FS :: Volume #6

#585: Who is jealous

…… …… really? ” The Old Gao (high) happy mouth could not close up: I know, the such sentiment, Brother Lin will certainly not miss . matchmaking, everyone matchmaking goes entirely!” 真的?”老高嘴都合不拢了:“我就知道,这么情,林兄弟一定不会错过相亲,大家统统相亲去!” This obscene goods time does not forget that to expose the matter actually, Lin Wanrong laughed said: Any sheep hunting manhunt , I have not thought now when the time comes looks again! Moreover, the Kizil 100,000 armies must set out tomorrow morning, Big Brother Hu you send several capable brother to confirm this matter. They leave us to be farther, that is safer.” 淫货倒是时刻不忘那点破事,林晚荣打了个哈哈道:“什么叼羊叼郎,现在我还没想好,到时候再看吧!另外,克孜尔十万大军明早就要开拔,胡大哥你派几个精干兄弟确认此事。他们离我们越远,那就越安全。” Old Hu understands certainly that this matter is important, quickly nods: lowly general believes, may lead two groups of scout by Xǔ Zhen, searches these 100,000 enemy whereabouts.” 老胡当然明白这事重要,急忙点了点头:“末将认为,可由许震带领两路斥候,去探这十万敌军行踪。” Xǔ Zhen young person who acts old, quick-witted flexible, can trace the Lin Wanrong step, to surmount the Helan Mountains natural moat to enter the prairie from him, can look. Lin Wanrong nods, looked at Xǔ Zhen several: what kind of, Little Xǔ, has or doesn't have issue?!” 许震少年老成、机智灵活,从他能追踪着林晚荣步伐、翻越贺兰山天堑进入草原,就可以看得出来。林晚荣点了点头,望了许震几眼:“怎么样,小许,有没有问题?!” Xǔ Zhen exciting cups the fists: Asked General to feel relieved, lowly general fulfilled certainly their mission.” 许震兴奋抱拳:“请将军放心,末将一定不辱使命。” Traces these 100,000 armies, most important must maintain distance/from, cannot make foreigner discover. Otherwise will then go for wool and come back shorn, once were discovered, by Lù Dongzan intelligent, being fully correct Lin Wanrong goal is not the difficult matter. 追踪这十万大军,最要紧是要保持距离,绝不能让胡人发现。否则便会偷鸡不成蚀把米,一旦被人发现,以禄东赞聪明,猜透林晚荣目的绝不是什么难事。 Exhorted several to Xǔ Zhen carefully, the Little Xǔ one by one nod remembered, this drew back to prepare. Lin Wanrong complexion one entire: Our present distance/from Kizil merely 300 li (0.5 km) distance/from, can even the slightest misstep exposes our whereabouts. Before Xǔ Zhen does not have feeds in the positive news, our action must is discrete. Rather waits for on one or two days, cannot be deceived by foreigner.” 细细向许震嘱咐了几句,小许一一点头记下,这才退下准备去了。林晚荣脸色一整:“我们现在距离克孜尔仅仅三百里距离,稍有不慎就会暴露我们行踪。在许震没有传回确切消息之前,我们行动一定要谨慎。宁愿等上一两天,也不能被胡人骗了。” various people anxious nods, Lin Wanrong Um sound: Also. Göktürks Right King Tu Suozo sleeps tonight near Uvs Lake. Only has more than 20 li (0.5 km) distances to us. Exhorts front brother must to enhance vigilance, momentarily surveillance. When unusual circumstance, instantly incoming telegram. Do not delay.” 诸人急急点头,林晚荣了声:“还有。突厥右王图索佐今夜宿在乌湖边上。离我们仅有二十多里路程。嘱咐前方弟兄一定要提高警惕,随时监视。遇有异常情况,即刻来报。不得延误。” Results in the command!” People hurried cups the fists. With one voice loud shout. “得令!”众人急忙抱拳。齐声大喝 Confessed the on the surface matter on hand clearly. everyone/various brother all diverges, Lin Wanrong hey sound. Asked that nearby Gao Qiu said: Crescent Moon where?” 把手头上地事情交代清楚了。诸位兄弟皆都散去,林晚荣嘿了声。问身边高酋道:“月牙儿在哪里?” Gao Qiu toward distant place cover azure thick patch of grass one finger/refers: In there! Several brother visit her.” 