GANS :: Volume #4 太阳法则

#545: Principle weapon ( 7 )

The so-called dark incantation alliance, is under the god of swallowing, organization that one crowd of quiet deep pool lifeform establish. 所谓暗咒联盟,是吞食之神麾下,一群幽渊生物建立起来的组织。 Because these quiet deep pool lifeform do not crave in the invasion, settles down nearby the quiet deep pool for a long time, and is maintaining the intense research desire and curiosity, therefore in the major quiet deep pools, will often form all kinds of organizations. 由于这些幽渊生物并不热衷于入侵,长期定居于幽渊附近,且保持着强烈的研究欲望和好奇心,因此各大幽渊之中,往往都会形成各种各样的组织。 The influences of these organizations, are extremely strong, can be temple letter/believes in the strongest opponent and most Protector. 这些组织的势力,极其强大,也算得上是神殿信地内的最强对抗者和最守护者 Said that it is an opponent , because these influences have conquered the ethnic group barrier, the scale is extremely huge, when necessary, even can start a temple war, bottom world, because has the conflict the belief of the quiet Deep pool Organization, but crashing, is not infrequent. 说它是对抗者,是因为这些势力已经超越了族群隔阂,规模极其庞大,必要的时候,甚至能够掀起一场神殿战争,地底世界因为与幽渊组织发生冲突而就此崩塌的信仰,不在少数。 But said that it is Protector, is because these are maintaining the lifeform of intense curiosity, often will be mastering various mysterious technologies, even the energy crystal stone and magic material in transaction territory, as well as demon magic item wait/etc., needs to depend upon these organizations to complete, when the resistance external belief, will become the biggest boost of territory letter/believes god. 而说它是守护者,则是因为这些保持着强烈好奇心的生物们,往往会掌握着各种神奇技术,甚至于领地内的能量晶石和魔导材料交易,以及魔阵魔器等等,都需要依靠这些组织完成,在对抗外来信仰时,将会成为领地信神的最大助力。 This is a double-edged sword. 这是一把双刃剑。 „A surface powerhouse?” “一位地表强者?” Dark birds on nine cephalont, looked at one this to twist the light and dark ghosts and demons person's shadow, not too many interest appearances. 九头虫上的暗雀,看了一眼这个扭曲着光与暗的鬼魅人影,并没有太多兴趣的样子。 „, Here gave you, I must go to other places to transfer one revolution, the time were not much, some below also many things waited for me to go back to process.” “那么,这里就交给你了,我还要去其他地方转一转,时间不多,下面还有很多事等着我回去处理。” Then, the dark bird opens the pair of wings, must fly. 说完,暗雀张开双翼,就要飞去。 The canary in cage detected that this dark bird flies, said excitedly: bloodline of black flame owlet, my perfect carrier body!” 笼中的金丝雀察觉到这只暗雀飞去,激动道:“黑炎枭的血脉,我的完美载体躯壳!” Saying, it was losing unexpectedly rationally, flew out of the basket recklessly, is only common the dark bird to pursue to that. 说着,它竟然失去了理性般,不顾一切飞出了笼子,向那只不起眼暗雀追去。 Another side. 另一边。 Nine cephalonts hissing smile, heads that seem like some broken distortions, the blowout the punch thick smoke, has then submerged together with dozens meters scopes Relo impressively suddenly. 九头虫“嘶嘶”一笑,其中一个看起来有些残破扭曲的头,赫然喷出已打孔浓烟,瞬息间便将雷洛连同身边数十米范围淹没了。 Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle...... 咕嘟,咕嘟,咕嘟…… Thick smoke place visited, the firm rock, is residual corpse and metal wreckage, as if the candle under high temperature, melted the stench thick juice unexpectedly. 浓烟所过之处,不论是坚固的岩石,还是残留的尸体以及金属残骸,竟都仿佛高温下的蜡烛,融化成了腥臭浓汁。 Hasn't run away? 没逃出来? So then easily solved the mysterious opponent, the great insect is not also startled. 如此便轻易解决了神秘对手,巨虫也不尽一怔。 The air/Qi of these ablations, are it swallow the thing of contamination to refine the accumulation year to year, has the astonishing corrosion effect regarding various materials, in the place bottom world, the fiendish person who even if famous for tyrannical physique, does not dare to treat the moment in this corrosion toxic smoke. 