GS :: Volume #7 东洲海外

#4574: Was this buried treasure?

God level student entering in midterm()” “神级插班生()” Had joining of model/pattern elder, their three old friends fought to be smoother immediately. 有了范长老的加入,他们三个老友顿时战斗起来就顺畅多了。 After all three people are acquainted are so long, coordination between three people must tacit understanding, therefore killed the enemy also to want rapid many. 毕竟三人相识这么久,三个人之间的配合也要更加的默契,所以杀起敌来也要迅速的多了。 Naturally, what is main is because the picture in stone wall the new enemy has not appeared. Without the enemy supplement, according to their present speeds kills, this fight will win eventually. 当然,最主要的还是因为石壁上的画已经没有新的敌人出现了。没有了敌人补充,按照他们现在的速度杀下去,这场战斗终究是会获得胜利的。 Cheng Yu saw the living war that these three people can definitely control, pours does not plan to lend a hand to assist. 程宇见到这三个人完全能够控制的住战局,倒也并不打算出手相助。 Compares in makes war with these enemies, obviously pushing instead must consume that giant stone are more. 相较于跟这些敌人开战,显然将那块巨石给推上去反而要更加消耗的多一些。 Arrived Cheng Yu this boundary, rarely will in fact have had the so sweat profusely situation, but this Cheng Yu actually entire by sweat soaking thoroughly, this was really very rare situation. 到了程宇这个境界,实际上已经很少会出现如此大汗淋漓的情况了,但是这一次程宇却整个身上都被汗水给浸泡透了,这真的是非常少见的情况了。 This main hall seems like that was not different from the former main hall, but now looks like, in this had the mystery greatly. “这个大殿看似与之前的大殿没什么两样,但是现在看来,这里面却是大有玄机。 Moreover here master estimate makes here layout will be similar, the person who with below that main hall let will easily be swindled very much, but also really calculated completely the plans! ” Cheng Yu observes the situation this main hall again, where wants to look for the new channel. 而且这里的主人估计将这里的布局弄的跟下面那个大殿差不多,让进来的人很轻易就会上当,还真是算尽心机啊!”程宇再次环视这个大殿,想要找找新的通道到底在哪里。 However, now he had known, this main hall is seemingly simple, but cannot be negligent. 不过,现在他已经知道了,这个大殿看似简单,但是千万不能再大意了。 Is clearly opposite with the main hall below, here layout is simple, more is proves in this mechanism/organization numerous. 与下面的大殿截然相反,这里的布局越是简单,就越是证明这里面机关重重。 Looked for quite a while not to find what clue, the fellow who several did not enlarge ones vision on the contrary hit his idea, the result with ease cutting to kill by him. 找了半天也没有找到什么线索,反倒是有几个不开眼的家伙打起了他的主意,结果轻轻松松就被他给斩杀了。 Cheng Yu beyond fighting the circle looks at three people of fights with these enemies, in the ordinary circumstances he will not act, if some people or the beasts were struck his side, he will act its solution. 程宇在战圈之外看着三人与这些敌人的战斗,一般情况下他都不会出手,若是有些人或者兽被击到了他的身边,他才会出手将其解决。 Then, the enemy in main hall gradually by three people killing was similar. 就这样,大殿内的敌人渐渐的都被三人杀的差不多了。 Three people of fierce battles are dripping, perhaps truly is because suppresses was too long, has not displayed the strength in front of Cheng Yu's the leeway, now only then their three people fight, everyone kills unusual satisfies a craving happily. 三人酣战淋漓,或许确实是因为憋的太久了,在程宇的面前没有发挥实力的余地,现在只有他们三个人战斗,每个人都杀的非常痛快过瘾。 ! 咔嚓! After three people the last enemy will cut kills, suddenly in the right side of main hall presented a new channel. 就在三人将最后一个敌人斩杀之后,突然在大殿的右侧出现了一条新的通道。 This to a on channel?” Three people have not come and shares the joy after happy war, never expected that another pleasant surprise has appeared in their front. “这就是通往上一层的通道?”三人还没来的及去分享痛快大战之后的喜悦,没有想到另外一个惊喜又已经出现在他们的面前了。 