GS :: Volume #7 东洲海外

#4577: Originally this is the genuine treasure!

God level student entering in midterm()” searches the latest chapter! “神级插班生()”查找最新章节! Feng elder they really does not understand that Magical Treasure why Young Master so definitely vanishes is Heaven-Opening Mirror. 冯长老他们实在是不明白为什么少爷如此肯定消失的那件法宝就是开天镜 However saw that Young Master so loses, they actually do not know how should console him, three people can only awkward standing in the one side. 但是看到少爷如此失落,他们却也不知道到底应该如何去劝慰他,三人只能一脸尴尬的立在一旁。 Young Master, now what to do that should we? Here so many resources, can we bring to go back?” Feng Elder cannot bear ask. 少爷,那现在我们该怎么办?这里这么多的资源,我们要带回去吗?”冯长老忍不住问道。 Although they also hope that can find Heaven-Opening Mirror, even on that rack is really Heaven-Opening Mirror, but does not have now. 他们虽然也希望能够找到开天镜,就算那架子上的真的是开天镜,但现在都已经没有了。 But in this main hall is putting so many resources Magical Treasure and so on, this is solid, if not carry off, that is really some natural justice does not accommodate. 可是这个大殿里面放着这么多的资源法宝之类的,这才是实实在在的,若是不带走,那就真的是有些天理不容了。 Receives these things!” Although Cheng Yu the mood loses very much, but is not silly, naturally impossible to let off here resources. “把这些东西都收起来吧!”程宇虽然心情很失落,但是又不傻,自然不可能把这里的资源放过了。 Although here some resources possibly cannot use for a while, like these spatial profound crystal original stones, but he does not dare to say, whether really cannot use. 尽管这里有些资源可能一时用不上,就像那些空玄晶原石,但是他也不敢说以后是否就真的用不上。 If by some chance space strategy in the research Immortals and Demons Pagoda well, could make him arrange the space strategy ahead of time the words, the original stones of that these spatial profound crystals can't use? 万一好好的研究研究仙魔塔内的空间阵法,也许能够让他提前布置空间阵法的话,那这些空玄晶的原石不就也能够用上了吗? Has saying that in this main hall resources were truly many, Cheng Yu tidies up the mood, no matter also this is any resources, no matter also with does not use on, must carry off in any case together. 不得不说,这大殿里面的资源确实不少了,程宇收拾好心情,也不管这到底是些什么资源,也不管用不用的上,反正都要一起带走。 Otherwise can also leave the successor these resources? 要不然难道要把这些资源还留给后来者? Hehe, we think of every means that several times almost life making contact with, now finally after the bitter comes the sweet. So many resources , has not come white/in vain!” Feng elder is receiving these resources, before arrived here all depressed mood all of a sudden on disappearance was clean. “嘿嘿,咱们费尽心机,好几次差点把性命给搭上了,现在终于苦尽甘来了。这么多的资源,也算是没有白来一场!”冯长老收着这些资源,之前来到这里所有的苦闷情绪一下子就消失的干干净净了。 On this day under perhaps does not have any matter compared with finding the buried treasure, took in own pocket happier matter the buried treasure. 这天下或许没有什么事情比找到宝藏,把宝藏一件一件的收进自己的口袋更幸福的事情了。 That feeling of satisfaction, really eats much good wine delicacies unable to compare. 那种满足感,真的是吃再多的美酒佳肴都是无法比拟的。 Unfortunately by our present strengths, most resources does not seem to be to us useful!” model/pattern Elder shakes the head to say. “可惜的是以我们现在的实力,大部分资源对我们来说似乎并没有什么用!”范长老摇摇头说道。 Gathering the buried treasure naturally is a joyful matter, but looks at present so many buried treasures, oneself as if cannot use several, this most made the matter that one touched somebody's sore spot. 收取宝藏自然是一件令人高兴的事情,但是看着眼前这么多的宝藏,自己似乎用不上几件,这才是最令人扎心的事情。 If each time informed and experienced can find itself to want, we also do need to take such risk to come here?” On the contrary Cheng Yu is looks opened. “如果每一次历练都能够找到自己想要的,那我们还需要冒这样的风险来到这里吗?”程宇反倒是看的更开了。 Although wants to obtain Yang Mirror, but the reality is this. Without that chance, even if Yang Mirror is very near to you, perhaps you are still not necessarily able to discover. 