FS :: Volume #6

#591: Forgot

…… …… Near sheep hunting congress, Kizil surrounding several li (0.5 km) had been blocked, want the silent fainting royal court, is almost a impossible matter. 叼羊大会,克孜尔外围数里地已被封锁,想要无声厥王庭,几乎就是一件不可能事情。 Stands on the high hillside, puts aside from jubilant Göktürk body the vision at present, stares into space looks out into the distance. Dim light of night misty, big palatial Prairie's City heaves in sight. 站在高高山坡上,将目光从眼前欢腾突厥人身上移开,穷目远眺。夜色蒙蒙中,一座高大巍峨草原之城映入眼帘。 This castle is square, occupying a land area of extremely is broad, for the first time looks, seems the stone fortress of growth on the green prairie. All around city wall has 4 or 5 zhang to come fully high, by the irregular big stone stack, towering rugged, rough has the heroic spirit completely. On the tower over a city gate has a pile stage every several feets, the Göktürks wolf flag flutters with the wind, defense cavalry bright saber, in twilight splendid. 这城堡四四方方,占地极为广阔,乍一望去,仿佛就是生长在绿色草原上石头堡垒。四周城墙足有四五丈来高,全部由不规则大石堆积而成,突兀嶙峋,粗糙中带着豪气。城楼上每隔数十丈就有一个垛台,突厥狼旗随风招展,守城骑兵明亮马刀,在暮色中熠熠生辉。 foreigner royal court Kizil, in the imagination is more heroic. The not only tower over a city gate is tall, in the city also flashes before the faint trace golden color unexpectedly faintly, that is the Göktürk Royal Palace edges and corners. In the city sways everywhere the smoke from kitchen chimneys, hears the ebullition sounds of people faintly, witnesses foreigner royal court to be lively. 胡人王庭克孜尔,远比想像中豪迈壮观。不仅城楼高大完整,城中竟也隐隐闪现丝丝金色,那是突厥王宫棱角。城中四处飘摇炊烟,隐隐传来沸腾人声,都见证着胡人王庭繁华。 Göktürks Khanate went through several hundred years of stormy times, the unified prairie, also on this deep green wilderness, builds a firm castle. But this construction royal court each big stone, is their hand widths from armpit to shoulder shoulders to move , although the Prairie's City craft is rough, is actually a Göktürk hundred years of attendance plows the testimony. 突厥汗国经历了数百年风雨,一统了草原,在这碧绿原野上,生生垒起一座坚固城堡。而这构建王庭每一块大石,都是他们手抬肩扛搬上去,草原之城工艺虽粗糙,却是突厥人百年勤耕见证。 „Is this Kizil?” Gao Qiu finally couldn't bear, holds on nearby Hu Bugui to ask. “这就是克孜尔吗?”高酋终于忍不住了,拉住身边的胡不归问道。 Old Hu look serious nods: Should and that's the end, on the prairie such grand castle, unable to find second again.” 老胡神色郑重点头:“应该就是了,草原上这样雄伟城堡,再也找不到第二座。” Old Gao (high) tch tch sighed several silent. Obviously, the Göktürks royal court scale imposing manner, far exceeded his anticipation. 老高啧啧叹了几声没有说话。显然,突厥王庭地规模气势,远远超出了他意料。 Lin Wanrong sighed, before indeed underestimated Göktürk. They can stand erect for hundred years on the prairie, besides fierceness, has the considerable wisdom. Far does not say, the light constructs this standing tall and erect firm Prairie's City. In the Alashan Prairie several thousand years of history, which nomadic tribe there is to have like this magnificent feat? In front of so firm castle. Must take the storm depending on 5000 cavalries hardly, that simply is dream of a fool. 