FS :: Volume #6

#590: golden blade and silver blade

…… …… These cavalry momenta, several tens of thousands people, each one physique strong, transport the horse saber to delimit to make a debut fully to say to be luminous, understood at a glance that is the experienced expert. 这些骑兵声势,足有数万人,个个体格强壮、运马马刀划出道道光亮,一看就知道是久经沙场老手。 „Was could it be foreigner discovered us?!” Hu Bugui one startled, quickly protected before the Lin Wanrong body. 难道胡人发现了我们?!”胡不归一惊,急忙护在了林晚荣身前。 Lin Wanrong chuckled: Big Brother Hu should not be anxious, wants to discover us, which is that easy matter? These should be Lù Dongzan keep the more than ten thousand cavalries, first had a look to say again.” 林晚荣嘿了一声:“胡大哥不要紧张,想发现我们,哪是那么容易事情?这些应该就是禄东赞留下来万余骑兵了,先看看再说。” Speech simultaneously, the surroundings are training sheep hunting each foreigner tribe, had stopped, doubts puzzled is facing forward to look. 说话同时,周围正在演练叼羊各个胡人部落,也已停了下来,正疑惑不解朝前望去。 That like a mountain majestic Göktürks cavalry rush one, speed slowed down gradually, middle the line a person comes, physique is big, the thick eyebrows longhole, the double pupil is fiery. 如山般雄壮突厥骑兵奔行一截,速度渐渐放缓了下来,当中行出一人来,体格高大,浓眉深眼,双眸炯炯有神。 Tu Suozo?!” Lin Wanrong is startled, this took the lead foreigner, indeed that year light handsome Göktürks Right King. Tu Suozo wears magnificent and expensive foreigner's robe, the eye shoots the cold light and manner to be dignified, his crotch prize horse such as the blood and divine steed are all over the body extraordinary, are built on the pack of horses clump, the foreigner place rides all obeys to follow in its behind, imitates like the stars surrounding the moon, this was legendary Göktürks national treasure Akhal-Teke horse. 图索佐?!”林晚荣吃了一惊,这领头胡人,正是那年轻英俊突厥右王图索佐身穿一袭华贵胡袍,目射冷光、神态威严,他胯下宝马通体如血、神骏非凡,立于群马丛中,胡人座骑皆都顺从跟在它身后,仿如众星拱月,这就是传说中的突厥国宝汗血宝马了。 Good horse!” Hu Bugui lowered the sound, full is envies to sigh. Past Lù Dongzan wait/etc. went abroad on a diplomatic mission Great Hua, once gave the Lin Wanrong two fine horses, Hu Bugui not only has seen, moreover has trained personally. Under the only Tu Suozo body this place rides, regardless of physique or the age, compares that two to be stronger on many, it seems like Akhal-Teke horse is also divides rank , Göktürk gives the General Lin place. only second-rate that's all. “好马!”胡不归压低了声音,满是羡慕叹道。昔日禄东赞等出使大华,也曾送给林晚荣两匹汗血马,胡不归不仅见过,而且也亲手调教过。只是图索佐身下这匹座骑,无论从体格还是年龄,都比那两匹要强上许多,看来汗血宝马也是分等级,突厥人送给林将军地。只是次等品而已 Lin Wanrong and horse accompanying for a long time. Also somewhat Bole vision. Has a look at Tu Suozo personal ride, apparent what's the matter. cannot bear spurted a spit ruthlessly, said indignantly: Göktürk is really insincere, takes substandard products as fine products. Bullied my head to come unexpectedly. Does not give them to select ruthless , they do not know that Brother Lin San has three eyes!” 林晚荣与马相伴已久。也有几分伯乐地眼光了。看看图索佐座驾,便知是怎么回事。忍不住狠狠喷了口吐沫,愤愤道:“突厥人真不厚道,以次充好。竟然欺负到我头上来了。不给他们来点狠,他们就不知道林三哥有三只眼!” Hu Bugui suppresses to smile. Received the Göktürk treasure, gives them tattered Fuck Cannon to make the ornaments. Also entered in the dark room to squat several days of prison Lane Lù Dongzan. Must say fiercely. General Lin you were more ruthless than Göktürk. 胡不归强忍住笑。收了突厥人宝贝,送给他们一门破烂法克炮做摆设。还把禄东赞进黑屋子里蹲了好几天大狱。要说厉害。林将军您比突厥人狠多了。 