matter Four Oceans Sect manages this matter!” “什、什么!福泽真君竟如此不顾信义!他怎能如此!四溟宗就不管管此事吗!” Good faith? If worries about the good faith, Good Fortune True Monarch may not repair until now Realm. As for Four Oceans Sect, in good condition, why can they be dead Immortal Emperor have condemned Quasi-Saint? That is Quasi-Saint great expert/power, is not we can censure, this word stops, careful is Sea Sand Sect courts disaster.” “信义?要是顾念信义,福泽真君可修不到如今境界。至于四溟宗,好端端的,他们干嘛要为一个已死仙帝问罪准圣?嘘,那可是准圣大能,不是我们可以非议的,此言到此为止,小心为海沙宗惹祸。” Is is extremely extremely, I and others not must discuss.” “是极是极,我等还是莫要论了。” These two Sea Sand disciples were planning that returns to the room to rest, must see black air/Qi direct impact Starry Sky suddenly, immediately complexion big change. 这两名海沙弟子正打算回房休息,忽得见到一道黑气直冲星空,登时面色大变 Not only these two disciples. 不只是这两名弟子。 At this moment, entire Sea Sand Sect everywhere is the startled sound. 这一刻,整个海沙宗处处都是惊声。 „It is not good! Sect Master End Tribulation approached! The double-hour is not right, early several double-hour!” “不好!宗主末劫来临了!时辰不对,早了数个时辰!” This is the issue is at! Sect Master completely could not have controlled the double-hour that End Tribulation arrived at! this time End Tribulation feared that is 30% assurances is insufficient!” “这才是问题所在!宗主已经完全控制不了末劫降临的时辰了!这一次末劫怕是三成把握都不够!” Does not know what to do! If Sect Master has an accident, my Sea Sand Sect will deteriorate surely from now on!” “如何是好!倘若宗主出事,我海沙宗必定自此衰败!” Shuts your crow mouth! Sect Master will not have the matter! Sect Master will certainly not have the matter!” “闭上你的乌鸦嘴!宗主不会有事!宗主一定不会有事!” At this moment, innumerable Sea Sand Sect old man kneel on the ground, devotionally for the Great Emperor Sea Sand pray. Their cultivation base is too low, is unable to connect the tribulation to assist, can only ascend the sky Open Eyes by this method hope, rescues Sect Master again. 这一刻,无数海沙宗老人跪在地上,虔诚替海沙大帝祈祷。他们修为太低,无法直接入劫相助,只能以这种手段祈求上天开眼,再救宗主一回。 Sea Sand Sect high and low, in all person eyes is having a hope, hopes that has the miracle to appear. 海沙宗上下,所有人眼中都存着一丝希望,希望有奇迹出现。 Actually only then Great Emperor Sea Sand oneself, in the eye is passing Death Qi and despair fully. 却只有海沙大帝本人,眼中满满透着死气与绝望。 20%, no, 15%... this time was dying, Old Man was not willingly, Old Man was not willingly!” “两成,不,一成五都不到…这一次真的要死了么,老夫不甘心,老夫不甘心呐!” Bang! 轰! Lip thick or thin Black Thunderbolt must chop together suddenly, chops Great Emperor Sea Sand Heavenly Spirit. 一道碗口粗细的黑色雷霆忽得劈了下来,直劈海沙大帝天灵 The without/has not time despaired! Great Emperor Sea Sand understands, he must calm the mind immediately, crossing tribulation, can full power some promoting vitalities! 没有时间绝望了!海沙大帝明白,他必须立刻静下心,全力渡劫,方能提升些许生机! Under thousand heavy Tribulation Cloud, Great Emperor Sea Sand raises the towering waves, the oath must again with heaven struggle one point of Destiny! 千重劫云下方,海沙大帝掀起海浪滔天,誓要再与上天争一分气数 May at this moment, the mutation break out! 