林晚荣叹了口气,以前的确太小看突厥人了。他们能在草原上屹立百年,除了勇猛之外,也具有相当智慧。远不说,光建设这一座高耸坚固草原之城。在阿拉善草原几千年历史中,有哪个游牧部落有过这样地壮举?在如此坚固城堡面前。要凭五千骑兵硬取强攻,那简直就是痴人说梦。 Hu Bugui lowered the sound saying: By us the strength, must take Kizil at present. The storm only feared that was not good . Also should to take by strategy is right.” 胡不归压低了声音道:“以我们目前地力量,要拿下克孜尔。强攻只怕是不行了。还应以智取才对。” Old Hu overtones, Lin Wanrong clearly. Under foreigner so defends strictly, can sneak in the city only the opportunity. Was the day after tomorrow holds the sheep hunting congress. They have no alternative. However. Attends the sheep hunting congress by their status, is the sheep enters the tiger's den and danger numerous. If not careful, was uncovered the mask, during they fall into Göktürk to surround instantly layer on layer/heavily, how that can be a pitiful scene. Now can imagine. 老胡弦外之音,林晚荣明白地很。在胡人如此严密地防守之下,唯一能潜入城中机会。就是后天举行地叼羊大会了。他们别无选择。然而。以他们身份去参加叼羊大会,更是羊入虎穴、危险重重。若一个不小心,被人揭去了面罩,他们将立刻陷入突厥人地重重包围当中,那会是怎样一种凄惨场景。现在就可以想像地到。 Brother Lin. What to do?” Everyone vision fell on his face, is waiting for his answer. 林兄弟。怎么办?”所有人地目光都落在了他脸上,等待着他答案。 Is looking at distant place to one's heart's content dance Göktürk, Lin Wanrong silent long time. Turns around fiercely. The numerous palm strikes on horse buttocks: Went back to say again, harnessed- 望着远处纵情歌舞突厥人,林晚荣沉默良久。猛地转身。重重一掌击在马屁股上:“回去再说,驾—— Dozens steed replications turn head, when contact the path dashes to go, behind exudes the intermittent windblown dust. 数十匹骏马折转回头,往来时道路飞奔而去,身后泛起阵阵尘烟。 --------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------- Yujia?!” Returns to ambush the camp. Has not jumped down warhorse, Lin Wanrong then to coming to greet Li Wuling to ask. 玉伽呢?!”回到潜伏营地。还未跳下战马,林晚荣便向前来迎接地李武陵问道。 Sees his eyebrow to screw tight. The complexion is serious, Little Li gawked. Busy say/way: Is hiding in that woods. Several brother guard her. Big Brother Lin, how?!” 见他眉毛拧紧。脸色沉重,小李子愣了愣。忙道:“在那树林里藏着呢。好几个兄弟看守她。林大哥,怎么了?!” Lin Wanrong shakes the head, has not replied Li Wuling words. Takes big strides walks toward the forest. 林晚荣摇了摇头,没有回答李武陵地话。阔步往林中走去。 Göktürks young girl is turning away from him by a tree trunk. The correct use binds tightly both hands to pick a ground bright little flower. Her look is tranquil, face is brimming with delightfully the smiling face. On clear jade cheek a pair of beautiful dimple appear and disappear from time to time. 突厥少女背对着他靠在一棵树干上。正用绑紧双手去摘地上一朵鲜艳小花。她神色宁静安详,脸上洋溢着甜美地笑容。晶莹地玉颊上一对美丽酒窝时隐时现。 Lin San,” hears the behind rapid footsteps, Crescent Moon to turn the head. Sees Lin Wanrong to arrive, her joyful chuckle: „Do you come to see me?!” 林三,”听见身后急促脚步,月牙儿转过头来。看见林晚荣到来,她欣喜轻笑:“你来看我么?!” Listens to her to call Lin San, but also is really some are not pleasing to the ear. Lin Wanrong nods, is laughing and playing to walk: Yes, I come to see you. Could Little Sister, rest yesterday evening?! Oh, these flowers and plants, later do not play.” 听她叫林三,还真是有些不顺耳了。林晚荣点点头,嬉笑着走过去:“是啊,我来看你。