ESG :: Volume #7

#659: Picks up a day of claw

The friends, do not close your matter! Knows the limitation, immediately walks, otherwise makes to be embarrassed! ” 朋友,不关你的事!识相的,立刻就走,否则的话闹起来可难堪!” Uncle Kong's facial color more felt fuzzy. 孔叔的面色越发沉了下来。 Aren't this young people, so how tactful? 这个年轻人,怎么就这么不识趣呢? Any Abandoned Sword Manor, what south territory ominous person, he has not paid attention. 什么弃剑山庄,什么南域凶人,他可没有放在眼里。 In his opinion, nothing but is a villain in remote corner, could dominate a side, however in Profound Heaven City, he also falls far short! To come to manage Myriad Sages Office 在他看来,无非是一个偏僻角落的凶徒,或许能够称雄一方,但是在玄天城,他还差得远呢!想来管万贤局 Others 's business, he does not think over oneself weight! 闲事,他也不掂量掂量自己的斤两! Hears the threat of opposite party, Chu Huoluo cannot help laughing. 听到对方的威胁,楚火萝哑然失笑。 -- no one dares to speak to Master for a long time, in other words, had the good play to look. ——好久没人敢这么对师父说话了,也就是说,有好戏看了。 Really Shen Zhenyi is narrowing the eye, said indifferently: I , if not walk, how you do treat?” 果然沈振衣眯着眼睛,淡然道:“我若是不走,你待如何?” Only if he wants to walk, otherwise, no one can make him leave. 除非他自己想走,否则的话,没有人能够让他离开。 How to have the person who does not know the limitation? 怎么会有这么不识相的人? Uncle Kong gets angry instead smiles extremely: „ Frog in a well, really also thinks oneself infallible, Myriad Sages Office has the important matter in the body, does not want to haggle over with you. If you do not walk, that does not take it ill 孔叔怒极反笑:“井底之蛙,真的也太自以为是,万贤局有要事在身,不欲与你计较。你若再不走,那就休怪 The old men acted brutally! ” 老夫出手无情了!” The atmosphere plays out all of a sudden. 气氛一下子剑拔弩张起来。 Young Lady Yuan is very awkward. 袁小姐很尴尬。 Myriad Sages Office today we are no longer as we have been, before early is not the prosperous appearance, after the father dies, becomes worse and worse, even may be unable to preserve the base industry. 万贤局今非昔比,早不是以前的鼎盛模样,在父亲死后,每况愈下,甚至有可能保不住基业。 Looks the person good and evil intermingled of helping, is being own calculating, at heart how isn't she actually does not know-- but her to be able? 找来帮忙的人良莠不齐,打着自己的小算盘,她其实心里也不是不知道——但她又能如何? In any event, the Myriad Sages Office Yuan Family reputation, cannot fall in own. 无论如何,万贤局袁家的名声,不能就这么跌在自己手上。 For father's regret, to prove although oneself are the daughter family/home, same can maintain Myriad Sages Office, she has no other choice but only to make the present choice. 为了父亲的遗憾,为了证明自己虽然是女儿家,也一样能够维持万贤局,她不得已只能做现在的选择。 That flash that Shen Zhenyi opened the mouth a moment ago, she suddenly had inexplicable pleasantly surprised-- this feeling not to know that came from where, in brief will suddenly feel this person of ratio 刚才沈振衣开口的那一刹那,她忽然有种莫名的惊喜——这种感觉也不知是从何而来,总之会突然觉得这人比 The flock of flies that the side gathers, can be trustworthy. 之身边聚拢的这一群苍蝇,更能值得信任。 However...... this is the misconception. 但是……这是错觉吧。 Let alone even if want to believe, above this wilderness, is not this in name Myriad Sages Office master who can take responsibility. 何况就算自己想要相信,在这荒野之上,能够作主的也并不是她这个名义上万贤局的主人。 She opens mouth, finally anything had not said that to Uncle Kong the hearts of some of his eventually fears. 她张了张嘴,最终还是什么都没说,对孔叔他终究有些恐惧之心。 You might as well try.” “那你不妨试试。” Shen Zhenyi actually still serene. 沈振衣却依然云淡风轻 He has not even glanced Uncle Kong one eyes, the vision only stays on Young Lady Yuan. 他甚至都没瞟孔叔一眼,目光只停留在袁小姐身上。 Having a smile. 含笑。 