More than ten thousand cavalries decided in the middle of the prairie. Really looks disdainfully the Sifangde imposing manner. Tu Suozo is calm. His nearby foreigner strategist is actually. Is talking over anything loudly. This boy voice is vigorous. both sides are away from number hundred zhang (333 m) distance/from. Then can hear his big voice. 万余铁骑在草原当中立定了。真有一股睥睨四方地气势。图索佐气定神闲。他身边的一个胡人军师却是叽里呱啦。大声念叨着什么。这厮声音浑厚。双方隔着数百丈地距离。便能听见他大嗓门。 Lin Wanrong raised up the ear to listen to the meeting, shook the head angrily: This boy Old Turkic is the suburb voice, too unreasonable. I hear to be not quite clear. Big Brother Hu. You translate.” 林晚荣竖起耳朵听了会,气恼地摇头:“这厮地突厥语是郊区口音,太不地道。我听得不大明白。胡大哥。还是你来翻译吧。” Firmly is not very tunnel/said.” Old Hu laughed: He said. Presents the command of Sir Right King. In order to prevent among various tribes because of the sheep hunting congress, but the conflict, utmost will end from today. The Kizil surrounding in ten li (0.5 km), all dispatches troops to guard by Wang Ting. Various tribes can not attack the fighting. The offenders then cancel participate in the congress right. When the sheep hunting congress ended, various tribes may enter the royal court. Paid respects to Great Khan (sweat)- “地确不是很地道。”老胡笑道:“他说。奉右王大人之令。为防止各部落之间因叼羊大会而起冲突,从今日起至大会结束。克孜尔外围十里内,皆由王庭派兵驻守。各部落不得攻击械斗。违者便取消参加大会地权利。待叼羊大会结束,各部落才可进入王庭。拜谒大汗—— Lin Wanrong nods. Before competition, among various tribes smell of gunpowder gradually thick. Tu Suozo this is must implement the martial law, to prevent among various to clash. Göktürks Right King really lives up to reputation, age is not big. The management is actually vicious. 林晚荣点了点头。大赛之前,各部落之间地火药味渐渐地浓厚。图索佐这是要实行戒严、防止各部之间发生冲突。突厥右王果然名不虚传,年纪不大。办事却是老辣地很。 -, but at the sheep hunting congress. Finally wins the warrior. Also in the royal court evening banquet starts. Was opened its mask, to serve with the praise by Great Khan (sweat) personally.” Old Hu then translates said. ——而在叼羊大会上。最终获胜地勇士。也将在王庭夜宴开始之时。由大汗亲自揭开其面罩、施以嘉奖。”老胡接着翻译道。 This actually some meanings. Was opened the prairie warrior ground cover by Göktürks Khan personally. Also mysterious also stimulation. Is an excellent reward. Can fully arouse the Göktürk violent disposition and courage and uprightness. Let them go to the brave struggle first. As the matter stands. That sheep hunting difficulty was bigger. Göktürk is also encouragingly expert. 这一条倒是有些意思。由突厥可汗亲自揭开草原勇士地面罩。既神秘刺激。更是一条绝妙奖赏。可以充分调动突厥人狂性与血性。让他们去勇争第一。这样一来。那叼羊地难度就更大了。突厥人也是鼓舞人心地高手啊。 Waits for that strategist to read out the martial law order. Various tribes then play the bugle. The wūu sound spreads over the prairie. This is Göktürk complies with the military order meaning. 等那军师宣读完戒严令。各部落便吹起号角。呜呜地响声传遍草原。这是突厥人遵从军令地意思。 Well, woman!” continuously has not spoken Gao Qiu, the eyes open fiercely, project several wisps of brights. Shouted pleasantly surprised low voice. “咦,女人!”一直未吭声高酋,双眼猛地睁开,射出几缕亮光。惊喜地小声叫了起来。 In various tribe tents. Suddenly hears chirp clearly the laughter. That barrack gate curtain screen lifts, reveals some Göktürks young girl cheeks. really is a woman. Old Gao (high) this obscene goods, ear actually fiercely. 各部落帐篷里。忽然传来叽叽喳喳清脆地笑声。那营门帘子掀开,露出些突厥少女地脸颊。果然是女人。老高淫货,耳朵倒是厉害地很。 These foreigner female, mostly are 17-18 years old age, look even if distant does not compare Yujia, but in Göktürk, poured also calculates rarely. They wear the most beautiful festival costume. Figure complementing graceful. Is laughing and playing is sizing up toward the camp outside. 