GS :: Volume #7 东洲海外

#4335: Baicheng main ambition!

When the Zhoucheng lords bring everyone is leaving clear Yangcheng again, Baicheng main is very happy. 当周城主带着所有人再一次离开清阳城的时候,白城主很开心。 Without thinking originally regarding he that difficult matter, actually by the Zhoucheng main such solution easily. 没有想到原来对于他那么困难的事情,却被周城主这么轻易的就解决了。 Although these alliance cities main also leave now settle Yangcheng not long, besides all important passes of clear river Alliance, the important passes of other alliances has not returned to temporarily normal. 虽然现在那些联盟城主也才离开了清阳城没有多久,除了清河联盟的所有关口之外,其他联盟的关口暂时还没有恢复正常。 However he believes that after these city lords returned to oneself alliance, certainly will open all important passes. 不过他相信,等到这些城主回到了自己的联盟之后,一定会开放所有的关口的。 Only if they really want to do against with Cheng Family, wanting Cheng Family to lead the army to kill their main house gate, otherwise no one dares not to fulfill the commitment. 除非他们真的想跟程家对着干,想要程家带着大军杀到他们家门口,否则没有人敢不兑现承诺。 Therefore, this matter he does not need to worry again, present he also only wants to return to Baicheng Alliance earlier, then waits for the increasing number of people to appear in Baicheng Alliance again. 所以,这件事情他无需再去担心,现在的他也只想早点回到白城联盟,然后等着越来越多的人再次出现在白城联盟。 So long as these important passes restored, then Baicheng Alliance quickly becomes will prosper again lively, even might also compared with past prosperity. 只要这些关口全部恢复了,那么白城联盟很快就会再一次变得热闹繁荣起来,甚至还有可能比以往更加的繁荣。 Thinks of here, his innermost feelings on some excitements of suppression. 一想到这里,他的内心就有些抑制不住的激动。 „The Zhoucheng lord, these too thanked you time, your words, these fellows may so not be absolutely honest, will not easily comply to restore all important passes.” Baicheng main said with a smile. “周城主,这一次真的是太感谢你了,要不是你的话,这些家伙可绝对不会这么老实,更不会轻易的答应恢复所有的关口了。”白城主笑着说道。 Before he wants to gather several Crossing Tribulation Stage experts for Baicheng Alliance, if there is such a expert to assume personal command, that influence definitely was very huge, particularly to the surrounding these alliances. 以前他很想为白城联盟招揽几个渡劫期的高手,若是有这样的高手坐镇,那影响力肯定是非常巨大的,尤其是对周围的那些联盟。 What a pity is, the Crossing Tribulation Stage expert appetite is too either big, is too either high on the vision, at all is not their such city alliance easily can gather. 可惜的是,渡劫期的高手要么胃口太大,要么就眼界太高,根本不是他们这样的城池联盟轻易可以招揽到的。 Therefore regarding their such alliance, this truly is a very difficult matter. 所以对于他们这样的联盟来说,这确实是一件非常困难的事情。 But initially they have been submitting the dynasty, but the dynasty has also never cared to them, more impossible to lend them the Crossing Tribulation Stage expert, therefore also accomplished dynasty so many alliances and cities respectively for the aspect in camp. 而当初他们虽然一直归附着王朝,但是王朝对他们也从未关心过,更加不可能将渡劫期的高手借给他们,因此也造就了王朝这么多的联盟和城池各自为营的局面。 Now was different, submitted Cheng Family, Cheng Family is actually willing to send out their Crossing Tribulation Stage experts to help them. 现在不一样了,归附了程家,程家却愿意派出他们的渡劫期的高手来帮助他们。 Had assisting of these experts, what matter on this day under also has unable to handle? 有了这些高手的相助,这天下还有什么事情不能搞定的呢? Actually to them, what submits the dynasty and submits Cheng Family also to distinguish? Belonged to an influence in any case. 其实对于他们来说,归附王朝和归附程家又有什么区别呢?反正都是归属了一个势力。 Let alone compares to the dynasty, this Cheng Family may have the sincerity to be many. 更何况比起王朝,这程家可就有诚意多了。 How first did not say the matter of that tribute, but at least when his Baicheng Alliance encounters the danger, Cheng Family is willing to lend a hand to assist, this compared with the dynasty does not know that stronger on many times. 先不说那贡品的事情到底如何,但是至少在他白城联盟遇到危险的时候,程家愿意出手相助,这就比王朝不知道要强上多少倍。 Are dynasty so many years do not know how many resources took away from their Baicheng Alliance, in the end? 