FS :: Volume #6

#589: Moved </> to cry

…… …… Carries out the sneak attack? ” Wo Laogong traces the cheeks, over the face serious shakes the head: Bad, next time may not probably like this. Otherwise, I will seek revenge for the slightest grievance .” 搞偷袭?”窝老攻摸了摸脸颊,满面严肃摇头:“恶劣,下次可不许这样了啊。要不然,我会睚眦必报。” Yujia shoots a look at his several eyes slightly, sighed: - on our status you thought that will also have next time?!” 玉伽微微瞥他几眼,叹息道:“就我们身份而言——你觉得还会有下次么?!” Her look is light, face belt/bring smile, in pupil deep and quiet like water, calm, as if quiet Uvs Lake. At this moment transforms, compared with that beautiful sentimental Crescent Moon, changed individual unexpectedly completely. Perhaps, at this time stands in front , is true Yujia. 神色平淡,脸带微笑,眸子里幽邃如水,波澜不惊,仿佛静谧乌湖。这一刻转变,与那美丽多情月牙儿相比,竟是完全换了个人。也许,此时站在面前,才是真正玉伽 does not have next time? That was certainly best!” Lin Wanrong hee hee nods with a smile: You also know, I am moved very much easily, really feared that which day is not careful, on your snare. Now listened to you to say like this, I felt relieved.” 没有下次?那当然最好了!”林晚荣嘻嘻笑着点头:“你也知道,我这个人是很容易被感动,真怕哪一天不小心,就上了你圈套。现在听你这样说,我放心多了。” Yujia light Um sound: I felt relieved compared with you, because, you will not deceive me!” 玉伽淡淡了声:“我比你更放心,因为,你再也不会骗我了!” Looked at this saying to say , was I that bad lord?! He hehe the hollow laugh two, waved toward Yujia, the racket buttocks leaves. 瞧这话说,我是那么坏主么?!他嘿嘿干笑了两声,朝玉伽挥挥手,拍拍屁股走人。 Distant , Hu Bugui pokes head from the thick patch of grass, discrete took a look at several toward this side: „Did General Lin walk on such? he actually did has or doesn't have persuade successfully?!” 远远,胡不归从草丛里探出头来,谨慎这边瞅了几眼:“林将军怎地就这么走了?他到底有没有劝说成功啊?!” When has Brother Lin let slip?” Old Gao (high) discontented stared his one eyes: You have not seen, is kissed to comfort by him, Crescent Moon moved to cry!” 林兄弟几时失过手来?”老高不满瞪了他一眼:“你没见吗,由他亲去安慰,月牙儿都感动哭了!” Moved to cry?! Hu Bugui quickly stared in a big way the eye. 感动哭了?!胡不归急忙瞪大了眼睛。 Looks from afar, Yujia sits on the ground, peaceful elegantly simple, the face smile is exceptionally moving, in the pupil raises occasionally the misty mist, as if setting sun next seven color soap bubbles. Touching gorgeous. 远远望去,玉伽坐在地上,安静淡雅,脸上微笑异常动人,眸子里偶尔升起蒙蒙水雾,仿佛夕阳下七彩地肥皂泡。凄婉艳丽。 elder sister, you said why the person will have a mind?!” The bright red setting sun is shining upon the prairie. Sprinkles the golden afterglow everywhere. And sits with Fairy on the pitch. Stares at the distant place to be hidden gradually the setting sun, Lin Wanrong suddenly long exhaled. Is laughing and playing asking. 姐姐,你说人为什么会有心呢?!”鲜红落日映照着草原。遍地洒满金色地余晖。与仙子并坐在斜坡上。凝望远处渐渐隐没地夕阳,林晚荣忽然长出了口气。嬉笑着问道。 The petty thief issue is always strange, probably does not have the answer. also has the answer probably. Fairy vertical is snow and ice intelligent. Also does not know how should reply him. Near her light unpleasant to the ear dances in the air with the wind beautiful hair, shakes the head to say with a smile: Tree has the root, the person has a mind. This is Heaven grants , is to make you feel grateful, where has so many why?” 小贼问题总是稀奇古怪,像是没答案。像是有答案。仙子纵是冰雪聪明。也不知该如何回答他。她轻拂耳边随风飞舞地秀发,摇头笑道:“树有根,人有心。