GLD :: Volume #29

#2828: Only the hand keeps off Divine Elephant

bloodline Divine Ability-- Divine Elephant Charge! 血脉神通——神象冲撞 Shortly, Hell Elephant Cecilio dashes, its within the body countless Hell's Divine Elephant cell boiling gets up, as if each cell contain Lesser Thousand Worlds energy. 顷刻间,地狱象塞西利奥冲撞过来,它体内无数地狱神象细胞沸腾起来,似乎每一颗细胞蕴含着一个小千世界能量 it is obvious that its within the body contain Strength of Hell actually how fearful, said that it is strength strongest devil is not overrated, it dashes, simply is the landslide tsunami, gathers together just like several thousand Great Thousand Worlds strength, emits has World Exterminating Power, is If Gods block, kill the Gods, the demon keeps off to kill the demon seriously. 可想而知体内蕴含地狱之力究竟是多么的可怕,说它是力量最强恶魔也不为过,它冲撞过来,简直就是山崩海啸,宛如数千座大千世界力量集合在一起,散发灭世之力,当真是神挡杀神,魔挡杀魔。 vaguely, its body was wrapped by infinite Hell Strength of Source, formed huge energy cover, under impediment of this energy cover, achieved Myriad Laws Immunity realm. 隐约之间,它身体被无穷的地狱本源之力包裹起来,形成了巨大的能量罩,在这能量罩的阻挡之下,达到了万法不侵境界 Process that it dashes, body totally becomes Tyrant body condition, all Divine Ability technique laws have no function to it, was repelled completely by Hell Strength of Divine Elephant, instantaneous rebound. 它冲撞的过程,身体完全成为了霸体的状态,一切神通术法都对它没任何作用,全部都被地狱神象之力排斥出去,瞬间反弹。 Why in reality this is Hell's Divine Elephant can dominate one of the Hell reasons, it has pinnacle strength, can rebound invalid all Divine Ability technique laws, crushes all by strength. 事实上这便是地狱神象为何能称霸地狱的原因之一,它拥有极致的力量,能将一切的神通术法都反弹无效化,以力量压倒一切。 Even if this Hell Elephant Cecilio does not have Hell's Divine Elephant is so terrifying, but as inheriting Demon God bloodline descendant, can still present that terrifying Boundless Demon God Strength of Bloodline. 即使这地狱象塞西利奥没有地狱神象这么恐怖,但是作为继承了魔神血脉后裔,依然能呈现出那恐怖无边魔神血脉之力 Was too strong.” “太强了。” Worthily was inheritance Hell's Divine Elephant bloodline devil, this strength simply is unable to resist.” “不愧是传承地狱神象血脉恶魔,这股力量简直是无法抵挡。” It is said under Cecilio full power dashing, once had High Grade Hell Plane by the trace that it hit presents is unable to restore, does not know that many devil changed into the muddy flesh.” “据说塞西利奥全力冲撞之下,曾经都有高等地狱位面都被它撞得出现了无法修复的痕迹,不知道多少恶魔化为肉泥。” although Hell Elephant Cecilio not mastery Divine Ability technique law, but by this pure strength, can steamroll all devil, really praise to the heavens.” 虽然地狱象塞西利奥精通神通术法,但是凭借这种纯粹的力量,都能碾压一切恶魔,实在是叹为观止。” Numerous Invincible Devil see this, pupil shrink, each one is the shock, even if they once countless time making a move that has seen Hell Elephant Cecilio, but each incomparable exclamation. 众多无敌恶魔看到这一幕,瞳孔收缩,个个都是震惊不已,哪怕它们曾经无数次见过地狱象塞西利奥的出手,但是每一次都无比的惊叹。 That is ordinary devil is unable to be a worthy opponent, purest Strength of Divine Elephant. 那是普通恶魔根本无法匹敌,最为纯粹的神象之力 Is collides one time, it is estimated that overwhelming majority devil by living killing, will be changed into one group of muddy fleshes, will be shaken ashes including soul under such dashing. 仅仅是碰撞一次,估计绝大部分的恶魔都会被活生生的撞死,化为一团肉泥,连灵魂都会在这样冲撞之下被震成齑粉 This is very simple, rude and unreasonable, can say the primitive method, but lets Hell Elephant Cecilio vertically and horizontally/able to move unhindered Hell, even Invincible Devil to its become terror-stricken at the news. 