FS :: Volume #6

#592: Presents as a gift Monarch the rose

…… …… Thinks that is useless, by Yujia so intelligent aloof from worldly affairs female, since she is close to their at that moment, after should expect the failure, result. also or, she has sufficient to be self-confident to the own charm, has never considered slip. 多想已是无益,以玉伽如此聪明清高女子,从她接近他们那一刻起,就应该已经料到了失败后结局。或者,她对自己的魅力有着充足自信,从未考虑过失手。 But the game has the victory and defeat after all, the failure must pay the price, this is the perfectly justified truth, to Yujia so, to Lin Wanrong is also so. Suppose, similarly condition, if the Crescent Moon wisdom idea works, to shake Great Hua Lin San to become under the Göktürks female skirt the feudal official, then to Great Hua can be a shame? no one can imagine. 但游戏总归有胜负,失败就要付出代价,这是天经地义道理,对玉伽如此,对林晚荣亦是如此。试想,同样条件,如果月牙儿智计得逞、名震大华林三成为突厥女子裙下之臣,那对大华会是怎样一种耻辱?无人能够想像。 In this sense, shoulders conflict Yujia single-handedly, defeats, in she herself carefully designs under the plot, seems Heaven is doomed the fate, is not worth sympathizing. 从这个意义上来说,一手挑起争端玉伽,败在她自己精心设计阴谋之下,就仿佛是上天注定宿命,根本不值得同情。 only, in the world the matter, can never divide by simple right and wrong and good and evil completely. Two people place the hostile nationality, to maintain the patriarchal clan compatriot interests, the hypocrisy, acts in a play everywhere, the darkness causes the plans and displaying their wisdom and bravery, said truly, whose also dares to say they were wrong? 只是,世界上事,从来不能以简单对与错、善与恶来完全划分。二人身处敌对的民族,为了维护宗族同胞利益,虚情假意、处处做戏,暗使心机、斗智斗勇,真正说起来,谁敢说他们错了? Ning Yuxi most can understand that his mood, silent snuggles side him, two will of the people are connected, only then that point is warm, can make them feel warm. That night tosses about, cannot fall asleep, when the until sky quick is bright, blurry naps. 宁雨昔最能理解他心情,无声依偎在他身旁,二人心手相连,只有那点点温馨,才能让他们感觉温暖。这一夜翻来覆去,怎么也睡不着,直到天快亮时,才迷迷糊糊打了个盹。 Big Brother Gao, goes to bring Yujia.” Washes the face with the clear water, the ice-cold lake water makes his spirit shake, long implored the tone, then had restored vividly. Although eyes still covered entirely the thick blood threads, the mind calmly is incomparable. 高大哥,去把玉伽带来。”用清水洗了把脸,冰冷湖水让他精神一震,长吁了口气,便已恢复了生龙活虎。眼中虽仍是布满浓浓血丝,头脑却已冷静无比了。 Gao Qiu strange looked at him, Brother Lin wants to sexually harass Crescent Moon before, does not want the person to be circular, walked several steps to arrive directly. Mouth flowery raises a rumpus. Busy is delighted, how did today actually become refined? This is not his temper. 高酋奇怪看了他一眼,以前林兄弟想调戏月牙儿,也不要人通传,直接走几步就到了。口花花的动手动脚。忙不亦乐乎,今天却怎么变得斯文了?这不是他性子啊。 No matter what he wants to break the scalp, makes unclear, only had to transmit orders. 任他想破了头皮,也是弄不明白,唯有下去传令了。 The morning dew on the leave of grass is revolving to pace back and forth deep green, is glittering seven colors variegated. Lin Wanrong is sizing up that clear translucent dewdrop, unemotional. 