虽然很想得到阳镜,但是现实就是这样。如果没有那个机缘,就算阳镜离你很近,或许你也未必能够发现。 But if the chance arrived, even if perhaps when he does not need to look, Yang Mirror suddenly will still appear in his front. 但如果机缘到了,说不定什么时候就算他不用去找,阳镜也会突然出现在他的面前的。 Said is also, Young Master, you said before we found the buried treasure to find to return to the exit|to speak of Mortal Realm. “说的也是,少爷,你之前说我们找到了宝藏就能够找到回到人界的出口。 Now but we have not discovered the exit|to speak, what to do can this? exit|to speak that here should not have? ” After Feng elder gathered some resources, looks around everywhere, without finding the exit|to speak made him gather the buried treasure the mood heat degree to fall half all of a sudden. 可是现在我们也没有发现出口啊,这可怎么办?这里该不会没有回去的出口吧?”冯长老收取了一些资源之后,四处张望一番,没有找到出口让他收取宝藏的心情热度一下子就降了一半。 The outlet of after all if not being able to find, even if they receive completely here all buried treasures, the significance that still has no, they are unable to leave this damned place in any case. 毕竟如果找不到回去的出路,他们就算是把这里的所有宝藏全部都收起来,也没有任何的意义,反正他们也无法离开这个鬼地方。 No rush, first received to say these buried treasures again. Since we can find here buried treasure, we can certainly find the exit|to speak.” Cheng Yu said. “别着急,先把这些宝藏收起来再说。既然我们能够找到这里的宝藏,那我们就一定能够找到出口。”程宇说道。 Hope so!” Everyone thinks the exit|to speak has not fallen, everyone is not happy. “希望如此吧!”大家一想到出口还没有下落,大家的心情也没有那么好了。 Moreover, in order to found outlet earlier, they did not have the buried treasure that so many moods managed themselves to receive are any things, in any case altogether first received to say again. 而且,为了能够早点找到出路,他们也没有那么多的心情去管自己收进去的宝藏到底是些什么东西了,反正一股脑的先收进去再说。 However, the buried treasure of this main hall were too truly many, the quantity is very big, one after another, each pile like place hill. 不过,这大殿的宝藏确实太多了,量都很大,一堆一堆的,每一堆都像座小山一样。 The result receives behind, they discovered that on own these Storage Bag were full. 结果收到后面,他们发现自己身上的那些储物袋都满了。 Young Master, we really could not install, remaining what to do?” Helpless Feng Elder pats own Storage Bag to say. 少爷,我们实在是装不下了,剩下的怎么办?”冯长老无奈拍着自己的储物袋说道。 Young Master, our was also similar!” Yang Elder and model/pattern elder also says. 少爷,我们的也差不多了!”杨长老和范长老也开口说道。 Looks at this main hall also so many buried treasure, they almost link 1/10 not to receive, the mood again was depressed. 看着这大殿还有这么多的宝藏,他们几乎连十分之一都没有收进去,心情不由再次郁闷起来了。 Although they possibly cannot use these things, but if keeps here them, seemed also a pity! 虽然他们可能用不上这些东西,但若是把他们留在这里,似乎也太可惜了吧! As the saying goes, even if oneself cannot use, cannot good others. 有道是,就算是自己用不上,也不能好了别人啊。 Saw that so many buried treasures could not put, at this moment they were really regretted oneself went out some not many belt/bring Storage Bag. 看到这么多的宝藏放不进去了,这一刻他们真的是后悔自己出门不多带一些储物袋来。 How otherwise must here buried treasure installing. 要不然怎么都要把这里的宝藏给装回去。 Since you cannot carry off, that remaining makes me come!” Cheng Yu has long known that can be such result. “既然你们带不走,那剩下的就让我来吧!”程宇早就知道会是这样的结果了。 Space Magical Treasure is not everyone has, moreover he discovered that now in Cultivation World, almost does not have space Magical Treasure this type of thing. 空间法宝可不是人人都有的,而且他发现如今在修真界,几乎已经没有空间法宝这种东西了。 If he did not find the Holy City's vestige, he is impossible to obtain such good space Magical Treasure. 如果他不是找到了圣城的遗迹,他也不可能得到这么好的空间法宝 Therefore sometimes he also is really has endless emotion to oneself circumstances, does not know that all these have arranged, is only his luck is really good. 所以他有时候还真的是对自己的境遇感慨不已,不知道这一切是早就安排好的,还是真的只是他运气好而已。 