这些消融之气,乃是它常年吞噬污秽之物炼化聚集,对于各种物质都有惊人的溶蚀效果,在地底世界,即使是一些以强横体魄著称的魔王,也不敢在这溶蚀毒烟中多待片刻。 Died?” “死了?” Nearby here short fight, causes one after another just like some running water demon group turbulence. 这边短暂的战斗,引起附近一波一波宛如流水般的魔物群一些动荡。 On nine cephalont huge bodies, is growing hundreds of short soft feet, and secretes has the corrosive mucilage. 九头虫庞大的身体上,长着数以百计的短小软足,并分泌着具有腐蚀性的粘液。 In soft meat skin texture of creeping motion, innumerable eye design, but has not had the actual outcome. 蠕动的软肉肌理上,还有数不清的眼睛图案,但并未有实际功效。 This is nine cephalont populations, uses in the small and weak period, in adaptive evolution of foreign threat. 这是九头虫这个族群,在弱小时期用,于对外恐吓的适应性进化。 But here fight, attracted the attention of nearby ground some low demon. 而这边的战斗,也吸引了附近地面一些低等魔物的注意。 This is some usually sneaks demon in soil, at this moment crawled in abundance the ground, the image was fierce, exudes the exciting cry, after waiting to derive the surface lifeform powerhouse died remains the thick juice, this was helpful to their evolutions. 这是些平时潜入泥土中的魔物,此刻纷纷爬出了地面,形象狰狞丑陋,发出兴奋叫声,等候着汲取地表生物强者死亡后的残留浓汁,这有助于它们的进化。 However. 然而。 In the gazes of nine cephalont fiendish people, the corrosion thick fog that the ground sweeps across, is contracting impressively unceasingly, and gathered one group in the by visible speed, revealed gradually in that is twisting the light and dark form. 在九头虫魔王的注视中,地面席卷开的腐蚀浓雾,赫然在不断收缩着,并在以肉眼可见的速度聚成了一团,渐渐显露出里面那个扭曲着光与暗的身影。 Un? 嗯? Although it cannot the special details of sensation to this light dark distortion space, the fatal gas cloud compulsory absorption that but can actually the clear sensation, astonishing powerful force field, oneself release concentrated one group, gathered merely only then the half liquid shape of cobblestone size. 它虽然仍未能感知到这个光暗扭曲空间内的具体情况,但却能够清晰感知到,正有一个惊人强大的力场,将自己释放的致命毒雾强制性吸收浓缩成了一团,汇聚成仅仅只有鹅卵石大小的半液体形态。 Liquefication!! This is impossible!!!” “液化!!这不可能!!!” Nine cephalonts cannot believe oneself sensation. 九头虫不敢相信自己所感知到的。 Its innumerable soft non-stop wriggling fully, shoves open slowly backward, in within the body thick juice fast-flow, that is it tense blood speed of flow speeds up displaying. 它数不清的软足不停蠕动着,缓缓向后推开,体内浓汁快速流动,那是它过于紧张的血液流速加快表现。 The toxic gas fluid, this is it evolves again upwardly a performance! 毒气化液,这乃是它再向上进化一层的表现! Can be this degree, a it almost also mature top fiendish person, endured compared with the Legend lifeform ability even, above was depends upon the unthinkable all sorts of talents to obtain to endure compared with the ancient times lifeform strength again, or grasped the strength of principle, the promotion demon god. 能够达到这种程度,它差不多也就算是一位成熟的顶级魔王了,堪比传奇生物能力,再之上则是依靠匪夷所思种种天赋获得堪比远古生物力量,亦或者掌握法则之力,晋升魔神。 But at this moment. 但此刻。 Did this mysterious surface lifeform, own venom absorption, transform half liquid nature unexpectedly? 这个神秘的地表生物,竟然将自己的毒液吸收,转化成了半液态的性质? Two possibilities! 两个可能! First, the opposite party is also grasping with the attribute close toxin, and ability far exceeds itself. 其一是对方同样掌握着与自己属性相近毒素,并且能力远超自己。 Second, was the opposite party strength has reached the strength of level principle, the conventional energy will conduct the deep level infection transformation. 其二,则是对方实力已经达到了法则之力层次,将自己常规能量进行了深层次感染转化。 But which point regardless, without a doubt, is the object who this nine cephalonts are unable to provoke absolutely. 