GS :: Volume #7 东洲海外

#3096: By being stranded?

Sees the change of wooden spirit crystal, Cheng Yu hurries to look to outside, happen to saw that five turrets project five different color rays separately. 看到木灵晶的变化,程宇赶紧看向外面,正好看到五个塔楼分别射出五种不同颜色的光芒。 But these five rays aim at a place, that square. 而这五道光芒都指向一个地方,那正是广场。 Quick! Hurries the square to go!” Cheng Yu excited saying. “快!赶紧到广场去!”程宇兴奋的说道。 This place somewhat is far from the square, moreover had been tunnelled part of vision by some buildings, therefore is unable to see in the square at this moment the complete situation. 这个地方离广场有些远,而且被一些建筑物挡住了一部分视线,所以此刻无法看到广场上完整的情况。 However, Cheng Yu knows that this definitely is the good deed. 不过,程宇知道这肯定是好事。 The people also know that this situation might be the buried treasure be opened, where also dares to miss this opportunity, hurried to flush away to downstairs with Cheng Yu. 众人也知道这种情况有可能是宝藏被开启了,哪里还敢错过这个机会,赶紧跟着程宇向楼下冲去。 Got rich! Got rich! Then we certainly must obtain a huge buried treasure!” Xin Hai rushing square fast, while excited big shouting. “发财了!发财了!这下咱们肯定要得到一个天大的宝藏了!”心海一边飞快的奔向广场,一边兴奋的大喊道。 Must really be the buried treasure is good!” All people are very excited, they waited for at this moment waits was too long. “要真是宝藏就好了!”所有人都很激动,他们等待这一刻等的太久了。 However, now also had some strange phenomena, was the real buried treasure is very difficult to say. 不过,现在还只是出现了一些奇怪的现象,是不是真的宝藏还很难说。 However at least sees such scene, everybody's mood was transferred. 但是至少见到这样的场景,大家的情绪被调动起来了。 Although this turret to some square distances, is at their speeds, quick arrived in the square! 虽然这塔楼离广场有些距离,可是以他们的速度,还是很快就到达了广场上! Junior Brother Yu, what is this? How can we open the buried treasure?” Looks at all in this square, although the people are very excited, is also somewhat is ignorant. 宇师弟,这是什么意思呢?咱们要如何开启宝藏呢?”看着这广场上的一切,众人虽然很兴奋,却是也有些懵。 Sees only the five colors ray that shoots from five turrets to shoot separately on the five giant spirit crystals of square five corners. 只见从五座塔楼射过来的五色光芒分别射在广场五个角落的五块巨大灵晶上面。 But these five spirit crystals separately were also glittering at this time the different rays, each ray from under bright halos of light of block spirit crystal, each light halo unceasing migration upward, then moves back and forth to circulate from the spirit crystal. 而这五块灵晶这个时候也分别闪烁着不同的光芒,每一道光芒从一个块灵晶的下方亮起一个一个的光圈,每个光圈都不断的往上移动,然后又从灵晶下方往复循环。 Sees such situation, everyone somewhat was shocked. 看到这样的情况,每个人都有些愣住了。 Does not understand that this is any meaning! 不明白这又是个什么意思! Although because Cheng Yu the previous generation has the thought that the story compared with other people truly must many, but does not represent the matter of any Immortal cultivation he to be clear. 程宇虽然因为前世有思想,比起其他人来说阅历确实要多出很多,但是并不代表任何修仙之事他都能够清清楚楚。 At least the present situation he is also in the situation of completely ignorant compelling! 起码眼前的情况他也处于完全懵逼的情况! They as if in absorbed energy!” Cheng Yu arrived on these five spirit crystals to observe separately, finally opened the mouth to say. “它们似乎是在吸收能量!”程宇分别走到这五块灵晶上边观察了一番,最后开口说道。 „A their absorbed energy release energy, what is this?” The people have doubts to say. “它们一会吸收能量一会释放能量,这是什么意思?”众人疑惑道。 I have not understood!” Cheng Yu shakes the head to say. “我也没看懂!”