高酋往远处茂密青草丛一指:“在那儿!好几个兄弟看着她呢。” Lin Wanrong takes a broad view to look. The distant place big places green grass has half person to come fully high. Growth is luxuriant. As if green wave. The middle was opened a smoothly lawn. Form calmly sits on the ground a gently beautifully. hand takes several green grass. Also does not know that is weaving anything. 林晚荣放眼望去。远处大片地青草足有半人来高。生长茂盛繁密。仿佛绿色地波浪。中间被开辟出了一块平整地草地。一个柔美地身影静静坐在地上。手里拿着几把青草。也不知道在编织着什么。 Lin Wanrong snort/hum sound. Takes to one's heels walks toward the azure thick patch of grass. The surrounding officers see him to arrive. Quickly sets out to salute respectfully. Lin Wanrong beckons with the hand. Smiles to the people. 林晚荣哼了声。拔脚就往青草丛中走去。周围将士见他到来。急忙起身恭敬行礼。林晚荣摆了摆手。冲众人微笑。 Rustle the sound of footsteps alarmed still dedicated Yujia. She raised the head. Sees the Lin Wanrong dark face. Was startled was startled. Is busy at the grass variety hiding the hand in behind. 沙沙脚步声惊动了兀自专注地玉伽。她抬起头来。望见林晚荣黝黑地脸庞。惊了一惊。忙将手中地草簇藏在身后 Lin Wanrong also does not speak. Took a step to tread slowly. Vision like essence. cold Lengshe in Göktürks young girl body. 林晚荣不说话。缓缓迈步踏了过去。目光有如实质。冷冷射在突厥少女身上 Crescent Moon is not convinced raised the head, looks at each other with him bravely. Moment gōng fū. also helplessly lowers the head. In the green grass the hand shakes closely. 月牙儿不服气地抬起头来,勇敢与他对视。过不了片刻功夫无奈地垂下了头去。将手中地绿草握地紧紧。 „Very leisurely and carefree. Miss Yujia?!” Lin Wanrong chuckled. Coldly the opens the mouth. Dark the tune, calling Crescent Moon to feel does not adapt. “很悠闲嘛。玉伽小姐?!”林晚荣嘿了一声。冷冷开口。阴阴地腔调,叫月牙儿颇觉不适应。 She raised the head. Looks at his one eyes stubbornly: Leisurely and carefree also how. Hasn't done obeisance your roving bandit to bestow?!” 她抬起头来。倔强望他一眼:“悠闲怎样。还不是拜你这流寇所赐?!” Ties up to me her!” The Yujia speech sound has not fallen, Lin Wanrong blackened face angry roar, that has roared the appearance. even/including with also has a scare in his nearby Gao Qiu. “把她给我绑起来!”玉伽话声未落,林晚荣黑着脸怒吼一声,那咆哮地模样。连跟在他身边高酋也是吓了一跳。 Results in the command!” Early several officers more numerous. Oppressor general flushes away to Yujia. Then must twist on her arm the rope. “得令!”早有几位将士越众而出。虎狼一般玉伽冲去。便要拧住她地胳膊上绳索。 Do not bump me!!!” The Göktürks young girl face rises red. Casts off nearby Great Hua soldier furiously. anxious retroceded several steps. The sweet and delicate voice gets angry: Your these Great Hua men, no one permit to bump me!!!” “不要碰我!!!”突厥少女脸孔涨地通红。奋力甩开身边大华军士急急后退了几步。娇声怒道:“你们这些大华男人,谁也不准碰我!!!” Her angrily time. The eyes cold glow illness/quick flashes. face has the lofty and noble dignifiedly imposing manner. lets one does not dare to encroach. 她愤怒地时候。眼中冷芒疾闪。脸上有股高贵威严地气势。让人不敢侵犯。 Doesn't permit to bump you?! Frightens me?!” Lin Wanrong to rub has the sleeve, the surface smiles coldly. murderous aura walks toward her steaming: I am the Great Hua man. You looked that I do dare to bump you?!” “不准碰你?!吓唬我?!”林晚荣撸起袖子,面寒冷笑。杀气腾腾地向她走去:“我就是大华男人。