GS :: Volume #7 东洲海外

#2931: Siege!

The sand storm was still curling everybody in crazy raiding, several people of safety masks to by this storm cutting the skin, the body everywhere is the wound. But such terrifying sand storm takes to the injury of people actually to be well below that Sand Juchong. 沙尘暴仍在疯狂的袭卷着大家,好几人的防护罩都已对被这暴风给刮破了,身上到处都是伤。可是这么恐怖的沙尘暴所带给众人的伤害却远远不及那一只沙巨虫。 Especially Cheng Yu several women, Cheng Yu unexpectedly by sand great insect swallowing, this is the matter how they are unable to accept. 尤其是程宇的几个女人,程宇竟然被沙巨虫给吞噬了,这是她们怎么都无法接受的事。 The Cheng Yu accident makes them is absentminded, no matter how these yellow sand storms blow on them, they are not willing to leave here one step. 程宇的意外让她们变得失魂落魄,不管这些黄沙暴风如何吹在她们身上,她们都不愿意离开这里一步。 We will not leave, we must wait for him to come back here.” “我们不会离开,我们要在这里等着他回来。” If we left now, he when the time comes came back definitely unable to find us, we must wait for him to come back!” No matter but how several women the people persuaded, is not willing to exit. “如果我们现在离开了,他到时候回来了也肯定找不到我们了,我们一定要等他回来!”可是几个女人不管众人如何劝说,也不愿意出去。 The tears are contaminating the yellow sand, but their nobody cares, in their eyes only then despairs and sad. 泪水沾染着黄沙,可是她们没有一个人在意,她们的眼中只有绝望和悲伤。 If Cheng Yu is not, they here are accompanying the beloved person! 如果程宇不在,那她们就在这里陪着自己心爱的人吧! Encircles them, do not make the storm sweep them!” Xin He does not hope to have such matter, is things have gotten to this point, what means can they have? “把她们围起来,不要让暴风将她们吹走!”心河也不希望发生这样的事,可是事已至此,他们又能够有什么办法呢? Cheng Yu not, then they at least must maintain the safety of his several woman. 程宇不在了,那么他们至少也要保住他的几个女人的安全。 These women were extremely sad, unexpectedly is whatever the sandstorm blows breaks to pieces their safety masks, the body everywhere is the scar. But they actually still crazy is digging the yellow sand of ground. 这几个女人太过悲伤了,竟是任由风沙刮碎她们的防护罩,身上已经到处都是伤痕。可是她们却仍然疯狂的刨着地上的黄沙。 Although knows that does this no helps radically, but at this time, actually and nobody prevented them. 尽管知道这样做根本就是于事无补,但是这个时候,却并没有人去阻止她们。 If whatever but, these women such get down, that has not waited to rescue Cheng Yu, they feared that was must be neglected by this endless yellow sand! 可是,如果任由这几个女人这么下去,那还没等将程宇救出来,她们怕是就已经要被这无尽的黄沙湮没了! Protects them, at least can not make the yellow sand storm blow, causes a bigger damage to them. 将她们保护起来,至少可以不让黄沙暴风吹进来,给她们造成更大的伤害。 Blames me, if to not save me, he will not have an accident, is my mistake!” In the Lan Ya heart is extremely sad. “都怪我,如果不是为了救我,他也不会出事,都是我的错!”兰雅心中极其难过。 But nearby Yang Ruoxue is so. 而一旁的杨若雪又何尝不是如此。 Because a moment ago Cheng Yu to save them, by the body trial danger, gave to push them, but he had actually sacrificed himself. 刚才因为程宇为了救她们,才以身试险,将她们两人给推了出来,可是他却牺牲了自己。 Every so often, when one for another side loses the life, everybody always thinks very affected. When such matter true occurrence, some are actually not moved, but is sorrowful, sorrow of dying by heartbreak. 很多时候,当一方为了另一方失去性命的时候,大家总是觉得很感动。但是当这样的事真正的发生的时候,有的却并不是感动,而是悲痛,伤心欲绝的悲痛。 Saw how many women so are sad, what to do don't the people know should? 