GANS :: Volume #4 太阳法则

#547: Principle weapon ( 9 )

According to this evildoer's disguise demon said, it is the bottom world extreme absurd lifeform. 按照这只画皮魔所说,它乃是地底世界极端诡诞生物。 Long of this demon life span, even many demon gods are still hard to attain, even arrived at the surface several times, knew regarding the average man just like the myth antiquity secret. 这只魔物寿命之长,即使许多魔神也难以企及,甚至于数次来到地表,知晓一些对于常人宛如神话般的上古秘密。 Was together after these days, Relo also truly obtained some unthinkable secrets from its mouth, overwhelming majority about deeds legend of Holy See and Gullan, but it regarding the demon god in this invasion surface, did not say a word. 经过这些天相处,雷洛也确实从它口中得到了一些匪夷所思秘密,其中绝大部分都是关于教廷与古兰的事迹传说,但它却对于此次入侵地表的魔神,只字未提。 Obviously has the taboo that certain it does not dare to touch even. 显然这其中有某些即使是它也不敢触碰的禁忌。 This is also natural. 这也是理所当然的。 The principle is indistinctly difficult to seek, some people being called as world foundation, in vast all living things wishing for earnestly situation, some lifeform, have to go out of another evolution line, depends upon the huge number and strange talent or borrows certain magic material forces, obtains the strength of prestige of being a worthy opponent low principle, but also merely so. 法则缥缈难寻,更有人将之称作世界根基,在浩渺众生求之不得情况下,其中一些生物,不得不走出另一进化路线,依靠自身庞大数量和诡异天赋或借用某些魔导物质力量,获得匹敌低等法则之威的力量,但也仅仅如此罢了。 Bottom world, closed cycle. 地底世界,封闭循环。 Several real demons go on an expedition and in the time of mutual compromise mutually, many demon gods then dominate in the life-long control, is unable to be separated from the situation in bottom world, these grasp tens of thousands of believer demon god to high authority, is not any demon leads to be a worthy opponent directly. 几位真魔相互征战与相互妥协的时间里,诸多魔神便是凌驾于终生的主宰,在无法脱离地底世界的情况下,这些掌握数以万计信徒魔神的至高权威,远不是任何魔帅所能正面匹敌。 Then, besides are similar to the dark incantation alliance few and so on organization rulers, between the mortals and demon gods, nearly have the scourge gap, even is hard to span compared with the surface. 如此一来,除了极少数类似于暗咒联盟之类的组织统治者之外,凡人与魔神之间,近乎拥有着天谴般的鸿沟,甚至远比地表更加难以跨越。 This is also the bottom lifeform, dreads compared with the surface lifeform in the powerhouse, follows the demon graceful and demon god to recruit, reason that fierce does not fear. 这也是地底生物们,比地表生物更畏惧于强者,遵循魔帅、魔神征召,悍不畏死的原因。 Now, this demon, promises this unexpectedly and other matters of rebelling...... 如今,这只魔物,竟然许诺这等悖逆之事…… It seems like even if it returns to the place bottom world, the lifetime did not dare to stride in this to swallow the demon god, even was the decayed demon gets an indea of half. 看来即使它逃回到地底世界,有生之年也绝不敢在跨入这位吞噬魔神,甚至是腐朽魔神领地半步了。 But the decayed demon god is next to one of the several real demons higher demon gods as the place bottom world, the sphere of influence has, perhaps is many low demon gods is also hard to attain. 而腐朽魔神作为地底世界仅次于几位真魔的高等魔神之一,所拥有的势力范围,恐怕也是诸多低等魔神难以企及的。 Another side. 另一边。 Dark bird hears word, looks to this group of as if tree root root hair parasitic demons, had lost the interest completely. 暗雀闻言,看向这一团仿佛树根根须般的寄生魔,已经彻底丧失了兴趣。 As if looked again one group does not have the body. 仿佛再看一团无机体。 It uses the hoarse tune, said densely: Offends my dignity, breaks the demon god taboo, your penalty not only will be only the death, you greedy stupid soul in my gold metallurgy room, will always also be imprisoned to burn down.” 