小妹妹,昨晚上睡得好吗?!,这些花草,你以后还是不要玩了。” once bitten by a snake, ten years in fear of well ropes, he is speaking, does not pay attention while Yujia, has snatched her hand little flower, throws furiously far away, called her again does not have to the Göktürk warning opportunity 一朝被蛇咬,十年怕井绳,他说着话,趁玉伽不留意,一把抢过她手里地小花,奋力扔出老远,叫她再没有突厥人报警机会 Crescent Moon helpless shakes the head: You are really stupid, similarly the scheme, could it be will I also use twice?!” 月牙儿无奈摇了摇头:“你这人真笨,同样地计谋,难道我还会用上两次吗?!” Lin Wanrong nods: Similarly the scheme, uses in your hand ten times is not unusual, I rather believe its have, incredible its does not have.” 林晚荣点了点头:“同样计谋,在你手里用上十次都不是什么稀奇,我是宁可信其有,不可信其无。” Yujia shakes the head, showing a faint smile, look is silent. 玉伽摇了摇头,微微一笑,神色默然。 Lin Wanrong hesitates, looked at Yujia several, suddenly turns the body, hurriedly outward went. He comes quickly, goes also quickly, in addition said two words, look cannot withstand strangely, this situation also always does not have. A Crescent Moon slightly stunned, busy say/way: Lin San, do you want to walk?!” 林晚荣沉吟一阵,看了玉伽几眼,忽然扭身,急匆匆向外行去。他来地快,去地也快,前后加起来才不过说了两句话,神色怪异不堪,这种情形还从来没有过。月牙儿微一错愕,忙道:“林三,你要走了吗?!” Right, I must handle a very important matter.” Lin Wanrong stopped the footsteps, actually does not have turns head, he silent long time, the long sound sighed suddenly: Miss Yujia, do you make to decide to regret for you?!” “对啊,我要去做一件很重要事情。”林晚荣停住了脚步,却没有回头,他沉默了良久,忽然长声一叹:“玉伽小姐,你为你做出决定后悔过吗?!” Regret?!” Yujia smiles proudly: In our Göktürks writing, always on does not have these two characters.” “后悔?!”玉伽傲然一笑:“在我们突厥文字中,从来就没有过这两个字。” Feel self-important Göktürk woman! Lin Wanrong beckons with the hand, does not have spoke a few words again, the straight long body goes. 骄傲自大地突厥女人林晚荣摆了摆手,再没有说一句话,直直长身而去。 The line arrives at outside the forest, the Gao Qiu two people are walking slowly and aimlessly back and forth the step, sees him to come out, immediately dashes joyfully: Brother Lin, what kind of, decision?!” 行到林外,高酋二人正来回踱着步子,见他出来,顿时欣喜地飞奔过来:“林兄弟,怎样,决定了么?!” Lin Wanrong nods, does not have spoken language. The Hu Bugui brow wrinkle said: Light we go is not good. This sheep hunting congress, the climax is Yujia. What must think a method, making her appear in Right King nearby promptly is, most importantly, cannot let her exposes our whereabouts.” 林晚荣点了点头,没有言语。胡不归眉头皱道:“光我们去还不行。这叼羊大会,重头戏便是玉伽。要怎生想个法儿,让她及时出现在右王身边才是,最重要地,就是不能让她暴露我们行踪。” Or, we intoxicate, makes into the idiot her?!” Gao Qiu wicked say/way. “要不,我们下毒,把她弄成白痴?!”高酋恶狠狠道。 Hu Bugui frightened jumped greatly, Old Gao (high) this boy also was really somewhat evil, but, must really not have the means that this idea can try but actually. Looked that General Lin was willing to start. 胡不归吓了大跳,老高这厮还真是有几分歹性啊,不过,要真是没办法了,这主意倒可以一试。就看林将军舍不舍得下手了。 Intoxicates? Can you poisonously Yujia?” Lin Wanrong patted the Old Gao (high) shoulder funnily. This saying to be decidedly so, by the Yujia medical skill, who can poisonous but actually she? “下毒?