看到几个女人都如此伤心,众人也不知道该怎么办? Now they can only do as far as possible helps them block this everywhere the yellow sand and storm. Although this for them is not an easy matter, but they must such do. 他们现在唯一能够做的就是尽量帮她们挡住这漫天的黄沙和暴风。虽然这对他们来说并不是一件容易的事,但是他们必须这么做。 Even if the strength worst Eastern hollow-stroke in Chinese calligraphy in this case, was clenches teeth to insist. 哪怕是实力最不济的东方飞白在这种情况下,也是咬着牙坚持下来了。 Cheng Yu was swallowed is extremely for him shocking, in his eyes, the Cheng Yu strength most is at least immeasurably deep. 程宇被吞对他来说太过震惊,至少在他的眼中,程宇的实力最是深不可测的。 However, who thinks that Cheng Yu does meet first to have an accident unexpectedly? 然而,谁又会想到程宇竟然会第一个出事呢? Remembers Cheng Yu to rescue from the danger him, in his heart specially uncomfortable. But in this case, what can he make? 想起程宇把他从危难之中救出来,他的心中就特别的难受。可是在这种情况下,他又能够做什么呢? Only can do like other people, encircles his several women in the middle, does not make these sandstorm injure them as far as possible! 唯一能够做的就是像其他人一样,将他的几个女人围在中间,尽量不让这些风沙去伤害她们吧! Bang! 砰! But while everybody sad extremely, suddenly hears one in the place of their not far away crack, the yellow sand blowout of ground, was a person's shadow has spurted from the yellow sand unexpectedly. 可就在大家都极度难过的同时,在他们不远处的地方突然传来一声炸响,地上的黄沙喷出,竟是一个人影从黄沙之中喷了出来。 Is Junior Brother Yu! Junior Brother Yu is all right!” Xin He at present bright, excited big shouting. “是宇师弟宇师弟没事!”心河眼前一亮,兴奋的大喊道。 The people turned head to look, if is really Cheng Yu, immediately in heart great happiness. 众人回过头来一看,果真是程宇,顿时心中大喜。 Especially Cheng Yu several women, this think that is these people comforts them intentionally, when saw Cheng Yu appears, all people weep. 尤其是程宇的几个女人,本以为是这些人故意安慰她们,可是当看到程宇真的出现的时候,所有人都喜极而泣。 Cheng Yu is all right really!” Joy of this dying and being reborn, only then they can understand. 程宇真的没事!”这种死而复生的喜悦,只有她们才能够理解。 This is a happiness! 这是一种幸福! Cheng Yu!” Several women shout to say. 程宇!”几个女人大喊道。 Shouts, while overran. 一边大喊,一边就冲了过去。 At this moment, they only hope that can have the arms of oneself beloved person. 这一刻,她们只希望能够拥有自己心爱之人的怀抱。 Do not come, everybody hurries to leave here!” But Cheng Yu sees these people unexpectedly also here, immediately the complexion big change. “不要过来,大家赶紧离开这里!”可是程宇看到这些人竟然还在这里,顿时脸色大变。 Especially saw that several women clash, in the heart worried. 尤其是看到几个女人冲过来,心中更是着急了。 Cheng Yu can live coming out, this to all people are a lucky and excited matter. 程宇能够活着出来,这对所有人来说都是一件幸运而又激动的事。 But, they actually see on the face of Cheng Yu, not only nobody half minute is joyful, instead anxiously, the people are very puzzled. 可是,他们却看到程宇的脸上不仅没人半分欣喜,反而焦急不已,众人很是不解。 However, as if has not needed Cheng Yu to explain anything. 不过,似乎已经不需要程宇去解释什么了。 su rustle! 簌簌簌! At this time, they then saw the yellow sand of ground unexpectedly is a large area of submersion! 就在这个时候,他们便看到地面的黄沙竟是大面积的下沉! What's all this about?” “这是怎么回事?” Probably is Sand Juchong!” “好像是沙巨虫!” Truly is Sand Juchong, but probably more than one!” The people looked that this situation does not suit obviously. “确实是沙巨虫,不过好像不止一只!”众人一看这情况明显不太对劲啊。 However, they are not silly, saw this yellow sand downward sinks, the first response is hurries to run! 不过,他们也不傻,看到这黄沙一片一片的往下沉,第一个反应就是赶紧跑! Whiz whiz whiz! 