FS :: Volume #6

#584: Sheep Hunting Competition

…… …… Around Tu Suozo doubt looks, arm wields fiercely, loud shout said: Searches for!” 图索佐狐疑四周望了望,猛地手臂一挥,大喝道:“搜!” He brings is the clan and tribe most elite warrior, although only has more than hundred people, is each one skills is extraordinary. Hears him to order, Göktürk then draws out the bright as snow sickle in a minute, scatters in all directions to separate along the tent, searches to go to that dense thick patch of grass. In their hands the sword often brandishes, makes an effort to cut off the bunches of green grass deadwood, prompts forward speedily. 他所带都是部族最精锐勇士,虽只有百余人,却是个个身手非凡。闻他一声令下,突厥人片刻间便拔出雪亮弯刀,沿着营帐四散分开,向那密密草丛中搜索而去。他们手中战刀不时挥舞,用力斩断簇簇青草枯枝,疾速向前推进。 „Was could it be she comes back?!” Looks in the clan the warrior advance step, Tu Suozo is muttering, eyes flashes through several brightly, but also exciting ray 难道是她回来了?!”望着族中勇士前进步伐,图索佐喃喃自语着,眼中闪过几丝明亮而兴奋光芒 Zhao Kangning face also azure also swells, facial color sheet of white. only is under the eaves, has to lower the head, re-enters the Great Hua hope all in this Göktürks Right King body, how dare does he offend Tu Suozo? This whip only had to receive. 赵康宁脸上肿,面色卡白只是身在屋檐下,不得不低头,重回大华希望全在这突厥右王身上,他怎敢得罪图索佐?这一鞭子唯有生生受了。 Hears Tu Suozo to think aloud, Little Prince clenches teeth, gathers up to go actually, flattery: Sir, what are you seeking for?” 闻听图索佐自言自语,小王爷咬了咬牙,硬是凑上前去,谄道:“大人,您在寻找什么?” His every word and deed as if does not have surpasses Tu Suozo to expect, young Göktürks Right King looks at his one eyes, slowly said: Is seeking for a flavor.” 一言一行似乎都没有超出图索佐预料,年轻突厥右王看他一眼,慢慢道:“在寻找一种味道。” Saw the Tu Suozo not crude action, Zhao Kangning found some consolation again temporarily, covered the cheeks saying: „A flavor? Sir, could say is more detailed?!” 图索佐再无粗暴之举,赵康宁暂时找到了些慰藉,捂着脸颊道:“一种味道?大人,能否说详细些?!” Tu Suozo haha smiled two: „Related to Tu Suozo to admire female, said you will not understand .” 图索佐哈哈笑了两声:“事关图索佐心仪女子,说了你也不会明白。” Zhao Kangning quickly compensates to say with a smile: originally such!! Can you settle on female by Sir Right King, certain intelligent wisdom and beautiful, if angel, on brightest tree cotton like prairie. Kangning wished the Sir wishes coming true and succeed early in life the great aspirations!” 赵康宁急忙赔笑道:“原来如此!!能被右王大人您看中女子,一定聪明智慧、美若天仙,就像草原上最灿烂木棉花。康宁祝大人心想事成、早达宏愿!” These words as if have the effect extremely, Tu Suozo face bloom several happy expressions, pats the Zhao Kangning shoulder saying: not only so, she imagines also to want strong over a hundred times of- Little Prince compared with you, I also know that you are the worry frontline war. just/then was I was extremely excited, for a while let slip, but also please do not go toward heart.” 这句话似乎极有效果,图索佐脸上绽放出几丝笑意,拍着赵康宁肩膀道:“不仅如此,她比你想像还要强上百倍——小王爷,我也知道你是忧心前线战事。方才是我太过于激动了,一时失手,还请你不要往心里去。” Where. Where,” Little Prince feels extremely flattered, again and again cups the fists: Right King just/then teaches is extremely, the Kangning anxious merit advances recklessly, really has improper.” “哪里。