GS :: Volume #7 东洲海外

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God level student entering in midterm()” “神级插班生()” But when Cheng Yu pushes that giant stone upward, suddenly one flock of profound hot wolves threw toward model/pattern elder. 可是就在程宇将那巨石往上推的时候,突然就有一群玄火狼朝着范长老扑了过来。 And before is that is only profound the hot wolf, by that Cheng Yu wounds, this fellow looks like very intelligent, actually knows, when Cheng Yu seizes the chance to attack model/pattern elder without the protection, like this he would have no means to counter-attack. 其中为首那只玄火狼正是之前被程宇击伤的那只,这个家伙看来很聪明,竟然知道在程宇没有防备的时候趁机攻击范长老,这样他就没有办法反击了。 They also underestimated this human obviously. 只是,它们显然也太小看了这个人类。 Sees only the golden light to depart from the Cheng Yu's body together, then that golden light increases instantaneously, was hit toward these profound hot wolves directly. 只见一道金光从程宇的身体之中飞出,然后那金光瞬间变大,更是直接朝着这些玄火狼撞了过去。 Bang bang bang! 砰砰砰! One flock of profound hot wolves were exuded golden ray Immortals and Demons Pagoda hitting by this, immediately was then hit to fly. 一群玄火狼被这泛着金色光芒的仙魔塔给撞了正着,当即便被撞飞出去。 However that Immortals and Demons Pagoda does not pursue this flock of profound hot wolves, but keeps the front of model/pattern elder. 但是那仙魔塔也并不追击这群玄火狼,而是留在范长老的面前。 model/pattern Elder looks at front Immortals and Demons Pagoda, at heart is also excited, to the Young Master method is to admire. 范长老看着面前的仙魔塔,心里也是激动不已,对少爷的手段更是佩服不已。 Young Master is really Young Master, even so, still prepared the subsequent hand early, was really makes one admire!” In model/pattern Elder heart wants to say. 少爷果然是少爷,就算是如此,也早都准备了后手,真是太令人佩服了!”范长老心中想道。 Then, these profound hot wolves also want to attack model/pattern elder again, when these profound hot wolves approach each time, this Immortals and Demons Pagoda will soar, then sends out the dazzling golden light. 接下来,那些玄火狼还想要再攻击范长老,但是当这些玄火狼每次一靠近的时候,这仙魔塔就会腾空而起,然后发出耀眼的金光。 Sees this situation, these profound hot wolves dispersed all of a sudden, encircled -and-a-half arcs Immortals and Demons Pagoda. 见此情况,这些玄火狼一下子就散开了,将仙魔塔围成了一个半弧形。 They do not dare extremely to approach, merely is unceasing several steps conduct certain probe forward. 只是它们也不敢太过靠近,仅仅是不断的向前几步进行一定的试探。 However who moves, that Immortals and Demons Pagoda approaches to whom, these profound hot wolves will return in the future several steps, obviously is to this Immortals and Demons Pagoda dreading. 但是谁一动,那仙魔塔就向谁靠近一点,这些玄火狼又往后退回几步,显然是对这仙魔塔十分的忌惮。 Whiz! 嗖! At this moment, an profound hot wolf wants to overrun from one side suddenly directly, attacks model/pattern elder. 就在这时,一只玄火狼突然想要直接从一侧冲过去,去袭击范长老。 Bang! 轰! But sees only that Immortals and Demons Pagoda to project together the purple thunder suddenly, shoots down this profound hot wolf unexpectedly directly in the place. 可是只见那仙魔塔突然射出一道紫雷,竟是将这玄火狼直接就击落在地。 When model/pattern Elder looks to this profound hot wolf, immediately deeply attracts an cold air/Qi. Seeing only this profound hot wolf at this time is the whole body burned black, dying cannot die again. 当范长老看向这只玄火狼时,顿时深吸一口冷气。只见这只玄火狼此时已经是全身焦黑,死的不能再死了。 However after this profound hot wolf dies, its corpse changes into the nihility unexpectedly instantaneously, dissipated directly. 不过就在这只玄火狼死后,它的尸体竟然瞬间就化为虚无,直接就消散了。 Sees this situation, other these profound hot wolves were also frightened obviously, immediately all retreats backward, but they have not run away directly. 见此情况,其它那些玄火狼显然也被吓到了,顿时全部向后退去,不过它们也并没有直接逃走。 ! 嗷呜! These profound hot wolves angry roar completely, saw that another side is pushing the giant stone upward Cheng Yu, suddenly these profound hot wolves transformed the direction completely, threw toward Cheng Yu. 这些玄火狼满是怒吼,看到另外一边正在往上推起巨石的程宇,突然这些玄火狼全部转变了方向,朝着程宇扑了过去。 