GS :: Volume #7 东洲海外

#3098: We hope that they can succeed!

These people unexpectedly early arrived here, although they look like are only Great Ascension Stage, but the strength feared that is not simple, if we get rid, careful!” Peasants very discrete saying. “这些人竟然早早的就到了这里,虽然他们看起来都只是大乘期,但是实力怕是不简单,咱们要是出手的话,得小心点!”庄民十分谨慎的说道。 Before he somewhat looked down upon Cheng Yu, but has not thought that the Cheng Yu true strength so was strong, only depended on a person directly to massacre two ominous beasts. 之前他是有些看不起程宇的,可是没有想到程宇的真正实力却那么强,仅凭一个人就直接杀掉了两只凶兽。 Must know that they that many enduring compared with the Loose Immortal master gather together, can massacre an ominous beast. 要知道,他们就算那么多的堪比散仙的高手聚在一起,才能够杀掉一只凶兽。 Now if the buried treasure of Shuicheng in Cheng Yu on them, that this war may not have the imagination was really so simple. 现在如果水城的宝藏真的在程宇他们身上的话,那这一战可就没有想象的那么简单了。 Actually continues they to think that these before saw with one's own eyes the person who Cheng Yu crashed in the sea area also to think, otherwise they will not promise everybody to divide equally the buried treasure. 其实不止他们是这么想的,那些之前亲眼看到程宇冲进海域的人也都是这么想的,要不然他们也不会答应大家平分宝藏了。 A Cheng Yu person so was fierce, but now one group of people appear unexpectedly here. 程宇一个人就这么厉害了,而现在竟然有一群人出现在这里。 They naturally cannot think that these people is a Cheng Yu person bring, they think that these people are must also early enter Shuicheng compared with Cheng Yu. 他们自然不会想到这些人都是程宇一个人带过来的,他们只是以为这些人是在比程宇还要早进入水城的。 Then the strengths of these people even may be more formidable than Cheng Yu. 那么这些人的实力甚至有可能比程宇还要强大。 Facing such fierce character, if the only influence is impossible to snatch absolutely the buried treasure. 面对这么厉害的人物,如果单凭一个势力是绝对不可能将宝藏抢过来的。 Therefore, at this time they must again cooperate are good! 所以,这个时候他们必须要再一次合作才行! All people completely encircled these people, but actually did not dare first time to flush away to Cheng Yu. 所有人很多将这些人全部围起来了,但是却都不敢第一次向程宇冲去。 After all a Cheng Yu person can massacre two ominous beasts, who dares to flaunt this hero? 毕竟程宇一个人就能够杀掉两只凶兽,谁敢逞这个英雄呢? Senior Brother, these spirit crystals what's the matter?” Wuzhuang looks that Cheng Yu they saw everybody encircled them, they actually motionless, seemed not serious them completely, this made him have doubts. 师兄,那些灵晶是怎么回事?”吴庄看着程宇他们见到大家将他们围起来了,他们却还是一动不动,似乎完全不把他们当回事,这就让他疑惑起来了。 Has a look in their top of the head to have the Djinn crystal together again, but surroundings also five slightly occupy the spirit crystal, these spirit crystals release five different color rays to connect, what meaning is this? 再看看他们头顶上有一块巨灵晶,而周围还有五块小占灵晶,这些灵晶释放着五种不同颜色的光芒连接着,这是个什么意思呢? Sees such scene, everybody does not dare to get rid to them. 看到这样的场面,大家就更不敢向他们出手了。 Everybody do not fear, so long as we get rid together, they absolutely will not be our matches, when the time comes the buried treasure was our!” Some people could not wait. “大家不要怕,只要我们一起出手,他们绝对不会是我们的对手,到时候宝藏就是我们的了!”有人等不及了。 He does not care about any spirit crystal not spirit crystal, so long as has taken the buried treasure first, when the time comes they opened these spirit crystals again have carried off. 他可不在乎什么灵晶不灵晶的,只要先将宝藏弄到手了,到时候他们再将这些灵晶拆了带走都可以。 