哪里,”小王爷受宠若惊,连连抱拳:“右王方才教训极是,康宁急功冒进,确有不妥。” Tu Suozo Um several: Early tomorrow morning, ten ten thousand elite must spread toward the frontline. At this time, if I proposed to Preceptor exceptionally request, others think surely I was a coward, obviously was rational . Finally also becomes unreasonable, my Szo does not do such stupid matter. If you then reported is true. Badero is truly taking the opportunity to suppress my clan warrior, I the time to Great Khan (sweat) reporting, am believing that appropriately the Great Khan (sweat) place will certainly break impartially, punishes the evildoer. Also my clan warrior fair !” 图索佐了几声:“明天一早,十万精锐就要驰往前线。在这个时候,如果我对国师提出异常要求,别人定会以为我是胆小鬼,明明是有理。最终也会变为没道理,我索图佐不干这样愚蠢事情。如果你方才所报属实。巴德鲁确实在借机打压我族勇士,我会在适当地时候向大汗禀报,相信大汗一定会秉公处断,惩罚奸人。还我族勇士一个公正!” Had this, just/then that whip suffered also the value. The Zhao Kangning great happiness, bows cups the fists: Under Kangning generation of dwelling places of the dead Royal Father and generation suffer hardships and calamities the Great Hua people, apologized to the Sir kindness.” 有这一句,方才那一鞭子挨了也值。赵康宁大喜,躬身抱拳:“康宁代九泉之下父王、代受苦受难地大华子民,谢过大人恩德。” This is also thanking with ,” Tu Suozo helps up him slightly: You also consider for Khanate, although the words were more extreme. But even passes to the Great Khan (sweat) ear. Also some people will not blame your .” “这还用着谢吗,”图索佐微微扶起他:“你也是为了汗国着想,话虽过激了些。但即使是传到大汗耳中去。也不会有人责怪你。” Except that joyful nods. Zhao Kangning could not find the spoken language to describe the oneself this moment feelings again. 除了欣喜点头。赵康宁再也找不到言语来形容自己此刻心情了。 Two people said several words, that was responsible for searching the Göktürks warrior to return. hand grabs several bunches of dripping wet flowers and plants, tick-tock tick-tock is overflowing the water drop. 二人说了几句话,那负责搜索突厥勇士已经返回来了。手里抓着几束湿淋淋花草,滴答滴答溢着水珠。 Right King, in the thick patch of grass does not have discovers unusually. The warriors only in Uvs Lake, fished these flowers and plants, was lakeside common , might be in the clan the herdsman discard.” 右王,草丛里没有发现异常。勇士们只在乌湖中,捞起了这些花草,都是湖边常见,有可能是族中牧民丢弃地。” Zhao Kangning treated in Göktürks had a time, can understand this warrior speech reluctantly. 赵康宁突厥待了有一段时候了,勉勉强强能将这勇士的话语听懂。 Tu Suozo received that by the water immersion flowers and plants, placed near the nose to smell lightly several, long time long breathes a sigh of relief, shook the head slowly, face was joyfully difficult to suppress: Is she?! Also was the time, she should come back!!” 图索佐接过那被水浸泡地花草,放在鼻子边轻嗅了几下,良久才长长舒了口气,缓缓摇头,脸上欣喜却是再难抑制:“是她吗?!也是时候了,她应该回来了!!” Congratulates Sir Right King!” Zhao Kangning hears to be clear in his nearby where will let go this close at hand pats the horse opportunity. “恭喜右王大人!”赵康宁在他身边听得正清楚,哪会放弃这近在眼前拍马机会。 Looks at that to tie up the flowers, Tu Suozo to shake the head closely the smile, in the dark blue pupil full is the brilliance, muttered: Now the status is different, your actually such likes being laughing and playing to play!” 望着那捆扎得紧紧地花朵,图索佐摇头微笑,深蓝眸子里满是光彩,喃喃自语道:“如今身份已经不一样了,你却还是这么喜欢嬉笑玩耍!” Young martial-looking Göktürks Right King deep inspires, the face gentle smiling face, lets one looks dumbfoundedly. 年轻英武突厥右王深深吸了口气,脸上地温柔笑容,让人看地目瞪口呆。 The Zhao Kangning eyeball illness/quick winks, obviously was pondering, can call Tu Suozo prairie hero to believe the woman like this, actually is what background. His looked left and right, said puzzled: Sir Right King, you mean, Royal Consort nearby this?!” 赵康宁眼珠疾眨,显然是在思考,能叫图索佐这样地草原英雄心折女人,到底是个什么来头。