这是上天赐予,是让你感恩地,哪有那么多为什么?” „It is not right.” Lin Wanrong shakes the head: Asked me to say. Heaven grants us the mind, is asks us to endure the suffering place.” “不对。”林晚荣摇了摇头:“叫我说。上天赐予我们心灵,是叫我们来忍受煎熬地。” Fairy is angry saying: How by suffering, you, and said?” 仙子嗔道:“怎地受煎熬了,你且说说?” Lin Wanrong oh sighed the sound: Had the heart, had joyfully. also had sadly. one's life. Passed in the happiness and sorrow, sometimes cries to smile, alternates between joy and grief. What isn't this suffering also is? Calculates that in the will of the people this world adds completely. Also does not know that actually is joyful many. Sad many?!” 林晚荣叹了声:“有了心,才有了喜悦。有了忧愁。人的一生。都是在喜与忧中度过地,时哭是笑,悲喜交加。这不是煎熬是什么?算来算去,把这个世界上人心全部加起来。也不知到底是喜悦多一点。还是悲伤多一点?!” petty thief words is quite abstruse! Ning Yuxi slightly one surprised. At once pūchī says with a smile: How can the will of the people add together?! I look at you to make things more difficult than necessary intentionally, also is joyful, also is sadly, when others can't listen? Going round and round. Hasn't been saying that Yujia?!” 小贼的话好深奥啊!宁雨昔微微一愕。旋即噗嗤笑道:“人心怎能相加?!我瞧你是故意钻牛角,是喜悦、是悲伤地,当别人听不出来么?绕来绕去。还不是在言那玉伽?!” does not have. With her absolutely does not have relations. I pledged by my personal character loftily.” Lin Wanrong quickly beckons with the hand, the righteousness is taking an oath with stern words. 没有。和她绝对没有关系。我以我崇高地品德发誓。”林晚荣急忙摆手,义正严词起誓。 Fairy helpless shakes the head, light draws out treasure sword. Bright sword blade shook several before him, is angry saying: First scratches the face at sixes and sevens thing cleanly, this cannot bite depending on sad happy.” 仙子无奈摇头,轻轻拔出宝剑。明亮剑锋在他面前晃了几下,嗔道:“先将脸上乱七八糟东西擦干净吧,这个可不是光凭悲喜就能咬出来地。” On sword blade reflects clearly his shadow, on black face a shallow lipstick seal. As if horizon curved Crescent Moon. Clearly discernible. Beautiful attractive. 剑锋上清晰倒映出他地影子,黑脸上一个浅浅的口红印子。仿佛天边弯弯月牙儿。清晰可见。美丽诱人。 Well.” Lin Wanrong quickly covers the face, was startled: Where does this is come? Hadn't I detected? Old Hu they too do not uphold justice. I by plotting, they were not saved me unexpectedly. Ahh, ahh, elder sister do not grip my- I to know, certainly is Yujia does , is hateful I to be careless, how to have detected?” “咦。”林晚荣急忙捂住脸,惊了一声:“这是哪里来地?我怎么一点都没察觉?老胡他们太不仗义了。我遭了暗算,他们竟也不来救我。啊,啊,姐姐别扎我——我知道了,一定是玉伽,可恨我粗心大意,怎么就没察觉呢?” Brushing, in the Ning Yuxi hand silver needle fast as lightning projects, front is submerging in the tree trunk. The Fairy smile said: What do I grip you to make? Junior Sister An said that silver needle this thing, places in the pocket mildewy, must often take to dry in the sun, can make him maintain blade glow! I do not know that she said is right.” “刷”,宁雨昔手中地银针快如闪电般射出,正没入前面地树干中。仙子微笑道:“我扎你做什么?安师妹说了,银针这东西,放在兜里会发霉地,要经常拿出来晾晾,才能让他保持着锋芒!我也不知道她说对不对。” Yes, yes, reasonable.” petty thief anxious wipes the forehead beads of sweat. “是,是,有道理。”小贼急急擦去额头汗珠。 You,” Fairy angry poked on his forehead: Is so dishonest! If Junior Sister An here, you do not know that suffered her many hardships, she said anything made anything, started to have you to feel better.” “你啊,”仙子气恼在他额头上戳了一下:“如此地不老实!