Has not thought that these enemies unexpectedly are the mechanisms/organizations of channel? If not they runs, we feared that is how not to find the mechanism/organization of this channel!” Yang Elder also pleasantly surprised saying. “没有想到这些敌人竟然是通道的机关?如果不是他们自己跑出来,我们怕是怎么都不会找到这通道的机关吧!”杨长老也惊喜的说道。 Let alone was they, story rich Cheng Yu has not thought that this channel opened unexpectedly. 别说是他们了,就连阅历丰富的程宇也没有想到这通道竟然就这么打开了。 This comes, these channels are depend upon the mechanism/organization to start, but without thinking of this mechanism/organization design is the people and beasts in these pictures. 这一路过来,这些通道都是依靠机关开起的,但是没有想到这一次的机关设计就是这些画中的人与兽。 Manages so many make anything, so long as can find the channel, that is the best result.” Feng Elder said with a smile. “管那么多做什么,只要能找到通道,那就是最好的结果。”冯长老笑着说道。 Although was somewhat tired, but experienced a full war finally fruitfully, obtained huge satisfaction at heart. 虽然有些累了,但是终于如愿以偿的经历了一场酣畅淋漓的大战,心里却是得到了巨大的满足。 At least also made them prove itself in the Young Master front, they were not totally the useless people, but they lacked such an opportunity. 至少也让他们在少爷的面前证明了自己,他们也并不是完全没用的人,只是他们缺少这样一个机会而已。 Although they also acknowledged that their strengths are unable to compare with Young Master, but among the world expert like Young Master after all is only a few. 尽管他们也承认他们自己的实力无法与少爷相比,但是天下间像少爷这样的强者毕竟只是少数。 They cannot achieve the matter that Young Master handles, but they are some lot can do, for example they are completely capable of solving these enemies, but does not use is Young Master acts each time personally. 他们做不到少爷做的事情,可是他们还是有很多事情可以做的,就比如他们完全有能力解决掉这些敌人,而不用每次都是少爷亲自出手。 But we just experience a war now, should we first rest one to enter the channel comparison security again?” Yang Elder proposed. “可是我们现在刚刚才经历了一场大战,我们是不是应该先休息一会再进入通道比较安全呢?”杨长老提议道。 Now they deep experience this palace mysterious and dangerous, it can be said that everywhere was the trap mechanisms/organizations. 现在他们已经深深的体会到这座宫殿的神秘和危险了,可以说是处处都是陷阱机关。 If they are less careful, may fall into another trap very much, like beforehand model/pattern Elder. 如果他们不小心一些,很有可能又掉进另外一个陷阱之中,就像之前的范长老一样。 They altogether on four people, although Cheng Yu has not participated in the fight, for the elder unties the stone-lock dumbbell to model/pattern, obviously is also exhausted. 他们一共就四个人,虽然程宇并没有参与战斗,但是为了给范长老解开石锁,显然也已经是疲惫了。 But their three people just experienced such a war, killed so many experts, consuming not so-called is not big. 而他们三个人刚刚经历了这么一场大战,杀了这么多的高手,消耗不所谓不大。 If they enter in this unknown channel now, if in really has the trap and ambush of what danger, they may very be passive are very dangerous. 若是他们现在就进入这条未知的通道之中,万一若是里面真有什么危险的陷阱和埋伏,那他们可就很被动很危险了。 What to do but if does this channel close that? We may not have the means to make the things in these pictures come out again one time!” Saying that model/pattern elder is somewhat worried about. “可是万一这通道又关闭那怎么办?我们可没有办法让那些画中的东西再出来一次!”范长老有些担心的说道。 Now among four people, perhaps energy most abundant was he. 现在四个人当中,或许精力最为充沛的就是他了。 After all he has been stranded before , in stone-lock dumbbell and no consumption, although behind also participated in the fight, however the time of fight is not long. 毕竟他之前一直被困在石锁之中的时候并没有什么消耗,虽然后面也参与了战斗,但是战斗的时间并不长。 By the words of his condition, he thought that now enters the channel not to have the issue. 以他个人的状态的话,他觉得现在进入通道是没有问题的。 