GS :: Volume #7 东洲海外

#4572: Is it the mechanism/organization?

God level student entering in midterm()” “神级插班生()” Cheng Yu's Exquisite Cauldron solid withstood that giant stone, did not have the fetter of giant stone, Feng elder their finally retrieval freedom. 程宇的玲珑鼎结结实实的顶住了那块巨石,没有了巨石的束缚,冯长老他们终于重获自由了。 Felt after the heavy burden that puts down, the whole person was comfortably relaxed are too many. 感觉到身上卸下的重担之后,整个人都轻松自在太多了。 Has a look at these people again the beast anything, did not have the least bit fear and anxious. On the contrary, they somewhat are excited at this time. 再看看这些人啊兽啊什么的,也就没有半点害怕和紧张了。相反,他们此时还有些兴奋。 In this empty palace, can make them meet some souls to cultivate/repair is is not very easy. 在这座空荡的宫殿之中,能够让他们遇到一些魂修就已经是很不容易了。 Finally now the picture in stone wall turns into the living creature completely, this may be interesting, happen to lets their activity physique well. 结果现在石壁上的画全部都变成了活物,这可就有意思了,正好让他们好好的活动活动筋骨。 You protect model/pattern elder!” But when Feng Elder prepares to go all out one, Cheng Yu was actually the opens the mouth. “你们保护好范长老!”可是就在冯长老准备大干一场的时候,程宇却是开口了。 Young Master, do you take a person to cope with them?” Feng elder stares, obviously is unsatisfied about the decision of Young Master. 少爷,你要一个人对付他们?”冯长老一愣,显然对少爷的这个决定并不满意。 Now the safety of model/pattern elder is most important, they come in large numbers, if our three people make a move together, they will definitely find the way to attack model/pattern elder.” Cheng Yu answered. “现在范长老的安危才是最重要的,他们人数众多,若是我们三个人一起出手,他们肯定会想办法攻击范长老的。”程宇解释道。 This, does not need both of us to defend model/pattern elder even, I kill the enemy with Young Master together, is a Yang Elder person defending model/pattern elder?” Feng Elder thinks to say. “可是就算这样,也不用我们两人都守着范长老吧,要不,我跟少爷一起杀敌,杨长老一个人守着范长老?”冯长老想了想说道。 He wants happy war in any case now, because suppressed in this palace was so long, he really felt own some were too aggrieved. 反正他现在就想要痛痛快快的大战一场,因为在这座宫殿里面憋了这么久,他实在是觉得自己有些太憋屈了。 In various traps facing this, they also somewhat seem hard to deal, but these souls that presents cultivate/repair, their strengths also slightly seem low plan. 面对这里面的各种陷阱,他们似乎也是有些难以应对,而出现的那些魂修,他们的实力似乎也略低一筹。 Now runs into one group of enemies with great difficulty, the strengths of these people seem like are not very finally strong, now Young Master does not make him make a move, this feeling was really uncomfortable. 如今好不容易遇到了一群敌人,这些人的实力总算看起来并不是很强,现在少爷却又不让他出手,这种感觉实在是太难受了。 He wants to look for a venting partner, without doubt these enemies were the best discouraged objects. 他想要找一个发泄的对象,无疑这些敌人是最好的泄气对象了。 General situation is heavy!” Cheng Yu only puts out four characters. “大局为重!”程宇只吐出四个字。 Although the character are few, but the meaning was very obvious, that is requests Feng Elder to continue to carry out his order. 字虽少,但是意思却很明显了,那就是要求冯长老继续执行他的命令。 But these enemies radically nothing to be afraid, both of us protect together, isn't that uses a talented person in an insignificant position?” Feng Elder said. “可是这些敌人根本就不足为惧,我们两个人一起保护,那不是大材小用吗?”冯长老说道。 Such being the case, you two cope with them, I protect model/pattern elder.” Cheng Yu said. “既然如此,那你们两个来对付他们,我来保护范长老。”程宇说道。 Really?” Feng elder is glad to do that actually very much, but he did not determine the words that Young Master spoke are really the false. “真的可以吗?”冯长老倒是很乐意这么做,但他不确定少爷所说的话是真是假。 Before meeting Cheng Yu, he feels by oneself strength, in this world, although must have the rival, but absolutely is the character of assuming sole responsibility for an important task. 在没有遇到程宇之前,他觉得以自己的实力,在这个世界上虽不能无敌手,但绝对是独当一面的人物。 