Yang Elder their three people saw in this main hall so many buried treasures by Young Master Immortals and Demons Pagoda to be attracted unexpectedly all of a sudden completely, immediately envied was not good. 杨长老他们三人看到这大殿里面这么多的宝藏竟然被少爷仙魔塔一下子就全部吸进去了,顿时羡慕的不行。 Wants the ideas of some multi- belt/bring Storage Bag compared with them, suddenly felt own such idea really did not have the efficiency. 比起他们想要多带一些储物袋的想法,突然觉得自己这样的想法实在是太没有效率了。 Young Master such space Magical Treasure efficient many, so many buried treasures, that Magical Treasure looks like a bottomless pit to be the same, completely not like the appearance that can pack. 还是少爷这样的空间法宝高效的多,这么多的宝藏,那法宝就像是一个无底洞一样,完全不像能够装满的样子。 „Does Young Master, in your hand have this grade of best quality goods treasure? I feel in this main hall buried treasure to add, might as well in your hand this Magical Treasure.” Feng Elder looks at this Immortals and Demons Pagoda, is drools with envy simply. 少爷,你手上还有这等极品宝物吗?我觉得这大殿里面的宝藏加起来,还不如你手上这个法宝。”冯长老看着这仙魔塔,简直就是垂涎欲滴啊。 „Has certainly, but actually cannot give you!” Cheng Yu has not concealed, moreover rejects is also very simple! “有当然有,不过却不能给你们!”程宇倒也没有隐瞒,而且拒绝的也是十分干脆! On him really also has space Magical Treasure, moreover there are many, is only he himself also has the mountains and rivers chart, Exquisite Cauldron. Naturally obtained a more important buried treasure in the Holy City vestige in dead territory, in that also many space Magical Treasure. 他身上确实还有空间法宝,而且还有不少,光是他自己就还有山河图,玲珑鼎。当然在死域的圣城遗迹之中得到了更加重要的宝藏,那里面还有不少空间法宝 Initially delivered one person to deliver one to Xin He these Senior Brother Senior Sister, as for his these women, their immortal mirrors was actually space Magical Treasure, therefore did not need his these Magical Treasure. 当初给心河那些师兄师姐们送了一人送了一件,至于他的那些女人,她们自己的仙镜其实就是一件空间法宝,所以根本就不需要他的这些法宝 As for remaining these space Magical Treasure, he will not easily deliver temporarily. 至于剩下的那些空间法宝,暂时他是不会轻易送出去的。 That Young Master other space can Magical Treasure make us have a look?” Feng elder actually also spoke thoughtlessly to ask, what has not thought that Young Master actually really said, this may really be surprising and curious. “那少爷其他的空间法宝能让我们看看吗?”冯长老其实也只是随口问了一问,没有想到的是,少爷竟然真的说有,这可真的是让人惊讶又好奇了。 Regarding cannot give to them who Young Master said that actually this actually completely understandable matter. However disappointedly is somewhat will be definitely disappointed, but this matter he himself knows in heart. 对于少爷所说的不能送给他们,其实这倒是完全可以理解的事情。不过失望肯定是会有些失望的,但是这种事情他自己心里有数。 Moreover what he is more curious is what space Magical Treasure wants to have a look at this is. 而且他更加好奇的是想要看看这又是一件什么样的空间法宝 Actually you have seen.” Cheng Yu said. “其实你们已经见过了。”程宇说道。 „Have we seen? When?” Three people all stare! “我们见过了?什么时候?”三人皆是一愣! When under that main hall!” “就在下面那个大殿的时候!” Young Master said is that big cauldron?” model/pattern Elder responded that said. 少爷说的难道是那个大鼎?”范长老反应过来说道。 Besides Immortals and Demons Pagoda, he has not as if seen Young Master to cause other Magical Treasure. When under there, he was stranded in the stone-lock dumbbell, Young Master used that big cauldron to help him give the giant stone to withstand, therefore he remembered profoundly. 除了仙魔塔,他似乎还没有见过少爷使过别的法宝。但是在下面那里的时候,他被困在石锁之中,少爷用上了那个大鼎将巨石帮他给顶住了,所以他记忆深刻。 Right, is that big cauldron.” Cheng Yu said in the hand to present that small cauldron. “没错,正是那个大鼎。”程宇说着手上又出现了那个小鼎。 Originally is it, this thinks that is only ordinary cauldron shape Magical Treasure, never expected that it unexpectedly is space Magical Treasure.” model/pattern elder is sizing up this small cauldron again surprisedly, full is saying that envies. “原来就是它,本以为只是一件普通的鼎形法宝,没有想到它竟然还是一件空间法宝。”