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#4336: Looks for 1 backer!

Although Baicheng main has led Baicheng Alliance to submit Cheng Family, but he still also had oneself ambition. 虽然白城主已经带领着白城联盟归附了程家,但是他仍然也有自己的野心。 Even if they belong to Cheng Family, but he also knows, the Cheng Family below sect also has many, under each sect basically exists alone, like their Baicheng Alliance. 哪怕他们已经属于程家了,但是他也知道,程家的下宗也有不少,每一个下宗基本上都是单独存在的,就像他们的白城联盟一样。 Therefore, if possible, he hopes growing even stronger that Baicheng Alliance can develop. 所以,若是有机会的话,他还是希望白城联盟能够发展的更加壮大一些。 But the rise of Baicheng Alliance, will let the surrounding these alliance's relative declines inevitably. 而白城联盟的崛起,势必会让周围的那些联盟相对的衰落下来。 If under Baicheng Alliance has the opportunity to take back these alliances, then he will not miss this opportunity. 要是白城联盟有机会将这些联盟收归旗下,那么他是不会错过这个机会的。 Before then, they must first clarify attitude of Cheng Family to these alliances. If Cheng Family does not oppose, their opportunities came. 只是在此之前,他们要先弄清楚程家对这些联盟的态度。若是程家不反对的话,那他们的机会就来了。 If Cheng Family does not support, that this matter can only treat as an idea temporarily. 若是程家并不支持的话,那这件事情就只能暂时当作一个想法了。 Time day-by-day past, more and more alliances opened the news of important pass to pass to Baicheng Alliance. 时间一天一天的过去,越来越多的联盟开放了关口的消息传到了白城联盟。 Moreover the after important pass of each city gradually opens, the population of Baicheng Alliance obviously also in unceasing becomes many, merely is only one month, the before population of Baicheng Alliance was almost was suppressed half to control. 而且各个城池的关口逐渐开放之后,白城联盟的人口明显也在不断的变多,仅仅只是一个月的时间,白城联盟的人口差不多就达到了被打压前的一半左右了。 Obviously did not have the stops of these alliances, everyone's duty the enthusiasm to Cheng Family has not reduced. 可见没有了这些联盟的阻拦,大家对程家的任务的热情始终都没有降低。 Instead because many people were prevented several months by these alliances, this lets they unusual worry. 反而因为有很多人被这些联盟阻挡了几个月的时间,这让他们都非常的着急。 Now the important pass opens finally, living that these person of where also treat, completely wells up toward Baicheng Alliance and Cheng Family direction. 现在关口终于都开放了,这些人哪里还待的住,全部朝着白城联盟和程家的方向涌去。 Looks the person who swamps into the influence are getting more and more, Baicheng main is very naturally happy. 看着涌入自己势力的人越来越多,白城主自然很是高兴的。 But regarding the city lords of other these alliances, such situation actually must make them cry simply. 可是对于其他那些联盟的城主来说,这样的情况却简直要让他们哭出来了。 Looks at these people's big departure with own eyes from the city, their hearts may be really painful. 亲眼看着这些人从城池当中大把的离开,他们的心可真痛啊。 However, they actually do not dare to prevent these people, because too was afraid the Cheng Family strength. 不过,他们却并不敢阻挡这些人,因为实在是太害怕程家的实力了。 If by some chance these people passed to Cheng Family the news, Cheng Family really leads the army to come to make war when the time comes, that may really some gains don't equal the loss. 万一这些人把消息传到了程家,程家到时候真的带着大军前来开战,那可就真的有些得不偿失了。 Now the only means are how wants the means to attract more people for oneself. 现在唯一的办法就是要想办法如何为自己吸引到更多的人。 Must otherwise, the entire alliance probably turn into the empty city this way sooner or later. 要不然的话,这样下去整个联盟早晚要变成空城的。 City lord, don't we really block them? These days our black city almost drained 2-3 tenths population. “城主,咱们真的不拦住他们吗?这段时间我们乌城差不多流失了2-3成的人口。 This also merely is only our black city, I think that our alliance the situations of other cities almost are also this. 这还仅仅只是我们乌城,我想咱们联盟的其他城池的情况差不多也是这样。 