GANS :: Volume #4 太阳法则

#543: Principle weapon ( 5 )

In the profound place bottom world, besides by crack gully series connected lava valleys outside, innumerable moist, gloomy and ice-cold quiet deep pool. 在深邃的地底世界,除了由一条条裂缝沟壑串联的熔岩谷外,还有数不清的潮湿、阴暗、冰冷幽渊。 Now cold now hot. 一冷一热。 The lava valley lifeform, dwells in the relatively warm environment, mostly hot tempered, has the aggressiveness, craves in evolution physique and strengthened talent strength. 熔岩谷生物,栖息于相对温暖环境,大多性格暴躁,具有侵略性,热衷于进化体魄和强化天赋力量。 But the lifeform in quiet deep pool, dwells in the ice-cold dark environment year to year, the character much is deceitfully sinister and ruthless, is good at surviving, going into hiding and studies, and along with intense curious and territory. 而幽渊中的生物,常年栖息于冰冷黑暗环境,性格则多阴毒狡诈,擅长生存、隐匿和研究,并伴随着强烈的好奇性和领地性。 But relatively speaking, the bottom world, is in the majority by the lava valley habitat. 但相对而言,地底世界,以熔岩谷栖息地居多。 The god of swallowing, as one of the dark real demon many subordinate god, although the fame is not high, but in commanding territory range, the relatively narrow and small quiet deep pools, are actually also perching many gloomy lifeform. 吞食之神,作为暗黑真魔诸多属神之一,虽名位不算高,但在统帅领地范围内,却也有一个相对狭小的幽渊,栖息着许多阴暗生物。 When even if so, the god of swallowing launches the war successively, these absurd demon do not crave in the invasion, actually must concerned about oracle, send some right arms somewhat. 如此,即使历次吞食之神发动战争时,这些诡诞魔物们并不热衷于入侵,却也要碍于神谕,多多少少派遣一些得力干将。 For example this dark incantation shadow fiendish person. 例如这位暗咒影魔王。 This is a dark bird, looks very ordinary, only has its left eye, unexpectedly is jet black Vortex. 这是一只暗雀,看起来很普通,唯有它的左眼,竟是一个漆黑的旋涡 It is fanning the wing, fell on degeneration bone demon head before an eight arm blade edge great fiendish person bodies. 它扇动着翅膀,落到了八臂刀锋巨魔王身前的一只堕落骨魔脑袋上。 Demon bastards, rush to me!!” “魔崽子们,给我冲上去!!” The pale silver metal luster, roared again and again, scolds innumerable demon to well up to that palatial metal fortress, is brandishing the blade edge great demons of eight arms to look unceasingly. 淡银金属色泽,连连咆哮,呵斥着数不清魔物向那座巍峨金属堡垒涌去,正不断挥舞八条手臂的刀锋巨魔看了过来。 Is you!” “是你!” Eight arm blade edge great fiendish people sneer saying: You are actually careful, hid in this eye unexpectedly! Ahem, here is the war frontline, will not be your will only hide from the fellows in hidden place should come.” 八臂刀锋巨魔王冷笑道:“你倒是小心,竟藏在了这只眼睛里!哼哼,这里是战争前线,不是你们这些只会躲在暗处的家伙们应该来的。” The dark bird with the left eye of its jet black Vortex, looks to this metal luster demon. 暗雀用它漆黑旋涡的左眼,看向这个金属色泽魔物。 Swallows the demon god to be seriously battered, the vacancy already the captive body that swallows from last night, obtained the information of wish, that is surface lifeform invention one powerful weapon, I come this am to issue oracle again, tonight fights, all fiendish people must disperse the fight.” “吞食魔神遭受重创,缺额已经从昨夜吞食的俘虏身体中,得到了想要的情报,那是地表生物发明的一种强大武器,我来此是为了再次下达神谕,今夜战斗,所有魔王必须要分散战斗。” Eight arm blade edge great fiendish person hears word, sneer. 八臂刀锋巨魔王闻言,冷笑更甚。 Also had what one breath saying that the surface that we came to together, rushes to here today, even your such fellow can also appear in the frontline unexpectedly, I do not believe tells this.” “还有什么一口气说了吧,我们一起来的地表,今天才赶到这里,连你这样的家伙竟然也能出现在前线,我可不相信只是告诉这个。” The dark bird lowered the sound. 