GANS :: Volume #4 太阳法则

#544: Principle weapon ( 6 )

squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak...... 吱吱吱吱吱…… One crowd of bone wing demons have flown, they are the close relative branch of degeneration bone demon, as if one flock of image weird bats, while jet black nighttime sky, thousands, dense and numerous, forms groups, makes threatening gestures, flies to remote distant that drifting metal fortress. 一群骨翼魔飞过,他们属于堕落骨魔的近亲分支,仿佛一群形象怪诞的蝙蝠,趁着漆黑的夜空,数以千计,密密麻麻,成群结队,张牙舞爪,向遥远方那座飘浮的金属堡垒飞去。 Such demon group, countless. 这样的魔物群,数之不尽。 Comparatively speaking, this merely more than ten centimeters dark bird, is really only unremarkable. 相较之下,这只仅仅十几厘米的暗雀,实在不引人注意。 It is fanning the wing, to wanting the distant place flies, no one knows where it must fly, finally, it fell on a volume astonishing huge monster top of the head. 它扇动着翅膀,向要远处飞去,没有人知道它要飞到哪里,终于,它落在了一个体积惊人的庞然巨物头顶。 Nine cephalont fiendish people, discovered this little fellow. 九头虫魔王,发现了这个小家伙。 „The pet of which fiendish person are you?” “你是哪位魔王的宠物?” This is enough hundred meters huge monsters, the rough carapace, nine heads, make threatening gestures! 这个是一个足足有百米长的庞然巨物,粗糙甲壳,九个脑袋,张牙舞爪! So huge volume, even in the ancient times lifeform, still calculated the row on number. 如此庞大体积,即使在远古生物中,也算排的上号了。 What a pity in the place bottom world, the talents of nine cephalonts is not outstanding, but this nine cephalonts also just entered the step fiendish person dozens years, was recruited by the god of swallowing, the position in this invasion regiment is not high. 可惜在地底世界,九头虫的天赋并不出众,而这只九头虫也才刚刚进阶魔王几十年,就被吞食之神征召,在此次入侵军团中地位并不算高。 But nine cephalonts besides unequalled huge body, but also has this unthinkable keen sense of smell, this is they loses the evolution talent after eye, can through the bloodline instinct, detect the aura of high-rank. 而九头虫除了无与伦比庞大身躯外,还拥有这匪夷所思敏锐嗅觉,这是它们失去眼睛后的进化天赋,能够通过血脉本能,察觉到上位者的气息。 The dark bird stopped on the head of nine cephalonts, left eye jet black Vortex, looked to this huge monster. 暗雀停在了九头虫的一个脑袋上,左眼漆黑旋涡,看向了这个庞然巨物。 Hasn't discovered my status?” “还没有发现我的身份吗?” The words of dark bird, making the curious color hydra shake startled. 暗雀的话语,让好奇之色的九头蛇愕然一震。 You...... you are dark incantation Great Elder!!?” “你……你是暗咒大长老!!?” It is extending nine heads, unbelievable say/way: „Will you come to here? By your position, even recruiting of god of swallowing still can not need to pay attention, why can also arrive at this to be abandoned the surface by the ancient demons?” 它伸展着九个脑袋,难以置信道:“你怎么会来这里?以您的地位,即使吞食之神的征召也可以不用理会,为何还要来到这被古魔们遗弃地表?” „The bottom world, these things were getting more and more.” “地底世界,那些东西越来越多了。” The dark bird is saying, said: Dark incantation alliance has to do with these things year to year, more and more clansmen were infected the corrosion dead, I must find the escape route ahead of time, therefore through the decayed demon god tunnel, on looks at the surface world in this legend.” 暗雀说着,又道:“暗咒联盟常年和那些东西打交道,越来越多的族人被感染腐蚀死去,我必须要提前找到退路,所以就通过腐朽魔神隧道,上来看看这传说中的地表世界。” What kind of, elder?” “怎么样,长老?” Nine cephalonts said excitedly: With hearsay was same, was full of the delicious meat small and weak lifeform?” 九头虫兴奋道:“是不是和传闻中的一样,充满了肉质鲜美的弱小生物?” The dark bird nods. 暗雀点了点头。 Is indeed more bountiful than the place bottom world length and breadth.” “的确比地底世界更加广袤富饶。” It pecked a wing, calmly said: Here has a secret duty to give you. Needs to use your talent, swallows this corpse, from some of he torn to pieces fragmentary memories, seeks for magic material named dark essence, as well as...... named Strength of Sun Surface lifeform.” 