这些胡人女子,大多是17-18岁年纪,相貌虽远远比不上玉伽,但在突厥人中,倒也算难得了。她们穿着最美丽节日盛装。将身段映衬地婀娜多姿。正嬉笑着朝营外打量。 Was needless saying that also knows whom they are looking. That year little martial-lookingly Göktürks Right King. already is heard that prairie big hero, is innumerable Göktürks young girl heart White Horse Prince. this time taking advantage of participating in Sheep Hunting Competition chooses various son-in-law tribe young girl. Perhaps some half come to him, this may also be the conservative estimate. 不用说也知道她们在看谁了。那年少英武地突厥右王早已是名闻草原英雄,更是无数突厥少女心中白马王子此次借参加叼羊大赛选婿地各部落少女。恐怕有一半就是冲着他来地,这还极有可能是保守估计。 Several brave Göktürks young girl. already grazes a horse to ride the tent. Rushes toward Right King nearby. When to approaching Tu Suozo nearby. They were actually shy, then jumps down horse comes. light is beating time. Spheres that steed to dance. The vision Right King body is often flowing young. The singing sound non-stop flies toward the horizon melodiously interestingly to listen. 有几个胆大地突厥少女早已放马骑出营帐。直往右王身边奔去。待到靠近图索佐身边。她们却是害羞了,便跳下马来。轻轻打着拍子。围住那骏马舞蹈起来。眼光不时在年轻地右王身上流淌。悠扬动听地歌声直飞往天际。 Tu Suozo smiles is jumping down Akhal-Teke horse, with these young girl hand in hand, encircles a circle, dances cheerfully reckless dance. Göktürk can sing and dance well instinct quickly then exposes, various tribe warriors and young girl gradually join. Loudly song 图索佐微笑着跳下汗血宝马,与这些少女手拉手,围成一个圈,跳起欢快地胡舞。突厥人能歌善舞地天性很快便暴露出来,各部落地勇士与少女逐渐加入进来。放声歌 Waves quickly, turns into happily the sea this prairie instantaneously, whistles to applaud including that more than ten thousand, laughter continuously. 快舞动,瞬间就将这草原变成欢乐地海洋,连那万余着呼哨鼓掌,笑声此起彼伏。 These beauty ordinary Göktürks young girl, jumping foreigner dance, in addition is so charming, if changes into is Yujia, that can be a scene? The idea makes Lin Wanrong instantaneous suddenly one startled, he quickly shakes the head, cancels from the mind this idea impractically. 这些姿色普通地突厥少女,跳起胡人舞蹈尚且如此妩媚,如果换成是玉伽,那会是怎样一种情景呢?突如其来地想法让林晚荣瞬间一惊,他急忙摇了摇头,将这不切实际地想法从头脑里抹去。 Originally Göktürk woman also likes the pretty boy, but must surrender on own initiative, really has no sense of shame.” Sees young girls to gather round Right King to spin, Old Gao (high) looks at to be indignant. “原来突厥女人也喜欢小白脸,还要主动投怀送抱,真是不知羞耻。”望见少女们围着右王打转,老高愤愤不平。 This boy constrained in the army probably for a long time, ate what is offered, even the Göktürk woman vinegar also ate unexpectedly. Lin Wanrong shakes the head to say with a smile: Big Brother Gao, this was you wrongly accuses them. The foreigner character and we are different, love and marriage way naturally also big different. Liked being probable to say. In this regard, foreigner may be franker than us.” 这厮大概是在军中压抑久了,饥不择食,竟连突厥女人地醋也吃上了。林晚荣摇头笑道:“高大哥,这可是你错怪她们了。胡人性格与我们不同,婚恋方式自然也大相迥异。喜欢了就要说出来。在这方面,胡人可比我们直爽多了。” General Lin said right, Old Gao (high) you must be really jealous. Simple, waited to fire off Kizil, I went to seize two Göktürks women to you, making you also enjoy to surrender the pleasure.” Hu Bugui teased with a smile. 林将军说地对,老高你要真吃醋。简单,等打完了克孜尔,我就去给你捉两个突厥娘们,让你也享受一下投怀送抱乐趣。”胡不归笑着打趣。 Gao Qiu disdains to shake the head: Must really think that these Göktürks women surrender. Isn't that simple? At the sheep hunting congress seized turtle chief, what Göktürks woman. Has't that can lie down?!” 