ESG :: Volume #7

#658: The wilderness meets by chance

Since Shen Zhenyi said that the opposite party is not a bad man, that three girl students were not worried. 既然沈振衣说对方不是歹人,那三名女弟子就不怎么担心。 Their boldness because of one's skill, in addition has Master, secure, Chu Huoluo then greatly drips goes forward, says with a smile: „ Everybody does not need to be worried, we also pass by the road 她们艺高人胆大,再加上有师父在,有恃无恐,楚火萝便大喇喇上前,笑道:“各位不必担心,我们也是过路 People. ” 人。” Passers-by? 过路人? The opposite party has not relaxed vigilantly. 对方一点儿都没放松警惕。 This is not in the city the place of security, even is not the normal person general major road, meeting by chance in this big wilderness, who dares to feel relieved? 这可不是城中安全之地,甚至不是正常人通行的官道,这大荒野之中的偶遇,谁敢放心? The one who stands in airborne is the female of Divine Light embodiment, the facial color is chilly, a yellow clothes, a pair of wonderful item of vigilance looks at the opposite four people. 站在空中的是个神光内蕴的女子,面色清冷,一身黄衣,一双妙目警觉地看着对面四人。 „The place of wilderness, the bad risk is unusual, several pass by the road hence, thinks that is not the obscure individual, why not in the report does come?” “荒野之地,凶险异常,几位过路至此,想必也不是无名之辈,何妨报上名来?” Dares to go down to the wilderness, inevitably is formidable Expert, the opposite these people are ordinary, are having one share carefree meaning, instead lets the person 敢深入荒野的,必然都是强大的高手,对面这几个人貌不惊人,带着一股子悠闲自在的意思,却反而让人更加 Does not dare to belittle. 不敢小觑。 Abandoned Sword Manor, Shen Zhenyi, Monarch Zi Ning, Chu Huoluo and Dragon Princess.” 弃剑山庄,沈振衣紫宁君楚火萝龙郡主。” Does not have what to be good to conceal, considers confidently. 也没有什么好隐瞒,坦然相告。 The yellow clothes female frowned, the names of these people completely have not listened, their Divine Light restraining, suddenly cannot see high cultivation base, just thinks to ask, body 黄衣女子皱起眉头,这几个人的名字全然没听过,他们神光收敛,一时间也看不出多高的修为,正想在问,身 Actually some people call out in alarm said: Is Overlord City Abandoned Sword Manor?” 边却有人惊呼道:“是霸王城弃剑山庄?” In the tone, actually is also having a fear. 语气之中,竟然还带着点恐惧。 Abandoned Sword Manor reputation in the south territory already terrifying, although has not passed to Central Plain, but some people have always listened. 弃剑山庄的名声在南域已经恐怖之极,虽然还未怎么传到中原,但总有人听过。 This person then colludes with Ominous Beast, slaughters the person of southern territory 19 city feudal lords!” “此人便是勾结凶兽,屠杀南域19城领主之人!” Good...... Big courage!” “好……好大的胆子!” Dares to speak without reservation unexpectedly!” “竟然敢直言不讳!” Although only then several people know, but slightly a dissemination, immediately then has become the fearful storm. 虽然只有几个人知晓,但稍一传播,顿时便成了可怕的风暴。 Slaughters southern territory martial arts world! 屠戮南域武林者! -- this reputation also really makes the person tremble. ——这个名头还真让人颤栗。 The female has been startled being startled, but also wants to ask again, then some people are drawing her, narrated the fearfulness of Abandoned Sword Manor in a low voice: „ Miss Yuan, we had the important matter, these people poor ominous 那女子怔了怔,还想再问,便有人拉着她,低声叙述弃剑山庄的可怕:“袁小姐,我们本有大事,这些人穷凶 Extremely wicked, not provoke to wonderfully. ” 极恶,还是不要招惹为妙。” Spoke that person of appearance to be straightforward, the brow tip corner of the eye brought not to bear. 说话那人形貌粗豪,眉梢眼角带着不耐。 Uncle Kong.” “孔叔。” Is called Miss Yuan's female look changes, bites the lip saying: Then depends on Uncle Kong to take responsibility.” 被称作袁小姐的女子神色微变,咬了咬嘴唇道:“便凭孔叔作主。” The man said carelessly: „ You could rest assured that I will process appropriately. Although this Abandoned Sword Manor ominous name hold, but is the villain of south territory desolate place, 那男子大大咧咧道:“你放心,我自会处理妥贴。