晨露在碧绿地草叶上旋转徘徊,闪烁着七彩地斑斓。林晚荣打量着那一颗颗晶莹透亮露珠,面无表情。 The lithe and slow sound of footsteps transmits, resembling is cheerful, also seems to be heavy. Lin Wanrong raised the head. Crescent Moon slowly good, her both hands tied up before the body, the physique is graceful. The language has not first smiled. Among that numerous ropes, actually pinched one clump of thick wild flowers. As her physique swinging light drags. Red , yellow, white , seven colors are brilliant. Really attractive. 轻盈而缓慢脚步声传来,似是欢快,仿佛沉重。林晚荣抬起头来。月牙儿慢慢行了过来,她双手被绑在身前,身姿曼妙婀娜。未语先笑。那重重绳索之间,却掐了一丛厚厚野花。随着她身姿摆动轻轻摇曳。红、黄地、白,七彩绚烂。煞是好看。 Where do these flowers come ?!” Lin Wanrong knits the brows to ask. “这些花儿是从哪里来?!”林晚荣皱眉问道。 „When I awake in the morning picks , what kind of, attractive?!” Yujia lightly smiled, happily looked at his several eyes. That eyes cheerful expression, pouring as if him is a captive. “我早上醒时摘,怎么样,好看吧?!”玉伽轻轻一笑,得意地看了他几眼。那眼里欢快表情,倒仿佛他才是俘虏。 Really damn. Her both hands tied up, where to goes to flower-picking, uses mouth- difficultly inadequately speaking of the mouth. His anxious sweeps off toward the Crescent Moon quarrel/corners of the mouth. On Göktürks young girl bright red cherry lips. Is moistening a soil. Several also seep slightly the blood threads. 真是见鬼了。她双手被绑,到哪里去采花,难不成用嘴——说到嘴。他急急月牙儿口角扫去。突厥少女鲜红地樱唇上。沾着点点泥土。有几处还沁出微微血丝。 Lin Wanrong slightly one stunned, Yujia smiles: You are really mean-spirited. I have said early, similarly the method, I will not cause the second time. How do you also bind my hands and feet?” 林晚荣微一错愕,玉伽嫣然一笑:“你这人真小气。我早说过,同样地法子,我绝不会使第二次。怎么你还绑住我手脚?” Lin Wanrong nods. Walks up with a smile: Through the ages, with the mouth flower-picking place, you are first. Although I am known as hundred to change the flower-picking court attendant, but regarding Little Sister you, I admires heartfeltly.” 林晚荣点点头。笑着走上前去:“古往今来,用嘴采花地,你是第一个。我虽然号称百变采花郎,但对于小妹妹你,我还是由衷佩服。” He is speaking, in the hand luminous flashes, the sickle has sheared the broken rope rope, the hemp rope rustling sound falls on the ground, has put Yujia to be free. 他说着话,手中光亮一闪,弯刀已经割断绳索,麻绳悉悉索索掉落在地上,已是放了玉伽自由。 Yujia deeply stretched under the careful willow waist, snort/hum said: Added that blames you. You have a look, here, here, was punctured by flower thorn. Lin San, your person of Great Hua is fastidious about to show tender affection, how in your body, to see?” www.piaotian.com .com 玉伽深深地舒展了下细细柳腰,哼道:“还说呢,都是怪你。你看看,这里,还有这里,都是被花刺刺破林三,你们大华人讲究怜香惜玉,怎么在你身上,一丝也见不着?”www.piaotian.com.com Crescent Moon is speaking, light wipes the bright red lip, gathers nearby him, making him look. Spreads to the nostril lightly fragrantly, that is a familiar perfume flavor, Yujia resembles to him does not guard, the body is extremely near by him, as if must paste in his body. 月牙儿说着话,轻轻抹起鲜艳红唇,凑到他跟前,让他去看。