高酋不屑摇头:“要真想这些突厥娘们投怀送抱。那还不简单?叼羊大会上夺了鳌魁,什么样地突厥娘们。那还不都得躺下来?!” Originally this boy hits unexpectedly is this idea. Lin Wanrong and Hu Bugui look at each other in blank dismay, at once loudly to smile. Old Gao (high) desire only joke that's all. They participate in the sheep hunting congress first important matter to be to mix in the Göktürks royal court, as for can win even is close to Göktürks Khan, that must look at the divine intervention. 原来这厮竟然打是这个主意。林晚荣胡不归面面相觑,旋即纵声笑了起来。老高愿望只是个笑话而已。他们参加叼羊大会第一要务就是要混入突厥王庭,至于能不能夺魁甚至接近突厥可汗,那就要看天意了。 Several people are speaking, that side transmits a position to cheer instantaneously. foreigner does not know when stopped the dance, scatters in all directions to draw back, keeps together the extremely broad open area. 几人说着话,那边瞬间传来一阵地欢呼。胡人不知何时停止了歌舞,四散着退开,留出一块极为宽广空地。 - Intermediate station spirit and qi calm Tu Suozo. His opposite is actually 20 wealthy arm round Göktürks warriors. Gathers foreigner young girls to stand in Tu Suozo behind. The facial features are excited. Raises the arm to cheer, worship look closely observes closely Right King. Various peripheral tribes, and Tu Suozo brings the cavalry, very natural then encircled a great-circle. 中间站着神定气闲图索佐。他对面却是二十来名腰粗膀圆地突厥勇士。聚集起来胡人少女们站在图索佐身后。面容兴奋。振臂欢呼,崇拜地眼神紧紧盯住右王。外围各部落、以及图索佐带来骑兵,很自然便合围成了一个大圈。 Although Lin Wanrong cannot understand them to shout anything, but sees their facial expression, apparent is Right King cheers on. Tu Suozo takes off long robe slowly, reveals fining shorts, the physique is sturdy and healthy. Brings in young girls one to cheer. He pulls out one thing from bosom, gives behind to accompany. In the twilight silver light flashes, the Lin Wanrong eyesight is excellent, sees clearly that thing instantaneous. Then cannot bear startled well sound. 林晚荣虽听不懂她们在喊什么,但见她们神情,便知都是在为右王呐喊助威。图索佐缓缓脱下长袍,露出一身精炼短装,身板硬实均匀。顿引来少女们地一阵喝彩。他从怀里掏出一样东西,交给身后地随从。暮色中银光闪动,林晚荣眼力极好,看清那东西地瞬间。便忍不住的惊咦了声。 What is that?!” Old Hu also noticed the difference obviously, quickly asked. “那是什么?!”老胡显然也注意到了异样,急忙问道。 Gao Qiu opened the eye to take a look. Said puzzled: Probably knife, silver . I thought. Yujia also has such.” 高酋睁大眼睛瞅了阵。不解道:“好像是把小刀,银色。啊,我想起来了。玉伽也有这样一把。” Tu Suozo hand is grasping . A indeed sickle, the style and size, the exquisite degree, does not even have two with Yujia golden blade general. The only difference is, Tu Suozo this, is the pure silver makes. Slightly is more inferior than several points Yujia golden blade. 图索佐手里握着正是一把弯刀,样式、大小、甚至精巧程度,都与玉伽金刀一般无二。唯一区别就是,图索佐这把,乃是纯银所制。比玉伽金刀稍微逊色几分。 golden blade and silver blade. Should be a inborn pair. Is it possible that Tu Suozo and do Yujia decide are the baby kiss? Sees in the Right King hand silver blade, Lin Wanrong heart amazed. Is hard to describe in the spoken language. 金刀银刀。本应是天生一对。莫非图索佐玉伽定地是娃娃亲?望见右王手中银刀,林晚荣心中地惊诧。难以用言语形容。 Sickle of Tu Suozo in the hand gives to accompany. also made an effort to pat the sleeve cuff ankle, hinted the has hidden weapon. Then waves, behind accompanies then delivers ten black masks for the opposite Göktürks warrior. 图索佐将手中弯刀递给随从。使劲拍了拍袖口脚腕,示意身上并未藏有武器。然后一挥手,身后随从便为对面突厥勇士送上十来个黑色面罩。 This mask pure black cloth makes, the set in the head, only reveals two eyes. Hu Bugui busy say/way: General, Brother Gao, you favored, this was the sheep hunting congress mask.” 