嗖嗖嗖! But, in their front, was giant Sand Juchong flushed from the yellow sand unexpectedly. 可是,在他们的前面,竟是一个一个巨大沙巨虫从黄沙之下冲了出来。 puff! 噗噗噗! Was several Sand Juchong then has spouted unexpectedly its unique mucilage toward the people without demur. 为首几只沙巨虫竟是朝着众人二话不说便喷出了它那特有的粘液。 Xin Hai in most front, the result without enough time has hidden radically, by this mucilage moistening the body, safety mask was perished immediately directly, moreover together was also corroded together with his body. 心海在最前头,结果根本就来不及躲了,被这粘液给沾到了身体,顿时身上的防护罩直接被腐蚀掉了,而且连同他的身上也一起被腐蚀了。 However, is not only then he such is not in luck, at the same time, his behind Chen Hongyuan and Eastern hollow-stroke in Chinese calligraphy cannot escape by luck, was moistened the fluid contaminating by these, the body also presented the corrosions of varying degrees. 不过,并不是只有他一个人这么不走运,与此同时,还有他身后的陈宏远和东方飞白也未能够幸免,也都被这些沾液给沾染到了,身上也出现了不同程度的腐蚀。 ! 啊! Several people of painful crying then accordingly fall to the ground, but these Sand Juchong actually project their head antennas, will pour in several of ground entangles, then drags to toward own mouth send. 几人痛苦的大叫一声便应声倒地,可是那些沙巨虫却是将它们头上触角射出,将倒在地上的几个一缠,便拖着要往自己的嘴里送去。 Deserves death/Damn!” Cheng Yu then also flustered. “该死!”程宇这下也是慌了。 One are because the method protects the body, can therefore enter Sand Juchong within the body to be safe and uneventful by oneself. 自己是因为手段护体,所以才能够让自己进入了沙巨虫的体内安然无事。 But if they entered Sand Juchong within the body, that directly by the liquid of their within the body perishing? 可若是他们进入了沙巨虫的体内,那还不直接被它们体内的液体给腐蚀掉了? Whiz! 嗖! Cheng Yu sends own speed display in this moment, rushes to Sand Juchong the front reckless, then several swords lighten, instantaneously the antennas of these fellows cutting off. 程宇在这一刻将自己的速度发挥至极致,不顾一切的冲到沙巨虫的面前,然后几剑闪出,瞬间就将这些家伙的触角给斩断了。 Although Xin Hai they were rescued by themselves, their injuries were it seems like heavy. 虽然心海他们算是被自己解救了,不过他们的伤势看来不轻。 However he actually could not control their injuries at this time, because these Sand Juchong antennas were cut, gave to enrage them, the massive liquids have spurted toward Cheng Yu. 但是他此时却管不了他们的伤势了,因为这些沙巨虫的触角被斩,更是将它们给激怒了,大量的液体朝着程宇喷了过来。 ! 哧! However Cheng Yu had already prepared, a left hand racket, a fire dragon diving posture, but encircles Cheng Yu in the middle, then opens mouth spurts. 不过程宇早就有所准备,左手一拍,一条火龙飞身而出将程宇围在中间,然后张嘴一喷。 At present immediately changes into a sea of fire, all liquid flash burnt down drops do not remain. 眼前顿时化为一片火海,所有的液体一瞬间就被焚烧的一滴不剩。 What is fiercer, these flame continued to spurt toward these Sand Juchong. 更加厉害的是,这些火焰继续朝着这些沙巨虫喷了过去。 Squeek psst! 吱吱吱! Compared with Phoenix Flame, this Dragon Yanke is not ordinary. Although these greatly fat insect is fierce, but in this Dragon Yan is actually fiercer, even if there are such strong winds dust storm unable it to blow out. 比起凤炎,这龙焱可就更不一般了。这些大肥虫虽然厉害,可是在这龙焱却是更加厉害,哪怕有如此狂风沙暴也无法将其吹灭。 However what makes Cheng Yu unexpected is, he thinks that the dragon flame can the dregs that they burn not remain, these fellow pitiful yells that but the fact actually burns are unceasing! 不过让程宇意想不到的是,他以为龙焱能够将它们烧的连渣都不剩,可事实却只是烧的这些家伙惨叫不断而已!
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