它用沙哑的腔调,森森道:“冒犯吾之威严,又触犯魔神禁忌,你的惩罚将不仅仅只是死亡,你贪婪愚蠢的灵魂也将在我的炼金室中,遭受永世禁锢焚烧。” This time, seems like deterring this mysterious surface lifeform, the words of dark bird, are spit the criticism/human language unexpectedly, obviously had determined the Relo human status, wants to force Relo to retreat. 这次,似乎是在威慑这个神秘地表生物,暗雀的话,竟是口吐人言,显然已经确定了雷洛人类身份,想要逼迫雷洛退却。 After all, it arrives at the surface goal, does not participate in this war. 毕竟,它来到地表目的,并不是参与此次战争。 Obviously, this strange surface lifeform, no small matter, the dark bird smelled extremely dangerous aura from his body similarly! 很显然,这个诡异的地表生物,同样非同小可,暗雀从他的身上嗅到了一股极度危险的气息! If can avoid fighting, wishes for earnestly. 如果能够避免战斗,自是求之不得。 Only remains the tree root root hair shape flesh organism, bloody evildoer's disguise demon hears word said anxiously: Does not want on his working as!” 仅剩树根根须状的血肉肌体,血淋淋的画皮魔闻言焦急道:“不要上他的当!” Rumble rumble prosperous...... 隆隆隆隆隆…… Also in this time, beyond more than ten kilometers, is coming from the collision ripple of strength of battlefield central area principle, the domination nature soul freeze aura that happened surges, as if lets in this blood and iron and dark battlefield, lost the luster instantaneously, changed to a ripple, the ripple that weakens unceasingly surges to the horizon end, after letting the innumerable lifeform short one is stiff, remaining is the goosebumps of instinct trembles. 也正在这时,十余千米外,源自于战场中心区域法则之力的碰撞波纹,所发生的凌驾性灵魂冻结气息激荡,仿佛让这铁血与黑暗的战场上,瞬间失去了色泽,化作了一圈波纹,不断削弱的波纹激荡至天边尽头,让数不清的生物短暂一僵后,剩下得便是本能的鸡皮疙瘩颤栗。 The god of swallowing, and Evolution Profound Truth When Antonio upfront fight, encountered the fatal surprise attack, came from Shadow Sticking out suddenly of zero! 正是吞食之神,在与【进化奥义安东尼奥正面战斗时,遭遇到了致命突袭,源自于【影子】零的暴起! Was dormant for two nights, this protects the Grand Duchy imperator by mysterious, concealment, but civilized powerful pioneer, left Chen king side impressively, launched the surprise attack to the god of swallowing. 蛰伏了两夜,这位以神秘、隐匿守护格兰公国最高统治者而文明的强大先驱者,赫然离开了辰王陛下身边,对吞食之神发动了突袭。 But this battlefield in the wink of an eye changes, went far beyond its influence. 而这瞬息之间的战场变化,也远远超过了它本身的影响。 Buzz. 嗡。 The dark bird in the instance that the strength of principle spreads turbulently, the body as if by an invisible ripple is penetrated. 暗雀在法则之力动荡蔓延过来的瞬间,身体仿佛被一层无形波纹穿透。 The soul freeze and thought that after the experience flickers shortly solidify, it then works loose from that principle oppression condition, perhaps although this time regarding the demon god, had carried out the destructive principle attack to oneself, condition that but confronts regarding oneself at this moment shortly, actually instead became a turning point. 在经历短暂一瞬的灵魂冻结和思想凝固后,它便从那股法则压迫状态中挣脱出来,虽说这点时间对于魔神而言,也许早已对自己进行了毁灭性法则打击,但对于自己此刻短暂对峙的状态,却反而成了一丝契机。 If can while the opposite party when the strength of soul imprisonment principle, the offensive surprise attack, solve the opposite party, natural is good. 若能趁着对方在法则之力灵魂禁锢时,先手突袭,解决掉对方,自然再好不过。 As for base and low demon of that betrayal bottom world, but is conveniently the matter, at the appointed time strikes to kill conveniently, brings back to the research, is instant. 至于那个背叛地底世界的卑微魔物,不过是随手之间的事罢了,届时不论是随手击杀,还是带回研究,都不过是自己一念之间罢了。 So. 如此。 Sober dark bird from the soul freeze, restoring instance, is instinct one sneers unexpectedly. 灵魂冻结中清醒的暗雀,在恢复的瞬间,竟是本能一声冷笑。 