你看我敢不敢碰你?!” His tries harder. Each one step steps on intentionally layer on layer/heavily on the lawn. The green grass makes noise. The momentum is really the dignity. The Yujia complexion changes, in the hand the cold glow illness/quick flashes. Has actually pulled out that treasured like life golden blade. Coldly the blade edge to point to Lin Wanrong saying: Wo Laogong. You dare- 他脚下加劲。每一步都故意重重踩在草地上。青草哗哗作响。声势甚是威严。玉伽脸色一变,手中冷芒疾闪。却已掏出了那把珍若性命金刀。冷冷刀锋直指林晚荣道:“窝老攻。你敢—— paternal grandmother, as a captive. Actually never is the captive voluntarily, to this time. Also dares such horizontal?! Lin Wanrong heart sneers. Rushes vigorously goes. Settles on her to grasp blade wrist, is ruthlessly fist. 奶奶地,身为俘虏。却从没有做俘虏地自觉,都到这时候了。还敢这么横?!林晚荣心中冷笑。刷地健步冲上前去。看准她握刀地手腕,便是狠狠一拳 He practice martial art, although is half melody is not continually. But has also practiced the harvesting place in Miss Xiào body after all. On having the brute strength strength comes, believe including strongest foreigner secretly. This fist whistling creates an incident. Has the intense strength. Pounds toward Crescent Moon wrist, starts to disregard another's feelings. 他这人习武虽是连半调子都算不上。可毕竟也是在肖小姐身上练过采补地。论起蛮劲力气来,连最强壮胡人都会暗暗心折。这一拳呼呼生风。带着强烈劲气。直往月牙儿手腕砸去,下手全不留情面。 Despicable person!” Yujia calls out in alarm one. Then must remove golden blade. only wrist has not moved with enough time, closely had been grasped by him in the hand. “卑鄙地人!”玉伽惊呼一声。便要撤掉金刀只是手腕还没来得及移动,已经被他紧紧地抓在了手中。 Making the momentum, although is scary. This fist strikes young girl body. Actually already does not have several points 声势虽是吓人。这一拳击到少女身上。却已经没有了几分 The black eyebrow tight wrinkle, palm involuntarily relaxes. 黛眉紧皱,手掌不自觉地松弛下来。 Lin Wanrong seizes firmly her wrist, whish has seized that bright golden blade. Looked that does not look. Brushes a blade. Rapidly before her ear has delimited. 林晚荣将她手腕扭住,哗地夺过那明灿灿地金刀。看也不看。刷一刀。迅疾自她耳前划过。 Göktürks young girl screamed one, got angry: Wo Laogong. Did you, what you make to me?!” 突厥少女呀地尖叫一声,怒道:“窝老攻。你,你对我做了什么?!” Cuts hair that's all, the land is such anxious?!” Lin Wanrong sneers at a moderate pace, the blade edge selects several long beautiful hair, flies upwards in the airborne light dance, falls gently slowly on the ground. “理个发而已,用地着这么紧张吗?!”林晚荣不紧不慢地冷笑,刀锋挑断地几根长长秀发,在空中轻舞飞扬,缓缓地飘落在地上。 A Yujia face heat, has turned around to get angry snort/hum said: You except for will bully me, what will also make?! Unpromising person of Great Hua!!!” 玉伽脸孔一热,转过身怒哼道:“你除了会欺负我,还会做什么?!没出息地大华人!!!” „Do I bully you?!” Lin Wanrong look flashes, hehe sneers: Miss Yujia, you favored me. Our today actually who bullied anyone, you are clearer than me!” “我欺负你?!”林晚荣眼神一闪,嘿嘿冷笑:“玉伽小姐,你太抬举我了。咱们今天到底谁欺负了谁,你比我更清楚!” Crescent Moon funnily looked at him: Listens to your meaning, was could it be I bullied you?! Snort. The shameless four characters, use in your body are just appropriate. Ah——! 月牙儿好笑地看了他一眼:“听你地意思,难道还是我欺负了你?!哼。恬不知耻四个字,用在你身上正合适。啊—— The speech sound has not fallen, a bunch moistened the water drop flowers and plants to be thrown by in her layer on layer/heavily. The delicate fragrance has stroked the nostril lightly. Gao Qiu smelled several. Actually impatient sneezed several. 话声未落,一簇沾着水珠地花草已被重重扔在了她脚下。淡淡地清香拂过鼻孔。高酋嗅了几口。却迫不及待打了好几个喷嚏。 