If our such ignores they come and go out freely, our losses really inestimable! ” With the black city master station above the tower over a city gate, looks that many people left through the city gate, went to Baicheng Alliance, saying that a chancellor person worried about. 若是我们这样放任他们自由出入,我们的损失真的不可估量啊!”和乌城主站在城楼之上,看着很多人通过城门离开,前往了白城联盟,一个主事人十分担忧的说道。 Person who „ relax, must walk, we want to remain cannot detain. Some black City Alliance also so many people settle down in this, will not be everyone will leave black City Alliance. “放心吧,要走的人,我们想留也留不住。乌城联盟也有这么多人在此安家,也不是每个人都会离开乌城联盟。 Moreover, the duty that Cheng Family issues although is truly attractive to many cultivator, but this not everyone will also be attracted. 而且,程家发布的任务虽然对很多修士来说确实很有吸引力,但是这也并不是所有人都会被吸引。 Therefore, we did not need to care about these temporarily. Although we now the population loss is truly serious, is later from outside, will prepare to go to Cheng Family and people of Baicheng Alliance is also the same will pass through our domains. 所以,我们暂时不用去在意这些了。虽然我们现在确实人口损失严重,可是以后从外面来的,准备前往程家和白城联盟的人也一样会经过我们的地盘。 The person who Cheng Family attracts are more, is good to us, these people in our domains, are always impossible not to eat and drink, doesn't purchase any commodity? ” black city main unemotional saying. 程家吸引到的人越多,对咱们也有好处,这些人在我们的地盘上,总不可能不吃不喝,不采购任何物资吧?”乌城主面无表情的说道。 Actually saw that these people leave oneself domain unceasingly, he happy getting up? 其实看到这些人不断的离开自己的地盘,他又如何高兴的起来呢? Does not have the means that except for comforts itself, he cannot make anything. 只是没有办法,除了这么安慰自己,他也根本就不能做什么。 After all initially when clear Yangcheng, Zhoucheng main has told them was very clear, particularly finally he leaves, Zhoucheng main also reminded them specially. 毕竟当初在清阳城的时候,周城主就已经跟他们说的很清楚了,尤其是最后他离开的时候,周城主还特意提醒了他们。 If they do not comply, is open all important passes, that Cheng Family will not sit by and do nothing to this matter absolutely again. 如果他们不照做,把所有的关口开放的话,那程家绝对不会再对此事坐视不理。 He does not hope the black city becomes in the middle of many alliances first by the alliance of Cheng Family forcefully annexation. 他可不希望乌城成为众多联盟当中第一个被程家强行吞并的联盟。 What city lords said that is only this meagre incomes, cannot bring many benefits to the alliance.” The chancellor nods, but worry in heart has not reduced. “城主说的是,只是这点微薄收入,并不能给联盟带来多的利益。”那主事点点头,但是心中的担忧并未减少。 This does not have the matter of means that this Cheng Family attitude is extremely strong, in the Cheng Family front, we on does not have any leeway, can only be decided by their Cheng Family completely. “这也是没有办法的事情,这一次程家的态度太过强硬,在程家的面前,我们根本就没有任何的余地,全部都只能由他们程家说了算。 In this world, really the strength decided all. Without the strength, is unable to let long-term that the alliance walks eventually! ” The black city lords said. 在这个世界上,果然还是实力决定了一切。没有实力,终究无法让联盟走的长远!”乌城主说道。 Since conducts negotiations after the Zhoucheng lords, he thorough understood this truth. 自从与周城主进行一番谈判之后,他就彻底的明白了这个道理。 Before was only he forces others, therefore he realized the powerful advantage, therefore makes City Alliance turn into present such scale. 以前只是他去强迫别人,所以他只是体会到了强大的好处,所以才让乌城联盟变成了现在这样的规模。 But now, in the Cheng Family front, they actually turned into the weak one. 可是现在,在程家的面前,他们却又变成了弱者。 Weak one's experience also makes him understand finally, without the strength, said significance that anything has no. 弱者的体会也终于让他明白,没有实力,说什么都没有任何的意义。 To become the powerful can it be that simple matter? 只是,想要变得强大又岂是那么简单的事情? Let alone present Cheng Family is not a person is more powerful, is the Crossing Tribulation Stage expert, Cheng Family does not only know that has many people. 更何况现在的程家可不是一个人强大,光是渡劫期的高手,程家就不知道有多少人。 Initially Qinghecheng main told them, Zhoucheng main brought dozens Crossing Tribulation Stage at that time in clear Yangcheng. 