FS :: Volume #6

#586: Who deceives whom

…… …… In view of the fact that the Yujia clever trick danger works, almost went bad the important matter. Cannot lower one's guard to this Göktürks young girl guarding, confiscated her golden blade. 3 layers of also in her, outside 3 layers binds tightly layer on layer/heavily. until she lies down on the lawn soft and weak. Is also incapable of moving again. Lin Wanrong feels relieved thoroughly. 鉴于玉伽地诡计险险得逞,差点就坏了大事。对这突厥少女看守绝不能麻痹大意,没收了她地金刀将她里三层、外三层重重绑紧。直到她软弱无力地躺在草地上。再也无力动弹。林晚荣才彻底地放心下来。 Returns to crudely commanding battalion. Lies down on the disorderly haystack. Is thinking here to Kizil is about 300 li (0.5 km) distance, but astute Göktürks Right King camps inside and outside 20 the bird lakeside. He then tosses about. Cannot fall asleep. 回到简陋地帅营。在杂乱草堆上躺下来。想着此处离克孜尔不过三百里路程、而精明突厥右王就安扎在二十里外鸟湖边。他便翻来覆去。怎么也睡不着。 From leaving capital, to thorough Kizil, already several months of place time. Does not know that Qiaoqiao and Eldest Young Lady they crossed what kind of at home, Xian'er has or doesn't have and Qingxuan act difficult Ning'er and Eldest Young Lady quarrel Talented Girl Luo has or doesn't have to draw some only to me to see fervor picture these big little beauty again, is or isn't to remember husband frequently I 从离开京城,到深入克孜尔,已经几个月地时间了。不知道巧巧大小姐她们在家里过地怎么样,仙儿有没有青旋闹别扭凝儿大小姐吵架了吗洛才女有没有再画些只能给我看见地激情画这些大小美女,是不是经常想起老公 Calculates the date and time. The Qingxuan belly should high blow up. Inside little fellow, actually is the son or the daughter he knows that his father is going to war outside 算算时日。青旋肚子应该已经高高鼓起了。里面地小家伙,到底是儿子还是女儿呢他知道他爹正在外面打仗吗 Does not want already. This recollections. Thick missing then such as the bird lake tidal comes in waves. That moving cheeks, are elegantly beautiful, are charming from time to time and are charming from time to time from time to time. one by one has been floating at present. Called him the heart also happy also acid, wished one could to grow the wing immediately. anxious flies back to in the capital. Sues the words from the heart with everyone/various Madame, thinks of the sentiment deep place, already was the teardrops floats off and is ready to make trouble. 不想则已。这一感怀。浓浓思念便如鸟湖地潮水般滚滚而来。那一张张动人脸颊,时而冷艳、时而娇羞、时而妩媚。一一在眼前浮过。叫他心里酸,恨不得立即插上翅膀。急急飞回京中。与诸位夫人一诉衷肠,想到情深处,早已是泪珠浮起、蠢蠢欲动了。 This sleep/felt had no way to rest! Under the impatient air/Qi is hot-tempered. He crawls simply from the haystack, bowed to hold the clear water to sprinkle toward the cheeks. Feels to infiltrate the heart icy coldly, he long implored the tone. The only felt chest seems the soft thing, is arriving in the pit of the stomach. Itchy . 这觉没法睡了!心急气躁之下。他索性从草堆爬起来,鞠了捧清水往脸颊洒去。冰凉地感觉透入心底,他长长地吁了口气。只觉胸口似有个软软东西,正抵在了心窝。痒痒 in the bosom pulled out two. When takes, actually cannot help laughing. Crescent Moon grips this straw man really to be interesting. The flying eyebrow stares , gives back to me to wear the foreigner gown. Is it possible that she really wants to incur me to make son-in-law this girl craftsmanship indeed to be inadequately pretty good. At least draws me is quite graceful . 在怀里掏了两把。取出来时,却是哑然失笑。月牙儿扎地这草人还真有意思。飞眉毛瞪眼睛,还给我穿上胡人地袍子。莫非她真想招我做女婿不成不过这丫头手艺的确不赖。