Lin Wanrong face becomes dark. Closely observes closely her, false smile say/way: Who is shameless than whom, whose also is bullying whose- Miss Yujia. When you I am a fool?” 林晚荣老脸发黑。紧紧盯住她,皮笑肉不笑道:“谁比谁无耻,谁在欺负谁——玉伽小姐。你当我是傻子吗?” Well, what- was this I bullies you?!” Yujia raised the head. eyes flashes through several simple-hearted rays unexpectedly. “咦,这是什么——我欺负你了么?!”玉伽抬起头来。眼中竟是闪过几丝天真无邪地光芒。 Lin Wanrong hates to clench teeth: You do not know that what this is? Meeting the medical skill is great!? You know how the shameless two characters do write?” 林晚荣恨地咬牙:“你不知道这是什么?会医术了不起吗!?你知道无耻两个字怎么写吗?” This person also felt all right before me says shameless. Göktürks young girl funny also aerobic. Lowers the head saying: You are saying anything. My unable to hear clearly.” 这人也好意思在我面前说无耻。突厥少女好笑好气。低下头道:“你在说什么。我听不明白。” Old Gao (high). Tied up her!” Lin Wanrong angry roar. Twists Yujia wrist. The loud instruction said. Gao Qiu hehe sinister smile. Takes the rope quick steps to go forward. Will begin, screamed one with Yujia: Slow!” 老高。把她绑了!”林晚荣怒吼一声。将玉伽手腕一拧。大声吩咐道。高酋嘿嘿阴笑。取过绳索疾步上前。正要动手,却同玉伽尖叫一声:“慢着!” Begins!” The Lin Wanrong sound shakes increases. Has the unquestionable might. “动手!”林晚荣地声音抖地增大。有着不容置疑威力。 Yujia is actually the even more ardent nature, turns head fiercely, the pair of eyes circle opens the eyes. Gets angry: Must tie up me. Also only permits you to begin!!!” 玉伽却是更加烈性,猛地回过头来,双眼圆睁。怒道:“要绑我。也只准你动手!!!” Under young girl enrages. The face becomes flushed. The milk-white bosom fluctuates suddenly. eyes divine light is deep. Looks at each other with him bravely, there is an imposingly unyieldingly flavor. 少女激怒之下。脸孔涨红。酥胸急剧起伏。眼中神光湛然。勇敢地与他对视,有一股凛然不屈地味道。 This is anything. Does the request threaten? When I don't dare to tie up you?! Lin Wanrong heart is annoyed, puts out a hand outward, Gao Qiu titter to hand over the rope. 这算是什么。要求还是威胁?当我不敢绑你吗?!林晚荣心里恼火,往外一伸手,高酋偷笑着将绳索递了过来。 Lin Wanrong snort/hum sound. Ties up the Yujia both arms soft in the back, entangled one also one the rope. Ties up her body with steamed rice dumpling similar. Before arriving end. Also has not given full expression spills the rope. The angry sentiment can be seen in speech and appearance. Old Gao (high) looked that sticks out one's tongue secretly. Brother Lin today was really annoyed, does not have shows tender affection slightly the meaning. 林晚荣哼了声。把玉伽柔软地双臂缚在背后,将绳索缠了一道一道。将她身子绑地跟粽子似地。临到末了。还意犹未尽地拉拉绳索。恼怒之情溢于言表。老高看地暗自吐舌。林兄弟今天是真地恼火了,丝毫没有怜香惜玉地意思啊。 Göktürks young girl silver teeth bites tightly. Stubbornly turned the head. Looked that does not look at his one eyes. Deep and quiet some double pupil faint moist. 突厥少女银牙紧咬。倔强地偏过头。看都不看他一眼。幽邃地双眸隐隐有些湿润 Well. What is this?!” Gao Qiu called one, the vision to fall on the Crescent Moon slenderly white hands. Göktürks young girl tied up unable to move. In the delicate hands closely grips a bunch of green grass. Would rather die than to drop. “咦。这是什么?!”高酋叫了一声,目光落在月牙儿修长地玉手上。突厥少女被绑丝毫不能动弹。纤手中紧紧握住一簇青草。宁死不肯放手。 Does also have the schemes and tricks?! Lin Wanrong has a scare. Is thrown into confusion to break off her wrist. Göktürks young girl actually does not know where comes the strength. The both arms cannot move, that white hands actually resemble pincers general slenderly, grasping is tight. Lin Wanrong fee/spent completely tremendous strength, busily whole head drenched with sweat. Has not actually pried open her palm. 