GS :: Volume #7 东洲海外

#2933: The night sues the heart!

After a soul-stirring war, everybody somewhat was so tired. 经过这么一场惊心动魄的大战,大家都有些累了。 Although in the mountains and rivers chart is very suitable everybody to rest, but is actually not all people can go. 虽然山河图里面很适合大家休息,不过却不是所有的人都能够进去。 They at least also want some people to protect outside are good, therefore Cheng Yu must certainly remain. 他们至少也要有人在外面守护才行,所以程宇是肯定要留下来的。 However, Cheng Yu remained, his several women definitely also hoped to accompany in his side. Especially the beforehand matter, making them extremely be afraid. 不过,程宇留下来了,他的几个女人肯定也希望陪在他的身边。尤其是之前的事,让她们太过害怕了。 They are unable to imagine do not have the Cheng Yu day to meet are what kind of! 她们无法想象没有程宇的日子会是怎样的! Among these women except for Xin Yao is the people of Secular World, if no appearance of Cheng Yu, they will marry the different people absolutely, perhaps these years come, they had already given birth to the child, is living the life of helping the husband godchild. 这些女人当中除了心瑶都是世俗之人,如果没有程宇的出现,她们绝对都会嫁给不同的人,也许这些年过来,她们早就已经生下孩子,过着相夫教子的生活。 But the appearance of Cheng Yu obviously even changed including the values their world outlooks. 可是程宇的出现显然把她们的世界观甚至连价值观都改变了。 Moreover they have also stepped onto with other Secular World person of entirely different lives, even can't they call the mortal now? 而且她们也走上了与世俗其他人截然不同的人生,甚至她们现在也都不能称之为凡人了吧? They can like Cultivation World other people, mount the clouds and ride the mist, turn the mountain but actually sea, was omnipotent. 她们能够像修真界的其他人一样,腾云驾雾,翻山倒海,无所不能了。 In these years practicing years, Cheng Yu obviously became part in their life. If did not have Cheng Yu, they only think their life no longer complete. 在这些年的修行岁月里,程宇显然已经成为了她们生命中的一部分。如果没有了程宇,她们只觉得自己的生命将不再完整。 If Cheng Yu has had an accident, perhaps they lonely spend one's last years, will not have the one's beloved. Perhaps lives several thousand years later, they then sad leaves this world. 如果程宇真的出事了,她们或许孤独终老,再也不会有心上人。也许活上个几千年之后,她们便悲伤的离开这个世界吧。 Flies upwards Immortal World? 飞升仙界 If did not have Cheng Yu, where also has Immortal World? They were will again definitely not continue to practice. 如果没有了程宇,哪里还有仙界呢?她们是肯定不会再继续修炼了。 Is good flashes past because of all these not good thought that now Cheng Yu perfect standing before everybody, this is an unprecedented happiness. 好在这一切不好的念头都只是一闪而过,如今程宇完好无损的站在大家面前,这是一种前所未有的幸福。 With the beloved person in the same place, is really a very happy matter!” Yang Ruoxue closes right up against Cheng Yu to say with emotion. “跟自己心爱的人在一起,真的是一件非常幸福的事!”杨若雪靠着程宇感慨道。 Several women are also nods, obviously, at this time the mood of several women with Yang Ruoxue unexpectedly are extraordinary same. 几个女人也是不由的点点头,显然,此时几个女人的心境跟杨若雪竟是出奇的相同。 Sorry, making you be worried!” Cheng Yu guilty saying. “对不起,让你们担心了!”程宇愧疚的说道。 Said sorry should be we, if for us, you will not have this matter!” Yang Ruoxue tight grabs the arm of Cheng Yu, for fear that really will lose Cheng Yu to be common. “说对不起的应该是我们,如果不是为了我们,你也不会发生这种事!”杨若雪紧紧的抓着程宇的手臂,生怕自己真的会失去程宇一般。 Cheng Yu show both hands, sit above the yellow sand, will encircle in own side several women hugs in the same place. 程宇一展双手,坐在黄沙之上,将围在自己身边的几个女人都抱在一起。 