GS :: Volume #7 东洲海外

#3097: Buried treasure on them!

How can like this? Had the thing to block us!” The people in great surprise, flush away toward outside immediately again. “怎么会这样?有东西挡住我们了!”众人顿时大惊,再一次朝着外面冲去。 But by that strength passing on! 可是还是被那股力量给传回来了! I know that this place does not suit, really has the plot!” Xin Hai said. “我就知道这个地方不对劲,果然有阴谋!”心海说道。 „Can't we say really?” Dongfang Feibai also is very anxious saying. “咱们不会真的说不去了吧?”东方飞白也很是紧张的说道。 First do not worry, we had a look to say again!” Cheng Yu has not thought that will have such matter. “先不要着急,我们看看再说!”程宇也没有想到会发生这样的事。 However they truly were stranded in this, moreover this strength is very strong! 但是他们确实是被困在这里面了,而且这种力量很强大! Junior Brother Yu, making your bones of the dead soldier come out, we can certainly clash!” Xin Luo said. 宇师弟,让你的白骨战士出来,咱们一定可以冲出去!”心洛说道。 First waits, we have a look at this first what's the matter!” Cheng Yu looks that still opens the mouth to say in the Djinn crystal of rise. “先等一下,我们先看看这到底是怎么回事!”程宇看着那还在上升的巨灵晶开口说道。 Cheng Yu, you looked that some people came!” But at this time, in Shuicheng unexpectedly one group of people flushed to here. 程宇,你们看,有人过来了!”可就在这个时候,水城之中竟然有一群人向这边冲来。 „Before these people are, by these people who the sea area ominous beast blocks, has not thought that they such quickly came!” Sees these people, Cheng Yu somewhat accidental saying. “这些人是之前被海域凶兽所挡住的那些人,没有想到他们这么快就来了!”看到那些人,程宇有些意外的说道。 Actually, this entire process and not long time, but these people appeared. 其实,这整个过程并没有多久的时间,可是这些人就已经出现了。 Perhaps is because run was too quick, these people became unite. But or their strengths must go this place absolutely are not the easy matter. 或许是因为自己跑的太快了,这些人又变得团结起来了。要不然以他们的实力要到达这个地方绝对不是易事。 At least in this sea area that many ominous beasts enough make them drink a pot. 至少这海域中那么多的凶兽就足够让他们喝一壶的了。 Oh! Do they now come? Wants them to appear earlier, perhaps we will not be stranded in this!” Xin Hai somewhat regrettable saying. “唉!他们怎么现在才来呢?要他们早点出现,我们或许就不会被困在这里面了!”心海有些遗憾的说道。 If these people appear ahead of time, they likely will have some conflicts, in this case, they will definitely not go to this square. 如果这些人提前出现,那他们可能就会发生一些冲突,这样的话,他们肯定不会跑到这广场里面来。 You said that they can save us to exit?” Chen Hongyuan said. “你们说他们会不会救我们出去?”陈宏远说道。 They are not silly, how to save us? They feared that is looks forward to us to be stranded in this!” Dongfang Feibai said. “他们又不傻,怎么会救我们呢?他们怕是巴不得我们被困在这里面呢!”东方飞白说道。 Now what to do should we? Can't be stranded together here?” Xin Hai said. “那我们现在该怎么办?总不能一起被困在这里吧?”心海说道。 Do not be anxious, if we clash now, cannot do well must fight them. Now we cannot exit, they definitely cannot come in!” Cheng Yu said. “别急,如果我们现在冲出去,搞不好还得跟他们打一场。现在我们出不去,他们肯定也进不来的!”程宇说道。 In this case, this inside buried treasure was not taken away by them, can we only look helplessly?” Xin Luo said. “可是这样的话,这里面的宝藏不就被他们拿走了,我们只能眼睁睁的看着了么?”心洛说道。 Where is so simple, you have a look, here at least several thousand people, you thought them if really had found the buried treasure, these people honest divides equally the buried treasure to everyone?” Cheng Yu said. “哪有这么简单,你们看看,这里至少有数千人之多,你觉得他们真要是找到了宝藏,这些人会老老实实的将宝藏平分给每一个人吗?”程宇说道。 They will definitely hit!” Xin Luo at present bright, excited saying. “他们肯定会打起来!”心洛眼前一亮,兴奋的说道。 This cannot, therefore they have discovered here buried treasure, is impossible to carry off immediately. When they kill one another, we have enough time to clash from here. “这不就得了,所以他们就算发现了这里的宝藏,也不可能马上就带走的。在他们自相残杀的时候,我们有足够的时间从这里冲出去。 Now they cannot come, we can stay out, could no one threaten us? 现在他们进不来,我们岂不是可以置身事外,谁也威胁不到我们了么? Moreover, I thought the buried treasure in this city not to be easy to find, happen to we now cannot exit, made them help us find. ” Cheng Yu said with a smile. 而且,我觉得这城中的宝藏不是那么容易找到的,正好我们现在出不去,就让他们去帮我们找好了。”程宇笑着说道。 Perhaps if only then they here, he also very much will worry, is thinking Mashangchong exits. 如果只有他们在这里,他或许还会很着急,想着马上冲出去。 But these people came, he not anxiously! 可是这些人来了,那他就不急着出去了! Makes them help itself seek for buried treasure! 就让他们帮自己寻找宝藏吧! Senior Brother, you look, isn't that boy?” That group of people had naturally discovered the square phenomenon, all people had to clash the square to rush. 师兄,你看,那不是那小子吗?”那群人自然是发现了广场的异象,所有人有都冲广场这边奔了过来。 But when they see the person in this square, all of a sudden was actually shocked. 可是当他们看到这广场上的人,却是一下子愣住了。 A Cheng Yu person broke through the sea area, they were impossible to go all out toward here to clash. 