有阴谋诡计?!林晚荣吓了一跳。手忙脚乱去掰她手腕突厥少女却不知道哪里来地劲头。双臂不能动,那纤细地玉手却似铁钳一般,握紧紧。林晚荣费尽九牛二虎之力,忙地满头大汗。却也没将她手掌撬开。 Is thoroughly angry. Lin Wanrong draws out golden blade. Hey. Then must interrupt that bunch of green grass. 彻底地着恼了。林晚荣刷地拔出金刀。嘿地一声。便要将那簇青草截断。 Does not want!” Yujia anxiously called the sound chillily, tied up tight body to collapse softly on the lawn, her cheeks bury in the green grass, the fragrant shoulder shivers delicately slightly, the white hands loosened delicately finally slowly. “不要!”玉伽急急地凄唤了声,被绑地紧紧身体软软地瘫倒在草地上,她脸颊埋在青草中,柔弱地香肩微微颤抖,纤巧地玉手终是缓缓松开了。 Finally eliminated a danger, Lin Wanrong long implored the tone. Quickly took that grass variety. Swept one. Somewhat is actually in a daze. 终于消除了一次危险,林晚荣长长地吁了口气。急忙将那草簇取了过来。扫了一眼。却是有些发呆。 It is expected that the dangerous material, is actually azure my letter becomes the straw man. Although is the green grass knitting. But Yujia craftsmanship is also out of the ordinary. This straw man does has the nose to be perforated, has the hair to have the clothes, looks is really distinct. 预想中危险品,却是个青草扎成地草人。虽然是青草编织而成。但玉伽的手艺也是非同凡响。这草人做地有鼻子有眼,有头发有衣裳,看地甚是分明。 Well, probably a little looks familiar.” The Lin Wanrong doubts touch the nose. “咦,好像有点眼熟。”林晚荣疑惑地摸了摸鼻子。 This straw man face, marked the eye nose with the eyebrow pencils, few, are actually vivid bright. Although has pulled was somewhat loose, can still be able to see that shifty-eyed appearance. The green grass forms the hair long non- length is not short. Made the foreigner style, that body puts on is also Göktürks long robe, at first sight comes up, appearance extremely is strange. 这草人地脸上,用眉笔画上了眼睛鼻子,寥寥几笔,却是生动鲜明。虽已经扯地有些松散了,依然能看得出那贼眉鼠眼地模样。青草编成地头发长不长短不短。做成了胡人样式,那身上穿着也是突厥长袍,乍一看上去,模样极为怪异。 Probably foreigner!” Gao Qiu observed closely took a look at tightly, then also shook the head: Looks at this expression appearance, also seems like Brother Lin you! How did you turn into foreigner?! Wonderful strange!” “好像是个胡人!”高酋盯住紧瞅了阵,接着摇头:“可是看这表情模样,好像是林兄弟你!你怎么变成胡人了?!奇哉怪也!” A Old Gao (high) language reminds the dreamboat, Lin Wanrong sudden enlightenment. This clearly made the foreigner hairstyle, to put on Göktürks long robe Lin San. No wonder that face shape looks so pleasing to the eyes and so leads. 老高一语点醒梦中人,林晚荣恍然大悟。这分明就是做了胡人发型、穿了突厥长袍林三嘛。难怪那脸盘看得如此顺眼、如此地帅。 Gao Qiu also looked at some clue. Gathers Lin Wanrong nearby, said mysterious: „ Forest 高酋也瞧出了些端倪。凑到林晚荣身边,神秘兮兮道:“林 What to do, can deregulate to her?! ” 怎么办,要不要给她松绑?!” Loosen what ties up?!” Lin Wanrong looks at his one eyes annoyedly: This clearly tempts my intentionally, but also wants to turn into Göktürk me, when I was such am easy to be deceived the person?! Does Göktürk have my so graceful ?!” “松什么绑?!”林晚荣恼火地看他一眼:“这分明就是故意诱我,还想把我变成突厥人,当我是这么容易上当受骗地人?!突厥人有我这么帅吗?!” Is reasonable, reasonable.” Old Gao (high) is too busy the nod. “有道理,有道理。”老高忙不迭点头。 Forces in that straw man the clothes carelessly, Lin Wanrong hey several, picked up that dripping wet flowers and plants, gathers near slowly the Crescent Moon exquisite nose. Göktürks young girl quickly closed the breath, could not endure the moment, then coughs. 