Women were many, gives a complete hug unable to achieve continually. 女人多了,连给一个完整的拥抱都做不到。 Regarding this point, the Cheng Yu innermost feelings are very actually guilty. 对于这一点,其实程宇的内心挺愧疚的。 Initially in Secular World, oneself extremely has truly indulged, solid these many good women. But actually could not give their complete loves, therefore, he can only love each of them with his life. 当初在世俗,自己确实是太过放纵了,结实了这么多的好女人。可是自己却给不了她们完整的爱,所以,他只能用自己的生命去爱她们每一个人。 If he today to rescue Lan Ya and Yang Ruoxue has had an accident, perhaps to several other women, is an extremely unfair matter. 如果他今天为了救兰雅杨若雪真的出事了,或许对另外几个女人来说,是一件极其不公平的事。 But, regarding Cheng Yu, these woman any must exceed own life. 可是,对于程宇来说,这些女人任何一个都要胜过自己的性命。 If the front has the danger, he easily will perhaps not attempt, because this will possibly lose own life, he thought that his life is very important. 若是前方有危险,他或许不会轻易去尝试,因为这可能会失去自己的性命,他觉得自己的性命很重要。 But if her woman has had an accident, no matter the front has bad risk how, he definitely will not have a hesitation, even if offers own life also to refuse to balk. 可若是自己的女人出事了,不管前方有多么凶险,他也绝对不会有一丝的犹豫,哪怕献出自己的性命也在所不惜。 Because own woman own life is important! 因为自己的女人比自己的性命还要重要! I had said that will not make you have this worry again. But I made an indiscreet remark, perhaps my commitment book is the impossible matter. Forever is unable to give each of you like me the complete love. “我曾经说过,不会再让你们有这种担心。可是我却失言了,或许我的承诺本就是不可能的事。就像我永远无法将完整的爱给你们每一个人一样。 Therefore, later I will again not speak this words. However, I will say, no matter later has any situation, I will protect you with my life, until death continuous! ” Cheng Yu serious saying. 所以,以后我不会再说这种话了。但是,我还是会说,不管以后发生什么情况,我都会用自己的生命保护你们,至死不休!”程宇郑重的说道。 I know that we know! We have not blamed you, our only hopes can with you forever in the same place, never separate!” Several woman affected saying. “我知道,我们都知道!我们从来都没有怪过你,我们唯一的希望就是能够与你永远在一起,永不分离!”几个女人感动的说道。 Has the matters of several women regarding Cheng Yu, perhaps they are unable to accept from the beginning, is after these many life and death Chongqing, they early have regarded their family member the opposite party. 对于程宇有几个女人的事,她们一开始或许无法接受,可是经过这么多的生死相渝,她们早已经把对方当成了自己的亲人。 Like this time, who depends on Cheng Yu to be nearer, they have not cared. 就像此时,谁靠程宇更近,她们都已经不在意了。 They are also very clear, because of matter, Lan Ya and Yang Ruoxue at heart is most painful, full feels sorry. 她们也很清楚,因为刚才的事,兰雅杨若雪的心里是最痛苦的,满满的都是歉疚。 Therefore, very much they are tactful the recent two positions will have given them. 所以,她们很识趣的将最近的两个位置让给了她们。 They care, has Cheng Yu to their hearts. So long as Cheng Yu is invariable to their hearts, they then forever accompany in the Cheng Yu side, does not leave not abandoned. 她们在意的,只有程宇对她们的心。只要程宇对她们的心不变,她们便是永远陪在程宇的身边,不离不弃。 Relax, we will not leave, we forever in the same place, never will separate!” Cheng Yu shakes the hands of several women completely in the same place, at this moment, in his heart besides warm and affected, one point of responsibility and commitment. “放心吧,我们谁都不会离开的,我们会永远都在一起,永不分离!”程宇将几个女人的手全部握在一起,这一刻,他的心中除了温暖和感动之外,还有一分责任与承诺。 Several people sit on the yellow sand, was relating respectively such concern, this is very rare matter. 