GLSAADL :: Volume #7

#616: Rebecca: The father, I should bring back to be my thing

The desert sect, behind the church that the follower prayed, specifically was used for the region that for the sect administrators to rest. 沙漠教派,在信徒祈祷的教堂后方,专门用来供教派管理人员休息的区域。 Li Cha sits in the most spacious room, the hand grasps the weak resembles of god of dwarf, the expression subtle looks to stand erect the weak resembles in room. 李察坐在最为宽敞的房间之中,手握侏儒之神的凋像,表情微妙的看着竖立在屋内的凋像。 Lost. 怔怔出神。 That is ten meters high, cannot see clearly the facial features, is condensed the idol that by the gravel. 那是一尊十米高,看不清面容,由沙砾凝聚的神像。 Although the appearance mold lake is unclear, but actually gives people an incomparably holy feeling. 虽然外貌模湖不清,但却给人一种无比圣洁的感觉。 This weak resembles, before is the weak resembles of god of desert, the present is his. 这座凋像,以前是沙漠之神的凋像,现在是他的。 The desert sect is very interesting, the Spiritual God of other religious sects wish one could to expose oneself face time to the follower looked, deepens the follower's by this impression to the Spiritual God. 沙漠教派很有趣,其他的教派的神灵都恨不得把自己的面庞时刻展露给信徒看,以此加深信徒对神灵的印象。 But the desert sect is different, what the Spiritual God is long not to know, the idol, is similar to the desert to be the same, mystically the feeling of awe. 但沙漠教派不同,连神灵长什么样都不知道,神像,就如同沙漠一般,给人神秘的敬畏之感。 Also after therefore controls the sect, Li Cha remove the weak resembles. 也因此掌控教派之后,李察没有撤掉凋像。 After taking over the desert sect, his attitude conforms to the thinking pattern of high-rank very much. 接手沙漠教派后,他的态度很符合上位者的思考方式。 This is his domain, his order is the only iron rule. 这是他的地盘,他的命令就是唯一的铁律。 The sect is very special influence, the entire influence is centered on the Spiritual God founds, but he, is that core. 教派是十分特殊的势力,整个势力都是以神灵为核心而创建的,而他,就是那位核心。 Now does not say exaggeratingly, although only has the 1~2 week time, but entire desert sect only then his sound. 现在毫不夸张的说,虽然只有一两周时间,但整个沙漠教派就只有他的声音了。 However Li Cha at this moment has not pondered these again, is trying to find out the weak resembles in hand, gives the information with the spirit. 不过此刻的李察并没有再思考这些,摸索着手中的凋像,用精神传递信息。 Under Fame crown, the confusion has been spreading, does the world rule to your fetter, untie now?” “法姆冕下,混乱已经在蔓延,世界规则对你的束缚,现在解开了吗?” Why still comes this 's god of dwarf to hear this saying in thinking dark goddess, the subconsciousness shakes the head. 还在思索黑暗女神莎尔为何来此的侏儒之神听到这话,下意识摇了摇头。 Rule, although has changed, but my fetter has not untied thoroughly.” “规则虽然已经变动,但我身上的束缚还未彻底解开。” Be only the epoch arrives, the rule renovates, I can obtain the freedom.” “只有新纪元到来,规则刷新,我才能得到自由。” The Li Cha vision is somewhat subtle. 李察目光有些微妙。 Under Fame crown, why were you stranded in this initially?” “法姆冕下,你当初是为何被困于此?” On the god of face dwarf reveals for several points to have doubts. 侏儒之神脸上露出几分疑惑。 Before hadn't told you?” “之前没有跟你说过吗?” Li Cha shrugs, is not thorough.” 李察耸耸肩,“并不深入。” The god of dwarf nods does not go into seriously, sinking sound said. 侏儒之神点点头也不深究,沉声道。 I in pre-war of first various god, entered the river of destiny accidentally, spied on the entire plane destiny.” “我在第一次诸神之战前,无意中进入到了命运之河,窥探到了整个位面的命运。” „The river of destiny cannot spy on the place, any information that because knows from inside, may change the world.” “命运之河可不是能窥探之地,因为从里面知晓的任何信息,都有可能改变世界。” I also therefore backlashed by the destiny, was not accommodated by the world rule, was hostile by the world will...... was forced, I am based on the material that the chaos void obtain, forged this weak picture, deposits in this, the avoidance rule engages in factional strife.” “我也因此被命运所反噬,被世界规则所不容,被世界意志所敌视......