但不论哪一点,毫无疑问,都是这只九头虫绝对无法招惹的对象。 So, its life roared impressively earthly-shaking. 如此,它赫然一生惊天动地咆哮。 Roar!!! 吼!!! Comes from all directions, in more than thousand meters range, thousands of low demon were affected by this, they of simple wisdom gather to here, according to nine cephalont command direction Relo is welling up. 来自于四面八方,千余米范围内,数以千计的低等魔物们受此影响,只有简单智慧的它们纷纷向这边聚集过来,按照九头虫指令方向雷洛所在涌去。 In that light/only with the dark distortion, Relo extends the right hand index finger. 在那光与暗的扭曲中,雷洛伸出右手食指。 The strong attraction, is towing half liquefied toxic gas, takes extremely short time gathering in the Relo right hand index finger fingertip as a point, the internal structure non- legal reason for judgment gaseous state collapse is liquid. 强大引力,牵引着半液化毒气,在雷洛右手食指指尖以极短时间汇聚为一点,内部结构不断由气态塌缩为液态。 If there is an enough time, is the complete collapse is liquid, is natural but matter however. 如果有足够时间,便是完全塌缩为液态,也是自然而然的事。 His double pupil, looked into one should nine cephalont roaring sounds the demon group of in all directions being used. 他的双眸,眺望了一眼应九头虫咆哮声从四面八方用来的魔物群。 These demon thing natural are not the Grand Duchy ordinary soldier can the comparison. 这些魔物自然不是格兰公国普通士兵所能够比拟。 So quantity, without costing the time uses similar star meteor technique and so on high-grade science, even for Relo, were surrounded by it all round, is still the extremely dangerous matter. 如此数量,若是没有耗费时间施展类似星陨术之类的高等级学术,即使对于雷洛而言,被其团团包围,也是极其危险的事。 Really is somewhat troublesome.” “果然有些麻烦。” Thorough rear area, the grand regiment wants to support, is not matter in a short time. 深入后方,格兰军团想要支援过来,也不是短时间内的事。 Thinks of this, wipes the swift and fierce light flash. 想到此,一抹凌厉之光闪过。 . 咻。 ...... 噗…… The powerful attraction collapse is half liquid toxic gas, almost without leaves behind the ballistic trajectory in the midair, flashes passes then appears , of nine cephalonts said in the big head, an explosion. 般强大引力塌缩为半液态的毒气,几乎没有在半空中留下弹道轨迹,一闪即逝便出现在了九头虫的一颗说大脑袋上,“噗”的一声爆炸。 Nine cephalonts are only low demon in demon of place bottom world, but the fiendish person as place bottom world, it in the process of unceasing evolution, does not know that has experienced many crises and roughness, obtained today's strength, therefore wound is countless, on exoskeleton skeletons on nine head, has been scarred. 九头虫在地底世界的魔物中仅属于低等魔物,而作为地底世界的魔王,它在不断进化的过程中,不知道经历过多少危机和坎坷,才获得了今天的力量,因此身上的创伤不计其数,九个头颅上的外甲骨骼上,早已经是伤痕累累。 Today, quick must increase the new scar. 今天,很快又要增添新的伤痕了。 As explodes after the half liquid toxic gas of Relo strong attraction collapse, this head pitiful yell, although has certain resistance, actually still melted from the external skin in the by visible speed unceasingly, is dropping the viscous thick juice. 随着经过雷洛强大引力塌缩的半液态毒气爆炸,这颗头颅不禁一声惨叫,虽然具有一定的抗性,却仍然在以肉眼可见的速度从表皮不断融化,滴落着粘稠浓汁。 Roar......” “吼……” Affected by this, other eight heads also send out a pain to roar. 受此影响,其他八个头颅也不禁纷纷发出一声痛苦咆哮。 Another head put out the grid, covers to the Relo locale. 另一个头颅吐出了网状物,向雷洛所在处覆盖过来。 The distortion of attraction, this demon network that has the fetter nature, was easily avoided by Relo. 引力的扭曲,这个具有束缚性质的魔网,被雷洛轻易避开了。 Several for low demon that the speed is famous, the earliest possible time fierce has not feared to plunge this mysterious form, bang, bang several, Relo by unequalled powerful physique, rumbled several fist artillery, is broken the low demon bang that these approached, everywhere blood rain sprinkled. 几只以速度著称的低等魔物,已经第一时间悍不畏死扑向了这个神秘身影,“嘭”,“嘭”几声,雷洛以无与伦比强大体魄,轰出了几道拳炮,将这些靠近的低等魔物轰碎,漫天血雨洒落。 