GANS :: Volume #4 太阳法则

#546: Principle weapon ( 8 )

The dark bird stops, feels strange the color, looks canary that this only pursues. 暗雀停下,奇怪之色,看着这只追来的金丝雀。 Innumerable demon, slightly crosses from both sky, these are receiving demon that the fiendish person feudal lords summoned dispatch, will not care about these two little things. 数不清的魔物,从两者上空略过,这些正在受到魔王领主们召唤调遣的魔物们,自是不会在意这两个小东西。 The dark bird assumes the left eye of jet black Vortex shape, high and low sizes up the canary that this is only full of the greedy hope. 暗雀呈漆黑旋涡状的左眼,上下打量着这只充满贪婪渴望的金丝雀。 As the dark incantation elder, it is unable to detect that unexpectedly True Body of opposite party is anything. 作为暗咒长老,它竟然无法察觉到对方的真身是什么。 However bottom world variation demon far more than trillion, it the non- sensation and quiet deep pool lifeform of research clan Qunlei, does not know the ethnic group type of opposite party, and is not surprising. 不过地底世界变异魔物何止亿万,它又非感知与研究族群雷的幽渊生物,不知晓对方的族群种类,并没有什么奇怪。 To come the opposite party also should be unable to detect that own True Body is right. 想来对方也应该无法察觉到自己的真身才对。 Otherwise, it also not such blocking swaggering before oneself. 否则,它也就不会这么大摇大摆的拦在自己面前了。 Bring about own destruction! 自寻死路! Dark incantation Great Elder sneers. 暗咒大长老冷笑。 The dark bird said frivolously: Who are you?” 暗雀轻佻道:“你是谁?” This is bottom world the ancient commonly used language of dark lifeform, rather than the surface lifeform human language, or swallows occasionally the language that Gnome, Dwarf and Elf and so on obtained. 这是地底世界的幽暗生物的古通用语,而非地表生物人类语言,或者吞食了侏儒矮人精灵之类获得的偏偶语言。 After nearing canary, detected finally far exceeded the danger that it expects. 抵近后的金丝雀,也终于察觉到了远超它所预料的危险。 This is from a dark sensation that its long life and memory evolve, this feeling, is facing some extremely dangerous lifeform probably, always for the evildoer's disguise demon that the vitality is famous, unbendingly in same place, suddenly has not responded unexpectedly. 这是源自于它漫长生命与记忆所演化出的一丝冥冥感知,这种感觉,就好像在面对某种极其危险的生物,向来以生命力著称的画皮魔,僵直在原地,一时间竟没有回应。 May I ask you are which elder of dark incantation alliance?” “敢问您是暗咒联盟的哪位长老?” The canary responded with the dark lifeform code similarly, this let the dark bird that was ready, was startled slightly, stopped the attack stance of being ready. 金丝雀同样以幽暗生物密语回应,这让原本蓄势待发的暗雀,微微一怔,停下了蓄势待发的袭击姿态。 I then am dark incantation alliance newly appointed Great Elder.” “我便是暗咒联盟这一届新上任的大长老。” The reply of dark bird, making the canary be startled. 暗雀的回答,让金丝雀不由一惊。 It unbendingly in midair. 它僵直在半空中。 Dark incantation alliance Great Elder, even if did not discuss that as the influence of god of subordinate dark valley land lifeform leader swallowing, solely is the individual strength, among many fiendish people, is still the outstanding top powerhouse, although does not know that this Great Elder is grasping what ability and strength, but without a doubt, not oneself can be a worthy opponent! 暗咒联盟大长老,即使不谈作为吞食之神麾下幽暗谷地生物领袖的势力,单单是个体力量,在诸多魔王当中,也是出类拔萃的顶级强者,虽然不知道这一届大长老掌握着何种能力和力量,但毫无疑问,绝不是自己所能匹敌! Quick. 很快。 It noticed the jet black eye of this only Vortex shape. 它注意到了这只旋涡状的漆黑眼睛。 This is...... 这是…… The canary thought of anything. 金丝雀想到了什么。 Space and time talent!!! 时空天赋!!! Even in the brutal place bottom world, without a doubt, the space and time talent is still in various absurd mysterious talents that the innumerable lifeform grasp, one of the most powerful talent strengths, is the fiendish person level of few mastering this ability exists, can compare favorably with ancient times the lifeform and great demon divine power quantity the strength of powerful talent. 