ESG :: Volume #7

#660: Anxiety of Miss Yuan

Big having nothing to do with Kong filled/surplus. 大袖手孔盈。 In Profound Heaven City is not generation of the nameless, he Heaven and Earth gate true line, picks up the day of hand illustrious prestige, dies Expert in his hands there are numerous similar cases. 玄天城中也不是籍籍无名之辈,他得天地门真传,拈天手赫赫声威,死在他手里的高手不知凡几。 -- who can expect him dead here unexpectedly? ——谁能料到他竟然会死在这儿? The tour of this ten thousand virtuous bureaus, is led by him, now he dies, follows the people of trying to take advantage to keep silent, does not know that should not know what to do. Said that must be the hole 此次万贤局之行,是以他为首,如今他一死,尾随而来讨便宜之人都是噤若寒蝉,不知该如何是好。说要为孔 The mister revenges, does not dare to annoy Shen Zhenyi this evil star. To escape, does not give up this time with the big advantage, suddenly should not know what to do. 先生报仇,又不敢惹到沈振衣这个煞星。想要逃跑,又不舍得这次跟来的大利,一时间都不该如何是好。 Is good benignly is still speaking with Miss Yuan because of Shen Zhenyi, as if not the meaning that they are ruthless. 好在沈振衣还在和颜悦色地与袁小姐说话,似乎并没有将他们赶尽杀绝的意思。 Miss Yuan is also ignorant. 袁小姐也懵懂。 She is asks Kong Yinglai to help, orally also called an uncle, but such as the bright mirror was at heart common, knows that this person cherished illegally, was not the kindhearted generation, he 她是找孔盈来帮忙,口头上也称呼一声叔,但心里如明镜一般,也知道此人心怀不轨,不是什么良善之辈,他 Died not many to be also moved, was only the accident/surprise. 死了也并无多少伤感,只是意外而已。 But this Shen Zhenyi is unauthentic, she really does not dare to trust, only ambiguously should say: „ Girl many thanks Young Master good intention, but our ten thousand virtue bureau management, not 但这沈振衣来路不明,她也实在不敢信任,只含糊应道:“小女子多谢公子好意,不过我们万贤局办事,也不 Relies on other people, our selfenergy processing...... ” 仰赖他人,我们自能处理……” The words spoke of here, she did not go suddenly. 话说到这儿,她忽然接不下去了。 Processes, Mr. Kong who invited with great difficulty was bewildered, by the remaining these heart simultaneous/uniform three-legged cat? 怎么处理,好不容易请来的孔先生莫名奇妙死了,靠剩下这些心不齐的三脚猫? She lacks in resonance, naturally is difficult to sustain. 她底气不足,自然就难以为继。 Shen Zhenyi sees the clue, smiles lightly: „ Miss Yuan, if did not say exit|to speak, not eagerly for a while. You will go to where, we travel together 沈振衣看出端倪,淡淡一笑:“袁小姐若是不好说出口,也不急于一时。你们将去向何处,我们同行一阵就 Yes. ” 是。” -- travels together not to be equal to that what told you? ——同行一阵不等于什么都告诉你了吗? People unstated criticism, but may nobody dare to make anything to protest. 众人腹诽,但可没有人敢作什么抗议。 Miss Yuan calmed down, starts seriously to ponder the advantages. 袁小姐定了定神,开始认真思考利弊。 Ten thousand virtuous bureaus until now this situation, actually had had no way out, otherwise, will Miss Yuan trust the hole that such obvious has ulterior motives to be full? 万贤局到如今这个地步,其实已经走投无路,不然的话,袁小姐怎么会信任这么一个明摆着心怀鬼胎的孔盈? Now Kong Yingji died, goes to that place almost not to have the hope. 如今孔盈既死,去那地方几乎没了希望。 -- as if, this does cut to kill Kong filled/surplus Third Young Master Shen is the only prospect? ——似乎,这位斩杀孔盈的沈三公子是唯一的指望? She raises head to look at the day, sees only dim blood red, blustery, the vicious tendencies are getting more and more heavy. 她仰头看天,只见昏暗中一片血红,风起云涌,戾气越来越重。 But thing that they must search, still in bad risk most deep place. 而他们要寻觅的东西,仍然在凶险的最深处。 But...... 可是…… Miss Yuan turns the head to look at Shen Zhenyi, this smiles actually the starting unfeeling young people, really reliable? 袁小姐又转头看沈振衣,这个笑眯眯却下手绝情的年轻人,真的靠得住么? May at this moment, as if not have other choice. 可事到如今,似乎也没有别的选择。 