淡淡地芬芳传入鼻孔,那是一种熟悉香水味道,玉伽对他似是毫不防备,身子挨他极近,仿佛就要贴在他身上 On the soft red lip seeps two bead capillaries, enhances one another's beauty with her silver teeth beautiful teeth, is really beautiful. Lin Wanrong picks up to fall with a smile in the ground dense cluster of flowers: Rose itself is the belt/bring punctures, you actually select the rose to pick specially, whom doesn't grip you to grip?!” 柔软红唇上沁出两珠血丝,与她银牙玉齿交相辉映,甚是美丽。林晚荣笑着捡起掉落在地上地花簇:“玫瑰本就是带刺地,你却专挑玫瑰来采,不扎你扎谁?!” How does belt/bring puncture also?!” Yujia snort/hum the sound, picked the next white rose leaf, places in the lips to contain: You only see it to bring the thorn, actually does not know that its gentle- you did look, stop bleeding?!” “带刺怎样?!”玉伽哼了声,采下一片白玫瑰叶子,放在嘴唇之间含住:“你只看见它带刺,却不知道它地温柔——你看,止血了吧?!” On the white leaf, contaminated the blood threads, on the young girl red lip the wound did not see the blood to overflow lightly, tied a small scab, mysterious incomparable. 白色叶子上,沾染了淡淡地血丝,少女红唇上伤口再也不见鲜血溢出,结了点点小痂,神奇无比。 „Can rose also stop bleeding?!” Lin Wanrong curious opened the eye, by having medical skill, he in front of Yujia simply is the weak field child. “玫瑰也能止血?!”林晚荣好奇睁大了眼睛,论起医术,他在玉伽面前简直就是幼稚园地孩童。 Um,” Yujia hands in that white leaf his hand: You taste know.” ,”玉伽将那白色叶子递到他手中:“你尝尝就知道了。” Does not want, I, my dizzy blood!” Lin Wanrong haha is smiling, quickly beckons with the hand. “还是不要了吧,我,我晕血!”林晚荣哈哈笑着,急忙摆手。 Your fainting blood, I faint you!” Yujia snort/hum the sound, has seized that drop from his hand the water drop dense cluster of flowers, before the gathering nose, deeply smelled one, sighed: In our prairie, this flower is called Elisha, translates Huaxian, is the changqing flower meaning, it only opens in the spring end, is extremely usually difficult to see . Our Göktürks legend, so long as can collect ten thousand Elisha people, can obtain the happiness life-long. Lin San, do you believe these?!” “你晕血,我晕你!”玉伽哼了声,从他手里夺过那滴着水珠花簇,凑到鼻前深深嗅了一口,叹息道:“在我们草原,这花叫做伊莉莎,翻译成大华语,就是长情花意思,它只在春末才开,平常是极难见到。我们突厥传说,只要能采集万朵伊莉莎人,就可以终生获得幸福。林三,你相信这些吗?!” Lin Wanrong flexure scratched the head: Should believes . Elisha is the happy testimony, but, in our Great Hua, everyone likes being called the rose it. This rose has many indicates , the different colors, the meaning is also different.” 林晚荣挠了挠头:“应该是相信伊莉莎是幸福见证,不过,在我们大华,大家都喜欢把它叫做玫瑰。这个玫瑰有很多寓意,不同颜色,意思也不同。” Crescent Moon said with a smile lightly: This I know, your enlightening remark, I have hearing early. Now I use , is you ferments the rose-water, smells to look at- quickly 月牙儿轻笑道:“这个我知道,你高论,我早有耳闻。现在我用,就是你酿制玫瑰香水,快闻闻看—— She clear such as the jade small hand will extend to Lin Wanrong, is showing off little girl likely anxiously, in with the past deeply clearly opposite. 她将晶莹如玉小手伸到林晚荣跟前,像个急着显摆小女孩,与往日里深沉截然相反。 