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#4337: Had no way out!

City lord, I thought that Chancellor Zou's the proposition feared is the line does not pass!” But finishing speaking of Chancellor Zou, most started that chancellor then to express the opposition. “城主,我觉得邹主事的这个提议怕是行不太通!”可是邹主事的话音刚落,最开始那个主事便提出了反对。 Chancellor Tang, you thought where Chancellor Zou's proposition does have the issue?” The black city lords asked. “唐主事,你觉得邹主事的提议哪里有问题吗?”乌城主问道。 Regarding Chancellor Zou's proposition, and considers that he has not come, actually without thinking of Chancellor Tang stood directly the opposition. 对于邹主事的提议,他还没来的及考虑一下,却没有想到唐主事直接就站出来反对了。 Chancellor Zou proposed that must look for a backer for our black City Alliance, I did not oppose, but Chancellor Zou, if plans to take our backers this wise reign, that obsolete has to oppose!” Chancellor Tang opening the mouth answered. “邹主事提议要为我们乌城联盟找一个靠山,我并不反对,可邹主事若是打算将这个圣朝作为我们的靠山的话,那老朽就不得不反对了!”唐主事开口解释道。 Why is this? Is it possible that what prejudice does Chancellor Tang have to be inadequate to this wise reign?” Chancellor Zou asked. “这是为何?莫非唐主事对这个圣朝有什么偏见不成?”邹主事问道。 Prejudice is far from, I thought this wise reign is not we best backer. As we all know, this wise reign is also braves in recent years suddenly, moreover appears to make a big move each time. “偏见谈不上,我只是觉得这个圣朝并非是我们最好的靠山。大家都知道,这个圣朝也是近些年才突然冒出来的,而且每次出现都会弄出不小的动静来。 The most important thing is, this wise reign opposes with the dynasty everywhere, but we now were still the ownership in the dynasty. 最重要的是,这个圣朝四处与王朝作对,而我们现在仍然是归属于王朝的。 If we look for the wise reign to be the backer now, how we do face the dynasty? 如果我们现在去找圣朝做靠山,那我们怎么面对王朝? Let alone this wise reign has been very more mystical, for these years held dynasty so many domains, actually heard that the dynasty had not found this wise reign. 更何况这个圣朝一直都很神秘,这几年占据了王朝这么多的地盘,却听说王朝都没有找到这个圣朝。 First did not say that we went to the cam wood city whether to find them, even if we found them, and succeeds makes them our backers, that dynasty could not find them, can that find our heads? ” Chancellor Tang to presenting all people answered. 先不说我们到了紫木城能否找到他们,就算我们找到了他们,并且成功的让他们成为了我们的靠山,那王朝找不到他们,那会不会找到我们头上来呢?”唐主事向在场所有的人解释道。 City lord, I felt Chancellor Tang said is reasonable. This wise reign is truly mysterious, moreover we did not know about them, we turned to them like this, does that might as well turn to Cheng Family directly? “城主,我觉得唐主事说的有道理。这个圣朝确实挺神秘的,而且我们对他们一点都不了解,我们就这样投靠了他们,那还不如直接去投靠程家呢? Perhaps we can also be the same to Baicheng Alliance, obtain the Cheng Family duty, then we can also attract lots of people to arrive at black city! ” Another chancellor surnamed Bao says. 说不定我们还能够向白城联盟一样,得到程家的任务,然后我们也能够吸引到大量的人来到乌城了!”另外一个姓包的主事开口说道。 This......” black Chengzhu gawked immediately, listened to everyone's view, as if looked for this wise reign to be the backer is not quite truly credible. “这......”乌城主顿时一愣,听了大家的说法,似乎找这个圣朝作靠山确实不太靠谱。 Moreover the alliance like them, others is really also not necessarily able to watch. 而且像他们这样的联盟,人家还真的未必会看在眼里。 City lord, the idea of Chancellor hold/container is really perhaps more feasible. We with its look for one to be equivalent to the Cheng Family strength, even surpasses the Cheng Family influence the backer, like Baicheng Alliance, turns to Cheng Family would rather directly. “城主,也许包主事的想法还真的更加可行。我们与其去找一个与程家实力相当,甚至超过程家的势力作靠山,倒不如像白城联盟一样,直接投靠程家 No matter in any case we ask the backer to look for Cheng Family, do not submit others? 反正我们不管是找靠山还是找程家,不都是要归附别人么? Since we can submit others, why can also 't submit Cheng Family? At least we understanding Cheng Family, many many that but want compared with that wise reign. ” Chancellor Tang said. 