GLD :: Volume #27

#2601: A little inflation

Haha, succeeded.” 哈哈,成功了。” Xia Ping extremely excited, within the body blood in boiling. 夏平兴奋不已,体内血液都在沸腾 in reality before he acts, innermost feelings deep place is also more or less is a little on nettles, was worried that can have what accident/surprise, but actually the didn't expect matter progresses is so smooth. 事实上在他出手之前,内心深处也是多多少少有点忐忑不安的,也担心会出现什么意外,但是却没想到事情进展这么顺利。 in reality this matter any Immemorial Saint can achieve, the issue pulls to enter own within the body space Evil Ghost and Demonic Evil, this radically is the behavior of suicide. 事实上这种事任何太古圣人都能做得到,问题是将恶鬼魔孽拉扯进入自己的体内空间,这根本就是自杀的行为。 Because Evil Ghost is extremely fearful Yellow Springs creature, their speed without speaking, body is shadowless and invisible, can penetrate overwhelming majority spaces, if since oneself within the body world, by Evil Ghost following the within the body space, will enter to Sea of Consciousness deep place instantaneously, swallows own soul. 因为恶鬼可是一种极为可怕的黄泉生物,它们的速度无声无息,身体无影无形,能穿透绝大部分的空间,若是进入自己体内世界的话,瞬间就会被恶鬼顺着体内空间,进入到意识海深处,吞噬自己的灵魂 Moreover these Demonic Evil are also quite terrifying. 而且这些魔孽也极为恐怖。 They in within the body world among destruction, unceasing emits will have fearful corrosion strength wantonly, less than several time of breath, these Immemorial Saint will become Demonic Evil by corrosion, loses the reason, degenerates thoroughly. 它们也会在体内世界当中大肆破坏,不断的散发出可怕的侵蚀力量,不到几个呼吸的时间,那些太古圣人就会被侵蚀魔孽,失去理智,彻底堕落。 This seems Sun Wukong to enter the belly of Ox Demon King, Havoc in Heaven, does the Ox Demon King chicken feather duck blood. 这就好像孙悟空进入牛魔王的肚子,大闹天宫,搞得牛魔王鸡毛鸭血。 Also only has Gaia this unique Universe creature to achieve this thing, will not greatly be injured by oneself. 也唯有盖亚这种独特的宇宙生物才能做到这种事,不会让自己受到巨大伤害。 No, should say that only has Xia Ping such unique Gaia creature, Innate has to detain all Evil creature Gaia spaces, can the effortless suppression, detain Evil Ghost and Demonic Evil like this. 不,应该说唯有夏平这样独特的盖亚生物,天生就具备关押一切邪恶生物盖亚空间,才能这样轻松镇压、关押恶鬼魔孽 If other Gaia also wants to handle the same matter, that brought about own destruction, their within the body world are impossible to resist Demonic Evil virus Infection, will die a tragic death. 若是别的盖亚也想做同样的事情,那就是自寻死路了,它们的体内世界也不可能抵挡得住魔孽们的病毒感染,会死得很惨。 If also wants to prevent Evil Ghost, that is more impossible. 若是还想阻挡恶鬼,那就更加不可能了。 To block Evil Ghost, that is because of the Xia Ping's Gaia clone within the body space, contain Yellow Springs law, Death Law, Curse law, Darkness Law wait/etc. Strength of Law. 想要挡住恶鬼,那是因为夏平的盖亚分身体内空间,蕴含黄泉法则,死亡法则,诅咒法则,黑暗法则等等法则之力 Only has such strength to prevent fleeing of Evil Ghost. 唯有这样的力量才能阻挡恶鬼的逃离。 Interesting.” “有意思。” Xia Ping touches the chin, after his sensation to these Evil Ghost and Demonic Evil enter oneself Gaia space, these Monster sensations to did not seem right, everywhere destruction. 夏平摸了摸下巴,他感知到这些恶鬼魔孽进入自己的盖亚空间之后,这些怪物似乎也感知到了不对劲,到处破坏 These Evil Ghost want to use oneself talent Divine Ability, tries to leave this place, escapes into Void. 那些恶鬼更是想利用自己的天赋神通,试图离开这个地方,遁入虚空 However has no use, his within the body Gaia space is Chaos one piece, where has anything to be able destruction, how whatever Demonic Evil go wild, they also hit the air. 