Therefore, they now most important snatches the buried treasure! 所以,他们现在最重要的就是抢宝藏! But his shouted that actually and nobody responded to him, all people do not dare to get rid. 可是他一声大喊却并没有人回应他,所有人还是不敢出手。 Your what is this? Did not reach an agreement to get rid?” That person is not glad. “你们这是什么意思?不是说好了一起出手的么?”那人不乐意了。 Everybody looks at each other one, you visit me, I visit you! 大家对视一眼,你望望我,我望望你! Good! This time we get rid together!” After a while, finally some people stand to say! “好!这一次咱们一起出手!”过了一会,终于有人站出来说道! The people clench teeth, is not several people, their here has several thousand people, couldn't have dealt with several people? 众人咬咬牙,不就是十几个人么,他们这里可是有着数千人,难道还对付不了十几个人? Even if Cheng Yu their strengths are very fierce, but absolutely will be impossible is they several thousand people of matches. 就算程宇他们的实力很厉害,但也绝对不可能会是他们几千人的对手。 Kills!” That person took the lead once more, gives a loud shout then they to kill toward Cheng Yu. “杀!”那人再次带头,大喝一声便朝着程宇他们杀过去了。 Kills!” Saw that some people moved, other people have not hesitated again, lift the sword also to turn toward Cheng Yu they to flush away. “杀!”看到有人动了,其他人也没有再迟疑,举着剑也向着程宇他们冲去。 Bang! 轰! But, they rush to 50% times actually suddenly by a formidable strength shooting, one crowd of person completely chaotic folding in the same place, distressed. 可是,他们冲到一半的时候却突然就被一股强大的力量给弹了回去,一群人全部混乱的叠在一起,狼狈不已。 Haha! Do not come to seize treasure? You come actually!” Xin Hai saw this appearance, in heart has felt relieved, originally they could not come in. “哈哈!你们不是要过来夺宝么?你们倒是过来啊!”心海看到这个样子,心中更是放心了,原来他们是真的进不来。 He is some worries, for fear that these fellows really flushed, must face several thousand individual him really unable to block all of a sudden. 本来他还是有些担心的,生怕这些家伙真的冲进来了,要一下子面对几千个人他还真是挡不住。 However was now good, they cannot come, what that also has to be good to fear? 不过现在好了,他们进不来,那还有什么好怕的呢? Although that taunted! 那就尽管嘲讽吧! What's all this about?” All people were ignorant at this moment, obviously, they have not expected this matter. “这是怎么回事?”所有人这一刻都懵了,显然,他们怎么也没有预料到这种事。 Bang! 轰! Some people have as if discovered anything, makes an effort a sword to strike toward front, is actually one crack. 有些人似乎发现了什么,朝着前面用力一剑击去,却是一声炸响。 At this time, front they saw together the curtain wall finally, the above five color energies were also flowing. These colors vanished quickly, that curtain wall could not look, resembled anything not to be different. 这个时候,他们终于看到面前一道幕墙,上面还有五种颜色的能量在流动。只是这些颜色很快就消失了,那道幕墙也看不出来了,就好像什么也没有一样。 How will here have a leaf of wall?” Sees this situation, all people had doubts. “这里怎么会有一扇墙呢?”看到这种情况,所有人都疑惑起来了。 Should be the reasons of these spirit crystals!” Some people are pointing under this day underground spirit crystal loud saying. “应该是这些灵晶的原因!”有人指着这天下地下的灵晶大声的说道。 Ruins these spirit crystals, they could not run away!” Some people proposed. “将这些灵晶毁掉,他们就跑不掉了!”有人提议道。 Great idea, to destroy these spirit crystals!” Although the spirit crystal is also very valuable, but they think that the buried treasures on Cheng Yu their hand definitely compare these spirit crystals to be valuable. “好主意,将这些灵晶毁了!”虽然灵晶也是很值钱的,可是他们认为程宇他们手上的宝藏肯定比这些灵晶还要值钱。 Therefore, ruins these spirit crystals not to have what to be good to be a pity! 