既然我们可以归附别人,又为何不能归附程家呢?至少我们对程家的了解,可要比那圣朝要的多的多。”唐主事说道。 Submits Cheng Family?” The black city main had to ponder. “归附程家么?”乌城主不由有沉思起来了。 This idea actually with initially them, when clear Yangcheng is the same, at that time Zhoucheng main had also mentioned this point with them. 这个想法倒是跟当初他们在清阳城的时候一样,当时周城主也跟他们提到过这一点。 They, must make them turn to Cheng Family now well, obviously some do not want. 只是他们现在好好的,要让他们去投靠程家,显然有些不太愿意。 Although they are also submitting the dynasty now, but the dynasty actually almost never meddles their things. 虽然他们现在也是归附着王朝,可是王朝却几乎从来不插手他们的事情。 Therefore these years their black City Alliance can unceasing annexes other cities, expands itself unceasingly. 所以这些年他们的乌城联盟才能够不断的去吞并其他的城池,不断的壮大自己。 But if they turned to Cheng Family, then Cheng Family feared that the ignores they will not do that. 可若是他们投靠了程家,那么程家怕是不会放任他们这么做。 City lord, I thought that we cannot turn to Cheng Family!” Chancellor Zou also stands the opposition to say. “城主,我觉得我们不能投靠程家!”邹主事也站出来反对道。 Chancellor Zou, why is this?” The black city lords asked. “邹主事,这是为何?”乌城主问道。 Compares in the dynasty, I thought that this Cheng Family ambition is larger. If we turned to Cheng Family, after that we may probably listen to Cheng Family completely, I thought Cheng Family not like the dynasty natural, will also allow us to annex other cities or the alliances!” Chancellor Zou answered. “相比于王朝,我觉得这个程家的野心要大的多。如果我们投靠了程家,那以后咱们可就全部都要听程家的了,我想程家可不会像王朝那样大方,还会允许我们去吞并其他的城池或者联盟!”邹主事解释道。 Chancellor Zou said also truly is I in the consideration, but I remember initially when clear Yangcheng, Cheng Family that Zhoucheng main has told us actually, if we can submit Cheng Family, their Cheng Family will not meddle the internal affairs of our alliance, does not know that this saying to be is really false!” The black city lords recall. “邹主事所说的也确实是我在考虑的,不过我记得当初在清阳城的时候,程家的那位周城主倒是跟我们说过,如果我们能够归附程家的话,他们程家是不会插手我们的联盟的内务的,不知道这话是真是假!”乌城主回忆道。 Initially he has not thought must turn to Cheng Family, therefore did not care at that time. 当初他并没有想过要投靠程家,所以当时也不太在意。 But now everyone, since discussed that this issue, reminded him of Zhoucheng main as if to say this at that time. 可是现在大家既然讨论到了这个问题,不由让他又想起了当时周城主似乎说过这样的话。 „Does city lord, this words take seriously?” Chancellor Tang one happy! “城主,此话当真?”唐主事一喜! „Can this saying believe? If Cheng Family really credible, that Baicheng Alliance will submit Cheng Family? I do not believe this is Baicheng Alliance is voluntary.” Chancellor Zou refuted. “这话能信吗?程家如果真的可信,那白城联盟又怎么会归附程家?我可不相信这是白城联盟自愿的。”邹主事反驳道。 This matter I truly cannot determine that is really false, initially Zhoucheng main had also said that so long as we do not infringe the Cheng Family benefit, will not annex us on own initiative. “这事我确实不敢确定是真是假,当初周城主也说过,只要我们不损害程家的利益,就不会主动吞并我们。 Just when we request him for we make a paper commitment, he actually rejects. 只不过在我们大家要求他为我们立下一纸承诺的时候,他却拒绝了。 Therefore I felt Cheng Family , if no ambition, that is truly unlikely! ” The black city main also shakes the head to say. 所以我觉得程家如果没有野心,那确实不太可能!”乌城主也摇摇头说道。 The words reality that the Zhoucheng lords said was too strong, did not give them completely any leeway, this also made everyone be skeptical on his words. 周城主说的话实是太强硬了,完全不给他们任何余地,这也让所有人对他的话表示怀疑。 City lord, no matter Baicheng Alliance is voluntary or is forced, but at least Baicheng Alliance takes the Cheng Family duty to issue in alliance each city now, truly attracted many people, took away huge wealth for them and benefits, this is also the fact, not?” Chancellor hold/container says again. “城主,不管白城联盟是自愿的还是被迫的,可是现在至少白城联盟拿着程家的任务在联盟各个城池发布,确实吸引了许多人,为他们带去了大量的财富和利益,这也是事实,不是吗?”