GLD :: Volume #22

#2164: Family Head summoned

At this moment, Illusory World luxurious villa among. 此刻,幻界一栋奢华别墅当中 Thump! 咚! A fine drinking glass was pounded ruthlessly on the ground, at the scene smashing. 一个精美的玻璃杯被狠狠砸在地上,当场粉碎。 But falls Master of drinking glass impressively is Kerry, at this time his injury was also good bits and pieces, because Clan internal Healing Medicinal Pill was good. 而摔玻璃杯的主人赫然就是克里,这时候他身上的伤势也好得七七八八了,因为家族内部疗伤丹药还是不错的。 The issue is the body injury was good, his innermost feelings receive the wound not to have. 问题是身体的伤势好了,他内心受到伤却丝毫没有好。 Because previous time was beaten savagely by Xia Ping in front of Mission Hall, beats savagely in the presence of everyone, this matter has made him Clan internal laughingstock thoroughly, was scoffed by other direct line members. 因为上次在任务殿面前被夏平暴打,还是当众暴打,这件事已经彻底让他成为了家族内部笑柄,被其他直系成员耻笑。 Must know before Berdy, is only clown that he seeks pleasure, but unexpectedly can him, his little brothers beat savagely now, making him experience suffering the humiliation. 要知道巴蒂之前只是他取乐的一个小丑,但是现在居然能将他,还有他身边的小弟都暴打一顿,让他受尽了屈辱。 It can be said that he currently continually the heart has the Xia Ping nine generations extinguished. 可以说,他现在连将夏平九族都灭了的心都有啊。 damned Berdy, this bastard, unexpectedly also really by his salt fish stand up, but also won the gambling to make.” 该死的巴蒂,这个混蛋,居然还真的被他咸鱼翻身了,还赢得了赌约。” Kerry angrily shouted, anger to the extreme. 克里怒喝一声,愤怒到极点。 originally he hears Xia Ping with Jacob gambling approximately time, immediately is wild with joy, thinks that Berdy died, after this time, surely will become the poor wretch, will get down from Noble location/position, became the mole crickets and ants same common people. 本来他听到夏平雅各布赌约的时候,顿时欣喜若狂,认为巴蒂死定了,这次之后必定会成为穷光蛋,甚至会从贵族位置下去,成为蝼蚁一样的平民。 How when the time comes he wants to retaliate how retaliates, how wants to pinch dead Berdy, how to pinch. 到时候他想怎么报复就怎么报复,想怎么捏死巴蒂,就怎么捏死。 May not wait for the Kerry happy several days time, is actually discovered that this brat stand up, has cheated unexpectedly several hundred all of a sudden hundred million, but also makes Jacob lose lose a family fortune, the loss was serious, has become a lunatic. 可还没等克里高兴几天的时间,却是发现这小子居然翻身了,一下子就诈骗了几百个亿,还让雅各布输得倾家荡产,损失惨重,成了一个疯子。 Thinks, initially that was similar to clown same character, after this skyrocketed, became the top dog, even must look up at the opposite party in the future, fawning, he was mad not to hit one. 一想到,当初那个如同小丑一样的人物,从此之后扶摇直上,成为人上人,甚至日后自己还得仰视对方,卑躬屈膝,他就气不打一处来。 Boss, cannot make that Berdy continue to get down rampant.” 老大,不能让那巴蒂继续猖獗下去。” Nearby little brothers shouted to shout loudly: „ Before this bastard obtained a fortuitous encounter , to promote Return to Truth Realm, rampantly becomes that revolting behaviour, including Boss you such honored person said that hits hits, does not show due respect for the feelings. 旁边一个小弟大声叫嚷道:“之前这混蛋获得了点奇遇,晋升到归真境,就嚣张成那副德性,连老大你这样尊贵的人说打就打,丝毫不给面子。 