可就在这时,异变突起! Teleportation Gate opened together suddenly directly in thousand heavy Tribulation Cloud. 一道传送门忽得直接开在了千重劫云之间。 Some this people entered tribulation suddenly! 这是有人突然入劫了! Sees that Great Emperor Sea Sand startles complexion like the earth, if there are other people to enter the tribulation, will cause the Heavenly Tribulation prestige to increase. 见状,海沙大帝骇得面色如土,倘若有他人入劫,会导致天劫威能大增的。 Sure enough, because of the sudden appearance of this Teleportation Gate, the Great Emperor Sea Sand Heavenly Tribulation prestige can rise suddenly directly twice as much not just! 果不其然,因这传送门的突然出现,海沙大帝天劫威能直接暴涨了一倍不止 His originally not greatly possible crossing tribulation to succeed, right now simply must die without doubt! 原本就不大可能渡劫成功,这下子简直就是必死无疑了! I come to the end of one's destiny, I come to the end of one's destiny! Deciding is Qiu Family (Enemy) harms me, dispatches lifeform to enter me tribulation intentionally. I am not willing, I am not willing! Is, is who enters tribulation to harm me!” The Great Emperor Sea Sand tears, the indignation said. “我命休矣,我命休矣!定是仇家害我,故意遣生灵入我劫。我不甘心,我不甘心呐!是谁,是谁入劫害我!”海沙大帝老泪纵横,愤慨道。 Excuse me, has not thought that Fellow Daoist in crossing tribulation, disturbed you. Actually I come kick the sect... Uh, these Heavenly Tribulation are quite annoying, ok, kick the sect matter wait a minute/etc. to say again, trivial Tribulation Thunder, has not given this Ning dissipate! “不好意思,没想到道友渡劫,打扰到你了。其实我是来踢宗的…,这些天劫好生烦人,算了,踢宗的事等等再说,区区劫雷,还不给宁某消散! Ning Fan Magic Force urges, Magic Force of 17,000 tribulation seems the strong winds is unparalleled, blew off Great Emperor Sea Sand thousand heavy Tribulation Cloud directly! 宁凡法力一催,一万七千劫的法力好似狂风盖世,直接就将海沙大帝的千重劫云吹散了! Great Emperor Sea Sand is startled shock, that is his End Tribulation, Magic Force of unexpectedly directly come person blows off, this is what kind of vast Magic Force! This grade of Magic Force quantity, absolutely is Quasi-Saint! And is not Magic Force that general Quasi-Saint can have! 海沙大帝惊得合不拢嘴,那可是他的末劫啊,竟直接被来人的法力吹散,这是何等浩瀚的法力!这等法力数量,绝对是准圣!且不是一般准圣能够拥有的法力 Comes the person unexpectedly is Expert in First Level Quasi-Saint! 来人竟是一位一阶准圣之中的高手 Master, these Tribulation Thunder are End Tribulation Tribulation Thunder, can feed to Extinguishing Dao Thunder Infant eats? Dispersed to be a pity in vain.” In Ning Fan mind, transmits the request of Black Demon suddenly. 主人,这些劫雷都是末劫劫雷,可不可以喂给灭道雷婴吃?白白散掉太可惜了。”宁凡心神中,忽然传来黑魔的请求。 Ok.” “可以。” Therefore Ning Fan has done a surprise. 于是宁凡又做了一件惊人之事。 He summoned Extinguishing Dao Thunder Infant, has swallowed scattering in all directions Tribulation Thunder thunder force! 他召出了灭道雷婴,吞掉了四散的劫雷雷力 Great Emperor Sea Sand rubbed the eyes, is incredible! 海沙大帝揉了揉眼,不可置信! That is Extinguishing Dao Thunder Infant, in Heavenly Dao Soul 1st Rank exist(ence), will be why ordinary like the retinue, always follows to cultivator, even if Quasi-Saint, is impossible to make Extinguishing Dao Thunder Infant submit! This was too false, is not real! 