这弃剑山庄凶名虽盛,但到底不过是南域荒僻之地的凶徒, We do not need to fear him, do not only annoy troublesome good. And you sit, I process. ” 我们也不必怕他,只别惹麻烦就好。你且坐着,我来处理。” He puts out a hand to build Miss Yuan shoulder, Miss Yuan the facial color changes, shrank shrinking calmly, the man has traced spatial, smiles embarrasedly, floating, distant right 他伸手去搭袁小姐肩头,袁小姐面色微变,不动声色地缩了缩,男子摸了个空,讪讪一笑,飘然而起,遥遥对 Shen Zhenyi and the others cupped one hand in the other across the chest: „, Profound Heaven City ten thousand virtue bureau Miss Yuan here, we meet by chance, can well water not interfering with river water be good?” 沈振衣等人拱手:“诸位,玄天城万贤局袁大小姐在此,我们萍水相逢,井水不犯河水可好?” This person of tone is repugnant, reveals an arrogant meaning, Chu Huoluo also being disinclined manages him, curls the lip saying: „ Is well water not interfering with river water, is your gods 这人语气讨厌,露出一股倨傲之意,楚火萝也懒得理他,撇撇嘴道:“本来就是井水不犯河水,是你们自己神 After Min, closes our anything matter. ” 经过敏,关我们什么事。” Ten thousand virtuous bureaus?” “万贤局?” Shen Zhenyi actually slightly nods, the one of the vision on Miss Yuan sweeps, asked indifferently: „Doesn't safe know Mr. Yuan Tianshuang Yuan big also in?” 沈振衣却微微颔首,目光在袁小姐身上一扫,淡然问道:“无事不知袁天霜袁大先生还在么?” -- is good, really you knew. ——好吧,果然你又认识。 Chu Huoluo sighed. 楚火萝叹了口气。 Master anything knew that has become her fixed cognition, since the elder and Master of opposite party have old, that not good not to be impolite to the person. 师父啥都认识已经成了她固定的认知,既然对方的长辈与师父有旧,那也不好对人太不客气了。 Miss Yuan the whole body shakes, asked pleasantly surprised: „Does Young Master know my deceased father?” 袁小姐浑身一抖,惊喜问道:“公子认识先父?” She has hesitated, does not think right, the safe does not know that Mr. Yuan big passed away for many years. How to know a south territory the young people several hundred thousand li (0.5 km) away? 她迟疑了一下,又觉得不对,无事不知袁大先生已经去世多年。怎么会认识一个南域几十万里之外的年轻人? Possibly is this person has also listened to father's name. 可能也就是此人听过父亲的名字而已。 What a pity...... After the father died, ten thousand virtuous bureaus have enjoyed an unwarranted reputation, otherwise, how to go so far as to she to today's situation. 可惜……父亲死后,万贤局已经徒有其名,不然的话,何至于她到今日的地步。 She sighed in a soft voice. 她轻声叹息。 Shen Zhenyi actually stems from her unexpected nod: In the past with Mr. Yuan big once the reasons, he passed away? What a pity.” 沈振衣却出乎她意料之外的点头:“当年与袁大先生曾有一面之缘,他已经故去了么?可惜。” Outstanding are on the wane, always regrettable matter. 俊杰凋零,总是让人遗憾的事。 -- was a pity that since old times who not died, not immortal in this world, even if again how startled certainly colorful generation, that is also to the end this, on the day is difficult to run away. Yuan ——可惜自古谁无死,在这个世上并无长生,就算再怎么惊才绝艳之辈,那也是到头这一身,难逃那一日。袁 The day frost is known as is omniscient, not only martial arts tall Jue, medical divination astrology and physiognomy various Menza studies, has nothing does not pass, has nothing not fine, but this little while is also pou loess. 天霜号称无所不知,不但武学高绝,医卜星相诸门咋学,无有不通,无有不精,但这会儿也不过是一抔黄土。 Snort!” “哼!” Uncle Kong leng snort/hum one, regarding the Shen Zhenyi words, he naturally is a character does not believe. 孔叔冷哼一声,对于沈振衣的话,他自然是一个字都不信。 The Lord of south territory remote place mountain village, for a lifetime has not possibly gone to Profound Heaven City, how possibly to know that is confined at home actually knows Mr. Yuan of big world matter? This 南域偏僻之地一个山庄之主,可能一辈子都没去过玄天城,怎么可能认识足不出户却知天下事的袁大先生?这 The people climb the friendship, perhaps has anything to attempt! 人上来攀交情,恐怕是有什么企图! He have ghost, by villain's heart gentleman's abdomen. 他自己心里有鬼,以小人之心度君子之腹。 