他左右看了一眼,不解道:“右王大人,您地意思是,王妃就在这附近么?!” A Zhao Kangning slippery fellow, so quick called Royal Consort actually. Tu Suozo haha shakes the head with a smile: Little Prince made a mistake, her impossible makes my Royal Consort!” 赵康宁倒是个滑头,这么快就叫上王妃了。图索佐哈哈笑着摇头:“小王爷弄错了,她不可能做我王妃!” impossible? Your was such happy? Zhao Kangning looked that is in every possible way puzzled. 不可能?那你还这么高兴?赵康宁百般不解。 Tu Suozo did not explain, sighed with a smile: I and she grow up in the prairie since childhood together, she is our Göktürks for hundred years, most beautiful and most outstanding woman. intelligent is intelligent, unequalled, handles matters decisively, the individuality is unique, never likes others inquiring her whereabouts. today we see these flowers in Uvs Lake, is accidental is pleasantly surprised! However, according to my estimation, if does not have accidental words, she will return to the royal court for these days. After all, the big day will also draw near.” 图索佐也不去解释,笑着叹道:“我和她从小在草原一起长大,她是我们突厥百年来,最美丽、最杰出女人。聪明智慧,无与伦比,处事果断,个性独特,从来不喜欢别人打听她行踪。今天我们在乌湖见到这些花儿,已经是个意外惊喜了!不过,据我猜测,如果没有意外的话,她这几天就会回王庭了。毕竟,大日子也快到了。” Mentions the big day, Tu Suozo face exudes several wisps of exciting smiling faces, eyes was full of the hope. Zhao Kangning hurried say/way: 说起大日子,图索佐脸上泛起几缕兴奋笑容,眼中充满了渴望。赵康宁急忙道: Sir, is what big day?! ” 大人,是什么大日子?!” Tu Suozo laughs, shakes the head does not speak. His nearby accompanied did not drink the sound everywhere: Little Prince Zhao, you arrived at Khanate such to be long, could it be does not know in the spring of every year, will our royal court have Sheep Hunting Competition?!” 图索佐哈哈大笑,摇头不语。他身边一个随从不满地喝了声:“赵小王爷,你到了汗国这么久,难道不知道每年春天,我们王庭都会有叼羊大赛么?!” - Sheep Hunting Competition? Zhao Kangning sudden enlightenment, hurried cups the fists, respectful sound said: originally such. Kangning respectfully congratulated Sir Right King in this, won victory, becomes horse to the merit. Comes day Kangning to deliver Great Hua to produce the most magnificent most and expensive pearl, congratulated the Sir auspicious day!” 叼羊大赛赵康宁恍然大悟,急忙抱拳,恭声道:“原来如此康宁在此恭祝右王大人,旗开得胜、马到功成。来日康宁必送上大华出产最华贵珍珠,恭贺大人好日子!” Good, good!” Tu Suozo laughs loudly, eyes full is joyful- “好,好!”图索佐放声大笑,眼中满是欣喜—— „Does General, want to begin now?!” Dived in the underwater one breath for a long time, was far away from the Tu Suozo tent, Xǔ Zhen surfaced, long exhaled, exciting gesticulated hand gesture. face full is the aggressive color. 将军,要不要现在动手?!”在水下一口气潜了好久,远离了图索佐帐篷,许震冒出水面,长长出了口气,兴奋比划了个手势脸上满是凶悍之色。 This comes Göktürks Right King Tu Suozo, is an out-and-out big fish. If can get rid of him, was equal to shearing Göktürk left and right arms, let alone. That sells the ancestor to seek personal glory Zhao Kangning. Was hated the tooth to be itchy. If can take these two people all, that kills two birds with one stone simply, no wonder Xǔ Zhen meets the eye to brave the golden light. 这突然而来地突厥右王图索佐,乃是一条不折不扣大鱼。如果能干掉他,就等于剪断了突厥人地左膀右臂,况且。还有那卖祖求荣赵康宁。更是叫人恨得牙痒痒。若能将这二人尽数拿了,那简直是一举两得,难怪许震会眼冒金光呢。 