最起码把我画还是比较帅 Is tossing about to look at that straw man self-satisfied. nearby is actually pūchī one, the chuckle noon gets up, the Fairy Ning sound conveys leisurely: This is who grips the straw man, seems like looks like- with you very much with petty thief resembles!” 正洋洋自得地将那草人翻来覆去看。身边却是噗嗤一声,轻笑晌起,宁仙子地声音悠悠传来:“这是谁扎地草人,看起来和你很像呢——都跟个小贼似的!” elder sister said right to the extreme,” Lin Wanrong is smiling to turn around. Closely holds on her both hands: I am petty thief one by one steal Fairy heart petty thief specially.” 姐姐说地对极了,”林晚荣嬉皮笑脸转过身来。紧紧拉住她双手:“我就是个小贼一一专门偷仙子芳心小贼。” Has no shame.” Ning Yuxi cheeks Qinghong (light red). Has taken that slightly straw man from his hand. Sized up several carefully. helpless shakes the head: This Göktürks female, pouring indeed is clever and deft, only pitifully. Her intelligent, had actually sneaked in your cage again, how to struggle again. Could not have escaped.” “没羞没臊。”宁雨昔脸颊轻红。从他手里取过那小小地草人。细细打量了几眼。无奈摇头:“这突厥女子,倒的确是心灵手巧,只可惜。她再聪明,却已经钻进了你笼中,再怎么挣扎。都已经逃不掉了。” Her intonation light. Somewhat is quite disconsolate, bright said that is Yujia, actually also not so oneself this moment state of mind portrayal 她语调轻轻。颇有些惆怅,明里说地是玉伽,却何尝不是自己此刻心境地写照 Ning Yuxi skin whiter than snow and white clothing like immortal. Stands under smartly moon/month. Then such as in picture person, only that space between eyebrows several wisps light sorrowful. Lets this beautiful Fairy. Were many several points of the world aura. 宁雨昔肌肤胜雪、白衣如仙。俏立月下。便如画中人儿,只是那眉间地几缕淡淡哀愁。才让这绝丽仙子。多了几分人间气息。 Lin Wanrong is grasping her small hand, shakes the head slightly: Deity Elder Sister, you were live for a long time the celestial mountain, to get used to seeing Penglai, manipulated strategically and mistrusts each other to this society. Has never appreciated profoundly. Therefore will have view so. Although this Yujia age is small. But is not a simple character. If said that she drilled into my shackles. That was really underestimates her. Despises others. Must pay a price .” 林晚荣握着她小手,微微摇头:“神仙姐姐,你是住久了仙山、看惯了蓬莱,对这人世间地勾心斗角、尔虞我诈。从未深刻体味过。所以才会有这般说法。这个玉伽年纪虽小。但绝不是一个简单人物。若说她钻入了我地牢笼。那真是太小看她了。轻视别人。是要付出代价。” Fairy doubts visits him: Your meaning is, she deceives you! This is how possible! In Sea of Death, she leaves you territory clear water. Mount Tian avalanche. Abandoned the life to save your-, if acted in a play can make this. That this female , was too fearful.” 仙子疑惑看着他:“你意思是,她骗你!这怎么可能!在死亡之海,她将所有地清水都留给你。天山雪崩。更是舍了性命拯救你——若做戏都能做成这样。那这女子,也实在太可怕了些。” Ning Yuxi said that are true, Crescent Moon makes all, as in the bureau the person. Lin Wanrong feels clearly. His deep shakes the head: is or isn't acts in a play, I am unable to distinguish now. I can confirm that is only. Yujia actions. The goal is not so pure, elder sister you think. I and she, one is person of Great Hua, one is Göktürk, the itself is the life and death foe, because even my looks heroic and dashing and outstanding. Thus caused her to produce the heart of coveting to me. But at our status, she so displays hostilely anxiously. Whether extremely anxious color 宁雨昔所说句句属实,月牙儿所做地一切,身为局中之人。林晚荣感受最为真切。他深深摇了摇头:“是不是做戏,我现在无法分辨。我唯一能确认地是。玉伽所作所为。目地绝不是那么单纯,姐姐你想一下。我和她,一个是大华人,一个是突厥人,本就是生死仇敌,就算因为我长得英俊潇洒、卓尔不群。从而导致她对我产生了觊觎之心。但处在我们敌对地身份,她如此急切地表现。