程宇摇摇头说道。 He truly has not looked to understand that these things are any meanings! 他确实没有看明白这些东西到底是什么意思! That buried treasure where? I thought that here like does not have any buried treasure place!” Xin Luo observes the situation, had not discovered where has any buried treasure. “那宝藏到底在什么地方呢?我看这里不像是有什么宝藏的地方!”心洛环视一圈,根本就没发现哪里有什么宝藏。 Has the buried treasure I not to know, but the gadget definitely has any mystery!” Cheng Yu is staring at these five giant spirit crystals. “有没有宝藏我不知道,但是玩意肯定有什么玄机!”程宇盯着这五块巨大的灵晶。 Cheng Yu, do you have the discovery, were the energies of these five spirit crystals getting stronger and stronger?” Xin Yao goes forward to ask. 程宇,你有没有发现,这五块灵晶的能量越来越强了?”心瑶上前问道。 You said right, after these spirit crystals absorb the energy that five turrets have transmitted, truly was stronger and stronger!” Cheng Yu nods to say. “你说的没错,这些灵晶吸收了五座塔楼传递过来的能量之后,确实是越来越强了!”程宇点点头道。 This may really feel strange that you said white light that the beforehand that soars to the heavens actually for five lines of spirit crystal absorbed energy. But now do these five lines of spirit crystals actually in the release energy, this attract put uselessly?” Xin Hai said. “这可真是奇了怪了,你说之前那冲天的白光其实是为了五行灵晶吸收能量。可是现在这五行灵晶却又在释放能量,这一吸一放岂不是白搭了么?”心海说道。 Hears the Xin Hai words, Cheng Yu was somewhat silent. 听到心海的话,程宇有些沉默了。 In this square, actually very simple, has five giant spirit crystals in five corners. Moreover, has a bigger spirit crystal in the square center. 在这广场上,其实非常的简单,在五个角落有着五块巨大的灵晶。另外,在广场中央还有一块更大的灵晶。 Before that the unusual brightness of say/way soaring to the heavens can central this spirit crystal absorption come! 之前那道冲天的宝光就是能过中央这块灵晶吸收而来的! Cheng Yu looked at this center Djinn crystal, looked at the surrounding five spirit crystal, has a look at the distant place five turrets again, as if thought oneself have thought of something! 程宇看了看这中央这块巨灵晶,又看了周围的五块灵晶,再看看远处五座塔楼,似乎觉得自己想到了一些事情! You think to look, before that five lines of spirit crystals in absorbed energy, but where does the energy of absorption come? If I guess right, should be this Djinn crystal absorption the energy in world! “你们想想看,之前那五行灵晶是在吸收能量,而吸收的能量从哪里来呢?如果我猜的没错的话,应该是这块巨灵晶吸收的天地之中的能量! The energy of five lines of spirit crystal absorptions were getting fewer and fewer a moment ago, the energy that obviously they absorbed has achieved saturated! ” Cheng Yu thinks that opens the mouth to say. 刚才五行灵晶吸收的能量越来越少,可见它们所吸收的能量已经达到了饱和!”程宇想了想,开口说道。 Therefore they do start the release energy now? What that this attempts?” Xin Luo said. “所以现在它们又开始释放能量了?那这是图什么呢?”心洛说道。 You looked that these five spirit crystals I thought that although in absorbed energy, but from the situations of beforehand five lines of spirit crystal absorbed energy, they is just playing a role of transmission energy!” Cheng Yu leads everybody to arrive in front of the spirit crystal said together. “你们看,这五块灵晶我觉得虽然在吸收能量,但是从之前五行灵晶吸收能量的情况来看,它们只不过发挥着一个传递能量的作用!”程宇带着大家来到其中一块灵晶面前说道。 That how?” Xin Hai feels somewhat ignorant, as if some too did not understand that Cheng Yu said this saying is any meaning. “那又如何?”心海感觉有些懵,似乎有些不太理解程宇说这话是什么意思。 Cheng Yu, you say these five spirit crystals although now in absorbed energy, but can it finally these energy liberations?” Xin Yun seemed to be clear, opens the mouth to say. 