Catches the eye to look toward the opposite shore, Göktürk and Zhao Kangning conversation just happy. Right King several hundred capable guard, had gradually increased the patrol range, even in the lake surface sent one team of guards. Lin Wanrong shakes the head slowly: This Tu Suozo is not Shengdan such straw bag, he extremely is discrete. The hit/prick Camp lineup also has tasteful greatly, bonfire in the lakeshore, the tent is actually being far away from the water's edge. lets one is unable to encircle. Has that several hundred elite at risk of life guard again, so long as has the slightest sign of trouble slightly. He can the vertical horse run away.” 抬眼往对岸望去,突厥人赵康宁言谈正欢。右王数百精壮侍卫,已经逐渐增大了巡逻范围,连湖面上都派驻了一队守卫。林晚荣缓缓摇头:“这个图索佐可不是盛丹那样地草包,他这人极为谨慎。扎营地阵形也大有讲究,篝火架在湖岸,帐篷却远离着水边。让人无法合围。再有那数百精锐拼死护卫,只要稍有风吹草动。他就可以纵马而逃。” Xǔ Zhen sized up Tu Suozo camp carefully. If firmly Lin Wanrong said, Göktürks Right King acts, indeed is out of the ordinary. Their tent is distanced appropriately, implication defensive. Several hundred people of place Göktürks guards. In foreigner elite elite. Each one powerful and brave, has fought many battles. Patrol range. Has expanded to the perimeter hundred zhang (333 m), which direction no matter from attacks, can exposes under their noses. If they want to cling to tenaciously or have the difficulty, but must flee, is actually not the difficult matter. 许震仔细打量了图索佐大营。确如林晚荣所说,突厥右王出手,的确非同凡响。他们帐篷相距得当,暗含守势。数百人地突厥卫队。更是胡人精锐精锐。个个孔武有力、身经百战。巡逻范围。已经扩大到周围数百丈,不管从哪个方向进攻,都会暴露在他们眼皮底下。他们要想死守或有困难,但要出逃,却不是难事。 Xǔ Zhen helpless sighed the sound, the complexion is resentful. Lin Wanrong patted his shoulder. Said seriously: Little Xǔ. You must remember. Our goal not only is Tu Suozo, but is the entire Göktürks royal court! Captures Kizil. That is to foreigner most direct and most powerful attack! As for Tu Suozo and Zhao Kangning, will have to tidy up their time place!” 许震无奈叹了声,脸色悻悻。林晚荣拍了拍他肩膀。郑重道:“小许。你要记住。我们地目标不仅仅是一个图索佐,而是整个突厥王庭!攻陷克孜尔。那才是对胡人最直接、最有力打击!至于图索佐赵康宁,会有收拾他们时候地!” Xǔ Zhen look shakes, anxious nods: General said to be right, we should abandon at this time slightly, grasps the land, that satisfies a craving.” 许震神色一震,急急点头:“将军对,咱们这时候应该舍小地,抓大地,那才过瘾。” Lin Wanrong is patting his shoulder, laughed several. Had known from Zhao Kangning and Tu Suozo talk, the Kizil surrounding gathers ten ten thousand foreigner, immediately must rush to rescue the Helan Mountains frontline, it seems like Xu Zhiqing is truly doing everything possible to capture the enemy attention, coordinates the Lin Wanrong action. 林晚荣拍着他肩膀,哈哈大笑了几声。从赵康宁图索佐谈话中已经得知,克孜尔外围聚集十万胡人,马上就要驰援贺兰山前线,看来徐芷晴确实在想尽办法吸引敌人目光,配合林晚荣地行动。 Climbs up An to come, convened to take inventory the troops, put away hidden sentry, this round trip caught up hurriedly. 爬上岸来,将人马召集清点了一番,放好暗哨,这才急匆匆往回赶。 Hu Bugui, Gao Qiu and Li Wuling various people already and other places impatient, sees them to come back, immediately encircled joyfully: General Lin, can front have the news?!” 胡不归高酋李武陵诸人早已等地不耐烦,见他们回来,顿时欣喜地围了上来:“林将军,前面可有消息?!” Lin Wanrong nods, in the experience the lake spoke, the people hear dumbfoundedly. Only Zhao Kangning enough, weight/quantity Göktürks Right King Tu Suozo, General Lin went into action mysteriously again in addition fully, the effect really gets quick results. 林晚荣点点头,将湖中所见所闻讲了一遍,众人听得目瞪口呆。光一个赵康宁就够玄乎地了,再加上一个分量十足地突厥右王图索佐,林将军出马,效果真是立竿见影啊。 This sells the ancestor to seek personal glory dog thing!” Gao Qiu scolded the sound indignantly, the object was past King Cheng Heir Apparent Zhao Kangning. “这卖祖求荣狗东西!”