After treating the old friend, he always has many patience. 对待故人之后,他总是有多一份的耐心。 Especially that Mr. Yuan...... 尤其那位袁先生…… What a pity, day being jealous person with outstanding ability, day not false year. 可惜,天妒英才,天不假年。 Shen Zhenyi sighed in secret. 沈振衣暗中叹息。 Extremely arrogant young child!” “狂妄小儿!” Uncle Kong flies into a rage, thought that this person really gives to be concerned about face, at this time also can only make a move. He ponders to visit Divine Person Boundary Sixth Layer long time, finishes Profound Heaven City 孔叔勃然大怒,觉得这人实在给脸不要脸,这时候也只能出手了。他自忖踏足神人境第六重多日,精修玄天城 Authentic Secret Technique, wild martial artist of not these desolate places can compare. 正宗秘法,绝非这些荒僻之地的野武者可以比拟。 He was also disinclined to speak a few words, stretched out the giant palm, grasped toward the head of Shen Zhenyi on. 他也就懒得在多说一句话,伸出巨掌,朝着沈振衣的脑袋上抓去。 Picks up a day of claw! 拈天爪! Big of Heaven and Earth, may pick up single-handedly! 天地之大,一手可拈! Initially created the person of this martial arts, the heart was bold, move atmosphere. Uncle Kong must this inheritance, quite be usually proud. Although he looks down upon Shen Zhenyi, but knows 当初创造这门武学之人,心胸豪大,招数大气。孔叔得此传承,素来颇为自傲。他虽然看不起沈振衣,但知道 The opposite party are also Divine Person Boundary Sixth Layer Expert, moreover ominous outside, therefore acts, was still the specialty. 对方也是神人境第六重高手,而且凶名在外,故而一出手间,仍然是拿手绝招。 He has a mind a move to take Shen Zhenyi, to the opposite party a demonstration of authority, making them know the others 's business outside Profound Heaven City, may not multibarreled! 他有心一招拿下沈振衣,给对方一个下马威,让他们知道玄天城外的闲事,不可多管! Shen Zhenyi had not opened eyes to look at him, at this time saw that this move picks up a day of claw, raised the head the sigh. 沈振衣一直都没睁眼瞧他,这时候看到这一招拈天爪,才抬头叹息。 A pearl before swine, boundless atmospheric martial arts, causes like this in your hands, is one share is petty.” “明珠暗投,这样的磅礴大气武学,在你手中使来,就是一股子小家子气。” Picking up a day of claw is present age first-class martial arts, can smile arrogant Seven Wounds World, if the percentage Pak Wai strength in creating this move of person hand displays, Shen Zhenyi must look high 拈天爪乃是当世一流武学,可以笑傲七伤世界,若是百分百威力在创这招的人手里施展出来,沈振衣都要高看 . 一眼。 -- however now. ——但是现在。 Your move, really does not know so-called!” “你的招法,实在是不知所谓啊!” In the long laughter, does not dodge does not evade, the great claw that as if that blocks the sky, does not exist general. 长笑声中,不闪不避,仿佛那遮天蔽日的巨爪,根本不存在一般。 This person of can it be that fool? 这人莫不是傻子吧? Uncle Kong also wonders, he makes a move not to dare to neglect, whole-heartedly, who knows this person actually does not seem to know disaster is imminent is ordinary, but also in very very smiles 孔叔也纳闷,他一出手并不敢怠慢,全力以赴,谁知道这人竟然好像不知道大祸临头一般,还在贼忒兮兮地笑 . 着。 Does simply! 简直作死! In his heart sneers, the plan that has not shown mercy, instead firmly decides, prepares one move to do it. 他心中冷笑,可没有手下留情的打算,反而是更下狠心,准备一招将其做掉。 The-- wilderness, is the cleanness that kills does not certainly leave the future trouble. ——荒郊野外,当然是杀的干干净净不留后患。 His killing intent, excitedly however fresh. 他的杀意,勃然而生。 Shen Zhenyi also felt certainly. 沈振衣当然也感觉到了。 Having ulterior motives, killing the heart is extremely heavy, in your ghost, perhaps also incessantly 12. To keep your life, now looks like, did not need.” “心怀鬼胎,杀心极重,在你手下的冤魂,恐怕也不止一两条。本想留你一命,现在看来,也没必要了。” Originally looks in picking up the face of day of claw, could this to maintain a livelihood. Since the person has to kill the heart, that was he brings about own destruction. 