Groans!” “哼哼哼哼!” The fight is the bottom world lifeform almost every day the matter that is in progress, no one can compared with the lifeform of place bottom world, be able to understand that in that limited resources space, conducts mutually competes for the survival essence of fight frigidly! 战斗乃是地底世界生物们几乎每天都在进行的事情,没有人能够比地底世界的生物们,更能够理解在那种有限资源空间内,相互进行惨烈争夺战斗的生存本质! Almost is the ideological birth at the same time, while this dark bird opens the mouth, a wisp of dark flame has produced from the throat. 几乎是思想诞生的同时,正当这只暗雀张开嘴巴,一缕暗炎已经从喉咙生成。 Towering, when it seeks for that to twist the light and dark strange goal impressively in oneself soul freeze, cross is several meters is away from suddenly, has appeared, when front more than ten meters, its smile solidifies. 突兀的,当它寻找到那个扭曲着光与暗的诡异目标赫然在自己灵魂冻结中,瞬息间跨长数十米距离,已然出现在面前十余米的时候,它的笑容凝固。 This? 这? How possibly!!!! 怎么可能!!!! Its actually have a stronger immunity regarding the strength of influence principle, broke out of the principle oppression condition early, and equally sinister despicable, must receive in the strength of influence time principle while oneself, acts to oneself!!?? 它竟然比自己对于法则之力影响具有更强的免疫性,比自己更早摆脱了了法则压迫状态,并与自己一样阴险卑鄙,要趁着自己受到法则之力影响的时间内,向自己出手!!?? What here must say is, in the culture of place bottom world many lifeform lifeform, sinister despicable is not a derogatory term, instead is to the powerhouse resolute commendatory meaning. 这里要说一下的是,在地底世界很多生物生物的文化中,阴险卑鄙并不是一个贬义词,反而是对强者果决的褒义。 At least, regarding quiet deep pool valley land lifeform so. 至少,对于幽渊谷地生物如此。 In that light/only with the dark distortion, takes the lead Relo that acts, seemingly actually in the fire from flint light, stretched out a pale palm slowly, by subtlety and accurate that is unable to ascertain, presses firmly between the fingers the mouth that this dark bird just opened accurate impressively. 在那光与暗的扭曲中,率先出手的雷洛,看似缓慢却在点石火光之间,伸出了一只苍白手掌,以无法捉摸的微妙和精准,准确无误赫然捏住了这只暗雀才刚刚张开的嘴巴。 ...... 噗…… The balloon that seems discouraged, the jet black flame gassed thread, spurted from the dark bird two nostrils, the prestige has actually been able completely to lose. 仿佛泄了气的气球,漆黑火焰光丝,从暗雀两个的鼻孔喷了出来,却已经威能尽失。 Immediately, this pale palm fierce effort, the terrifying attraction imprisonment, just like the mountain capping, one oppresses in all directions layer upon layer, the dark bird only felt oneself unexpectedly also become luxurious the breath instinct of chest cavity, as approaches this distortion more and more person's shadow, that limitless attraction imprisonment, makes it short unexpectedly instantaneous, had one type by the misconception of the world control. 随即,这只苍白手掌猛的用力,四面八方恐怖的引力禁锢,宛如山岳压顶,一层层压迫过来,暗雀只觉得自己竟然连胸腔的呼吸本能也成为了奢侈,而随着越来越靠近这个扭曲的人影,那种无边无际的引力禁锢,竟让它短暂瞬间,产生了一种被世界支配的错觉。 Is this in the construction foundation of the world? 这是里世界的构筑根基? The strength of principle!!! 法则之力!!! As the trust elder of dark incantation organization, it is not strange regarding the strength of principle. 作为暗咒组织的信任长老,它对于法则之力并不陌生。 But this type the nature infinite reserved weird principle, it is actually unheard-of, was involved by the strength of opposite party principle at this moment, was imprisoned, infinite passive. 但这种将自身性质无限内敛的怪诞法则,它却是闻所未闻,以至于此刻被对方法则之力卷入,遭受禁锢,无限被动。 Gradually, it during the light of this distortion and dark, saw clearly the human form of this wear simple scholar clothing/taking, to be observing the curious vision of white mouse, ponders weird simultaneously, mixes is not covering up brutally, is carefully examining itself! 