是否太过急色了些” Any heroic and dashing and outstanding! Ning Yuxi is smiling flipped a supercillious look towards him: Your meaning is, at your hostilely position, even if she liked you. Also should be very implicit, cannot even make you know. Right 什么英俊潇洒、卓尔不群!宁雨昔笑着白他一眼:“你地意思是,处在你们这种敌对地地位,就算她喜欢上了你。也应该很含蓄、甚至根本不能让你知道。对吗” Lin Wanrong look nods seriously: Theoretically. Unrequited loving, should be such place! Let alone, she unrequited loves an enemy! Even if she is bravely freely Göktürks female, she still has no alternative but to consider her parents and her clansman feeling 林晚荣神色严肃地点头:“从理论上来说。暗恋,就应该是这样地!更何况,她还是暗恋一个敌人!即便她是勇敢自由地突厥女子,她也不能不考虑她父母、她族人感受吧” Fairy hesitates slightly, light Um sound: You said perhaps rational, but, the body and mind falls to the enemy female. Is absolutely cannot deduces with the common sense. Whose is similar to my- also does not have crazily time!” 仙子微微沉吟,轻了声:“你说地或许有理,但是,身心沦陷女子。是绝不可以用常理推度地。就如同我——谁还没有个疯狂地时候呢!” She was saying to be saying, face floats off two red clouds. Lowers the head silently, that desire language also bashfully appearance. Incomparably cancels the soul. 她说着说着,脸上浮起两朵红云。默默低下头去,那欲语还羞地模样。无比地销魂 Deity Elder Sister spoke, was really more and more a woman, Lin Wanrong looked at to be dull, witnessed that beautiful Fairy step by step fell to the enemy in this world. This type of taste, non- is the general person can realize. 神仙姐姐说话,真是越来越女人了,林晚荣呆呆,目睹绝丽仙子一步步沦陷在凡尘。这种滋味,非是一般人所能体会。 He laughs. Is shaking the head saying: Yujia is Yujia, how she can place on a par with Fairy Elder Sister in fact. I to the Yujia suspicion. Also is not limited to this.” 他嘻嘻一笑。摇着头道:“玉伽玉伽,她怎能和仙子姐姐相提并论事实上。我对玉伽地怀疑。还不止于此。” Being not limited to this the Fairy doubts look at his one eyes: could it be also has other!” “不止于此”仙子疑惑地看他一眼:“难道还有其他!” Lin Wanrong nods, look is unexpectedly serious: In fact. From seizing her first day. I started to suspect her thoughts! After burning down Bayanhot . Our military also retreat without enough time, ran into her exactly, at this time machine too coincidence. But captures her process. Compared to her beautiful appearance. also extremely in relaxedness. Considers so beautifully female. How will easily mingle among hundred people of place caravans, the defense is so lax let alone. Göktürks Right King Tu Suozo is so deeply in love in her, her status is not simple. How so careless will appear and disappear in the prairie front that region you said dangerously. I can not suspect her!” 林晚荣点了点头,神色蓦地郑重起来:“事实上。从擒着了她地第一天。我就开始怀疑她心思了!火烧巴彦浩特之后。我军还来不及撤退,就恰好遇到了她,这时机太巧合了。而擒拿她过程。相对于她绝丽容颜来说。太过于轻松。试想如此美丽地女子。怎会轻易混迹于一个百人地商队,防守还如此松懈更何况。突厥右王图索佐如此地钟情于她,她地身份绝不简单。怎会如此草率出没于草原前方那最危险地地域你说。我能不怀疑她吗!” Fairy slightly one surprised, listens to the petty thief analysis, but also is really some truth. 仙子微微一愕,听小贼地分析,还真是有些道理。 Coincidence matter, is arriving at Xingqing City a very much on the same day. I and Big Brother Hu they have seen Yujia. But in that night. Army three paths commander also assassination, but Yujia actually vanished at this time, when she appears again, already in the Bayanhot surrounding, not only so. Strangely- Lin Wanrong speech paused. Carries body paced several steps, the look illness/quick flashes, then resembles is a quick-witted cheetah. “还有一件很巧合地事情,在到达兴庆府地当天。