要是安师妹在此,你也不知吃她多少苦头了,她可是说什么就做什么,下手有你好受地。” Listens to Fairy to raise An Biru, that is also angry fox charm cheeks then light to reappear happily at present, petty thief beams with joy saying: elder sister for my worry. She starts, I will also start. little brother studied a unique skill recently newly, is called to catch the dragon gripping device, specially broken underwear merit law, Oh, no, is in family/home merit law. Not is it may be said that sharp does not destroy, not quickly broken , I also compare notes with elder sister, everyone common progress.” 仙子提起安碧如,那张亦喜亦嗔狐媚脸颊便轻轻浮现在眼前,小贼眉开眼笑道:“姐姐不要为我担心。她下手,我也会下手啊。小弟最近新学了门绝技,叫做抓抓龙抓手,专破内衣功法,,不,是内家功法。可谓无尖不摧,无快不破,几时有空,我也和姐姐切磋一下,大家共同进步。” Listened to him to say underwear merit law, apparent was what gōng fū. Ning Yuxi anxious light bah the sound, the complexion bright red, his was interrupted, actually even taught his words to say bashfully. Silent long time, sighed the sound: Your just/then spoke, I am then auditing . That Yujia, only feared that really had the cordiality to you.” 听他说内衣功法,便知是什么功夫了。宁雨昔急急轻呸了声,脸色嫣红,被他这一打岔,却连教训他的话儿都羞地说不出口了。沉默良久,才叹了声:“你们方才说话,我便在一旁听着。那个玉伽,只怕真的是对你有了情意。” Not necessarily,” Lin Wanrong said cautiously: „ This little miss is not good to cope with , really really “未必吧,”林晚荣小心翼翼道:“这个小姑娘可不是那么好对付,真真 fake and genuine, became such to confess suddenly, who knows that she wasn't method, performs in a play to play?! Was open about the facts elder sister saying that I really a little feared her. ” 假假真真,突然间就变得这么坦白了,谁知道她不是手段、演一出戏中戏?!不瞒姐姐说,我是真地有点怕她了。” This is called once bitten by a snake, ten years in fear of well ropes.” Fairy Ning smiles: Do not worry, crossed again on the 2nd, waited for that sheep hunting congress to start and take down the foreigner royal court, you then can not see her.” “这就叫做一朝被蛇咬,十年怕井绳。”宁仙子莞尔一笑:“你也勿要担忧,再过两日,等那叼羊大会开始、取下胡人王庭,你便可以再也不见她了。” I also think that like this- also disappears again.” Lin Wanrong chuckled, the serious nod, stares at that heavy setting sun, the heart taste is hard to describe. “我也是这样想地——再也不见了。”林晚荣嘿了一声,郑重点头,凝望那沉沉落日,心里地滋味难以言状。 Believing you are strange! Fairy curls the lip. only sees his face exhausted look of exhaustion, immediately heart one supple, does not want to say others matter. Two people closely snuggle in the same place, concentrates in that giant setting sun, a pair will never separate the shadow. 信你才怪!仙子撇了撇嘴。只是望见他脸上地困顿疲惫之色,顿时心里一柔,再也不想说别人事。二人紧紧依偎在一起,凝成那巨大落日中,一双永不分离地影子。 ----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- Harnesses- “驾—— Harnesses- “驾—— On the broad prairie the hoofbeat is intermittent, continuously. The knight's vertical horse on the prairie dashes in groups. The momentum is extraordinary, looks at that number, has several thousand people fully. 宽广草原上蹄声阵阵,此起彼伏。成群结队地骑士在草原上纵马飞奔。声势非凡,看那数目,足有数千人之多。 only mentioned strangely. These several thousand place foreigner were actually divided into the size to vary the horse caravan. Big has 70-80 people, slightly. Only has ten people. The horse caravan is separated by far, to the minimum two li (0.5 km), does things their own way, the composition rides the team rush, suddenly accumulation. Suddenly dispersion. Probably is training what formation. The white tent, the to the skies cloud, spreads innumerably every large or small probably slowly on the dark green prairie. 只是说来奇怪。这数千地胡人却是分成了大小不一马队。大有70-80号人,小地。仅有十来号人。马队之间隔得远远,相距最起码二里地,各自为政,组成骑队冲杀,忽而聚集。忽而分散。像是在演练什么队形。无数大大小小地白色帐篷,像是连天云彩,在墨绿地草原上缓缓蔓延开来。 