But since met Cheng Yu, he discovered that the own original world crashed thoroughly. 可是自从遇到了程宇之后,他发现自己原本的世界就彻底的崩塌了。 Moreover followed Cheng Yu is so long, he discovered that oneself seemed to be getting more and more useless, he wants to prove itself through oneself strength. 而且跟随了程宇这么久,他发现自己似乎越来越没用了,他很想通过自己的实力证明自己。 They are Cheng Yu's accompany now, if they every met one time difficultly need Cheng Yu to intend to reduce and solve personally crossed, what significance their did accompany also has? 他们现在已经是程宇的随从了,如果他们每一次遇到困难都需要程宇亲自出手才能化解渡过,那他们这随从还有什么意义呢? Therefore he always wants to find the opportunity to show oneself strength, making Cheng Yu understand, weakness that their he has not actually imagined. 所以他总是想要找机会来展现自己的实力,让程宇明白,他们其实并没有他想象的那么弱。 Looks at these person and the beast, his heart does not have the half a point fear and timid, some endless war intent. 看着这些人与兽,他的心底没有半分害怕与胆怯,有的只有无尽的战意。 He needs the fight to show that own strength, obviously now the present these enemies are prove his strength well. 他需要战斗来证明自己的实力,显然现在眼前的这些敌人就是最好来证明他实力的了。 Naturally, so long as Yang Elder complies to battle with you together.” Cheng Yu said. “当然,只要杨长老答应与你一起作战的话。”程宇说道。 If Feng Elder wants to fight, I am willing to accompany you to fight side-by-side.” Yang Elder said. “如果冯长老想要战斗的话,我愿意陪你并肩作战。”杨长老说道。 In fact, although Yang Elder did not say, but his idea also somewhat is but actually close to Feng elder. After all they have not displayed many values to come in front of Cheng Yu's. 实际上,虽然杨长老心里不说,但是他心里的想法倒也跟冯长老有些相近。毕竟他们在程宇的面前并没有表现出过多的价值来。 As Crossing Tribulation Stage cultivator, they have oneself arrogance. 作为一个渡劫期修士,他们也有自己的傲气。 Such being the case, these fellows gave you completely, hopes that do not disappoint me.” Cheng Yu was saying then fell back on the side of model/pattern elder directly, gave Feng Chang second child person the battlefield. “既然如此,这些家伙就全部交给你们了,希望你们不要让我失望。”程宇说着便直接退到了范长老的身边,将战场交给了冯长老二人。 Young Master, can their two really deal with so many enemies?” model/pattern Elder looks at these enemies in main hall, 少爷,他们两个真的可以对付这么多敌人吗?”范长老看着大殿的那些敌人, Some worries. If Young Master acts, he definitely believes that these enemies cannot constitute anything to threaten to them. 不禁有些担心。如果是少爷出手,他肯定相信这些敌人不能给他们构成什么威胁。 However the words of Feng elder two people, he thought that this was very difficult to say. Underestimated two people actually not, exactly is because he was together the too long time with two people, has very deep understanding of the strengths of these two people. 但是冯长老两个人的话,他觉得这就很难说了。倒不是小看了两个人,恰恰是因为他跟两人相处了太久的时间,对这两个人的实力都有很深的了解。 These enemies seem like not strong, but he did not think that these fellows will be very weak. What is more important, here enemy are many, double fist difficult enemy four. 这些敌人看似不强,但是他并不觉得这些家伙就会很弱。更重要的是,这里的敌人很多,正所谓双拳难敌四手。 When faces so many enemies simultaneously, they coming that is not necessarily able to deal with. 在同时面对这么多敌人的时候,他们未必就能够应付的过来了。 They seem confident to themselves, moreover you should also be know the whole story, doesn't have the confidence to them?” Cheng Yu said with a smile. “他们对自己似乎很有信心,而且你们互相之间应该也是知根知底的,难道对他们两个这么没有信心吗?”程宇笑着说道。 Psychology that wants certainly to go to battle regarding Feng elder, he does not want is too many. However since he wants to fight, he is willing to help him. 对于冯长老一定想要出战的心理,他没有想太多。但是他既然想要战斗,那他愿意成全他。 Can beat so many enemies as for them, he is also very difficult to determine. However even if they really cannot beat these enemies, he does not care, after all he. 至于他们两个人到底能不能击败这么多的敌人,他也很难确定。不过就算他们真的不能将这些敌人击败,他也并不在乎,毕竟还有他在。 