GLD :: Volume #29

#2829: Divine Elephant Tramples

Aaah, I do not believe not to be victorious you, trivial small and weak can devil, how be able to block to have Hell's Divine Elephant bloodline me? Gives me to go to dead Ah! 啊啊啊,我就不相信打不过你,区区弱小恶魔而已,怎么能挡得住拥有地狱神象血脉的我?给我去死啊! Hell Elephant Cecilio got angry, the thorough violent anger, erupts the terrifying from it Demon God aura, as if within the body each Hell's Divine Elephant cell erupts. 地狱象塞西利奥怒了,彻底暴怒,从它身上爆发出恐怖的魔神气息,似乎体内每一颗地狱神象细胞都爆发出来。 Is centered on its body, Stimulation has infinite blood-colored rays of light, as if the back presented Hell's Divine Elephant phantom, emits had/left suppression infinite Hell mighty power. 以它的身体为中心,激发出无穷的血色光芒,似乎背后出现了一尊地狱神象虚影,散发出镇压无穷地狱伟力 bloodline Divine Ability-- Divine Elephant Tramples! 血脉神通——神象践踏 in a flash, Hell Elephant Cecilio Stimulation whole body Strength of Bloodline, almost used full power, four look like the hoof to trample in Hell's void among. 瞬息之间,地狱象塞西利奥激发全身血脉之力,几乎是倾尽了全力,四只象蹄践踏在地狱虚空当中 huā lā lā ~ ~ 哗啦啦~~ When does not know, in the midair presented millions and millions Hell Elephant unexpectedly, they covered this region, roared towards the sky, four look like the hoof to trample crazily 不知道什么时候,半空当中居然出现了亿万地狱象,它们覆盖了这片区域,仰天长啸,四只象蹄都在疯狂践踏 Is one second, millions and millions Hell Elephant as if had a millions and millions trillion vibration, simultaneously erupts terrifying the strength of vibration, as if detonated the sound wave that breaks world is common. 仅仅是一秒的时间,亿万地狱象似乎就产生了亿万兆的震动,同时爆发出恐怖的震动之力,仿佛引爆了震碎世界的音波一般。 „It is not good, removes quickly, Hell Elephant Cecilio thorough was insane.” “不好,快撤,地狱象塞西利奥彻底疯了。” Cannot mix absolutely, otherwise must die without doubt.” “绝对不能掺和进去,否则必死无疑。” Unexpectedly compels Cecilio to display Divine Elephant Tramples, what background this devil Fengdu is in the end?” “居然逼得塞西利奥施展出神象践踏,这恶魔酆都到底是什么来头?” Numerous Invincible Devil complexion big change, lose one's head out of fear. 众多无敌恶魔脸色大变,惊慌失措 They know Hell Elephant Cecilio strongest Secret Art-- Divine Elephant Tramples, this Secret Art makes Hell Elephant change into millions and millions clone, produces millions and millions giant elephant to trample the Hell phenomenon. 它们可是知道地狱象塞西利奥最强绝学——神象践踏,这门绝学地狱象化为亿万分身,产生亿万巨象践踏地狱的异象。 The strength of trampling each Hell Elephant has, as if can crush Great Thousand Worlds general. 每一头地狱象产生的践踏之力,似乎都能粉碎一座大千世界一般。 But the strength of trampling millions and millions Hell Elephant has simultaneously, that is what kind of terrifying, even this trampling strength can also each other superimpose, layer upon layer pack, is ordinary like ocean waves one after another, forms landslide tsunami general destruction power. 亿万地狱象同时产生的践踏之力,那是何等的恐怖,甚至这股践踏之力还能彼此叠加起来,层层叠叠,如同一波又一波的海浪一般,形成山崩海啸一般的破坏力 Such attack is regional, can cover to count the hundred thousand light year. 这样的攻击是范围性的,能够覆盖数十万光年。 Initially Hell Elephant Cecilio had also displayed this move several times, but every displayed one time is loss of life, will count the hundred thousand light year the region to raze to the ground. 当初地狱象塞西利奥也曾经数次施展过这一招,但是每一次施展出来都是生灵涂炭,将数十万光年的区域都夷为平地。 