被逼无奈,我以混沌虚空中得到的材料为基础,锻造了这尊凋像,寄存于此,躲避规则倾轧。” „Only the rule completely changes, the rule of the world will and to my evil intention can extricate to my fetter.” “只有规则彻底改变,世界意志对我的恶意和规则对我的束缚才能解脱。” After Li Cha silent moment, the complexion is somewhat subtle. 李察沉默片刻后,脸色有些微妙。 If shakes off the fetter, whether under the crown to resist this dark goddess?” “如果挣脱束缚,冕下能否抵挡莎尔这位黑暗女神?” In the god of eyes dwarf revealed for several points you are insane mood. 侏儒之神眼中露出几分你是不是疯了的情绪。 You do not compare with whom well, making me go with?” “你跟谁比不好,让我去跟莎尔比?” Li Cha hears in this saying heart to know how things stand, just wants to open the mouth to comfort, but the words of the next moment opposite party made his look stiffen. 李察听到这话心中有了数,刚想开口安慰,但下一刻对方的话让他神色僵住了。 If blocks under the crown, reluctantly Ok, but if wins, daydreamed.” “如果只是挡住莎尔冕下的话,勉强可以,但要是获胜的话,就是白日做梦了。” The god of dwarf has several points to say with emotion. 侏儒之神带着几分感慨道。 Entire multi-dimensional plane, only then Lancet Diels this old devils who wield nine prisons perhaps dare to say oneself can win under the crown...... even if Lancet Diels can win, wants to kill under the crown not to have the least bit possibility.” “整个多元位面,也只有阿斯摩蒂尔斯这位执掌九狱的老魔鬼或许敢说自己能赢莎尔冕下......不过就算是阿斯摩蒂尔斯能获胜,想要杀死莎尔冕下也没有半点可能。” The Li Cha psychic force stared at this wear magnificent pinion cloak, in the hand is wearing completely the short person Spiritual God of gem ring, the complexion became quite splendid. 李察精神力凝视着这个穿着华丽鸟羽披风,手上戴满了宝石戒指的矮个子神灵,脸色变得颇为精彩。 My goodness, just mentioned the appearance that must die to die, but you also tell me now, this type from creating world the goddess , can you be able to block unexpectedly? 好家伙,刚刚说起莎尔一副要死要死的样子,可你现在又跟我说,这种从创世之初就存在的女神,你竟然能挡得住? Does my mother...... gather you are being that ultimate big boss? 我尼玛......合着你才是那个终极大boss是吧? Greatly old unexpectedly side me? 大老竟在我身边? Really, can spy on the fellow who the river of destiny has not died, cannot judge with the common sense. 果然,能窥探命运之河还不死的家伙,不能用常理来判断。 The sensation to the Li Cha state of mind, the god of dwarf is somewhat vigilant. 感知到李察的心绪,侏儒之神有些警惕。 I may tell you, don't, because this offends under the crown, I with the opposite party will not be an enemy.” “我可告诉你,可别因为这就去得罪莎尔冕下,我可不会跟对方为敌。” Moreover that is fettered the beforehand strength in me by the rule, present I, the crown next finger can the crumb.” “而且那是在我被规则束缚之前的力量,现在的我,莎尔冕下一根手指头就能捏碎。” Li Cha shrugs, has not said anything. 李察耸耸肩,没说什么。 He will definitely not be all right in a big way looks for this rank old troublesome, but if the opposite party has the evil intention to him. 他肯定不会没事去找莎尔这种级别的大老麻烦,但如果对方对他有恶意。 He is not the lamb of allowing to be oppressed. 那他也不是任人宰割的羊羔。 Who wants to peep at Dusk City, must prepare for by collapse drop tooth. 谁想要窥视黄昏之城,都要做好被崩掉一口牙的准备。 Although the opposite party has not exposed the hostility at this moment, but he always not when tries to find the solution at the last minute, in the hand has the card in a hand of counterattacking to be calm and steady. 虽然对方此刻还没展露出敌意,但他从来都不会等到最后一刻才想办法,手中有反制的底牌才能安稳。 After under returning to normal the mood, a Li Cha eye of band of light several points is thinking, slow sound said. 平复下心情后,李察目光带着几分思索,缓声道。 