那可是灭道雷婴啊,天道魂一等一的存在,为何会像仆从一般,对修士言听计从,就算是准圣,也不可能令灭道雷婴屈服的!这太假了,一点也不真实! Many, many thanks Senior helps younger generation crossing tribulation, the obligation cardinal virtue, does not have the tooth to be unforgettable, Senior but has striven , the younger generation does not dare, since!” Great Emperor Sea Sand lived after all innumerable year of old man, although to coming the person ability feels to be startled, poured is also insufficient to forget the courtesy. “多、多谢前辈助晚辈渡劫,大恩大德,没齿难忘,前辈但有所求,晚辈绝不敢不从!”海沙大帝毕竟是活了无数年的老人,虽然对来人本领感到吃惊,倒也不至于忘了礼数。 The entire Sea Sand Sect several tens of thousands disciples are kneel down one piece, thanked profusely to Ning Fan, the miracle that they prayed appeared! Ning Fan is a good person! Has saved the Sea Sand Sect high and low obligation person! 整个海沙宗数万门徒更是跪倒一片,对宁凡千恩万谢,他们祈祷的奇迹出现了!宁凡是好人啊!是拯救了海沙宗上下的大恩人! Right now, was one's turn Ning Fan to be awkward. 这下子,就轮到宁凡尴尬了。 He comes kick the sect! 他是来踢宗的好吗! How incautiously has become the Sea Sand Sect high and low obligation person! 怎么一不小心成了海沙宗上下的大恩人! Under this atmosphere, does he also snatch the thing? Puts out a hand not to hit the smiling face person... 这种气氛下,他还怎么抢东西?伸手不打笑脸人好吗… I am not help really your...” Ning Fan wants to explain 12. Although under this atmosphere, even if his direct opens the mouth, the opposite party thinks that is also willing to cup one hand in the other across the chest to see off the thing that he wants, but such one, did not conform to Yin-Yang Sect kick the sect to be traditional, Old Demon knew will be angry. “我真的不是来帮你的…”宁凡想要解释12。虽然这种气氛之下,就算他直接开口,对方想必也愿意将他要的东西拱手相送,可那样一来,就不符合两仪宗踢宗传统了,老魔知道了会生气的。 Senior bestows favor does not look at the report, real cardinal virtue!” Great Emperor Sea Sand is grateful, entire Sea Sand Sect high and low is grateful similarly! 前辈施恩不望报,真大德也!”海沙大帝感激涕零,整个海沙宗上下同样感激涕零! But my without/has not helps your reason...” Ning Fan had a headache. “可我没有帮你的理由…”宁凡更头疼了。 Right, Senior without/has not helps my reason obviously, why must help my crossing tribulation...” Great Emperor Sea Sand stares, subsequently pats the hoary-headed forehead, understood! “对啊,前辈明明没有帮我的理由,为何要助我渡劫…”海沙大帝一愣,继而一拍白发苍苍的脑门,明白了! He cannot believe is sizing up the Ning Fan facial features, only looks at the facial features! 他不可置信地打量着宁凡眉眼,也只看眉眼! He does not know the Ning Fan appearance! 他不认识宁凡的容貌! But how he saw how Ning Fan look looks familiar! 可他怎么看宁凡眼神怎么眼熟! thump! 扑通 Great Emperor Sea Sand this time knelt down to Ning Fan directly! 海沙大帝这一回直接给宁凡跪下了! Zhao, Senior Zhao Jian! Is you, will not be wrong, is you! You once rescued my in Fierce Wasteland, today, you take action save me unexpectedly, twice reconstructs, younger generation have what skills and abilities, can make the Senior so deep affection! Reason? Does not need! Because you are Senior Zhao Jian, because you are justice and humanity unparalleled Senior Zhao Jian, you only need the heart good, then can give self up to save others! You save others never need the reason, your nobleness, making our generation cultivation blush with shame!” “赵、赵简前辈!