GS :: Volume #7 东洲海外

#2932: War!

Although the Cheng Yu dragon flame has not burnt down these Sand Juchong directly makes him feel cleanly very accidental, but Dragon Yan very much has the lethality to these everybody. 虽然程宇的龙焱没有将这些沙巨虫直接焚烧干净让他觉得很意外,不过龙焱对这些大家伙还是很有杀伤力的。 Several burnt sand great insects hurried to drill to the yellow sand in have avoided the past. 好几只被烧伤的沙巨虫赶紧钻到黄沙之中躲避了过去。 In our advanced mountains and rivers chart!” Saw that these Sand Juchong ran away, Cheng Yu came back they to give to feed in Xin Hai the mountains and rivers chart without demur. “我们先进山河图内!”看到这几只沙巨虫逃了,程宇二话不说回来将心海他们给送进了山河图里面。 At this time, in other one side, his several women and Xin He they were actually being besieged by several Sand Juchong, is good the immortal mirror is formidable in several woman hands enough, not only the self-preservation does not have the issue, instead has also killed several. 此时,在另外一边,他的几个女人和心河他们却正在被好几只沙巨虫围攻着,好在几个女人手上的仙镜够强大,不仅自保没有问题,反而还杀了几只。 However, he a moment ago in that sand great polypite, as if held the great insect nest. 不过,他刚才在那沙巨虫体内的时候,似乎捅了巨虫窝了。 Although had been massacred several Sand Juchong by them, but has Sand Juchong to clash unceasingly from the yellow sand. 虽然被他们杀掉了几只沙巨虫,但是却还是有不断沙巨虫从黄沙之中冲出来。 Moreover, some Sand Juchong are very intelligent, they have not run out of the ground, but unceasing swallows the yellow sand in everybody's under foot. 而且,有一些沙巨虫很聪明,它们并没有冲出地面,而是不断的在大家的脚下吞噬黄沙。 As the matter stands, if some people were not careful that was given to swallow by them, that may be the dead end. 这样一来,若是有人不小心被它们给吞进去了,那可就是死路一条了。 Was good because of them is not the first experience to the strengths of these fellows, Cheng Yu such was swallowed down a moment ago, therefore everybody had already guarded. 好在他们也不是第一次见识到这些家伙的实力了,刚才程宇就是这么被吞下去的,所以大家早就有所防备。 Saw that the yellow sand of under foot sank, everybody hurried to skip, gave these Sand Juchong any opportunities radically. 一看到脚下的黄沙下沉了,大家就赶紧就跳转了,根本就给这些沙巨虫任何的机会。 However, the attack that some ground many Sand Juchong, this is also up and down, poured also really gives everybody to bring a bigger trouble. 不过,地上也有不少沙巨虫,这一上一下的攻击,倒也着实给大家带来了更大的麻烦。 Not only terrifying liquid that wants against ground these Sand Juchong to spurt, wants against the under foot to have Sand Juchong to be up to mischief. 不仅要防着地上那些沙巨虫所喷出来的恐怖液体,也要防着脚下是不是有沙巨虫搞鬼。 Cheng Yu sees this is not means that these many sand great insects appear here. In addition they are in the sand storm regions, these sand storm to their influences are also very big. 程宇见此也不是办法,这么多的沙巨虫出现在这里。再加上他们本来就是沙尘暴的区域内,这些沙尘暴对他们的影响也是十分大的。 When day topography, at this time to them very disadvantageous. 不管是天时还是地势,此时对他们都是非常的不利的。 In this case, he can only under potent drug. 在这种情况下,他只能下猛药了。 Sees only Cheng Yu on him on to draw out a small fire dragon from the big fire dragon of encirclement, then on a stroke toward own amethyst sword, this small fire dragon then entangled on this long sword. 只见程宇从环绕在他身上的大火龙身上引出一条小小的火龙,然后往自己的紫晶剑上一划,这小火龙便缠在这长剑上了。 You cope with the above sand great insect, I cope with below!” Cheng Yu loud shouting. “你们对付上面的沙巨虫,我来对付下面的!”程宇大声的喊道。 Cheng Yu settles on the submergence of ground the place, then rises with a spring, a sword downward inserts! 