Even if Void Monster cannot block Hell Elephant Cecilio such Divine Elephant Tramples, as if steps on, can make undying and unextinguished Void Monster change into the muddy flesh, within the short time is unable to restore. 哪怕是虚空怪物也挡不住地狱象塞西利奥这样的神象践踏,似乎一脚踩下去,就能让一头不死不灭虚空怪物化为肉泥,短时间之内都无法恢复。 Naturally such attack does not divide the enemy and ourselves, once displays, this strength will come the person on one's own side to affect, enemy and ourselves both sides will be killed by Hell Elephant Cecilio. 当然这样的攻击也是不分敌我的,一旦施展出来,这股力量来自己人都会波及到,敌我双方都会被地狱象塞西利奥杀死。 Therefore generally, Hell Elephant Cecilio will not display this move, didn't expect in the past shortly, Cecilio put forth the enemy and ourselves entirely burn style. 所以一般情况下,地狱象塞西利奥也不会施展出这一招,没想到才过去没多长时间,塞西利奥就使出了敌我俱焚的招式。 sōu sōu sōu!!! 嗖嗖嗖!!! Invincible Devil are frightened out of life, one after another runs away, tries to be far away from this Divine Elephant Tramples fight range. 一尊尊无敌恶魔吓得要命,纷纷逃窜出去,试图远离这神象践踏的战斗范围。 hōng lóng lóng ~ ~ ~ 轰隆隆~~~ Sees only to erupt terrifying the strength of vibration from Hell Elephant Cecilio, as if formed most fearful vibration law, changes into the millions and millions trillion destruction ripple, presents black Strength of Destruction. 只见从地狱象塞西利奥身上爆发出恐怖的震动之力,似乎形成了最为可怕的震动法则,化为亿万破坏波纹,呈现出黑色的破坏之力 Such vibration ripple steamroll comes, simply crushes all, as if Mori fluctuation is common, disappears all matter. 这样的震动波纹碾压过来,简直是粉碎一切,宛末日波动一般,泯灭一切的物质 noisy!” 聒噪!” Xia Ping said merely this, is centered on his body, the surrounding area counted the whatever happens/10 million light year Hell Space-Time static, as if even the time stagnated. 夏平仅仅是说了这一句,以他的身体为中心,方圆数千万光年的地狱时空都静止了下来,似乎连时间都停滞了。 All Invincible Devil stopped, at this moment let alone their body are unable to move, even if the thought stopped, as if at this moment changed into absolute rest condition general. 所有的无敌恶魔都停止了下来,此刻别说它们的身体无法动弹,就算是思维都停止了,似乎此刻化为了一个绝对静止的状态一般。 This is Xia Ping at this moment, obtained Azure Lotus Hell's Source strength blessing, his simply achieved realm as soon as the law is promulgated it will be enforced. 这便是此刻的夏平,得到了青莲地狱本源力量加持,他简直是达到了言出法随的境界 He at Azure Lotus Hell among, can transfer Azure Lotus Hell world 3,000 Laws, he is this world God, can with no difficulty the revolution of change this world. 他处在青莲地狱当中,就能调动青莲地狱世界三千法则,他便是这个世界神明,能轻而易举的改变这个世界的运转。 Vanishes.” “消失吧。” Xia Ping wields gently, thump, Time-Flow Speed returns to again normal, but millions and millions Hell Elephant clone was patted at this moment crushes, changed into Void. 夏平轻轻一挥,咚的一声,时间流速再次恢复正常,但是此时此刻亿万地狱象分身都被拍得粉碎,化为了虚无 All Hell Elephant the strength of trampling were counter-balanced, disappear without trace that all destruction power also vanish, as if all strength were levelled general by mighty strength. 所有的地狱象的践踏之力都被抵消,所有破坏力也消失的无影无踪,仿佛所有的力量都被一股伟大力量抹平一般。 What?! 什么?! After the time restores the normal speed of flow, numerous lose one's head out of fear Invincible Devil were ignorant, their originally is plans to run away, keeps one's distance from Hell Elephant Cecilio attack. 时间恢复正常流速之后,众多惊慌失措无敌恶魔都懵了,它们本来是打算逃窜,远避地狱象塞西利奥攻击 However at this moment, Hell Elephant Cecilio attack is actually vanishes disappear without trace. 但是此时此刻,地狱象塞西利奥攻击却是消失得无影无踪 If not their sensations is clear, they think that the matter of a moment ago is illusion. 