但是根本没任何用处,他体内盖亚空间本身就是混沌一片,哪里有什么东西能破坏,任凭魔孽们如何抓狂,它们也只是打空气而已。 To leave as for these Evil Ghost, is only pipe dream, under impediment of Gaia barrier, their talent Divine Ability will expire entirely, can only wander in surroundings, was detained permanently. 至于那些恶鬼想离开,也只是痴人说梦,在盖亚障壁的阻挡之下,它们的天赋神通通通都会失效,只能在周围游荡,被永久关押。 Moreover detained hundred thousand Demonic Evil, over ten thousand Evil Ghost, he thought that own mentality a little inflated, even Invincible Saint he thought that oneself can try, provokes 12. 而且关押了十万魔孽,上万头恶鬼,他觉得自己心态都有点膨胀了,连无敌圣人他觉得自己都可以去试试,挑衅一二。 If releases these Monster, created destruction power, simply is unable to imagine. 若是将这些怪物释放出来,造成的破坏力,简直是无法想象。 Naturally he also thinks, will not do that dead to cope with Invincible Saint. 当然他也只是想一想,也不会这么作死去对付无敌圣人 After all if Invincible Saint wants, perhaps a thought that can hit to explode him. 毕竟要是无敌圣人愿意,恐怕一个念头,就能将他打爆。 Un, wait/etc., these Demonic Evil as if by Gaia space refining.” “嗯,等等,这些魔孽似乎被盖亚空间炼化了。” Xia Ping in the heart moves, he suddenly discovered, Gaia space internal gushed out continuously huge Chaos qi flow, contain unimaginable the strength of Gaia, Devouring Power, the strength of refining. 夏平心中一动,他忽然之间发现,盖亚空间内部涌出了一缕缕庞大的混沌气流,蕴含匪夷所思盖亚之力,吞噬之力,炼化之力。 But the strength of these Gaia cover on leader small and weak Demonic Evil, then these Demonic Evil were wrapped probably general by the countless spider web, unable to move a single step. 而这些盖亚之力覆盖在其中一头头弱小魔孽身上,接着这些魔孽就好像被无数蜘蛛网包裹起来一般,动弹不得 huā lā lā ~ ~ 哗啦啦~~ The next second, these Demonic Evil as if died, the soul disintegration, is unable to act again. 下一秒,这些魔孽似乎就死了,灵魂崩碎,再也无法行动。 Even after these small and weak Demonic Evil death, their flesh and blood melted thoroughly, changed into land, occupied a land area of Surface area to surpass hundred thousand sq. km. 甚至这些弱小魔孽死亡之后,它们身上的血肉都彻底融化,化为了一块块陆地,占地面积超过十万平方公里 Moreover these land present the black, scarlet, green, yellow wait/etc., contain the full of vitality, emits is also having Curse, corrodes, corrosion, swallows wait/etc. Evil strength. 而且这些陆地呈现黑色,赤色,绿色,黄色等等,蕴含着勃勃生机,同时也散发诅咒,腐蚀,侵蚀,吞噬等等邪恶力量 Unexpectedly refining these Demonic Evil?!” “居然炼化了这些魔孽?!” Xia Ping stares big eyes, is startled, before he detained these Evil Ghost time, time that although can also refining Evil Ghost, however require actually very long. 夏平大眼睛,不由吃了一惊,之前他关押那些恶鬼的时候,虽然也能炼化恶鬼,但是需要的时间却是十分的漫长。 However after detaining these Demonic Evil, as if oneself within the body the strength of Gaia thinks that these Demonic Evil are the Supreme delicacies, unexpectedly berserk gets up, some small and weak Demonic Evil refining. 但是关押这些魔孽之后,仿佛自己体内盖亚之力认为这些魔孽乃是无上美味,居然狂暴起来,将一些弱小魔孽炼化 But the strength of these Demonic Evil flesh and blood, as well as all kinds negative energy, scatters in Gaia space all around, formed the Gaia nutrient to cause this Gaia clone continuous growth. 而这些魔孽身上的血肉之力,以及各种负面之力,也散落在盖亚空间四周,形成了盖亚的养分使得这具盖亚分身不断壮大。 vaguely, seemed to be more reliable his sensation to own within the body Gaia space, as if in these Demonic Evil strength of also merging flesh and blood Gaia space barrier among. 