The light delicate fragrance has stroked the nostril, on the same day in Xingqing City searched her, then had heard this flavor, Lin Wanrong beckoned with the hand to say with a smile: Thank you considers my business, if knows words earlier, I definitely give you 1% discount, if quantity multi- words, 2% discount can also discuss . This is the pure friendship price, please do not leak, to others, I never discounts .” 淡淡清香拂过鼻孔,当日在兴庆府搜索她时,便已闻过这味道,林晚荣摆手笑道:“谢谢你照顾我生意,要是早点认识的话,我肯定给你九九折,如果量多的话,九八折也是可以商量。这是纯粹友情价,请勿外泄,对别人,我可是从来不打折。” No wonder person of Great Hua called your profiteer!” Yujia giggle smiles tenderly, waves the hand the flowers, deeply sighed: Rose, this name has the profound meaning. I like...... the red min rose, white rose and yellow rose very much. My today picked many Oh! Lin San, your Great Hua female, does is or isn't like this flowers?” “难怪大华人都叫你奸商呢!”玉伽咯咯娇笑,摇摇手中花朵,深深叹道:“玫瑰,这个名字有深意。我很喜欢……红玟瑰、白玫瑰黄玫瑰。我今天采了好多林三,你们大华女子,是不是都喜欢这花朵?” Should! I am quite honest. Pursuing girl method is not many, to these things. Really did not understand very much.” His facial color said seriously. “应该是吧!我这个人比较正直。追求女孩子的手段也不是很多,对这些事情。真地不是很了解。”他面色严肃说道。 Right?!” Crescent Moon looks at his several eyes, shakes the head to sigh: You, except for the lie, other are false . In the Sea of Death time, I was moved many times. Now looks like. Originally is false.” “是吗?!”月牙儿望他几眼,摇头叹道:“你这个人啊,除了谎言是真地,其他都是假。在死亡之海时候,我感动了好多次。现在看来。原来都是假地。” one another one another.” Lin Wanrong haha smiled several. 彼此彼此了。”林晚荣哈哈笑了几声。 Yes, one another one another. That cannot blame you, because. Everyone is false .” Yujia light hangs the eyebrow. Silent long time. The suddenly also show/unfolds face smiles, takes off a white min rose. Hairpin on such as cloud beautiful hair. Reveals the tooth to Lin Wanrong slightly: Lin San. Am I attractive?!” “是啊,彼此彼此。那也不能怪你,因为。大家都是假。”玉伽轻轻垂眉。沉默了半晌。忽地展颜一笑,摘下一朵白色玟瑰。簪在如云地秀发上。冲着林晚荣微微露齿:“林三。我好看吗?!” Göktürks young girl beautiful white skin jade face, pupil such as spring water. Mild elegant is looking at him, just like blooming flowers. With the past knew that Crescent Moon seriously is two people. Lin Wanrong dull nod: Attractive! really is attractive.” 突厥少女雪肤玉颜,眸如春水。温润秀美望着他,宛如绽放花朵。与从前认识月牙儿当真是两个人林晚荣呆呆点头:“好看!真的好看。” Yujia light nods: Thank you praised, hoped this time you are not that hypocritical.” 玉伽轻轻颔首:“谢谢你地夸奖,但愿这次你不是那么虚伪。” Lin Wanrong sighed. helpless shakes the head: Perhaps you said well. I really is very bad person.” 林晚荣叹了口气。无奈摇头:“也许你说地不错。我真的是个很坏人。” Crescent Moon smiles to look at him: You told a truth finally. Can understand the place, your Great Hua has a proverb, is called to be undesirable that has happened more than three times. You are called Lin San, naturally was worst that!” 月牙儿嘻笑望着他:“总算你说了句实话。可以理解地,你们大华有句老话,叫做事不过三。你就叫做林三嘛,当然是最坏地那个了!” Originally my name is the such understanding law. This girl imagination really is not covers. 原来我地名字是这么个理解法。这丫头想象力果然不是盖地。 You said well, I really am worst that.” Lin Wanrong nods. golden blade in the hand gives Yujia: This. Gives back to you!” “你说地不错,我地确是最坏那个。”