王朝这么多年都不知道从他们白城联盟拿走了多少资源,可是到头来呢? They encountered the danger, the dynasty had not actually managed their life. 他们遇到了危险,王朝却是从来都没有管过他们的死活。 A contrast, he feels the betrayal dynasty, submitting Cheng Family simply was the too wise decision. 如此一对比,他觉得背叛王朝,归附程家简直是太英明的决定了。 You're welcome, since your Baicheng Alliance has submitted my Cheng Family, naturally was also my Cheng Family influence. “不用谢,既然你白城联盟已经归附了我程家,自然也就是我程家的势力了。 Our Cheng Family to the person on one's own side is not always the parsimonious person! Let alone among us besides the ownership relations, a lamination makes the relations. 我们程家对自己人从来都不是吝啬之人!更何况我们之间除了归属关系,还有一层合作关系。 If Baicheng Alliance gave way, our Cheng Family is also a loss? ” Zhoucheng main said with a smile. 如果白城联盟垮掉了,那我们程家岂不是也是一笔损失?”周城主笑着说道。 What the Zhoucheng lords said that we are the people on one's own side. However, Zhoucheng main for the matter of my Baicheng Alliance, actually also delayed for nearly two months, this benevolence, my Bai can never forget!” Baicheng main very respectful saying. “周城主说的是,我们大家都是自己人。不过,周城主为了我白城联盟的事情,却也耽误了近两个月的时间,这份恩情,我白某人就永远不能忘记!”白城主十分恭敬的说道。 He now thorough understood Crossing Tribulation Stage some expert big influences. 他现在已经彻底的明白一个渡劫期的高手到底有多大的影响力了。 If not because his strength is too strong, these alliance city main overbearing people, how also to accept the Zhoucheng main so unfair condition? 如果不是因为他的实力太强,那些联盟城主一个个都骄横之人,又岂会接受周城主如此不公平的条件呢? Therefore, the strength is a kingly way. 所以,实力才是王道。 Before did not have the character who the opportunity contacted this level, is now taking advantage of Cheng Family this relations, he can so the short distance and Zhoucheng main such Crossing Tribulation Stage expert in the same place, was this how rare opportunity? 以前是没有机会接触到这个层次的人物,可是现在借着程家这层关系,他能够如此近距离的与周城主这样的渡劫期高手在一起,这是多么难得的机会? How could does he easily miss? 他又岂能轻易错过呢? Therefore in any event, he must take advantage this opportunity, well with this Zhoucheng main establishes better relations. 因此无论如何,他都要趁这个机会,好好的跟这周城主的建立起更好的关系。 What is more important, cooperation between his Baicheng Alliance and Cheng Family, main conducts through Zhoucheng. 更加重要的是,他白城联盟与程家之间的合作,也是通过周城主而进行的。 If he were very good with the Zhoucheng main relations, that later this cooperation wasn't has not run again? 如果他与周城主的关系很好了,那以后这合作不就是再也没跑了吗? Thus it can be seen, this Zhoucheng main now is important to him. 由此可见,这周城主现在对他有多么重要了。 You can bear in mind enough!” Zhoucheng main is actually indifferent. “你能记在心里就够了!”周城主却是无所谓。 A Crossing Tribulation Stage expert, how also to care about Great Ascension Stage cultivator words? 一个渡劫期的高手,又岂会在意一个大乘期修士的话呢? At least, a commitment of Great Ascension Stage cultivator are also little significance to him. 至少,一个大乘期修士的承诺对于他来说也没有多大的意义。 Zhoucheng lord, these time to Baicheng, but also please keep on several th, Bai receives certainly cordially the city to advocate peace with all one's heart seniors!” Baicheng main sincere saying. “周城主,这一次到了白城,还请多留几日,白某一定尽心款待城主和诸位前辈们!”白城主诚意十足的说道。 Said again!” How Zhoucheng main can not understand meaning of hospitality Baicheng main said. “再说吧!”周城主又岂会不明白白城主所说的款待的意思。 However this to him, truly no attraction. 不过这对于他来说,确实没有什么吸引力。 Because Cheng Family gave them is really many, so long as were the Great Ascension Stage above strength, Cheng Family will not always embezzle their resources. 因为程家给予他们的实在是太多了,只要是大乘期以上的实力,程家就从来都不会克扣他们的资源。 Especially Crossing Tribulation Stage cultivator, holds an important post in Cheng Family whether or not, will have a status of elder. 尤其是渡劫期修士,在程家不管是否身居要职,都会有一个长老的身份。 Therefore, they do not lack the resources . Moreover, Cheng Family gives their resources is not the ordinary resources. 