In order to fear many involves, goes forward to say in a low voice: Young lady does not need to believe him, little say to wonderfully.” 为了怕多有牵扯,上前低声道:“小姐不必信他,少说为妙。” They have the proper matter to do, if pulling this trouble, god knows will annoy any accident/surprise. 他们有正经事要做,要是牵上这个麻烦,天知道会惹出什么意外。 His scheme, is hard to prevail. 他的图谋,也就难以得逞。 Miss Yuan slightly one hesitant, looked at Uncle Kong, looked at Shen Zhenyi, periphery looks at flustered the numerous of followed again, then has the decision. 袁小姐略一犹豫,看了看孔叔,又看了看沈振衣,再看周围人心惶惶地跟随之众,便有决定。 My deceased father passed away for many years, many thanks Young Master worries. Young Master then please advance, says goodbye.” “先父故去多年,多谢公子牵挂。公子便请先行,就此别过。” -- troubles to be encumbered now, do not implicate other people, no matter the opposite party is the good person bad man, is the good intention evil intention, in brief separates from each other in light of this. ——如今麻烦缠身,还是不要连累他人,不管对方是好人歹人,是好意恶意,总之就此分道扬镳吧。 Uncle Kong nods, looks forward to Shen Zhenyi they to hurry to disappear. 孔叔点头,巴不得沈振衣他们赶紧消失。 Shen Zhenyi does not worry, he shot a look at people one eyes, asked careless: „ Initially Mr. Yuan big also once asked me to take care of his later generation, since left meets by chance, 沈振衣却不着急,他瞥了众人一眼,漫不经心问道:“当初袁大先生也曾拜托我照顾其后人,既然道左相逢, If niece has any difficult matter, performs to me to mention, if I can the helper, then put out a hand to add on one group. ” 侄女儿若有什么难事,尽可对我说来,我若能帮手,便会伸手帮上一帮。” This first meeting, niece did call? 这第一次见面,侄女儿都叫上了? Chu Huoluo stared his one eyes discontentedly, Miss Yuan is actually greatly is the surprise, even is a little helpless. 楚火萝不满地瞪了他一眼,袁小姐却是大为诧异,甚至有点手足无措。 Uncle Kong facial color one cold. 孔叔面色一冷。 Third Young Master Shen, not must reach out for a yard after taking an inch, the matters of ten thousand virtuous bureaus have not been one's turn the person of your south territory to manage!” 沈三公子,莫要得寸进尺,万贤局的事还轮不到你们南域之人来管!” He suspected that before this line of suddenly appear, is quite unusual, place meet in the wilderness, said that is accidentally he does not believe. Now Shen Zhenyi opens the mouth, he almost 他之前就怀疑这一行人突然出现,颇不寻常,在荒野之地相遇,说是偶然他都不信。如今沈振衣开口,他几乎 Suspected that first impressions are most lasting Abandoned Sword Manor wants to meddle, refutes unrestrained/no trace of politeness. 是先入为主地怀疑弃剑山庄想要插手,毫不客气地加以驳斥。 Then mentioned, had the matter really?” “那么说来,是真有事了?” The Shen Zhenyi double pupil flashes through wipes silver, pays no attention to him, only stares at Miss Yuan to ask. 沈振衣双瞳闪过一抹银色,也不理他,只盯着袁小姐问。 Miss Yuan is in a daze, looks at Uncle Kong helplessly, does not know how should reply. 袁小姐发愣,不知所措地看着孔叔,不知道该怎么回答。 Today, ten thousand virtuous bureaus have actually come across the extraordinary important matter, if not for has no way out, by her these ten thousand virtuous bureau young ladies' the bodies of large sum of money, how also to ford by the body 今日,万贤局却是遇到了了不得的大事,若不是走投无路,以她这万贤局大小姐的万金之躯,又怎么会以身涉 Does the danger, enter the deep place of wilderness? 险,进入荒野的深处? She uses all personal connections that the father has left behind, with great difficulty obtains this Uncle Kong to help, if can get through the difficult time, perhaps must pay not the poor price. 她动用了父亲留下的所有人脉,才好不容易求得这位孔叔帮忙,若能渡过难关,恐怕还要付出不菲的代价。 This proposed help Third Young Master Shen, where was also sacred? 这位主动提出帮忙的沈三公子,又是何方神圣? Does he have the friendship with the father really? 他是真的与父亲有交情么? Miss Yuan is at a loss for a while, there is an urgent feeling of turning to any doctor one can find when critically ill. 袁小姐一时迷惘,又有一种病急乱投医的迫切感。
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