Even if they defeated, he can still replace them momentarily, massacres these enemies completely. He has not believed that cannot stand off these fellows relied on his strength unexpectedly. 即便他们战败了,他也随时可以接替他们,将这些敌人全部杀掉。他还不相信了,凭他的实力竟然也敌不过这些家伙。 I am because too understood them, will be worried for them!” model/pattern Elder said. “我就是因为太了解他们了,才会替他们担心!”范长老说道。 Don't worry, many do not know some own strong strengths. Although you knew about their two people very much, but you are actually not necessarily able to understand their complete strengths, we here well looks!” Cheng Yu said with a smile. “不用担心,很多人连自己都不知道自己到底有多强大的实力。虽然你对他们两人很了解,可是你却未必能够了解他们全部的实力,我们就在这里好好的看着吧!”程宇笑着说道。 Young Master, or you help me look for the mechanism/organization of this stone-lock dumbbell again, now this appearance lets me is really very uncomfortable!” model/pattern elder shook own body, by this stone-lock dumbbell card is really uncomfortable. 少爷,要不你帮我再找找这石锁的机关吧,现在这个样子让我实在是很难受啊!”范长老晃了晃自己的身体,被这石锁卡的实在是不舒服。 Naturally, what is more important, he is fettered now here, not only anything could not do, actually also wanted others to protect itself, this to him, was really pitiful. 当然,更重要的是,他现在被这么束缚在这里,不仅什么都做不了,却还要其他人来保护自己,这对于他来说,实在是太可悲了。 This I of looking have also looked, moreover this stone-lock dumbbell seems like not every thing, cannot break open it at my strength unexpectedly. Now so many enemies appear, where I can leave to you mechanism/organization of stone-lock dumbbell!” Cheng Yu shakes the head to say. “该找的我也找过了,而且这石锁看来也不是凡物,以我的力量竟然没能将它破开。现在又有这么多的敌人出现,我哪能离开去给你石锁的机关呢!”程宇摇摇头说道。 If possible, he does not certainly want to idle here. However without means that they only then three people, although subdued so many souls to cultivate/repair, but these souls cultivate/repair actually unable to put now, because also in this palace, once put them, they will backlash radically by the strength of that seal. 如果可以的话,他当然也不想闲在这里。但是没有办法,他们就只有三个人,虽然收服了那么多的魂修,但是这些魂修现在却不能放出来,因为还在这座宫殿里,一旦把他们放出来,那他们根本会被那封印的力量反噬掉的。 Therefore he can only defend model/pattern elder now temporarily. 所以他现在只能暂时守着范长老。 Looks nearby Exquisite Cauldron is supporting giant stone, because Exquisite Cauldron cannot alone become high, after changing high, naturally increased, therefore it cannot increase again. 看着旁边玲珑鼎撑着的巨石,因为玲珑鼎不能单独的变高,变高之后自然就变大了,所以它不能再变大了。 Because of big words, that model/pattern Elder pressing. 因为再大的话,那就把范长老给压到了。 However will be good because of present this altitude will not cause anything to affect to model/pattern elder, but this also truly will not be means. 不过好在现在这个高度倒也不会对范长老造成什么影响,只是这也确实不是一个办法。 Although the giant stone cannot press him now, but this stone-lock dumbbell, so long as is unable to untie, model/pattern elder must be stranded here. 虽然现在巨石压不到他,可是这石锁只要无法解开,那范长老就要一直被困在这里了。 That what to do? This thing cannot untie, I cannot be stranded forever here!” model/pattern elder somewhat painful saying. “那怎么办?这玩意解不开,我总不能永远被困在这里吧!”范长老有些痛苦的说道。 Whom can that blame? This tells you a truth, where regardless, cannot handle affairs negligently, now knew the regret!” Cheng Yu helpless saying. “那能怪谁?这就是告诉你一个道理,无论在什么地方,都不能大意行事,现在知道后悔了吧!”程宇无奈的说道。 My where will think of so many? Previous Feng Elder sits this throne time bewilderedly found the channel, I see the layout in this main hall to be similar to that main hall, moreover in this anything does not have, thinks that our luck are so good, can discover the channel with the similar way, who knows......” model/pattern Elder to mention this matter is also tears. “我哪里会想到这么多呢?上一次冯长老坐上这王座莫名其妙的就将通道找到了,我见这大殿内的布局跟那个大殿差不多,而且这里面什么也没有,以为我们的运气真有那么好,可以用同样的方式找出通道了,谁知......”范长老说起这事也是一把泪啊。 Who once thinks that such a simple behavior, actually gave itself the pit to be miserable finally. 