高酋愤愤骂了声,对象自是昔日诚王世子赵康宁 Hu Bugui said with a smile: Instigated Göktürks Left and Right Kings, even also urged the Tu Suozo waste perspiration independence, Little Prince also was really some guts!” 胡不归笑道:“挑拨突厥左右王,甚至还劝图索佐废汗自立,小王爷还真是有些胆量啊!” Lin Wanrong sighed: Zhao Kangning is not no need saying that sooner or later some people will tidy up him. My couldn't think this Tu Suozo unexpectedly is so actually young, 30 years old are less than age, became meritorious military service splendid Göktürks Right King!” 林晚荣叹了口气:“赵康宁就不必说了,迟早会有人收拾他。我倒是没想到这个图索佐竟然如此年轻,三十岁不到年纪,就成了战功彪炳突厥右王!” Hu Bugui said in a low voice: Tu Suozo this person, cannot despise absolutely. His 13 years old inherit the occupation of the father's, 20 years gōng fū, operates Göktürks to rank among the best the big tribe its clan and tribe, in this period south expedition to the north games, crusaded against nine to be surnamed Tiělēi five times, is a Göktürks series prairie biggest hero. This person is ambitious, the will is moreover firm and handsome, has the high ground prestige extremely in Göktürks, is about 30 years old age, can be on par with aged Badero. Although I have not fought with him directly, but the Göktürks Right King reputation, actually already liked thunder reverberating in one's ears.” 胡不归沉声道:“图索佐此人,绝对小看不得。他十三岁继承父业,二十载不到功夫,就将其部族经营成突厥数一数二地大部落,期间南征北,五次讨伐九姓铁勒,乃是突厥一统草原地最大功臣。此人极具雄心,兼之心志坚定、相貌堂堂,在突厥内部拥有极高地声望,才不过三十岁年纪,便可与老迈巴德鲁比肩了。我虽未与他直接交过手,但突厥右王地名声,却早已是如雷贯耳了。” Originally this Tu Suozo has fought nearly 20 years of war, is my 20 times continues, ashamed, ashamed. Lin Wanrong haha smiled several: Since Tu Suozo is so strong, that did attack the Helan Mountains heavy responsibility, how also falls Badero body?” 原来这个图索佐已经打了快二十年仗了,足足是我二十倍不止,惭愧,惭愧。林晚荣哈哈笑了几声:“既然图索佐如此强势,那进攻贺兰山重任,怎么落到了巴德鲁身上呢?” This was the so-called ginger is old is spicy. The Badero clan and tribe is the Göktürks first tribe, even Lù Dongzan is also family background tribe, they whatever the military authority will be lost? In order to attack Great Hua, Göktürks gathered all military, Tu Suozo must give Badero commander oneself most trusted subordinate tribal warrior, you said, his heart can feel better? This Göktürks Left King Right King fights, it is said started from Tu Suozo father.” “这就是所谓姜是老辣了。巴德鲁部族乃是突厥第一部落,连禄东赞也是出身这个部落,他们怎会任由军权旁落?为了进攻大华,突厥聚集了所有兵力,图索佐要将自己最亲信部落勇士交给巴德鲁统帅,你说,他心里能好受吗?这突厥左王右王相斗,据说从图索佐父亲就开始了。” No wonder Zhao Kangning dares to feel relieved that sows dissension boldly, originally inside has the so many threshold way saying that Tu Suozo truly enough suffering. Lin Wanrong Um'ed, said suddenly: Big Brother Hu, have you seen Göktürks Khan?!” 难怪赵康宁敢放心大胆地挑拨离间呢,原来里面有这么多地门门道道,图索佐确实够委屈地。林晚荣嗯了一声,忽然道:“胡大哥,那你见过突厥可汗吗?!” Hu Bugui shakes the head, sighs: Göktürks Khan in Kizil, but we prairie had not even entered before. How can see Göktürks Great Khan (sweat)? not only is I, even/including Li Tai Grand Marshal, he and foreigner fought for a lifetime the war. What also without seeing Göktürks Khan to be long. On the other hand, Göktürks does also have several people to see our Venerated Sovereign appearance?” 胡不归摇摇头,叹息道:“突厥可汗远在克孜尔,而我们之前连草原都未进过。如何能看见突厥大汗不仅是我,就连李泰大帅,他与胡人打了一辈子仗。也没见过突厥可汗长什么样。