A also hoofbeat resounds. Dozens sunspot like the wind illness/quick tread. 一阵蹄声响起。数十个黑点如风般疾踏过来。 distance/from is extremely far . Moreover the curtain of night falls gradually, various team of foreigner drills are tightening. Even nobody looks up their one eyes. 距离极远,兼之夜幕渐落,各队胡人操练正紧。甚至都没有人抬头看他们一眼。 In the twilight, ten several capable Göktürks fast horse racing to come, the knight put on spacious foreigner's uniform speedily immediately, with lightning speed. body closely bends down on horseback, then prepares the sheath bow and arrow probably at any time. Occasionally reveals fully is the dragon fine beard cheeks. Has bone-chilling cold murderous aura faintly. 暮色中,十数匹精壮突厥快马疾速奔来,马上骑士穿着宽大胡服,风驰电掣中。身体紧紧伏在马背上,便像是随时准备出鞘弓箭。偶尔露出地满是虬髯地脸颊。隐隐有种凛冽杀气 The dim light of night will get up. On the prairie in all directions is the such fast horse. Among the tribes also does things their own way, no one will pay attention to these ten several people of horse caravans. 夜色将起。草原上四处都是这样的快马。部落之间是各自为政,谁也不会去注意这十数人地马队。 Implored- front to take the lead person of skilled to hold on horse reins. The Göktürks big horse step then reduced speed slowly. He directed horse Qingta several steps. Has turned the head saying: General, careful conduct! Here left Kizil only to have 20 li (0.5 km) distance.” “吁——”前面领头一人熟练拉住马缰突厥大马步伐便缓缓减慢了下来。他引马轻踏了几步。转过头道:“将军,慎行!这里离克孜尔仅有二十里地路程了。” 20 li (0.5 km)?” Lin Wanrong drew Göktürks long robe downward, reveals to be covered up the cheeks. The eyeball bone common revolutions, vigilant is sizing up toward all around: Where this is comes foreigner. tuo tuo , several hundred tuo! They only have 20 li (0.5 km) to Kizil. How to enter a city?” “二十里?”林晚荣突厥长袍往下拉了拉,露出被遮掩住脸颊。眼珠子骨碌碌转,警惕往四周打量着:“这是哪里来地胡人。一陀一陀,好几百陀呢!他们离克孜尔只有二十里。怎么不进城去?” Feeds in the first news from yesterday Xǔ Zhen. Arrived today in the afternoon the second return. Lù Dongzan leads 100,000 armies already the line about 300 li (0.5 km). already waits eagerly the General Lin signal flag to wield. The army goes forward speedily. The Great Hua cavalry step, has trod the Kizil surrounding. The distance/from foreigner royal court, the closest area only 130 li (0.5 km), they even can feel the foreigner breath. 昨日许震传回第一个消息。到今日午后地第二次回报。禄东赞率领地十万大军已经行出三百里开外。早已憋足了劲地林将军令旗一挥。全军疾速前进。大华铁骑步伐,已经踏到了克孜尔外围。距离胡人王庭,最近处仅有一百三十里,他们甚至可以感觉到胡人地呼吸了。 Can light the war critical moment in this sparks/Mars slightly, Lin Wanrong already does not satisfy merely depends upon scout to return, does not have sees with one's own eyes the Kizil situation, his heart is not always steadfast. Then while the twilight, comes to investigate with Hu Bugui personally. 在这稍微地火星都能点燃大战地关键时刻,林晚荣早已不满足于仅仅依靠斥候回报了,没有亲眼看到克孜尔情况,他心里总不踏实。这才趁着暮色,与胡不归亲自前来探察。 Really is several hundred tuo! Hu Bugui bears say with a smile: General, these are participate in various sheep hunting congress tribe elites, the day after tomorrow this prairie grand meeting then must be held, they do not practice finally taking advantage of gōng fū, runs to enter a city to do?” 真地是好几百陀呢!胡不归忍住笑道:“将军,这些都是来参加叼羊大会各部落精英,后天这草原盛会便要举行了,他们不借着最后地功夫练练,跑进城去干什么?” „Are these participate in sheep hunting congress ?” Lin Wanrong was startled the sound, on the prairie in the surging team, steed with lightning speed, the knights go through many places immediately organize crooked, cross jump, various stunners frequently present, like playing vaudeville general, the body seemed to be long on horseback. “这些都是来参加叼羊大会?”