这面罩纯黑布所制,套在头上,只露出两个眼睛。胡不归忙道:“将军,高兄弟,你们看好了,这就是叼羊大会所用面罩了。” This and wore a mask to rob the bank is also similar, Lin Wanrong said with a smile: „Is their does do? today also not sheep hunting, how also wants veiled face.” 这和蒙面抢劫银行也差不多了,林晚荣笑道:“他们这是干什么?今天叼羊,怎么还要蒙脸。” Which clan and tribe probably Right King must with compete with,” Hu Bugui carefully looked at one: Puts on the mask, to let Right King cannot see clearly the face, does not need worry to retaliate, this can make the opponent give it all, is similar to the sheep hunting tunnel/said principle.” “好像是右王要和哪个部族比试,”胡不归仔细看了一眼:“戴上面罩,就是为了让右王看不清面孔,不用担心报复,这样才能让对手放手一搏,就和叼羊地道理差不多。” The words finished speaking, the that side bugle then wūu had just sounded, young girl shouts with warriors hoarsely calls out resounds through the prairie. At present the crowd more gathers more blocks the line of sight, Lin Wanrong several people quickly sought a high hillside, takes a broad view to look toward below. 话刚说完,那边号角便已呜呜吹响,少女声嘶力竭地呼喊和勇士们嚎叫响彻草原。眼前人群越聚越多阻挡了视线,林晚荣几人急忙寻了个高高地山坡,放眼朝下望去。 Center that location sewed a thick wooden stake, Tu Suozo had traded ordinary steed, had more than 40 zhang (3.33 m) distance/from to that wooden stake. His opposite is foreigner carefully chooses the warrior, has more than 20 people fully, to wooden stake distance/from , like Tu Suozo. 那场地正中钉下了一根粗粗木桩,图索佐已换了一匹普通骏马,离那木桩有四十余丈距离。他对面便是胡人精心挑选出来地勇士,足有二十余人,离木桩地距离,与图索佐相同。 Lin Wanrong looked at one to understand, foreigner this was playing to snatch the pile game, Tu Suozo person of duel 20, put Akhal-Teke horse not to ride, but also traded ordinary Göktürks big horse specially, then wants the vertical prestige. If this can win, then on Sheep Hunting Competition, but also who dares to fight with him. 林晚荣看了一眼就明白了,胡人这是在玩抢桩游戏,图索佐一人单挑二十,放着汗血宝马不骑,还特意换了一匹普通突厥大马,便是想要立威。若这样都能赢,那在叼羊大赛上,还有谁敢与他争锋。 !” A resonant and rapid bugle resounds suddenly, snatches the pile to start. !”一声嘹亮而急促号角蓦然响起,抢桩开始。 Áo- Tu Suozo responded quickly, a whip flung on horse buttocks, Göktürks steed scattered the hoof to dash, arrow general went rapidly. Opposite knight is not slow, 20 fast horses have spread like a whirlwind that sweeps away scattered clouds, both sides to the speed drive simultaneously extremely quickly to that central wooden stake. ——图索佐反应最快,一鞭甩在马屁股上,突厥骏马撒蹄飞奔,箭一般疾驶而出。对面骑士也不慢,二十匹快马风卷残云般驰过,双方同时以极快地速度向那中心地木桩驶去。 The Göktürks young girls scream streaks across the nighttime sky, observes the crowd to shout unceasingly, the promising Right King call place, naturally also has for the opponent cheers. both sides leave that wooden stake to be getting more and more near, raise the dust dustpan 突厥少女们地尖叫划破夜空,观战人群呼喊不绝,有为右王呐喊地,自然也有为对手助威地。双方离那木桩越来越近,掀起尘土笼 Szo handsome ground hole. Among the stone electrical fire light, Right King body on the horse, the foot steps on suddenly double treads, before both arms fiercely extends, among steed wrong, he already two joint efforts. The tightness grasped that wooden stake. 索佐俊朗地面孔。石电火光间,右王在马上,突脚踩双踏,双臂猛地前伸,骏马一错身间,他已两手合力。紧紧抱住了那木桩。 The opposite more than 20 rides, only has several feet place distance/from to him, sees Right King to put out a hand, dozens steed insane general clash. Line before most several iron fists. Brings the sound wind, be relentless pounds to Tu Suozo. 对面地二十余骑,离他只有数丈地距离,一见右王伸手,数十匹骏马一般的冲过来。行在最前几只铁拳。