要不是程宇一个人冲过了海域,他们也不可能拼命往这边冲了。 However they poured must thank Cheng Yu, was because of his stimulation, therefore they under the meeting such big determination entered the sea area. 不过他们倒真得感谢程宇了,正是因为他的刺激,所以他们才会下这么大的决心进入海域。 This price is somewhat big, their several thousand people at least lost the larger part. Was good also killed the sea area because of afterward many influences, this made them clash together. 只是这个代价有些大,原本他们几千人至少损失了一大半。好在后来又有不少势力也杀进了海域,这样才让他们这些人一起冲了进来。 They also worried a Cheng Yu person came to carry off the buried treasure completely. 原本他们还担心程宇一个人进来把宝藏全部带走了。 But this fellow actually stands with one group of people above this square, what is this? 可是这个家伙却跟一群人站在这广场之上,这是什么意思? What meaning is this multi-colored ray? 还有这五彩缤纷的光芒是什么意思? Thought in this, only then that boy, has not thought that also some these many people first arrived unexpectedly. However they do not look for the buried treasure, what makes there?” Some people doubts, do not understand that these people early entered Shuicheng, actually treats in the square motionless. “原本以为这里面只有那个小子,没有想到竟然还有这么多人先到了。不过他们不去找宝藏,在那里做什么?”众人都有些疑惑,不明白这些人早早的进入了水城,却待在广场上不动。 Place not any barrier that because they blocks Cheng Yu, cannot see any color, therefore they do not know that Cheng Yu they were stranded in inside. 因为将程宇他们挡住的地方并没有任何的屏障,也看不到任何的颜色,所以他们并不知道程宇他们是被困在里面了。 Senior Brother, can they be have taken, there rest the buried treasure completely?” Raises high to say. 师兄,他们会不会是已经把宝藏全部拿到手了,正在那里休息呢?”高扬说道。 Hears words that raises high, many people changed the complexion, looked that their vision filled to Cheng Yu has killed intent. 听到高扬的话,不少人都变了脸色,看向程宇他们的目光充满了杀意。 The raising high words and have the truth, they come, but sometime, some time had enough time to move out the buried treasure. 高扬的话并不是没有道理,他们进来可是有一段时间了,这么一段时间可是有足够的时间将宝藏搬走了。 Must really be such words, they may unable to let off them! 要真是这样的话,那他们可就不能放过他们了! „Are you obtained buried treasure, knowing the limitation the buried treasure have handed over, we then put you to leave!” One group of people walk to go forward, raise the sword to point at Cheng Yu they to say. “你们是不是已经得到了宝藏,识相的将宝藏交出来,我们便放你们离开!”一群人走上前,提着剑指着程宇他们说道。 You are take!” Cheng Yu is actually not afraid, instead said to them with a smile. “那你还是自己来取吧!”程宇却是一点都不害怕,反而对他们笑着说道。 Haha! Is, has the skill you to take!” Other Xin Hai and people together have also smiled. “哈哈!就是,有本事你们自己来取啊!”心海和其他人也一起跟着笑了起来。 But other these people actually frowned! 可是另外的那些人却是皱起了眉头! Buried treasure had really been taken by them, fellow daoist, since now buried treasure in their hands, we when the time comes who has attained, must divide equally with everybody, how?” Some people noticed that Cheng Yu they so are unexpectedly favorite, in the heart is angry. “宝藏果然已经被他们取走了,道友们,既然现在宝藏在他们手上,咱们到时候无论是谁拿到了,都要跟大家均分,如何?”有人看到程宇他们竟然还如此得意,心中大怒。 However, Cheng Yu their words as if also confirmed the buried treasure on their bodies! 不过,程宇他们的话似乎也证实了宝藏就在他们的身上! Since we cooperated to come here together, everybody again cooperated one time, took the buried treasure, we naturally complied!” Has the response of people sound to say. “既然我们一起合作来到了这里,大家就再合作一次,将宝藏拿到手,我们自然是答应!”有人大声的回应道。 Now everybody has not seen the buried treasure, naturally was said that anything did not have the objection. 现在大家都没有看到宝藏,自然是说什么都没有异议了。 But after one will let really Cheng Yu hands over the buried treasure, that may be a different matter. Actually in everybody heart has own idea, at this time, will be nobody so will be naturally silly, offended all people all of a sudden. 可一会真的让程宇交出宝藏之后,那可就是另外一回事。其实大家心中都有自己的想法,不过在这个时候,自然是没有人会那么傻,一下子得罪了所有人。 Senior Brother, did you say the buried treasure really on them?” At the same time moreover in the crowd, the peasants were saying to Wu Tianyuan. 师兄,你说宝藏真的在他们身上吗?”另外一边人群之中,庄民对着吴天元说道。 This was very difficult saying that after all they came in compared with us first, these days they should have the opportunity to find the buried treasure also perhaps!” Wu Tianyuan shakes the head to say. “这个很难说,毕竟他们比我们先进来,这段时间他们应该有机会找到宝藏也说不定!”吴天元摇摇头说道。 He had been mistaken before actually, thinks that Cheng Yu is really only Great Ascension Middle Stage. 他之前倒是看走眼了,以为程宇真的就只是一个大乘中期而已。 But has not thought after this fellow enters the sea area, first has massacred two ominous beasts, afterward rides to be above mundane thoughts to go, compelling them to enter the sea area. 可是没有想到这个家伙一进入海域之后,先是杀掉了两只凶兽,随后更是一骑绝尘而去,逼得他们不得不进入海域。
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