当初清河城主就告诉他们,周城主当时是带了几十个渡劫期在清阳城。 But Zhoucheng main also merely is only the city lord in Yunnan and Guizhou city, but the Yunnan and Guizhou city merely is only in the middle of Cheng Family dozens city one. 而周城主还仅仅只是云贵城的城主,可是云贵城仅仅只是程家数十座城池当中的一座而已。 Such a city can set out dozens Crossing Tribulation Stage, how many Crossing Tribulation Stage that entire should Cheng Family have? 就这么一座城池都能够出动数十个渡劫期,那整个程家该有多少渡劫期呢? He cannot imagine in any case. 反正他是想象不出来的。 Moreover, he had heard, the Cheng Family head of household is an entire Cheng Family most terrifying person. 而且,他早就听说了,程家的家主才是整个程家的最恐怖的一个人。 It is said died the Crossing Tribulation Stage experts in this Cheng Family main hand already one big, obviously this Cheng Family was powerful. 据说死在这个程家主手上的渡劫期高手都已经一大把了,可见这程家有多么强大。 Their black City Alliance also around this is also powerful, but compared with the Cheng Family such terrifying influence, that really anything is not. 他们乌城联盟也就在这周围还算是强大,但是与程家这么恐怖的势力相比,那真的什么都不是。 Must otherwise, they not be passive in the negotiations of clear Yangcheng, even the Zhoucheng main request makes people be hard to accept obviously very much, but they do not dare to have any resistance. 要不然的话,他们在清阳城的谈判当中也不会那么被动,甚至周城主的要求明明让人很难以接受,但是他们也不敢有任何的反抗。 It is not does not want to revolt, but does not dare. 不是不想反抗,只是不敢而已。 City lord, this Cheng Family bullies, was really excessive. Although our black City Alliance is not their Cheng Family opponent, but this did not represent their Cheng Family in this Cultivation World to act in a self-serving manner. “城主,这程家仗势欺人,实在是太过分了。我们乌城联盟虽然不是他们程家的对手,可是这也并不代表他们程家就可以在这修真界为所欲为了。 Now Cheng Family in the Cultivation World unceasing expansion influence, this is clearly contending for the domain with the dynasty. 现在程家修真界不断的扩张势力,这分明就是在跟王朝抢地盘。 The city lord, I thought that was inferior we think the means this matter notification dynasty, so long as we to the dynasty told them threat of Cheng Family, the dynasty should not sit by and do nothing again? ” Another chancellor stands the proposition to say. 城主,我觉得不如咱们想办法把这件事情通报王朝,只要我们把程家对王朝的威胁告诉他们,王朝应该不会再坐视不理吧?”另外一个主事站出来提议道。 I estimated that cannot be so simple, since Cheng Family after Cultivation World expansion influence, they also annexed some influences, for example Hongcheng and Baicheng Alliance wait/etc.. “我估计不会那么简单,自从程家修真界扩张势力之后,他们也吞并了一些势力,比如洪城和白城联盟等等。 This already in the benefit of infringement dynasty, but you looked at these years, we had not noticed that the dynasty had any retaliatory act to Cheng Family. 这已经是在侵犯王朝的利益了,可是你们看这几年,我们始终没有看到王朝对程家有任何的报复行为。 If the king sits in Daoist meditation wants to cope with Cheng Family, has acted. Even if we requested that the dynasty acts this matter, still not necessarily has any good result. ” The black city lords shake the head to say. 如果王朝真的想要对付程家的话,早就已经出手了。所以就算我们去请求王朝出手这件事情,也未必有什么好的结果。”乌城主摇摇头说道。 Although they to the dynasty payment tribute, are to them, the dynasty was still a riddle. 虽然他们一直向王朝交纳贡品,可是对于他们来说,王朝仍旧是一个谜。 What kind of existence because they have not clarified this dynasty are completely. 因为他们完全没有弄清楚这个王朝到底是一个怎样的存在。 However has the shadow of dynasty from all cities, according to truth dynasty should be existence of very powerful terrifying. 但是从所有城池背后都有王朝的影子来看,按道理这个王朝应该是非常强大恐怖的存在。 Makes him think what is not clear, now Cheng Family has stepped on to their heads came, even has robbed their many domains, is the dynasty probably is completely aloof, this may really be too strange. 只是让他很是想不明白的是,现在程家都已经踩到他们的头上来了,甚至已经抢走了他们不少地盘了,可是王朝却好像完全无动于衷,这可真是太奇怪了。 