如果不是它们的感知真真切切,它们都以为刚才发生的事情是幻觉 But most dumbfounded Hell Elephant Cecilio, it does not have the anger, without vitality │ angry, some startled and vacant, does not know that had anything. 可最懵逼的还是地狱象塞西利奥,它没有愤怒,没有生气,有的只是愕然和茫然,根本不知道发生了什么。 Because it does not know how oneself strongest strikes in the end to vanish, as if oneself crashed into dreamland among to be common, were all had a dream before inadequately?! 因为连它都不知道自己的最强一击到底是怎么消失的,似乎自己坠入了梦境当中一般,难道之前发生的一切都是做梦不成?! Crashes.” “坠落吧。” Has not waited for Hell Elephant Cecilio to understand anything, a Xia Ping finger/refers, referred to gently on Hell Elephant Cecilio. 没有等地狱象塞西利奥想明白什么,夏平轻轻一指,指在了地狱象塞西利奥身上。 Thump! 咚! in a flash, originally crashes all of a sudden in in the midair Hell Elephant Cecilio, just like meteorite pounding ruthlessly on Earth, pounded huge deep hole generally forcefully. 瞬息之间,本来半空当中地狱象塞西利奥一下子就坠落下去,宛如陨石一般狠狠的砸在大地上,硬生生砸出了一个巨大的深坑 Immediately appeared densely packed on Hell Elephant Cecilio, is congealed the law chains that by gravity law, suppresses all of a sudden Hell Elephant Cecilio. 顿时在地狱象塞西利奥身上浮现了密密麻麻的,由重力法则凝成的法则锁链,一下子就将地狱象塞西利奥镇压起来。 This seems the millions and millions trillion place's mountain suppression general in Hell Elephant Cecilio, even if Hell Elephant Cecilio has again formidable strength, is unable to work loose. 这就好像亿万兆座的大山镇压在地狱象塞西利奥一般,哪怕地狱象塞西利奥有再强大力量,也无法挣脱。 damned Fengdu, actually you made what, what made to me, lets loose me a bit faster?!” 该死的酆都,你究竟做了什么,对我做了什么,快点放开我?!” Hell Elephant Cecilio was ignorant, it discovered that according to oneself Wudi(Invincible) brute force, is unable to stand vertically and horizontally/able to move unhindered at this moment from the ground, as if own four limbs by seal generally. 地狱象塞西利奥都懵了,它发现按照自己纵横无敌的蛮力,此时此刻都无法从地面上站起来,似乎自己的四肢都被封印了一般。 How to its trying hard, is unable to work loose from such terrifying gravity. 任凭它如何努力,都无法从这样的恐怖重力下面挣脱出来。 This regarding rude and unreasonable incomparable Hell Elephant Cecilio, simply is biggest suffering. 这对于一直蛮横无匹的地狱象塞西利奥来说,简直就是最大的折磨。 It sends out to roar, tries to work loose. 它发出咆哮,试图挣脱。 However such gravity law was fusion entire Azure Lotus Hell's Source condensed, this equivalent to High Grade Hell Plane came to suppress Invincible Devil. 但是这样的重力法则乃是融合了整个青莲地狱的本源凝聚出来,这相当于一个高等地狱位面前来镇压无敌恶魔 How to Hell Elephant Cecilio vitality │ angry, is unable to work loose from such gravity law seal, its this moment simply is small and weak must be similar to most ordinary devil. 任凭地狱象塞西利奥如何生气,都是无法从这样的重力法则封印之下挣脱出来,它此刻简直弱小得如同最普通恶魔 no way.” 不会吧。” Numerous Invincible Devil see this, their innermost feelings gush out the endless terrified, cannot bear swallow the saliva, showed the unbelievable look. 众多无敌恶魔看到这一幕,它们内心涌出无尽的惶恐,忍不住咽了咽口水,露出了难以置信的神色。 That Hell Elephant Cecilio is what kind of terrifying Invincible Devil, might be considered as Half-Step Demon God, but now is ordinary like the baby, did not have the strength of resistance to be tidied up by this devil Fengdu generally. 地狱象塞西利奥是何等恐怖的无敌恶魔,堪称是半步魔神,但是现在却是如同婴儿一般,毫无反抗之力一般被这恶魔酆都收拾了。 If they do not see this, will be will not believe such fact absolutely. 如果它们不是看到这一幕的话,是绝对不会相信这样的事实的。
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