它啄了一下翅膀,平静道:“我这里有一个秘密任务交给你。需要利用你的天赋,将这具尸体吞噬,从他支离破碎零星的一些记忆中,寻找一种叫做暗黑精华的魔导材料,以及……一个名为【太阳之力】的地表生物。” After a left eye eyeball jet black Vortex distortion, presented human scholar corpse. 左眼眼球漆黑旋涡一阵扭曲后,出现了一具人类学者尸体 It is not difficult to see from his fine scholar clothing/taking, this is one has high-level scholar of considerable position in grand science. 从他精致的学士服不难看出,这是一位在格兰学术界拥有相当地位的高等学者 The bottom world, dark essence is exceptionally precious, is almost all quiet deep pool lifeform magic material that longs for obtaining, as displaying the media of various seal techniques. 地底世界,黑暗精华异常珍贵,几乎是所有幽渊生物们都渴望得到的魔导材料,作为施展各种封印术的媒介。 Hissing hissing, good!” “嘶嘶嘶嘶,好!” The heads of nine cephalonts, not really only have nine. 九头虫的头,并不真的只有九个。 And an insect head of top of the head long inking green adult male, the fang reveals completely, fierce exceptionally, enough two meters had huge mouths to stretch out the scarlet tongue, licked slightly, then curled this corpse. 其中一颗头顶长着墨绿色冠子的虫头,獠牙毕露,狰狞异常,足足两米有余的巨口伸出了猩红舌头,稍稍一舔,便将这具尸体卷了进去。 The dark bird is waiting for patiently. 暗雀耐心等待着。 After the moment, nine cephalonts had the response, its look somewhat seems to be strange. 片刻后,九头虫有了反应,它的神色似乎有些诡异。 What's wrong?” “怎么了?” Had not discovered that explicit memory about dark essence, is fragmentarier remembers the fragment, as if mentioned a research institute and their kingdom capital city has this higher magic material. As for Strength of Sun, in his memory are many, this seems like a very well known surface lifeform.” “没有发现关于黑暗精华的明确记忆,零零星星一些记忆碎片,似乎提及了一个研究所和他们的王国都城拥有这种高等魔导材料。至于太阳之力,他的记忆中非常多,这似乎是一个很有名望的地表生物。” Merely is this?” “仅仅是这样?” The dark bird said: I, since mentioned him, you should be able through its memory, to know that I want anything.” 暗雀道:“我既然提到了他,你应该能够通过它的记忆,知道我想要得到什么。” That weapon?” “那个武器?” Nine cephalonts said slowly: I saw from its memory, this weapon is the thing that this kingdom in the past ten years develops, he was full of the fear and awe, does not have other, to obtain, can only from robbing of their king hand.” 九头虫缓缓道:“我从它的记忆中看到,这个武器是这个王国近十年来才开发出的东西,他充满了恐惧与敬畏,就没有其他的了,如果想要获得,只能从他们的国王手的抢夺。” Obtains from the king hand of this kingdom? 从这个王国的国王手中获得? Too was really risky! 实在太冒险了! Is almost impossible to complete. 几乎不可能完成。 The bottom world, the dark real demon by the unsurpassed principle invincible might, expanded the vast habitat, lived for the myriad things multiplication, and evolved the strength of phagocyte evolution. 地底世界,暗黑真魔以无上法则神威,扩张出了辽阔的栖息地,供万物繁衍生息,并进化出了吞噬细胞进化的力量。 This is the talent that the real demon grants, no difference dissemination in believing territory, some large lifeform, display the pinnacle this talent unexpectedly, not only can through swallowing to obtain the change of language, adaptive faculty and evolution direction, can extract some special memory fragments shortly. 这是真魔赐予的天赋,无差别散播在信仰领地内,一些体积庞大的生物,竟然将这种天赋发挥到极致,不仅能够通过吞噬获得语言、适应力、进化方向的改变,更能够短暂提取到一些特殊的记忆碎片。 Naturally, the consequence that does this is also very serious. 当然,这样做的后果也很严重。 That becomes more and more stupid. 那就是会变得越来越蠢。 Fortunately, nine cephalonts have nine heads, stupid several, several other. 所幸的是,九头虫足足有九个脑袋,蠢了几个,还有另外几个。 Wipes disappointedly. 一抹失望。 The dark bird no longer said anything, the energy explosion current ripple mark that the distant place non-stop makes it not like very much, the quiet shadow lifeform too does not adapt to this intense violent the war conditions, comparatively speaking, he likes striking to in the gloomy place kill, but its this time arrives at the surface, the main purpose is before the victory, occupies a domain that is the dark incantation alliance, that is all. 