If this matter does not manage the dynasty, our really does not have any means that can only endure Cheng Family unceasingly expanded the domain. “如果这件事情连王朝都不管的话,那我们就真的没有任何办法,只能忍受着程家不断的扩张地盘了。 We are so near to Cheng Family, feared that soon we must become the goal that they annex! ” The chancellor continues to say. 只是我们离程家这么近,就怕用不了多久我们就要成为他们吞并的目标了!”那主事继续说道。 This should not, this Zhoucheng main, when clear Yangcheng has guaranteed with us, so long as we do not infringe the Cheng Family benefit, then Cheng Family will not annex us.” The black city lords said. “这应该不会,这一次周城主在清阳城的时候已经跟我们保证过了,只要我们不损害程家的利益,那么程家就不会吞并我们。”乌城主说道。 „Does city lord, how could the Cheng Family words we believe? Their strengths compared with our so many, so long as they want to annex us, that is only a simple matter, therefore we have no alternative but to guard!” “城主,程家的话我们岂能相信?他们的实力比我们强那么多,只要他们想要吞并我们,那不过只是简简单单的一件事情,所以我们不能不防啊!” City lord, I felt Chancellor Zou said is very reasonable, Cheng Family may not believe, even if they will not annex us now, after not representative, will not annex us. “城主,我觉得邹主事说的很有道理,程家不可信,就算他们现在不会吞并我们,也不代表以后不会吞并我们。 We and they are neighboring, if they do not annex us, how they do expand oneself domain? ” From the beginning that chancellor said. 我们与他们相邻,如果他们不吞并我们的话,他们又如何扩张自己的地盘呢?”一开始那个主事说道。 Since you also said that the Cheng Family strength is very terrifying, you should also understand, even if we know that Cheng Family can annex us, how could we against living?” black city main helpless saying. “既然你们也说程家的实力很恐怖,那你们也应该明白,就算我们知道程家要吞并我们,我们又岂能防的住?”乌城主无奈的说道。 Therefore we obtain one to be better than a Cheng Family more powerful backer in any event, this backer is not even stronger than Cheng Family, at least must be quite good!” Chancellor Zou said. “所以我们无论如何得到一个比程家更加强大的靠山才行,这个靠山就算不比程家强,至少也要相当才行!”邹主事说道。 This matter said that easy actually to do difficultly, if found a powerful backer easily, why we do arrive this step?” The black city lords thought that this proposition is not quite realistic. “这事说起来容易却做起来难,如果这么容易就找到一个如此强大的靠山,那我们又何必走到这一步?”乌城主觉得这个提议本身就不太现实。 This may not necessarily!” Chancellor Zou said. “这可未必!”邹主事说道。 Is it possible that can Chancellor Zou find such a powerful backer?” The black city lords look asking that Chancellor Zou some does not believe. “邹主事莫非能够找到这样一个强大的靠山?”乌城主看着邹主事有些不太相信的问道。 City lord, does not know that you had heard these year of Cultivation World did present an influence named wise reign?” Chancellor Zou asked. “城主,不知道你有没有听说过这些年修真界出现了一个叫做圣朝的势力?”邹主事问道。 Wise reign? You said is that has annexed that wise reign of domain in Cultivation World?” The black city lords think, as if remembered such an influence. “圣朝?你说的难道是那个一直在修真界吞并地盘的那个圣朝?”乌城主想了想,似乎想起了这样一个势力。 Right, is it. These years their unceasing annexation many cities, but the dynasty takes them not to have means that obviously this wise reign is terrifying compared with the dynasty. “没错,就是它。这些年他们不断的吞并不少的城池,可是王朝却拿他们没有一点办法,可见这个圣朝比起王朝来还要恐怖。 If we can ask them to act, that Cheng Family calculates what? ” Chancellor Zou said. 如果我们能够请他们出手的话,那程家又算的了什么呢?”邹主事说道。 „Is this possible? It is said the dynasty had not even found them now, which do we on look for them?” The black city lords said. “这怎么可能呢?据说连王朝现在都还没有找到他们,我们又上哪去找他们呢?”乌城主说道。 I heard recently a news, they will annex the cam wood city of purple maple tree alliance, we can send people to go to there, could find them!” Chancellor Zou disclosed! “我最近听说了一个消息,他们会吞并紫枫联盟的紫木城,我们可以派人前往那里,或许可以找到他们!”邹主事透露道! txt downloading address: txt下载地址: Cell phone reading: 手机阅读:
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