即使在残酷的地底世界,毫无疑问,时空天赋也是无数生物所掌握的各种诡诞神秘天赋中,最强大的天赋力量之一,也是极少数掌握此种能力的魔王级存在,能够拥有媲美远古生物、伟大魔神力量的强大天赋之力。 Dark bird lifeform, it is said even in the prehistoric ancient times the age, were still the extremely rare rare creature. 暗雀这种生物,据说即使在史前远古年代,也是极其罕见的稀有生物。 This lifeform, although has the unthinkable space and time talent, the function that but can serve is very limited, and is restrained evolves the bottleneck oneself, almost does not have the wisdom, therefore in the lifeform complex ancient times period, was hardly noteworthy. 这种生物,虽说拥有匪夷所思的时空天赋,但所能发挥的功能却十分有限,且受制于自身进化瓶颈,几乎没有智慧,因此在生物纷繁的远古时期,几乎不值得注意。 But as lifeform exterminate greatly, after many demon gods move to the place bottom, the parasites ethnic groups that gradually starts, by oneself wisdom and many mysterious methods, gradually stepped the evolution path that develops the host potential, this type has the powerful talent actually incomparably small and weak lifeform, then became the most ideal parasitic object. 但随着一次次的生物大灭绝,诸多魔神迁徙到地底之后,逐渐兴起的寄生生物族群们,凭借自己的智慧和诸多神秘手段,逐渐踏上了开发宿主潜能的进化道路,这种拥有强大天赋自身却无比弱小的生物,便成了最理想的寄生对象。 Has it completed the development? 它已经完成开发了吗? Little fellow, you had not replied that my issue, are actually you who? Blocks me, what goal also there is?” “小家伙,你还没有回答我的问题,你究竟是谁?拦住我,又有什么目的?” The dark bird takes back the threat shortly, is afraid the manslaughter merely. 暗雀短暂收回威胁,仅仅只是害怕误杀罢了。 After all just took over the dark incantation Great Elder position, the old monster in alliance is not infrequent, some strengths are not at themselves, if this little fellow these things have the connection, is not quite truly easy to process. 毕竟才刚刚接手暗咒大长老职位,联盟中的老怪物不在少数,其中一些实力更是不在自己之下,若是这个小家伙那些东西有瓜葛,确实不太好处理。 What it has not thought that front common demon, unexpectedly is one by strange existence that the years grow perceptibly. 只是它没想到的是,面前这个不起眼魔物,竟是一个以岁月见长的诡异存在。 . 咻。 In this time, that is twisting the light and dark Vortex, in approaches from far to near rapidly, the dark bird had detected, after the color of short surprise, angry color. 正在这时,那个扭曲着光与暗的旋涡,也在由远及近迅速靠近,暗雀有所察觉,短暂诧异之色后,恼怒之色。 Waste.” “废物。” Nine cephalonts have not blocked this fellow unexpectedly. 九头虫竟然没有拦住这个家伙。 Then, it is densely low and deep: What you and is its goal?” 说完,它森森低沉道:“你和它的目的是什么?” The dark bird is unascertainable, mystically actually this is exists the surface lifeform, as well as their goals. 暗雀并不能确定,这个神秘存在究竟是不是地表生物,以及它们的目的。 This time comes the surface is only it conceives a plan temporarily, the attempt collects some rare creature specimens and higher magic material. 这次前来地表只是它临时起意,尝试收集一些稀有生物标本和高等魔导材料而已。 Suddenly! 突然! The canary decides, its sharp scream, the sound is extremely hasty the short, tens of thousands of red blood vessel shape silk winds to stick out suddenly, as if a spider web extension, will change to diameter more than ten meters blood threads great networks shortly, and is shrinking one group of covered with blood organism instantaneously, throws recklessly to the dark bird. 金丝雀下了决心,它一声锐利尖叫,声音极其仓促短暂,数以万计红色血管状丝络暴起,仿佛一只蜘蛛网般伸展出来,顷刻间化作了一个直径十余米的血丝巨网,并在瞬间缩成一团血肉模糊的肌体,不顾一切向暗雀扑去。 This parasitic host, is it evolves for the biggest turning point of fiendish person! 这个寄生宿主,乃是它进化为魔王的最大契机! Un? 嗯? The dark bird is startled slightly, is prepared early. 暗雀微微一怔,却也早有准备。 Opens the mouth. 张口。 , one group fills the quiet cold black flame to put out. “噗”的一声,一团充满幽冷的黑色火焰吐出。 Originally only then the black flame of soybean size, after short moment, the change for a diameter five meters giant black fireball, the nature of fireball, as if must transform all as the ancient stone impressively. 