这很简单,很蛮横,可以说得上原始的手段,但是却让地狱象塞西利奥纵横地狱,连无敌恶魔都对它闻风丧胆 Even if among on the scene made into severely wounded Invincible Devil to be not infrequent by Hell Elephant Cecilio, therefore it can convene many Invincible Devil to hold the conference, each Invincible Devil must give it the face. 即使在场当中地狱象塞西利奥打成重伤的无敌恶魔都不在少数,所以它才能召集诸多无敌恶魔来举行会议,每个无敌恶魔都得给它面子。 However because its speed was inferior that strength is so terrifying, therefore Invincible Devil, even if cannot be victorious this Hell Elephant Cecilio, they can still escape by speed. 不过因为它的速度不如力量这么恐怖,所以无敌恶魔们即使打不过这地狱象塞西利奥,它们凭借速度也是能逃命。 Otherwise if Hell Elephant Cecilio speed can also follow, has become Azure Lotus Hell absolute Overlord. 否则若是地狱象塞西利奥速度也跟得上的话,早就成了青莲地狱的绝对霸主了。 Good strength.” “不错的力量。” Xia Ping raised the eyebrow, he can also feel Hell Elephant Cecilio that is not possible the reasonable brute force, the opposite party to be he has also seen strength strongest Invincible Saint, is extremely persistently unreasonable. 夏平挑了挑眉,他也能感受到地狱象塞西利奥那不可讲道理的蛮力,对方也是他见过力量最强无敌圣人,太过蛮不讲理。 As if solely by the within the body strength fresh breeze, can break the countless Divine Ability technique law, cracks-up Strength of Law. 似乎单单是凭借体内力量的劲风,都能震碎无数神通术法,撞碎法则之力 If the beforehand Xia Ping's words, can only yield and withdraw facing this strength, but after obtaining Azure Lotus Hell's Source infinite blessing, he already not such strength paying attention to. 如果是之前的夏平的话,面对这股力量只能是退避三舍,不过得到了青莲地狱本源的无穷加持之后,他已经不将这样的力量放在眼里了。 in a flash, he acted, stands in in the midair, Hell Elephant Cecilio that looks at dashing comes, his hand prevents like this in front of Hell Elephant Cecilio. 瞬息之间,他出手了,站在半空当中,看着冲撞而来的地狱象塞西利奥,他一只手就这样阻挡在地狱象塞西利奥面前。 Thump! 咚! The next second, dashes Hell Elephant Cecilio that rude and unreasonable to pinnacle strength, seems several thousand Great Thousand Worlds the steamroll comes, making this piece of Hell's void explode simultaneously broken general. 下一秒,地狱象塞西利奥蛮横到极致的力量冲撞过来,仿佛是数千座大千世界同时碾压而来,使得这片地狱虚空爆碎一般。 Any Invincible Devil is hard to contend with this pure brute force, as if Hell's void cannot even withstand this terrifying strength fluctuation, one after another shattered gets up, is ordinary just like the glass, Kāchā made noise, presented densely packed void cracks, such void cracks was also ordinary just like the spider web. 任何一尊无敌恶魔都难以抗衡这股纯粹的蛮力,似乎连地狱虚空都承受不住这股恐怖的力量波动,纷纷破碎起来,宛如玻璃一般,咔嚓作响,出现了密密麻麻虚空裂痕,这样的虚空裂痕也宛如蜘蛛网一般惊人。 However in this instantly, was actually prevented this rude and unreasonable to pinnacle strength, a hand pressed like this on the head of Hell Elephant Cecilio. 但是就在这个刹那,这股蛮横到极致的力量却是被阻止了下来,一只手就这样按在了地狱象塞西利奥的脑袋上面。 Obviously this is only again ordinary hand, but actually trigged dashing of Hell Elephant Cecilio, as if all brute forces arrive in front of this hand, vanishes disappear without trace, was swallowed cleanly. 明明这只是个再普通不过的手,但是却制住了地狱象塞西利奥的冲撞,似乎所有的蛮力来到这只手面前,都消失得无影无踪,被吞噬得干干净净。 Whatever Hell Elephant Cecilio uses full power, face is red, can’t do anything about it advance slightest. 任凭地狱象塞西利奥倾尽全力,脸蛋通红,都没办法前进分毫。 