暗雀压低了声音。 „The decayed demon god idol that channel exits, had reached finally the completion stage, but the slave number was unable to offer sacrifices to request by far satisfiedly, last night powerful weapon of surface lifeform release has let swallow the demon god to feel the anxious, decayed demon god hopes that can complete the idol as soon as possible, the summon high-rank decayed demon god arrives at the surface.” “通道出口的腐朽魔神神像,已经到了最后完工阶段,只是奴隶数量还远远不能满足献祭要求,昨夜地表生物释放的强大武器已经让吞噬魔神感到了不安,腐朽魔神希望能够尽快完成神像,召唤上位腐朽魔神降临地表。” „The blood sacrifice of that quantity, how possibly the short time collects!” “那种数量的血祭,怎么可能短时间凑齐!” Eight arm blade edge great fiendish people said angrily: You always do not want to let our these fiendish people as offering sacrifices, takes the life to open as the price arrives at the channel?” 八臂刀锋巨魔王恼怒道:“你总不会想让我们这些魔王作为献祭者,以生命为代价打开降临通道吧?” Hehe.” “嘿嘿嘿嘿。” The dark bird smiled several sharp, hoarse say/way: „The will of dark real demon, we must, or pities at all costs to complete, otherwise didn't the consequence of anger of real demon, need me to say much? Let alone our behind ethnic group, even if great swallowing demon god, even is the decayed demon god, still......” 暗雀尖笑了几声,沙哑道:“暗黑真魔的意志,我们必须要不惜一切代价完成,否则真魔之怒的后果,不用我多说了吧?别说我们身后的族群,就算是伟大的吞食魔神,甚至是腐朽魔神,也……” Was in this time! 正在这时! Faint trace divinity aura, along with the insolent laughter, the principle divinity aura twinkling covered the peripheral more than hundred meters distance, as if freezes soul ice-cold, is actually fermenting volcanic eruption wild. 一丝丝神性气息,伴随着张狂笑声,法则神性气息瞬息笼罩了周边百余米距离,仿佛冻结灵魂般的冰冷,却又酝酿着火山喷发般的狂暴。 Two demons stared at the past, impressively was a tiny tot, flew from far to near. 两魔凝望过去,赫然是一个小不点,由远及近飞来。 Man physique in human already tall and strong, but compares many demon nearby this, was actually not worth mentioning. 男人体魄在人类中已算魁梧,但相较于这附近的诸多魔物,却是不值一提了。 Un?” “嗯?” The dark bird sees this, has a relish. 暗雀见此,饶有兴致。 This apostle back existence, does not seem like the common low gods, what a pity these surface lifeform apostles, extremely from paying great attention to rely on the Spiritual God strength, actually neglected itself.” “这位使徒背后的存在,似乎不是一般的低等神明,可惜这些地表生物使徒,太过于注重借助神灵力量,却忽略了自身。” Eight arm blade edge great demon metal luster faces, wipe the exciting color, exposes the big mouths of two long fangs, the bone tongue is grinning fiendishly appears gradually. 八臂刀锋巨魔金属色泽面庞,一抹兴奋之色,暴露着两颗硕长獠牙的大口,骨舌狞笑渐渐浮现。 What is surprised, its bone snake, resembles a small snake unexpectedly, in the tongue has the tongue. 惊奇的是,它的骨蛇,竟似一条小蛇,舌中有舌。 Pitifully is a male gender, otherwise can enjoy one actually well taste that blasphemed the surface evil god.” “可惜是个雄性,不然倒是可以好好享受一番亵渎地表邪神的滋味。” Dark bird hears word, opens the pair of wings. 暗雀闻言,张开双翼。 „, Here gave you.” “那么,这里就交给你了。” Saying, the dark bird left eye casts a sidelong glance the radiation pyroshock endocrater, sighed again. 说着,暗雀左眼又瞟了一眼辐射爆炸冲击巨坑,不禁再次感叹。 Really is magnificent, if can spirited this weapon introduction bottom world, join to the temple war...... this war if can the final victory, the dark incantation alliance probably obtain its secret.” “真是壮观,若是能激昂这种武器引入地底世界,加入到神殿战争……此次战争若是能够获得最后胜利,暗咒联盟一定要得到它的秘密。” Then, it fans the wing, flies to the horizon. 说完,它扇动翅膀,向天边飞去。 ...... …… Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang...... 轰!轰!轰!轰!轰!轰…… Balloon Airship that in the upper air drifts, the magic crystal cannon non-stop launching, in support tread already with demon group war-stricken human regiment. 高空中飘浮的气球飞艇,魔晶大炮不停发射,支援着地面上已经和魔物群陷入战争的人类军团。 Front height several meters metal War Weapon, was submerged by the tide tsunami demon group gradually. 前排一个个身高数米的金属战争兵器,被潮水海啸般的魔物群渐渐淹没。 The upper air overlooks. 高空俯瞰。 Radiates on the spent clay, dense and numerous soldiers and demon, as if innumerable ants. 辐射废土上,密密麻麻的士兵与魔物们,仿佛无数的蚂蚁。 Demon that fierce do not fear, receive the command of high-level demon, continuously to in formation human soldiers from the upper air and ground bottom, is even launching all -around attack. 悍不畏死的魔物们,受到高级魔物的统帅,源源不断向严阵以待人类士兵们从高空和地面甚至地底,发动着全方位袭击。 They compared with the slaves who receiving the Sealand slave-owner whip brush, savage fierce does not fear 100 times. 它们远比受到西兰奴隶主鞭子抽打的奴隶们,凶残悍不畏死一百倍。 So, just entered the fight, the human regiment then falls into to move mountains in the impact, can only conduct the passive defensive regarding the Sky metal fortress. 如此,才刚刚进入战斗,人类军团便陷入到了排山倒海冲击中,只能围绕天空金属堡垒进行被动防御。 But has some exceptions! 但也有例外! A that person of fist, is swimming against the stream. 那一人一拳,正在逆流而上。 Hiss hissing. 嘶嘶嘶。 , Flexible high-speed and fatal is famous for the powerful defense violently poisonously, this is a 3rd Order bone deep pool flying scorpion demon is graceful, the strong life evolution lets it even in the demon bottom world vertically and horizontally/able to move unhindered, still gains a footing vastly sufficiently, is outstandingly evolution. 以强大防御、灵活高速和致命剧毒著称,这是一只三级的骨渊飞蝎魔帅,超强的生命进化让它即使在魔物纵横的辽阔地底世界,也足以占据一席之地,属于杰出的进化者。 Its duty, stops this rashly trespasser. 它的任务,是阻拦这个贸然侵犯者。 Dies, surface lifeform!” “去死吧,地表生物!” The tail poisonous hook has secreted the fatal metal toxin, it is just about to erupt full power, oneself speed increase to the limit, will create the fatal blow to this invading one's territory surface lifeform, actually sees the bald man corners of the mouth, revealed wiped the cruel curve. 尾巴毒钩已经分泌出了致命的金属毒素,它正要全力爆发,将自己速度提升至极限,对这个来犯的地表生物造成致命打击,却见光头男人嘴角,露出了一抹残暴弧度。 Buzz...... 嗡…… The divinity principle aura, just like an advantage arrow, formed the principle deterrent to this bone deep pool flying scorpion in the wink of an eye, will solidify in the sky. 神性的法则气息,宛如一支利箭,瞬息之间对这只骨渊飞蝎形成了法则威慑,将之当空凝固。 World only had the black and white monotonous color, that fist, is the dark-red that predominates only, rumbled. 世间只剩下了黑与白单调色彩,唯独那个拳头,呈凌驾一切的暗红色,轰了过来。 Bang! 嘭! Merely one fist. 仅仅一拳。 This demon commander level bone deep pool flying scorpion was then rumbled to kill, the skeleton is torn to pieces, the blood such as the rain gets down. 这个魔帅级骨渊飞蝎便被轰杀,骸骨支离破碎,血如雨下。 Shoots baldly. 光头一跃而过。 God of apostle this strength, with the unprecedented potential, continued to charge into eight arm blade edge great fiendish people. 这位力量之神使徒,携一往无前之势,继续冲向了八臂刀锋巨魔王。 ? 哦? Gazes after eight arm blade edge great fiendish people who the dark bird flies away, saw clearly the god of god strength causes easily to strike to kill one of the bone deep pool flying scorpion, detected that these surfaces lived the strength nature that the fetish causes, indeed the place bottom world god of cognition causes with, entirely different. 