原本只有黄豆大小的黑焰,短暂片刻后,赫然变化为了一颗直径五米的巨大黑色火球,火球的性质,似乎要将一切转化为古老的石头。 The canary that under the absolute strength, sticks out suddenly has no resistance ability, was defeated by the black fireball. 绝对的力量下,暴起的金丝雀根本没任何反抗能力,便被黑色火球覆没。 It is only a 3rd Order demon is graceful, compared with this place bottom the world's highest level fiendish person, even only displayed part of strengths, is still it is hard to attain. 它毕竟只是一只三级魔帅罢了,比起这位地底世界最顶级魔王,即使只发挥了一部分力量,也是它难以企及。 By canary as well as organism meat that group the black flame petrifies, unexpectedly antigravity fluttering in in the air, as if lifelike fossil. 被黑色火焰石化的金丝雀以及肌体肉团,竟反重力的飘在空中,仿佛栩栩如生的化石。 . 咻。 Is twisting the light and dark Relo, flies to the , observes the situation for a week later, a twinkle, appears one side of the evildoer's disguise Demon Transformation stone, is staring at this just like the crowded tree root shape, lifelike place bottom lifeform. 扭曲着光与暗的雷洛,飞抵附近,环视一周后,一个闪烁,出现在画皮魔化石一侧,凝望着这个宛如密集树根形态般,栩栩如生的地底生物。 X *......” “x*……” The quiet deep pool code of dark bird, Relo knits the brows slightly. 暗雀的幽渊密语,雷洛微微皱眉。 Although he as Evolution Profound Truth scholar, has studied several different race languages, actually and excluding this type, strange color after looking at this dark bird one, extends the right hand. 他虽然作为进化奥义学者,学习过几门异族语言,却并不包括此种,诡异之色的看了这只暗雀一眼后,伸出右手。 Right hand index finger fingertip, impressively in short instantaneous, then completed the petrification, formed after the dark bird black flame petrifies, similar material, both gently contact. 右手食指指尖,赫然在短短瞬间,便完成了石化,形成了与暗雀黑色火焰石化后,类似的物质,两者轻轻接触。 In the middle of the main body True Body photostar essence, contains the vitality, variation and evolution strength of Star Curtain essence. 本体真身的星体精华当中,包含着星幕精华的生机、变异、进化之力。 But is representing the natural principle of vitality pulse, then came from in the Earth deep place, some energy between earth's crust and land features, with the attribute nature of strength of branch this petrification. 而代表着生机脉搏的自然法则,便是源自于大地深处,地壳与地脉之间的某种能量,与这种石化之力分支的属性性质。 So, Relo only need use within the body energy slightly, then scattered the fossil energy melting of outer covering. 如此,雷洛仅需稍稍动用体内能量,便将外壳的化石能量融化驱散了。 The flesh body that but the evildoer's disguise demon remains, actually only had about 1/2, if evidently does not have Relo even arrives, in less than a short time, it will degenerate into the petrified dying thing thoroughly. 但画皮魔所残留的血肉机体,却只剩下了二分之一左右,看样子若没有雷洛即使到来,用不了一时半刻,它将彻底沦为石化死物。 I......” “我……” The evildoer's disguise absent-minded demon has gotten back one's composure, without it of body, like has not put on human of clothes. 画皮恍惚魔回过了神,没有躯壳的它,就像没穿衣服的人类。 Its greedy, had been dreaded to cover at this moment, has a lingering fear saying: Helps me obtain it, as reward, besides thunder mirror Kofuji, the secret of god of swallowing.” 它的贪婪,此刻已经被畏惧所掩盖,心有余悸道:“帮我得到它,作为报酬,除了雷镜古藤,还有吞食之神的秘密。” Shape that this moment Relo light winds around secretly, seems like really weird mysterious, no aura divulges, even the elder of this dark incantation organization, is still hard to judge the Relo true status and strength suddenly. 此刻雷洛光暗缭绕的形态,看起来实在怪诞神秘,没有一丝气息泄露,即使这位暗咒组织的长老,一时间也难以判断雷洛的真正身份和实力。 The god of swallowing? 吞食之神? Relo muttered: Really is two demon gods.” 雷洛喃喃道:“果然是两位魔神吗。” Blasphemed the demon god, I later cannot swallow the valley land group to treat, so long as you helped me obtain its body, I then with the god of divine power mystery swallowing as exchange!” “亵渎魔神,我以后也不能在吞噬谷地群待下去了,只要你帮我得到它的躯壳,我便用吞食之神神力奥秘作为交换!”
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