But he also knows, now other three people somewhat are exhausted, enters a strange place rashly, this is truly dangerous. 可是他也知道,现在其他三个人都有些疲惫,冒然进入一个陌生的地方,这确实很危险。 If possible, he also hopes that can first rest here a meeting. 如果可以的话,他也还是希望能够在这里先休息一会。 But only he is worried is this channel does not know how long time will present, if they rest here, but also without going, this channel closed, do they open it again? 但他唯一担心的就是这条通道不知道会出现多久的时间,万一他们在这里休息,还没有进去,这条通道就关闭了,那他们又怎么再把它打开呢? They to the present do not understand the person and beast that marks how come out, therefore they, even if knows must marking the person and beast massacre can open the channel, but they actually could not achieve. 他们到现在也不明白那画上的人与兽到底是怎么出来的,所以他们就算知道要把画上的人与兽都杀掉就可以重新打开通道,但他们却根本就做不到了。 Or do we enter to the channel in rest?” Feng Elder thinks to say. “要不我们进入到通道内休息?”冯长老想了想说道。 This feared that was too dangerous? What trap if inside does have?” Yang Elder said. “这怕是太危险了吧?万一里面有什么陷阱呢?”杨长老说道。 Young Master, you thought that we do enter now do not enter?” model/pattern Elder looks at Cheng Yu to ask. 少爷,你觉得我们现在进还是不进呢?”范长老看着程宇问道。 Your present conditions how? If inside really has the trap, you also do have the energy to deal with?” Cheng Yu asked. “你们现在状态如何?如果里面真有陷阱,你们还有精力应付吗?”程宇问道。 I do not have the issue, is their consumptions somewhat is big!” model/pattern Elder points at Yang Chang second child person to say. “我是没有问题,就是他们两个的消耗有些大!”范长老指着杨长老二人说道。 Living that Young Master, we also support!” Feng Elder said. 少爷,我们也撑的住!”冯长老说道。 This is not jokes, if your real being able to endure, spoke frankly, I can make you first treat to Immortals and Demons Pagoda, this will be very safe.” Cheng Yu was saying to three people. “这不是闹着玩的,如果你们真的挺不住的话,就直说,我可以让你们先待到仙魔塔里面去,这样会很安全。”程宇对着三人说道。 Young Master, you? I thought before you , is also very tired!” model/pattern Elder asked. 少爷,那你呢?我看你之前也挺累的!”范长老问道。 Although gave you to solve that stone-lock dumbbell truly to use a big effort, but this consumption was also not enough to shake my basis.” Cheng Yu beckons with the hand indifferent saying. “虽然给你解那石锁确实费了不小的劲,但是这点消耗还不足以动摇我的根本。”程宇摆摆手无所谓的说道。 If his such strength, possibly arrives at now this level what's the big deal, does not have long known that died many times. 若他就这么点实力,那又怎么可能走到如今这个层次,早就不知道死多少次了。 Young Master, we can also insist, this consumption to us is not anything!” Feng Elder said. 少爷,我们还能坚持,这点消耗对我们也不算什么!”冯长老说道。 Since you can insist that goes in me together, first drinks this!” Cheng Yu does not compel them to treat to Immortals and Demons Pagoda, but gives their three people to eject small pill bottle. “既然你们能坚持,那就跟着我一起进去吧,先把这个喝下去!”程宇也不逼他们一定要待到仙魔塔里面去,只是给他们三人一人抛出一个小丹瓶 Young Master, what is this?” Three people received the small bottle to stare. 少爷,这是什么?”三人接过小瓶一愣。 Naturally is the good thing, can make you quickly get back!” Cheng Yu said. “自然是好东西,可以让你们迅速恢复过来!”程宇说道。 Three people turn on the stopper, inside is the colorless liquid, smelling can feel that inside Spiritual Qi very abundant, this makes them very surprised. 三人打开瓶塞,里面都是无色的液体,闻一闻能够感觉到里面的灵气非常的充沛,这让他们很是惊讶。 Although does not know that these liquids are what things, but they know that Young Master will not harm them. 虽然不知道这些液体到底是什么东西,但是他们知道少爷不会害他们。 This thing is really fierce, I felt own exhausted vanished instantaneously most, the energy quickly is also restoring!” to get into the stomach the liquid, three people immediately at present one bright, this is really the good thing. “这东西真是厉害啊,我感觉自己的疲惫瞬间就消失大半了,精力也在迅速恢复!”