包主事再次开口说道。 „ Is that useful? Baicheng Alliance may no longer be their Baicheng Alliance now, but is Cheng Family Baicheng Alliance. “那有什么用?白城联盟现在可已经不再是他们自己的白城联盟了,而是程家的白城联盟。 Otherwise you think that Cheng Family such good intention, will hand over in the duty their hands? 要不然你们以为程家会这么好心,把任务交到他们的手上? Also, Baicheng Alliance harvested massive benefits through the Cheng Family duty even, what's the big deal? These wealth and didn't the resources fall in the hand of Cheng Family finally? 再说了,就算白城联盟通过程家的任务收获了大量的利益,那又怎么样?这些财富和资源最终不都还是落到了程家的手上吗? What relations does this have with their Baicheng Alliance? ” Saying that Chancellor Zou disdains. 这跟他们白城联盟又有什么关系呢?”邹主事不屑的说道。 Chancellor Zou said right, Zhoucheng main told us in clear Yangcheng was very clear. Wants the Cheng Family duty, the only means are us to submit Cheng Family!” The black city main to the words of Chancellor Zou indicated that approves the person of same belief. “邹主事说的没错,周城主在清阳城就跟我们说的很清楚了。想要得到程家的任务,唯一的办法就是要我们归附程家!”乌城主对邹主事的话表示赞同道。 You looked, I said right! Cheng Family is such deceitful, impossible to give others such good deed. “你看,我说的没错吧!程家就是这么奸诈,不可能把这样的好事送给别人。 If we submitted Cheng Family, we took these duties to harvest many benefits also to have no significance, because these benefits were not us eventually, but belonged to Cheng Family! 如果我们都归附了程家,那我们拿着这些任务收获到再多的利益也没有任何意义了,因为这些利益终究不属于我们自己,而是属于程家的! Naturally, if we helped Cheng Family earn massive benefits, Cheng Family will eat the bowl soup to us! ” Chancellor Zou sees the city lords to support itself, is self-confident saying. 当然,我们若是帮助程家赚取了大量的利益,想必程家还是会给我们喝碗汤的吧!”邹主事见城主支持自己,更是自信的说道。 If so, it seems like submitted Cheng Family truly is not quite also feasible. City lord, since cannot submit Cheng Family, whether we can receive in exchange for the duty with the resources to Cheng Family?” Chancellor Tang asked. “如果是这样的话,看来归附程家也确实不太可行了。城主,既然不能归附程家的话,那我们是否可以用资源向程家换取任务呢?”唐主事问道。 I had said a moment ago, wants the Cheng Family duty, the only means are to submit Cheng Family, in addition, Cheng Family will not give anybody the duty. “我刚才已经说了,想要得到程家的任务,唯一的办法就是归附程家,除此之外,程家不会将任务交给任何人。 Initially we also proposed that must come to exchange the duty with certain resources with Cheng Family, but was given the rejection by the Zhoucheng lords! ” black city main somewhat helpless saying. 当初我们也提出要用一定的资源来跟程家交换任务,但是都被周城主给拒绝了!”乌城主有些无奈的说道。 This method hasn't he bit thought? 这个方法他又会没有想到呢? If can receive in exchange for the Cheng Family duty with the resources, in his opinion, can bring the benefit for the alliance. 如果能够用资源换取程家的任务,在他看来,还是可以为联盟带来利益的。 Only pitifully, the Cheng Family attitude is so throughout firm, is not willing to their any opportunities, one step not to draw back, is really indignant. 只可惜,程家的态度始终那么坚定,根本就不肯给他们任何机会,连一步都不肯退,实在是令人气愤。 This Cheng Family also was really hateful, anything was they decides, this clearly compelled toward the dead end in us!” Chancellor Tang gas channel/angrily said. “这程家还真是太可恨了,什么都是他们说了算,这分明就是把我们往绝路上逼啊!”唐主事气道。 This not good that is not good, all these are do obeisance Cheng Family to bestow. Their black City Alliance around this may also be the greatly famous alliance, moreover is populous, every day is extremely busy. 这也不行那也不行,这一切都是拜程家所赐。原本他们乌城联盟在这周围可也是大有名气的联盟,而且人口众多,每天都是热闹非凡。 But since Cheng Family does in a big way in Secular World, starts to issue after the duty comes, they then obviously feel the population domain flowing to Cheng Family. 