话说回来,突厥有几个人见过我们皇上地模样呢?” Old Hu this analogy puts the blame on the other person interesting. Lin Wanrong nod smile: such said. Could we become first see Göktürks Khan person of Great Hua?!” 老胡这比喻倒打地有趣。林晚荣点头微笑:“如此说来。我们极有可能成为第一个见到突厥可汗大华人了?!” Several people laugh loudly. Some heart faint expectation. This is not saying playing. So long as took Kizil. Do not say that has a look at Göktürks Khan, even/including to capture alive him to peel him exactly. Also is not does not have is possible. 几个人放声大笑。心中隐隐有些憧憬。这可不是说着玩。只要拿下了克孜尔。不要说看看突厥可汗,就连生擒他活剥他。也不是没有可能。 Göktürks once sent Lù Dongzan is envoy. Has asked kissing/betrothal to Great Hua to Princess Nishang. Their Khan wants to come also to have 40-50 years old of age. Lin Wanrong shakes the head. earnestly said: According to Tu Suozo and Zhao Kangning conversation. The Kizil surrounding 100,000 armies must rush to rescue the frontline tomorrow. Then, how many troops will Lù Dongzan leave behind to the Göktürks royal court?!” 突厥曾派禄东赞使臣。到大华霓裳公主求过亲。他们地可汗想来也应该有40-50岁年纪了吧。林晚荣摇了摇头。正色道:“根据图索佐赵康宁地言谈。克孜尔外围地十万大军明日就要驰援前线。那么,禄东赞会给突厥王庭留下多少人马呢?!” The people look at each other in blank dismay. This issue. Perhaps only had Lù Dongzan to reply. Hu Bugui is most familiar with the Göktürk habit. Considered. Small sound said: Kizil does not compare elsewhere, this is the Göktürks royal court. Is foreigner guards most important. Although close to the Altai Mountains natural defenses. Had never been attacked, but foreigner treats it lightly even. Also extremely will not be lax. According to the lowly general estimate. Lù Dongzan will at least leave behind about 10,000 elite rider. In order to prepare emergency requirement. In addition city garrison strength. Kizil should have more than 20,000 troops.” 众人面面相觑。这个问题。恐怕只有禄东赞能够回答了。胡不归突厥人地习性最为熟悉。斟酌了一下。小声道:“克孜尔不比别处,此乃是突厥王庭。是胡人守卫地重中之重。虽说靠近阿尔泰山天险。从未被袭击过,但胡人就算掉以轻心。也不会太过松懈。据末将估计。禄东赞至少会留下一万左右地精骑。以备不时之需。再加上城防力量。克孜尔应该有两万余人马。” The Hu Bugui estimate makes sense the place. On prairie. Ten thousand people of place Göktürks cavalries, are an irresistible strength. let alone also has the city garrison strength. In addition in the city the recruit, the Göktürks royal court guards. Absolutely incessantly 20,000 people. 胡不归地估算是有道理地。在草原上。万人地突厥铁骑,就已经是一股势不可挡地力量了。况且还有城防力量。再加上城中地壮丁,突厥王庭地守卫。绝对不止两万人。 Goes to the blood to put together two ten thousand Göktürk by 5000 troops. city siege games. The fools knew this matter difficulty. Even had the mind set on must the deathtrap determination. Also cannot bring death like this in vain. Lin Wanrong deeply frowned. 以五千人马去血拼两万突厥人。还是攻城。傻子都知道这事地难度了。就算抱定了必死地决心。也不能这样白白去送死吧。林晚荣眉头紧锁了起来。 A Kizil war. Perhaps was their last weaponry, will certainly be goes down in history a service. No matter outcome how. These 5000 officers, have always remembered in the annals. But as being in bureau commander. Receives in exchange at slightly the price in a big way wins. Forever is his responsibility. 克孜尔一战。也许就是他们地最后一仗了,也必将是名垂青史地一役。不管胜负结局如何。这五千将士,都已经铭记在史册了。可是作为身在局中地统帅。以最小地代价去换取最大地胜利。永远都是他地职责。 Everyone gradually peaceful, is looking at Lin Wanrong silently. In such key time. His each decision. Will be determining 5000 officers destinies. 大家渐渐地安静了下来,默默望着林晚荣。在这样关键地时刻。他地每一个决定。都将决定着五千将士地命运。 The atmosphere somewhat was quietly depressing. Lin Wanrong slowly paced several steps. Suddenly stopped the step. The raising the head illness/quick asked: Big Brother Hu, have you listened to Sheep Hunting Competition does not have?!” 