Rumbling! 轰轰轰! However Immortals and Demons Pagoda projects several purple thunder suddenly continuously, each purple thunder hit an profound hot wolf. 但是仙魔塔突然连续射出数道紫雷,每一道紫雷都击中了一只玄火狼。 Result these profound hot wolves were only of unreliable the fate hot wolf to be the same with former that the burned black corpse dissipated in the main hall quickly. 结果这些玄火狼与之前那只玄火狼的下场一样,焦黑的尸体很快就在大殿之中消散了。 This......” model/pattern Elder noticed that Immortals and Demons Pagoda really also has such terrifying one, immediately to Young Master the Magical Treasure is surprised. “这......”范长老看到仙魔塔竟然还有这么恐怖的一幕,顿时对少爷的这件法宝更是惊奇不已。 He really thinks that does not understand how Young Master obtains such Magical Treasure, this Magical Treasure was too powerful is too terrifying. 他实在是想不明白少爷是怎么得到这样一件法宝的,这法宝真的是太强大太恐怖了。 Moreover from the response of this Magical Treasure, it has the complete soul obviously. 而且从这法宝的反应来看,显然它是拥有完整的器魂的。 If not this, how it possibly so attacks freely. If totally depends on a Young Master person, that Young Master strength was too strong. 如果不是这样,它怎么可能如此攻击自如。要是完全靠少爷一个人的话,那少爷的实力就太强了。 However he favors in this Magical Treasure has the complete soul. 不过他还是更加倾向于这法宝之中存在着完整的器魂。 The Immortals and Demons Pagoda terrifying also noticed by others and beasts, saw this situation, these also wanted to sneak attack model/pattern elder and Cheng Yu's person and beast also gave up this abacus. 仙魔塔的恐怖也被其他的人与兽都注意到了,见此情况,原本那些也想要偷袭范长老和程宇的人与兽也都放弃了这个算盘。 As the matter stands, Feng elder and pressures of Yang Elder two people were big. 只是这样一来,冯长老和杨长老两个人的压力就大了。 All enemy level roads well up, but on gathers round two people, but two people of strengths are also placed there, the numbers of these enemies are truly many, the strength is also strong enough. 所有的敌人平路一涌而上围着二人,不过二人的实力也摆在那里,这些敌人的数量确实多,实力也够强。 However they under coordination with each other, is not weak. Although the number of enemy are many, poured also to insist. 但是他们二人在互相配合之下,也并不弱。所以虽然敌人的数量多,倒也坚持下来了。 Moreover, they every make a move one time, always several beasts or several people were cut to kill. Can see their strengths is very powerful. 而且,他们每一次出手,总有几只兽或者几个人被斩杀的。可以看出他们二人的实力还是很强大的。 So long as can stay this condition, they basically can achieve the success of this war. 只要能够保持住这种状态,那他们二人基本上是可以获得这场大战的胜利的。 However, at this time above stone wall also continuous has the new person and beast walks from above, this also created the enormous pressure on two people. 不过,此时石壁之上还源源不断的有新的人与兽从上面走出来,这也是给二人带来了极大的压力的。 After all you kills, that side actually continuous increase, this one minus one increases has not made their pressures change is small, instead makes their pressures increase. 毕竟你这边杀,那边却又源源不断的增加,这一减一增并没有让他们的压力变小,反而让他们的压力大增。 As cultivator, their energy will have the time of consuming sooner or later. 作为一个修士,他们的精力早晚会有消耗一空的时候。 If they when oneself are unable to fight exhaustedly again has not massacred these enemies completely, they want to achieve this success, that may not be that simple matter. 如果他们在自己疲惫无法再战之际还没有将这些敌人全部杀掉的话,那他们想要获得这场胜利,那可就不是那么简单的事情了。 Moreover now model/pattern Elder was stranded, but Young Master is still finding the way to untie the stone-lock dumbbell for model/pattern elder. 而且现在范长老被困,而少爷还在想办法为范长老解开石锁。 Therefore now they cannot help them, they can only depend upon oneself strength to beat them. 所以现在他们都帮不了他们二人,他们只能依靠自己的实力去击败他们。 Before Young Master did not make them make a move, but they actually wanted themselves to go to battle. Now Young Master gives them the opportunity of fight, they are not naturally willing to admit defeat with ease. 之前少爷不让他们出手,可是他们却偏偏想要自己出战。现在少爷把战斗的机会让给他们,他们自然也不肯轻松认输。 