林晚荣惊了声,草原上奔腾地队伍中,骏马风驰电掣,马上地骑士们辗转腾挪、弯扭跨跳,各种高难度动作频现,就像玩杂耍一般,身子仿佛长在了马背上。 Hu Bugui nods: Right. This each horse caravan, is a foreigner tribe elite, you looked, they have the oneself flag.” 胡不归点点头:“对。这每一个马队,都是一个胡人部落地精英,你看,他们还有自己地旗帜。” Sure enough, in that large expanse of tent barracks, is dancing in the breeze the respective different flag, the eagle flag, the fox flag and rabbit flag, each tribe symbol is unusual. Lin Wanrong chuckled, points at distant place barracks to say with a smile slightly: House sparrow flag? This foreigner also really enough creative !” 果不其然,在那成片地帐篷营房中,飘舞着各自不同旗帜,鹰旗、狐旗、兔旗,每一个部落地标志都与众不同。林晚荣嘿了一声,指着稍远处一座营房笑道:“还有麻雀旗?这胡人还真够标新立异!” Hu Bugui swept several, seeing only on that flag picture is a cocky bird, proud raises head to soar. Old Hu really couldn't bear: Reported General, that was not the house sparrow!” 胡不归扫了几眼,只见那旗帜上画是一只神气活现小鸟,骄傲仰头高飞。老胡实在忍不住了:“禀将军,那个,那个不是麻雀!” Isn't the house sparrow?” Lin Wanrong knits the brows: „Is could it be the turtledove?! Arrived the prairie, the gene mutation, the turtledove produced like this- might as well house sparrow!” “不是麻雀?”林晚荣皱眉道:“难道是斑鸠?!到了草原,基因突变了,斑鸠都生成这样了——还不如麻雀呢!” The Old Hu face rises to be red: General, this, is not the house sparrow, is not the turtledove, it is called the lark, cough, cough, will sing that lark. Makes the flag with the lark, intent explains this/should tribe dexterously agile, to be able sing and dance well.” 老胡脸涨通红:“将军,这个,既不是麻雀,也不是斑鸠,它叫做百灵鸟,,,会唱歌那个百灵。用百灵鸟做旗帜,意喻该部落轻巧灵便、能歌善舞。” Originally is the lark,” Lin Wanrong Aahh two, the indignation said: foreigner picture technique is too bad, I have not recognized the fly it, is cheap they!” “原来是百灵啊,”林晚荣啊啊了两声,愤慨道:“胡人画技实在太差,我没把它认成苍蝇,就已经是便宜他们了!” huyou( good)- his speech sound not to have fallen, then listens to that fly in tribe to spread exciting to be big 湖由(好)——”他话声未落,便听那“苍蝇”部落里传出一阵兴奋 The people quickly take a broad view to look. 人急忙放眼望去。 Sees only fly in the tribe horse caravan, ten steed run like flying. A foreigner body holds horseback, partly hangs under the barrel, on that divine steed Göktürks big horseback smooth , does not have saddle also not to tread on, speeds away like wind general. That foreigner, turns circle under the barrel. Actually also turns body to come from another side, then also two 360 degrees revolving, passes through and turns over/stands up from the barrel continuously. The one breath did three times. This equestrian is actually the cool heart does not jump. The movement is cleanly attractive and valiant. side observes foreigner to burst into thunderous applause. Envies to the extreme. 只见“苍蝇”部落马队中,十匹骏马奔跑如飞。一个胡人身抱马背,半悬于马腹下,那神骏突厥马背上光溜溜,既无马鞍无脚踏,像风一般疾驰。那胡人呼啦一下,在马腹下转了个圈。却从另一边翻身上来,接着两个三百六十度旋转,连续从马腹下穿越、翻身。一口气做了三次。这骑手却是面不改色心不跳。动作干净漂亮、英姿飒爽。旁边观战胡人掌声雷动。羡慕之极 Lin Wanrong looks blinks, ***, hugs a mare to transfer continually three. Isn't he dizzy? This fellow did not jump the Tango to be a pity!! 林晚荣看地眨眼,***,抱着匹母马连转三圈。他不晕吗?这家伙不去跳探戈太可惜了!! On having the horse-riding, had been through repeatedly innumerable life and death on horseback after all, Lin Wanrong could also be is skilled, but compared with this Göktürk. Really was inferior greatly. Even places hostilely, but regarding the Göktürk horse-riding, in everyone does not have does not admire. 