暗雀不再多说什么,远处不停的能量爆炸波痕让它很不喜欢,幽影生物不太适应这种密集暴力的战争环境,相较之下,他更喜欢在阴暗处一击必杀,而它此次来到地表,主要目的是在战争胜利之前,占据一块属于暗咒联盟的地盘,仅此而已。 ...... …… Is it?” “就是它吗?” The remote place, is twisting the light and dark fuzzy person's shadow, under the function of strong attraction, suppresses the aura comprehensive collapse of body, then formed compared with a dark bird more secret method, the spirit that as if one group does not have the aura, looked into the distance to that weird huge nine cephalonts. 遥远处,扭曲着光与暗模糊人影,在强引力的作用下,将身体的气息全面塌缩压制,进而形成了比暗雀更加隐秘的手段,仿佛一团没有气息的幽灵,眺望向了那个怪诞庞大九头虫。 Came a monster unexpectedly.” “竟然来了一头如此巨物。” In that side, but is not it!” “就在那边,但不是它!” The weak canary, is definitely saying, said urgently: I want to approach.” 虚弱的金丝雀,肯定的说着,迫切道:“我要在靠近些。” Approaching words, I have not grasped am discovered by it, here......” “在靠近的话,我没有把握不被它发现了,这里……” Broadminded within, fills with the depressing divinity principle aura together, reverberates from the vast world, by this moment Relo condition, although is insufficient to be frozen by soul, has actually also infiltrated his attraction fetter, making him feel slightly ill, turns the head to look. 豁然间,一道充满压抑的神性法则气息,从浩渺天地之间回荡过来,以此刻雷洛的状态,虽不至于被灵魂冻结,却也渗透过他的引力束缚,让其稍感不适,转头望去。 Beyond more than ten kilometers Sky, the god of swallowing goes out from the soil impressively, arrives at the battlefield again. 十几公里外天空,吞食之神赫然从泥土中走出,再次降临战场。 The principle ripple has swept, nearby soil that under the invincible might, the demon god break out from the ground, several battalion round/ball soldier price is unbending, then, these soldiers then with the coordination of demon, were easily slaughtered all. 法则波纹扫过,神威之下,魔神破土而出的泥土附近,几个营团的士兵顺价僵直,如此一来,这些士兵轻易间便在魔物们的配合下,被尽数屠戮。 Innumerable arms, as if to hell. 无数条手臂,仿佛通往地狱。 Was in this time. 正在这时。 Here. 这边。 Comes out to me!” “给我出来!” Bang. 轰轰隆隆。 The gigantic great tail, drops from the clouds suddenly, although was avoided by Relo promptly, along with the earth-shaking burst, was actually cracked a dozens meters gully. 硕大的巨尾,突然从天而降,虽被雷洛及时避开,却伴随着惊天动地震爆,龟裂开了一条数十米沟壑。 This is nine cephalonts flies high impressively a prestige. 这赫然是九头虫凌空一尾之威。 You are all right!” “你没事吧!” Words that in the crystal ball of drifting, transmits Windsor. 飘浮的水晶球中,传来温莎的话语。 Grand Duchy, only then she can start the pinnacle space and time science, conducted the small range the battlefield to transform to Relo. 格兰公国,也只有她能够将时空学术发动到极致,对雷洛进行小范围的战场转换了。 So, observes the Relo fixed Coordinate to be disturbed by the intense energy, her hurrying added: Demon god arrived, was launching the attack to the fortress direction, we must arrive in the central frontline in half hour glass time, will otherwise defer to misconduct offense processing.” 如此,观察到雷洛的锁定坐标被强烈能量干扰,她赶忙补充道:“魔神降临了,正在向堡垒方向发动进攻,我们必须要在半个沙漏时间内抵达中心前线,否则将按照渎职罪处理。” Knew.” “知道了。” Relo responded to one hurriedly, then receives the crystal ball. 雷洛匆忙回应了一声,便将水晶球收起。 Immediately he noticed the vision of canary, is looking to a common little thing on that body lingering huge monster top of the head. 随即他注意到了金丝雀的目光,正看向那个身体盘桓庞然巨物头顶上的一个不起眼小东西。 Is it?” “是它?” This aura...... right! Is the dark incantation alliance!!!” “这个气息……没错!是暗咒联盟!!!” The canary screamed: Do not approach it, it is very dangerous!” 金丝雀尖叫道:“千万不要靠近它,它很危险!”
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