我和胡大哥他们都看见过玉伽。而就在当夜。大军三路统帅同时遇刺,可此时地玉伽却神不知鬼不觉地消失了,当她再次出现时,已经是在巴彦浩特地外围了,不仅如此。还有更奇怪地——林晚荣话语顿了顿。背身踱了几步,眼神疾闪,便似是一头机智猎豹。 Ning Yuxi is looking at him lightly, at this time petty thief, disappeared to be laughing in those days, actually as if experienced hardship to the full, wisdom bead to grasp the elder, each look. Contains the wisdom ray. 宁雨昔轻望着他,此时小贼,不见了往日嘻嘻哈哈,却仿佛一个饱经风霜、智珠在握地长者,每一个眼神。都蕴藏着睿智光芒。 In this world can bully his person, should not be born! The Fairy showing a faint smile thoughts are stable, light anger said: Must say that said. Sells what climax 这世界上能欺负他地人,应该还没出生吧!仙子微微一笑心思安定,薄嗔道:“要说就说。卖什么关子” „The strange matter, elder sister should also know.” Lin Wanrong hee hee is smiling, grips her smooth white hands: - Yujia has clearly fallen our hand, Lù Dongzan personally saw. But that Göktürks Right King Tu Suozo actually all does not know the circumstances of the matter, you said that is strange “奇怪事情么,姐姐应该也知道地。”林晚荣嘻嘻笑着,握住她光滑玉手:“——玉伽分明已经落到了我们手里,禄东赞亲眼所见。可是那突厥右王图索佐竟然全不知情,你说奇怪不奇怪” This matter really has strangely, Lù Dongzan returns to Kizil to assemble supports the front with large army. Has met with Tu Suozo inevitably, his does not have is captured the matter to tell Right King Yujia unexpectedly! Here decides however has the mystery. 这事地确有古怪,禄东赞克孜尔调集重兵支援前线。与图索佐必然见过面,他竟然没有玉伽被擒地事情告诉右王!这里头定然有玄机。 Ning Yuxi nods: is or isn't deeply has the contradiction because of Göktürks Left King and Right King. But Yujia also is captured in the frontline. Lù Dongzan concealed this news intentionally!” 宁雨昔点了点头:“是不是突厥左王右王深有矛盾。而玉伽是在前线被擒。禄东赞才故意隐瞒了这消息!” Lin Wanrong shakes the head slightly: Do not despise Lù Dongzan. If this person of heart is really is so narrow. He cannot say that Göktürks most had the wisdom person.” 林晚荣微微摇头:“不要小看禄东赞。若此人心胸真是如此狭窄。那他也称不上突厥最有智慧人了。” Why he did not tell Tu Suozo!” Fairy doubts to say. “那他为什么不告诉图索佐!”仙子疑道。 Yes, this also indeed I have doubts the place.” Lin Wanrong nods, suddenly pulls out that the golden light shining knife, shook two. Saying with a smile: elder sister. Do you still remember, we entered the Sea of Death time from Yiwu, Lù Dongzan made anything!” “是啊,这也正是我疑惑地地方。”林晚荣点了点头,忽然掏出那把金光灿灿小刀,晃了两下。笑着道:“姐姐。你还记不记得,我们从伊吾进入死亡之海时候,禄东赞做了什么!” Sees that golden blade, remembered the matter of past, the Ning Yuxi startled say/way: He this golden blade. also returned to your hand!” 望见那金刀,想起昔日之事,宁雨昔惊道:“他把这金刀送回你手中了!” Does not give to me,” Lin Wanrong shakes the head silently: But must use my hand, making this golden blade re-enter in the Yujia hand, because, golden blade in the Yujia hand, can display the biggest use.” “不是送给我,”林晚荣默然摇头:“而是要借我之手,让这金刀重回玉伽手中,因为,金刀玉伽手中,才能发挥最大地用途。” Any use Fairy urgently asked. “什么用途”仙子急问。 Lin Wanrong sighed in a soft voice: „The entire prairie knows, golden blade, is Yujia gives the one's beloved presenting a gift faith token! Lù Dongzan is declaring to me. Crescent Moon golden blade also does not have sends out. that is to say, prairie beautifully tree cotton, but also does not have found the one's beloved! Hehe!” 林晚荣轻声一叹:“全草原都知道,金刀,是玉伽送给心上人地定情信物!禄东赞是在向我昭示。月牙儿金刀没有送出。也就是说,草原最美丽地木棉花,还没有找到心上人!