程宇看准地面下沉的地方,然后一跃而起,一剑往下插去! However, place that he punctures may not be the submersion place, but is submersion place side some. 不过,他刺下去的地方可并不是下沉的地方,而是下沉地的旁边一些。 The place that because sinks is these Sand Juchong big mouths, side is their bodies. Cheng Yu had one time to experience, is difficult to be inadequate these time also on own initiative to crash in others mouths to go inadequately? 因为下沉的地方正好是这些沙巨虫的大嘴,旁边才是它们的身体。程宇已经有过一次经验了,难不成这一次还主动冲进人家的嘴里去不成? Although he self-confident can clash again, but that feeling is not quite good. Moreover, he does not hope to do such stupid matter! 虽然他自信自己还是能够再冲出来,但是那种感觉并不太好。而且,他也不希望做这么愚蠢的事! Bang! 砰! A Cheng Yu sword punctures, only hears under the yellow sand crack, in the yellow sand has flowed out the disgusting mucilage unexpectedly. 程宇一剑刺下,只听到黄沙之下一声炸响,黄沙之中竟然流出了令人恶心的粘液。 Regarding this situation, Cheng Yu is quite satisfied, these fellows also really think that they did hide under the yellow sand take them not to have the means? 对于这种情况,程宇还是比较满意的,这些家伙还真的以为它们躲在黄沙之下就拿它们没有办法了么? I must have a look at you to have many but actually to suffice me to kill!” Cheng Yu has also gotten angry, no matter the strong winds dust storm blows is violent, but he actually does not fear. “我倒要看看你们有多少够我杀的!”程宇也是怒了,不管狂风沙暴吹的多么猛烈,但是他却丝毫不惧。 At this moment, in his eyes, cleanness that only then a goal, must kill here all sand great insects. 此时此刻,在他的眼中,只有一个目的,就是要将这里所有的沙巨虫都杀的干干净净。 These fellows not only disgusting, but also strength is very strong. 这些家伙不仅恶心,而且实力很强。 Although there is Cheng Yu, but some that many people were given to injure by them, obviously this gadget really is not quite good to cope. 虽然有程宇在,可是还是有那么多人被它们给伤到了,可见这玩意是真的不太好对付。 If this time is not they appears here, trades to do is Nine Great Aristocratic Family several other teams, feared that must leave the important matter. 如果这一次不是他们出现在这里,换作是九大世家的另外几个队伍,怕是要出大事了。 These people of dynasty, after all their people are actually many, even if met this gadget definitely also to have some casualties, but compared to Nine Great Aristocratic Family, that was absolutely strong to be too many. 倒是王朝的那些人,毕竟他们人多,哪怕真的遇到了这玩意肯定也会有一些伤亡,但是比起九大世家,那绝对是强出太多了。 At least wants to come in him, dynasty can pass through this desert absolutely. 至少在他想来,王朝是绝对可以穿过这片沙漠的。 Above the yellow sand, there is Xin Yao they to lend a hand to solve, but under the yellow sand can only solve by him. 黄沙之上,有心瑶她们出手解决,而黄沙之下就只能由他去解决了。 Then, they unexpectedly have killed a double-hour in this place, these by the sand great insect corpse that they massacred much by this terror sand storm suction. 就这样,他们竟是在这个地方杀了一个时辰,那些被他们杀掉的沙巨虫尸体不少都被这恐怖的沙尘暴给吸走了。 Otherwise, at this moment, here feared early is the corpse everywhere. 要不然,此时此刻,这里怕早已经是尸体满地了。 However, making one feel that what was strange, these Sand Juchong unexpectedly after this sand storm left, they also vanished to disappear! 不过,令人感到奇怪的是,这些沙巨虫竟然在这沙尘暴离开之后,它们也消失不见了! These fellows ran finally!” Xin He this hands over tired may be really unbearable. “这些家伙总算是跑了!”心河这一交累的可真够呛的。 At this time his body everywhere is the scar, probably by the sharp sword pierces, on the face also has several bloodstains. 此时他的身上到处都是伤痕,就好像是被利剑刺穿的一样,就连脸上也有好几道血痕。 This is by sharp sword storm blowing, but finally passed in this sand storm well. 这是被利剑般的暴风给刮的,不过好在这沙尘暴总算是过去了。 These Sand Juchong as if with sand storm!” Saying of Xin Yao doubts. “这些沙巨虫似乎是跟着沙尘暴的!”