Third Young Master Shen, I do not know that you said is really false, the Tianjing buddhist monk that but my father predicts now quarries a mountain, for lasting of ten thousand virtuous bureaus, I must attain it 沈三公子,我不知你所说是真是假,不过如今家父预言的天京浮屠开山,为了万贤局的存续,我必须拿到其 Wisdom soul nine interlocking rings. If Third Young Master is willing to pass through with us, in the Tianjing buddhist monk attains, performs to be Young Master removes. My ten thousand virtue bureaus, only want the wisdom soul nine interlocking rings 中的智魂九连环。若是三公子愿意与我们通行,天京浮屠中所获,尽可为公子取去。我万贤局,只想要智魂九连环 . ” 而已。” She hesitant a while, makes a clean breast eventually. 她犹豫了一会儿,终究还是和盘托出。 Before--, she is unable to trust Kong filled/surplus similarly, but can only choose this affectedly virtuous old fox finally, now already outside Profound Heaven City wilderness it ——之前她也同样无法信任孔盈,但最终还是只能选择这个道貌岸然的老狐狸,如今已经在玄天城外荒野之 Her choice are less. 中,她的选择更少。 This not stemming from trust, but is for the benefit. 这不是出于信任,而是出于利益。 The chips in ten thousand virtuous bureau hands are not many, Miss Yuan had been forced. 万贤局手里的筹码不多,袁小姐自己更已经被逼无奈。 Really is the Tianjing buddhist monk.” “果然是天京浮屠。” Shen Zhenyi has raised the eyebrow. 沈振衣扬了扬眉毛。 His vision has glanced Miss Yuan behind the people, shakes the head slightly: „ If depends on you behind that several people, perhaps in addition that was a little opportunity did not have a moment ago 他的目光瞟过袁小姐身后众人,微微摇头:“如果就凭你身后那几人,加上刚才那个,恐怕是一点儿机会都没 Has. Were ten thousand virtuous bureaus, in so the situation? ” 有。万贤局,已经到了如此地步么?” Ten thousand virtuous bureaus when Profound Heaven City initially constructs, is the ranking among the best school. 万贤局在玄天城初建的时候,也是数一数二的门派。 Can make them base, and is not only martial arts of Yuan, what is more important is Mr. Yuan big is omniscient, the divination calculates the essence, peeped Celestial/heaven and man to be mysterious. 能够让他们立足的,并不仅仅是袁家的武学,更重要的是袁大先生无所不知,卜算之精,已窥天人奥妙。 He has the prediction every time extremely, Expert that at that time the society knew how things stand, will seek his word direction. 他每有预言极准,当时人世间有数的高手,都会求他一言指点。 This probably is also ten thousand virtuous bureau most magnificent times. 这大概也是万贤局最为辉煌的时刻。 What a pity day not false year, even if knows the destiny, is hard the counter destiny, the world is sometimes poor, the person must die, Mr. Yuan big is no exception. 可惜天不假年,即使是知天命,也难以逆天命,人世有时而穷,人总要死,袁大先生也不例外。 Although fact over ten thousand virtue bureaus are known as ten thousand virtues, the raging fire boils the oil, but majority are the people of gaining fame by deceiving people, totally depends on Mr. Yuan big to support. Waits for Yuan Daxian 事实上万贤局虽然号称万贤,烈火烹油,但大多数不过是欺世盗名之徒,完全靠袁大先生一人支撑。等袁大先 Lives dies, tree macaque is but actually loose, ten thousand virtuous bureaus then had the sign of deterioration. 生一死,树倒猢狲散,万贤局便有了衰败的迹象。 School that the world has not continued forever, Mr. Yuan big also already predicted that ten thousand virtuous bureau impossible century ten thousand world, this deterioration, this to be expected. 天下没有永续的门派,袁大先生也早就预言万贤局不可能千秋万世,这种衰败,本在预料之中。 -- is only, the natural disposition is stubborn, wants Miss Yuan who the Ancestor base industry inherits wholeheartedly, finally has actually drawn on the disaster for these ten thousand virtuous bureaus. ——只是,生性倔强,一心想要将祖宗基业继承下去的袁小姐,却终于为这万贤局招来了劫难。 Ten thousand the virtuous bureau and person approve life, is effective, but, Miss Yuan solid educational foundation received from family elders, although is inferior to the father to pursue the good fortune of ghosts and gods, searches not measures the secret, but also somewhat 万贤局与人批命,最是灵验不过,袁小姐家学渊源,虽然不及父亲追鬼神之造化,探莫测之天机,但也有几分 Real skill, therefore is from the beginning rough, has maintained the family property. 