把那草人胡乱塞进衣中,林晚荣嘿了几声,将那湿淋淋花草捡起,缓缓凑到月牙儿小巧鼻子边上。突厥少女急忙闭紧了呼吸,忍不了片刻,便咳嗽了起来。 Miss Yujia, but also was saying that I do bully you? This flavor, I heard double-hour- the Lin Wanrong facial expression is cold gradually: you yourself mixes the medicine. Couldn't oneself receive?!” 玉伽小姐,还在说我欺负你么?这味道,我可是闻了一个时辰——林晚荣神情渐冷:“你自己调配药物。自己都受不住了?!” Crescent Moon snorted, no longer refuted finally. Lin Wanrong sighed: By many medicinal herbs matching. Dissolves in the water, sends out specially the smell. Perhaps, passes on several double-hour again, the water quality will also change color to change flavor. is or isn't?!” 月牙儿哼了一声,终于不再反驳。林晚荣叹了口气:“以多种药草搭配。溶于水中,散发出特殊地气味。没准,再过上几个时辰,水质还会变色变味。是不是?!” How do you know?!” Yujia opened the mouth finally. Faced with the fact, she will again completely. “你怎么知道?!”玉伽终于开口了。在事实面前,她再无隐瞒地必要。 Lin Wanrong laughs: Actually this is not difficult to guess. Uvs Lake is the Kizil tap water source. Must bring to your clansman attention. Well the means are to let Uvs Lake change flavor the changes countenance, but you are skilled in the medical skill, has this skill. So long as there is your clansman in the lakeside discovery unusual form, they must this phenomenon upward reporting. Also decides some people to come this to examine- I have to acknowledge, you really intelligent, finds out the such excellent idea to inform your clansman very much. Moreover, almost succeeded. I and my brother, just before leaving before. Has to fish a double-hour water plant!” 林晚荣嘻嘻一笑:“其实这也不难猜。乌湖克孜尔饮用水地源头。要引起你族人地注意。最好地办法就是让乌湖变味变色,而你精通医术,恰好就有这个本事。只要有你地族人在湖边发现异状,他们必会将这异象向上禀报。也定会有人来此查看——我不得不承认,你真的聪明,想出这么个绝妙主意通知你地族人。而且,差一点就成功了。我和我地兄弟,临走之前。不得不捞了一个时辰水草!” Is looking at his wet hair, Yujia snort/hum the sound: You are not stupid. Only pitifully. I am does not have succeed!” 望着他湿漉漉地头发,玉伽哼了声:“你也不笨。只可惜。我还是没有成功!” Lin Wanrong haha said with a smile: How can I say?! Actually you should make to do. Said that your luck is bad the- medicinal herbs to put in the water, but also really some people came. Said that your luck is good. Comes this person, is your friends from childhood, he is familiar with this flavor, more familiar your individuality, this distress signal, treated as you to play noisy practical joke- more to get to know each other well unexpectedly. Is easier to mess things up!” 林晚荣哈哈笑道:“怎么说呢?!其实你该做都已经做了。说你运气差吧——药草才放入水中,还真就有人来了。说你运气好吧。偏偏来这人,是你青梅竹马,他熟悉这味道、更熟悉你地个性,竟把这求救信号,当作了你玩闹恶作剧——越是相熟。就越容易误事啊!” What friends from childhood?” Crescent Moon whole face doubts: Whom is you actually saying?!” “什么青梅竹马?”月牙儿满脸疑惑:“你到底在说谁?!” Whom can also say?” Lin Wanrong hey sound: „It is not your old friend and your , Göktürks Sir Right King!” “还能说谁?”林晚荣嘿了声:“不就是你地老相好、你亲亲,突厥右王大人!” Yujia pleasantly surprised opened the eye: You said. Tu Suozo?! How can he here?!-, what you talked nonsense, how can he be I?!” 玉伽惊喜睁大了眼睛:“你是说。图索佐?!他怎么会在这里?!——呸,你胡说什么,他怎么会是我地亲亲?!” Originally you also know this word.” The Lin Wanrong laughter said: You denied that is unimportant. in any case Tu Suozo and you relate closely, this was false . couldn't think you have a such powerful old friend. accidental is really pleasantly surprised!” “原来你也知道亲亲这个词啊。”