是你,不会错,是你!你曾在蛮荒救我一回,今日,你居然又出手救我,两度再造,晚辈何德何能,能令前辈如此厚爱!理由?不需要!因为你是赵简前辈,因为你是仁义无双的赵简前辈,你只需心之所善,便可以舍身救人!你救人从来不需要理由,你的高尚,令我辈修真者汗颜!” Originally Great Emperor Sea Sand once had attended Fierce Wasteland that war, once is rescued by Ning Fan that strange eyeball took possession... 原来海沙大帝曾参加过蛮荒那一战,曾被眼珠怪附身的宁凡救过… He really cannot find out Ning Fan this grade of Expert take action to rescue his reason, therefore score a lucky hit, has found out a reason, what was most skillful, he also guessed right unexpectedly! 他实在想不出宁凡这等强者出手救他的理由,于是歪打正着,想出了一个理由,最巧的是,他居然还猜对了! Ning Fan is really Zhao Jian! 宁凡真的是赵简 His these words, pointed out frankly Ning Fan to hide many years of identity directly! 他这一句话,直接道破了宁凡隐藏多年的身份! „...” Ning Fan was speechless. “…”宁凡无语了。 Can not be speechless! 能不无语吗! Great Emperor Sea Sand all inference logic are all wrong, however the result actually hoodwinked right! In the world will have this matter unexpectedly... 海沙大帝所有推理逻辑全是错的,然而结果却蒙对了!世上居然会有这种事情… can it be isn't Senior Zhao Jian Ancestor? The can it be younger generation guessed mistakenly...” Great Emperor Sea Sand did not affirm actually very, sees Ning Fan to hesitate, immediately did not shout secretly well, guesses that the wrong opposite party status, rather was also disrespectful. 难道前辈不是赵简老祖难道晚辈猜错了…”海沙大帝其实也不是十分肯定,见宁凡迟疑,顿时暗呼不好,猜错对方身份,未免也太失礼了。 Ning Fan sighed, he can conceal the truth not to say to the Zhao Jian status, but if the opposite party recognized, he was actually disinclined to move unnecessarily to lie. 宁凡一叹,他可以对赵简的身份瞒而不说,但若是对方认出来,他却懒得多此一举撒谎。 He now, had enough self-preservation strength, then exposes something, is insufficient to court disaster to visit. 他如今,已经有足够的自保实力了,便是多曝光一些事情,也不至于惹祸上门。 You have guessed right, Fierce Wasteland saves your person, truly is I, no wonder I will think that you somewhat look familiar, then had actually seen in Fierce Wasteland...” “你猜对了,蛮荒救你的人,确实是我,难怪我会觉得你有些眼熟,却原来早在蛮荒便见过…” Really is Senior Zhao Jian! come, come, come, children, kowtows to Senior Zhao Jian! Since Old Ancestor may close right up against Senior Zhao Jian again and again to live on dishonorably! Knocks insufficient, must knock 100, 1000!” Great Emperor Sea Sand hearing this, is grateful once again. “真的是赵简前辈来来来,孩儿们,给赵简前辈磕个头!老祖宗可都是靠着赵简前辈一次次苟活至今的!磕一个头不够,要磕一百个,一千个!”海沙大帝闻言,再度感激涕零。 The Sea Sand Sect high and low atmosphere was more harmonious. 海沙宗上下的气氛更和谐了。 Ning Fan is unable to open the mouth to take by force... 宁凡更加无法开口打劫了… Fans awkward... 迷之尴尬… Hidden place. 暗处。 Several want to scheme Sea Sand Sect Immortal Emperor, at this moment has frightened cannot speak. 几名想要图谋海沙宗仙帝,此刻已经吓得说不出话。 Will not be wrong! Lifts the hand to extinguish Heavenly Tribulation also on forget it/that's all, the key is, this person can control to cause Extinguishing Dao Thunder Infant this grade of Heavenly Dao Soul unexpectedly! How could non- Far Ancient Great Cultivator achieves! The 17,000 tribulation decides however is not this person of Magic Force limit, he has only used little Magic Force, extinguished this place Heavenly Tribulation! He is Far Ancient Great Cultivator!” “不会错!