林晚荣点点头。将手中地金刀递给玉伽:“这个。还给你!” Crescent Moon clenches teeth. both hands pinches to be tight, hesitant long time. Finally shivered was receiving golden blade. Crash-bang the light sound, the sharp blade comes out of the sheath, Göktürks young girl stares on that blade to reflect to be well-grounded the like a flower appearance. Straight is in a daze. 月牙儿咬了咬牙。双手紧紧,犹豫半晌。终于颤抖着将金刀接过。哗啦轻响,利刃出鞘,突厥少女凝望那刀刃上倒映着地如花容颜。直发呆。 Heard that Göktürks Right King Tu Suozo, silver blade- Lin Wanrong opens the mouth slowly, words also finished speaking, Yujia actually has not been shakes the head smiles. She made an effort to swing waved the hand the dense cluster of flowers: Lin San, I also give you a flower. Do you like the red, yellow , white ?” Her slender white hands are provoking in the hand the rose, very serious question. “听说突厥右王图索佐,有一把银刀——林晚荣缓缓开口,话还未说完,玉伽却是摇头一笑。她用力摇了摇手中地花簇:“林三,我也送你一朵花吧。你喜欢红色地、黄色、还是白色?”她纤纤玉手拨弄着手中玫瑰,很严肃问话。 Lin Wanrong quickly beckons with the hand: Does not want, does not want. I always am good to spend oneself to pick, never wants others to deliver.” 林晚荣急忙摆手:“不要,不要。我这个人一向都是好花自己采,从来不要别人送。” Yujia snort/hum sound: this time must be exceptional!” 玉伽哼了声:“这次必须例外!” Why?!” Lin Wanrong looks at her one eyes puzzled. “为什么?!”林晚荣不解地看她一眼。 Crescent Moon said lightly: moon full moon waning, assembling and parting leaves, I do not know that from now on can also remember you! The small flowering branch, is regarded as a commemoration.” 月牙儿淡淡道:“月圆月缺,聚散离别,我也不知道今后还会不会记得你!小小一朵花枝,就当作是个纪念吧。” This female too intelligent! Lin Wanrong is stunned. 这个女子聪明了!林晚荣愕然。 Yujia looks at his several eyes, is swaying before him the bright flowers: Said that so many spends beautifully, which do you want?!” 玉伽望他几眼,将鲜艳花朵在他面前摇晃着:“说吧,这么多美丽地花,你要哪一枝?!” In her tone somewhat meant unexpectedly undeniably, Lin Wanrong silent for a long time, puts out a hand with a smile: Wants this yellow, yellow rose is quite suitable my character, the thorn are also few.” 她语气中竟然有些不容置疑地意味,林晚荣沉默半晌,笑着伸出手去:“要这枝黄地吧,黄玫瑰比较适合我性格,刺儿也少。” In our prairie, Elisha, can only give to the elder yellow.” Yujia unemotional say/way. “在我们草原,黄色地伊莉莎,只能送给长辈。”玉伽面无表情道。 Lin Wanrong quickly shrank the hand: This? I did not occupy you to be cheap, came white , was quite chaste, was like my natural disposition.” 林晚荣急忙把手缩了出来:“这样啊?那我就不占你便宜了,就来朵白吧,比较纯洁,和我禀性一样。” Yujia shakes the head: White is Elisha, gives to the pregnant woman, you really wants? I delivered you one to be good.” 玉伽摇摇头:“白色地伊莉莎,是送给身怀六甲孕妇,你真的想要吗?那我就送你一枝好了。” On the prairie the custom are really many, Lin Wanrong awkwardly receives to reach behind the back: That was considers as finished- I have said that rose multi- thorns! We change other commemorating ways, for example signature, hug what - 草原上规矩还真多啊,林晚荣讪讪收回手去:“那还是算了——我早就说过,玫瑰多刺嘛!