Under Fame crown, the authority has been able now, whatever fought, whether you do need the authority approaching body?” “法姆冕下,现在权柄已经能任由争抢了,你是否需要权柄傍身?” If you have this demand, I can arrange the authority that the person helps you look for you to want......” “如果你有这个需求,我可以安排人帮你寻找你想要的权柄......” His palm Ell player association and Erre Alliance these two big influences. 他手掌埃尔玩家协会和埃尔联盟这两大势力。 In addition this moment Ell plane also over a million players turn directly his. 外加此刻埃尔位面还有上百万玩家是直接投靠他的。 Therefore wants to find now already the authority of coming into the open, was not the difficult matter. 所以想要找到现在已经公开化的权柄,并不是什么难事。 What is difficult is how to snatch, but since opposite party even/including Shaer can deal, this will not be any major problem. 难的是怎么抢过来,但既然对方连莎尔都能应对,想必这也不会是什么大问题。 After god of silent moment dwarf, tone complex say/way. 侏儒之神沉默片刻后,语气复杂道。 Li Cha your excellency, to be honest, initially I, although favors you very much, but has not thought that you can use less than two years of growth to this altitude.” 李察阁下,说实话,当初我虽然很看好你,但也没想到你能用不到两年的时间成长到这种高度。” Lawful right...... this is the regular strength, how to look like the pebble of ground to find at everywhere in your mouth?” “权柄啊......这可是规则的力量,在你口中怎么就像是地上的石子随处可见呢?” Li Cha smile however smiles. 李察哂然一笑。 This did not explain initially the investment under crown hadn't made a mistake?” “这不是说明了当初冕下的投资没有出错吗?” Actually he does not have to think oneself can control the so exaggerating power and influence with such time. 其实他也没想到自己能用这么点时间掌控如此夸张的权势。 The exquisiteness of making a snowman is, after the snowball rolls to the certain extent, every time goes forward one step perhaps 1000 steps to add earlier 100 more. 滚雪球的精妙就在于,雪球滚到一定程度之后,每前进一步或许比前期一百步一千步加起来还要多。 Now his daily income, is one year ago cannot think. 现在他每天的收益,都是一年前不敢想的。 After he has the advantage, has not missed any opportunity, had present Dusk City. 他占据优势之后,没有错过任何一个机会,才有了现在的黄昏之城 Does not need, I have arranged, moreover after...... the epoch arrives, can the authority also use, two said.” “不需要了,我早已经有所安排,而且......新纪元到来之后,权柄还能不能用,就两说了。” After the god of dwarf sighs with emotion, the vision becomes profound. 侏儒之神感慨过后,目光变得深邃。 „The following situation will be more volatile, but this to the bystander is the crisis, to you not necessarily.” “接下来的局势还会更加动荡,但这对外人而言是危机,对你而言未必。” While this opportunity, accelerates to expand, as soon as possible becomes by own strength more powerful.” “趁着这个机会,加速扩张吧,尽快让自己的力量变得更加强大。” Only has the strength is all foundations.” “唯有实力才是一切的根基。” Moreover, never be arrogant and complacent, in this world powerful existence also has innumerable, even if under the crown this ancient Spiritual God, can be hostile with it, is unable to use two hand numbers to be clear.” “另外,永远不要骄傲自满,这个世界上强大的存在还有无数,哪怕莎尔冕下这种古老神灵,能与之敌对的,都无法用两只手数清楚。” Hides the halfway up the mountainside under water surface, is the terrifying of this world is.” “隐藏在水面下的半山,才是这个世界的恐怖所在。” Speaking of this, tone low and deep several points. 说到这,语气低沉了几分。 I do not know whether I can also see the epoch to open...... our old decrepit souls, perhaps was unable to arrive in the brand-new world.” “我不知道我是否还能看到新纪元开启......我们这种苍老衰朽的灵魂,或许已经无法抵达崭新的世界了。” But in any event, holds the hope after all, hopes that Li Cha your excellency you can lead me to look at the scenery of new world.” “但不论如何,终归还是抱有希望,也希望李察阁下你能带我去看一看新世界的风景。” The deep sigh tone, the sound is somewhat low. 长叹口气,声音有几分低落。 I was somewhat tired, needs to rest......, but if has cannot existence of enemy appear, can awaken me.” “我有些累了,需要休息......