Now he obtained several hundred hundred million, but also obtained Jacob this Thunder Tribulation Realm great expert complete net worth, this is not inferior to a heaven frightening fortuitous encounter, after this he must. ” 现在他更是获得了几百个亿,还获得了雅各布这个雷劫境大能全部身家,这不亚于一次惊天奇遇,从此之后他还得了。” Right, these much money, several hundred hundred million, even if our Lionseit Clan direct subordinate successor, direct subordinate juniors who most is in favor, is impossible to have these much money.” “对啊,这么多钱,几百个亿啊,就算是我们莱恩斯特家族嫡系继承人,最受宠爱的嫡系子弟,都不可能有这么多钱。” If purchases all kinds all kinds Medicinal Pill(s) and spirit medicine with these money to come, solely is take (illegal) drugs, can make him promote Thunder Tribulation Realm, becomes our Illusion Clan Elder. If brings to purchase Magical Artifact, can arm the tooth.” “如果用这些钱来购买各种各样的丹药灵药,单单是嗑药,都能让他晋升到雷劫境,成为我们幻族长老。要是拿来购买法宝的话,更是能武装到牙齿。” damn, that Berdy also really wanted salt fish stand up, after this maybe we cannot call it for Sir Berdy, aloof and remote, was not the same level.” 可恶啊,那巴蒂还真的是要咸鱼翻身了,从此之后说不定我们不能称呼它为巴蒂大人,高高在上,再也不是同一个层次的了。” Numerous little brothers are envies the envy to hate, before they also looked cold and indifferent to Berdy, but cannot seek friendships in an instant, was not the person of same level. 众多小弟都是羡慕嫉妒恨,之前他们还对巴蒂爱答不理,但是转眼之间就高攀不起,不是同一个层次的人了。 Their all sorts of fortuitous encounters to Berdy, the envy resulted in the intestines to be green. 他们对巴蒂的种种奇遇,嫉妒得肠子都绿了。 Shut up, clown general character, wants to soar, after this rides the defecation old urine on my Kerry, has a dream do not have such idea.” “闭嘴,一个小丑一般的人物,也想一飞冲天,从此之后骑在我克里头上拉屎老尿,做梦都不要有这样的想法。” Kerry gnashing one's teeth. 克里咬牙切齿 But our radically can't cope with he, now he became the Lawrence Clan top favorite, maybe obtained the recognition of Lawrence Family Head, he rises is the matter of exerting its utmost.” “可是我们根本奈何不了他,现在他已经成为了劳伦斯家族的头号红人,说不定都得到了劳伦斯家主的赏识,他崛起是势在必得的事情。” Some little brothers are very helpless. 一些小弟十分无奈。 Rises? cracking a joke, he must have the life.” “崛起?开玩笑,那他也得有命才可以啊。” Kerry murderous aura is steaming, gets hold of fist, numerous little brothers can the sensation to Kerry terrifying killing intent, simply makes person tremble with fear, Kerry is now ordinary just like Evil Ghost. 克里杀气腾腾,握紧拳头,众多小弟都能感知到克里身上的恐怖杀意,简直是令人不寒而栗,克里现在宛如恶鬼一般。 ............ ………… On the other hand, Lawrence City, in Berdy. 另一方面,劳伦斯城,巴蒂家中。 Berdy, Congratulations you, now you became entire Illusion Clan Celebrity.” 巴蒂,恭喜你,现在你成为了整个幻族名人。” Elder Emma complexion complex looks at Xia Ping, she has not thought will have such matter. 长老艾玛脸色复杂的看着夏平,她从来没想过会发生这样的事情。 Has completed this year's end Mission, deceived several hundred hundred million universal coins, has made Xia Ping thoroughly the Lawrence Clan favorite, many Elder, or were the Clan juniors wants to know Berdy, did well relationship. 完成了这个年终任务,骗到了数百亿宇宙币,已经让夏平彻底成为了劳伦斯家族的红人,不少长老,或者是家族子弟都想认识巴蒂,搞好关系 What is most important, this group of people settled on the Xia Ping's body wealth, wants to slice, harbors evil intentions. 最重要的是,这群人看中了夏平身上的财富,想分一杯羹,不怀好意。 However these people attentive had been rejected by Xia Ping entirely, all telephones refuse to answer. 不过这些人殷勤通通都被夏平拒绝了,所有电话都拒绝接听。 Thinks of here, she has remembered the matter about Jacob, reminded: Like this offends Jacob, perhaps will not be the good deed, the opposite party will possibly retaliate.” 想到这里,她想起了关于雅各布的事情,不由提醒道:“不过这样得罪雅各布,恐怕不是什么好事,对方可能会报复。” although now Jacob has become the poor wretch, but rotten ship also three nails, moreover he is Thunder Tribulation Realm great expert, wants to accumulate the wealth rapidly is a quite simple matter. 虽然现在雅各布成了穷光蛋,但是烂船也有三根钉,而且他还是雷劫境大能,想迅速积累财富还是一件比较简单的事情。 