几人坐在黄沙上,各自诉说着这样的心事,这是非常难得的事。 Several other people also know that Cheng Yu and his woman must sue the heart, therefore they initially were tactful chose entered the mountains and rivers chart, but made their several remain to accompany Cheng Yu. 其他几人也知道程宇和他的女人要诉衷情,所以他们当初很识趣的就选择了进入山河图,而让她们几个留下来陪着程宇 However, Cheng Yu also completely sealed up mountains and rivers chart, making them unable to see cannot hear outside all. 不过,程宇也将山河图完全封闭起来了,让他们看不到也听不到外面的一切。 This evening, this desert, being doomed is him with own woman! 这个晚上,这片沙漠,注定是属于他跟自己的女人的! Looks that the space greatly specially is specially round specially bright moon, at this moment, oneself are really incomparably satisfied. 看着天上特别大特别圆特别亮的月亮,这一刻,自己是真的无比满足。 Some wives so, husband duplicate what Qiu? 有妻如此,夫复何求? Evening's Cheng Yu has not rested, talks of this and that with several women. They very long such alone had not talked openly, several women also felt that is specially happy. 一个晚上程宇都没有休息,跟几个女人谈天说地。他们已经很久没有这么单独的谈过心了,几个女人也感觉特别开心。 Looks that own woman is so easy to satisfy, Cheng Yu innermost feelings guilty was more abundant. In the heart pledged secretly that later must accompany them to be good frequently in this manner. 看着自己的女人这么容易满足,程宇的内心的愧疚更盛了。心中暗自发誓,以后一定要经常以这样的方式来陪陪她们才行。 But several other people were so safe in the mountains and rivers chart and suitable practice place have led a pious life a evening, basically did not have what to obstruct greatly. 而其他几个人在山河图这么安全又适合修炼的地方修行了一个晚上,基本上也没有什么大碍了。 Even if were Xin Hai their several long is also healed by the meat that the mucilage perished, although has not grown the new meat completely, but since did not have what to be dangerous but actually. 就算是心海他们几个被粘液腐蚀掉的肉也已经长愈合了很多,虽然还没有完全长出新肉,从但是倒也没有什么危险了。 Obviously this Spirit Water also is really very mysterious, believes that so long as drinks one bottle again, after 1-2 days, can heal basically completely. 可见这神水还真是非常的神奇,相信只要再喝一瓶,经过一两天的时间,基本就能够完全愈合了。 Cheng Yu sees everybody state of mind to be good, moreover Xin Hai they also vigorously request, therefore also no longer said anything, has put them completely. 程宇见大家精神状态都不错,而且心海他们自己也极力要求,所以也不再多说什么,将他们全部放了出来。 If keeps in them the mountains and rivers chart, but they experience dangers outside, believe them impatiently only. 要是把他们留在山河图里面,而他们在外面历险,相信他们只会更加的心急。 Junior Brother Yu, last night beautiful scenery on a beautiful day, some beautiful women accompany, has thought is very happy?” A Xin Hai face badly said with a smile. 宇师弟,昨夜良辰美景,又有美人相伴,想必过的很幸福吧?”心海一脸坏笑道。 It seems like yesterday's injury was too light, it seems like today I must ask several Sand Juchong to come back again, in this case, you will again possibly indulge in flights of fancy!” Cheng Yu looks at the opposite party to say with a smile. “看来昨天的伤势还是太轻了,看来今天我还得再去找几只沙巨虫回来,这样的话,你可能就会再胡思乱想了!”程宇看着对方笑道。 „, Yesterday my was too negligent, therefore did not have the small accident carefully. If they also dare to come today, I protect to string together completely them, then put in BBQ to roast drinking!” Xin Hai shameless one red, supports the neck to say! “切,昨天我那是太大意了,所以才不小心发生了一点小意外而已。要是今天它们还敢来,我保护将它们全部串起来,然后放到烧烤架上烤了下酒!”心海老脸一红,不由撑着脖子说道!
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