但如果有不可敌的存在出现,可以唤醒我。” Although was unable to leave the weak resembles, but kills not to have the issue the Spiritual God.” “虽然还无法离开凋像,但杀死个把神灵还是没问题的。” Speaking of this, the god of dwarf does not wait for Li Cha to respond, with was ordinary in the past, a hand supports on the face, the eye closes slowly, once again fell into the deep sleep. 说到此,侏儒之神不等李察回应,跟往常一般,一只手撑在脸庞上,眼睛缓缓闭上,又一次陷入了沉睡。 Li Cha saw this to take back the psychic force quietly, silent. 李察见此悄然间收回了精神力,默然无言。 Obtaining the god of dwarf is completely the coincidence, he has not thought, in this weak picture can have this rank boss. 得到侏儒之神完全是巧合,他也没想到,这尊凋像里面能存在这种级别的boss。 Before today, to him, the god of dwarf is a powerful card in a hand, solved many troubles for him, but also that is all. 在今天之前,对他而言,侏儒之神是一张强有力的底牌,为他解决了不少麻烦,但也仅此而已。 Although he has also thought this greatly old strength and terrifying, but never expected that the opposite party actually told him, he can resist. 他虽然也想过这位大老的力量和恐怖,但没想到对方竟然告诉他,他能抵挡莎尔。 This said, this dwarf, how many moves can lords with the Lancet Diels this nine prison also cross? 这岂不是说,这个侏儒,能跟阿斯摩蒂尔斯这位九狱之主也过几招? This is anything is greatly old...... 这是个什么大老啊...... Really picked the treasure. 真是捡到宝了。 Happy Li Cha stands up, comfortable stretching oneself, took a step to go out of this residence later, arrived at the church that the front follower prayed directly. 心情不错的李察站起身,舒服的伸了个懒腰,随后迈步走出了这座居所,径直来到前方信徒祈祷的教堂。 These hold their palms together, the follower sudden sensation of lowering the head devout pray aura that make them awe transmits, subconscious raising the head, saw after by form that the yellow sand covers, immediately during falls into was frantic. 那些双手合十,低头虔诚祈祷的信徒突然感知到一股让他们敬畏的气息传来,下意识的抬起头,看到被黄沙笼罩的身影后,立刻陷入了狂热之中。 Under crowns, on the lord, my god is continuous, the sound of pray increases suddenly. 一声声冕下,主上,吾神连绵不绝,祈祷的声音骤然变大。 The Li Cha sensation to the mood that the follower transmits, the corners of the mouth turns upwards slightly. 李察感知到信徒传来的情绪,嘴角微微翘起。 What also has is the ratio accepts follower's pray face-to-face, can obtain the way of strength of belief? 还有什么是比面对面接受信徒的祈祷,能获得更多信仰之力的方式呢? Feels the strength in within the body belief to rise with steady steps, he turned on oneself property panel quietly. 感受到体内信仰之力在稳步上涨,他悄然打开了自己的属性面板。 In an above authority column, stares at for a long time. 在上面权柄一栏,注视良久。 Desert authority ( 30 ) characteristics: The gods are near. 沙漠权柄特性:神临。 The strength of belief: 120,000 信仰之力:12万 The strength of condition column belief is he controls the desert sect, after obtaining the follower approval, appears. 信仰之力状态栏是他掌控沙漠教派,获得信徒认可之后,才出现的。 Has saying that the strength of belief definitely grows slowly. 不得不说信仰之力确实增长缓慢。 The Soran City several million followers prayed day and night, this accumulated 120,000. 索兰城数百万信徒日夜祈祷,这才积累了12万。 Naturally, this also used many gods to be near related with him, but generally speaking, the strength of belief was not the strength of easy saving. 当然,这也跟他用了许多次神临有关,但总的来说,信仰之力并不是容易积攒的力量。 This can also explain why the Spiritual God will regard the follower is the lifeblood. 这也能解释,为什么神灵会视信徒为命根子了。 In Li Cha accepts the follower worship, an important matter of stir frost wolf territory erupts quietly. 就在李察接受信徒朝拜之际,一件轰动霜狼领地的大事悄然爆发。 All these causes are the eldest daughters of —— frost wolf Grand Duke, has Rebecca of quite intimate relation with Li Cha, is quiet, returned to own family from the frost eternal place. 这一切的起因是——霜狼大公的长女,跟李察有着颇为亲密关系的丽贝卡,悄无声息间,从冰霜永恒之地回到了自己的家族。 The frost wolf Grand Duke learns of the news, pleasantly surprised, immediately goes to greet. 