范长老再次惊奇的打量着这件小鼎,满是羡慕的说道。 That does Young Master have many space Magical Treasure?” Feng elder again curious asking. “那少爷还有更多的空间法宝吗?”冯长老不由再次好奇的问道。 He sees the Young Master so at will use Magical Treasure unexpectedly is also space Magical Treasure, on Magical Treasure to Young Master was at heart more curious. 他看到少爷如此随意使用的一件法宝竟然也是空间法宝,心里不由对少爷手上的法宝更加好奇了。 This Young Master was really mysterious, others have not seen space Magical Treasure his entire life, but in the ancient ancient book knows that had space Magical Treasure this Magical Treasure. 这个少爷真的是太神秘了,别人一生都没有见过空间法宝,只是在古老的典籍之中才知道有空间法宝这种法宝 However their Young Master actually also one, is really makes people jealous incessantly. 但是他们少爷却还不止一件,真的是羡煞旁人啊。 „After this, you naturally knew.” Cheng Yu has not said that but has not said does not have. “这个以后你们自然就知道了。”程宇没有说有,但也没有说没有。 Listens to Young Master this saying, it seems like Young Master also really has other space Magical Treasure!” Although Young Master not affirmative told them to have, but the meaning of this saying is actually very obvious, this may really be makes them want mouth-wateringly. “听少爷这话,看来少爷还真有其它的空间法宝啊!”虽然少爷没有肯定的告诉他们有,但是这话的意思其实已经很明显了,这可真的是让他们想要流口水了。 Everyone wants space Magical Treasure, but however they who opens truly this mouth? 谁都想要一件空间法宝,可是但是他们谁又真正开的了这个口呢? After all they without knowing, they can treat as the joke saying that but knows that now Young Master also has space Magical Treasure, if at this time the opens the mouth, that were a little insensitive. 毕竟他们在不知道的情况下,他们可以当作笑话说一说,但是现在知道少爷还有空间法宝,这个时候要是开口,那就是有点厚脸皮了。 The space Magical Treasure such important treasure, do others possibly deliver at will? 空间法宝这么重要的宝物,人家又怎么可能随意送呢? Share that three people also only then envy! 三人也只有羡慕的份了! Do not envy, space Magical Treasure I really have, moreover incessantly. Someday, you will perhaps also obtain one!” Cheng Yu sees their expressions, knows that they are thinking anything. “你们也别羡慕,空间法宝我确实还有,而且不止一件。也许有一天,你们或许也会得到一件!”程宇看到他们的表情,就知道他们在想什么。 However he also gave these people to leave behind a hope intentionally, words saying was very clear, looked how they must do. 不过他也故意给这些人留下了一个希望,话已经说的很明白了,就看他们自己要怎么做了。 Young Master, you mean, do we have the opportunity to obtain?” Feng Elder immediately at present one bright, very excited saying. 少爷,你的意思是,我们也有机会得到吗?”冯长老顿时眼前一亮,不由十分激动的说道。 I said perhaps!” Cheng Yu said. “我只是说也许!”程宇说道。 I understood, I will certainly follow Young Master well!” Young Master spoke in this, where can Feng elder not understand meaning? “我明白了,我一定会好好追随少爷的!”少爷都说到这份上了,冯长老哪能还不明白其中的意思呢? Although Young Master said perhaps, but he also knows, they follow the Young Master time , is so long, how to easily give them space Magical Treasure such important Magical Treasure. 虽然少爷说的只是也许,但是他也知道,他们追随少爷的时间只有这么久,岂会把空间法宝这么重要的法宝轻易送给他们。 However even if only one perhaps, still already enough their excited. 不过即便只是一个也许,也已经足够他们的激动不已了。 Do not look that space Magical Treasure seems like only bigger Storage Bag, but in fact, the role of space Magical Treasure was really big. 别看空间法宝看似只是一个更大的储物袋了,但实际上,空间法宝的作用实在是太大了。 Other first did not say, even if can install the living creature, including them, this was the huge ability. 别的先不说,哪怕是能够装下活物,包括他们自己,这就是天大的能力了。 In fact, Cheng Yu also rescued many lives through these space Magical Treasure, therefore space Magical Treasure truly is very precious Magical Treasure! 事实上,程宇也是通过这些空间法宝救了不少命的,所以空间法宝确实是非常珍贵的法宝
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