所以,毁掉这些灵晶也就没有什么好可惜的了! Junior Brother Yu, won't these people ruin these spirit crystals really?” Right now Xin Hai they start to be worried. 宇师弟,这些人不会真的将这些灵晶毁掉吧?”这下子心海他们又开始担心起来了。 These people are really for coming out that buried treasure anything does! If the spirit crystal were destroyed, they can only fight. 这些人真是为了宝藏什么都干的出来!要是灵晶被毁了,那他们就只能一战了。 Relax, they, if can save us, we haven't saved a force component?” Cheng Yu is actually indifferent. “放心吧,他们要是能够将我们救出去,那我们不也省了一分力么?”程宇倒是无所谓。 Counter- under they cannot exit now, can feel coming out that from the curtain wall strength, this strength is very formidable. 反下他们现在也出不去,从刚才的幕墙力量就可以感觉的出来,这种力量是很强大的。 He actually somewhat was worried now can oneself exit, even if he had more than 20,000 graceful soldiers somewhat to be worried. 他现在倒是有些担心自己能不能出去了,哪怕他有20000多仙骨战士都有些担心起来了。 If when the time comes 20,000 graceful armies are unable to break through this curtain wall, they, only then cried. 要是到时候20000仙骨大军都无法攻破这道幕墙,那他们就真的只有哭了。 But their some these many people, we may not have this ability, copes with these many Great Ascension Stage Expert all of a sudden!” Xin Hai said. “可是他们有这么多人,我们可没有这个能力,一下子对付这么多的大乘期高手!”心海说道。 You did not need to be worried, I actually worried now we can exit. This curtain wall looks like very solid, if they saved really us, that naturally 20,000 bones of the dead soldiers coped with them!” Saying that Cheng Yu is worried about. “那你们就不用担心了,我现在倒是更担心我们能不能出去。这幕墙看起来很结实,他们要是真的把我们救出去了,那自然有20000白骨战士对付他们!”程宇担心的说道。 Cannot! Has your 20,000 bones of the dead soldiers, couldn't we have exited? If 20,000 bones of the dead soldiers cannot break this curtain wall, they could not break this curtain wall!” Xin Luo said. “不会吧!有你那20000白骨战士,我们还会出不去?要是20000白骨战士都破不开这幕墙,那他们这些人就更加破不开这幕墙了!”心洛说道。 They must break this curtain wall quite to be perhaps difficult, but they outside, must destroy these spirit crystals to be perhaps easier!” Cheng Yu said. “他们要破开这幕墙或许比较难,可他们在外面,要破坏那些灵晶或许就容易许多了!”程宇说道。 They now in these curtain walls, but these spirit crystals actually beside the curtain wall, he are want to ruin these spirit crystals to be unlikely. 他们现在是在这些幕墙之内,而那些灵晶却是在幕墙之外,他就算是想要毁掉那些灵晶都不太可能。 Therefore these people may help their busy actually! 所以这些人倒是有可能帮他们一个大忙! Listened to your such saying, I actually somewhat hope now they these spirit crystals ruining, otherwise us also really might unable to exit!” Xin Hai as if by the Cheng Yu words frightening. “听你这么一说,我现在倒是有些希望他们将这些灵晶给毁掉了,要不然咱们还真有可能出不去!”心海似乎是被程宇的话给吓到了。 If 20,000 bones of the dead soldiers cannot break this curtain wall, that issue may be serious. 要是20000白骨战士都破不开这幕墙,那问题可就严重了。 Bang! Bang! Bang! 轰!轰!轰! If, the people have attacked toward that several spirit crystal continuously several times, actually cannot give crushing these spirit crystals. 要是,众人朝着那几块灵晶连续攻了几次,却并没有能够将这些灵晶给击碎。 „Is this spirit crystal so how solid?” The people cannot believe. “这灵晶怎么这么结实?”众人都不敢相信。 The spirit crystal is actually quite crisp, so long as the strength suffices, is can very much easily spirit crystal crushing. 灵晶其实是比较脆的,只要力量够强,是很轻易就能够将灵晶击碎的。 But now their one group of people attack this spirit crystal is a matter do not have! 可是现在他们一群人攻击这灵晶却是一点事都没有!
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