霜狼大公得知消息,大为惊喜,立刻前去迎接。 On the road, several aides see the frost wolf Grand Duke impatient appearance, somewhat is puzzled. 路上,身边几个侍从看到霜狼大公迫不及待的样子,都有些不解。 Grand duke, the young lady comes back, why is happy?” “大公,小姐回来而已,为何如此开心?” Also has, how this leaves to do several years two months not to see to be the same. 又不是没回来过,这才离开个把两个月怎么搞得几年没见一样。 The frost wolf Grand Duke laughs to say. 霜狼大公大笑道。 You understand anything! Li Cha your excellency headed the desert sect recently!” “你们懂什么!李察阁下最近可是执掌了沙漠教派!” Takes the faith token of opposite party in him, lets to become soldier/weapon after undead of frost wolf territory make concessions, the Li Cha position in his heart, has surged upward the exaggerating degree. 在他拿着对方的信物,让成兵在霜狼领地的亡灵们退让之后,李察的地位在他心中,已经高涨到了夸张的程度。 Let alone that martial-looking youth, but also wielded the authority! 更别说那个英武青年,还执掌了权柄! Several aide faces compel ignorant. 几个侍从一脸懵逼。 This anything with anything. 这什么跟什么啊。 Grand duke, what relations that Li Cha does your excellency come back to have with the young lady?” “大公,那位李察阁下跟小姐回来有什么关系吗?” The frost wolf Grand Duke has several points of profound meaning to say. 霜狼大公带着几分深意道。 Rebecca, but future family's backer!” “丽贝卡可是未来家族的靠山!” Several people were ignorant. 几人更懵了。 This...... because of Li Cha your excellency with young lady's friendship?” “这......是因为李察阁下跟小姐的友谊?” Friendship? No, is the marriage!” “友谊?不,是婚姻!” Frost wolf Grand Duke smile however smiles. 霜狼大公哂然一笑。 Marriage? Grand duke, you planned that marries Li Cha the young lady your excellency?” “婚姻?大公,您打算把小姐嫁给李察阁下?” Several aides have then pondered over the taste, but also somewhat is later scruple. 几个侍从这才琢磨过味来,不过随后又有些迟疑。 But the young lady has wanted to inherit the Grand Duke title, is not necessarily able to be willing to get married and leave.” “可是小姐一直想要继承大公爵位,未必会愿意外嫁。” They know own young lady's temper, is seemingly temperate, but in the heart has the lofty and unyielding character, no one can compel to take her with the domineering method, the frost wolf Grand Duke is not good. 他们可是知道自己小姐的性子,看似温和,但心中藏有傲骨,没有人能用强势手段逼服她,霜狼大公也不行。 The frost wolf Grand Duke beckons with the hand. 霜狼大公摆摆手。 Gets married and leave? No! Rebecca's dowry is the entire frost wolf family!” “外嫁?不!丽贝卡的嫁妆是整个霜狼家族!” ~ 咝~ Several aides hold breath cold air, later looks at each other one mutually, saw the shock in opposite party eyes. 几个侍从倒吸一口凉气,随后相互对视一眼,都看到了对方眼中的震惊。 Is the dowry the entire family?! 嫁妆是整个家族?! Is Grand Duke this must do? Presses the complete chip?! 大公这是要干什么?把全部的筹码都压上吗?! Is surprisedly uncertain when their hearts, the group went to the frost wolf family's Lord hall. 在他们心中惊疑不定之际,一行人来到了霜狼家族的主厅。 At this moment, puts on Rebecca who the pure white fights armor to be built on the hall fearlessly. 此刻,穿着纯白色战甲的丽贝卡昂然立于大厅之中。 In the room also has three women besides this young girl, four young youngster, in addition several gray-haired old people. 屋内除了这位少女之外还有三个妇人,四个年轻的少年,外加几个头发花白的老人。 Several aide complexions change, because these people are the family most direct descendant members. 几个侍从脸色微变,因为这几人都是家族最嫡系的成员。 More than the ten people in this moment room look at Rebecca with a complex vision. 此刻屋内的十多人都用一种复杂的目光看着丽贝卡。 The atmosphere solidifies. 气氛十分凝固。 After the frost wolf Grand Duke enters the room, immediately feels was not right, the vision saw a that several pale son. 霜狼大公进屋后立刻感觉到了不对劲,目光看了一眼自己那几个脸色苍白的儿子。 Sinking sound opens the mouth. 沉声开口。 