目送暗雀飞走的八臂刀锋巨魔王,清楚看到了力量之神神使轻易击杀骨渊飞蝎的一幕,也察觉到了这些地表生物神使的力量性质,的确与自己所认知的地底世界神使,截然不同。 The bottom world, the apostle summoned divine power to demon, grasps the strength of principle merely auxiliary, or avoided being oppressed the auxiliary strength of soul nature disturbance by the principle, was only a key or a protective umbrella of opening higher level front door, except for existence that obtained the truly great real demon or the higher demon god faith and asylum few, this strength will not bring the essential change. 地底世界,使徒召唤神力对魔物们而言,仅仅是辅助掌握法则之力,或避免被法则压迫灵魂性质干扰的辅助力量罢了,只是一把开启更高层次大门的钥匙或者一柄保护伞而已,除了极少数获得真正伟大真魔或高等魔神信赖、庇护的存在,这种力量并不会带来本质性的改变。 Because, can become demon of apostle, before its becomes the apostle, has the unequalled strength inevitably! 因为,能够成为使徒的魔物,在其成为使徒之前,就必然已经拥有了无与伦比力量! But these surface lifeform apostles, are the apostles, looks like in eight arm blade edge great fiendish people, is more like clone general existence just like the Spiritual God. 而这些地表生物使徒,与其说是使徒,在八臂刀锋巨魔王看来,更像是宛如神灵分身一般的存在。 Fist artillery!” “拳炮!” Barr hits to reach the country, human again the fight with the barbarian and in nature, displays gradually various resort to violence skills of body , the wrestle style of most foundation regarding military, was the fist artillery. 巴尔打达国,人类再与野蛮人和大自然的搏斗中,渐渐将身体的各种武斗技巧发挥出来,其中,对于武者而言最基础的格斗招式,便是拳炮了。 This not only needs military the wrestle skill, needs the powerful physique breadth of spirit as the support. 这不仅仅需要武者的格斗技巧,更需要强大的体质气魄作为支撑。 But the fist artillery of god of envoy this strength, obviously is actually different. 但这位力量之神使者的拳炮,却明显有所不同。 On his body, has not had powerful physique, is not skilled in the wrestle skill, even can say that the elementary action is not quite standard, but in his behind, appears at this moment impressively a light empty shadow, its breadth of spirit is arrogant, the angry glare reprimanded, by the most capable movement, wielded a simple fist. 在他的身上,并未有强大体魄,亦不精通格斗技巧,甚至可以说连基本动作也不太规范,但此刻在他的身后,赫然浮现出一个淡淡虚影,它气魄凌人,怒目而斥,以最干练的动作,挥出朴实的一拳。 Bang! 轰! Eight arm blade edge great fiendish person silver-white color pupils, shrink the needle-tip suddenly. 八臂刀锋巨魔王银白色瞳孔,骤然缩成针尖。 It is offers up one's life bravely, by surface that the god of swallowing recruits, two days ago arrives at the surface, travels day and night in the daytime time, produces in a hurry here battlefield, is seriously battered the bone deep pool flying scorpion fiendish person to replace one, directed the fiendish person as the frontline. 它乃是临危受命,被吞食之神征召来的地表,两天前才来到地表,日夜兼程在白天时候,才赶制此处战场,将一位遭受重创的骨渊飞蝎魔王替换,作为了前线指挥魔王。 Although had known from other demon Wangkou all sorts of characteristics of these surface lifeform, these apostles, can in the extreme time, erupt the unthinkable strength particularly, but it is still not able the baseless imagination, actually this to be what kind of strength starts the way. 虽说早已从其他魔王口中得知了这些地表生物的种种特性,尤其是这些使徒们,能够在极端时间内,爆发出匪夷所思的力量,但它仍然无法凭空想象,这究竟是怎样的力量发动方式。 Now, facing god of apostle strength, by the strength of person, started god's fist, eight arm blade edge great fiendish people have a big shock immediately. 如今,面对力量之神使徒,以人之力,发动的神之拳,八臂刀锋巨魔王顿时大惊失色。 This degree attack intensity, almost could be the level of topest fiendish person, even exceeds! 