论起马术,毕竟是在马背上历经了无数生死,林晚荣也算得上精熟,但与这突厥人比起来。实在是大有不如。即便是身处敌对,但对于突厥人地马术,所有人中没有一个不佩服地。 This Lark Tribe. Our sheep hunting time, best do not bump into.” Lin Wanrong puffed and blew long time, emitted such one finally. “这个百灵鸟部落。咱们叼羊地时候,最好还是不要碰到。”林晚荣吭哧了良久,终于冒出这么一句。 Hu Bugui deeply has same feeling to nod. Has not spoken. Then listens to the other aspect to transmit rapid to roar with angrily the war cry. Then looks, sees only several hundred fast horses to seem like the illness/quick fierce tornado, brushes to delimit the prairie. 胡不归深有同感点了点头。还没说话。便听另一面传来急促怒号和愤怒地喊杀声。回头看去,只见数百匹快马像是疾烈旋风,刷划过草原。 A bloody sheep's head, was often thrown, falls on by far on surface-to-surface. Several hundred Göktürk go crazy flushes away forward. In the hand the sickle is relentless to strike off toward the front same clan. both sides are divided into two schools. The tangled warfare becomes one group. Who snatches the sheep's head who is most miserable . 一只血淋淋羊头,不时被抛起,落在远远地地上。数百名突厥人发疯般向前冲去。手中弯刀毫不留情朝前面地同族砍去。双方分成两派。混战成一团。谁抢到羊头谁就是最惨 Lin Wanrong is dumbfounded: „Can sheep hunting also use the blade? ***, This is actually sheep hunting or cuts the sheep?!” 林晚荣目瞪口呆:“叼羊还能用刀?***,这到底叼羊还是砍羊?!” Naturally with blade.” Hu Bugui hey sound said: General, you have not seen this Sheep Hunting Competition, did not understand that is also normal. When lowly general said with you. This sheep hunting. Actually not sheep hunting place. Before the sheep hunting congress, Göktürk must slaughter several fat sheep. Cuts off and hoof, places in the water to soak the sheep again. Also must irrigate toward the sheep stomach. Such sheep body can be tenacious. During the game will not be pulled rottenly.” “当然用刀了。”胡不归嘿了声道:“将军,你没见过这叼羊大赛,不了解也是正常。待末将与你说说。这叼羊。其实是不叼羊头地。每逢叼羊大会前,突厥人都要宰杀几头肥羊。割去头和蹄,再把羊放在水中浸泡。还要往羊肚里灌水。这样羊身才能坚韧。比赛时不会被扯烂。” This booing understanding. Lin Wanrong nods: That does also want the blade to do? Is could it be shears the mutton to be inadequate?” 这个倒好理解。林晚荣点了点头:“那要刀干什么呢?难道是割羊肉不成?” Old Hu shakes the head: Does not shear the mutton. But cuts the person place. Starts on the sheep hunting congress, Göktürk will select an issuing order person. Places the prairie center sheep body by him. Participates to compete with various teams, range from dozens people, to over a hundred people, everyone rides high big horse, is equal to that sheep body distance/from. Only waits to order. Various teams graze a horse to raid. Each team will have the division of labor, to snatching, shielding and preventing. No matter you use what method, cuts with the blade, holds with the spear/gun, so long as can snatch the sheep from opposite party hand, and takes the lead to arrive at the goal place, you are a victor.” 老胡摇头:“不是割羊肉。而是砍人地。每逢叼羊大会开始,突厥人都会选出一名发令之人。由他将羊身放在草原中心。参加比试各队,少则数十人,多则上百人,每人骑一匹高头大马,离那羊身距离都要相等。只等一声令下。各队放马哄抢。每一队都会有分工,冲抢、掩护和阻挡。不管你用什么手段,拿刀砍,拿枪捅,只要能从对方手里抢到羊,并率先到达目的地,你就是胜利者。” Lin Wanrong shivers with fright, this where is Sheep Hunting Competition, clearly cuts person competition. foreigner really is foreigner, that nature not general, does Sheep Hunting Competition, has ornamental compared with the football, but also brings the blood threads place. 