心瑶疑惑的说道。 Perhaps!” Cheng Yu nods, he understood before the sand great insect that is not this, perhaps these are only Sand Juchong the varieties, in brief now walked, this is a good deed. “或许吧!”程宇点点头,他以前了解到的沙巨虫并不是这样的,或许这些只是沙巨虫的变种吧,总之现在都走了,这便是一件好事。 Sand storm passed, here should not present the sand storm temporarily again, these time had several people injured, we temporarily first rested!” Cheng Yu also relaxed. “沙尘暴已经过去了,这里暂时应该是不会再出现沙尘暴了,这一次有好几人受伤了,我们就暂时先休息一下吧!”程宇也是松了一口气。 Although massacres several Sand Juchong is not very difficult, but wants these everybody moment, they must tighten the nerve. 虽然杀掉几只沙巨虫并不是很困难,可是只要这些大家伙一刻不走,他们就必须绷紧神经。 In addition the sand storm for a very long time does not go, this also makes them be very worried. 再加上沙尘暴久久不去,这也让他们挺担心的。 Now was good, no matter the sand storm is also good, is Sand Juchong, vanished to disappear, they can also rest well. 现在好了,不管是沙尘暴也好,还是沙巨虫,都已经消失不见了,他们也能够好好休息了。 But before several other injured person Xin Hai and Xin Luo have Cheng Yu, Spirit Water that gives, Chen Hongyuan and Eastern hollow-stroke in Chinese calligraphy do not have. However, in the mountains and rivers chart, they also directly put out own Spirit Water to give Chen Hongyuan and Eastern hollow-stroke in Chinese calligraphy use. 而另外几个受伤的人心海心洛都有程宇之前给的神水,陈宏远和东方飞白却没有。不过,在山河图里面,两人也直接拿出了自己的神水陈宏远和东方飞白使用。 Has this Spirit Water, although cannot be able to cure their injuries immediately, but at least can prevent the injury to expand immediately, moreover injury also in restoration slowly. 有这神水在,虽说不能马上就能够治好他们的伤势,但是至少能马上阻止伤势扩大,而且伤势也在慢慢的恢复。 Actually, by the Spirit Water strength, the general injury can quickly restore, is this wound actually cannot, obviously this Sand Juchong is really not simple, at least their this moistens the fluid is very fearful. 其实,以神水的力量,一般的伤势都能够迅速恢复,可是这伤口却不能,可见这沙巨虫还真是不简单,至少它们的这沾液就很可怕。 Cheng Yu, are you all right?” The fight ended, several women arrive at the Cheng Yu side, all asking of worry. 程宇,你没事吧?”战斗结束,几个女人来到程宇的身边,无不担心的问道。 Although now Cheng Yu station well here, but remembers the beforehand that matter, their has a lingering fear to the present at heart. 虽然现在程宇好好的站在这里,可是一想起之前的那事,她们的心里到现在还是心有余悸。 I am all right, are you all right?” Cheng Yu shakes the head. “我没事,你们没事吧?”程宇摇摇头。 He knows himself, when was only pouched the belly by that Sand Juchong they definitely are worried. 他知道自己在被那只沙巨虫吞进肚子的时候她们肯定是很担心的。 However, oneself are not that easily can be handled. 不过,自己也不是那么轻易就能够被搞定的。 Actually, even if had been pouched in the belly by that everybody, but he has many methods to clash. Then all came was too quick, therefore also somewhat were flustered at that time, therefore also lost some time. 其实,即便自己被那大家伙吞进了肚子里,但是他却有很多种方法冲出来。只是当时的一切来的太快了,所以就连自己当时也有些慌张了,因此也耽误了一些时间。 Otherwise after he was swallowed, immediately flushed. 要不然在他被吞噬之后,马上就冲出来了。 Always was worried for oneself by own woman, Cheng Yu thought one are really is also very failed. 总是让自己的女人为自己担心,程宇觉得自己还真是挺失败的。 However at that time he had not thought that many, but saw that Lan Ya and Yang Ruoxue have the danger, he could not control that many, even if were dangerous, he will not have any hesitation! 不过当时他也没有想那么多,只是看到兰雅杨若雪有危险,他就管不了那么多了,哪怕再危险,他都不会有任何的犹豫!
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