这种程度攻击强度,几乎已经能够达到最顶尖魔王的层次,甚至是超越! So, its not only instinct roared. 如此,它不仅本能一声咆哮。 While the body completes metal silver instantaneously, delays the blade edge that from eight arm palms, simultaneously cuts to beyond that say/way from dozens meters prestige of fist. 在身体瞬间完成金属银化的同时,从八条手臂掌心延展出的刀锋,同时向那道从数十米外的一拳之威斩去。 …… 咔嚓,咔嚓,咔嚓,咔嚓…… Bang! 嘭! Body surface silver arming instantaneous terminates collapses, eight arm blade edge great fiendish people are seriously battered, flies upside down dozens meters, uncontrolled, in the Sky stroke together parabolic trajectory. 体表银色武装瞬间完结崩溃,八臂刀锋巨魔王遭受重创,倒飞出数十米,不受控制般,在天空划出一道抛物线轨迹。 ! 咻! Hahahaha, happy!” “哈哈哈哈,痛快!” The next quarter, the bald man has actually followed closely, but. 下一刻,光头男人却已经紧随而至。 ...... …… Beyond the remote distance, Relo calmly waits and sees the god of apostle distant strength to be remarkable. 遥远距离之外,雷洛静静观望着远方力量之神使徒大显神威。 For first nearly waits on worthily, it seems like that the god of strength to this bald, quite regards as important actually.” “不愧为第一近侍,看来力量之神对这光头,倒是相当看重。” Light and in dark distortion Vortex, Relo is muttering. 光与暗的扭曲旋涡中,雷洛喃喃自语着。 At this moment in his hand, is raising a basket impressively, a wisp of life foundation that the evildoer's disguise demon leaves behind, it as if smelled any sensitive thing. 此刻他的手中,赫然提着一个笼子,正是画皮魔留下的一缕命脉根基,它似乎嗅到了什么敏感的东西。 In that direction! I can feel its aura! So long as eats it, I can end the evolution!” “就在那个方向!我能感受得到它的气息!只要吃掉它,我就能完进化!” The canary is pointing at a direction, non-stop screaming excitedly. 金丝雀指着一个方向,不停激动尖叫着。 This little fellow, since the death abyss was injured, then the honest training, until recklessly has just flown. 这个小家伙,自从在死亡深渊受伤后,便一直老老实实修养,直到刚刚才不顾一切飞了出来。 I and your agreement, may not have duty so.” “我和你的约定,可没有这般的任务。” Relo is responding superficially, must receive this canary. 雷洛轻描淡写回应着,就要把这只金丝雀收起。 For a long time, bore itself want dissection research curiosity several times, is the Relo maximum limit. 这么长时间了,几次忍住自己想要将之解剖研究的好奇心,已经是雷洛最大的限度。 I can tell you a secret! About a buried treasure secret! A there thunder mirror Kofuji's stub, I planned very much before takes this secret to give to a quiet deep pool demon god, obtains the asylum, after all this type of thing dwells regarding our these in the lifeform of lava valley too has not in a big way affected, but if you are willing to help me obtain that thing, I am willing to tell with this as secretly exchanging!” “我可以告诉你一个秘密!关于一处宝藏的秘密!那里很一根雷镜古藤的残根,我之前打算把这个秘密献给一位幽渊魔神,获得庇护,毕竟这种东西对于我们这些栖息在熔岩谷的生物并没有太大作用,但如果你肯帮我得到那个东西,我愿意告诉用这个秘密作为交换!” Thunder mirror Kofuji? 雷镜古藤? Relo puzzled color. 雷洛不解之色。 The canary sees this, said anxiously: It is said that was prehistoric plant, was weapon of ancient times great demon, afterward because of the world environment great change, the treasure that exterminated gradually!” 金丝雀见此,不禁焦急道:“据说那是一种史前植物,也是远古巨魔的武器,后来因为世界环境巨变,才渐渐灭绝的宝物!” Ancient times great demon? 远古巨魔? Is it possible that referred to ancient times the giant! 莫非是指远古巨人! In the legend, ancient times the giant was above this mainland, receives ethnic group that graceful tuo sand magnificence sheltered, raised the main ethnic group of that ancient times war in this storm mainland. 传说中,远古巨人乃是这片大陆之上,受到曼陀沙华庇护的族群,也是在这片暴风大陆上掀起那场远古战争的主要族群。
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