你能毒地过玉伽吗?”林晚荣好笑地拍了拍老高肩膀。这话一点不错,以玉伽医术,有谁能够毒倒她? Gao Qiu also stares, annoying say/way: „ That what to do? We cannot give to the chart her like this in vain 高酋也是一愣,懊恼道:“那怎么办?咱们总不能就这样把她白白地送给图 Will have means , when I think.” Lin Wanrong shakes the head, this matter, only had to seek help Fairy. She has said that she has means . “会有办法,等我想一想吧。”林晚荣摇了摇头,这件事情,唯有求助仙子了。她说过,她有办法 The Old Gao (high) two people depart resentfully. Lin Wanrong closes eyes the thinking, heart is somewhat despondent. Although this is stripping Yujia, then to be useful her for day. When only approaches at this moment clearly. That taste. Actually cannot describe the place in a few words. 老高二人悻悻离去。林晚荣闭目思索,心里有些抑郁。虽说这一路带着玉伽,便是为了有用得上她一天。只是当这一刻真切来临时。那滋味。却绝非三言两语所能描述地了。 „Have you really decided?!” When does not know. Ning Yuxi calmly has stood in his nearby, the sound is gentle. If the sounds of nature arrive. “你真地已经决定了么?!”不知何时。宁雨昔已静静地站在了他身边,声音平缓温柔。如天籁降临。 Lin Wanrong holds on her hand. Saying with a smile: This is not the already decision place. How did elder sister also ask me?” 林晚荣拉住她手。笑道:“这不是早已经决定地么。姐姐怎么还来问我?” Different.” Fairy Ning shakes the head seriously: I does not have have always said this matter harm to you. I hope that you before making decision, can be clear the cause and effect consideration.” “不一样。”宁仙子郑重摇头:“我从来没有对你说过这件事地危害。我希望你在做决定之前,能够将前因后果考虑清楚。” Ning Yuxi looks dignified. Lin Wanrong said puzzled: What has to harm? elder sister can you be able to talk clearly.” 宁雨昔神情凝重。林晚荣不解道:“有什么危害?姐姐你能不能说得清楚点。” Fairy slowly paced several steps, light say/way: You participate in this sheep hunting congress goal. Must attracts Göktürks Right King and other princes and dukes using Yujia. So. The Göktürks cavalry will shift to outside the defense the city surely with emphasis, city garrison will certainly be lax. Once Tu Suozo attended the sheep hunting congress, Göktürks Khan enormously possibly to come personally watching. If there is an opportunity to capture Göktürks Khan and everyone/various high-ranking court official directly. That is very no doubt good. But if outside their city defends extremely strict does not have opportunity to start, you can also take advantage city garrison void while in a state of confusion, mixes in Kizil City with various tribes together. So long as the Göktürks royal court, the matter of broken city then became half. I said right?!” 仙子缓缓踱了几步,轻道:“你参加这叼羊大会地目的。是要利用玉伽突厥右王以及其他王公吸引过来。如此。突厥骑兵必定会将防守重点转向城外,城防必将松懈。一旦图索佐参加叼羊大会,突厥可汗极大可能会亲来观赏。要是有机会直接擒拿突厥可汗各位重臣。那固然很好。但若是他们城外防守太过严密没有机会下手,你也可以趁城防空虚混乱之际,与各部落一起混入克孜尔城。只要进了突厥王庭,破城之事便成了一半。我说地对吗?!” Right. Right. elder sister really knows me.” The Lin Wanrong vertical stroke refers to saying. “对。对。姐姐果然知我。”林晚荣竖指赞道。 Ning Yuxi smiles: Has the qualifications to enter the city to have an audience with the foreigner tribe. Is the sheep hunting congress handsome. If you want the opportunity to mix. Also must win several. Although this method danger. Pours also not necessarily impossible. And the key then fell on Yujia body, must make her appear in front of foreigner, actually also cannot exposes our whereabouts- 宁雨昔笑了笑:“有资格入城觐见地胡人部落。