Sees only them to murder decisively, does not have any hesitation, so long as they have the opportunity, will not let to absolutely again the person and beast are living again. 只见他们杀伐果断,没有任何的犹豫,只要他们有机会,就绝对不会再让冲上来的人与兽再活着回去。 A beast dissipates in this main hall, people have the dissipation unceasingly, however fight of both sides still very intense. 一只一只的兽在这大殿消散,一个一个的人也不断的有消散,但是双方的战斗仍然十分的激烈。 At this time, that giant stone has takeoffed two zhang (3.33 m), but the Cheng Yu both legs are even hanging, effort pushes upward. 此时,那块巨石早已经离地两丈有余,而程宇甚至双腿已经悬空,用力的往上推去。 Under his powerful strength promotes, giant stone unceasing movement upward. 在他强大的力量推动下,巨石不断的往上移动。 The altitude of entire main hall probably about five zhang (3.33 m), therefore Cheng Yu , to drive back this giant stone to the original position, at least also needs to promote three zhang (3.33 m). 整个大殿的高度大概在五丈左右,所以程宇要想将这巨石推回到原来的位置,至少还需要推动三丈有余。 Although the Cheng Yu's strength is very strong, but wants to promote this giant stone is not easy, because this and is not only only a weight of giant stone. 虽然程宇的力量很强大,可是想要推动这巨石却并不容易,因为这并不仅仅只是一块巨石的重量。 If really is so big a giant stone, by their present strengths, let alone was Cheng Yu, Feng elder their anyone can easily promote. 若真的只是这么大一块巨石,以他们这些人现在的实力,别说是程宇了,就连冯长老他们任何一个人都能够轻易推动。 But this giant stone strikes and does not strike rottenly, such a giant stone actually even/including Von elder they cannot lift, this showed sufficiently this is not together the simple giant stone, in this definitely has the profound and abstruse principles. 可是这巨石击又击不烂,这么一块巨石却连冯长老他们根本都举不起来,这足以证明这并不是一块简单的巨石,这里面肯定是另有玄机的。 Cheng Yu did not determine that after this giant stone pushes, this stone-lock dumbbell whether can open. However he truly does not have a better way, the mechanism/organization of stone-lock dumbbell not to find now. 程宇也不确定将这块巨石推回去之后,这石锁是否能够打开。但是他现在也确实没有更好的办法,石锁的机关没有找到。 However attacked the stone-lock dumbbell chain-reaction that from him a moment ago has, he feels between this giant stone and stone-lock dumbbell, even if not the relations of unlocking, still has certainly other relations, therefore can only first try. 但是从他刚才去攻击石锁时所产生的连锁反应,他觉得这块巨石与石锁之间就算不是解锁的关系,也肯定存在着其他的关系,所以只能先试一试了。 Three zhang (3.33 m)...... 三丈...... Two zhang (3.33 m)...... 两丈...... One zhang (3.33 m)...... 一丈...... Under Cheng Yu's insists, this giant stone was getting more and more near to the original position, now is only left over less than one zhang (3.33 m). 程宇的坚持下,这巨石离原来的位置越来越近了,现在只剩下一丈不到。 Three chi (0.33 m)...... 三尺...... Two chi (0.33 m)...... 两尺...... One foot...... 一尺...... Is only a giant stone, but makes Cheng Yu consume greatly, the whole body is the sweat, particularly above the forehead, is the streaming with sweat. 仅仅只是一块巨石,但是却让程宇消耗巨大,浑身都是汗水,尤其是额头之上,更是汗如雨下。 ! 啊! Cheng Yu angrily roars, the powerful strength gushes out again, the giant stone was pushed suddenly all of a sudden upward by Cheng Yu. 程宇一声怒吼,强大的力量再次涌出,巨石突然一下子就被程宇往上推去。 Bang! 轰! In Cheng Yu's unceasingly diligently, finally this giant stone return to original state homing, the crown in bottom surface and surroundings of giant stone was equally orthogonal. 程宇的不断努力之下,终于这块巨石还原归位了,巨石的底面与周围的顶部一样平齐。 ! 咔嚓! Also at this time, the model/pattern elder stone-lock dumbbell of also sent out a resounding suddenly, retracted to the throne in unexpectedly directly. 也就是在这个时候,范长老身上的石锁突然也发出一声脆响,竟是直接就缩回到王座里面去了。 Untied to understand! Young Master, I came out!” model/pattern elder's response but actually also quick, saw that the stone-lock dumbbell starts, first jumped. “解开了解开了!少爷,我出来了!”范长老的反应倒也快,看到石锁一开,第一时间就蹦了起来。 Has saying that this throne truly brought the enormous shadow to him, he was does not want to sit above this throne. 不得不说这王座确实给他带来了极大的阴影,他是一刻也不想坐在这王座之上了。 