所以,他们并不缺少资源,而且,程家给予他们的资源可不是普通的资源。 After all regarding Crossing Tribulation Stage cultivator, common resources even again precious, has become to their help very tiny. 毕竟对于一个渡劫期修士来说,一般的资源就算再珍贵,对他们的帮助都已经变得很渺小了。 But the head of household for the resources that they prepare, is most useful to their stages, this also gave up their greed, they only needed to protect good Cheng Family to be good, other did not need them to be worried. 可是家主为他们准备的资源,都是对他们这个阶段最有用的,这也打消了他们的贪欲,他们只需要去保护好程家就行了,其他的并不需要他们担心。 Therefore, regarding Baicheng main driving showing good will, he is an interest does not have, will not give him this opportunity. 所以,对于白城主的主动示好,他却是一点兴趣都没有,甚至不会给他这个机会。 As the saying goes, is short with the manpower, eating the person mouth is short. If really accepted the Baicheng main good intention, this good intention not only may not have to his use, instead may bring the trouble to them. 俗话说,拿人手短,吃人嘴短。若真是接受了白城主的好意,这份好意不仅有可能对他一点用处都没有,反而有可能给他们带来麻烦。 Because the head of household most hates others to practice dirty tricks in the Cheng Family back, this is also the reason why the head of household will give them such good treatment. 因为家主是最痛恨别人在程家的背后搞小动作的,这也是为什么家主会给他们这么好的待遇的原因。 If Cheng Family is not very good to them, then they covet the point small wealth to be excusable. If Cheng Family were good to them so, they are also thinking matter of serving the interest of outsiders, he naturally is intolerable. 如果程家对他们不够好,那么他们贪点小财还情有可原。若是程家都对他们这么好了,他们还想着吃里扒外的事情,他自然是不能容忍的。 Therefore several days later, Zhoucheng lord them to return to Baicheng Alliance, but they have not actually stayed the too much time in Baicheng Alliance, besides the rest, they are basically hurrying along. 因此几天之后,周城主他们回到了白城联盟,但是他们却并没有在白城联盟停留太多的时间,除了休息之外,他们基本上都是在赶路。 Looks that the Zhoucheng lords led these people to leave from Baicheng like this, Baicheng main naturally very disappointed. 看着周城主带着那些人就这样从白城离开了,白城主自然是十分的失望。 However does not have the means that Zhoucheng lord them not to remain, he cannot keep forcefully them, such will only work just the opposite. 但是没有办法,周城主他们不愿意留下来,他总不能强行将他们留下来,那样只会适得其反。 Therefore finally he can only bring the people to advocate them to send out Baicheng Zhoucheng, he then did not have again with. 所以最后他只能带着众人将周城主他们送出了白城,他便没有再跟去了。 After all Baicheng is his family/home, since Zhoucheng main did not plan that remains in Baicheng Alliance, but is the preparation returns to the Yunnan and Guizhou new town directly, he naturally does not need again with. 毕竟白城才是他的家,既然周城主也不打算在白城联盟多留,而是准备直接回到云贵新城,他自然也没有必要再跟去了。 Several days later, to clear Yangcheng recent several alliance's one after another spreading news, the important passes of these alliances returned to normal, was completely open. 就在几天之后,离清阳城最近的几个联盟接二连三的传出消息,那些联盟的关口都恢复了正常,完全开放了。 Hears this news, Baicheng main is excited. 听到这个消息,白城主自是激动不已。 Good! Baicheng Alliance must rise finally again!” Baicheng main happy saying. “太好了!白城联盟终于要再次崛起了!”白城主高兴的说道。 Congratulated the city to advocate, these alliances do not dare to suppress our Baicheng Alliance finally again!” In main hall, Baicheng does the chancellor person to open the mouth to congratulate in abundance. “恭喜城主了,这些联盟总算是不敢再打压我们白城联盟了!”正厅之内,白城的一干主事人纷纷开口恭贺道。 Haha, this was lucky the Zhoucheng main merit! Zhoucheng main these fellows frightening, they so will not be honest. “哈哈,这都多亏了周城主的功劳啊!要不是周城主把那些家伙给吓到了,他们可不会这么老实。 However everyone could rest assured that now all issues have been easily solved, as for other channels, I believes these alliances also quickly all important pass restorations. 不过大家放心,现在所有的问题都已经迎刃而解了,至于其他的通道,我相信那些联盟也很快会将所有的关口恢复的。 Otherwise, they really can only wait for the Cheng Family belt/bring person to go to pay a visit! ” Baicheng main very happy saying. 