都是叼羊大会地佼。你要想有机会混进去。也必须取胜数场。这法子虽然险了些。倒也未必不可能。其中地关键之处便是落在了玉伽身上,要让她出现在胡人面前,却不能暴露我们地行踪—— Lin Wanrong worry is this matter. Busy say/way: elder sister. You had not said that has the means place?!” 林晚荣担心地就是这件事。忙道:“姐姐。你不是说过有办法地么?!” Fairy sighed the sound: I really have the means. Only feared that you cannot start- to let Yujia not exposes our whereabouts, well means. Is makes her forget all things.” 仙子叹了声:“我确实有办法。只怕你下不了手——要让玉伽暴露我们行踪,最好地办法。就是让她忘记所有事情。” Forgets the territory matter?” Lin Wanrong has a big shock: How this does need to forget?!” “忘记所有地事情?”林晚荣大惊失色:“这个要怎么忘?!” Ning Yuxi holds his hand to smile gently: petty thief, you still remember that our first time does meet the time situation?!” 宁雨昔牵着他手温柔一笑:“小贼,你还记得我们第一次相见时候地情形么?!” Remembers, naturally remembers. At that time I fired your several spears/guns. You also shot my several, now wants to come, this dozen shoots. Originally is the marriage affinity day is doomed.” He haha smiled several. heart is actually fuzzy. Clearly said Yujia, Fairy how also pulled to two people beginning the insight matter is coming up. “记得,当然记得。当时我打了你几枪。你也射了我好几针,现在想来,这一打一射。原来是姻缘天注定啊。”他哈哈笑了几声。心中却是模糊。分明说着玉伽,仙子怎么扯到两人初见地事情上去了。 - I and you are unknown. today so treats you, has no recourse, you and Qingxuan fate, then such as in the water the bright moonlight, beautiful flower in the mirror, is the impossible matter. This gets down, will not harm your life, can actually ask you to put behind that with the matter of Qingxuan, you cannot blames me- ——‘我与你素不相识。今日如此待你,乃是迫不得已,你与青璇缘分,便如水中明月,镜中美花,是不可能事。这一针下去,不会伤你性命,却能叫你忘却与青璇之事,你莫要怪我’—— The Fairy Ning tone is spooky, in the hand the silver needle sparking illumination, as if also returned to same day city outside area white birch woods, that is two people of first time meets, many things are unable to dismiss from mind forever, these words, were Fairy said personally. 宁仙子语气幽幽,手中地银针闪亮发光,仿佛回到了当日城外地白桦林中,那是二人第一次见面,许多事情永远无法忘怀,这一段话,便是仙子亲口所说。 Only listened to last, Lin Wanrong to understand the Ning Yuxi meaning, since she had the means to call me to forget Qingxuan, then naturally can also make Yujia forget me. In the world two cups of Forgetting Sentiment Water, were drunk by Laozi! He licked the lip, the heart taste was hard to describe split, the long sound sighed: elder sister, do you want to give an injection to Yujia, making her forget me?!” 只听最后一句,林晚荣就已明白了宁雨昔地意思,既然她有办法能叫我忘记青旋,那么自然也能让玉伽忘记我。世界上两杯忘情水,都被老子喝了!他舔了舔干裂地嘴唇,心里滋味难以言状,长声叹道:“姐姐,你是要给玉伽打针,让她忘记我吗?!” Ning Yuxi helpless said: Do not make her forget you, but must make her forget , since Helan Mountains enters the prairie, birthplace all. No matter summit of Sea of Death or the Mount Tian, even if has a dream, she could not remember these forever.” 宁雨昔无奈道:“不是要让她忘记你,而是要让她忘记自贺兰山进入草原之后,所发生地一切。