嘿嘿!” The words, that core meaning is at this point partly visible, Ning Yuxi over the face being astonished color: petty thief. You said. All these. Is Lù Dongzan and under the Yujia intentionally arrange/cloth the chessgame 话说到这里,那核心意思已经若隐若现,宁雨昔满面地讶色:“小贼。你是说。这一切。都是禄东赞玉伽故意布下棋局” Lin Wanrong grips her hand, said silently: Falls into my hand from Crescent Moon since that moment. I have a strange prosperous intuition. As if drilled into a deep sheath, after capturing Bayanhot . How Yujia will that present before us fortunately also how is so easily captured on the snowy mountain in never-ending and desert life and death to follow, sudden young girl to be in love by us. That knows nothing a Tu Suozo chest unable to explain thing! Oh, actually, I really play chess very much repugnantly.” 林晚荣握住她手,默默道:“从月牙儿落入我手中地那一刻起。我就有一种奇隆直觉。仿佛钻入了一个深深套子,攻陷巴彦浩特之后。玉伽怎会那么凑巧地出现在我们面前怎会如此轻易被我们俘虏雪山上不离不弃、沙漠里生死相随、突如其来少女怀春。还有那一无所知图索佐一匣多无法解释东西!唉,其实,我真地很讨厌下棋。” Looks at the petty thief face desolate color, Fairy Ning is not knowing that described oneself in what words and expressions with amazement at this time heart. The questionable point, was strung together fragmentarily by petty thief little . Formed a such conclusion unexpectedly, if really such as he speculated, then plans this fraud person, not only is the good intention thinks , the good knowledge and good guts, is a disposition extremely high person, she decides however has gotten down painstakingly gōng fū, has studied the petty thief character habit. Even fully realized that he holds l to live with the shortcoming. 望着小贼脸上落寞之色,宁仙子已经不知道用什么词语来形容自己此时心中地惊讶。原本地零零碎碎地疑点,被小贼一点点串起来。竟然形成了这么一个结论,若真如他所推测,那么一手谋划这骗局地人,不仅是好心思、好学识、好胆量,更是一个心性极高之人,她定然下过苦功夫,研究过小贼性格习性。甚至深知他地秉l生与缺点。 But, she why goal designation in your body!” Fairy muttered. “可是,她为什么会把目标选定在你身上呢!”仙子喃喃自语。 Lin Wanrong is smiling shaking the head: Who knows. Possibly because my looks is quite graceful.” 林晚荣嘻笑着摇头:“谁知道呢。可能因为我长得比较帅吧。” Actually does not need him to reply, Ning Yuxi heart has some fuzzy to know, at this time Lin San. Is a Great Hua shoulder double selects the emperor's son-in-law. Exterminates White Lotus, to eradicate King Cheng, Xu on the left, Li on the right on the government and no one can. But it is several reaches the peak in the folk prestige. Göktürk Preceptor Lù Dongzan, was sincerely convinced to him. In view of the fact that Emperor is childless, so long as this Lin wants, he even can reach the Great Hua power peak. 其实不需要他回答,宁雨昔心中已经有了些模模糊糊认识,今时地林三。已是大华一肩双挑地驸马。剿灭白莲、铲除诚王,在官场上左徐右李无人能及。而其在民间声望更是几达巅峰。突厥国师禄东赞,也是对他心服口服。鉴于皇帝膝下无子,只要林某人愿意,他甚至可以登上大华权力巅峰。 Designated that a such goal conquers, not only is challenging, more important is, once succeeded. To Great Hua Emperor and to Great Hua popular sentiment morale of troops attack. That is destructive . It can be said that wants to conquer Great Hua, must conquer Lin San! 选定这么一个目标来征服,不仅极具挑战性,更为重要是,一旦成功了。对大华皇帝、对大华民心军心地打击。那将是毁灭性。可以说,欲征服大华,必征服林三! Ning Yuxi helpless shakes the head. Sighed in a soft voice: female, how will have so immeasurably deep the mental strategy well 宁雨昔无奈摇头。轻声一叹:“好好一个女子,怎会有如此深不可测地心智谋略呢” The Lin Wanrong forced smile said: This issue, only had Yujia to reply probably.” 