Moreover Thunder Tribulation Realm great expert also incomparable terrifying that went crazy, any method uses, any Junior will be restless facing the retaliation of Thunder Tribulation Realm great expert. 而且发了疯的雷劫境大能也无比恐怖,什么手段都用的出,任何一个小辈面对雷劫境大能的报复都会如坐针毡。 Laughable, gives up that contract, that what won't Jacob retaliate?” “可笑,难道放弃那个契约,那什么雅各布就不会报复了吗?” Xia Ping asked one. 夏平反问一句。 This!” “这!” Elder Emma has gawked staring, indeed is also so, Jacob is seeking revenge for the slightest grievance that became famous, if this gambling is about Berdy loses, definitely by hit a person when he's down, to the utmost will be shamed. 长老艾玛愣了愣,的确也是如此,雅各布是出了名的睚眦必报,如果这次赌约是巴蒂输掉的话,肯定会被落井下石,极尽羞辱。 Even if Berdy gives up the gambling making, it is estimated that Jacob will not have the half a point to feel grateful, will also think Berdy to be easily bullied, the person like this fears the prestige not to fear virtue. 就算是巴蒂放弃赌约,估计那雅各布也不会有半分感激,还会以为巴蒂软弱可欺,人就是这样畏威而不畏德。 This is only the minor matter, did I ask that matter that you did to achieve?” “这只是小事而已,我拜托你做的那件事有没有做到?” Xia Ping looks at Emma. 夏平看着艾玛 „Do you want to become the matter of treasure house guard? so that's how it is, this matter I to report Family Head Sofia, Family Head also knew the matter that recently you made, is interested in you very much, one side wants to see with you.” “你想成为宝库护卫的事情?原来如此,这件事我已经禀报家主索菲亚,家主也知道了最近你做出的事情,对你很感兴趣,想和你见一面。” Emma said solemnly. 艾玛沉声道 „One side sees?” “见一面?” Xia Ping frowned. 夏平皱了皱眉 He regarding met with Immortal Saint in Illusion Clan among, more or less a little dreaded, after all are not the Illusion Clan person, possibly some certain flaws will be seen through. 他对于在幻族当中会见不朽圣人,还是多多少少有点忌惮,毕竟自己并非是幻族的人,可能有某些破绽会被看穿。 If possible, he hopes very low-key, without speaking seizes in Illusion Clan treasure house Treasure. 如果可以的话,他希望很低调,无声无息的夺走幻族的宝库里面的宝物 What's wrong? You have not been glad inadequately, knows that Family Head did summon you are the big glory? If obtains the Family Head recognition, any advantage cannot obtain, the casual leakage dot thing, can make you enjoy for a lifetime endlessly.” “怎么?难道你还不乐意不成,知不知道家主召见你这是多大的荣耀?如果得到家主赏识,什么好处得不到,随便泄漏点东西,都能让你一辈子享受不尽。” Emma sees the Xia Ping's expression, immediately is the discontented, common Lawrence Clan person hears Family Head to summon very much, definitely will be wild with joy, where like this fellow, frowns unexpectedly, is really absurd. 艾玛看到夏平的表情,顿时很是不满,寻常劳伦斯家族的人听到家主召见,肯定会欣喜若狂,哪里像这家伙那样,居然还皱眉头,真是岂有此理。 Naturally does not have such matter, I was only a moment ago have a little been wild with joy, among momentary cannot respond, if Family Head wants to see me, then natural was my being honored.” “当然没这样的事,我只是刚才有点欣喜若狂了,一时间反应不过来,如果家主想见我,那么自然是我的荣幸。” Xia Ping said solemnly. 夏平沉声道 Snort, is this is best.” “哼,是这样就最好。” Emma snort/hum, she has not wanted to continue to investigate that this matter, after all this is only the minor matter: Now follows me, Family Head was waiting for you in Lawrence Clan headquarters, whatever happens/10 million do not let Lord Family Head wait for a long time.” 艾玛哼了一声,她也不想继续去追究这件事,毕竟这只是小事而已:“现在跟我走吧,家主已经在劳伦斯家族总部等着你了,千万别让家主大人久等。” She waved, then makes Xia Ping come up, goes to the Lawrence Clan most core section. 她挥了挥手,便让夏平跟着上来,前往劳伦斯家族的最核心的地段。
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