咱们换些别纪念方式吧,例如签名啊、拥抱啊什么—— Crescent Moon light shakes the head, she folds that beautifully and brightest red rose, slowly hairpin near the Lin Wanrong ear. Lin Wanrong quickly jumps: Doing, what custom is this? I am a man!” 月牙儿轻轻摇头,她折下那一枝最美丽、最鲜艳红玫瑰,缓缓簪在了林晚荣耳边。林晚荣急忙跳起来:“干什么,这是什么风俗?我可是男人!” Last year several drops of lovesickness water, changed to under the tree the planting flowers tears. Which family/home youngster goes strolling outside the city in springtime, folds the branch red min rose!” Crescent Moon muttered, is looking at him dull, suddenly the pūchī chuckle, lowers the head saying: Really ugly!” “去年几滴相思水,化作树下种花泪。谁家少年踏春来,折下枝头红玟瑰!”月牙儿喃喃自语,呆呆望着他,忽然噗嗤轻笑,低下头道:“真难看!” Man wears flower/spend, can that not be ugly? Under Lin Wanrong is greatly angry, picked to be just about to throw the rose, Yujia sighed lightly: Göktürks and Great Hua, finally are two world, the small flower, is last commemorating. You can discard it, because of your person of Great Hua, most is familiar with then to put behind! Even were known as that Great Hua most intelligent Lin San, is still no exception.” 男人戴花,那能不难看吗?林晚荣大恼之下,将玫瑰摘了正要扔出去,玉伽淡淡叹道:“突厥大华,终是两个世界,小小一朵花,算是最后的纪念吧。你可以把它扔掉,因为你们大华人,最习惯便是忘却!即便是号称大华聪明林三,依然不能例外。” She takes off waterskin, gurgle gurgle several, the limpid lake water following the corners of the mouth, the class/flow to the white swan slender neck on, moistened her clothes, she actually feels nothing. 她摘下水囊,咕嘟咕嘟几口,清澈湖水顺着嘴角,流到白天鹅般修长脖子上,打湿了她衣裳,她却浑然不觉。 I really not too custom commemorating and was commemorated!” Lin Wanrong is smiling bitterly shaking the head. 我真的不太习惯纪念和被纪念!”林晚荣苦笑着摇头。 I am not familiar with.” Yujia is looking at him affectionately: „Similar to me is not familiar with call you Lin San, although, I knew perfectly well that your Göktürks name is very bad.” “我也不习惯。”玉伽脉脉望着他:“就如同我不习惯叫你林三,虽然,我明知你那突厥名字很坏。” Originally this girl had long known, Lin Wanrong haha several, face rare reddened. 原来这丫头早就知道了,林晚荣哈哈了几声,老脸难得红了一下 Lin San, our won't is or isn't meet?” The Yujia breath is gradually rapid, the eyelid heavy over thousand jin (0.5 kg), she resembled realized anything, asked furiously. 林三,我们是不是再也不会见面了?”玉伽呼吸渐渐急促,眼皮重逾千斤,她似是意识到了什么,奋力问道。 Lin Wanrong long implored the tone, silent. 林晚荣长吁口气,默然不语。 Yujia face exudes the intermittent strange red, she opens the eye to look at him, in the pupil full is panic-stricken and no use. 玉伽脸上泛起阵阵奇异红色,她睁大眼睛望着他,眸里满是惊恐和无助。 Wo Laogong- she exhausts the whole body strength to shout, the sound is actually thin like the mosquito, almost she herself cannot even hear. 窝老攻——”她用尽全身力气大喊,声音却是细如蚊,几乎连她自己都听不到。 Pair of powerful arm silent grasped her, sees the Great Hua roving bandit sparkling bright eye socket, she unfolds the face to smile suddenly, 一双强有力臂膀无声无息抱住了她,望见大华流寇晶晶亮眼窝,她忽然展颜一笑, body one soft, slowly poured, the beautiful double pupil closes slowly, silent deep sleep past...... 身体一软,慢慢倒了下去,美丽双眸缓缓合上,无声沉睡了过去……
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