程宇,你是说这五块灵晶现在虽然是在吸收能量,但是它最终还是要将这些能量释放出来的?”心韵似乎明白了一些,开口说道。 Senior Sister said right, I thought these five spirit crystals are not the energies that five lines of spirit crystals release finally place! This absorbed energy finally place may be this spirit crystal!” Cheng Yu arrives at the center to point at this biggest Djinn crystal to say. 师姐说的没错,我觉得这五块灵晶并不是五行灵晶所释放出来的能量的最终之地!这吸收能量的最终之地有可能是这块灵晶!”程宇又走到中央指着这块最大的巨灵晶说道。 But you did not say a moment ago, before five lines of spirit crystals , the absorbed energy absorbs the world energy to come by it? Since the energy of five lines of spirit crystal absorptions is it absorbs to come, why that five lines of spirit crystals do give back to it the energy? This did not eat to the full has supported?” Xin Hai said with a smile. “可是你刚才不是说,五行灵晶之前吸收能量就是靠它吸收天地能量而来的么?既然五行灵晶吸收的能量就是它吸收而来的,那五行灵晶为何又将能量还给它?这不是吃饱了撑的么?”心海笑道。 This Cheng Yu has not spoken, because he also thinks very strange. 这一次程宇没有说话,因为他也觉得很奇怪。 A moment ago are five lines of spirit crystals through them the energy absorption in the past, now they the energy liberation? This for what? 刚才五行灵晶就是通过它们才将能量吸收过去的,可是现在它们又将能量释放回来?这到底是为了什么呢? Whiz! 嗖! But at this time, the spirit crystals of square five corners suddenly projected five rays toward the central Djinn crystal! 可就在这个时候,广场五个角落的灵晶突然射出五道光芒朝着中央的巨灵晶而来! Dodge opens!” Saw that Cheng Yu is pondering, but he happen to have actually blocked a ray, Xin He hurries to shove open it. “快闪开!”看到程宇正在沉思,可是他却正好挡住了其中一道光芒,心河赶紧将它推开。 Although does not know that this ray can cause the damage to Cheng Yu, but all come is too quick, therefore the Xin He instinct shoves open Cheng Yu. 虽然不知道这光芒会不会对程宇造成伤害,但是一切来的太快,所以心河的本能就是将程宇推开。 No matter this ray does have the danger, so long as has not bumped into these rays should not wrong! 不管这光芒有没有危险,只要没有碰到那些光芒应该就没有错吧! Whiz! 嗖! The people avoid five rays, these five color varying rays happen to shot on the central Djinn crystal. 众人避开五道光芒,这五道颜色各异光芒正好射在了中央的巨灵晶上。 Fluttered, you looked that it fluttered!” Also this time, the central Djinn crystal unexpectedly gradually was fluttering. “飘起来了,你们看,它飘起来了!”也就在这个时候,中央的巨灵晶竟然缓缓的飘了起来。 However surrounding five spirit crystals the rays of ejection have actually linked on the Djinn crystal that raises slowly, caused to be only five water held down the ray to turn into the ray of oblique incidence. 但是周围五块灵晶的射出的光芒却一直连在缓缓升起的巨灵晶上面,使得原本只是五道水平抑光芒变成了斜射的光芒。 „Should we exit now?” Five rays on the central Djinn crystal, this probably built a shelf to be the same to them, but they under this shelf. “我们现在是不是应该出去呢?”五道光芒就连在中央的巨灵晶上,这就好像给他们搭了一个棚架一样,而他们正在这个棚架下面。 At this time, they like were wrapped a house inside, making Xin Luo they not have the security sense very much! 这个时候,他们就像被包裹在一个房子里面一样了,让心洛他们不是很有安全感! Walks! We exit first!” Cheng Yu has not seen this what's the matter, but, he thinks the words safety and reliability of Xin Luo for safety! “走!我们先出去!”程宇也没看出这到底是怎么回事,但是为了安全起见,他觉得心洛的话更加安全可靠! Bang! 砰! Their one group of people are preparing to clash, but rushes to the square edge time actually by a formidable strength shooting! 他们一群人正准备冲出去,可是冲到广场边缘的时候却被一股强大的力量给弹回来了!
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