气氛静谧地都有些压抑了。林晚荣缓缓踱了几步。忽然停住了步伐。抬头疾问:“胡大哥,你听过叼羊大赛没有?!” Sheep Hunting Competition? various people stares simultaneously. The Hu Bugui hurried nod said: Has listened. Has listened. This was on the prairie famously the grand occasion.” 叼羊大赛诸人同时一愣。胡不归急忙点头道:“听过。听过。这个是草原上最有名地盛事了。” Oh?” Lin Wanrong said full of enthusiasm: This sheep. actually how does hold in the mouth the law?” ?”林晚荣兴致勃勃道:“这个羊。到底是怎么个叼法?” Prairie Sheep Hunting Competition. To put it bluntly. Similar to our Great Hua martial arts contest personally recruit!” “草原地叼羊大赛。说穿了。就和咱们大华地比武招亲差不多!” Martial arts contest personally recruit?! I like listening to this.” Gao Qiu immediately eye one bright, the interest is big: How sheep hunting and personally recruit can pull the same place. Old Hu said quickly.” “比武招亲?!我就喜欢听这个。”高酋顿时眼睛一亮,兴致大起:“叼羊招亲怎么能扯到一起。老胡快说。” Old Hu nods. Saying with a smile: „The foreigner matchmaking custom, is different from our Great Hua. We are fastidious about the life and the matchmaker's word parents, is foreigner that they advocate the free contact. The men and women meet to love one another, all stems from the nature.” 老胡点点头。笑道:“胡人相亲地习俗,和咱们大华不一样。我们讲究父母之命、媒妁之言,可是胡人那,他们崇尚自由交往。男女相见相恋,皆是出于自然。” This actually good.” Li Wuling quickly claps the hands: Is just right for the Big Brother Lin appetite. His matchmaking 100. Can become 101.” “这个倒是不错。”李武陵急忙拍掌:“正合林大哥胃口。他相亲一百个。能成一百零一个。” The Lin Wanrong supercilious look turns. various people laughs. 林晚荣白眼一翻。诸人哈哈大笑。 This freedom loves one another, originally is a good deed. However among Göktürks each tribes, the men and women are imbalanced. And various place sides on prairie. Does not meet easily. Therefore, that was used to celebrate the harvest sheep hunting congress. Changed to hold in the spring, turns into the foreigner matchmaking congress. At the appointed time on prairie each tribe unmarried female. Will watch the sheep hunting congress. Chooses the oneself one's beloved. No matter you are the princes and dukes aristocrats or the common people. Can participate in this Sheep Hunting Competition. In order to guarantee fairly, prevents to suffer the persecution afterward. Participates in the sheep hunting warriors. Must deceive the facial countenance by the black cloth. Marks the serial number. First carries the sheep to arrive at goal, then to work as place prairie warrior. But status honored female. May choose the fiercest warrior directly is a fine son-in-law.” “这种自由相恋,本来是件好事。但是突厥各个部落间,男女不均衡。且在草原上各处一方。见面不易。因此,那原本用来庆祝丰收地叼羊大会。就改在春天举行,变成胡人相亲大会了。届时草原上各个部落地未婚女子。都会去观看叼羊大会。挑选自己地心上人。不管你是王公贵族还是平民百姓。都可以去参加这叼羊大赛。为保证公平、防止事后遭遇迫害。参与叼羊地勇士们。需以黑布蒙住头脸。标上编号。最先携羊到达目的地者,便为当届地草原勇士。而身份最尊贵地女子。可直接挑选最厉害勇士为佳婿。” Wears a mask sheep hunting?! This matter may be really exciting enough! Lin Wanrong hee hee said with a smile: Göktürk really has the creativity, this where is sheep hunting, clearly is manhunt.” 蒙面叼羊?!这事可真够刺激啊!林晚荣嘻嘻笑道:“突厥人真有创意,这哪里是叼羊,分明就是叼郎嘛。” During people laughters, Hu Bugui fiercely one startled, great happiness: General, is it possible that can you use this Sheep Hunting Competition?!” 众人嬉笑间,胡不归猛地一惊,大喜道:“将军,你莫非是要利用这叼羊大赛?!”
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