抬手灭天劫也就罢了,关键是,此人居然可以驭使灭道雷婴这等天道魂!非远古大修岂能做到!一万七千劫定然不是此人法力极限,他只用了少许法力,就灭了此地天劫!他是一名远古大修!” Cannot think that Sea Sand Sect has the friendship with Far Ancient Great Cultivator Zhao Jian unexpectedly, such important information, the common people do not know unexpectedly! Laughable I and others also act recklessly unexpectedly, want to scheme Sea Sand Sect, not looked that Zhao Jian pays no attention to me at this moment and others, afterward meets one by one to visit to condemn surely, at the appointed time surely is the calamity of extermination! Fast walks! The prudent ritual comes to apologize to Senior Zhao Jian, otherwise must have the calamity of extermination!” “想不到海沙宗竟与远古大修赵简有交情,如此重要的情报,世人居然不知!可笑我等竟还不知死活,想要图谋海沙宗,莫看那赵简此刻不理我等,事后必定会一一上门问罪,届时定是灭门之祸!速走!持重礼来向赵简前辈谢罪,否则必有灭门之祸!” This 1 day, a news once again startled has exploded the entire Northern Heaven Eternal circle! 一日,一则则消息再度惊爆了整个北天万古圈子! Shock! Far Ancient Great Cultivator Zhao Jian presently Sea Sand Sect, the selfless life-saving does not seek repayment suddenly 【震惊!远古大修赵简忽现海沙宗,无私救人不求回报】 Shock! Great Cultivator lifts hand broken Heavenly Tribulation, who Magic Force is infinite to fight 【震惊!大修抬手碎天劫,法力无穷谁可争锋】 Shock! cultivation world final pure land, do a good deed every day only my Zhao Jian 【震惊!修真界最后的净土,日行一善唯我赵简 Shock! Extinguishing Dao Thunder Infant listened to burst into tears, because was moved, therefore recognized Lord 【震惊!灭道雷婴听了都会流泪,因为感动,故而认主】 These once by Zhao Jian has rescued Northern Heaven Immortal Emperor, all could not sit still! 那些曾被‘赵简’救过的北天仙帝,全都坐不住了! About hundred Immortal Emperor, Immortal King and Immortal Venerable prudent rituals rush to Sea Sand Sect, wants to pay respects to Far Ancient Great Cultivator in legend! 近百名仙帝仙王仙尊持重礼赶往海沙宗,想要拜谒传说中的远古大修 Previous chapter of Ning Fan went to Pure Yang Sect to walk, after enabling to visit the Great Cultivator person to arrive at Pure Yang Sect, returned empty-handed. 上一回宁凡去了纯阳宗就走,使得很多想要拜会大修的人到了纯阳宗后空手而归。 this time is different! 这一次则不同! Ning Fan was detained to detain by Great Emperor Sea Sand, wants banquet 10 days to invite Ning Fan surely! 宁凡海沙大帝强留留住了,定要大宴十日宴请宁凡 Was right now good, all wants to visit the Ning Fan person, all directly soars Sea Sand Sect! 这下子好了,所有想要拜会宁凡的人,全部直奔海沙宗而来! Reaching an agreement kick the sect, right now, but also kicks? Now Sea Sand Sect high and low saw me, kneels on the ground thanks profusely, I, cannot start...” Ning Fan really does not know whether to laugh or cry. “说好的踢宗呢,这下子,还怎么踢?现在海沙宗上下一见了我,就跪在地上千恩万谢,我,下不了手…”宁凡真是哭笑不得。 He explained to Great Emperor Sea Sand 100 spreads, he is not a good person, but others do not believe! 他已经给海沙大帝解释了一百遍,他不是好人,可人家不信!
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