林晚荣苦笑道:“这个问题,大概只有玉伽能够回答了。” Fairy suddenly snort/hum sound: You realize Yujia to have something else planned early, therefore that desert protects, snowy mountain to deliver the clothes. Also is you plays method. Right did not deceive people to you. The repertoire is actually full, lets one was swindled actually returned involuntary. That Yujia actually pitiful .” 仙子忽然哼了声:“你早意识到玉伽别有所图,所以那大漠相护、雪山送衣。也不过是你耍地手段。对不对你骗起人来。倒是套路百出,让人上当了却还不自觉。那玉伽倒是可怜很。” Hey, Deity Elder Sister,” Lin Wanrong almost jumped: Asked your a little sense of right or wrong to be good the must know. Now played with, is not that Crescent Moon, but is Little Brother I!” “喂,神仙姐姐,”林晚荣差点跳起来了:“拜托你有点是非观念好不好须知。现在被人玩弄地,不是那个月牙儿,而是小弟弟我啊!” Fairy Ning also aerobic also is funny: You in the desert snowy mountain actions. Let her several degrees cry, could it be is she is also playing with your me to look is you are acting in a play to deceive her to be right.” 宁仙子好气好笑:“你在大漠雪山所作所为。让她几度落泪,难道也是她在玩弄你我瞧是你在演戏骗她才对。” Does not deceive absolutely!” Lin Wanrong sincere beckons with the hand: Hands down the honest attitude by me, how I will handle these popular matter actually my principle very is not simple. How Yujia to me, I how treats her, I do not occupy her to be cheap, but does not suffer a loss.” “绝对不是骗!”林晚荣正色摆手:“以我众口相传正派作风,我怎么会去做那些不入流地事情呢其实我原则也很简单。玉伽如何对我,我就如何待她,我不占她便宜,但也绝不吃亏。” Difficult to be prosperous. Yujia deceives you. you also deceives her. Really fairly. The Ning Yuxi long sound sighed: Formerly listened to you to say to Yujia, this was the dangerous game, I also not believed that the present was thorough understands. That Göktürks female is crafty. You are more deceitful than her.” 难隆呢。玉伽骗你。你又骗她。果真是公平地很。宁雨昔长声一叹:“从前听你对玉伽说,这是个危险游戏,我还不尽信,如今算是彻底明白了。那突厥女子狡猖。你却比她还要奸诈。” Deceitful actually only my semblance. That is to Yujia like this acting in a play,” Lin Wanrong holds on her small hand, helpless said: However I hide under the coat that sincere inner heart, only some elder sister so sincere female can feel, this is two sentiments likes each other to the high boundary!” “奸诈其实只是我地外表。那是对玉伽这样地做戏者而言,”林晚荣拉住她小手,无奈道:“而我隐藏在外衣下那真挚地内心,唯有姐姐这般真挚女子才能感觉得到,这才是两情相悦至高境界!” petty thief coaxes a person of sweet talk not to use after the brain. The opens the mouth comes, Fairy cheeks slightly red, light shakes the head: You. Performs will say that some words coax me of pleasant to hear, Yujia no doubt has ulterior motives, only a little. I look at you actually not to understand that- her only is really acting in a play!” 小贼哄人地甜言蜜语都不用经过脑子。张口就来,仙子脸颊微红,轻轻摇头:“你这人。尽会说些好听地话儿来哄我,玉伽固然心怀鬼胎,只是有一点。我瞧你却不尽了解——她真地只是在演戏吗!” Lin Wanrong quickly blinks: Wha, what do you mean!” 林晚荣急忙眨眼:“什,什么意思!” also comes to install muddled with me!” The Ning Yuxi smile shoots a look at his one eyes: Even again crafty wild female. That look and heartbeat cannot install. She laughs in the face of death to protect waterskin in the desert, that is on the verge of death the firmness of moment state of mind. Even I can feel. If this is also acts in a play the words. That can only say, she already integrated in oneself the play, which the even/including oneself resolution is unclear is really which is the false. Life like play, play like life, to her. All these, already does not have distinction.” 来和我装糊涂!”