本来看在拈天爪的面子上,或许可以让这人活命。但是既然人有杀心,那就是他自寻死路了。 Shen Zhenyi still had not moved. 沈振衣仍然没有动。 The smile looks at Young Lady Yuan, said indifferently: „ You do not need to fear, if there is any difficulty, although mentioned to me, looked in the Great Mister Yuan face, I was certain 还是微笑看着袁小姐,淡然道:“你不用怕,若有什么困难,尽管对我说来,看在袁大先生的面子上,我一定 Will help you...... ” 会帮你……” You died immediately! What help/gang also adds on? 你马上就死了好吗!还帮上什么帮? Young Lady Yuan is dumbfounded, looks to hang in the transparent great claw of Shen Zhenyi top of the head, cannot bear shout shouts: Young Master is careful, please from not harming!” 袁小姐目瞪口呆,看着悬在沈振衣头顶的透明巨爪,忍不住呼喝道:“公子小心,请勿自误!” She knows that at this time Shen Zhenyi almost does not have the good fortune, stands in own standpoint, opponent who as if should not sympathize with Uncle Kong, but...... cannot helplessly 她知道这时候沈振衣已经几乎无幸,站在自己的立场,似乎也不该同情孔叔的对手,但是……还是不能眼睁睁 Looks that this person is so dead? 看着这人就这么死吧? Shen Zhenyi shows a faint smile: Young lady does not need to be worried.” 沈振衣微微一笑:“小姐不必担心。” The great claw is imminent, does not care muddily. 巨爪临头,浑不在意。 Even the hair silk does not see chaotic one, sees only he nods slightly at the same time, under the great claw has flown high strikes, must pinch to explode his head shortly! 甚至头发丝也不见乱一根,只见他微微颔首的同时,巨爪已经凌空下击,眼看就要捏爆他的头颅! Young Lady Yuan eyes closed, does not endure to look again, at once near the ear transmits does not dare to believe calls out in alarm. 袁小姐闭目,不忍再看,旋即耳边就传来不敢置信地惊呼。 Mr. Kong!” “孔先生!” The people yelled flurriedly, content that shouted, actually difference from Young Lady Yuan imagination. 众人慌乱大叫,喊出来的内容,却与袁小姐想象的不一样。 When she opens eyes anxiously, sees Uncle Kong's head to be raised by the transparent great claw, in the in the air turning round chaotic revolutions, his headless body still stands rigidly, as if cannot believe 她急睁开眼时,就见孔叔的头颅被透明巨爪提着,在空中滴溜溜乱转,他无头的身体兀自僵立,仿佛不敢相信 Exactly had anything. 到底发生了什么。 What exactly had? 到底发生了什么? Young Lady Yuan covers the mouth with amazement, about looks around. 袁小姐骇然捂口,左右张望。 Some person of stutter reported: „ A moment ago...... a moment ago Mr. Kong by picking up a day of claw attacked this person, the great claw was imminent, may take his life, but somehow suddenly 有人结结巴巴禀告道:“刚才……刚才孔先生以拈天爪攻击此人,原本巨爪临头,可取他性命,但不知怎的突 However, two people exchanged the position, that picks up a day of claw to fall, grasped the head of Mr. Kong unexpectedly! ” 然之间,两人互换了位置,那拈天爪落下,竟然抓去了孔先生的头颅!” This is how possible! 这怎么可能! How let alone Shen Zhenyi possibly exchanges itself and another Divine Person Boundary Sixth Layer Expert position. 别说沈振衣怎么可能神不知鬼不觉地交换自己与另一名神人境第六重高手的位置。 Then is Uncle Kong, he picks up a day of claw to fall, does not know grasps is not others' head, but is own head? 便是孔叔自己,他拈天爪落下,难道不知道抓的不是别人的脑袋,而是自己的脑袋? Where this is Shen Zhenyi sacred? 沈振衣到底是何方神圣? Young Lady Yuan happened simultaneously panic-stricken, is staring Shen Zhenyi. 袁小姐惊恐交加,愣愣地瞪着沈振衣 Shen Zhenyi was still smiling, as if anything has not done, only said to Young Lady Yuan: „ What's wrong, has what difficulty, mentioned freely. Below , although no talent, no 沈振衣仍然笑着,仿佛什么事都没做过,只对袁小姐道:“如何,有什么困难,尽管说来。在下虽然不才,不 Compared with these incompetent people, on being stronger that tiny bit. ” 过比起这些无能之辈,还是要强上那么一星半点的。”
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