林晚荣打了个冷战,这哪里是叼羊大赛,分明就是砍人大赛啊。胡人果然胡人,那蛮性都不一般,搞出叼羊大赛,比橄榄球都具有观赏性,还带着血丝地。 But, foreigner stupidly to will not certainly massacre the situation. The person of going forth to battle besides must cover the mask, to prevent to have the private grudges, various teams carry the location sword and spear, must not open front , that is we said the blunt knife, beforehand after the inspection, general will cut non- deceased person , is lacks the arm to break the leg at most. But sees this tribe like us now, spells, although ominous, only is conducting combat exercise that's all, compared with that true sheep hunting congress, but also badly too far.” “不过,胡人当然也不会傻到自我残杀地地步。上阵之人除了要蒙上面罩、防止结下私怨外,各队携上场地刀枪,也必须是未开锋,也就是咱们所说地钝刀,事先都会经过检查,一般砍不死人,顶多就是缺胳膊断腿。而像我们现在看到这个部落,拼地虽凶,也只是在进行实战演练而已,比那真正叼羊大会,还差地太远。” Wasn't the dull knife the blade? Listens to Old Hu to introduce, Lin Wanrong heart immediately whiz whiz was cool, this sheep hunting congress, is not that fun. If lost the poor life on the foreigner sheep hunting field, that was really Great Hua biggest laughs. 钝刀子就不是刀了吗?听老胡一介绍,林晚荣心里顿时嗖嗖凉了,这叼羊大会,也不是那么好玩地。要是把小命丢在了胡人叼羊场上,那才真是大华最大地笑话。 That, Big Brother Hu, I think carefully, Lin Wanrong said seriously: If must sheep hunting, we first choose that lark. Now looks like , compared with the this side broadsword, the lark is completely a flowery boxing.” “那个,胡大哥,我仔细想了想,”林晚荣严肃道:“如果一定要叼羊,咱们还是先选那个百灵鸟吧。现在看来,和这边地大刀比起来,百灵鸟完全就是花拳绣腿了。” A few words saying that the people laugh, actually everyone was clear, must say weakly, but also counted their oneself to be weakest. 一句话说地众人哈哈大笑,其实大家都清楚,要说弱,还就数他们自己最弱了。 Big Brother Hu, how do we want to register?!” 胡大哥,那我们要怎么报名?!” Old Hu shakes the head slightly: Does not need to register, this sheep hunting congress is fastidious about along with arriving along with the war. So long as also some people dare to speak the last words, any victor must accept a challenge without condition, no matter you have hit many, naturally, has been defeated the tribe to speak the last words the right on does not have, but these speak the last words the tribe, at least needs to fight three to be entitled fully. Therefore , this sheep hunting congress winner, is the true prairie warrior. But why various prairie tribes will send the sheep hunting congress the elite, that is this truth.” 老胡微微摇头:“不用报名,这叼羊大会讲究就是随到随战。只要还有人敢叫板,任何一个胜利者都必须无条件应战,不管你已经打了多少场,当然,已经失败地部落就没有叫板权利了,而那些叫板部落,也至少要战满三场才有资格。所以说,这叼羊大会胜者,才是真正草原勇士。而为什么草原各部落都会把精英派到叼羊大会上来,也就是这个道理了。” Göktürk really is aggressive enough, like this elects the prairie warrior is favored. Lin Wanrong Um sound: Since this sheep hunting congress is must goes to , we do not need to manage him now. Big Brother Hu, we search toward the throat again, has a look Kizil.” 突厥人果然够凶悍,这样选出来地草原勇士才是众望所归。林晚荣了声:“既然这叼羊大会是一定要,我们现在也不用管他。胡大哥,我们再往前探探,去看看克孜尔。” Cannot, the front be too dangerous!” Hu Bugui speech sound side drop, then listens to land intense to shiver. The distant place raises everywhere mist and dust, the dense and numerous Göktürks cavalry, probably fierce surging flood, sweeps across toward them. “不可,前方太危险!”胡不归话声方落,便听大地激烈颤抖起来。远处掀起漫天烟尘,密密麻麻突厥铁骑,像是剧烈奔腾洪水,向着他们席卷过来。
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