带着响风,毫不留情地向图索佐砸来。 „!” Tu Suozo became flushed face fiercely loud shout. Then keyed on underground one foot old many sturdy wooden stakes. Unexpectedly in this shouts accordingly. The soil falls, was hugged by Right King horizontally in the hand. “呀!”图索佐涨红了脸孔猛地大喝。那被楔入地下一尺老多地粗壮木桩。竟在这一声呼喊中应声而起。哗哗泥土掉落,被右王横抱在手中。 So verve strength. Let surround foreigner to stare greatly, a moment later is shaking heaven and earth explodes. The applause shout is prolonged. 这般刚猛地力道。让围观地胡人大愣,片刻之后便是惊天地爆好。掌声喊声经久不息。 Lin Wanrong looked that the cape could not close up. Then a thick wooden stick. Spike the underground several chi (0.33 m), he rode on the horse to brush to pull out, the eye did not wink. What this boy is actually eats to grow up? could it be man ape did Mount Tai come? 林晚荣看地嘴都合不拢了。那么粗一根木棒。钉入地下几尺,他骑在马上就拔出来了,眼都不眨一下。这厮到底是吃什么长大地?莫不是人猿泰山来了? The Tu Suozo wooden stake pulls out to start simultaneously, opposite cavalry wind general curls. At crucial moment. Right King not anxiously not startled, in hand wooden stick one horizontal. The overhead then sweeps off toward the opponent. 图索佐木桩拔入手中地同时,对面地骑兵风一般卷到。关键时候。右王不急不惊,手中木棒一横。当头便往对手扫去。 „!” In the pitiful yell sound, the front three warriors were swept the waist abdomen. Under falls falls. This hinders. Actually already for behind buy time. Surplus more than ten rides instantaneous has approached Tu Suozo. 2-3 people jump from horseback simultaneously. to him. This is Göktürk wrestling technique. Once Right King were knocked down. Dozens people hold down together, he has the big brute force unable to display again. “啊!”惨叫声中,前面三名勇士被扫中腰腹。摔落马下。这一阻滞。却已为后面赢得时间。剩余十余骑瞬间已靠近图索佐。2-3人同时从马背上跃起。直直向他扑来。这是突厥人地摔跤手法。一旦右王被扑倒在地。几十人一起按住,他有再大蛮力也无从发挥。 Tu Suozo saw through the opponent intention obviously. He hey. Wooden stick like the wind has delimited. This one blow strength is enormous. Three warriors drop down, snort/hum no snort/hum. 图索佐显然看穿了对手意图。他嘿地一声。木棒如风般划过。这一击力道极大。三名勇士直直落地,哼都没哼一声。 „Before hiss- Right King crotch steed rises spiritedly suddenly, hoof wail. Body one short, poured slowly. “嘶——右王胯下地骏马突然奋起前蹄哀鸣一声。身躯一矮,缓缓倒了下去。 Lin Wanrong sees clearly. That overhead throws three foreigner only to act as a cover, their severe wound falls falls to the ground instantly, another two foreigner leap horseback. Double fist like the wind, from two sides simultaneously toward the Right King personal ride assault. Is striking on the steed eye. That Göktürks big horse pain hiss, then softly but actually. 林晚荣看地清楚。那当头扑去地三名胡人只是做掩护,他们重伤摔落地刹那,另有两名胡人跃下马背。双拳如风,从两边同时往右王座驾袭去。正击在骏马地眼上。那突厥大马痛嘶一声,便软软地倒了下去。 Inserting the eye is also good? really said with Old Hu is the same, method uses nothing which is not, Lin Wanrong looked that startles greatly. Had to that sheep hunting congress profoundly understood. 插眼睛也行?果然老胡说地一样,手段无所不用,林晚荣看地大骇。对那叼羊大会有了更深刻地认识。 Tu Suozo also only has two two feet again intrepidly. It is not able to consider all aspects, he has fought many battles. personal ride throws down the moment. Actually already figure like the wind ejection. Falls to the ground simultaneously. A horizontal arm elbow hits hard again in the sneak attack warrior nape. 图索佐再强悍也只有两手两脚。无法面面兼顾,他身经百战。座驾摔倒地一刻。却已身形如风弹射而出。落地地同时。横胳膊一肘重重击在偷袭地勇士后颈。 Vertical is separates extremely, Lin Wanrong can also hear the bone break clear sound clearly, the warrior falls down softly. Slightly struggles, then no longer moved. 