真本事,所以一开始磕磕绊绊,还是将家业维系了下来。 -- but she provoked one should not the person of annoying. ——但她招惹上了一个不该惹的人。 Naturally, so long as ten thousand virtuous bureaus also open the door to do business, this could not escape the inexorable fate then. 当然,只要万贤局还打开门做生意,这也逃不过劫数便是了。 Wrong batch of lives, ten thousand virtuous Great Tribulation! 错批一命,万贤大劫 Looks at that person of record of one's horoscope, Miss Yuan then complains constantly, does not know that should not know what to do. 只是一看那人的生辰八字,袁小姐便叫苦不迭,不知该如何是好。 This person of evil spirit enters the life, saw that in the year must die like a dog, but if I consider truthfully, this person of short temper, only feared that extinguished our ten thousand virtue bureaus at the scene. If “这人凶神入命,眼看年内就要不得好死,但若我如实相告,此人脾气暴躁,只怕当场就灭了我们万贤局。若 Deceives, once the accident, our ten thousand virtue bureaus do not have the good fruit to eat...... ” 是欺瞒,一旦事发,我们万贤局也没有好果子吃……” She felt at this time awkwardly. 她这时候才感觉到了尴尬。 Not only does not have father's tyrannical strength, and does not have the skill that the father iron gate breaks, encounters this situation, but also does not know really should be what to do good. 既没有父亲的强横实力,又没有父亲铁口直断的本事,遇到这种情况,还真不知道该怎么办才好。 Therefore can only find the way to delay, then spends completely the time, recovers this matter, can preserve this person of life no worries, dares to consider truthfully. 于是只能想办法拖延,然后再费尽功夫,来补救此事,能保住此人性命无虞,才敢如实相告。 Is so miserable?” “这么惨?” Chu Huoluo has opened the mouth, the telling fortunes result must achieve this situation to person , was too rather difficult. 楚火萝张大了嘴,给人算命结果要做到这种地步,未免也太艰难了些。 Not only need figure out the future to the person, appropriateness that but must arrange to the person, that this post-sale work is really difficult to be done. 不但要给人算出将来,还得给人安排的妥妥当当,那这售后工作实在难做。 I am also helpless, if not for that person...... That person......” “我也是无奈,若不是那人……那人……” Miss Yuan bites the lip, lowers the head sigh. 袁小姐咬了咬嘴唇,低头叹息。 In the final analysis, is her ability is limited, cannot integrate all grasps, this is the big death anniversary that the life manages family affairs, no wonder other people. 说到底,还是她自己能力有限,未能将一切尽数纳入掌握,这本就是命理家的大忌,怪不得旁人。 She was inferior that the father is like that formidable, actually must haunch with the father same outdoor shop. 她不如父亲那般强大,却要撑起与父亲一样的摊子。 The virtue non- coordinate, must have the disaster trouble. 德不配位,必有灾患。 Before this is the father just before the end, urged her key attentively, what a pity she at that time turned a deaf ear. 这是父亲临终之前殷勤叮嘱她的关键,可惜她当时到底听不进去。 Therefore......” “所以……” Dragon Princess also thinks inconceivable: What Tianjing buddhist monk therefore you open, takes the wisdom soul nine interlocking rings, to solve this matter?” 龙郡主也觉得不可思议:“所以你开什么天京浮屠,取智魂九连环,就是为了解决此事?” This reason, but also really lets the person surprise. 这个理由,还真是让人诧异。 This Tianjing buddhist monk, sounds very fierce buried treasure, this Miss Yuan thought that other benefit can attract the arrival person to go all out for her, wants to come attains 这天京浮屠,听起来就非常厉害的宝藏,这位袁小姐觉得别的利益能够吸引到来人为她拼命,想来其中所获更 Abundant. 丰。 -- they take such big risk, does not have the advantage. ——他们冒这么大的风险,却全无好处。 Can it be that this is sick. 这莫不是有病吧。 Shen Zhenyi also for this reason sighed: „ Is also rare you to have thoughts so, for an ominous person, had the idea of Tianjing buddhist monk unexpectedly, but also really killed the chicken to use the cow 沈振衣也为此叹息:“也难得你有这般心思,为了一介凶人,居然打起了天京浮屠的主意,还真是杀鸡用牛
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