不管是死亡之海还是天山之巅,就算做梦,她也永远都想不起这些了。” Can territory all, easily cancel like this?! Lin Wanrong concentrates to stand dull, quite a while could not say a few words. 所有地一切,都可以这样轻易抹去?!林晚荣呆呆凝立,半天说不出一句话。 He did not suspect that Ning Yuxi has spoken the words, in fact, he on the same day then almost with the Yujia same destiny. couldn't think after such, this matter actually must happen in alien race beautiful female body, that beginning is cocoon, actually changed into oneself. The heaven will also really crack a joke. 他绝不怀疑宁雨昔说过地话,事实上,他当日便差点遭了和玉伽一样地命运。没想到时隔如此之久,这事却要发生在一个异族美丽女子身上,那始作蛹者,却换成了自己。老天还真会开玩笑。 He calmly stands there, did not say motionless, such as mighty waves treacherously depressing mood, only then saw to experience all these Ning Yuxi to understand. 他静静站在那里,不言不动,如波涛般诡谲压抑地心情,也只有亲见亲历这一切地宁雨昔能够理解了。 petty thief- Fairy draws his sleeves lightly, in the pupil reveals shows loving care for affectionately. 小贼——仙子轻拉他衣袖,眸中流露出脉脉地关怀。 Lin Wanrong long exhaled, shows a faint smile to her suddenly: I am all right. As a victor, I have to handle the prisoner of war right, no matter she is beautiful is ugly is male is a female. Leads her, not for today? Fairy Elder Sister, when do you prepare to begin?!” 林晚荣忽然长出了口气,冲她微微一笑:“我没事。作为一个战胜者,我拥有处置战俘权利,不管她是美是丑是男是女。带着她,不就是为了这一天么?仙子姐姐,你准备什么时候动手?!” petty thief, your- Ning Yuxi is really looking at him, the red lip bites lightly, wants to say also to stop. 小贼,你真地——宁雨昔望着他,红唇轻咬,欲言止。 Lin Wanrong smiles: person of Great Hua, Göktürk, two hostile nationality- forgot, to her, perhaps is well the result. Her life only remained for several months, made her worry-free spend the remaining time.” 林晚荣笑了笑:“一个大华人,一个突厥人,两个敌对的民族——忘记,对她来说,也许是最好地结局。她生命只剩几个月了,就让她无忧无虑度过剩下时光吧。” Fairy Ning said dull: She can forget, is you, you what to do?! Has is worrying about to go on living, compared with forgetting to need the courage!” 宁仙子呆呆道:“她可以忘记,可是你呢,你怎么办?!心怀着记挂活下去,比忘记更需要勇气!” Lin Wanrong haha shakes the head with a smile: How elder sister you said that such abstruse words, I am a very simply person, without your so many complex idea.” 林晚荣哈哈笑着摇头:“姐姐你怎么说这么深奥的话,我可是个很简单地人,才没你这么多复杂地想法。” Ning Yuxi looks at him long time, this is her first time could not completely understand that the petty thief atrium, this near felt suddenly suddenly, makes her be somewhat infatuated with unexpectedly. She sighed the sound said lightly: By the Yujia stubborn individuality, this disappears actually the method of memory, is acupuncture is so incessantly simple, only feared that I must consume many skills. So sinister and ruthless method, has the wound day greatly, this time, Heaven will punish me surely.” 宁雨昔望他半晌,这是她第一次看不透小贼地心房,这种忽远忽近感觉,竟让她有些迷恋。她轻叹了声道:“以玉伽地倔强个性,这消却记忆之法,不止是施针那么简单,只怕我还要耗上好些功力。如此阴毒法子,大大有伤天和,这一次,上天定会罚我。” Lin Wanrong grips tightly her both hands, smiles gently: Relax, all punished my one strength to take on. I vowed with Heaven, fought life and death!” 林晚荣紧握她双手,温柔一笑:“放心,所有惩罚我都一力担了。我誓与上天,斗个生死!”
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