纵是隔得极远,林晚荣也能清楚听到骨头断裂地清脆响声,那勇士软绵绵地倒在地上。略一挣扎,便不再动弹了。 Really suffices the vigor, to be really ruthless enough!” Even the Gao Qiu also cannot bear complexion changed. Looked that Göktürks Right King acts, knows him to crawl from the dead crowd, for the time being does not say his inborn supernatural power, is that looks disdainfully life and death to make an all-out effort, lets one is sufficiently scared. “真够劲、真够狠!”连高酋忍不住地脸色变了。看突厥右王出手,就知他是从死人堆里爬出来地,姑且不说他地天生神力,就是那股睥睨生死狠劲,也足以让人胆寒。 huyou( good). huyou( good)- the Göktürks men and women to be basic no one to care about this consanguineous life and death. Like this stimulates the scene to make them boil intensely incessantly. The scream cheers continuously. 湖由(好)。湖由(好)——突厥地男男女女们却根本无人在乎这同族生死。这样激烈刺激场面让他们沸腾不已。尖叫欢呼此起彼伏。 That opposite warriors have almost paid half prices, but can compel horse comes Right King. This is their success. Wild with joy , the surplus more than ten people of vertical horses dash, then hits toward front Tu Suozo. 那对面地勇士们几乎已付出了半数代价,但能将右王逼下马来。这便是他们地成功。狂喜之下,剩余十余人纵马飞奔,便往前面图索佐撞去。 The Göktürks Right King moving sideways illness/quick hides, a stick wields without hesitation, is pounding on that horseback, immediately knight then with horse together short. 突厥右王闪身疾躲,毫不犹豫一棒挥出,正砸在那马背上,马上骑士便连人带马一起矮了下去。 , Tu Suozo back suffered a whip layer on layer/heavily, his has not actually transferred, turns round heavy blows, behind steed flew horizontally. ”地一声,图索佐背上重重挨了一鞭,他却头都没转,回身一记重拳,身后骏马横飞了出去。 Among this in a little while, then also solved several people, only other 78. The sharp drop aroused the warriors violent anger repeatedly, they jump down horse comes, encircles Tu Suozo in the middle, wrestling technique will hold his both legs. Right King is actually wind general runs out, about the shoulder joint including two to hit hard, withstand/top on the opponent lower jaw, at the same time, in the hand wooden stick wields, pounds on a person of leg. 三两下间,便解决了数人,只余下七八个。屡屡重挫激起了勇士们地暴怒,他们呼啦一声跳下马来,将图索佐围在中间,正要以摔跤手法去抱他双腿。右王却是风一般冲出,左右肩接连两下重击,顶在对手地下颚上,与此同时,手中木棒挥出,砸在一人腿上。 At his strength, which the opponent can also fall to be good, that besieges the lineup to disintegrate instantaneously. Tu Suozo does not even need to ride a horse, only needs the disciple to walk to the end point, in arriving at that flash, he raises hand to snatch the wooden stake fiercely high, face floats off incomparably proudly the smiling face. 以他地力道,对手哪还能落了好去,那围攻地阵型瞬间瓦解。图索佐甚至不用骑马,只需徒步行向终点,在到达那一刹那,他猛地高举手中抢来木桩,脸上浮起无比骄傲地笑容。 Roar- roar- several tens of thousands foreigner, clamp innumerable young girl to scream that burning hot voice, must shake to fall this prairie day. “吼————”数万胡人,夹着无数少女尖叫,那炙热声浪,将这草原天都要震落下来。 Göktürks Right King lives up to reputation, his each one blow, is going on an expedition to exercise year to year, awfully. 突厥右王名不虚传,他一击,都是在常年地征战中练就地,都是要命地。 Göktürk is Tu Suozo cheers simultaneously, actually no one cares about these to lie down the warrior. Ground more than 20 foreigner, can tumbling also does not have several, even could not have heard to wail. 突厥人图索佐欢呼同时,却无人在意那些躺下地勇士。地上二十余名胡人,能够翻滚没有几个了,甚至已经听不到哀嚎。 The Lin Wanrong appearance is serious, face black with coal resembles, could not say a few words for a very long time. 林晚荣面目沉重,脸黑跟炭似的,久久说不出一句话。
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