谁曾想这么一个简单的行为,结果却是把自己给坑惨了。 Therefore anything cannot treat it lightly, here master is very intelligent, he design in this palace every step had the thoughts. “所以任何事情都不能掉以轻心,这里的主人很聪明,他在这宫殿中的设计的每一步都是动了心思的。 Even exactly the same main hall, will not have the similar design, let alone here is more similar to that main hall. 即便是一模一样的大殿,也不会有同样的设计,更何况这里只是跟那个大殿相似。 Let alone, if tests the intruder with the same trap, what significance that this test also does have? 更何况,如果都用同样的陷阱来考验闯入者,那这考验还有什么意义呢? He is knows that many test will have your such idea, therefore in same place establishment different traps. 他就是知道很多的考验者都会有你这样的想法,所以才会在同样的地方设置不同的陷阱。 You think that this is the outlet, perhaps waited for you only to be the death. 你以为这是出路,也许等着你的只会是死亡。 Although you are surrounded by the stone-lock dumbbell now, but in has not wanted your life well, you should be worth rejoicing! ” Cheng Yu to model/pattern Elder was saying what Young Master said that was I was too truly impulsive, if can be more careful at that time, perhaps this trap will not surround me! ” Has saying that the present model/pattern elder truly is the regret not side. 虽然你现在被石锁困住了,但是好在没有要你的命,你应该值得庆幸了!”程宇对着范长老说道少爷说的是,确实是我太冲动了,如果当时能够再小心一些,或许这个陷阱都不会困住我了!”不得不说,现在的范长老确实是已经是后悔的没边了。 However also had what means that trapped/sleepy has surrounded, can only look that Young Master they can find the means of untying the stone-lock dumbbell. 但是又有什么办法了,困都已经困住了,只能看少爷他们能不能找到解开石锁的办法了。 Now said that these are useless, I also really well studies this stone-lock dumbbell, I do not believe that this stone-lock dumbbell does not have the law of decoding!” Cheng Yu holds on to this stone-lock dumbbell again, then strikes with the elementary force in secret above this stone-lock dumbbell. “现在说这些已是无用,我还真得好好的研究研究这石锁,我不相信这石锁没有破解之法!”程宇再次把住这石锁,然后用元力暗中击在这石锁之上。 Snort! 哼! Only hears this stone-lock dumbbell to send out a dull thumping sound, but actually still cannot strike the stone-lock dumbbell. 只听到这石锁发出一声闷响,但是却仍然没能将石锁击开。 Ka! 咔! But at this time, that giant stone as if used the forcing suddenly downward, pressed that Exquisite Cauldron ka ka sound. 可是就在这个时候,那巨石似乎突然又往下用力压了,压的那玲珑鼎咔咔响。 Un?” Cheng Yu looked at the giant stone on Exquisite Cauldron, then struck above this stone-lock dumbbell with the elementary force again. “嗯?”程宇看了看玲珑鼎上的巨石,然后再一次用元力在这石锁之上击了一把。 Ka! 咔! Result giant stone is pressing Exquisite Cauldron downward. 结果这巨石又在往下压玲珑鼎 „Is this giant stone the decoding mechanism/organization of this stone-lock dumbbell?” Cheng Yu knits the brows to say. “难道这块巨石就是这石锁的破解机关?”程宇皱眉想道。 Lets loose the stone-lock dumbbell, arrives at Exquisite Cauldron under again, looks at the above this giant square stone column, he wants to push to have a look this giant stone. 放开石锁,再次来到玲珑鼎的下方,看着上方这块巨大的四方石柱,他想要将这巨石推上去看看。 Feng elder and Yang who Chang second child person then looked at with these enemy fierce battles, these enemies are also very as if difficult to defeat suddenly their, believes that for a short time should not need to act. 回头看了看正在与那些敌人酣战的冯长老和杨长老二人,这些敌人似乎一时间也是很难击败他们二人的,相信一时半会应该不需要出手。 If he can first untie this stone-lock dumbbell, that can two battle efficiencies, he be good. 他如果能够先将这石锁解开的话,那就能够多出两个战斗力来,他还是不错的。 Therefore Cheng Yu raises both hands suddenly again, pushes upward toward that giant stone! 于是程宇突然再次举起双手,朝着那巨石往上推去! Rumble! 轰隆隆! With the Cheng Yu's effort, this giant stone was pushed by him immediately, with went against be separated certain distance in giant stone below Exquisite Cauldron! 程宇的努力之下,这巨石当即就被他推了起来,与原本顶在巨石下方的玲珑鼎之间隔出了一定的距离!
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