林晚荣嬉笑道:“你否认也不要紧。反正图索佐和你关系密切,这是假不了没想到你还有这么个位高权重地老相好。真是意外惊喜!” I said again, Tu Suozo is not my beloved- Yujia looked at him. suddenly sneers saying: Got it, you ate- in the vinegar “我再说一遍,图索佐不是我情郎——玉伽看了他一眼忽地冷笑道:“明白了,原来你在醋吃—— What vinegar eats?” Lin Wanrong gawked. At once laughs saying: Oh, that called to be jealous! Miss Yujia, your Huaxian must practice!- feeds. Bah. Bah, who was jealous?” “什么醋吃?”林晚荣愣了愣。旋即大笑道:“,那叫吃醋!玉伽小姐,你地大华语还要多加练习啊!——喂。呸。呸,谁吃醋了?” You said that is who is jealous?!” Yujia looks at his one eyes, at a moderate pace say/way. “你说是谁吃醋?!”玉伽看他一眼,不紧不慢道。 You said that I am jealous?! Miss Yujia. Cultivating the behavior to probably feel the conscience speech.” Lin Wanrong opened the eye, hardly can believe the own ear. ***, This girl narcissism, far superego hundred times! “你说我吃醋?!玉伽小姐。做人可要摸着良心说话。”林晚荣睁大了眼睛,几乎不敢相信自己的耳朵。***,这丫头自恋,远超我百倍啊! „Isn't you really jealous?!” The Yujia both eyes circle opens the eyes, is looking at him ruthlessly. eyes hidden has the teardrops to revolve. 你真的不吃醋?!”玉伽双目圆睁,狠狠望着他。眼中隐有泪珠旋转。 It is not right. I am tidy up this girl place obviously. How did also pull to being jealous? Lin Wanrong annoyed beckons with the hand, has not spoken. Yujia actually already violent anger: Wo Laogong, you replied me quickly!!!” 不对啊。我明明是来收拾这丫头地。怎么扯到吃醋上去了?林晚荣恼火摆摆手,还未说话。玉伽却已暴怒了:“窝老攻,你快回答我!!!” What replied?!” Lin Wanrong replied ill-humoredly. “回答什么?!”林晚荣没好气地答道。 Yujia is looking at him dull, roving bandit is whole face is serious, eyeball rotation. 玉伽呆呆望着他,流寇却是满脸严肃,眼珠子呼啦呼啦转动。 The young girl double pupil shuts, two lines of clear tears flow copiously, clench teeth saying: Good, you have the principle very much. Wo Laogong, you, made to decide, never regret!!!” 少女双眸微闭,两行清泪夺眶而出,咬牙道:“好,你很有原则。窝老攻,你记好了,做出决定,就永远不要后悔!!!” This saying said that what did I make to decide?! What does I also regret?! Lin Wanrong shakes the head, sees Yujia to close the eye, as if anything unwilling said that some of his also interest is wanings. 这话说地,我做出了什么决定?!我又后悔什么?!林晚荣摇了摇头,见玉伽闭上眼睛,似乎什么都不愿意说了,他也有些意兴阑珊。 Gao Qiu small heart said: Brother Lin, now what to do? This girl sly very!” 高酋心道:“林兄弟,现在怎么办?这丫头可是狡猾很!” Tied up her, how was she sly also to be able? If can also ask her to play method to come, I might as well look for a tofu to kill considers as finished. The Lin Wanrong racket the Old Gao (high) shoulder, sighed: Big Brother Gao, the Yujia risk, wants to come you is also clear. From now on, does not have my order, no one permits to untie her rope. Behind, she will have big use !” 把她绑成了这样,她再狡猾能怎样?要是还能叫她耍出手段来,我不如找块豆腐撞死算了林晚荣拍拍老高肩膀,叹道:“高大哥,玉伽地危险性,想来你也清楚了。从现在起,没有命令,谁也不准解开她地绳索。后面,她还会有大用场!” Understood, the manhunt congress, Göktürks Right King is also waiting for her.” Old Gao (high) lights up with pleasure to say. “明白,叼郎大会嘛,突厥右王还等着她呢。”老高喜笑颜开道。 manhunt? This word also land really accurate! Lin Wanrong looked to roll up in ground Yujia, shook the head the forced smile. 叼郎?这词还用地真准林晚荣看了看蜷缩在地上玉伽,摇头苦笑。
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