宁雨昔微笑瞥他一眼:“即便再狡猖女子。那眼神和心跳都是装不来地。她在大漠里舍生忘死守护水囊,那濒死一刻心绪之坚定。连我都能感受得到。若这样也是演戏地话。那只能说,她早已自己融入了戏里,就连自己也分辨不清哪个是真哪个是假。人生如戏,戏如人生,对她来说。这一切,已经没有了分别。” Fairy was saying to be saying, is the feeling sighs unexpectedly. Sobbed slightly, as if were many for several points to sympathize to Yujia also. 仙子说着说着,竟是感慨一叹。微微唏嘘起来,似乎对玉伽多了几分同情。 The Lin Wanrong opening mouth two, compensated to say with a smile: This, Deity Elder Sister. You analyzed too deep to carve, I a little could not understand! We said the point leaves the place!” 林晚荣张大嘴巴啊了两声,赔笑道:“这个,神仙姐姐。你分析太深刻了,我有点听不懂唉!咱们还是说点别地吧!” Fairy Ning white/in vain his several eyes. helpless said: You must install muddled, I do not have the means. However this is also prosperous can not you, who makes that Göktürks female deceive people in first, let alone she also is foreigner.” 宁仙子白他几眼。无奈道:“你要装糊涂,我也没办法。不过这也隆不得你,谁让那突厥女子骗人在先,况且她又胡人。” Lin Wanrong hurried nod Um'ed, not manager reality ties really like what, Yujia falls to his hand at first. That goal is not absolutely pure, this point is without a doubt. only in carrying out the process, possibly had some she herself does not have to think , exceptionally the change. Makes her be somewhat caught off guard, how to evolve as for situation actually. Probably only then the heaven knew. 林晚荣急忙点头嗯了一声,不管事实结果如何,玉伽起初落到他手里。那目地绝对不单纯,这一点是毋庸置疑只是在执行过程中,可能发生了一些她自己没有想过、异常变化。才让她有些措手不及,至于事态到底会如何演变。大概只有老天知道了。 Oh. The men are too outstanding. Is troubles many! Sister Jang-geum had not previously solved with enough time, now also had/left Yujia, who the I actually move annoyed who I! He shakes the head to sigh, the complexion changes between joy and worry, the appearance is really strange. 唉。男人太出色。就是麻烦多啊!先前有一个长今妹还没来得及解决,现在出了个玉伽,我到底招谁惹谁了我!他摇头叹气,脸色时喜时忧,模样甚是古怪。 Seeing him is silent, Fairy smiles to say suddenly: petty thief, the foreigner royal court is close at hand. How you prepare to begin!” 见他沉默不语,仙子忽然微笑道:“小贼,胡人王庭已近在眼前。你准备如何动手!” I am also considering.” Lin Wanrong knits the brows: enemy is numerous, I am alone, moreover is the war of city siege, also has Tu Suozo to assume personal command. This weaponry is not really easy to hit!” “我也正在考虑呢。”林晚荣皱了皱眉:“敌众我寡,而且是攻城之战,图索佐坐镇。这仗实在不好打!” Difficult was difficult, but. You have not wanted to offer advice that Sheep Hunting Competition to be close at hand. This but actually indeed is the good turning point!” Ning Yuxi light say/way. “难是难了些,不过。你不是已经想出了主意么那叼羊大赛近在眼前。这倒的确是个好契机!”宁雨昔轻道。 elder sister you also approve my idea pleasantly surprised Lin Wanrong. Thinks that actually also shakes the head: „It is not good, listens to the Tu Suozo meaning. This Sheep Hunting Competition climax. Should fall on Yujia body. But Crescent Moon now our in hand. When the time comes is not definitely able to appear, this surnamed Tu Right King. Will not participate probably. But that Göktürks can Khan come. Is an issue.” 姐姐你也赞成我地主意”林晚荣大为惊喜。想了想却摇头:“还是不行,听图索佐意思。这叼羊大赛重头戏。应该就落在玉伽身上。可是月牙儿现在我们手中。到时候肯定无法出现,这姓图右王。大概也不会参加了。而那突厥可汗会不会现身。更是个问题。” Because of this!” Ning Yuxi smiles: You can feel at ease, I promised you. Yujia will certainly appear in front of Right King the place!” “就因为这个么!”宁雨昔嫣然一笑:“那你可以安心了,我向你保证。玉伽一定会出现在右王面前地!”
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