渐渐的,它在这扭曲的光与暗之中,看清了这个穿着朴素学士服的人类身影,正在以观察小白鼠的好奇目光,玩味怪诞同时,混合着不加掩饰残酷,审视着自己! For the ancient times bloodline lifeform, indeed had some unthinkable evolution structures worthily, no wonder this evildoer's disguise demon reckless......” “不愧为远古血脉生物,的确有着一些匪夷所思进化构造,难怪这只画皮魔会不顾一切……” Muttering of Relo, lets situated in the dark bird of attraction imprisonment, awakened thoroughly. 雷洛的喃喃自语,让处于引力禁锢的暗雀,彻底惊醒了。 From that faint eye, it as if saw once, to pour into soul to magic material , after times small and weak demon ruthless torture plays with, to strive the maximum potency. 从那双淡漠的眼睛,它仿佛看到了曾经的自己,为了将灵魂注入到魔导材料中,一次次将弱小魔物残酷折磨后玩弄,以争取到最大效力。 You!!” “你!!” It is struggling recklessly. 它不顾一切挣扎着。 The strength of gradually strengthening, lets Relo unexpectedly occasionally originally already the palm that gets hold, also presented permits some the slit and becoming less crowded, but can achieve as if also merely is only so. 逐渐增强的力量,竟偶尔让雷洛本已经握紧的手掌,也出现了许些缝隙和松动,但所能做到的似乎也仅仅只是如此罢了。 The color of looking disdainfully, holds in that more and more near heavenly body in addition, Relo is feeling the even more substantial strength, overlooks to the little fellow who in own palm struggles senselessly. 睥睨之色,在那颗越来越近的天体加持下,雷洛感受着自己越发充实的力量,俯瞰向自己手心里无谓挣扎的小家伙。 Only depending on the words of this strength, you, only then the dead end...... hmph hmph, I smelled on you dark essence charming smell, comes out, lets main body that I have a look at you to hide, actually to have what kind of strength.” “仅凭这点力量的话,你只有死路一条了……哼哼,我嗅到了你身上黑暗精华的迷人气味,出来吧,让我看看你所隐藏的本体,究竟已经拥有了怎样的力量。” dark essence, has the higher magic treasure of energy isolation characteristics, is in the middle of known most seal techniques, most perfect structure stability medium. 黑暗精华,拥有能量隔绝特性的高等魔导瑰宝,乃是已知的绝大多数封印术当中,最完美的结构稳定介质。 But natural however, Relo noticed its left eye, as if eternal jet black Vortex strange eye! 自然而然,雷洛注意到了它的左眼,仿佛永恒漆黑旋涡般的诡异眼睛! In by the dark bird of Relo attraction imprisonment, is being struggled after for successive several times is unable to work loose the palm, instead presses firmly between the fingers the two fingers of mouth to be getting more and more tight, the color of teasing looks at itself, gave up senseless struggling gradually. 正在被雷路引力禁锢的暗雀,连续几次挣扎都无法挣脱手掌心后,反而捏住嘴巴的两根指头越来越紧,戏谑之色看着自己,渐渐放弃了无谓的挣扎。 Who are you?” “你是谁?” Its that fills the mysterious vortex left eye, is staring at Relo, the sound extraordinary tranquility. 它那充满神秘的漩涡左眼,凝视着雷洛,声音出奇的平静。 Meaning that Relo has not responded, scoffs at the sound to smile, but intensified the palm effort silently, resists in him at this moment, is equal is resisting a shadow of newborn planet heavenly body, continuous strength sufficiently its steamroll to become dregs. 雷洛却没有回应的意思,嗤声一笑,只是默默加大了手掌力度,于此刻的他对抗,等同于在对抗一颗初生行星天体的影子,源源不断的力量足以将它碾压成渣。 The color of short pain, the dark bird becomes angry out of shame saying: „The inferior lifeform of surface, welcome to the hell.” 短暂痛苦之色,暗雀恼羞成怒道:“地表的劣等生物,欢迎来到地狱。” ! 咔嚓! In the gaze of Relo, dark bird left eye black Vortex is getting bigger and bigger, at the same time, does not have a blood-color pale palm, extended from the vortex towering, grasped on the Relo neck, must drag to entrain into own eye it unexpectedly reverse. 雷洛的注视中,暗雀左眼黑色旋涡越来越大,与此同时,一只没有一丝血色的苍白手掌,从漩涡中突兀伸了出来,握在了雷洛脖子上,竟是要将它反向拖拽入自己的眼睛。 Un? 嗯? Related to Strength of Space, this is the higher strength that Relo has not contacted. 涉及到空间之力,这是雷洛也未接触到的高等力量。
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