将液体喝下肚,三人顿时眼前一亮,这真是好东西啊。 Otherwise you think that I do give you am the toxicant?” Cheng Yu said. “要不然你们难道以为我给你们的是毒药吗?”程宇说道。 Haha, how is that possible?” Three people said with a smile. “哈哈,那怎么可能呢?”三人笑着说道。 Young Master, this is anything, this may really be the good thing. Had this thing, the fight time wants useful many compared with these Medicinal Pill(s)!” Feng Elder cannot bear curious asking. 少爷,这到底是什么东西,这可真是好东西啊。有了这东西,战斗的时候比那些丹药都要有用的多!”冯长老还是忍不住好奇的问道。 Although Medicinal Pill(s) also has to make them get back, but the time was too long. 丹药虽然也有能够让他们恢复过来,但是时间却太久了。 But this thing on quick were many, they just drank, can the obvious feeling own restoration be quick, at least the external fatigue reduced half immediately. 可这东西就快的多了,他们才刚刚喝下去,就能够明显的感觉到自己的恢复非常快,起码外在的疲惫感当即就消减了一半。 You, so long as knows that this was the good thing to be good, now enters the channel with me together!” Cheng Yu does not want to go to explain that with them too many Spirit Water are he very important secrets, if Spirit Water exposed, that also exposed together with God Tree together. “你们只要知道这是好东西就行了,现在跟我一起进入通道吧!”程宇也不想去跟他们解释太多神水是他非常重要的秘密,如果神水暴露了,那岂不是连同神树也一起暴露了。 Although most people estimated that does not know God Tree is anything, but God Tree matter, so long as passed on, would passing to the ears of some people with high aspirations. 虽然大部分人估计都不会知道神树是什么,可是神树的事情只要传了出来,总会传到一些有心人的耳朵里。 Therefore the multi- incident is inferior to few incident, if for everyone's safety, he will not take this type of thing. 所以多一事不如少一事,如果不是为了大家的安全,他是不会把这种东西拿出来的。 Before does not know, now knew, something were not suitable to make an appearance again. 以前不知道,现在知道了,有些东西就不适合再露面了。 Although three people are very at heart curious to this liquid, but Young Master not agrees said that they do not have the means. However they thought Young Master also was really mysterious, does not know that he is also hiding many methods. 三人虽然心里对这液体很好奇,可是少爷不肯说他们也没有办法。不过他们只是觉得少爷也真是太神秘了,也不知道他还藏着多少手段。 Cheng Yu guides in front, three people still cautious following on the heels. 程宇在前面带路,三人仍然小心翼翼的跟在后面。 Although such channel everyone had walked several times, but they enter in this channel to feel very anxious each time. 虽然这样的通道大家已经走了好几次了,可是他们每次走进这通道之中都会觉得非常的紧张。 No one knows that in this whether safe, particularly they met so many traps after this palace, is careful. 谁也不知道这里面是否安全,尤其是他们在这宫殿里面遇到了这么多的陷阱之后,更是小心谨慎。 Because they know, so long as has a general idea/careless, has the possibility to put in order what trick again. 因为他们知道只要有一丝的大意,都有可能再整出什么幺蛾子来。 This time channel is longer, moreover this channel obviously circles time is walking upward, does not know how long, saw another main hall finally. 这一次的通道更长,而且这一次的通道明显是盘旋着往上走的,也不知道走了多久,终于又看到了另外一个大殿。 When this time they stand when the entrance place again, they are actually the shocking dumbfoundedness. 只是这一次当他们再次站在通道入口处时,他们却是震惊的目瞪口呆。 This...... was here the treasure house that we must look for?” The voice of Feng elder somewhat trembles to say. “这......这里难道就是我们要找的宝库了?”冯长老的声音都有些发颤道。 Originally in this main hall, is placing some racks and boxes unexpectedly, on the rack is placing many goods, for example Magical Treasure and so on. Moreover in the main hall is also suspending ore one after another and so on. 原来在这个大殿里面,竟然摆放着一些架子和箱子,架子上摆放着许多的物品,比如法宝之类的。另外大殿内还摆着一堆一堆的矿石之类的。
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