At this moment retrieval freedom, more is felt that free precious, unexpectedly is somewhat excited. 这一刻重获自由,也越是感觉到自由的珍贵,竟是有些激动。 Really it is the mechanism/organization of stone-lock dumbbell!” Cheng Yu falls gently in the place, saw that model/pattern elder was all right, relaxes finally. “果然它就是石锁的机关!”程宇飘落在地,看到范长老没事了,也总算是松了一口气。 If they could not find to untie the mechanism/organization of stone-lock dumbbell continuously, they are impossible to throw down model/pattern elder to leave here directly. 若是他们一直找不到解开石锁的机关,那他们也不可能丢下范长老直接离开这里。 Is good because of his guess is really right, untied the stone-lock dumbbell, that was equal to all of a sudden were many two combatants to come. 好在他的猜测果然是对的,解开了石锁,那一下子又等于多出两个战斗人员来了。 Young Master, was really thanks you!” model/pattern elder all excited saying. 少爷,真是太感谢你了!”范长老无不激动的说道。 Looks that Young Master sweat has soaked the clothes robe, on the face is the sweat, in the heart is also is also moved completely. 看着少爷身上的汗水早已浸透了衣袍,脸上也全部都是汗水,心中也是感动不已。 Young Master strength strong, even if he cannot understand completely, but can still understand 60%-70%. 少爷的实力有多强,他即便不能了解全部,但也能够了解60%-70%。 But even the Young Master strength such powerful person, was made into this appearance by this giant stone unexpectedly, obviously this giant stone is not very truly simple. 可是就算是少爷实力这么强大的人,竟然被这块巨石弄成这个样子,可见这巨石确实很不简单。 He also somewhat rejoiced Young Master that oneself follow truly is not an average person, if changed anyone, he might forever trapped/sleepy here, cultivates like these souls. 他也有些庆幸自己追随的少爷确实不是普通人,若是换了任何一个人,他或许都要永远的困在这里了,就像那些魂修一样。 Is all right well, now you help them, if their two people, have not known when must project on!” Cheng Yu was saying to model/pattern Elder. “没事就好,现在你去帮帮他们吧,要是他们两个人,还不知道要打到什么时候!”程宇对着范长老说道。 To him, these people, although is only own accompanying. However Cheng Yu will not always give up own companion, this is also his bottom line. 对于他来说,这些人虽然只是自己的随从。但是程宇从来都不会放弃自己的同伴,这也是他的底线。 Let alone this is not the desperate circumstances, saves model/pattern Elder, although had some troubles, but at all is not what important matter. 更何况这也并不是什么令人绝望的境遇,把范长老救出来虽然费了一些周折,但根本不算什么大事。 Good!” model/pattern Elder also knows Young Master to save him came out also to be definitely tired. “好!”范长老也知道少爷为了救他出来肯定也累了。 Now the remaining these enemies naturally also can only give them. 现在剩下的这些敌人自然也就只能交给他们三个人了。 Whiz! 嗖! Although he a moment ago has been stranded, but has saying that he was equal to is completely resting, therefore now on his energy is most abundant. 他刚才虽然一直被困,可是不得不说,他完全等于是在休息,所以现在就他的精力是最充沛的。 Now he retrievals the freedom, enters the water like the fish, fights intent thickly not to compare the Feng elder from the beginning they to be weak. 现在他重获自由,就像鱼儿入水,战意之浓不比一开始的冯长老他们弱。 I help you!” model/pattern Elder shouted. “我来帮帮你们!”范长老喝道。 „Did you come out?” Two people noticed that model/pattern elder joins the war, is pleasantly surprised. “你出来了?”两人看到范长老加入战局,也是惊喜不已。 Was lucky Young Master helps people overcome their difficulties to me!” model/pattern Chang Boss said with a smile, a sword delimited, enemy who immediately repelled three approaches. “多亏了少爷给我解困!”范长老大笑道,一剑划出,顿时击退三个迎上来的敌人。 Good, these fellows, although the strength is not specially strong, but is not weaker than us, but also is really hard to deal with very much, you came us more relaxed!” Feng elder is also joyful saying. “太好了,这些家伙虽然实力不是特别强,但是也并不比我们弱,还真的是难缠的很,你一来我们就轻松多了!”冯长老也是欣喜不已的说道。 Although talked big in front of Young Master before, but he fought was so long, somewhat was truly exhausted. 虽然之前在少爷面前说了大话,但是他战斗了这么久,确实也有些疲惫了。 Now are many a battle efficiency, naturally made him more relaxed! 现在多了一个战斗力,当然让他轻松多了!
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