Is impossible, cracks a joke, a hand prevented dashing of Hell Elephant Cecilio, this was insane.” “不可能,开什么玩笑,一只手就阻挡住了地狱象塞西利奥的冲撞,这是疯了吧。” Was we were definitely insane, was too tired presented illusion inevitably, how possibly to have devil to block Cecilio.” “肯定是我们疯了,必然是太累了才出现幻觉,怎么可能有恶魔挡得住塞西利奥。” Was insane, was really was thoroughly insane, what this did in the end have?!” “疯了,真是彻底疯了,这到底是发生了什么?!” Numerous Invincible Devil frightened was ignorant, simply cannot believe own eye. 众多无敌恶魔吓得都懵了,简直是不敢相信自己的眼睛。 At this moment was known as that Hell strength strongest Cecilio, puts forth Divine Elephant Charge, such dashing was known as that even High Grade Hell Plane dislodges the fissure strength. 此刻号称地狱力量最强塞西利奥,使出神象冲撞,这样的冲撞号称连高等地狱位面都撞出裂痕的力量 However at this moment, actually by a hand to with no difficulty prevented, probably stubbornly holds down general. 但是此时此刻,却是被一只手给轻而易举的阻挡了下来,好像被死死的按住一般。 Such absurd fact asked how they can believe. 这样荒谬的事实试问它们如何能相信。 Not is only these Invincible Devil cannot believe, even Hell Elephant Cecilio is unable to accept the present fact, its simply was insane, because loses to other devil on strength, this simply had the destructive attack to its psychology. 不仅是这些无敌恶魔不敢相信,连地狱象塞西利奥也无法接受眼前的事实,它简直都疯了,因为在力量上面输给其他恶魔,这简直是对它心理产生了毁灭性的打击。 Is impossible, you are only trivial thin and small devil, how possibly a hand blocked as Hell strength strongest devil attack, what crafty plots and machinations your did in the end put forth?” “不可能,你只是区区瘦小的恶魔而已,怎么可能一只手就挡住了身为地狱力量最强恶魔攻击,你到底使出了什么阴谋诡计?” Hell Elephant Cecilio roared, whole face was unwilling. 地狱象塞西利奥咆哮一声,满脸的不甘心。 What a pity it is at cost of the life unable to shove open at present this fellow, as if that hand on covered and contained everything, but it is not shoving open devil, but is shoving open entire Hell plane(s) general. 可惜它拼了老命都无法推开眼前这家伙,似乎那一只手就包罗万象,而它不是在推开一个恶魔,而是在推开整个地狱位面一般。 How to its trying hard, to be doing not studiously, is shaking big tree general like Ant. 任凭它如何努力,都只是在做无用功,如同蚂蚁在撼动大树一般。 strength strongest devil?” 力量最强恶魔?” Hears this saying, Xia Ping light saying: Fellow who really sits the well view day, who in the end was gave your such title, solely was this strength words also says no on strongest.” 听到这话,夏平淡淡的说道:“真是坐井观天的家伙,到底是谁给了你这样的称号,单单是这点力量的话还说不上最强。” to be honest obtained Azure Lotus Hell's Source strength blessing Xia Ping, his within the body strength simply is vast and limitless, in an instant can transfer entire Azure Lotus Hell strength. 说实话得到了青莲地狱本源力量加持夏平,他体内力量简直无穷无尽,一念之间就能调动整个青莲地狱力量 It can be said that Hell Elephant Cecilio is not contending with Xia Ping, but is contending with entire Azure Lotus Hell, asked how Invincible Devil strength can compare entire High Grade Hell Plane. 可以说地狱象塞西利奥不是在抗衡夏平,而是在抗衡整个青莲地狱,试问一尊无敌恶魔力量如何能比拟整个高等地狱位面 Moreover Azure Lotus Hell is also not ordinary High Grade Hell Plane, but toward Demon God plane(s) Evolution world, this compared to other ordinary High Grade Hell Plane not to know formidable many. 而且青莲地狱还不是普通高等地狱位面,而是朝着魔神位面进化世界,这比起其他普通高等地狱位面不知道强大了多少。 Trivial Hell Elephant wants to contend with Xia Ping at this moment, that is having a dream. 区区地狱象就想来抗衡此刻的夏平,那就是在做梦了。
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