What happened?” “发生了什么事?” After Rebecca called a father in a soft voice, the vision takes a fast look around a room wife, everyone faces her vision not to dare to look straight ahead unexpectedly, makes concessions. 丽贝卡轻声唤了一声父亲后,目光扫视一圈屋内人,所有人面对她目光竟然不敢直视,纷纷退让。 The eye pupil stays on the frost wolf Grand Duke finally, the tone is calm and assured. 眼眸最后停留在霜狼大公身上,语气沉稳而笃定。 Father, my coming back, is brings back to be my thing.” “父亲,我这次回来,是拿回属于我的东西。” Mother's last wish, she will realize today. 母亲的遗愿,她会在今天实现。 The frost wolf family...... can only control by him! 霜狼家族......只能由他掌控! The frost wolf Grand Duke first stares, later tone pleasantly surprised say/way. 霜狼大公先是一愣,随后语气惊喜道。 „Did you think through? Complied your excellency to be related through marriage with Li Cha?” “你想通了?答应跟李察阁下结亲了?” He had promised Rebecca before, so long as she is willing to marry Li Cha, then makes her the next frost wolf Grand Duke. 他之前答应过丽贝卡,只要她愿意嫁给李察,便让她成为下一任霜狼大公。 Rebecca hears this saying complexion to exude for several points to blush, but resolute shaking the head. 丽贝卡听到这话脸色泛起几分红晕,但还是果决的摇头。 No, the thing that the father, I want, I will attain with oneself both hands.” “不,父亲,我要的东西,我会用自己双手拿到。” „The title of next Grand Duke...... can only be me!” “下一任大公的爵位......只能属于我!” The voice falls, the body surges a boundless strength, in an instant, everyone only felt that as if in facing giant dragon that crawls from the abyss. 话音落下,身上涌动出一股磅礴的力量,刹那间,所有人只感觉仿佛在面对一头从深渊中爬出的巨龙 The endless pressure sweeps across the chest. 无尽的威压席卷胸膛。 Frightened spread. 恐惧蔓延。 Frost wolf Grand Duke behind several aides, after sensation to that aura, the complexion becomes shocks extremely. 霜狼大公身后几个侍从,感知到那股气息后,脸色变得极为震撼。 Looks at Rebecca with an unbelievable look. 用一种难以置信的眼神看着丽贝卡。 Biography, Legendary?! How is this possible?!” “传,传奇?!这怎么可能?!” This age 20 over girls, the imposing manner of sending out, achieved terrifying scary Legendary unexpectedly! 这位年龄不过二十出头的女孩,散发的气势,竟然达到了恐怖骇人的传奇 At this moment, they understand finally the opposite party was what meaning. 此刻,他们终于明白对方是什么意思了。 Rebecca wants to obtain the title of Grand Duke, truly no longer needs to rely on anybody's strength. 丽贝卡想要获得大公的爵位,确实不再需要借助任何人的力量。 Opposite party, sufficiently carrying/sustaining. 对方自己,就足以承载。 But this motherfucker Legendary! 他娘的可是传奇啊! The frost wolf Grand Duke also felt one intermittent dazzling, staring dumbfounded sees own eldest daughter. 霜狼大公也感到了一阵阵眩目,瞠目结舌的看着自己的长女。 Legendary?! 传奇?! Rebecca, you, don't you have a distance to extraordinary? How on Legendary?! ” 丽贝卡,你,你不是离超凡都还有一段距离吗?怎么就传奇了?!” He lived the most lifetime, when quick 50 stepped into Legendary, oneself daughter more than 20. 他活了大半辈子,也才在快五十的时候踏入了传奇,自己女儿才二十多了。 He felt inexplicably own so many years lived on the dog. 他莫名感觉自己这么多年是不是活到狗身上去了。 In the heart is proud, is voluntarily ashamed...... 心中又是骄傲,又是自行惭愧...... Rebecca looks at the vision of frost wolf Grand Duke, holds up the head, the look fills firmly. 丽贝卡看着霜狼大公的目光,昂起头,眼神充满坚定。 The mother, I complied with your matter...... to achieve. 母亲,我答应你的事......做到了。 Then, the daughter must live for oneself. 接下来,女儿要为自己而活了。 Li Cha your excellency, even if related through marriage, I will not win your approval with this base and low way. 李察阁下,就算是结亲,我也不会用这种卑微的方式去赢得你的认可。 The frost wolf family, is only the beginning, I will use the entire snow and ice empire, becomes my dowry! 霜狼家族,只是起点,我会用整个冰雪帝国,成为我的嫁妆! The confusion is the danger, is...... the unprecedented chance! 混乱是危险,更是......前所未有的机缘!
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