要不然,他们就真的只能等着程家带人前去登门拜访了!”白城主很是开心的说道。 This is the city is main, the city lords took a long-range approach initially, the choice submitted Cheng Family, we do not know that must be suppressed what appearance by these alliances.” “这都是城主英明啊,要不是当初城主高瞻远瞩,选择归附了程家,我们也不知道现在要被那些联盟打压成什么样子。” Yes, cannot do well several years, our Baicheng Alliance must by these alliances directly eating.” These people stand to pat the Baicheng main horse buttocks say/way. “就是,搞不好没个几年,我们白城联盟就要被这些联盟直接给分食掉了。”这些人一个个都站出来拍着白城主的马屁道。 However, these words receive the Baicheng lords to like obviously very much, because he himself also thought that initially oneself choice was correct. 不过,这些话显然还是很受白城主喜欢的,因为他自己也觉得当初自己的选择有多么正确。 Was a pity that Cheng Family as if not plan to swallow these alliances, but or isn't the Cheng Family strength, taking these alliances also the small matter?” Happy, Baicheng main became some regrets suddenly. “只是可惜程家似乎并不打算将这些联盟吞食掉,要不然以程家的实力,拿下这些联盟还不是轻轻松松的事情?”高兴过后,白城主突然又变得有些遗憾起来了。 Initially when clear Yangcheng, Zhoucheng main has pledged to these city lords, so long as these alliances did not make to infringe the Cheng Family benefit the matter to come, Cheng Family will not have their ideas. 当初在清阳城的时候,周城主就向那些城主承诺过,只要这些联盟不做出损害程家利益的事情来,程家就不会打他们的主意。 Although Zhoucheng main pledged merely orally, but this has indicated the Cheng Family thoughts. 虽然周城主仅仅只是口头承诺了,但是这已经表明了程家的心思了。 If Cheng Family really wants to annex these alliances, then their Baicheng Alliance can definitely join voluntarily. 如果程家真的想要吞并这些联盟,那么他们白城联盟完全可以主动请缨。 When the time comes he only needs again to the head of household taking advantage of a soldier, can 11 take these alliances. 到时候他只需要再向家主借一点兵,就可以将这些联盟一一拿下。 The most important thing is these alliances are neighboring with his Baicheng Alliance, if their Baicheng Alliance went to battle to take on own initiative these alliances, they might take over control of these alliances on behalf of Cheng Family very much. 最重要的是这些联盟与他白城联盟相邻,如果他们白城联盟主动出战将这些联盟拿下来了,那他们就很有可能代表程家接管这些联盟。 Happen to their Baicheng Alliance is autonomous, Cheng Family will not meddle their internal affairs, their Baicheng Alliance really must make a rapid career advance. 正好他们白城联盟又是自治,程家不会插手他们的内务,那他们白城联盟就真的要飞黄腾达了。 Just, unrequited love, running water Wu Qing (heartless). 只不过,落花有意,流水无情了。 So long as Cheng Family has not had the thoughts of these alliances, the happy dream is useless. 只要程家没有动这些联盟的心思,再美好的梦都是白搭。 City lord, I thought that you definitely do not need to be worried about this issue.” A chancellor stands to say. “城主,我觉得你完全没有必要担心这个问题。”一个主事站出来说道。 Zhao Deacon, do you have what view to this matter?” The Baicheng lords look at this person of asking. “赵执事,你对此事有何看法?”白城主看着这人问道。 City lord, you did not say that Zhoucheng main hasn't complied to make a paper commitment for the city lords of these alliances? “城主,你不是说那周城主也并没有答应为那些联盟的城主立下一纸承诺吗? Since oral commitment, then this matter may change anytime. Perhaps Cheng Family not really does not plan to move these alliances, but does not think to begin now. 既然只是口头承诺,那么这件事情随时都有可能发生变化。说不定程家也并非真的就不打算动这些联盟,只是不想现在动手罢了。 Therefore after city main, naturally has the opportunity, I thought what we now are most important is develops our Baicheng Alliance better is. 所以城主以后自然还是有机会的,我觉得咱们现在最要紧的还是把咱们的白城联盟发展的更好才是。 So long as the unceasing prosperity of our Baicheng Alliance, serious that then the population of their alliance can drain, even if when the time comes Cheng Family does not begin, they or ok. ” Chancellor Zhao said with a smile! 只要我们白城联盟的不断的繁荣起来,那么他们联盟的人口就会流失的更加严重,到时候就算程家不动手,他们自己都要不行了。”赵主事笑着说道! txt downloading address: txt下载地址: Cell phone reading: 手机阅读:
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