隐约之间,他感知到自己体内盖亚空间似乎更加牢固了,似乎在这些魔孽血肉之力也融入盖亚空间的障壁当中 Demonic Evil that these died changes into dark(ness) continent, if observes with divine consciousness, these continent as if are living generally, like flesh and blood in the slow creeping motion, made person tremble with fear generally. 那些死去的魔孽化为一块块黑暗大陆,若是用神识去观察的话,这些大陆仿佛活着一般,如同血肉一般在缓慢的蠕动,令人不寒而栗 However in Gaia space among, these lives general land actually appears the incomparable harmony, full of vitality. 不过在盖亚空间当中,这些活着一般的陆地却是显得无比和谐,生机勃勃。 Hmm?!” 嗯?!” Xia Ping in the heart moves, he discovered after own refining dozens over a hundred Demonic Evil, oneself this Gaia clone strength is rising suddenly, soul and Magic Power crazy promotion. 夏平心中一动,他发现自己炼化数十上百头魔孽之后,自己这具盖亚分身力量在暴涨,灵魂法力都在疯狂的提升。 Is breath skill, he as if promoted Middle Antiquity Realm peak, was misses one step to be able merely breakthrough to Late Antiquity Realm, grasped Creation Law. 仅仅是一个呼吸的功夫,他似乎就晋升到了中古境巅峰,仅仅是差一步就能突破到了远古境,掌握造物法则 If not for the main body restricts, it is estimated that this Gaia clone promoted directly. 若不是本体制约的话,估计这具盖亚分身就直接晋升了。 It seems like these Demonic Evil, Evil Ghost, has the great benefit regarding the growth of Gaia clone, radically is the nourishment.” Xia Ping exclaim in astonishment, complete didn't expect these Evil creature are so huge regarding the Gaia advantage. “看来这些魔孽,还有恶鬼,对于盖亚分身的成长有着巨大好处,根本就是养料。”夏平不由惊叹不已,完全没想到这些邪恶生物对于盖亚的好处这么巨大。 Moreover perhaps he can also the sensation, these Demonic Evil have very big advantage regarding World's Tree, if can swallow, can promote the growth of World's Tree surely. 而且他也能感知到,这些魔孽或许对于世界之树来说也是有很大好处的,若是能吞噬的话,也必定能促进世界之树的成长。 He thought that if possible, must seize many Demonic Evil and Evil Ghost surely is good. 他觉得若是有机会的话,必定要抓捕更多的魔孽恶鬼才行。 huā lā lā ~ ~ 哗啦啦~~ Xia Ping big hand wields, in killed dozens Immemorial Devil the ground, as well as over a hundred Late Antiquity Devil skeletons received, these may be rare Treasure and fertilizer. 夏平大手一挥,也将地面上被杀死的数十头太古恶魔,以及上百头远古恶魔的尸骸都是收了起来,这些可都是难得的宝物肥料 If gives World's Tree, can be born surely World Strange Fruit, where can discard in this place wastes, this absolutely is prodigal. 若是交给世界之树的话,必定能诞生一颗颗天地异果,哪里能丢弃在这个地方浪费,这样就绝对是个败家子 He also plunders these Immemorial Devil Treasure, appropriates to oneself. 他也将这些太古恶魔身上的宝物也搜刮一空,据为己有。 It can be said that solely is Hell Source Stone, he as if not possibly plundered the billion block, ordinary Immemorial Devil to compare at this moment his net worth. 可以说,单单是地狱源石,他似乎都搜刮了十亿块,普通太古恶魔都不可能能比拟此刻他的身家。 If this matter passes on, definitely scares to death many devil. 如果这件事传出去的话,肯定是吓死不少恶魔 Right, this Ancient temple, does not know that what thing inside in the end does have?” “对了,还有这座古老的神殿,也不知道里面到底有什么东西?” After completing all these, Xia Ping touches the chin, is staring at present this Ancient temple. 做完这一切之后,夏平摸了摸下巴,盯着眼前这座古老的神殿。 to be honest, he is also interested in this mysterious temple very much, after all even Immemorial Devil coveting over, he also has no reason to let off this Ancient palace. 说实话,他也对这座神秘的神殿很感兴趣,毕竟连太古恶魔们都垂涎三尺,他也没有任何理由放过这古老宫殿。
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