可是自从程家世俗做大,开始发布起任务来以后,他们便明显感觉到人口都在向程家的地盘流动。 Even if initially Cheng Family also not expansion of influence Cultivation World, but Cheng Family is very big in the Cultivation World influence and attraction. 哪怕当初程家还没有将势力发展到修真界,但是程家修真界的影响力和吸引力都已经很大了。 Especially when present Cheng Family expanded after Cultivation World all cultivating true virtue small towns, the Cheng Family influence was bigger, but their alliance the changing situation of each city obviously was also big. 尤其是当现在程家把所有的修真小城都向修真界扩张了之后,程家的影响力就更加的大了,而他们联盟的各个城池的情况变化也明显大了许多。 However, in Baicheng Alliance also starts to issue unexpectedly Cheng Family duty, that Cheng Family was really equal to that suspended the blade to their main house gate, what did this with rob their resources to distinguish frankly and uprightly? 然而,当白城联盟中竟然也开始发布程家任务的时候,那程家真的是等于把刀摆到他们家门口了,这跟光明正大的抢走他们的资源有什么区别? However at that time they do not know that Baicheng Alliance has submitted Cheng Family, therefore all the important pass to Baicheng Alliance blocking, wanted first to solve Baicheng Alliance. 不过那个时候他们并不知道白城联盟已经归附了程家,所以才会将所有通往白城联盟的关口给封锁了,想要把白城联盟给先解决掉。 Only pitifully, they estimated the Cheng Family domineering by far. 只可惜,他们远远估计了程家的强势。 This so many alliances gather under the Cheng Family power and influence at clear Yangcheng, finally they is a right to speak do not have. 这一次这么多的联盟在程家的威势下聚集在清阳城,结果他们却是一点话语权都没有。 These cities main returned to the first matter of oneself domain are first return to all important passes normal. 这些城主们回到了自己地盘的第一件事情就是先将所有的关口恢复正常。 Now their all alliances actually come across a difficult problem, the population of their alliance serious outflow, but they actually could not find any effective way to attract more population for the alliance. 现在他们所有的联盟却都遇到了一个难题,他们联盟的人口都在严重的流失,但是他们却找不到任何有效的办法为联盟重新吸引到更多的人口。 What is more hateful, Cheng Family actually also requests them not to permit to make any to the matter that the Cheng Family benefit harms. 更加可恨的是,程家竟然还要求他们不准做出任何对程家利益有损的事情来。 If their these alliance wants to attract from the Cheng Family domain, this doesn't infringe the Cheng Family benefit? 如果他们这些联盟想要把人从程家的地盘上吸引回来,这又如何不损害程家的利益呢? Therefore this Cheng Family clearly does not want to give them these alliance's any means of livelihood, how not angry? 所以这程家分明就是不想给他们这些联盟任何的活路了,如何不让人愤怒呢? If our strengths are more powerful than Cheng Family, that all were we said considering as finished. Only pitifully, we do not have this strength!” Chancellor Zou indifferently said. “如果我们的实力比程家强大,那一切就是我们说了算了。只可惜,我们并没有这个实力!”邹主事淡淡的说道 This way of the world is so, whose fist is big, whose fist is hard, that is who decides. 这世道便是如此,谁的拳头大,谁的拳头硬,那就是谁说了算。 Even if they hate Cheng Family very much, but does to others strengths is not they can place on a par. 哪怕他们都很痛恨程家,但是奈何人家的实力根本就不是他们可以相提并论的。 Therefore, even Cheng Family was very unreasonable, how can they? 所以,就算程家很不讲道理,他们又能怎么样呢? It seems like this matter must need further consideration, is good is also big because of our black city mastery, pours is also insufficient the entire alliance, because this matter must disintegrate immediately. “看来这件事情还得从长计议,好在我们乌城的底蕴也不小,倒也不至于整个联盟因为这点事情马上就要分崩离析了。 However everyone must the thinking means well be good, one year two years also good, will be continuously for a long time hence, even if the alliance has the mastery again, feared how long could not insist! ” The black city lords sigh, to is presenting all chancellors to say. 不过大家还得好好的想想办法才行,一年两年还行,可是长此以往,就算联盟再有底蕴,怕是也坚持不了多久!”乌城主叹了一口气,对着在场所有的主事们说道。 txt downloading address: txt下载地址: Cell phone reading: 手机阅读:
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