The so-called fist artillery, is Barr Great Duchy scholar, according to the human body evolution nature, with the utilization of muscle and breadth of spirit, compresses foundation science that the air and energy one group releases in a short time, Relo in the initiation scholar period has contacted and used. 所谓拳炮,乃是巴尔大公国学者,根据人体进化性质,以肌肉和气魄的运用,将空气和能量在短时间内压缩成一团释放的基础学术,雷路在启蒙学者时期已经有所接触和利用。 High-speed demon, the Relo fist artillery struck, actually lived. 一头高速魔物,中了雷洛拳炮一击,竟然活了下来。 The meat grinder that its image, as if an iron and blood fuse, does not have the obvious hand and foot limbs, as if a muscle starfish thing, after suffering the Relo fist artillery strikes, flew upside down 20-30 meters latter to sway from side to side, fierce did not fear to spread unexpectedly again deadly. 它的形象,仿佛一头铁与血融合的绞肉机,没有明显的手足肢体,仿佛一块肌肉海星般的东西,在遭受雷洛拳炮一击后,倒飞了20-30米后一个扭动,竟然再次悍不畏死铺了过来。 This merely is 2nd Order demon! 这仅仅是个二级魔物而已! Relo sees this, wipes dignifiedly. 雷洛见此,不由一抹凝重。 Actually because of this demon, but place bottom world that because it represents in the ancient times biota. 倒不是因为这一头魔物,而是因为它所代表的地底世界古代生物群。 But also wipes merely dignifiedly. 但也仅仅只是一抹凝重罢了。 „The technique of siphon.” “虹吸之术。” Under the powerful attraction fetter, green lights were extracted from its within the body by Relo unceasingly, after the visible speed changes to the dry corpse, „”, Relo leaves fast same place. 强大的引力束缚下,一道道绿光被雷洛从它体内不断抽出,以肉眼可见的速度化作干尸后,“咻”的一声,雷洛快速离开原地。 squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak...... 吱吱吱吱吱吱…… This time, is hundreds of demon group comes in swarms, behind also ten times of hundred times of demon well up. 这次,是数以百计的魔物群蜂拥而至,更后面还有十倍百倍的魔物涌来。 Who you are!” “你是谁!” Nine cephalonts illustrious roared. 九头虫赫赫咆哮。 Its gigantic head, impressively after melting half, resisted the corrosion, this was one of biggest wounds it experienced since birth, namely used for dozens years slowly to restore, will leave behind the permanent wound that is unable to obliterate. 它的这颗硕大脑袋,赫然在融化了一半后,才堪堪抵挡住了腐蚀,这是它有生以来所经历的最大创伤之一,即使用几十年时间慢慢恢复,也将留下无法磨灭的永久创伤。 However Relo here demon group, will not attempt to resist with this fiendish person obviously. 不过雷洛显然不会在这边魔物群中,尝试与这头魔王进行对抗。 He flashes to pass to the canary direction to fly, the innumerable demon group closely follows. 他一闪即逝向金丝雀方向飞去,身后数不清的魔物群紧紧追随。 The stature gigantic nine cephalont fiendish people, the roaring sound continued frightened some little time, actually in the Relo short contact with the strength that displays, flies to be far after Relo gradually, eventually not with, merely in same place symbolic roaring. 身材硕大的九头虫魔王,咆哮声持续了好一会儿,却恐惧于与雷洛短暂接触所展现的力量,直到雷洛渐渐飞远后,终究没有跟上去,仅仅在原地象征性的咆哮罢了。 That side is rear area, other fiendish people are guarding. 那边是后方,还有其他魔王在镇守。 So, it led the demon dead, continued crawls to the metal fortress direction that Sky drifted. 如此,它率领魔卒们,继续向那座天空飘浮的金属堡垒方向爬去。 Often, it looks to frontline center battlefield one of the remote place, each energy and principle ripple overflow, makes it unable to bear time fearful and apprehensive. 不时的,它看向遥远处的前线中心战场一眼,每一次的能量与法则波纹外溢,都让它忍不住心惊胆战。 As last night evaded by luck radiates the weapon prestige to be able the fiendish person, its innermost feelings, have started to be worried for this time war. 作为昨夜侥幸避过辐射武器威能的魔王,它的内心,已经开始为此次的战争感到担忧。 The decayed temple, must construct as soon as possible. 腐朽神殿,必须要尽快建好。
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